The Windy Waters Embarks

Xanadu Weyr - Main Docks

Jutting out from the land are the platforms that make up the main dock of Xanadu Weyr. The extruded plastic makes an odd sound when footsteps echo across it. From this dock, two others protrude taking opposite directions, each for a special purpose.

The weather has lifted, to the point that the clouds which overhang now do not threaten constant rain. They are a soft white grey, as if spent of all their moisture some sevendays passed. Therefore, the Windy Waters, the largest ship currently docked at the Weyr's harbour, looks to be a buzz. Men are rushing up and down her gangplank, while there are even more attending to the furl of her sails and the riggings of her mast, the main most mast looking recently repaired for the sharp contrast of new wood against old. The last pieces of cargo are being brought aboard, along with fodder animals which will sustain the crew during the extent of the voyage down to Ressac Hold. There are a few people too, which do not look associated with the seacraft who are entertaining the prospect of climbing aboard as well: some young maidens along with their escorts, starcrafters who've been allotted space on the journey to give their younger ranked an opportunity to practice navigation on the waters, as well as the odd tired old looking face wishing to seek a final refuge at Ressac Hold. The Captain of Windy Waters stands proudly at her main deck, welcoming passengers aboard. Landers is at the bottom of the gangplank, taking names and payment for the voyage, a record in which he'll leave with the dockmaster when they depart.

The departure of the Windy Waters certainly causes a buzz about the weyr even with the riders. Especially with a couple of riders who have most enjoyed his presence here. But it seemed that perhaps neither would see him off. Were they upset about his departure? Did duties prevent them to see them off? Then from afar the light blue shade of Kereth detaches himself from the blues and greys of the sky and descends upon the weyr in a controlled dive that suddenly comes up short on the beach and he lands rather gracefully. Showoff. A rider in blue leathers slides off the dragon and starts up the docks, removing her gloves and hat as she goes. She pauses a few feet out to allow some other passengers to board before she comes up to Landers, "Hey there sailor.."

Landers had grown accustomed to quick romances and succinct relationships, friend or more than. There was once or twice during his docket posting that his head lifted and his eyes turned down the dock, toward the beach that showed no sign of the specific pair he had at least hoped to see. The last night spent with Laera, he had been drunk and claimed his love for her, after several shots of proof rum. It was likely that he had taken it too far and so, each time after looking down the length of the dock and finding none of what he was looking for, his face would recoil away with a grim determination to forget.
Therefore, Landers head was bent down to his task as he worked out the letters of the name belonging to the next passenger in line, a white haired man who bore an eyepatch with a trademark seacraft symbol upon it: a retired master of the sea.

So Lan completely missed the spectacle of the blue dragon landing. There had been so many dragons in the last hour which had come to bid fairwell to the sailors, since all had in some way touched the lives of the weyrfolk from the day they landed. The crew of the Windy Waters was like that, a rabble that was respectful to those who gave them safe harbour. Only once the old master is seen on his way up the gangplank does Landers pay heed to the voice next to his ear. Pivoting, Landers regards Laera with a mixture of emotions: regretful and relieved. "Laera," as spoken with his thick accent, "Tis a surprise that yar 'ere 'n all."

Pyriel comes hoofing it as quickly as he can with all the mud, a satchel hung over one arm and a guitar slung across his back. He's panting by the time he makes it to the actual dock, stopping to bend and plant his hands on his knees. He thought for a moment that he had missed the ship, not expecting to be held up by the sharding weyrwoman of all people. He flushes bright red as he recalls the meeting and groans, unexpected things were not his forte and that was definitely unexpected. Trying to shake it off, the blond rights himself and mud soiled boots continue up and past Landers and Laera. He crinkles his nose in distaste before approaching the captain. "Weyrwoman Thea instructed me to report to ya. I'll be yer Harper for the voyage." he says, tossing his head to show in fact he did have two identical golden eyes. Though the bangs slowly drift back to place after a moment. He takes a second to look around though, even if it's considered rude. Looking for someone.

Thea isn't among the crowd that has taken the time to see the unusual event of a ship under full sail depart Xanadu's dock, but she does stroll onto the docks before the lines are cast. It seems something has held her up and she arrives not long after Pyriel does, a secretly amused glance given the teen's back as he presents himself to the captain. It's the sails rather than the crew that draws her eyes then, although her gaze does drop to watch the various pairs make their good byes finally. There's a very thoughtful look upon her face, thoughts which she keeps to herself. She's certainly aware of how many if not most of these sailors have spent their time and if there is a muted dismay in her expression, it's not reflective upon these men or these times.

Laera tucks her thumbs in her waistband, the pants straining against an expanding stomach. "Well we had sweeps this morning…" She explains and looks up to the ship for a moment. "She is looking good, fine boat if ever I saw one." She says with an odd tone to her voice, "I was hoping we would make it back in time as little as I want to see this ship leave our docks. We…were hoping." She gives a look to the sky about for a moment perhaps for her own weyrmate before looking back to him. Then others start to approach and she steps hastily aside, allowing the young harper to present himself. Then she looks up as the weyrwoman approaches and gives the woman a salute.

