Western's New Weyrleader

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Morning rays are just peering over the horizon, leaving much of the beach still empty as the last chills of the night are chased away. One lone person stands on the beach, her pants rolled up the the calf, and her shoes abandoned half-way up the beach. M'iri is standing their quietly, peering out over the water as it reflects the rays of Rukbat, before looking down at her feet and watching the surf pass over them. She's surrenely quiet, letting her loose hair blow in the breeze. One might get the indication of some type of meditation, fro mthe looks of her, but one can never be too sure, either; especially considering whom the person is. Kieranth is no where in sight, presumably back in his weyr and away from the light that he tends to hate.

Raenth's metallic glint catches the light overhead as he appears from between, His rider is almost unrecognizable as well, rarely is T'eo ever seen in riding clothes by anyone -but- his wingmates. Raenth circles over the beach a few times, starting towards the clearing but at the last moment wheeling back around and dipping low to the beach. He flares his wings, gleaming pink and golden light catching on them to enhance the intense copper sheen of transluscent membrane as he settles softly into the sand. T'eo slides off, still chilled with the combination of rain water and cold of between. Raenth rumbles softly to M'iri. Both rider and dragon seem afraid to disturb her. T'eo pulls off his helmet and stows it. "Miir?" He asks quietly, moving towards her.

M'iri has her eyes closed for a moment, but some subtle urge brings her to open them, and she looks over to just in hear Raenth's rumble, and turn towards him. Holding for just a moment, as if she's seen a ghost, Miir suddenly shakes off the feeling at T'eo's quiet question, turning her lips upwards as she sees him. "Weyrleader." She greets, giving a sloppy little salute, before running towards him and enveloping him in a hug, " What brings you to the south, Matt?" She leans back to look at his face, giving a little smirk and adding a teasing tone to her voice, "Business or pleasure, my dear Weyrleader?" She looks up past his shoulder then, and to the bronzen form behind him. "And how's the missus been treating you, Raenth?" She hasn't let go of T'eo yet, which is a bit of a change from her stance at Western…

T'eo looks a bit surprised, but not unpleasantly so as she hugs him. He smiles, returning it with his own arms around her. "Pft… Weyrleader." He mutters, but with a silly little grin to it. "To be honest? Pleasure… The rain up there was getting to me…" like he hasn't delt with rain before. "…and that Xelleen girl." He rolls his eyes. Raenth gives a dragony chuckle, a series of huffy rumbles and bobs his snout slowly once. "Well enough, he says." T'eo snickers a bit. "He's rather pleased with himself actually." He rests his clasped hands in the small of her back. "How's the weyr been?"

M'iri lets go of T'eo finally, a slight blush on her face, but not seeming to back up on her choice, nodding lightly. "If Western's are anything like they had here a couple of weeks ago? No wonder your getting out of there." At the mention of Xelleen, the bluerider pulls a face, and shakes her head, "That is one resident you are going to have plenty of…" She stops for a moment, as if thinking of an appropriate word, before continuing, "Amusing times with." Yes, there we go, that word works. Raenth is earned a bit of a smile at his reply, and Miir nods, stretching onto her tip-toes as she does so. "The Weyr has been doing decently. I believe alot of the roads have been cleaned up fro mthe mudslides, but R'sul is probably the one the ask about that, or the Rescue wing. As for my wing, we just finished repairing the last of the panels at the holds last night. So, hopefully we won't have anymore rains for a while, though the new panels put in should be more resistant to rains 'n such." Tilting her head a little to the water, Miir turns and heads back to the shore-front, setting herself down lightly in the sand.

T'eo loosens his hands, and smirks. "Well, I hope no more amusing than the -last- interaction with her. You shouldn't have given her permission to his on me ya know…" As she moves away, he lets her slide through his hands, watching her go. Before he follows he removes his jacket, now overheating a bit as he becomes acclaimated to the temperature around him. He puts that away too. "Well, then the panels will be there for the next monsoon, eh?" He pats Raenth's shoulder and follows M'iri's trail in the sand, standing a moment beside her. His eyes survey the water before he sits beside her. "Before I left, heh, I stopped by the weyrling barracks and that beach… especially the beach. It was weird… I'd never really been there much at it since we graduated."

