So Long Xanadu...and Thanks for all the Fish

Xanadu Weyr - Cyrus's Madhouse

You find yourself in the room of Journeyman Cyrus. The room is simple and sparsely decorated. He clearly is a man of few possessions. As the door opens you spot a simple twin bed in the right hand corner of the room with simple sheets and a quilt on top of it. On the opposing wall is a shelf filled with medical text books. Next to the shelf is a simple wardrobe . If one were to look inside you would find a remarkably small selection of clothing. Whoever lives here clearly doesn't have much need for anything beyond a few different sets of clothing a whole lot of medical uniforms. Beside the wardrobe is a set of drawers for clothing and the odd trinket. There is no art adoring the walls and it looks like the place of a person who could pack up and be gone tomorrow.

Presently if one were to look around you would find the bookshelf askew and most of the books litter the floor. There are several large dents on the inside of the door, which look to be either from feet or objects thrown at it. The wardrobe is turned on its side and the mattress from the bed is sitting on the floor.

c-rus is happy to be free of the cell. It was his first time being incarcerated and he can't say it was pleasant. Neither would he say the stay in the cell was unpleasant. It gave him time to think. The visitors were a mixed bag. Obviously seeing Kera was the bright spot in the whole thing. Darsce had her moments, though honestly he still doesn't know what to make of her, and Mur'dah was…Mur'dah. Talking to Ka'el was relatively useless, everyone seemed so keen on putting out their own point of view. Ka'el even had the audacity to talk about his dragon chasing Kera's. The long and the short of it is he firmly believes the people here don't get it. They will not now, nor cannot understand what upset him so. Leaving is hard. He won't miss the people…at all, but will miss being able to be close for Kera's sake. That's a problem that he will yet have to work out, but at least he will be away from the weyrs prying eyes and can continue his private project. Maybe even have greater access to information with the libraries at the hall. He is presently just packing his clothes into a trunk. He never really had all that many possessions anyway.

Kera shushes the chittering brown perched on her shoulder as the greenhealer weaves among the study tables towards the hallways. Reaching into her little waist pouch, she grabs a strip of dried meat and uses it to keep her lizard quietly distracted. She holds it firmly while he gnaws on the end while Kera approaches her friend's door. Well, for a little longer it's his door. Standing outside a few long seconds, she finally sighs and knocks. Letting a moment pass she speaks up "Cyrus, it's Kera….you in there?" Minimur tries to take the moment to tug briskly on the little treat, but Kera's not gonna let the lizard have the treat too easily.

Cyrus lifts his head up from packing to glance at he door. At least it isn't one of those bothersome guards or other weyr folks looking for answers or rumors. It's Kera and that makes it good. He smiles and speaks up, "Yes. I am. Come on in." He hadn't had time to really fix the door anyway so it doesn't lock properly. They'll probably bill him for that, but eh…least of his worries.

No, it's not a Galaxy rider, but Kera did wonder about the none crafter just sitting and watching the hallway. Hearing Cyrus, she opens the door, or she does the second time she tries. Putting a little shoulder into the effort, Kera steps in and looks to Cyrus in the midst of his packing. "Hi Cyrus." Leaving off her typical greeting, since her friend hasn't had many 'good' days lately. Scanning the room quickly "When you weren't at the..other place, I figured you must be here."

No sadly, Cyrus has not had many good days. Not since Moncerath's flight really. Though at least the streak seems to be coming to a very definitive end. At least he knows what to expect from life at the Healer Hall and he'll be able to make a place for himself there. Yes. The Galaxy riders have been assigned to watch him until he goes. Like he were some sort of criminal. The irony is not lost on him. They are the guilty….every one. And yet he is the one that gets treated this way. But thankfully he is going to be away from it all very soon, "Yeah. They are giving me some time to pack up my stuff. I've been told basically to leave as soon as possible. Which I'm learning means we wanted you gone yesterday." he says with a slight smile. He can't really help but smile a bit when Kera is around, even if things are a bit tough.

