On Siblings and Half-Siblings

Xanadu Weyr - Smith Forge

Loud, dim, and hot is the large area set up for the Smith's forge area. It's been roughly divided into separate areas, the large common one holding the main forge lodged against the western wall, with bellows at the ready and a chimney rushing high to open in the ceiling outside. This is the area that the apprentices are taught in and are able to use, the nearby wall clasps a vast and unspecialized collection of tools, while the built-in shelves of another wall host jars of nails, crates of wood and metal scraps, spools of wire, sacks of sand, and heavy bins of Cromcoal, all decorated with a fine coating of grime and sawdust.

To the other side are the separate forges for the Journeyman's use, each one kept clean and neat, even when in the midst of a project. Behind and to the back lies the more private forges reserved for the few Masters that stay here.

There is a door to one side that leads into a hallway and to the dorms and rooms of the smiths that call Xanadu home.

Xanadu's skies have been brightening, as the summer progresses, with the occasional day free of rain. Today is indeed such a day, bright clear skies, though the ground is still somewhat damp and muddy, with small rain puddles here and there, that the Weyr's children delight in jumping in. Considering the weather lately, this is perhaps one of the better days to be outside, but work must be done. The smith forge is slightly less busy than it has been, though it's never entirely quiet. The banging of hammers against metal is near constant, and there's an occasional FWOOSH as the furnace flares up a bit. Karona is hard at work, hammering away at a thin piece of metal, curving it for some purpose. A runner shoe? More than likely. Occasionally it goes back in the furnace, to heat it up a bit, make it more malleable, then it's back to hammering.

K'ael has just moved himself and his tiny but hopefully-growing-soon family to Xanadu. After being at Western for about two turns he was taking a few days to get reacquainted with everything, and also to get his oldest boy Milo to do the same. It was easier and more pleasurable to take a stroll when it wasn't pouring, and Milo enjoys the mud puddles just like any other boy his age would. They can hear the clanking of metal and Milo insists they make a stop in so he can watch the forge go for a little. Thankfully he's kept from running about the place by his father's firm grip on his hand.

The day might be lovely, but Eledri, it seems, is once again stuck inside. This time, he's back at the forge, sent to pick up some computercraft item or other, and wearing his customary frown. Running a hand back through his hair, there's a bit of a face made at the noise, nose wrinkling up slightly as the journeyman moves out of the doorway to lean on one of the walls, quiet, unobtrusive, while he waits for a passing apprentice to send off for whatever he's here to pick up. A hand absently pushes his spectacles higher on the bridge of his nose, arms crossing lightly over his chest as he watches Karona and the other smiths at work. K'ael and kid over there get a brief, polite nod in greeting, though if he recognizes the rider, Eled doesn't show it.

A man's voice calls, "Oi, people up front, where's the apprentice?" and another responds, "Dunno, send …" the name doesn't travel far in the din, but Karona's face sets, and she hastily hammers the runner-shoe out, dropping it in a bucket of water to cool. There's a hiss of steam as it hits water, but she's halfway to the door before it hits bottom, tugging off her overly large protective gloves. "Ah, hello." she says, tilting her head at K'ael's knot. "Sir." Milo gets a brief frown, something almost familiar about the boy, maybe, but she shrugs it off. "Ah, Eledri. Slight wait on the fine metalwork I'm afraid, things've been a bit busy with the weather lately." Too many smiths seeking shelter from the rain.

K'ael squints at Eledri. He looks familiar, but the bronzer can't place him right now. Milo goes into a fit of giggles as the hot metal hits the water to produce a nice hiss of steam. K'ael is just a lowly rider these days. He's not much expecting a 'sir' sort of greeting. Karona looks slightly familiar to him, but that might be because she looks slightly like her mother. When she addresses Eledri though he turns to look at him. "Oh, you're Cenlia's brother, no?" Milo is taking advantage of the adults being distracted to pull the gloves that Karona has taken off from wherever she's left them. Hopefully on the counter.

