Flowers, Firelizards, and Fainting Healers

Xanadu Weyr - Garden


An arch woven from the tendrils of a willow tree stretches overhead lightly creeping with ivy as one steps in from the meadow into this sanctuary of green. Cool gray flagstone carefully spaced enables a soft velvety moss to thrive within the cracks, and creates a single wide pathway that fluidly breaks off into two paths of stone once free of the natural arbor. It is a wonder this place, and meticulously tended from the way it seems not a single leaf is out of place. On either side of the main path expansive grassy patches are trimmed short and edged behind with natural tan colored stone selectively chosen to stack just right. Beyond these are a line of fine puffed shrubberies in vibrant green intermingled with flowering bushes of brilliant pinks varying in hue from the very light to the very dark, which causes the occasional snowy white blossoms of other scattered here and there without worry to simply pop out of the scenery.

Directly in the center of the garden is another wall of intricately stacked stone, this of muted grays, creating what from the air would prove to be a perfect circle. It's been set high for safety, but not so much as one would not be able to lean over it to admire what lies beyond, either standing or sitting at the smattering of benches whose backs are set every four feet along it. Flush to the ground inside it's protective stone outcropping, is an enormous twenty foot wide fish pond. Within one can glean the metallic glint of playful goldfish, the unhurried cruise of fat koi, and even a frog or three among pale yellow and white flowering water lilies and their thick green pads.

The trees surrounding the entire garden were planted to give the impression that they had always been here, not only lending to a rustic look, but also eluding to the beauty that can be found among the wilds if only one might just look for it. Species vary from the ordinary Birch and Pine, but the flaming red capsules of the Indian Shot to the robust orange spokes of the Firewheel tree suggest the spice of the exotic. The two paths leading away from the entrance have come full circle, wrapping around to meet each other on the other side, yet still continue on to the far left and right. One path leads off deeper into the surrounding woods, while the other wider; cheerily decorated with brightly colored slabs of painted stones.

It's midmorning in one of the first sevendays of winter, cool and grey and relatively comfortable. The air might be humid and heavy, but there's a faint breeze every now and then, ruffling the trees and lifting the promise of rain for at least a moment. The garden is empty, save one, the usual patrons not used to visiting in anything but sunny weather, or when things are all blooming, which is not the case. But its' one patron is busy, indeed, having found a slightly safer spot to tend to the daily chores than the star stones so far above. He's still perched, on that rock wall this time, but he's relatively safe, lest the fish decide to eat him if he falls in. He's just finished tuning a guitar, and sets it carefully in its' case, against the bottom of the wall. The runner tack is already neat and oiled nearby, so now it's time to awaken the baby. "Wake up, stout one." Whispered to the green firelizard who's been perching on his shoulder, enjoying the morning. The big pond's water laps gently against its' boundries as he carefully detangles the 'lizard and carefully begins oiling her — well, at least she's not too much wigglier than that tack, not having awoken by even the movement.

A yawn heralds the arrival of Rogawani to the gardens, moving with slow, dragging footsteps as he seems only half-awake. Rubbing at one eye, he leans against one of the first trees, seeming as if he might just fall asleep against it. A half-filled pack is thrown over one shoulder, swaying back and forth once he's come to a stop. "Mmm." Reaching into one pocket, he drowsily pulls out a slip of parchment and looks over it quickly, letting out a small huff of sound before pulling his bag up further. "This delivery, and then one for the healers and a letter for B'miel. Then we're done, right?" He lifts the page towards his neck, where a little green firelizard head peeks out and seems to look over it. With a chirp, the head disappears again. "Some help you are." He chuckles affectionately, and then takes a glance around, seemingly looking for someone.

There was a trilling noise as a bronze flies a head of a young woman who yawns and stretches, it was obvious she had just finished her shift. Karashi hums to herself as she walks out into the gardens, she takes time to enjoy the fresh morning air. Spotting Rogawani and a new face up ahead she jogs down with a smile, Katsu her bronze takes time to land on her shoulder, trilling a greeting to those ahead of her. "Morning" Karashi calls with a smile and wave.

Jeffin comes in to the garden behind Karashi and his own brown firelizard is slowly flying over him. He slowly walks down to catch up with Karashi, "Hey wait up Karashi." He nods to the other two young men, "Good morning." His firelizard chirrups a pleasant howdy.