Kera tugs her hand gently back and forth a couple of times, still half playing with Minimur, before letting the dried treat go. Making a triumphant noise that sounds almost like a cough and flaps over to the corner of Cyrus's bed with his prize. Figuring he can't do much harm with a treat, Kera gives the little guy a scratch between his wings then turns her attention to her friend. Returning the smile half heartedly, she gives a slight shrug "That's pretty much what I was told when I went to.." She waves it off and skips on "I'm sorry I wasn't able to assist you more." the brown lizard, eyes the trunk and slinks towards it with his treat. He begins nosing the rounded edges of the folded clothes then wiggles his muzzle between a couple of thicker garments.

Cyrus would normally probably have shooed the little creature away, but honestly Minimur is not his main priority at the present moment in time, "You did what you could." he says with a shrug, "Its probably good you didn't try harder. Or they would be kicking you out too…" Obviously Cyrus would never want to see her get kicked out, but he would like her away from this great bunch of people that he doesn't trust in the slightest, "It isn't your fault that they don't understand…and have very little mercy in them." he says. He gives her a smile, "I guess its good you see them for who they are. And you know you are always welcome to visit. As a matter of fact I hope it will be very, very often." If they are going to be separated by distance at least they can see each other about as often as they did before. In that respect Moncerath will be useful, "…and you can always decide you want to come to stay permanently. I'd make sure they had a spot for you."

Minimur tunnels his way between two shirts, most likely, with his treat grasped in one tiny talon-tipped paw. Frowning at the thought of being kicked out of Xanadu herself, the greenhealer drags a thumbnail along a groove along the edge of the dresser. "Hopefully it won't come to that." She gives a little snort and half laugh "I thought for sure I was gonna be sent packin in the first couple of turns." Holding a couple of fingers about an inch apart "I had a couple of little smidges of trouble at first." Her amusement of the memories drudged up fades quickly enough though as her attention drifts about to the half packed contents of the room. Nodding quickly "Oh most definitely I have lots of classes and hands on procedures to learn. You're not getting out of my lessons that easily." Canting her head back to Cyrus curiously "Hopefully it won't come to that. I know you've never been at ease here, but I've gotten kinda used to the place. And alot of friends here too.

Cyrus has no intention of stopping her training. She does have a ways to go, and he also has training of his own that he intends on doing. Minimur's excursion into the trunk remains unnoticed, at least for the present moment, "It was some of your friends that did what they did to me. Kera I don't trust them…any of them. And you need to watch your back ok?" he asks. He is genuinely worried about leaving her here by herself. Especially with Kiena still lurking about, "Promise me that if anything happens you'll get word to me and I'll drop anything and come like a shot." There are bound to be ways he could get here fast if he needed too.

Kera sighs and glances down to the little groove her thumbnail is dragging back and forth through. "I'll give you that point. There are a few people around the Weyr that I wouldn't trust anymore than I would a tunnelsnake, for one reason or another." Minimur begins burrowing around, the material moving with each little lizard motion. Deciding to give it up, the brown starts slinking out of the trunk. Unfortunately, the material is caught on his wings so the shirt goes with him. "But I have been here for turns. I was here for a couple of turns before you were posted. And I can pretty much say that any injuries I /have/ gotten have been due to my own clumsiness, or forgetfulness." Standing a little taller "Don't forget, I did take combat training. And thanks to all that other training the past couple of turns, I'm a bit stronger I was." Flashing a friendly wink though "But don't worry, if I have any problems, I'll let ya knnow quick enough Cyrus. Mini can.." She trails off as she spots said brown. "Mini, you brat, get out of that." Indeed the lizard is somewhat trapped by the shirt like a fishing net.

Cyrus is glad to hear there are some people that she wouldn't trust. Though he highly doubts that they would agree on which people exactly that covers. His list would include Kiena, and Ka'el. Each for different reasons. He smiles and isn't necessarily worried about physical injury…although she should certainly watch out for that, "You know that isn't what I mean….I know you are strong." And he does know that. When she speaks the lizards name he glances over to his trunk and spies the lizard that has crawled into it. They are such strange creatures. Though at this point he finds it hard to be too upset about him. Kera seems to have him under control…mostly…anyway.