M'iri laughs outright, trying her best to look innocent, and failing miserably. "Well, I think she would hit on you, weather I had given her permission or not. I mean, she was hitting on /me/ when I walked in." She seems overtly amused at that, and turns her eyes towards the water, "She did say she was flexing the 'flirting' ability, after all. Can't let her get rusty." The lack of people seemingly makes M'iri more outgoing, or maybe she has become more comfortable around T'eo, one can't be one-hundred percent sure. The mention of the next monsoon earns T'eo a glare from the Wingleader, "Don't remind me. Somehow, those panels will find a way to break themselves. Or some other tehcnical error, whether it be human or other-wise." His mention of the weyrling beach brings Miir's eyes around and to where the Weyrling beach connects with this one, making the bluerider chuckle a little. "It feels so wierd, how long it's been since we've been there… Sometimes, it feels just like yesterday." She turns to him, "Having S'ver run us int othe ground with our morning runs… And well, L'alie attempting several times to pul lyour shorts down while swimming." The latter memory brings a good laugh out of the bluerider, patting his knee lightly, "I never found out if she succeeded…" Cough, "Well, in the water, anyways." Innocent grin.

T'eo presses his lips into a thin line, though the ends turn up a little and his eyes dance. He ultimately ends up chuckling a little. "That was so long ago." Is all he replies to -that- questioning. He shakes his head and sighs, a half smirk on his face. There's a distant look again, like when R'lyeh had been talking about the ocean. Nostalgic almost… "Things got so… complicated. Or maybe they always were but… bah." He shakes his head, idly noting a loose piece of hair at flops into his line of vision. Small frown. He pushes it back.

M'iri quirks her lips and nods, still looking in T'eo's direction, "A good ten turns, at the least." She furrows her brows for a moment, almost as if she's attempting an exact count, but shakes her head an continues, "A lot of things got complicated back then. I mean, Shells, I went through Weyrlinghood /twice/, even after it was established S'ver and I were Weyrmates… That was not a pretty thing, let me tell you." The memories sober he a bit, but she attempts to bring herself out of it with a shallow smile, nudging T'eo agai nwith her shoulder, "But, we made it through it, right? Look at you, your leading a Weyr, for Faranth's sake! Thats the best you can do, in this circumstance. Other circumstances are just… Things that can't always be dealt with." She lifts a sea shell from the sand infront of her and twirls it a little, almost contemplating, before turning again to T'eo, "Life always has it's highs and lows… Maybe you and I, we're just at the point where we're inbetween, eh?"

T'eo's amber eyes leave the sea at the nudge and he smirk. He watches her play with the shell. As she looks back at him he gives another half smile. "Maybe…" He ventures. "I learned a bit ago not to invest too much into occupations." After all, that's why things happened the way they did between him a L'alie. "Though I suppose less to lose now than I did… still" He looks to the sand and back to her. "Still have enough…" He shakes his head a little. "Don't get me wrong… it's great and all… but it's not everything. And actually it's not too different from what I was doing. Still… what I was doing, working myself into the ground? Heh…" he doesn't say much more to elaborate on that.

M'iri nods lightly to his words, now just going all out and just leaning against his shoulder, still playing lightly with the shell in her hands, "Aye, as Weyrsecond, I learned that easily. Also learned that as a rider, so much of your time is taken by your duties, and your dragon, that relationships are hard to invest in to. Having been raised in a hold, it was odd having nannies raise my little girl…" The thought brings a sweet smile to the bluerider's face, before she grunts at his comment of working into the ground. "Heh, S'ver was that way, too. Except he didn't know when to call it quits, I don't think he ever will." She seems to mentally kick herself at bringing the Weyrlingmaster up, and changes her course of thought, suddenly, "But, that is in the past. And this is here and now, and thats the difference." Is she trying to convince herself, or T'eo? Either way, she seems to be studying him for a moment, not entirely sure what to say, it would seem… "But ,your happy at Western, right? I mean, it's a change for the better, even if it's another stressful duty?"

T'eo looks down at her as she leans against him and gives a small smile. He lets her rest there while she talks, looking out to the ocean and back. The thought of her daughter reminds him of his Teila and he exhales a bit heavily, rubbing his chin with a hand. "It's funny, I don't think I ever really concidered the past in any sense -till- recent events." He muses. But she changes the subject and he smiles a little stiffly, looking down at her. "I am… content. I'm kept busy, people are decent enough, Raenth is happy, and thanks to you I get hit on anytime I come into the caverns." Smirk. He gives her a little poke in the side. "I suppose I have little else to devote the energy to and so here I find myself absorbed in work. It… well.. heh… works."

