On the Weyrwoman's List. Is That...Bad?

Xanadu Weyr - Harpers' Workshop

Through the labeled double doors is this spacious cavern set aside for the Harper craft. It's been completely sound proofed inside and out, but even after hours sometimes you can just pick up muffled voices in song, or instruments being practiced of someone burning the midnight oil. Inside, the large area has been divided up into several smaller places, also behind doors and have been sound proofed. A library of books and records stand upon the many shelves to the left, containing such content as music and Pernese history, law, and even sheet music. There are several access points at the long tables here for laptops to connect to data bases all over Pern, as well as to plug them in for a recharge. Long rows of chairs are pushed up against them. Silence here, is required.

Along the back wall is yet another space, and behind the double doors is a classroom for the practice of Storytelling. The chairs here are comfortable and upholstered, pillows are available as well for sitting on the floor. A projector is available for visual aid, with a white screen that pulls down should anyone need it.

The final space to the right of the entrance is likely the largest. All along the longest wall instruments hang free or on shelves for anyone of the craft to use. Guitars (both acoustic and base), flutes (including recorder and reed), violins, and lap harps. There is a few drum sets, and some standing harps as well. There are stands for music, benches for sitting, and even a corner where repair and maintenance supplies can be found.

It's a couple of hours before the Windy Waters is poised to set sail from the port it's captain calls cursed. The weather has been clement as of this morning, and it seems that same captain is taking it as a sign to get with the getting was good. Pyriel has a bag slung over his shoulder, and verbal permission from one of the posted Harpers at Xanadu to go on a little trip. Different experiences inspired people, perhaps this journey would settle the usually gloomy teenager. He's stopping by the Harper Craft room, seeing as he's got some time to kill and pokes his head inside to see who's about. Just the usual. A few apprentices in the library, a couple more in the storytelling room, and a handful in the music room. "Hey Py!" one girl chirps as the blond is spotted. "Hey." he says with a tip up of his chin. "Ya seen Selna around?" he asks her, stepping inside. The girl shakes her head, "Uh uh. I think I saw her and Cretz…um…going out the beach." Pyriel colors pink and nods, his gaze sliding off to the side. "Right."

With the Windy Waters preparing to take off, there certainly must be enough of a break in the weather that the ship can do so, which means enough wind to actually move the ship out of the Xanadu Area and a bit of a break in the rain. It's certainly no secret that there will be passengers accompanying the cargo ship, the lists from the different supervisors of who from what area is going having reached the Weyrwoman's desk. And thus Thea is here, list in hand making the rounds to give one final check that it is up to date. She's just stepping out of the Harper's office when that name is chirped, pausing her stride for the door. Ice green eyes land on the lad, merely holding him in her line of sight for a long moment before asking queitly, "Py? That wouldn't be-" her eyes flicker to her list and move down the names there, "-Pyriel, would it?" Back to the boy before her, dark brows raised questioningly.

The girl who was talking to the blond at the door blinks and looks, then pales. "See you Py…" she says and slinks out of sight, if only to peek once around a door and then she's outta there. Pyriel hears his name, being spoken by a voice he does not recognize, and brows lift as he seeks out the source. A single golden colored eye meets Thea's green and then his gaze lowers to her knot. It's habit, really. He gets a look that a few have come to call, his processing face, when he's filing away important information and almost every time he opens his mouth. Then he, blinks and his shoulders fall. Great. "Yeah, I'm Pyriel." he says, a frown already setting itself on his face. Kid looked like the kind that got into trouble regularly with the way he kept his hair and yes, those are facial piercings. Not the kind of boy you wanted showing up and asking your daughter to the gather. "Ma'am…" he tacts on. His other eye is covered by the way bangs have grown out from a shorter style, a honey-blond curtain draped over it.

Aware of the girl's reaction from the periphery of her vision, Thea nonetheless keeps her attention focused on Pyriel. He may not know her, but she apparently has heard of him. His response is not lost on her either, but does she seek to put him at ease? Nope! She doesn't remark upon it either, merely continues to hold that single visible eye for a moment longer, lips twitch in what might be read as either amusement or annoyance. Her voice, when she speaks, is pleasant enough, low and calm, "You're on the list to sail aboard the Windy Waters." It could be a question, for she seems to expect a response to that.

From his reaction, it's safe to assume that Pyriel was likely expecting something else to come out of Thea's mouth other than what did. While he seemed to be inspecting her face and studying her facial expressions, he seemed to having a hard time reading her. This has him ill at ease. Instead of opening his trap just yet, he slowly nods. "Yeah," he finally comes out with, and instantly winces. He was clearly out of his comfort zone. "Yes….ma'am." he says very carefully, annunciating each syllable. Getting in trouble right now would definitely insure that the Windy Waters would be leaving port without a particular Harper Apprentice on it. He wisely drops his gaze to the floor, because the stone at his feet was terribly interesting, his jaw setting. It was like he mentally telling every muscle in his body to behave, when clearly it was the opposite.