Rhasmir's expression is vaguely amused as he carefully oils the tiny wingsails of the little dark green firelizard, stretching the pale things and massaging oil into both sides at once. It earns a happy croon and faint peek of one blue-whirring eye before said eye slides closed again. "Silly wherry." The lad laughs, glancing up at the sound of two pairs of footsteps. One shape moving through the dim morning was familiar, the other not so much, but both were awarded with bright smiles. "Good morning!" The trader calls, lifting a hand and peering up at the gloomy sky. "Well, good enough. At least it's not raining." The lad chuckles, feet kicking on the edge of the wall he's perched on. There is a guitar in its' case below him, newly tuned, and a few bits of well-oiled runnertack nearby, all signs of the morning chores. "Morning!" Called to the final shape to emerge, with another bright smile. "Do /all/ of you Weyr-types have these little buggers?" A vague lift of the tiny green.

Searching eyes don't seem to find the familiar form of the Xanadu gardener, but instead it settles on Rhasmir. He lifts a hand, about to call out a greeting when Karashi's voice beats him to it. Turning his head, the boy watches her approach and lifts an eyebrow to the unfamiliar baker following behind. Pushing off from his tree, Ro' walks at an angle to hopefully meet up with the healer and trader as he carefully steps around flowers and potted plants. "G'morning." He offers as brightly as he can manage, although a yawn draws up afterwards, barely covered by his hand. "Buggers?" He blinks, and then squints to see the firelizard. "Oh, yeah. You hang around long enough you pretty much can't avoid them." He pokes at a lump wraped beneath his jacket collar, causing a green head to peek out again, and cheep once at Rhasmir and his own little one.

Karashi laughs softly "That is true, I impressed this fellow shortly after my arrival. Never seen so many in one place before" she reaches up to scratch Katsu's head affectionatly, and grins at his croon of appreciation he really was such a polite boy. "It certainly is a pleasent morning" she muses quietly to herself as she comes to a rest.

Jeffin looks up at the sky and smiles, "Yah it looks like it's going to hold off some. I hope it's just overcast and it doesn't rain." He laughs a little bit, "I got mine from an egg that everyone thought was a dud, but I got a little stud." He laughs as he reaches to scratch his firelizard. "Definitely if you stick around long enough you'll have a whole fair of them."

Rhasmir's little green eventually opens her eyes, short neck rising so she can see over the trader's hands. She trills a soft greeting then pulls her stout, pudgy form up, stretching and yawning. "Sleepyhead." Murmured with amusement, and a thoughtful glance at the others that they have with them. "Huh." A little grin tugs at the corners of his lips as he continues oiling the green. "Must be like canines with traders. Every shardin' caravan seems to have a pack of 'em. Guess they're useful. Never was around Firelizards much, myself." The size of Ro's is noted with a grin, before he's peering at the others. "Ah, I bet it'll hold off, for a bit. Well, that, or it'll rain for a sevenday or two." The lad's grin is toothy, but he really doesn't seem to mind the prospect. "Morning find all of you well?" Politeness remembered, he snickers softly, then glances at Rogawani. "Any revelations on those petals?"

Casting a glance at Jeffin, Rogawani's face seems to lift a little with recognition. "Oh, that must have been the left over egg from when this one hatched." The little green peeks around the boy's collar, trying to get a look at her sibling. "I'd gone to bed and nearly forgotten about it. I'm Rogawani, by the way." He offers a hand out towards the baker. "Don't think we've met officially." Soon, the green lizard wiggles her way out from his jacket, perching on his shoulder as her nose twitches towards Karashi and her bronze. As his eyes sweep abck towards Rhasmir, Ro' nods his head a bit. "The harpers say the dragonriders found the first clutches, so it makes some sense that there would be more around the weyrs. I've got a bronze who likes to stay in the clearing or caverns, and a little one who's sleeping back in the barn who hatched a few days ago. I'm just hoping I don't get any more anytime soon." Managing a chuckle, and a look sideways at his curious green, the messenger shrugs. "As for the petals, I've asked Enkavir to see if Thea or Seryth saw anyone with flowers in the hatching arena. I've been trying to catch Cenlia but I keep missing her."

