Riyontali Arrives at Xanadu

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Mid-afternoon isn't a very common time to find Enkavir in the tavern. Come to think of it, no time is really a common one for him to be here. He ducks in, looking as out of place as he feels, hands in his pockets. The bartender has no easy, familiar greeting for him, but he ambles over to the bar just the same. And orders juice of all things. "What do you want in it?" Enkavir just blinks at the man, clears his throat, knocks a toe against the bar and mumbles something about ice. The man behind the bar chuckles but gives him what he asks for, leaving him to lean back against the bar and sip his very plain berry juice, with ice, sans liquor.

Taerah smiles at Jeffin from her perch at a table, "Not too long.." she says, "You?" and she looks to the flit he has on his own table, eating. Her eyes flick to the door again and she smiles at the man entering, then waves, greeting him in general before she looks back to Jeffin, waiting for his answer.

Jeffin nods a little bit, "Not too much longer either, just about 2 months. How have you been enjoying your time here at Xanadu?"

Enkavir catches Taerah's wave and he lifts his juice glass in a silent toast before taking another sip. Glancing between her and Jeffin over the rim, he finally offers a light, "Afternoon, Taerah." Jeffin gets a more general nod, though there's a hint of recognition in Enkavir's eyes for the baker. Cinnamon gets his own glance too, since he seems to be the current topic of conversation. "Hey, I think you got that little brown the same time as I got Spark. How's he doing?"

Thea enters the tavern, in no particular hurry as she weaves her way skillfully between tables and scurrying 'maids. She finds a table near the far wall, not too far from Jeffin and Terah where she can see the room and settles. One of the 'maids stops briefly by her table asking casually, "Bring you the usual, Ma'am?" At Thea's nod, she disappears into the back and Thea is left to contemplate the room at large. There's a nod to Jeffin and Terah and her eyes wander past them, only to stop with a blink at a tall someone standing near the bar. Surprise is written on her face and she quickly masks it with a smile and a wave as she catches his eye.

Taerah gets a refill on her tea then she exhales, looking to the door, expectantly even, though it's not Thea she expects. She does smile though and wave, content to sip and listen, her table now cleared of dishes.

M'gan comes back into the tavern not long after Thea, a sheepish look on his face. "Sorry about that, Taerah. Perianth needed me for a moment." He makes his way back to the table where the lovely archivist sits, and settles back down.

Jeffin looks over at Enkavir and he shakes his head, "Nope I got him in the morning he was the only one left, someone probably thought he was a dud or just needed a bit more time on the sands. Well he wasn't." He reaches up to pet the firelizard as it is chewing on a meatroll. He gets up to get himself a mug of ale and goes back to his table.

Enkavir follows Thea's entrance with pale hazel eyes, the ghost of a smile playing across his lips as she has no idea he's there. When she finally spots him and waves, he pushes his weight up off of the bar and sidles over to her table. "This seat taken, ma'am?" The title is lightened by a teasing note, and he has the chair half-way pulled out when he turns to Jeffin with one brow raised quizzically. "Really? Two months ago, here? I just figured it was part of the clutch, after I left or something. Must just be a coincidence." He shrugs it off easily enough.

Thea merely shakes her head at Enkavir's question, "Only by you." She give him a bit of an odd smile, but her eyes are welcoming enough. M'gan is given a courteous, if grave nod and a rather dry, "Bronzerider." Her glance flickers to Taerah and her lips twitch into a small smile, then it's back to the man across from her. She opens her mouth to speak, but there's a steaming bowl set in front of her along with a glass of some kind of white wine. As the woman slips off, Thea glances towards Jeffin, "What's baking for tonight?"

Taerah looks up again and smiles to see M'gan, "Not a worry.. I moved on to tea.. and talk of flits.." she gestures around. "YOu know Jeffin and Enkavir?" she asks then she looks to Thea, "And I believe that might be…Miss Thea?" she asks, hopeful.