Kera shakes her head with an amused roll of her eyes at the little brown's antics. "Always so curious aren't you." Working to detangle Minimur's wings from the now unfolded shirt, her attention drifts back towards Cyrus, offering an apologetic shrug "Sorry bout that." Scooping the lizard up with one arm, she tucks the brown to her. Several half hearted attempts to free himself before Kera points out the half eaten treat he still has a firm grasp on. That quiets Mini down quick enough, and he settles into the crook of the greenhealer's arm. Reaching over, she tries to refold the shirt one-handed, before finally giving up the task and offering it back to her friend. "I know what ya mean Cyrus. But I know what I mean also. I'm gonna be alright. You'll see." Nodding a bit more confidently over that, she does crack a little smile. She reaches to scratch under the little lizard chin, tiny little muzzle canting as he enjoys the attention. Kera's always one to try and put a good spin on things, unless a swamp is involved, and now is no different. "So, um, are you already working on new lesson plans for the classes and lectures you'll be giving at the Hall?" She taps her head a couple of times "Up here I mean."

Cyrus would have an easier time believing her if the events of the last few weeks had not occurred. Though for the moment that isn't something that he is going to worry too much about. He'll have more time later on, and he'll be planning. He is a schemer after all…and so is Kera for that matter. He takes the shirt from her refolds it quickly and places it back into the trunk. He glances around the room that has been his home for more than a few turns. It really didn't take that long to pack. Really only a very short time. How sad that your entire life for turns can be reduced to that tiny bit of work. He closes the trunk and locks it, "That's that." he says before answering her question, "I'm not sure what they are going to have me do. I'll be lucky if they don't demote me to apprentice or worse." He'll have to face the music at the hall too. Though at least in that respect he has all the letters he sent asking to leave in his favor. They might have come to the conclusion that he did what he did to get their attention, "You know me. I'm not that organized." And he'll have no one there to keep him organized. This has been a wonderful few turns with her there to keep him from getting too far of track.

Kera continues to give attention to the little brown, who's starting to droop a bit. A sigh slips out at the reminder of the potential for further action from the Hall. When most signs of Cyrus's dwelling in the room are all packed "Well, we all need a bit of luck now and then." Hopefully, there will be no demotions declared by the Hall. Not even bothering to hide her amusement over his 'organization' skills "Oh, I know that. I hope poor Perri got a couple extra marks for staying on top of the files like she did when I was a weyrling. She certainly deserves 'em."

Cyrus never really connected with Perri in the same way that he connected with Kera. Having her gone when she was a weyrling was tough. Nothing in the infirmary worked as well as it did when she was there. Though thankfully he doesn't have to worry about how the place is run anymore, "Not really sure what ever happened to the girl. Never really saw her all that much after the beginning. Maybe she asked to be assigned a different shift than me. I'm obnoxious and disliked you know." he says with a small smile, though he knows its true in many cases. He isn't easy to get along with, and even less no now than he was, "I've learned that there is no such thing as luck." If this situation has taught him anything its that, "In my case we just have to hope they are so busy that they aren't paying attention. I don't think any formal charges were ever filed…so at least I'm not a criminal." he says as he hefts his trunk off the mattress of the bed and onto the floor beside him, "So are you the one that gets to escort me to the hall?" he asks. He'd prefer it be her since the galaxy folks probably would be less conversational. Not that they've been rude but its been irritating having someone tailing him like he was going to do something.

Kera frowns a bit hearing of Perri's absence. "Hmm. I'll have to see if I can find her. She's a really nice girl." A smile comes to her face and she shows off her wrist, which bares a bracelet of black cords braided together and some bright green beads woven in. Giving her wrist a little wiggle "She made me this not long after the hatching. She made some for a few other weyrlings too." A hint of a frown eases her smile "I've not had a chance to track her down in a while." Tucking that away to remedy soon, she steps back when the trunk thumps onto the floor. Edging out of the room some and leaning against the door jam, she continues to gently rub or scratch the near catatonic lizard drooping in the crook of her arm. Not wanting to contemplate what Cyrus may have to face, and wishing the best for her friend however things turn out. "Well, at least there is that." No charges is good. Lost in her own thoughts a moment, she looks up at the mention of her escorting. "Oh, I could if ya like." Eyeing the trunk in a calculating way she nods "A few adjustment to Mon's straps…" And she cants her head to the Journeyman "We can meet ya in the clearing shortly. I need to go change into my flight gear. You have a flight jacket? I've got some extra gear, just not jackets. I can stop by stores on the way if ya don't have one."

