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Xanadu Weyr - Holding Cell

Out near the stables, far enough away that the smell isn’t too bad except when the wind is in just the wrong direction, there’s a small stone hut with iron bars over the single window. The door is oak with iron braces, locked and bolted from the outside. If it weren’t for the locks and bars, it might pass for a garden shack, but the only rakes here are ones who drank too much and have been thrown into the holding cell to sleep it off. It’s often unoccupied, though kept in good repair in case of miscreants.
Inside, there’s a hard cot and a chamberpot; the essentials of at least somewhat civilized life, if not comfort. This - unlike the stable - is for holding people, not animals.

Cyrus is resting on the cot. He had finished his dinner (pea soup, bread and water) and placed the empty containers by the door of his cell. He is sure that Darsce or one of her helpers will be by to pick them up. When you don't really have anywhere to go you get to spend a great deal of time thinking. In jail you can't escape from yourself. And he certainly needs time to think. So much has happened over the last couple of days and it all is still overwhealming to him.

Mur'dah has spent the days since his mother's disappearance searching for her, taking lots of shifts in Cold Stone, and resting in Xanadu when he's too weary to carry on. The days have aged him, far beyond his 19 turns, and he looks more man than carefree child as he stops outside the door to Cyrus cell. "Journeyman," he calls quietly, just incase the Healer is…busy. With something. What, he doesn't know, but it seems a good way to start a conversation.

Cyrus hasn't really been called that in more than a few days, it does catch his attention. He lifts himself off of his cot and makes his way toward the door of the cell to see who is calling to him. He takes in the young man before him. He has seen him around, and knows his name obviously, but he has never really had a proper conversation with him, "Hello." he says with a nod of his head, "I'd invite you inside, but I don't think its anymore comfortable in here than standing out there." he says. That and he is sure they wouldn't open the door. It hasn't really been opened since it was shut.

Cyrus doesn't remember their only conversation? Pity. Mur'dah does. It did not go well. He smirks. "No thanks, I'm happy to stay out here." Silence for a moment, as he simply regards the man inside the cell.

He isn't the only one who has had conversations with Cyrus that didn't go well. If reminded Cyrus might remember, but given all that has happened its natural that some things get missed. He nods his head when Mur'dah speaks, "Understandable." he says to him. He isn't really sure why he is here, but he might as well offer, "I was sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she can be found." While he never met Thea he had no reason to dislike her.

Mur'dah just nods. The condolences, the sympathies…he's used to them by now. Almost expects them from folks he meets and his reply is steady, practiced. Polite, but stiff. "Thank you, I appreciate that." He pauses again. "So explain to me your thoughts on flights, I hear they're…interesting.

Cyrus blinks as Mur'dah asks him the question. Is the whole weyr going to come and ask him his thoughts? Cyrus has never been a good liar. He generally always tells people what he actually thinks. He wonders if the young man has been talking to Darsce, "I don't think its any secret that I dislike them. I find them distasteful." he says with a bit of a shrug. He doesn't understand though why anyone cares what he thinks, especially Mur'dah, "Why do you ask?"

Mur'dah finds something to lean against, and he leans against it, arms crossed. "Because you said some pretty horrible things to my girlfriend. And you claim to be close to one of my weyrlings." He's only got a tiny batch he can claim as 'his' in some way, so he'll always look out for them.

Cyrus wasn't aware that Kiena had a boyfriend. He can't really conceptualize a person like /that/ having anyone special to her. Though apparently that is the case. He sighs and nods his head, "I did." he says simply. He would never deny what happened, "And I am." he says. He steels himself for what is coming. He breathes in and lets it out, "I am sorry if I caused you trouble. I would understand if you had some things you wished to say to me. You should. I encourage you to say everything you need to say." He can't deny Mur'dah that. A guy has to stand up for his girlfriend. He must.

Mur'dah gestures a bit, almost neglagently. Either he's totally relaxed, or he's showing a lot of restraint. "Tell me what you told her. And don't bother with any bullshit apologies, you said what you said, you meant it, now I want to hear it."

Cyrus was apologizing for causing Mur'dah trouble, not for what he said. Because he isn't sorry he said it, "I did mean it. Every word." he says to the young man, "I told her that I was very angry with her and that she molested someone I care about and that I wanted her to stay away from Kera. It's as simple as that." he says. Granted the whole conversation would take a great deal more time to explain.

Mur'dah snorts. "You're a prick. You said more than that. Hurtful, hateful things. You threatened her, Cyrus. Plus, you know how wrong you are, right? I mean…it was a flight. /Plus/ she's the sharding Weyrsecond. She can't stay away from a rider - riders are her /job/. Be like me telling you to stay out of the infirmary."

Cyrus isn't going to respond to any of his insults. He believes Mur'dah has every right to say what he is saying. He can't very well stop him from doing what he did just a short while ago himself, "I did say more. I don't care what it was. It hurt Kera. You should have seen the look on her face." he says with a shake of his head, "I had to do something. I told her bluntly that I wasn't going to lay a hand on her and I did not."