M'gan smiles to the younger men, then snaps a professional salute to Thea. "M'gan, Independent rider of Bronze Perianth. My duties to Xanadu and her queens."

Jeffin nods, "About two months ago. I had heard there was a hatching the night before, perhaps they are from the same clutch. As I said it was in the Cavern outside of the kitchen." He nods to Thea, "Well they were doing prep work for breakfast in the morning. I think it is flapjacks." He shakes his head, "No we have not met. I'm apprentice baker Jeffin."

Enkavir is halfway into the chair when M'gan introduces himself so he straightens back up long enough to offer the man a polite inclination of his head and his own introduction. "Enkavir, record keeper, and well met Bronzerider." He offers the man a cool but polite smile, then pulls the chair out and drops neatly into it. Thea gets an easier crooked grin and he nods to her bowl. "What are you having? The juice is good, but the man gives you a hard time for ordering it." He doesn't seem overly offended, rather amused, and then Jeffin's words sink in. "Oh, flapjacks would actually be good. Let's hope you're right on that."

"Just Thea," the weyrwoman says kindly in response to Taerah, "I'm not keen on protocol." She returns Mgan's salute casually automatically replying, "And to Ierne's." At Jeffin's words, she twists so she can see his table. "Flapjacks. Yum." Then she's catching his explanation about the brown. "Oh, did that last egg hatch then? I'm glad." As if the Weyr wasn't a-buzz with too many firelizards already, but her tone is genuine when she says it. Back to the man sitting at her own table as her spoon dips into her meal, "Oh, Kav, it's something I used to get back home." She tilts the bowl towards him so he can see the broth, rich with butter and some shells. "It's freshwater blue-shell. Have a bite?" There's a twinkle of amusement in her eye, but she only refers to the juice comment aloud. "Does he now? Wonder why."

Taerah watches M'gan and smiles then sits back with her cup, sipping her tea. A smile finds Thea and she inclines her head respectfully, "Thea, then, nice to finally meet you, though I did see you at a distance before and /thought/ I knew who you were." Her smile is friendly and easy and she listens as they talk, eyes drifting back to M'gan. "All is well with you then? Nothing amiss?" and she glances to the door.

M'gan shakes his head, and shrugs. "Nothing more than usual. Perianth just was getting hungry, so I needed to take him to the feeding pens." He turns to Thea. "Which reminds me, I owe Xanadu for two herdbeasts.

Jeffin nods, "I'm pretty sure that I'm right, although my speciality is barbecue, but a good cook does well to know all aspects of the kitchen." He takes a slow drink from his mug and he nods, "That's probably him."

Enkavir blinks, twisting around to look at Taerah and then just scooting his chair around the table with a series of squeaks and scrapes so he can see the room better. "You've never met Thea? I must just be the one that gets snagged for helping in the junior weyrwoman office most." He holds up a stalling hand, hastily adding, "Not that I mind in the least of course." He accepts Thea's offered spoon, taking a little bite and then nodding appreciatively. "That's really good." Her tease just earns her a little mock scowl, then he glances back over to Jeffin. "Then he /is/ a brother to Spark. I thought it might be too much coincidence there." And to M'gan, "I never really thought about it, you have to go to Weyrs to hunt him?"

"And you," Thea answers Taerah easily. M'gan speaks as Enkavir hands her spoon back. "That's fine, M'gan. See the Steward on your way out if you want to settle. Otherwise, I'm sure Enkavir, or Taerah can fill out an invoice for you." She digs into the stew, laughing silently across the table, swallows and asks, "Not having anything? There's likely more of the stuff back there." The 'maid reaches past Enkavir with a cloth-covered basket of hot bread. She reaches for her wine, pausing the glass before it reaches her lips. "Oh." She makes a wry face and sets it back down without drinking any.