Cyrus can't say he regularly flies on dragons. For obvious reasons. The first being. He doesn't really like them. He's not scared of them in the least but he just doesn't' like him. Slower methods of travel are far more appealing, but in this case he needs to leave and leave quickly and Moncerath is his best option. Besides he wouldn't trust anyone else to not drop him somewhere between or into the ocean on the way, "Its nice." he says of the cords that Perri made for her. When it comes to the equipment he has none, "Do you really need a jacket. I mean…I have a jacket already." It isn't exactly a 'flight' jacket, but still. Of course he knows very little about that sort of thing.

Kera nods without hesitation "Most definitely. Very, very cold *between*. I'll swing by and grab one for ya." She eyes Cyrus critically to make sure she gets one that will fit. "You can put it on right over that one. Extra warm that way." Nodding as that seems like an agreeable solution to her, Kera gestures to the trunk "Need help with that or any packs?" She cants her head some and gestures over her shoulder, down the hallway. "Maybe you could recruit some Galaxy help." Might as well make themselves useful since they are , right there anyway. Grinning at the idea, she chuckles "I'll go see to a jacket and get Mon's straps seen to….meetcha in the clearing.." She'll wait for anything further from her friend before giving a finger wiggle and starts towards the study cavern.

Cyrus gives a shake of his head, "Nope. The trunk is it." he never was one to accumulate useless items. It is a big enough trunk for his books and his clothes. And that is all he needs. He is a bit nervous about traveling that way, and really doesn't want to…but its something that has to be done. There would be a small bit of irony in making the galaxy riders help him with his trunk. He might even tip them like they were bell hops, "Ok." he says to her as he makes his way out of the room after her, stopping to look back for a moment. Well goodbye room. He then turns away quickly, his jacket flowing behind him, "Alright you lot. Time to make yourselves useful…" he says as he drops his trunk to the floor of the hall for one of them to pick up as he begins to walk confidently down the hall, "Can't let a mad man carry something. You never know what might be in it. Safer that way…" he says without looking back as he makes his way toward the clearing.


Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

It took a little longer than anticipated, but Kera adjusted Moncerath's straps, adding a few pieces to make sure the trunk will be secure. She walks next to her awkwardly waddling dragonmate. A large satchel is fixed to either side of the straps, one looking a bit bulkier than the other side. Having changed into her flight gear, her helmet sits loosely on her head, gloves sticking out of her pockets for the moment as the green pair make their way to the clearing. The greenhealer guides Moncerath to an out of the way spot and she starts checking over each strap, adjusting and cinching them tighter. "Down some.." she directs as the young green sinks down, extending a leg for Kera to step up on. As she works, glances are cast around for trunk lugging Galaxy riders and Cyrus.

Cyrus is indeed here. The luggage porters of galaxy were kind enough to carry the trunk, since he really didn't give them much of a choice. He walks over toward Kera and the dragon dragging his trunk along with him. Glancing around the clearing he sees no one else. It's rather fitting that when he arrived here two years ago he had been met by no one and that there really is no one here to send him off. All the people that matter are here, "It looks like we are pretty ready to go." he says.

Kera rubs a portion of Moncerath's shoulder affectionately, before giving a couple of gentle pats and turning her attention to Cyrus when she spots him getting closer. Eyeing the trunk briefly, she simply nods and gestures to the trunk. "Okie, let me get this secured first." Moncerath is being very accommodating, lowering her mass as much a she can, her neck arched and curved back to watch the proceedings happening around her straps. With a bit of tugging, shifting and nudging, Kera gets the trunk in place and begins cinching it. "There now, that should hold just fine." She tries to give it a little shove, but it doesn't budge. That down, she climbs back down and starts tugging gear from one of the side satchels. "Here." A jacket is offered to Cyrus, slightly oversized, but just right to fit over another jacket. "And these." Goggles and gloves are also handed out then she plonks a helmet loosely on Cyrus's head with a little grin.

