Maith Flies, As Does Trouble

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Sabriel and Maith are standing on the shore with riding gear beside them. Sabe takes the straps and turns to Maith, "Lean down a litte bit so I can put these on." The green obliges and waits calmly for her rider to fix them to her satisfaction.

Khriseth rumbles quietly as he steps onto the sands, his swiveled a little as he watches his rider stroll in front of him, an almost proud look on the brown's features. I'ven is looking quite proud of himself as well, his new knot resting smugly on his shoulder.

Sabriel glances over as the two enter and waves as Maith rumbles. "Hi, I'ven, Khriseth. How are you?" She turns her attention back to the straps, messing with them for a few minutes. "Aha! Got 'em!" The happy-go-lucky girls grins with triumph. "I was about to try a mounted flight, I'ven," she says, turning back to the brown pair. "Would you mind helping me?"

I'ven moves over towards Sabriel, his head quirking to the side, "Mounted flight, errmmm." He lifts a hand idly, scratching at his head. "Sure, I guess, I'm not sure I have the qualification, but Khri and I can do our best. Do you know what you have to do?" He asks, peeking curiously from rider to dragon.

Sabriel smiles. "I think I so." She gives a sunny grin to I'ven. "I heard you got promoted. Congratulations."

I'ven laughs quietly, puffing out his chest rather proudly, "I was rather surprised, really, I never saw it coming, I thought I was in trouble for being up at high reaches too long." He chuckles quietly, slowly mounting up his dragon's side. "How about this, Khri and I will show you what to do, and you mimic us."

Sabriel smiles and nods. "Ok. I've only been on a dragon once." She laughs and smiles, her normal expression. "Well, from what I've heard, you have good reason to be up there." She puts on her riding jacket, helmet, etc., all new by the looks of it and waits for I'ven.

I'ven makes sure that he's strapped in securely, leaning forward a bit as he checks the sky, "Just make sure that you always check upwards to see if there's dragons suddenly coming out of nowhere, and then when you're ready…" He trails off quietly as Khriseth starts bounding forward and then in one massive leap he's suddenly airborn. His wings pump quickly to gain altitude. His tips dip ever so slightly to circle the bowl once before slowly moving to land on the ground, his wings fanning a few times for a smooth landing. "All right?" Iv calls to the weyrling, "Just do exactly as we did."

Sabriel nods and leaps up onto Maith, well sort of. She has to pull herself astride beacuse she got a bad jump from Maith's leg. Maith waits for Sabe to get her straps on before doing wait Khriseth did, with a few alterations. Maith decides to add a few tricks in, like a spirl and a loop-de-loop, suprising her rider, and causing her self to get a sound scolding from
Sabriel as soon as they land.

I'ven wrinkles his nose slightly, slipping off his dragon to storm over towards Sabriel, lifting a finger. "You /have/ to control your lifemate, Sabriel. This was your first flight, what if something happened? You are /not/ to do that again until you have more experience! I will have a word with your weyrlingmaster."

Sabriel's looking red in the face as she continues to yell at Maith, bearly hearing I'ven words in her fury. She basically says what I'ven says, adding "You could have given yourself wing-strain, or hurt given yourself even more serious injuries! Next time you WILL listen to me, or I will ground you for a month." She turns to I'ven, her face losing its furious color, leaving her shaken and pale. "I'm sorry, I'ven. I tried to tell her to stop."

I'ven shakes his head slowly and whirls on his heel, "You will be sorry, once I've spoken to the weyrlingmaster. And he will hear of this." He gives a curt nod, heading back towards Khriseth who gets a quick pat.

Word is out - Marte is on the hunt for people to star in Pernography. It's it's not, it will soon be. "Hey hey! What's all the shouting about?!" Cries Marte as she trots on to the beach.

Sabriel nods in agreement with I'ven. "He should be told." She turns to Maith to deliver the punishment. "As it is, you are grounded for a week, Maith, and that's in addition to what the weyrlingmaster is going to give. No fling, no swimming, and no cookies, cakes or anything of the sort." Maith looks at the rider in shock. «You wouldn't do that!» the green says in a skocked voice. Sabe whirls around to give her a glare. "Watch me. And don't try to get T'maz and Denna to give you treats, because I'm telling them what you did! And the only time you are allowed in the water is when I'm bathing
you." With that, Sabe stalks off after I'ven.

I'ven pratically stops midstep as he looks towards Marte, getting a confused look on his face. "I was helping this weyrling with her mounted flight." he informs the wingleader, offering a quick salute. "And her green decided to do something that could have endangered them both."

Marte offhandedly listens to Sabriel admonish her dragon while returning I'ven's salute. "You were helping out with mounted flight, and her green decided to do something that could have endangered them both. I see. And are you cleared to help weyrlings with lessons or did you take it upon yourself to offer your assistance?"

Maith lumbers after her rider looking saddened. «Sabby! I'm sorry, I didn't think. I-» The green is cut off in mid-sentence as Sabriel turns. "That's right you didn't think! Do you have any idea what could have happened? Do you?!" Looks up as she hears another's voice, she was a little preoccupied. She gets a shocked look on her face as what Marte said registers. "Oh, no, Marte! He didn't offer! I begged him to, until he gave in! He was very reluctant!" She suddenly sits down on the ground and buries her face in her hands, rocking. "This is all my fault," she mumbles into her hands, her voice coming out muffled.

I'ven wrinkles his nose ever so slightly, "She's the one that asked me to help her." He shifts idly in his spot. "Shards, I'm just going to go back to high reaches, I don't get into trouble there." He gives a soft snort as he moves to mount his dragon.

Dementh wanders through and heads toward the forest where the shadows are stripy… Time for his disappearing act and grin… He rumbles a greeting to all before he grins in the shadows looking rather like a feline that ate a wherry for a moment.

Marte puts her hands on her hips, "Oh geeze. Look you two, I can see you're both tak… well one of you is, taking responsibility for what transpired and now the other party in part is leaving. I think you both need to go talk
to the weyrlingmaster and explain. Because if this guy, " indicating to I'ven, "needs to be cleared to do training and isn't then he should have the intestinal fortitude to say No, sorry not trained to do that sort of thing or not cleared." The woman gets one of those looks - I'm turning in to The Man - "The incident in question may not have happened if it were being properly supervised, but a trained weyrlingmaster. As it's my understanding that only weyrlingmasters are to do training, particularly when it comes to flight. Gah! You two sort it out but do it together with the weyrlingmaster."

Sabriel blinks at the tirade. "It's really not his fault. I'm the one who did it. I begged and begged him." She's working herself into a dither, as she tries to get the brownrider out of trouble. "I' truly sorry, I'ven! I'm going to find the Weyrlingmaster and explain!" She emotional girl runs off looking like she's about to cry, with her dragon hurrying after her, eye whirling.

Dementh watches silently… and then sneaks off back to be closer to where his rider is.

I'ven snorts quietly, "She asked so I supposed that it was okay. We had riders help us when we were learing how to fly here, geeze. Go back to the weyr you crawled out of." He rolls his eyes quietly as he buckes himself in, Khriseth promptly taking flight and disappearing between.

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