Taerah smiles and then it is as if her entire day catches up with her at once. One moment she's sipping tea, the next she's blinking her eyes and wondering if she just drifted? Ack. Embarassing. She hears her name then nods, "What? Oh well I am.. assigned to do some specific work.." she says to Enkavir but then nods to Thea, "Which includes an invoice..of course.." and she smiles at M'gan. "I..think I should get some rest.. my eyes have had all they can manage of being open for one day."

M'gan nods, smiling to Thea. "I'd be happy to." He turns to Taerah. "Would you like me to see you back to your room? I'd be happy to."

Jeffin nods a little bit to Enkavir, "I guess that does make them brothers." He waves to Taerah, "Sleep well." He says as he nurses his ale.

Enkavir lifts a hand from where it curls around his juice to wave farewells to the archivist and bronzerider. He sits at a table with Thea and Jeffin is at a separate table nearby, his small brown firelizard with him. Enkavir eyes the wine and Thea's wry expression, a hint of a frown flickering over his features. "Oh? Is it not good?" He reaches for it, leaning as if to give it a sniff to test it. Over the rim of the glass he asks Jeffin, "Any other beach barbecues lately?"

It's been a long day already for Rhasmir, who ambles into the tavern with a lumbering stride that's somewhat…bow-legged? He's at least taken some sort of bath and put on new clothes, as his hair is damp. But he's definitely got the look of somebody who's been riding for a while about him. "Ale." He murmurs to Beldar with a smile. "And — how about some cold citron for this one." He gestures to the girl following him. Taking the two mugs, the tired-looking trader moves into the seating area, flopping down in a table near to Jeffin's, and near to Thea and Enkavir's. "Afternoon." The lad greets, before all but gulping down his ale. "Mmmmm."

Riyontali follows in Rhasmir, peering about with wide-eyed curiosity. "Shells!" She can be heard to breath to herself, shaking her head in amazement. "The hold's isn't even this nice." And she doesn't seem to have a choice to decline the juice — from her half-mortified expression, she would — and doesn't seem to have much of a choice but to follow the older lad. The girl, dressed plainly and looking a lot less sore than Rhas, offers a tentative smile around, but doesn't say anything.

Thea gives Taerah a brief smile, then as M'gan makes his offer to the woman. She hastily grabs her napkin and covers her mouth, coughs softly into it. There's a bit of a muffled mutter that sounds suspiciously like 'bronzers'. As Enkavir picks up her glass, she gives a tiny headshake, "Didn't want to drink it in front of you." Murmured very quietly so that the others may not overhear. Rhasmir's entrance is missed, but when he flops into a nearby seat she tosses a casual wave, "Trader," her eyes move over the girl in tow with open curiosity - and a smile for the girl. "Who's your friend?"

Jeffin shakes his head, "Not that I know of, no one has asked for my services, so I've been honing my skills on some of the other kitchen skills that are important to have." He nods to Rhasmir and the girl he brings with him, "Good day."

The entrance of trader and tagalong girl lift Enkavir's eyes from Thea's wine and he gives the pair a little wave. "Afternoon Rhasmir," and a nod for the unknown girl. "You're looking a bit… sore there. Everything alright?" There's a hint of amusement in his eyes but it slips as Thea answers his question about the wine. He's quick to return it to her, a hint of a frown flickering over his brow. "Really? Drink it, hon, don't stop on /my/ account." There's some confusion there but he doesn't go into it, gesturing the serving girl over so he can order a bowl of Thea's soup instead. "Well, Jeffin," he tosses out as the server leaves, "we should do that again sometime. I missed the end product last time."

Rhasmir makes a vague noise as he sets his mug down, stretching out in the chair and glancing at 'tali to make sure she's drinking her juice, then smiling at the three he reckognizes. "Heyla." They're greeted, more easily than moments before. "This's Riyontali. Right? Yeah. Right. That's impossible, though, so it's Tali." A wry grin for the girl. "Headed down past Ressac after the hatching on a lead. Traded my mare for one of her da's colts and — apparently her." His eyes have been closed, but they open now as he tosses another mischievous grin for his companion. "She's not much of a talker."

