The Windy Waters At Sea: Day One

Below Deck - Aboard the Windy Waters

Its to be expected, the conditions of the cabins and lower decks. Bottom line: its cramped. With narrow passageways, the quarters are pretty tight, with every groan of the wooden hull echoing throughout her midst. The captains cabin seems spacious enough, though still nothing compared to larger ships that might see the waters of the world. The actual crew galley is also narrow, with beds built upon each other, utilizing as much space as possible; not at all luxurious. The passenger quarters, often used by the second in command or any high officers, often have a secured cot, a basin, and a small table and chair. The dining galley is at least one of the open spaces below deck, becoming host to all the crew during meal times with elbow room to spare, benches and tables all built into the structure.

It's been several hours since the Windy Waters has taken to sea, and it's proved to be a rather turbulent time for young Pyriel. The first hour was spent vomiting over the side of the ship, and hissing at anyone that came even remotely near him to comfort or rib. Only once he is completely convinced that his stomach had nothing left to offer the water below, does the blond manage to unsteadily wander down below. His first order of business is to get the really ugly guy the captain told him about to show him to the room he'd be sleeping in. Despite it being his duty to entertain the masses aboard ship, he was feeling like wherry dung.

Ryeokie /usually/ would have noticed a sick and distressed Pyriel, but he was too taken up with organizing charts and such. He had too many things to unpack to even /bother/ venturing out of his room. Finally the starcrafter leaves his room, closing the door behind him and running a hand through his hair. "I wonder when I should set up the farviewer…and where? Perhaps the deck, or maybe up near the captain's deck?" The preoccupied mumbling continues as he walks down the hall and almost runs into the blonde in the process.

The Captain had little time for his passengers, over seeing the navigation and the undertaking of all the numerous other tasks a Captain must do to ensure the start of the voyage was successful. Though with the Windy Waters stretching out her legs, full sail, the speed they had taken to coast away from the shoreline was swift. Xanadu had become a blotch on the horizon, a sure sign that the voyage down to Ressac Hold and back would be done within the sevenday. As for Sailor Wilem, he had gone and shown a few others to their passenger quarters, returning to fetch the young Harper once he was finished emptying his stomach over the side of the railing. It was one of the tighter spaces that the Harper would be shown, not nearly high ranked enough to warrent a room with a double bed. It was a simple room, cramped, yet it had privacy other parts of the ship would not allow.

Landers had been preoccupied for the duration of their launch from Xanadu, working the sails and riggings, otherwise sent around the ship doing usual errands from one skip to the next. The young man was still an apprentice, even after five turns, and for all his talk and swagger on shore, even his merriment with the other men, on deck he was low on the totem pole. Cargo had to be tended, passengers had to be looked after, decks had to be cleaned and clear of debris (especially from those who couldn't hold their guts down!). No matter the task, he found himself winding his way through the narrow passages in time to find himself face to face with Ryeokie and Pyriel. Sharp blue eyes roam from one to the next. His boisterous motif left shore-bound, quite clearly absorbed in the seriousness of his work, offering to both a head bob, "Fellas. Tis thar anything I can do fer yas?"

With fingers touching his aching head, Pyriel nearly knocks into Ryeokie even as Sailor Wilem finally shows him to his room. There was barely enough room in the hallway for bulky sea folk, let alone unfairly tall starcrafters and guitar laden Harpers. The glasses wearing crafter gets a grunt of a greeting for now, and a customary glare for being in his way before he flattens himself against the wall to let the older boy by. Don't think he hadn't noticed that not once had Ryeokie come looking for him. Sure he would of gotten a hiss just like anyone, but it was the thought that counted. Apparently Pyriel didn't like playing second fiddle to gaseous heavenly bodies. Though his one visible eye flickers to Landers, "I'm good." he says, swallowing back the bile perhaps he felt in his throat just then, and pushes past both Ryeo and Landers to get to his teenie tiny room. Which he strangely does not complain about, he simply disappears within and slams the door shut behind him.

Ryeokie stares after the harper and shakes his head, chuckling. "Poor apprentice. I didn't think he'd take to the sea that badly…especially since his Ma's a fisherwoman." But then he shrugs and turns his attention back to Landers, his half-moon eye smile appearing. "Nope, I'm all good." And then a thought /does/ occur to him, "Oh, hey wait! Is there a place I can set up my farviewers? I'm not entirely sure of the layout of this ship…" Understatement. Rye hadn't even stepped foot out of his room till then, he had no idea where /anything/ on this ship was.