Eledri settles back against the wall, giving Karona a nod and a thin smile, "I can imagine," glancing toward the door with a bit of pondering, the computercrafter's shoulders lift briefly, "I'm not in a hurry." Likely why the masters sent him off to fetch whatever part instead of some apprentice. Turning back, there;s a bit of a browraise as he gets squinted at, peering back at K'ael, though the recognition does have him suppressing a slight grimace, "..I am." Oh yes, he and his sister, they must be on /wonderful/ terms, given the flatness of his tone. "Eledri," he introduces himself to the rider, though he has to pause. Has he met the man before? Squiint.

Karona is apparently second to those shouty smiths, likely journeymen themselves, so it's probably best that she err on the side of caution when greeting people. Milo's grab at the discarded gloves gets a slight frown from the smith. "You don't want those." she says gently, attempting to quietly dissuade the curious child, mustn't upset the bronzerider's boy. "They're all icky and dirty, yuck." Does she expect that to work? Really? The smith nods slowly at Eledri, glancing over her shoulder with a grimace. "First day I've been able to find a spot to work all week." she mutters, but another smith has already moved in to fill that opening. "But, ah. Right. I, I'm sure it won't be /long/." Did she notice the flatness of his tone? Possibly. Is she going to mention family at all in front of Eledri? Faranth no. "I, ah, yes. Not long now." she repeats, awkwardly. She furrows her brow slightly, then shrugs. "Ah. I should probably introduce myself, as I'm going to be here awhile." Thanks to that thieving workspace-stealing smith, ahem. "Karona's the name, journeyman smith, at your service." she introduces, with a little mock-bow at the end.

K'ael picks up Eledri's hand and gives it a nice firms shake. "Good to meet you! I'm K'ael, Azaeth's rider. This here is my oldest son, Milo." Milo gets a pat on the shoulder, but the bronzer doesn't look down to see what he's up to. Milo peers at Karona. His grubby fingers stop, but as soon as she's not looking he's going to make a grab for them again. Dirty or not! Besides, he was already muddy from hopping into mud puddles outside. K'ael blinks a bit as Karona introduces herself. "Karona, did you say? As in Leona's daughter?" Apparently the bronzer knows everyone on Pern! Isn't that convenient.

Eep, bronzer cooties. Eledri's return handshake is vague and awkward, though he at least is polite enough to nod a quiet, "Pleased to meet you," to K'ael, though despite the squinting, there's no apparent recognition for the man. The kid gets a faintly amused look for the continued glove-grabbage, though Eledri certainly isn't going to intervene, merely nodding to Karona and commenting, "I don't know how you manage to work with all the bustle," tone wry as he gives his head a shake, "It seems as if this place is always busy." Well, obviously. It's a /forge/. "What were you making?" he glances past her, to peer at the now-thieve'd workspace, though possibly not without some sympathy there.

Karona narrows her eyes slightly at the boy's name. Milo? Hrm. "Leona's daughter?" she queries, tone very very carefully neutral. "Well, I suppose you could say that. That is my mother's name, yes, but, if you were hoping to get in touch with her, you should know that we have not spoken in some turns." Not a very good relationship there? Evidently not. Still, she is at least trying to keep her tone calm, stick to the facts, hide any emotion away some place deep. She /eyes/ Milo then, and snatches up her gloves - whether the boy managed to get his hands on them or not. The smith furrows her brow at Eledri, but when his question is about work, she relaxes. She hadn't even noticed she'd been tensing up, but her slight slouch now is a visible change. "Shoes for runners, it's pretty basic work, but I've made enough buckles to last a turn. I, ah, I specialise in blacksmithing, it's all part of the job description. Mainly work with runner equipment, just a personal preference, though I don't much like runners."