Riyontali's positively petrified by the situation — but she keeps it in check. Breathe in through nose, out through mouth — "'Tali." Murmured firmly when she's introduced by her full name, then a roll of her eyes for the trader. A sip of her juice, as the girl peers between the three nearby, eyes narrowed faintly. "Uh," A deep breath and she's glaring at Rhasmir, lifting her chin. "I asked to come back here with him, m'am, sirs. I'm good with th' runners an' I…" But here she trails for a moment, blinking. "I…I wanted to go." The girl concludes lamely, ducking her head. "End product?" Is murmured after a moment, with a glance between Jeffin and Enkavir.

"Cake, Jeffin, need more of those." Thea's smiling at the cook, as she takes another bite of her stew. She lifts a brow as she takes the glass uncertainly, and sips without commenting. Her eyes flicker towards Rhasmir, "Sore, is he?" What a person misses when focused on -who- trader's with. She mock-pouts at Enkavir, "There goes a wasted needling opportunity." Rhasmir's bubbling narration has her coughing again, this time it's a bit more of a laugh and she's waving a hand in apology. "How much did you have to pay- nevermind me. Welcome to Xanadu, Tali.

Jeffin nods politely to the girl, "Hello I'm Apprentice Baker Jeffin." He looks to Thea, "I'm afraid that confectionary sweets are victims of my kitchen crimes. I always seem to ruin them be they burned or frozen too long, just something goes wrong with them. Everything else is just fine I can make souffles and other delight food, but when it comes to sweets I just make a mess of them."

Rhasmir's eyes narrow speculatively, then he's grinning. "Cake. Cake's always good. Ma never let me near anything cooking." The boy gets a bright, mischievous grin as the trader takes a sip of his ale. "Yeah, yeah, I'm sore." Groaned for Thea. "Needed the chance to sell the shardin' thing though. Guess it's easier to sell a riding runner around here though." A rueful grin as he carefully shifts around, wincing. "Need to find Hisolda. Need ale first though." So saying, he applies himself thoroughly to said ale.

Riyontali's smile is sheepish and tiny, but smile she does, sipping at her juice. "Thank you, m'am. It's — so…big. I've never seen so many dragons." Amazement mingles with amusement at herself in a rueful twist of her lips; really, dragons in a Weyr? How strange! "Well met, Jeffin." Murmured after a moment as a faint blush fades. "Really? My ma always lectured me on practicing…" A snort. "I still stabbed myself with the needle whenever I mended anything though."

Thea makes a sadface at Jeffin, "You do?" She thoughtful for a moment, "Well, at least you know your limitations. Few folks seem to manage that. Must see if we can lure a pastry chef to Xanadu." Rhasmir's earning himself another amused grin for his groaning, "Ride all the way down there bareback, did ya?" Then she blinks in a bit, "Hisolda? What do ya need her for?" Tali's comments draw the weyrwoman's attention, and she says kindly, "I felt much the same way when I first came here from my tiny back-hills hold Tali."

Jeffin nods, "My mother is the Master Baker here, her name is Denna." He nods, "Indeed I'm allowed to practice, but it's not good to waste food, so I end up eating that I can't make, be it burnt brownies or runny cream puffs." He nods to Thea, "I believe my mother's speciality is pastries."

Rhasmir grins woefully. "Not much of a choice. Don't usually ride for so long, usually drive a wagon…" Wince. "Haven't got her settled down yet. Want to make sure she's good to go — her pa explained in detail what he'd do to me if I let her get hurt…" A wary glance at the girl and a shake of his head, and Rhas is chuckling. "Neither burned brownies nor soggy cream puffs sound particularly edible. Can't blame you." The apprentice gets a wink. "But I'll taste-test if you ever need it."