Jeffin smiles as his brown chirrups to the sleepy green a happy hello and good morning. "Morning found me well I just have dinner duty so I have to report to the kitchens after lunch." He hmms, "Well I know that traders use canines for protection against wherries and other dangers of the trail. My family comes from a trader caravan, the Walker caravan on my father's side." He moves over and offers his hand to Rogawani, "Jeffin, Baking Apprentice. It's nice to meet you. Why would someone have flowers in the hatching area?" He says before a young girl runs up to him, "Jeffin! Master Denna told me to come find you. One of the apprentice came down with a fever you gotta do lunch and dinner." Jeffin nods, "Thanks Cassia. I'll be there shortly." He smiles at the two young men, "Well it was nice to meet you both, but duty calls." He heads out of the garden towards the kitchen.

Karashi yawns again and she covers her mouth politely "Sleepy, can't be helped though, I landed a double shift" she admits, Katsu sliding around her shoulder to stick his nose curiously towards Rogawani's green. "Katsu was from that clutch too" she ads in with a smile, as Jeffin excuses herself she sighs, she knew what that was like, having just done a rather long stint in the infirmary. In truth she should be exhausted, but Karashi had pushed it to the back of her mind. She needed some times outside, rest could come later, her next shift wasn't till tomorrow afternoon after all. "Take care" she calls after Jeffin before she returns her attention back to Rhasmir, with a smile she hold out her hand "I'm Karashi, Journeyman Healer" she says with a grin.

"Ahh, nice to meet you Jeffin." Rogawani shaking the other boy's hand before giving a shrug of his shoulders. "Why someone would have flowers in the hatching arena is just what we're trying to find out. There's petals strewn on the floor up there." Perhaps there would have been more explination, but as the baker excuses himself, Ro's attention turns to the remaining healer and trader. Reaching out a small claw, the green firelizard tries to paw its way over onto Karashi's shoulder. "Where do you think you're going?" He asks, eyeing the lizard before looking beyond her at the tack near Rhasmir. "Your family doesn't happen to have any used runner tack for sale, do they, Rhasmir? Or maybe some leathers that could be crafted into tack?"

Rhasmir laughs, nodding. "I was having, er, a late dinner," Not because he was stuck on top of the star stones until midnight, honest. "And she landed in my stew! I thought for sure she was going to drown or get burned all over, but no, she just drank half of the bowl and left me to go get her cleaned up. Didn't wake up the whole sharding time. Don't reckon she knows her name, either…" There's a mystified shake of his head, then he's quiet for a moment, grinning and waving off Jeffin. "Well met!" He calls after the lad, smiling, then glancing over at Karashi. "Oh, I meant this lump — Eireysa — but shells, double? That's no good. Ought to be sleeping!" Noted with a wrinkle of his nose. "Rhasmir, trader, in for a while. Resting up, seeing the market for guitars and runners. Not looking too great for the runners, though." A wistful sigh, but it quickly goes back to a grin. "Cenlia…ah, yes. I remember her." Their meeting was memorable, after all — she was the one running down the beach chasing a firelizard. "I'll remember to ask her if I see her, yeah?" A brief pause, and a squint into space. "Well, we've a lot of driving stuff, some good saddles too. Got 'em off of an old cotholder who wanted one of our yearlings. Lots of good hides for tack, too, though. Taking a shipment up to Ierne, but…"

Karashi smiles at the green and holds out her hand to it as it reaches out for her "I don't mind" she whispers softly, ever since she had impressed Katsu she found herself enjoying the company of flits more and more, regardless of whether they were hers or not. "I can always get sleep later. My next shift isn't till late tomorrow afternoon" She looks up and listens intently to the conversation between the two of them with a grin, this was most facinating to her. She knew nothing about runners, but they and anything about them still facinated her.

"Don't you go running off finding a new owner now, got me?" The little green lizard turns back, eyeing Rogawani quietly before flicking her tongue at Karashi with interest. Still, his voice has a patient, affectionate tone to it, certainly appreciating this lizard more than the bronze who all but ignores him except for food times. "I just got off a long run, myself. Would have been back ages ago if it weren't for this trader group that got a bit lost on the Eastern road." Stretching his arms out over his head and letting out another yawn, the boy perks a little as his brain kicks in to gear. "Mm. I can't afford much, but I might buy a few pieces of leather if you have 'em. It's not a big rush, but I'll need to replace all my gear within the next turn or so." For the time being, he seems to mutter over thoughts on the mysterious flowers, casting a glance towards Karashi. "You haven't gotten any strange letters, have you?"