Milo spots Eledri looking at him and puts the gloves back. He just wants to try them on for a little! K'ael grins to Eledri. "Likewise. I just saw your sister not too long ago." K'ael is fail at taking a hint, really. "No? I haven't seen Leo either in… shards. It's been turns now. Neither has Milo." He musses up the boy's hair, which earns him a grunt from his son. "Er… Leona is his mother, so I guess that makes you two half-siblings." K'ael nudges his son. "Say hello, Milo." Which is responded with, "Hello, Milo!" From the boy. Followed by lots of giggling. "Can I hit something with the hammer?" He asks Karona.

An eyebrow arches at the smith's words about her mother, though Eledri does not ask, perhaps wisely. Instead he wrinkles his nose and nods, "I'm not a fan of the things, myself," said about runners, "Why make their equipment if you don't like them?" He gives Karona a bit of a curious look, though shoulders are then tensing. "You.. did?" there's a brief pause, as if the young man were considering something, before he asks K'ael carefully, "..How was she doing?" He's probably not seen her since she threatened him with a shovel, turns ago! And then eyebrows are sneaking higher as he glances from the bronzerider to Karona. And maybe giving Milo a bit more of a curious look.

Karona frowns at K'ael, and looks from the bronzerider to the boy, and back again. "Figures, thought he looked familiar." she says. And that's all she says. The gloves are shoved into a pocket on her protective apron, not even a finger poking out. Milo's request to hit something with the hammer has the smith wincing. "No." she says, firmly. Just no? No hello for her half-brother? There's a glance over her shoulder, but, no, her workspace is still occupied. Hrm. Another smith is moving towards the entrance though, carrying something. That computercraft job Eledri is here to collect? Possibly. But Karona is more interested in talking about work than actually doing it, it seems. "Well, /someone/ has to make that stuff, and I can't stand the ones who do it just so they can fawn over the smelly beasts, it's sickening." she snorts. "But, well, not /fond/ of the runners, but used to keep a couple in the stables when I lived at Fort, so I could visit my father, at the Hall." she points out. "Picked up a few things with all the travel, so specialising in that seemed the path of least resistance." Finally, Karona turns back to K'ael, frowning. "Did you come here for a reason, sir?" It's not terribly impolite of her to ask that: she said sir! Ahem.

K'ael nods to Eledri. "Yep. Wasn't so long ago. She seemed to be doing just fine. It'd been a while since I saw her though, I almost didn't recognize her. Still likes to drink and all. I think she's still.. uh dating or whatever that bronzer guy." It's probably not polite to tell a girl's brother that she's screwing around with a bronzer guy. Milo gets a furrowed look from his father. "I don't think you need to be going anywhere near any of the equipment, Milo." He looks at Karona and shakes his head. "Nope. Boy just wanted to come watch the smiths work."

Eledri cants his head a little to the side as he glances from kidlet to smith to bronzerider, but so very wisely does not make any commentary. Which is probably a good idea, because most of them could probably beat him up for making any smart remarks. Ahem. He does nod about Karona's work, lips tilting wryly, "I never did understand that," the whole fawning over the animals thing. Of course, he's not going to mention the way he fawns over shiny new computercraft equipent, noo. "I see.." he seems to consider Karona for a minute, "You mean you took the easy route?" Is that a chuckle? Oh, that's totally a chuckle, but any amusement dies as K'ael answers about his sister. Eledri's face acquires.. quite the interesting bit of color, and the man mutters a once-again flat, "..Is she." It's not a question, his jaw working a little as he glances off to /scowl/ at that approaching smith who might be carrying what he's waiting for.

Karona snorts when K'ael mentions 'that bronzer guy'. "Bronzers." she mutters. Commiserating with Eledri, honest. Ahem. "Dating or /whatever/?" she does have to query. "Is the man incapable of commitment or something?" Because it must be the man's fault? Well, he's the /bronzer/. Obviously it's all his fault. That smith moving to the front does eventually reach the counter, placing a crate carefully upon it, then giving Karona a tap on the shoulder to be sure she notices. "Ah.. Right." she says, with a nod, the other smith already retreating back to his workstation, before someone else snatches it up. "Eledri, your parts." she says, jerking her head at the box. She'll let him take it, it's delicate stuff, and she's not paid to break things. "Easy route? Ha. That's a good one." But chuckle? Not so much. Just a 'ha', that's all he gets. She's not quite in a chuckling mood, it seems. Karona eyes Milo a moment, then sighs, and kneels to the boy's level. "Sorry kid, can't let you back there, it's not safe. Apprentices or higher only. I can't even let your father go back there." Is she… not being completely frosty to the kid? Wow.