It's with long strides that Xanadu's newest starcrafter makes his way to the docks, a few minutes behind the apprentice and Weyrwoman. Several charts are propped on his shoulders and a farviewer carried under the other arm. Finally pulling up, the crafter nods his head at Landers. "This is the last of my things. Thanks for letting me get them." A hand reaches up, wiping the sweat from his brow, and then Ryeokie notices the little group that's formed. An easy grin forms on his face and salutes the women, "Well met!" Pyriel receives no salute, but there is a wink for him instead.

Landers groans abruptly as Laera starts speaking to him, the sailor missing the fact that Pyriel snuck on by until it was too late and the Harper already up onto the deck of the ship. "Hold that thought!" he abruptly interrupts Laera, with a poised and raised finger, twisting in his spot to rush up the gangplank behind Pyriel…

The Captain of the Ship, Jonas, is a man of his middle ages, just tipping over fifty by the look of his weather features. A clear Master of the ocean, Jonas has more than the experience of sailing to back him, but of people management. The keen eyed Captain does not loose sight that Pyriel had managed to worm by Landers without being marked down upon the docket, a hard line braced in his brow, disapproval cast down toward the younger sailor, even as Landers has to pause in his conversation to a bluerider to scramble up behind Pyriel. Landers no doubt is caught cursing the Harper's backside, though he turns stiff and curt when in earlength of the Captain. Jonas turns a good natured greeting upon the Harper, "Be welcome here young master. I've not had a Harper on deck for sometime. I'm sure we'll have ample time for your entertainment." The Captain turns his look on Landers, "Return to your post apprentice. I do not wish to have anymore people escape by your distracted eye." Landers snaps a glare at the back of Pyriel's head before he salutes and mutters an 'aye aye' to the Captain, retreating down the gangplank to report and record anyone else coming on deck. The Captain crosses his arms, motioning to the stern of the ship, "The passenger quarters are down below. Sailor Wilem will find you proper accomidations."

Landers grumbles as he stalks back down the gangplank, shooting a look back up toward where Pyriel escaped him, returning to the bluerider's side, a bit frustrated and on edge. "Sorry," he huffs out, thumbing up toward the way, "Tha thar kid is a bloody mouth piece. Tis going to get me in trouble, that one." The dock seems void of passengers now, since there had been only a handful which could be allowed upon the ship, with her limited space, giving Landers a chance to listen to what Laera had to say. Landers notes the return of the Starcrafter, nodding his head for the crafter to proceed, "Best be the last of it! We be leavin shortly by the looks of the sails." A quick glance to Laera, a quiet smile for her, eyes popping passed only to notice the Weyrwoman there. He rapidly bows his head in a respectful greeting and salute.

Pyriel seems to relax when he spots Ryeokie, and scowls for the older boy's wink. However, just past him, he spots Thea and instantly flushed again ear tip to base of neck and quickly finds the captain very interesting indeed. "Uh, yeah." the boy blinks, surprised that the older man was just as pleasant as the weyrwoman had been. It was starting to raise some questions as to whether or not he should be so angry at being thrust into the Harpers in the first place. He turns his single golden eye upon Landers, chin lifting ever so slightly as the boisterous rake is knocked down a peg or two in favor of a fifteen turn old Harper Apprentice. Maybe this Harper thing wasn't as bad after all. He manages to keep the smirk off his face and out of his voice thanks to his training, which was kinda cool in his book. "Yeah, okay…." A pause after he winces, "I mean, thank you sir." That part of being a Harper wasn't so awesome, the having to talk all proper and play nicey nice. Ew. He turns then to head down below, and find this sailor Wilem guy.

Perhaps catching the movement out of the corner of her eye, Thea pulls herself with some efforts from her reverie, returning Laera's salute, then Ryeokie's, lips forming a smile as she does so. She's stepped to one side as the starcrafter hastens up the dock, bringing her within earshot of Landers and Laera. As her eyes follow the pursuit of Pyriel (my that would make an interesting title to a novel) up the gangplank, she makes a small tsking sound. In a dry aside to the others nearby she notes, "Landers'll be doing that the entire voyage, if I'm not mistaken." It's with a straight face she comments to the returning sailor, "Thus the delay that brought the Windy Waters' interlude in Xanadu ends. It's a bittersweet thing to see this ship depart, but I bid her and her crew a fair journey." Her farewell is formal but, oh her eyes are full of laughter. He's got his work cut out for him.