Mur'dah bristles. "You should have seen the look on /Kiena's/ face," he snaps back at him. "You've no remorse for that? Mindhealer?"

Cyrus isn't going to start a fight with Mur'dah as well. He has no fight with him. Mur'dah did not hurt Kera, "I do not." he says slowly. He can't very well be dishonest with him, "Mur'dah. I didn't start this. But I could no more ignore the pain of someone I love than you could. You have every right to be angry. I would expect no less."

Mur'dah shakes his head, "You're no Healer then, Cyrus. Not if you can cause harm to another and feel nothing about it. And you /did/ start this. It was just a flight. Everything was fine until you attacked Kiena. Kera was fine. She /told/ Kiena she was fine, so I don't know what deluded little world you live in. You started this."

"You weren't there when I talked to Kera. You know her. She wants to put a happy face on everything. She was disgusted by it. She told me she didn't want it. And thats the truth. I have not lied to you about anything and I'm not going to start now." he says. He may be a healer, but he is a man first.

Mur'dah snorts, shaking his head. "You weren't there during the flight! You don't know what happened. No one wants it. It's a flight. It's putting your dragon's needs and wants before your own. It is not something anyone can change and it's /certainly/ not something to go attacking other people about. I love Kiena and you don't see me going threatening Kera. How dare her green seduce Kiena's blue or some bullshit. It doesn't /work/ that way, Cyrus."

Mur'dah is free to feel how he feels, but Cyrus feels differently about the issue. He isn't weyrborn and his world is just a bit different, "I understand that is the way you feel. I feel differently." he says.

Mur'dah grits his teeth, hand closing into a fist in his frustration. "But you're /wrong/!"

"Mur'dah. I understand you feel that way, I do, really. But where I come from things are different. I don't believe there is no control during a flight. I know from studying that sometimes dragons riders ask their dragons not to chase and they don't. I also know there are have been instances of others ways of altering how things normally go. Things aren't always black and white." he responds.

Mur'dah snorts. "Then you don't come from sharding /Pern/. How can you say you don't think there's no control. If there was control, then Kera could have chosen for it not to happen, right? By your /own/ logic. But it did. So clearly there is no control. You're not even a rider, you know nothing about this. There is NO control. And if you're talking about substitutions," he spits the word, "that's bullshit too. It's /damaging/."

Cyrus never said that there was complete control. He believes that there is diminished control, but that doesn't make it any easier, "And I'm so thankful that I'm not. This was Kera's first time and Kiena is experienced. If anyone had a chance to stop it it was her. She did not. Look Mur'dah. You won't convince me, and I'm not talking just about substitutions…that isn't the point. The point is there are no absolutes here."

Mur'dah shakes his head firmly. "There /is/ no stopping it, Cyrus. When the dragons mate, the riders do. You should be /thankful/ it was Kiena and not someone who is rougher in flights. Kiena was a /good/ first for her."

Cyrus is far from thankful. His anger at Kiena is still absolute. There is no forgiveness in him for her. There is nothing she could do that would make it ok, "You are free to believe that if you wish Mur'dah…" He can see why Mur'dah has to believe the way he does. Because if he didn't then he would be forced to look at some ugly truths. Now isn't the time to present those to him, "Mur'dah. You won't convince me. I'm sorry."

Mur'dah snorts. "Then you shouldn't be in the weyr." And with that, he turns and walks away. Insane. Cyrus is /insane/.

Cyrus isn't angry at Mur'dah in the slightest, "Mur'dah you have every right to be angry with me, and you have every right to say what you said. I glad you did it. Shows you are as good a man as you can be. Hopefully it helped a little." He does feel bad for Mur'dah on several levels. First off…he's dating Kiena, and secondly he was put in a hard spot, just like he was. But Mur'dah is just as much a victim as he is….which is sad, "Good evening Mur'dah." he calls out to him before moving back to his cot.

Mur'dah comes to a slow stop and he turns. "I…beg your pardon?" he asks, his voice dropping low. "As good a man as I /can/ be?"

Cyrus nods his head, he doesn't know Mur'dah well. He can't hardly make rave reviews about who he is as a person, "Yes. As good a man as you can be in this moment." he explains.

Mur'dah continues to stare at the so-called Mindhealer. "Explain what this moment is. And how you think i could be a /better/ man. Enlighten me, Cyrus."

"This moment is you defending someone you love. I thought that was obvious. I was telling you that you did a good job. You did what any good boyfriend should do. I didn't say you could do any better, but thats not for me to decide anyway." That is completely Mur'dahs decision.

Mur'dah snorts. "I'll do a good job when you're no longer in Xanadu, Cyrus. That will be my job well done."

Cyrus stays silent. He isn't going to respond to that. It wouldn't do any good anyway. Mur'dah has his mind made up and he wouldn't expect it any other way. He can hardly condemn Mur'dah for having similar feelings to himself. The only difference is everyone will love Mur'dah for what he's doing and revile him. Ironic in the extreme. He goes back to his cot and sits down.

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