Cyrus hasn't really seen Moncerath since the whole business with everything happened. The dragon isn't his most favorite being in the universe at the moment, but he did promise Kera that he would attempt to be civil, and he is going to make every effort to keep that promise. He watches as his trunk is secured and catches the jacket that she throws his way. He puts it on and also puts on the goggles, the helmet he just adjusts a bit after she puts it on his head, "So what exactly do I need to do?" he asks.

Kera fastens up her gear as well, settling the goggles comfortably then gives a little shake of her head to Cyrus's question. "Once I get ya strapped in, you don't do anything." Turning to scramble back up, she braces herself and extends a hand to help Moncerath's first passenger up. "Step on Mon's forearm.." She smiles a bit as the green extends and lowers a bit more to assist. "See…don't worry, her hide's tough, boots won't hurt her." Kera gives a gentle pat to her dragonmate before peering back down.

Cyrus 's first concern is not to hurting the dragon, though he wouldn't want to hurt the dragon anyway because it would hurt Kera. Its more a general concern about doing something wrong or causing some kind of accident. He doesn't want to vanish somewhere and never be found again. Though if that happened no doubt Kera would be a hero to the whole weyr. They would probably throw a party, "Alright." he says as he steps forward and steps up onto the dragons leg and uses that as a step to get up to where he thinks he should be.

Kera helps Cyrus up and gets his strapped on securely, even giving a few brisk tugs of the straps to triple check. Nodding and glancing Cyrus over to make sure all his gear is done up, wouldn't be good for her first passenger to arrive with the sniffles. Kera is barely seated when the dragon rises gently from the ground and starts waddling to an open area. The motion of swaying back and forth may be unsettling, but it's something one gets used to after a while. Tugging her gloves on, she glances over her shoulder "The first leap is jarring, but it smooth's out after that. I would suggestion keeping your tongue clear of your teeth when she leaps." Did she mention bone jarring? Kera's attention is skyward now, scanning all about for any other dragons coming or going.

Cyrus feels about as secure as he is going to feel. There has got to be a better way to travel than this. There are technological means that may not be as fast but are certainly more smooth. Oh well. Here he sits, there is no getting out of it now. He just closes his eyes and does as he is told, making sure that he isn't going to be biting his tongue when the dragon does whatever it is she is going to do, "OK." he says to Kera. Here goes nothing.

Kera isn't rushing, most definitely not, cause that's when accidents happen. Letting a couple other pairs land and move off, thus clearing the airspace for her, she signals Moncerath to take off. Cyrus may feel the dragon under him sinking low, the dragon's muscles bunching up as she prepares to leap. Then she does, that unsettled moment of a cartwheeling stomach before Mon's larger than average wings grab the air and throws herself a bit higher. The surging motion smooth out after a few seconds as she continues to ascend above Xanadu. A quick glance over her shoulder and she grins before looking ahead "You can open your eyes now Cyrus." She calls out as the wind whips her words away.

Cyrus isn't really planning on opening his eyes anytime soon. After all he is in the air on the back of a dragon that controls if they both live and they both die. Granted Kera is in charge and he trusts Kera with his life, otherwise he wouldn't be in the spot that he is in now. He just stays stock still and calls back to her when she speaks, "I think I will open my eyes again when we are safely on the ground." Heights don't really bother him, not being in control does. He oh so enjoys being in control. So long Xanadu…and thanks for all the fish.

Kera chuckles a little, hearing Cyrus's refusal to open his eyes. "Suit yourself. I used to really dislike looking down too." She'll leave it at that and goes quiet, communicating with her dragonmate for a time as they fly out over the water. The crashing of the waves hitting the rocky coast, wind rushing by an ear, the occasional dragon call, or excited chitter of a wild and local lizards. All these sounds and more cease quite suddenly as Moncerath takes them *between*. It's suddenly very cold, and even with closed eyes, it gets darker. Time seems to stretch on, but in the space of only a couple of breathes, sounds suddenly returns, and one may be able to feel the warmth on their cheeks.

Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…

Sky - above Fort Hold - Harper Hall - Healer Hall

Below spreads the healer and harper complex, looking large and very imposing even from this distance. The main buildings are off to the west, stone and metal covering the tops of the various wings. The courtyard sits in the middle, the road running out from the gates, the yard itself dotted with bits of greenery and moving objects. Directly below is the wide meadow that serves as a landing field.

Cyrus can't help but think that one of the things he should work on is a faster but easier way to travel too and from places. That is the reason dragons are so well loved after all is that they can move like they can, "It's not the heights that bother me." he calls back to Kera, "It's the riding." Of course not much happens when they zip between time and whatever else is between, though he is happy when they come out.

Moncerath levels her wings, dipping one just so, causing the green to begin descending in a loose spiral. Kera takes a moment to glance at her passenger, smirking when his eyes are still closed. She doesn't rush in landing, instead, scanning the ground below as Moncerath bugles, announcing her arrival to the watch dragon. "I'm not really fond of the neck jarring leaps, but once you level out, it's actually quite fun." Leaning just a bit, the courtyard is currently clear, so she directs her dragonmate to veer back around to land. The sudden back winging is felt, but not as jarring as the takeoff. Mon stretches down one talon-tipped paw to catch her weight as she still works her wings, landing as gently as she can. Flipping her goggles up to rest on her helmet, Kera gives her dragonmate some attention in the form of gentle pat "Great job as always Mon….You can look now Cyrus."

Healer Hall - Courtyard

This lovely square is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Hall and simply relax. Benches can be found at regular intervals, nestled beneath leafy shade trees. Statues of distinguished Healers have been placed there along the walkways, each carving, performing his or her notable medical duty. At the center is a large fountain, its bubbling tinkle, adding the soothing sound of water to this sanctuary.

Cyrus does open his eyes when he feels them touch down on the ground. Thank goodness! Despite his reluctance he wouldn't have wanted to make the trip with anyone else. At least now those guards have been left behind and he is once again truly a free man, "Good." he says with a smile, lifting up his own goggles. He's been on worse flights thats for sure. He glances around the courtyard. Yes. He recognizes this place. Having spent a great deal of time here, "It looks like we made it to the right spot too."

Kera tugs off gloves, shoving them in her pockets before releasing herself from the straps. That done, she turns and unbuckles Cyrus, Moncerath is being her normal awesome self and crouching as low a she can, green forearm extended to offer a little step down. "Hold onto the straps as ya climb down." She points out the best place to grab, til he's on the ground. Then she starts untying the knots and releases the trunk. It starts to slip, but a huge green wing lifts to keep it from moving more. "Thanks Mon." Once a hold is gotten on the trunk, the wing slips away and Kera eases it down "Can ya grab this the rest of the way..set it over there til some apprentices can move it for you, or something like that?"

Cyrus does as he is told. As he does /most/ of the time Kera tells him to do something. He holds onto the straps as he climbs down before moving over and taking his trunk and setting it on the ground after it got disconnected from what was holding it onto the dragon, "I'll have to see where they want to stick me. I don't much care where that ends up being." Rooms are just rooms after all. They aren't really home. He hasn't felt anywhere was home in a really long time, "Yes. Thank you Mon." he says. Gotta be polite. Or at least make the effort.

Kera scrambles down, landing easily on her feet. Immediately her task turns to loosening a couple of cinching straps on Mon's gear and shoving her flight gear in one of the large strapped on packs. She gestures towards the borrowed gear Cyrus wears. "Just toss that stuff in here." Moncerath warbles softly to Cyrus, muzzle drifting forward to snuffle towards the Journeyman's chest before she loosely settles her wings and catches some sun. Kera glances around the hall, lifting a hand to wave at a couple of very young apprentices before peering back to Cyrus. "You'll have one of the Journeyman rooms of course." Canting her head a bit "And you'll probably be put right back to work. The apprentice's don't teach themselves now do they." A grin offered as tries to point out a few brighter spots in the situation.