Karashi shakes her head, "Nope no strange letter for me as far as I know, then again I've been too busy in the infirmary of late to notice." she admits, she turns her hand to flatten it a little more should the green want to come to her, she never did mind the attention she got. She turns her attention to Rhasmir and grins, "How long have you been here?" she asks with a grin.

Rhasmir chuckles, but his grin is understanding. "You healer types." He shakes his head. "I'm starting to think that you have to like staying up for days in a row to do it. Considered apprenticing to a dragonhealer once, myself…" But, his hands spread then, and he shrugs. Disturbed, little 'reys lumbers heavily onto his shoulder, peeping sleepily at the other two and their companions but not prepared to move any further. She's sleepy! And not a little bit lazy. Rhas watches the lizards for a moment with a grin, then shakes his head and chuckles again. "Lost, eh? Sad when a trader gets lost. How long'd it take them to get sorted out?" To his credit, his grin isn't /too/ toothy. But after a moment he quiets again, squinting. "Well, to be sure we've got a few of the thicker hides that're cheap, too thin to make dragontack and too thick for most runner tack. Soak it down and shave it a bit and it'd be fine. They should be swinging back by here in…well…it'll be a bit. Not too soon, but before a half-turn at least. I might stay until then, actually. Since they're coming back by." But talk of letters has him curious, peering at Karashi with a tilt of his head. "Sevenday or so." Admitted with a grin for the Healer. "Long enough that I need to start taking off every day or I'll be sorer than a wind-tossed Wherry when I start riding all the time again if I don't."

"Hrm. Been trying to find someone who has who might recognise the flowers they got." Rogawani explains, letting his arms drop back to his sides with a light swing. Rocking slightly on his feet, the messenger looks towards Rhasmir with a nod of his head. "Well, I'm still saving up for it. Making a little extra here and there running bets up from the hold. Rubicon River has some good bets in on those two holder boys who got searched, and there's a few bets on that Ressac fellow as well." Always keeping abreast of the betting situation revolving around the clutch, Ro' chuckles just softly, and then shakes his head. "A little while. They were off on one of the messenger tracks and got themselves stuck. It's not their fault, really, though. The Hannistans have the main roads blocked off so the traders are stuck using unfamiliar tracks to get through."

Rhasmir's grunt is faintly amused, as he shakes his head. "Wonder if the letter-writing fellow really did put those there." Grumbled absently, but not without much doubt — makes sense, at least, for that to be the reasoning behind them. "I'd love to know why they're acting like a tunnelsnake." Sigh. But after a moment he's grinning again at a more pleasant subject, nodding. "Excellent. Any idea on when those shardin' eggs are going to pop yet? Guess I need to start looking into the bait for 'em…could make a mark or two." Here's a mischievous grin, as he slides down from his perch, carefully closing the guitar's case after a wary glance at the sky. On his shoulder, Eireysa sits calmly — or, shall I say, sleeps calmly. Yes, she's asleep again, and not moving an inch. "Aw, shells, I should have thought of that, though. That's no good. Hope they're alright."

Jeffin comes back from kitchen duty and he looks around to see if anyone is left in the garden. He spots everyone and he waves to them, "Hello again." He says as he moves over towards them, "What eggs are those?" He asks as he gets closer and he hears Rhasmir's words, "That's a cute green you have there."

"I'd just like to know if I've got something important, or just a bunch of flower petals." Rogawani replies to the trader, shrugging his shoulders helplessly. Slowly, his green firelizard seems to finish her examination of Karashi and gives a small whine. "Alright you, come on." Reaching out his hand, he plucks up the lizard and helps her back up onto his shoulder. Once the lizard is secured, Ro' opens his mouth to talk but ends up distracted by Jeffin's return. "Oh, Seryth and Solarith's eggs, the ones on the sands?" He lifts an eyebrow at the baker before turning a sly look back at Rhasmir. "Well, the stablemaster has a good set of bets going on from the holds. I can give you a bit of an inside scoop though. Put your marks on Xaliyan. He's the brother of X'hil and son of Re're so he's got blood on both clutches." Without missing a beat, Rogawani adds on, "And he's my friend."