"I'm not a big fan of runners myself." The bronzer admits. "I don't have much use for them these days anyways." Not with a dragon and all. There's a bit of a chuckle as Eledri asks Karona if she's taken the easy route. There's a bit of a shrug from the bronzer. "That's what she said, at least." Then he blinks at Karona. "Well, I didn't really inquire into the details. I just know they're together, but not weyrmated." Hey now, K'ael is a bronzer-guy! Milo blinks at Karona with his bright blue eyes. He seems to think this over for a second. "Can I be a 'prentice then?"

Eledri, perhaps surprisingly, doesn't seem to share Karona's sentiment, on bronzers anyway, just making a vague scowly-face at the poor delivery guy, though the computercrafter does march forward to check the box. Carefully. Shoulders hunch further as he kneels down, a kind of sidelong look given for the smith's questioning, and then a briefer glance at K'ael, "Wouldn't be surprised if /she/ was the one that was," incapable of commitment, that is. Though really, Eledri's opinion of his sister's probably a little.. well, a LOT biased. Eyes drop to scan the various metal parts, carefully unpacking and re-packing each one as he checks them over.

Karona doesn't seem too fond of K'ael, but she seems to be making an effort with Milo, at least. She sizes the boy up, tilting her head as she tries to recall how many turns have passed. "Hmm, you can be, when you're older." she says, finally. "I was twelve when I became an apprentice." Twelve? That's forever away when you're seven, almost a lifetime. Karona snorts at the discussion of Eledri's sister and her bronzer. "Together, but not weyrmated." she repeats, shaking her head slowly. She does not approve? Apparently not. "Him or her, they're both just as bad. Someone's gonna get hurt." she declares, with a frown. Right. And she knows Eledri's sister and random bronzer /how/, exactly? "M-my parents tried that. Together but not weyrmated. It… ended badly." she says, eyes fixed on the floor.

K'ael chuckles a bit at Eledri. "I uh… had my own commitment issues for a while. When I was younger. I have a weyrmate now, though this is my second. I have horrible luck with women." Though it was hard to tell given the bronzer's legacy and list of children. There's a pout from Milo. "But I'm not even uh… eight! I'm not even eight! Twelve is… five bigger than eight!" There's a blink at Karona then. "Er… it did? Your ma doesn't seem like the settling down type, honestly." He looks down at Milo then. "I think you've watched the forges long enough. Why don't you run back to the caverns and see if any of your friends are there. Azaeth will be watching you, so make sure you get there." There's a stern look for the boy and his shoulders hunch over. But he nods reluctantly and trudges out.

Eledri does eye Karona a bit, nose wrinkling, though if he cares whether they get hurt, he doesn't show it. Busying himself with the computercraft equipment, the man only mutters, "He's a bad influence on her." Riight, the boozing, reckless goldrider is totally not the bad influence there. He opens his mouth, but apparently has nothing to say on the news about Karona's parents, just looking awkwardly away and maybe scrutinizing one long metal bit more than really neccessary. "Maybe you should try men," is mumbled absently at K'ael, though then the comnputercrafter has to clear his throat, watching Milo leave and then going right back to peering at computer parts. Doot dee doot, he said /nothing/.