There are bright spots. He's away from all of those crazy people. At least the people here he understands. He will be able to 'fit in'. Certainly won't be one of the 'cool kids', but he will be able to at least relate to them. Everyone, with a few exceptions in Xanadu, were people that were just so different that he could never really have any kind of proper conversation with them because there was no common point of reference. He takes off the helmet, and goggles and places them into the pack. He also takes off the flight jacket and puts it into the pack as well, "Maybe." he says in regards to the room, "We'll see if they think I'm stable enough to keep around." He's gotten so used to everyone calling him crazy, "I don't think they will kick me out, or demote me. Though I suspect it will be an interesting conversation. But yes…I will have to get back on the horse. And here I can study easier." Not that studying was ever something he had a problem with, "And you'll come often so that will be nice…"

Kera 's gaze slides over Moncerath's visually checking for any obvious dry patches that need to be seen to before the dragon *betweens* again. A quick nod offered. "Frequently." She frowns thoughtfully as if trying to remember something. Finally shrugging it off. "I thought I explained. I'm in Asteroid 'craft' Wing. My sevendays alternate duties a lot. I do shifts at Xanadu Infirm one sevenday, Doing duties and studies at the Hall the next." Kera grins. "So I'll still be underfoot, and /refiling/ misplaced reports." The greenhealer smirks at the last bit. Getting in a friendly jab at her very unorganized friend when it comes to reports and files.

Cyrus is very much unorganized and always has been. Even if he can retain the knowledge in his head. He listens to her as she explains her schedule. It does seem more wide open than some schedules, which is good. It ensures that he won't have to miss her too much. Though he still will miss her terribly. That's the worst price to pay in all of this, not being able to live in the same place. For the moment though its something that he will have to learn to live with. Even if he doesn't like it very much, "I know you will." he says with a smile. She won't leave him all high and dry here. She just won't. He might not have much that he can really truly believe in, but if there is one thing he does believe in…it is Kera, "And like you said you can send Mini if anything happens. If I have to I'll hijack a dragon to take me there." he really is only half joking.

Kera reaches up to scratch at the base of her braid absentmindedly, nodding slowly after Cyrus mentions Minimur. Canting a thoughtful look to her friend. "Yea. And likewise, if you had a lizard friend, you can send messages everywhere too." Kera nods a bit more as it seems her little gears are turning on some idea. "Maybe I can arrange a trade or something, for a little egg for you." Chuckling at the thought of Cyrus hijacking a dragon, she waves the idea way "Nono. Much better for you to have a firelizard." A little grin sets up shop on her features. "Think of it as a learning experience if you like."

Cyrus has never thought seriously about having a lizard, even though he knows Kera has thought about it on his behalf many times. There would be a certain utility in the whole thing, but it would involve him giving up some control and that is something that frightens him, and after the last few weeks he'd like to keep as much as he can, "I think I'd best work on getting settled here before I worry about bringing another creature into my life to care for. My life is somewhat unpredictable." At least he feels that way sometimes, even if his life is more predictable than most, "I do have a lot of learning left to do. I don't think the others would understand." he says to her, not really wanting to put her in any sort of rough position, "I'm going to study the mindlink. I need to know. I have so much I need to know." He knows Kera would never reject him, even if the others all freaked out, "I can do that here. Free of supervision."

Kera 's brow arches, a little smirk gracing her face as she listens to Cyrus's reasoning on why he should not have a lizard friend. When he's done listing them, she simply waves off his arguments. "Oh nonsense. On this topic, I'm gonna insist you trust me. If I can work it out at least, it'll be a gift from me." Tossing in a mock pout, not above playing dirty to get her way in some cases, "You wouldn't refuse a gift from a friend wouldja?" Knowing that she'll get her way on this whether she has to corner her friend with an egg one day or not. Casting a curious look to Cyrus when he mentions studying the mindlink, she opens her mouth to suggest otherwise, but something else occurs to her. "If you do intend to take your studies in that direction, what better place to start, than where it all began? With a little lizard friend." Point, game, match :Kera.

Cyrus does trust Kera a great deal. In fact he trusts her more than he has really ever trusted another person. It is a trust that is nearly absolute, but for the fact that he doesn't feel he can trust Moncerath. At least not in the way he'd like. The dragon let him down, and while he'll try to hide some of the anger that remains he isn't a person that is quick to forgive an offense. He takes a few steps toward Kera, "You know I would have a difficult time refusing, and I suppose there would be some utility in it." He did catch her momentary reluctance, "You know why I have to do this. And you also know that I'm no fool. I would never do anything that I thought would hurt anyone. The others don't know that. Maybe they never will, but you do. I have to try Kera."