M'iri suddenly sits up as she gives a groan of frustration, turning herself to him, body and all, by placing her hands down and scooching her bum until she's facing the side of him in an indian-style fashion. And who says thirty some-ood year olds /arn't/ flexible? "You never really consider the past until given a reason to look back. Wonder what went wrong, right?" She seems to be talking more to herself then she is with T'eo, having abandoned the sea shell to get her hands into the conversation, little movements here and there as she speaks. "I mean, I sit here, and after so many turns… wonder why S'ver left, and what I could've done wrong, but at the same time…" Her eyes then flick up to T'eo, and the flush on her face only seems to deepen, but there is a guilt in her eyes as she looks upon T'eo, brows furrowed at her inner thoughts. "… I find myself straying from that. Sort of inbetween emotions, one part going, while the other coming, and yet both are still present… And, it's confusing." She sighs heavily, putting a hand to her neck and rubbing it a little. She's nervous, and it's showing through, "I miss S'ver for what he was, and what we once were… But at the same time, I'm glad L'alie left you, because I- I…" More fidgeting, and a deepening blush, ".. I'm starting to like you. And I don't know if that should be okay, or if it should be longer, since both of us are still dealing with loss." One more huff, "And now, your at Western, as Weyrleader, no less! And… I'm rambling." She laughs at herself, before suddenly leaning over and softly kissing T'eo on the cheek, letting her other hand linger on his other cheek.

T'eo watches her intently, amber eyes taking in each movement and fidget. When she mentions the idea of missing S'ver for what they were he conciders this in his head. Maybe that's what he was missing… the idea… the state… not as much the person because clearly that person isn't really who L'alie is any longer… or maybe not who he is? Something like that. He gently touches her arm when the truth comes out in a ramble; a soft almost caress of reassurance. She kisses his cheek and he raises that hand to gently touch her chin. A pause… then he gently tips her head and kisses her, firmly but gently. Something to his hand give her every opportunity to pull away if she wishes.

M'iri stills suddenly under the change, almost as if she's taking it in belatedly, her eyes popping open from their natural closed relaxed state. She looks at him for a moment, gauging, wondering; and then throwing that to the wind and closing her eyes again. Slowly she slips her hand to the nape of his neck, brushing her fingers under his hair there as she deepens this kiss with him. Suddenly breaking away, she laughs and leans her head against his shoulder, shaking her head a little. "Well geez, if I knew it was that simple to answer all my questions, I might've done so a long time ago!" She's still leaning into his shoulder, just to hide her blushing at the contact, or maybe jsut the timid part of her not sure what step to make next. Idly, she's playing with his necklace, keeping her face hidden(She does that alot, eh?). "I take it… Your alright with this?" She she tilts her head, looking up at T'eo from her position, "Because, after that, I think I'm okay with this." The bluerider laughs, ducking away again at what she admitted.

T'eo's shoulders relax as he gives a gentle sigh into the kiss. Clearly he'd not been too certain about how she'd take it. As she breaks the kiss he looks worried for a mere moment but her settling against his shoulder causes him to break into a smile. He too laughs a little, near silent, but a bright grin upon his face as he gently runs a hand up and down her back in a soothing manner. He rests his cheek against the top of her head. "I must say, heh… might have done the same myself." He lifts his head, tilting her head back up with a few fingers to her cheek. "Things worked out, didn't they?" He smiles. "I'm fine with it." Totally fine.

The beach really isn't a place for such activities, at least not for Senkyou. Coming down to the beach in as little clothing as you may ever see in she is wrapped in a towel in a bikini, walking down the path and looking around as if someone is around to see her and her lack of dress. Being hyper vigilant and slightly body conscious in general her current condition makes it even odder to see her so bare. Dulacth follows behind and is the first to spot the secret lovers, crooning to Senkyou in what could be close to a mental only croon, though some may hear it Senk starts walking very fast, looking at T'eo and M'iri then walking faster like she isn't seeing any of this. She seems to be in a very big hurry to get to the water, but she keeps looking back like they may not see her on the beach.