The seacrafter Landers watches with an appraising eye the interplay between Starcrafter and Harper. He could not surpress a lift of his brows in understanding, his lips hooking in a knowing crook of a smile. A shoulder heaves up against the nearest wall as a few others amble by, squeezing their way through the passages to higher decks or areas with more space. Nodding to a few, Landers does not approach Pyriel or Ryeokie, quietly observing until Pyriel disappears into his assigned room. Languidly, Landers allows his attention to redirect back upon Ryeokie, soaking up the information that Ryeokie grants the sailor. "'Is Ma a fisherwoman?" a judicious expression forming there until broken by the quizzical starcrafter, "Aye. Forecastle deck mate-" before that earns him yet another question, Landers merely points up, "Take 'em stairs up. Once yer on the main deck, take 'em side stairs ta get ta the back of the ship. Best viewing done from thar. Iffin ya don't need much space, ya can go up to the crows nest, highest point on the ship a man can go." There's a glint in his eye which suggests he knows more than he might, a teasing turn of his lips then, "Ya hooked up with tha Harper, ain't yah?"

Ryeokie laughs, "That she is, and that I am. You had a little fun with that bluie from earlier?" Now that the riders weren't in their actual presence, most of the formality is dropped. Landers may be blunt, but so is Ryeo. "They won't mind me heading up to the crow's nest?" As interesting as talk of relationships is, they aren't the only thing Ryeo is interested in. At the propsect of climbing that high, the crafter's eyes are bright with excitement. Closer to the stars, closer to happiness….or at least that's what Rye thinks.

"Aye," there is a shared smirk present on his lips and in the crinkling of the corner of his eyes for the fond memories created on shore, lips pursing flat though as his eyes wander toward the stairs to the upper deck. Talk of relationships seems to trail off there, since indeed, other things had gained a certain importance since then. The ship was under sail, that was the most important thing to a merchant sailor when not in port. It was imperative to reach their destination as swiftly and safely as possible. Landers let his eyes close, inhaling the underlying sea salt and worked wood odor of the ship, a familiar and most pleasing comfort to the sailor. Upon reopening his eyes, he grins at Ryeokie, "Come on. I'll get cha up thar. Tis a great view 'n iffin ya don't get in the way of the spotter, ya should be fine."

Pyriel emerges after a time, having settled in as it were and likely laid down for all of five minutes before the door to his cabin swings open. He's dropped off his bag, and he's put his guitar down. Apparently while he was in there, he'd tied back his long bangs and the majority of his hair with any length with an elastic, revealing the rest of his face for once. He was still a bit unsteady on his feet, but a well planted hand on the deck wall as he shuts the door at least solves the problem with falling over. Still a bit green around the edges, his golden eyes come up to find Landers and Ryeokie in conversation. Ugh. And his shoulders slump.

Ryeokie nods eagerly, "Yeah! Let's g—" The crafter stops midsentence at the emergence of the apprentice and cracks a grin, "Wanna come explore with us? Or rather, help me setup for some star watching?" Before waiting for an answer, Ryeo darts down the hall and into his room, returning quickly with a couple of farviewers and their stands. "Ready!" The normally mature starcrafter is acting like an excited little at this point, its quite a sight to see when he's 6'2 and long limbed.

Landers had already started to lead the way to the upper decks, since the passages in the lower decks could get confusing, when Ryeokie stops mid-sentence when Pyriel emerges. The sailor pivots to turn toward both of the other apprentices, a brow arched up on his forehead again, arms crossing loosely over his chest. Where a greeting once could have been, the sailor remains tight lipped, greeting the Harper with his pointed silence. There was nothing to say. Landers had already been in hot water over the whole mishap on the docks. "Dont know tha we all fit. I gets ya up thar, iffin ya two don't fall over the sides, especially iffin ya want to bring that," a point to the farviewers. Then he nods with his head toward the right passage to take to get them back on the main deck, moving whether or not they do.

Pyriel really wasn't the motherly or fatherly type, and so the excited ramblings and movement of the starcrafter helps to solidify the bad mood that was all to quick to settle upon the Harper Apprentice. He watches as he's plastered against the wall again to allow the bouncy Ryeokie by, brows lifting high upon his forehead for the antics. This was going to a long boat ride. "Ya got a job to do, and so do I." he says to them, letting Ryeokie by again before he pulls open his door and pulls out his guitar. Duty was the perfect excuse not to climb up tall things, and to avoid Landers. "Later…" he says, and heads for larger areas of the ship to entertain the folk. Harper Crafter really did have it's good side.

Ryeokie waves at the disappearing harper before striding down the hall after Landers. "Hey, wait up! I don't want to get lost on this ship." And he would, the starcrafter certainly would. With the way his head is in the clouds right now (soon to be literal) the crafter would probably look a right mess at this point. So farviewers in tow, he's off, eager and bright eyed.

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