Kera got her way concerning a firelizard, but gives her head a little shake about the direction of Cyrus's future studies. "Just be careful, whatever direction you turn your studies to." Head cants just a bit "I think the man you knocked out in the tavern may disagree with you on that point Cyrus." A weak little chuckle follows. "My mom used to say 'You can get more flies with honey than you can vinegar.'" Watching her friend a second her two for the words to settle she nods. "In any case, be careful, especially when you start trying to study people's dragons. Perhaps you should research some at the DragonHealer Hall." A little shrug offered after the suggestion and she glances around. "Did you want me to help with the trunk before I we go? Need to get a few candlemarks sleep before the Wing meeting this evening."

Cyrus can tell that she is just being nice, she doesn't agree with him either. He can tell. It is of no matter. Not right now anyway, "No. I'm fine. I've lugged that thing around for the better part of 10 turns. I can handle it." he says with a smile. He does take a few quick steps toward Moncerath so that he can address her, "I don't know if you can understand me. I wish you could read my mind. It would make it so much easier. Take care of her when I'm not there." he says to her, and then more softly, "…and no more flights please. Not until I've had time to figure some things out. I need time." He isn't scolding, but simply asking. He then moves away from Moncerath toward Kera once more, "I will be careful. I promise…." he does hope she won't keep scolding him for that forever. He'd never laid a hand on anyone before in his life and it was a rather extreme situation, "We'll figure this all out." His concerns will still be there, but he will find a way. There is always a way. The alternative is unthinkable.

Kera nods glancing towards the trunk briefly "My two travel satchels, while they were quite stuffed, were pretty much all I had til recently." A bit of a guilty eye roll "Though I seem to be acquiring quite a few things since I moved into the cottage." More than a few things, but who's really keeping a list. If anyone is, it would probably be Headwoman Darsce, or one of her minions. Kera moves closer to her dragonmate, recinching the straps as Cyrus speaks to the green herself. Moncerath cants her heard, peering to the man, her motions and gestures easily read but Kera fills in what Cyrus can't hear or determine on his own. She seems to be suppressing humor as she speaks "She says she does not read the wavy line dots….'she means books.'" Kera translates, not mentioning that Moncerath is gonna rise as she rises, and nothing will ever change that. "And that we always take care of each other." The greenhealer rechecks the cinches and tugs her gear fully in place before moving to offer her friend a quick hug, if he allows it, "Everything will work out, you'll see." Ever the optimist, she steps back "I think I'm scheduled for some task here in three days, so see you soon Journeyman."

Cyrus steps away from the two of them as they ready to take off back to Xanadu. He ponders the dragons reply wondering what it could possibly mean. It doesn't really fill him with much hope. He has his doubts, and will likely hang onto them until proven otherwise. Though Kera saying it will work out does offer him some hope. She wouldn't lie, anymore than he would. He hasn't lied once since he came to Xanadu and he isn't going to start now, "Ok." he says softly to both her comment about things working out and when she will come back. For now then he will throw himself into study and begin to define the terms of his experiment. Cyrus is a single-minded individual and when he throws himself at something it is complete at total, "Stay well…stay safe…" he says as he lifts a hand to wave. The other things he feels go unsaid. There is still so much to figure out.

Kera grins and gives a quick salute, all that saluting as a weyrling sneaks through that way. "I will, and you be safe as well." then turning to her dragonmate, Moncerath crouches down, extending her forearm once more. Kera pulls herself up and settles in place, strapping in securely, she leans forward to give Mon's neck a gentle rub. Her eyes scan the sky for air traffic before peering down to Cyrus and waving. Moncerath bugles, announcing her takeoff and departure while she waddles away from Cyrus. Once clear, the green crouches, bunching her muscles and goes through a very practiced procedure. Leaping, her wings snap out to grab air and lift higher and higher. The pair level off and circle back around, peering down to the courtyard. An exaggerated wave given, the pair fly straight a moment before disappearing *between* to Xanadu.

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