Katsu crooned back to the little green as Karashi drops down her hand. The green certainly was a cute little thing. As for the eggs well now that was an interesting topic indeed, "Well I don't know anything much about the eggs other than what X'hil told me. But I can't wait to see them hatch.. They're the first clutches I've ever seen" she admits with a grin.

A cheerful humming precedes the light step of a wandering Thea, who enters the garden with no particular purpose in mind. The sound of voices draws her, she rounds the lush bushes to find the group about Rhasmir. She doesn't speak right away, no. First she's taking in the craft-work evidence that lies nearby, guitar and bridles. A small, amused smile twitches her lips as she steps forward with an airy, "Good morning all!" She sinks to the ground beside Karashi and flashes a sunny smile to the group in general.

Rhasmir smiles brightly, lifting a hand at Jeffin as he returns. "Heyla! I'm Rhasmir, by the by." The belated introduction is offered with a grin. "Aye, those two's. Xaliyan, you say?" The lad's eyes narrow, then he grins cheerily. "X'hil's brother, you say? Met him. He seemed great." And he shared booze. Any man who shares like that is a good one, surely! "Definitely, marks on that one, then." Karashi's grinned at, as little 'reys opens her eyes again to warble at the healer's voice. "I've seen a few, but really, first? That's great." He's nodding when Thea approaches — the trader's expression freezes for a moment, but he's quick to grin, lifting a hand in greeting. "Morning, Thea."

Jeffin ohs a little bit and he nods, "I've seen the eggs on the sands they are very beautiful. I don't know about that, dragons pick for whatever random reasons serves them. I'm sure you guys know that there is no real system to tell. I put a little bit on everyone and I usually come out again, but only by a little bit. That's my strategy for betting on eggs and candidates." He hmms, "What's this about flower petals. I found something interesting the other day, but I don't know if I should say anything or not before I know the whole story." His brown on his shoulder warbles to the bronze dragon. He looks over towards the newest person to come in and he nods his head respectfully, "Good morning." He smiles at Karashi, "I think you are right it's always exciting to see your very first set of eggs hatch that are out on the sand. It's exciting to see eggs hatch any time. It's a mystery until the egg shell cracks open what color the dragon will be inside."

"Bah." Rogawani gives a bit of a dismissive wave towards Jeffin and his system of betting. "Where's the fun in that? Everyone knows that the dragons choose for their own reasons, but part of the challenge is to see if you can think like they do and pick out who might impress." Tapping at the side of his head, the messenger just gives a toss of his hands. "Oh, and don't put marks on Donakan." He warns, looking between the two. "He only got searched because he whined to his blue-rider dad." And just as he gets this much out of his mouth, the voice of Thea calls out from behind him. Meep. Turning around and attempting to look innocent, he tosses up a casual. "Hey Thea." Pausing to take in what else is said, Ro' addresses her first. "Did Enkavir have a chance to ask you about the flowers?"

Thea nods in response to the returned greetings, giving Rhasmir a bit of a grin, "See you got yourself down from the starstones in one piece. Didn't have to spend the night up there, did you?" She has a few dried flowers in her hand, which she extends towards Rogawani, "You mean like these? Yes, he did. So I went and looked about. Found them in the observation level and a few of the edges of the sands." A grimace, "Took some from one of the children about to stick more in there, too." Jeffin and Karashi get a small giggle, "Seryth thinks she knows what color is in each of her eggs." Then she's back to Rogawani, " Xaliyan? Isn't that your half-brother… or was that foster-mom's brother?"

"Rhas," A voice calls from somewhere close. "There you are, man! A garden, really?" A tall lad who resembles the trader smiles at the company, nodding to each. "I'm going to have to borrow this lad for a bit, I'm afraid. Young Rose," A sigh frim Rhas. "Training runner," Nod from Ikemir. "Right, runner, not some pretty girl. Well, Rose is having a bit of a fit…and we need his help. I'll send him back safe and sound. Maybe." And with a cheeky grin for the assorted company, Ike bodily drags off a waving, sighing Rhasmir. "See you guys soon."