Riyontali glances at Thea with a tentative smile. "Back-hills? Whereabout?" The girl asks quietly. "Da's cothold's about a half-day from Ressac. We get mostly fish, but they let me deal with the runners that bring down logs n' stuff once I made 'em see I could…" A stubborn tilt of her chin and a snort. "Oh." For Jeffin, and a sheepish smile. "I guess that makes sense, wasting food's never a good thing…"

"I'll have to go visit your mother, then Jeffin." Thea salutes that thought with her glass before sipping. "I thought she -was- a harness mare, why didn't you?" Her eyes slide towards Riyontali, "You haven't been settled yet? I used to be Hisolda's assistant. I can help do that. Must be exhausted." Her attention is back to Rhasmir, "And you -still- took the chance, eh?" There's exaggerated awe in her voice before she's laughing quietly. "Back of beyond up the mountains from High Reaches Hold." She's answering Riyontali with a nostalgic tone, before she's shuddering slightly at the word 'runner'. "You, too, huh? Have to get you meeting with Rogawai, our messenger. He's at the stables most of the time."

Jeffin nods, "I'm sure that she'll enjoy the visit." He looks to Rhasmir, "If you want to you can try it. I'm allowed to do one dessert a week if it's edible by human standards I'll get to do more practice. I'm thinking this week I'll try my hand at a redfruit bubblie." He smiles at Riyotali, "You are welcome to come and try as well, at your own peril."

Drawn down from what could very well be a nostalgic reverie involving pastries (or maybe pastry chefs?), Rhasmir blinks owlishly at Thea. "Oh," After a moment it sinks in his tired brain and he smiles vaguely. "She's not real fond of the cart, and I figured I might have to go through some rough spots to get out there, so I didn't bother renting one…" A vague wrinkle of his nose, and a glance for the girl. "I wouldn't look at her when she wants something if I were you. Try telling her no. It's like kicking a canine." Grumble grumble grumble the lad goes, but still grins ruefully, then over at Jeffin. "One a sevenday? Sounds reasonable enough to me. Redfruit! Always good."

Riyontali's smile is still sheepish, but at least she's smiling and her eyes have lost that half-glazed-over look. "Oh. Thank you." Genuinely pleased, the girl offers a brighter smile. "I was worried when we couldn't find her when we first got in that I'd have to go back home, but he said it was silly…" But then there's the realization that she's rambling, and she shuts up, hastily taking another sip of her juice. "High Reaches! Shells!" It can't help but cry for an exclamation. "I bet it was /cold/." Eyes narrow at the shudder, and a wry grin appears, smushed quickly. "I like 'em more than boats and mending, yes m'am! Oh." A smile at the last, and a nod, before she's squinting at Jeffin. "Sure. I'll try 'em. Ma always said I was better at eating than cooking." The girl ducks her head and grins, once more.

Jeffin nods a little bit, "It's not that unreasonable considering I can't make dessert to save my life." He nods, "All right, but if you have to go to the infirmary you can't blame me." He shivers a little as he hears High Reaches, "Yes that is cold. Even hearing about it makes me shiver. I hope I never have to go there. I like it here just fine."

"Not half as much as I will, Jeffin, if I can get her to bake something sweet And ooh, bubblies!" Thea nods enthusiastically. She just shakes her head at Rhasmir with a chuckle, "Must've been a long trip both ways for you then." She winks at Tali. "Nonsense! We'd never put someone out in the cold. Not that it's as cold here as High Reaches was." She turns to Rhasmir, "You know where the guest cottages are? Take her there after you've eaten, we'll get Tali settled tomorrow when Hisolda's around." She scoops the last of her stew and drains her glass. "Must see to Seryth. 'scuse." She's rising from the table and heading for the door, "Night all."

Rhasmir chuckles, nodding to Jeffin sagely. "Here here. They'd never let me anywhere near 'em, I tell you! That or babies. It's a shame." The last is mock-pouted, before he's snickering. "It's on my head. Gotcha." A wink for the lad, as he drains the last of his ale, leaning back in the seat and yawning. "Long. Yes. Need a nap for a sevenday or two, maybe." Murmured with a wicked grin. "Aye. I remember 'em. Will do! Send her a scritch from me, though. Night!"