Unfortunately for Senkyou, little can mask the thump the the weight a dragon bring… Or possibly the mental radar that exists in Miir's head called Kieranth. Either way, the bluerider's giggle that she was giving in her shyness as T'eo brings her face into view is suddenly cuts short, and her eyes grow wide. "W-what?" She mumbles suddenly, T'eo being able to see the reflection of rider and dragon talking, whipping her head about to see Senkyou's speedy haste down the shore. "…Oh shells." And T'eo might suddenly find himself a guardian again, as the only barrier for Miir to hide in while her blush flares hotly- happens to be his chest. She's laughing, though, her laugh muffled lightly into his shirt. "Of all the people, and things to happen…" Oh no, shy bluerider is *not* drawing attention to herself.

Raenth raises his head from the amber-kissed black sands to watch Senkyou and Dulacth hurry by. He doesn't reveal this to T'eo, too content with his rider's happy state to change it any slight bit that it may. He sends a rider-quiet trickle of brandy to Dulacth with images and thoughts of greetings and the usual 'long time no see's that come to mind. But unfortunately, for all his best intentions, Senkyou is noticed. T'eo's eyes level in on Senk as he looks for a moment past Miir. His smile tightens, but he, too, starts to laugh, heat rushing to his face. As M'iri ducks back into his chest, he gently encloses his arms around her, his own near silent chuckles shaking the two of them. He lowers his head to hers and murmurs. "It's fine… it's fine…" Snicker. "I think she wants to be seen as much as we do." But really, it's too late for either party. Raenth heaves a sigh and make his greeting more audiable to the brown. No point in silence any longer.

Dulacth lets out a half greeting that is cut out, Senkyou gritting her teeth. She was never here, really, Dulacth looks over at her and she almost made it to the water he then finishes his greeting. Dulacths greeting is audible, though only to dragons as he says «Mine was hoping others would be sleeping in.» His voice is one that seems confused by his rider, and the way she is reacting to the T'eo, M'iri "thing". Senk doesn't make it into the water but sits down on the beach quietly just outside the waves, she is going to act like she is alone. Dulacths mind seems bright and greets the two riders with a sweet croon, turning back and setteling down so that Senk is almost hidden, she is near his tail and looking back at M'iri and T'eo, probably just getting her first glance at who the two people actually are.

«Most are asleep, now… But my master likes a good sunrise…» The dark, bloody voice echoes from it's wallow in the weyr, though somehow still connected to the interaction through M'iri. A venomous little mental spit is given towards Senkyou, almost as if payment for interrupting the emotional moment Kieranth's rider was having. This simple touch of Kieranth seems to give the timid bluerider more backbone, and she turns lightly in her hiding place, peeking over her shoulder at Senkyou, and Dulacth. "G'morning to you, too, Dulacth…" And dark blue eyes switch a bit mischiviously to Senkyou, who might attempt to hide behind Dulacth, but won't help what Miir already saw, "And nice swimming wear, Senk… Really compliments you." A peek of Kieranth's personality in Miir forces the woman to point this out, knowing the effect it might have. Turning slowly back towards T'eo, she lifts her head, making slow enough where she might not be seen, giving a kiss on the hallow of his neck, "You know, we really have got to stop getting ourselves into these types of situations. The tavern, Western's cavern, the beach…" She smiling a little at him, again more confident with Kieranth behind her, as she fully relieves T'eo of her wight, if not his hands from around her.

T'eo gives a grin to Dulacth, the tension ebbing, paticularly as M'iri seems more confident. He shivers slightly from the kiss upon his neck and lowers his eyes down to look at her. The teasing aire of a smirk comes upon his face. "Ah… but somehow I think, prior to this situation a… 'M'iri, would you like to come up to my weyr?' might not have been appropriate. I can see it now… you'd go 'Why?', or even if you did agree, you'd eventually ask 'why?' once there, and I'd have to explain how this sort of situation might occurr and then it probably most definately would not have." Is strategic like that, yep. A pause… then he kisses her nose faintly. With a winning smile to her, he then looks back towards Senkyou and Dulacth. "Good morning, Wingleader!" He calls, in an unusally upbeat voice. Well… unusual for him.