No, 'settling down type' is /definitely/ not Karona's mother, and not even the smith can dispute that. "Mm. It did. I haven't spoken to her since. I think /she/ was happy with how things turned out, probably. My father is mostly over it now, but I… don't think I'll write home about today." She keeps in touch with her father? Not hard to see which side she's more likely to be on. "But… that was turns ago." There's a glance shot at the door, where Milo went. Yep. Turns ago. Eledri is eyed. 'He's a bad influence'? Well duh, he's a bronzer. Wait, wrong response, try again. "Well, you're her brother, won't she listen to you? Know if I were seeing someone," she snorts at the very /thought/ of dating, "that my father didn't approve of, and he said so, I'd… well, can't say I'd change anything, but I'd think twice, anyway." Eledri's suggestion of men has her blinking slightly, then shrugging. "Worth a shot." she has to admit, though it's flatly delivered, no emotion.

K'ael chuckles a bit at Eledri. "You think?" K'ael isn't going to go into how Cenlia's basically been a wild since he's known her, before she met X'hil. back when she was just a wee teen. He chuckles a bit at Eledri then. Once Milo is out of earshot he adds, "Why, are you offering?" Then he chuckles. "I tried that, too, actually. Couldn't commit to a man though, I prefer the ladies. Anyways, I have a weyrmate now, so hopefully things work out." He shrugs. "Giving someone love advice I find is usually a wasted effort. Most of the time people have to learn the hard way. It hurts, but you get past it eventually."

Eledri might be going a bit pink in the face, but whether for his suggestion to K'ael or Karona's questioning, might be debatable. The man's shoulders do tense immediately, though, scowl deepening. "She's twenty-three, I'm /done/ keeping her in line," is muttered at the smith, though really, it's doubtful he's ever successfully managed to keep Cen in line, even /before/ the massive dragon. "Not that she's ever cared what I thought," is grumbled under his breath, but not so subtly, the hand resting on the crate's edge tightening very briefly. He's still careful to re-package the parts he'd been checking, remaining kneeling beside the items while he goes over them thoroughly. He's just.. sputter a bit a K'ael, however, "N- /no/." Mortified much? There is, however, nodding in agreement with the bronzerider, "Definitely a wasted effort," bitter almost, "Er. But good luck with.. yours." Yep.

A blonde woman enters into the Forge, dressed for the enjoyment of the weather. A halter bathing suit top, a sarrong around a slowly thickening waistline and sandles upon her feet. Her damp hair is held back by a colourful handkerchief that matches her sarrong. Laera peeks into Smith and gives a finger wave, looking about for the smith in residence, "Don't suppose the straps buckles are fixed up for Kereth yet?" She calls in before she notices a couple of familiar faces. First a fingerwave given to Eledri before there is a pause as she looks to K'ael. Recognition clearly upon her face, before a resolute smile touches her lips again. "Hey K'ael, heard a rumour you found your way back to Xanadu, was quite disapointed you didn't come to say hi." She gives a look of mock sadness.

Karona tilts her head at Eledri, curious. "Hunh… Now I gotta know… /You/ tried men?" she asks the computercrafter. Is her tone almost friendly there? Perhaps. If Eledri likes men, well, that doesn't make him as much of a 'threat' as a bronzer, right? Not that she'd ever admit it if she actually felt threatened. "…yeah. Yeah, I understand being /done/." she says, with a slow nod. Thankfully, /distraction/! Karona is the smith near the door today, though there are many working back beyond the counter, the forge has been busy in the recent weather, because it's simply a preferable place to be. Today is less busy than recently, but still more busy than is usual for the season. When Laera enquires after straps, the woman nods. "Kereth? I /believe/ I saw that name, one moment." she says, slipping behind the counter, and consulting a clipboard. "Ah. Yes. Third hook from the end." she points to a row of straps hooks near the door. "Should be labelled." If not, Karona might have to call upon the assistance of another smith.

K'ael grins to Eledri. "She talked about you, when I was there. You should go see her. I can even give you a ride, if you want." K'ael: encouraging family togetherness. "No? That's too bad." He gives the computercrafter a mock pout at his rejection. K'ael wasn't in the market for a girl anymore. Karona might peak his interest though, to see if she was her mother's daughter. Which is pretty horrible. K'ael squints at the approaching woman. "Hm? Laera? I didn't even know you were living here. Weren't you living with L'ton or something a while back? Anyways, we just moved in not too long ago. How have things been?"