Riyontali actually giggles, ducking her head and grinning. "If the healers here are anything like Journeyman Cafin, I think I'll stay away from 'em." The girl says with a snicker towards Jeffin, then smiling at Thea. "It is, isn't it? Nonsense, that is." Nod-nod she goes, leaning back in her chair, arms crossed faintly. "Thank you, m'am! Goodnight."

Jeffin nods, "She makes great bubblies. Of any flavor that you can think of. She's always coming up with new combinations. She's a real genius." He shakes his head, "No I know the Weyrhealer here, she's amazing, would work herself to death to heal someone."
Jeffin waves to Thea as she heads out, "Have a good night Thea."

Rhasmir snickers faintly, nodding. "Mmmm. I like 'em simple. Redfruit. Mangoes! Ah, mangoes! I'm going to ride out and find a whole tree of them and camp there as soon as they're ripe." Wistfully, the lad chuckles. "Sharding crazy healers." Muttered next, with a wry grin for Jeffin. "Don't see how they do it!"

Riyontali shifts in her chair, peering around the tavern with still-wide eyes. "That's…good." She murmurs at Jeffin after a moment, squinting. "Better than Cafin, at least."

Jeffin smiles, "Well be careful with the kitchen supplies if you are caught raiding the kitchen you'll regret it." He shrugs a little bit, "I don't know either, but they care alot and it shows. At least the good ones." He smiles, "Karashi is the best."

"Careful? Careful?" The tired lad draws himself up, eyes twinkling mischievously. "I'm /always/ careful!" Feigning shock, he huffs and lifts his chin — then kind of deflates, sagging and groaning. "Oh. Bad plan. All your fault." Rhas laughs weakly, sides shaking. "The good ones are…good." Smart lad. "Karashi? She seemed nice. Crazy, but nice."

Riyontali eyes Rhasmir with a roll of her eyes, snorting and smiling over at Jeffin. "Who is Karashi?" She asks quietly. "Erm. Other than a healer." A faint giggle for the apprentice. "I guess Cafin probably cared. He didn't really show it."

Jeffin frowns a little bit, "She's not crazy. She's is very nice. She's the Weyrhealer." He looks over to Riyontali, "I don't think I caught your name." He nods, "Well you better be or else you'll find out how a spoon can be a deadly weapon."

Rhasmir snickers faintly, still holding his stomach — at least he's not gone fetal — and making unhappy noises. "Aw, good crazy. Staying up for entirely too long to take care of folks crazy." The young man murmurs, groaning. "I've been beaten with the sharding wooden spoon often enough that it's reflex to dodge them coming." Grin!

"Tali." The girl introduces. "A lot easier than my real name. Oh! I see. Well, no offense, but I sure hope I don't have to meet her in her office any time soon." 'Tali shakes her head stoutly. "No sir. S'main reason I stay /on/ runners. So I don't have to go see the healers." Here, she does quirk a little grin.

Jeffin smiles, "It's nice to meet you Tali. I'm Jeffin." He looks over to Rhasmir and chuckles, "All right if you think you can dodge Master Denna's spoon good luck and enjoy your welts." He nods, "I understand I wouldn't want to be in the infirmary either."

Rhasmir eventually unfolds, tossing another mischievous grin. "I think I could chance it." The lad laughs, then glances over at the girl. "Alright, I think we ought to get something to eat and find a cottage to settle her in for the night. G'night, Jeffin! Good luck with those pies. And Enkavir!" The silent man is smiled at. "You too." The trader grins at the apprentice, lifting a hand in a cheerful wave before he turns and ambles uncomfortably out.

Riyontali's grin turns quickly into a little smile, as she finishes the last of her juice. "Nice to meet you too. Aw, shells…I guess you're right, Rhasmir. Well, I'll see you later, Jeffin! Good luck keeping out of the way of that spoon, yourself." With a sigh, she turns and follows Rhas out.

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