Laera watches as the harper slips by and Landers gets in trouble. There is a wrinkle of her nose for a moment, but she holds her piece until Landers returns. "Perhaps, him and his mother done split from his father. He needs a bit of distraction and perhaps some male influence. Don't be too hard on him." She says with a half smile for him before taking a breath and looking up to the ship, "If you are inclined send us word…I suppose we are just another port, but well.." She looks down at the dock for a moment before looking up to Landers, "Well…we have enjoyed your visit." She says giving another glance to the ship before stepping up to him for a right proper farewell kiss, heedless of any comments from weyr or boat she might receive.

Ryeokie pauses at the top of the plank, turning round and flashing a smile to those still below. "I'm Ryeokie by the way. And don't worry your pretty little heads off, I'll be the one keeping Py out of trouble." Look at that, the glasses wearing starcrafter was trying to be /charming/ and social. Then again, he was in a rather happy mood and these were /riders/…not to mention the Weyrwoman was there.

Sailor Wilems is a lanky fellow who has -nothing- going for him. Long limbed, long face, blubous nose, and stringy hair. He is ugly in every way that others are considered handsome. He even has a croaky voice, which crows at the Harper, "T'will show ya the way down aft'ta we set sail. Tis custom ta wave at thar crowd." The Captain doesn't state any different, not ordering the other to immediately show the Harper to his quarters. It is nearing the time after all and the final preparations have been made. Jonas moves from the gangplank as he makes a few signals to his crew, most setting to work with casting off lines. The ship lulls slightly away from the dock, still connected by a couple mooring lines.

Landers eyes are full of silent esteem for the Weyrwoman's parting words, a formal departing is good luck after all. He responds with a cool and rehearsed reply, "May the sun cast clear skies on Xanadu and allow us ta always find her safe harbor hospitable. Until the sun and stars guide us back, Weyrwoman." Landers can only cast a dagger bearing glance upward, as if he knew he was going to have a voyage he was going to regret. Inbetween that space of time, he sees that the docket of those names aboard makes it to the hands of the dockmaster, a few words exchanged between them. Thereafter, his dawn blue eyes revert back upon the bluerider, even as the docks groan under the strain of the last set of mooring ropes keeping the Windy Waters astride. Lan follows her gaze toward the sky, sensing her worry, stilling it with a touch of his hand to her own, "Tis fine. Tell him good skies for me, aye?" His hand sweeps up to Laera's face, cupping a cheek, a squinted smile there in his eyes, "T'will not be the last of me. Be well rider." And then the proper send off is had, the apprentice enjoying the precious moments he's allowed before a call from above hearlds him aboard, else he'll be left stranded on the dockside. A grin splits his face as he pulls away from her kiss, his arms wrapping her in a quick embrace, before a speedy turn is taken so that he can sprint up the gangplank.

Mere moments after Landers makes it on board, the dockhands start to release the mooring ropes and the Windy Waters hedges forward, with the wind caught up in her sails as they are unfurled completely, lurching the mighty ship forward. Passengers rush to the portside railing to wave hats and hands into the air, a departing cheer errupting on deck. The voyage had begun…

Pyriel freezes right before heading down below deck as Laera plants one on Landers, all his heckles up and pointed at the sailor apprentice. He makes a face of absolute disgust and makes no secret of it, unable to hear from where he is that the bluerider has come to his defense. Thea's voice is noted behind him, which reintroduces the redness to his face and he's blocked by Wilem who actually sets the Harper Apprentice back a few steps. At least the man's ugliness resets the color of his face right quick. He lingers there, hovering and edging away from everyone as people start to make their fairwells. Ryeokie's statement over the side of the ship earns him a hmf and a glare, arms crossed over his chest.

"I will, I promise." Laera says to the words for her Weyrmate. She grins to the cupped cheek and gives her all to the kiss, hand sliding up into his hair. The quick embrace is returned with one of her own. "Wind to your sails Sailor." She says with a grin and pats him on the butt as he turns to run up the plank. There is one last look to the man and ship before she turns and heads back down the docks and with swift strides she makes her way back to her lifemate. It is quick mounting of the dragon before they are up in the air. Running away? Nope. Kereth gives a bugle to add to the cacophony of the fairwells as he flies over the ship, high enough so he does not disturb the sails overly.

Thea inclines her head in response to Lander’s words, stepping back a few paces - not that Laera needs the space - to give them the privacy of their farewell. There's not one bat of an eyelash at the weyrmated greenrider's intimate farewell to Landers. It may not be Thea's way, but she's been at the Weyr long enough to be aware of the differences they all have. She waves at passengers and crew alike, laughing under her breath at Ryokie's claim. to keep Pyriel out of trouble. "Be sure that you do watch him closely," she calls to the starcrafter. Oh she's not one bit taken in by the idea that it's even a remote possibility, eyes still dancing when she spots the still-flushed Harper apprentice before he heads below decks. "Faranth help their patience," is all she'll say to that. With a slight shake of her head that she makes her way off the dock as the ship begins to pull away, seeking a spot on the beach to watch the sails fill and the graceful sway of the ship as it rides the waves unfettered by her moorings at last.

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