Thea, on the other hand is quite relaxed, though it could be that kind of calm before the storm sort of stillness. If he's done something to fear being found out about, the Weyrwoman makes no mention of it. She merely nods, clearing her voice and waiting for Pyriel to lift her gaze from the floor to hers once more. When he does, pleasantly spoken - could almost be discussing the weather though Faranth knows that's a topic discussed to death lately, "What instruments have you packed in that sack you're carrying, Pyriel?" Asked casually, of course it could be the sort of cat-mouse type of question, who knows.

It's the stillness, the quiet, the light as a feather sensation of Thea's gaze that has Pyriel fidgeting a bit. He shifts his weight from one foot to the other, and keeps his eyes glued to the floor for quite a while. Though eventually the tension he feels gets the better of him, and he has to peek up at the goldrider. She might be relaxed and calm, but he was having a very difficult time being good and silent. When the question is finally asked, the blond's mouth drops open and for a split second it might appear that his self imposed good behavior was about to explode in adolescent fury. He stops though, face flushed, and he takes a long breath. "I don't got nothing." he says, trying but failing to keep his voice level. There was a growling aspect to it, as his lips pull down into a deep frown and he shoves his hands deep in his pockets as a flush build up on his pale cheeks. He might not be glaring at Thea as he drops his eye to the floor, but the stone there was certainly getting the full brunt of his ire.

Thea remains unruffled, perhaps unsurprised at that particular reaction. Ignoring the show of temper, she maintains her easy stance, a slight smile forms on her lips right after his answer. This time when he looks at the floor, she doesn't wait for him to look back up. "Oh you don't?" It's concern rather than surprise that colors her question and he'll hear the soft sound of leather on stone as she pivots, the tap of her boot soles as she steps lightly over to that guitar rack and hovers one hand over the instruments there, hesitating only long enough for a nod from the Harper still in the doorway to that office she'd just left. Returning to the teen, she holds it out for him to take. "Better find a safe place to stow this then, because you'll be taking it along." And she waits for him to look at her before she releases it.

When Thea's latest question comes, and once again isn't the one that the blond is expecting, his head comes up in a snap and he blinks several times. His expression is overall one of surprise for once. He actually follows the woman's progression into the music room and watches as she carefully selects a guitar from the wall of instruments and brings it back to him. His left hand comes out of pocket to take what is offered, but he eyes the goldrider suspiciously. "Why're ya giving this to me?" Pyriel asks, wrapping long slender fingers around the neck of the guitar. It was a kind gesture, and not one that the boy was accustomed to. Not that anyone had been particularly mean or cruel to him, of course. There were a few exceptions as to level of politeness, but not one had gone out of their way to make the boy miserable here. Other than himself.

Thea's expression remains serious, though if he looks closely he'll see just the teeniest bit of merriment lurking in amongst the ice green of the eyes that seek to hold his. Her answer seems indirect at first, "For someone dodging lessons as often as you manage to, I'm pulling strings to let you miss more of them in order to join the cruise. You'll be accompanying the Windy Waters as Crew Harper, so you'd best be prepared to… harper on this trip, hadn't you?" Her level gaze remains on him as she notes firmly, "You'll do your best and I'll hear good things of you on the return." She waits for his agreement, a nod or something, then her sternness transforms into a radiant smile that is bestowed on the teen, her voice warm as she shoos him, "Go on you scamp, the ship is sailing. And have fun!"

That suspicion on Pyriel's face freezes all of a sudden, melting away to one of guilt before he lowers his gaze. Seems not only his sticky fingers, but his skipping lessons too had made it to the ears of the powers that be. He might of protested in any other situation, trying to explain away his action with how bored he was teaching basic cords to twelve turn olds. Wisely though, he swallows it. Upon taking the guitar, he stands there in silence as Thea speaks, twitching now and then. At least he knew the things he did were wrong, the problem was figuring out why he did them anyway. He nods at her question about being prepared to Harper, shoulders slumping. There went his pleasure cruise. He's frowning when he lifts his head to meet Thea's radiant smile, which serves to wipe it temporarily from his features. Older as she might be, Thea was a very attractive woman, and the result is a brilliant flush that colors him from ear tip to the base of his neck in an instant. "Uh, yeah…um…" he struggles, and then just turns in a single movement and is dashing away. Unexpected turn of events. Flee!

Calling after the fleeing teen with a cheerful reminder, lest he think he'll be teaching classes - ew! Thea’s voice is intended to carry, "Entertain them well each night and if you learn any new sea-faring songs, I want a personal concert when you get back!" He could make them up for all she knows. And seamen, really? Aren’t they noted for their bawdy tunes? But then Thea wouldn’t know that, would she? Would she??? Her weyrmate being a former seafaring trader… all bets are off.

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