Dulacth seems to be going into a protective mode, tendrils of his mind are like sharp steel and are charred and black. He opens one wing, covering Senk as much to comfort her as to comfort himself. Kieranth's mental spit gets what is a very strong valiant response, that everyone could hear, it maybe heard by all. «Mine only wished to be on the beach, she was kind enough to ignore your mating flight though you can not return the courtesy of ignoring her lack of clothing.» His mind is one of a dragon long practiced in taking care of slackers, it's clear he is making sure she feels comfortable. With his words he rises, and Senk doesn't say anything. She leaves her towel on, mounts Dulacth and he wades into the water. From atop Dulacths back Senkyou has a very peeved hardness to her face. «If our privacy can't be respected, I'm sure Adinaeth would love to know about what we have seen today. And it would make mine feel better.» He isn't at all tart, just direct. T'eo gets a warmer vanilla smell from Dulacth with his good morning.

Kieranth's mental fire is directed at Dulacth, bubbles and layers of lava like blood spewing from every crevice of the mind, the stench of copper thickening to the extreme. «Mating flight?? Were you possibly born yesterday, you pour excuse for a dragon? Do you consider twining necks with a green a 'mating flight'?» The rise against Miir has brought the beast out in Kieranth, and he's heating the blood in his anger over the relatiation to his 'master'. «Yours was more then welcome onto this beach, you dolt, and if she has no heart to accept a compliment for what it is, then she is even more dense then you. Where do they pick the likes of you, a wher clutch?» Miir is reacting with wide eyes, suddenly, shaking her head a little, "Kieranth, calm down, I'm not-" «So, your going to run and hide behind that waif of a brown, as well, eh? For a mighty guardian, you sure are pathetic for your breed. Stand up for yourself, not suffle it off to someone else. Mutt.» "Kieranth, control yourself!" Miir finally yells, turning to look in Senkyou's direction and looking sympathetic, even if the brownrider might not see it. T'eo is turned to again and she hiccups a little. "Looks like I've gotten us into a bit of trouble." She stands up, waving her hands a little, "Senk, I didn't mean… Augh, By Kieranth's shell…" She turns T'eo again, offering a hand down to him to help him up, now that the spell is ruined.

T'eo gives a small frown… which is mostly the cause of Raenth's mental upheaval of bubbling brandy, alcohol slipping away to very sobering thoughts. « Don't be foolish, Dulacth. They were being polite. Do as you will… But harm mine and I will be displeased. He is happy now. I like him happy. » T'eo himself stiffens his jaw. What had he ever done to Senkyou. The darkness pools back into his eyes. But a subtle comfort from his dragon reminds him that it is no different than L'alie with R'sul. He takes a deep, intensified breath. But as Kiernath explodes on the brown pair he flinches. Raenth gives a deep lowing sound, resounding in mind and ear alike for silence! For temperance! This is followed swiftly by M'iri's yell of much the same intent. The noise stills in T'eo's mind. Raenth croons to the pair. He takes M'iri's hand, wordlessly, rising to his feet as much on his accord as hers, and runs a hand around her shoulders in a soothing fashion. "C'mon… Let's change venues." He murmurs, the commanding stoicism of his and Raenth's minds seeming to eminate from him as he makes to escort her up the sand. Raenth stands waiting for them, like a sentinel, his eyes whirrling a royal plum color.

Dulacth quiets at Raenth's bellowing, if anything having the sense as not to piss of the senior queen his mind isn't distinguishable for the castle has been closed, his mind is so closed that it is not easy to hear what he says «Mine did not insult the blues rider, she did her best to be tactful, hoping to recieve the same. She only wished to swim.» His voice is softening lightly, and Senk seems to have just given up dismounting and saying, "Well this has turned into a wretched morning… " To M'iri, shuffling her way back Dulacth follows his eyes a lavender and if this hasn't roused the Weyr nothing will.

M'iri sighs deeply as quiet finally settles between their dragons, feeling Kieranth's ebbing comfort, even as she tries to flick it away. She turns to T'eo for a moment as he lifts out of the sand, nodding a bit numbly to him and gives a warm smile, despite the thunder that was in the mind, a few minutes ago. "Hold on…" And the bluerider ducks under T'eo's arm, running over to Senk and stopping just short of her, fumbling a little with her hands. "S-sorry I ruined it, I didn't mean to, promise. We'll leave, you can have the beach, and you should have enough time before anyone comes." She stalls a little, "And you do look good in your suit, no matter if the comment annoys you a little. Truth never hurts." It's amazing how the bluerider can come off as such a child ,even at her age, and with that, she's running back to T'eo. "C'mon, lets go." She grabs the Western Weyrleader's hand, giving him a kiss on the lips shyly, and then tugging him into a bit of a playful run back from the shore, to somewhere where they won't stir so much trouble.

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