Eledri pauses when someone else enters the smithy, gaze flicking doorwards. The scowl at least eases somewhat as he tilts his head to Laera, offering a polite enough, "Hello," to the woman. And then he turns and ..stares at Karona, face coloring juust a little more. He opens his mouth. Then closes it. He clears his throat, shoulders lifting in a vague shrug, and lets his eyes drop to the computer equipment once again, except he's apparently checked all of it. Is he.. checking it /again/? Tsk, poor embarrassed crafter. Another pause, hand stopping above what looks to be a wrapped metal panel, the man glancing sideways at K'ael over his spectacles, "..She did?" There's more than a little surprise in his voice, and man then quickly shaking his head, tucking back soem stray bits that have escaped across his forehead, "That's.. probably not a good idea. I doubt she wants anything to do with me, in any case," frowning down at the items he's supposed to be looking over. And ducking his head so the pinkening face isn't quite so visible.

"Long while back now, just about as successful as the move to Ista, decided to head up Fort way and work on Healering." Laera responds to K'ael, her gaze flickering over his form in a quiet appraisal, "Years have been good to ya." She says before looking up to the Smith and nods, "Thank you muchly. Know I am knocked up the ol Blue and Mate are even more obcessive about my straps." She rolls her eyes and takes the straps off the hook and gives them a thorough inspection, slowly nodding as she inspects the rings and buckles, "Good work, looks good. Thank you." She says to the woman before looking to Eledri and grins at the discussion and the red face, but for once decides not to make it any worse.

Karona actually seems disappointed not to get an answer out of the computer crafter, and, well, probably more than a little sheepish that she actually /asked/ that. Yep, that one will be haunting her for days. She seems about to say something, when a smith brushes past, headed out the door. "Ah. Excuse me." Karona says quickly, glancing back to the forge, "If no-one needs anything else… work. I should. You know how it is." she excuses herself, sneaking back to pinch that smith's workspace. Better be quick - he might only be nipping out for a quick break.

K'ael blinks at Eledri. "Why would you say that? She said she's been meaning to come out and see you. Probably hard for her to find the time though. You should show up and surprise her." He gives the computercrafter a nudge. He grins to Laera then. "Same for you. Didn't know you had a weyrmate. Congrats. Pregnant, hm? How many is this for you, now? You remember Zip, L'ton's oldest? Her and I are weyrmates now." There's a nod to Karona and a wave as she heads back to work.

Eledri's just going to be very grateful Laera isn't helping the blushfest along, the computercrafter beginning very carefully to set everything back into place in the crate. Everything gets re-wrapped, or re-checked, though by now, if there were any faults with the items, he'd surely have seen it by now. Karona receives a nod in farewell, the man glancing up briefly as the smith departs, and then hesitating. K'ael gets.. a bit of a disbelieving look there. "..She said that?" asked slowly, brow furrowing somewhat, and then stating flatly, "The last time I was in Ista, she swung a shovel at my /head/." He values his life, he does! A finger shoves his spectacles higher up the bridge of his nose, the man glancing back to Laera and offering a quieter, "Congratulations," for the overheard news of pregnancy before taking the lid and setting it carefully atop the box again.

"Yeah, D'len and I have been Weyrmated about four turns now, got a daughter between us and yeah, nother one on the way. Suppose you can say we are sorta related, my eldest is Zip's sister." Laera says with a shake of her head and a laugh. Yes she weyrmated her Uncle's Widow. She hears the conversation at mention of shovels and 'romance' and can't help but grin, "Yeah sounds like true love, to bring up that much passion." Ok so she couldn't stay out of too long. At the congratulations she gives a shrug, "Puking, eventual grounding, having to fly straight, congratulate me after the kid is born." She says with a smirk.

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