Jeffin smiles at Rogawani, "Okay how about we trade systems then? I'll bet randomly and you can bet on everyone and at the end of the hatching we'll see who had the most fun? What do you think about that?" He nods a little bit and hmms, "Well do you think that a dragon would search just because their rider asked them too or to quiet their rider's annoying child?" He looks over to Thea since she is the only rider here and a weyrwoman to boot for th answer. "What do you think?" He looks at those gathered, "What's up with the flower petals. I've heard them mentioned a couple of times, but I feel like I missed some gossip or I keep hearing the punchline of a joke and I don't know the set up." He smiles, "Well I would think that she would know who's in what egg she did make them after all, but is she telling anyone or does she want to see what everyone else thinks?" He asks curiously as he wonders what the gold dragon thinks of all this betting on the dragon eggs." He waves to Rhasmir as he has to leave, "Enjoy the runner training. I hope to see you around Rhasmir."

"Xaliyan is… um Kinseth's rider's brother and Re're's son." Somewhere in Rogawani's brain, he still remembers the sudden glare he got for mentioning X'hil's name in Thea's presence, and thus quickly censors himself. "Donakan's my half-brother. The curly-haired snotball with the big nose." Poking himself in the nose as if to show the difference between himself and his brother, Rogawani scrunches his face a little bit. "Well, you've never met my mom." Giving a small glance towards Thea, almost apologietically. "She could convince a tunnelsnake to change it's colors. I'm sure she could get her bedmate to search her precious baby Donnikins." The tone of voice just shows how little Ro' actually gets along with his sibling. As for the comment about the bets, he just shakes his head. "Don't have money to bet either way." Then, turning towards Thea, "So it was kids putting them up there?" He asks, voice seeming just a tad disappointed. "I'd thought it might be something to do with those threatening letters people have been getting." His eyes sweep back towards Jeffin, looking curiously at the baker. "What is it that you found?" Although the question nearly gets interrupted as Rhasmir is drawn away by his cousin. Scratching at his cheek, Ro' just stands there, murmuring to himself. "Well at least he didn't come throwing runner blankets this time."

Thea tosses a grin and a casual wave towards Rhasmir as he is dragged off, then shrugs at Jeffin, "Seryth doesn't -know-, she just -thinks- she knows." Big difference. She mulls the question about Search, "Gold dragons do not search, but no, a dragon will not search someone just to placate it's Rider. What a Rider does regarding accepting a Candidate, is really not controlled by the dragon, however." She frowns slightly about that, then grins, "Those types usually don't Impress, however." Rogawani's explanation meets with a bit of a baffled, then hugely relieved laugh, which she doesn't explain, "I… see." She crumbles the dried flowers in her hands, allowing them to fall through her fingers onto the grass, "It was. Don't know what's going on with the letters."

Jeffin ahs a little bit and nods a bit, "Well I'll try it out I have some marks saved up. I'll pick out a couple of eggs and guess what color comes out of them." He hmms, "Letters that were threatening people. I haven't heard of those." He wells, "I was cleaning the cavern tables and chairs one day and I found some chocolate under of of the chairs. I don't know if it has anything to do with letters and flowers." He listens to Thea and he nods a little bit. "Wel the dragons in the eggs have the final say so everyone in the weyr could be searched but the dragons will pick who they want. I've heard stories of impressions made from the stands has that ever happened here?"

Karashi suddenly found it hard to concentrate on what everyone was saying, her vision blurs and her arms reaches out for the nearest person for support. "I.. I'm sorry.. I guess I didn't realise…." Karashi never finishes her sentence as her vision swarms with black and he reach for someone misses. She was out like a light, Katsu's creeling chirp rose as he left her shoulder as she falls.

"And even if it is the dragon's choice, they aren't always right." Rogawani seems to pick up on Thea's line of thought, and then just shrugs one shoulder. "It's possible that D'oran searched him legitimately, but I doubt it." Shaking his head, the boy leaves it at that and takes a look over at Jeffin again. "Yeah, some of the folks who got the letters have been trying to catch the one who did it. Balana is insisting that she won't go near her techcraft project until the person is found. They threatened to trash it if she didn't start paying more attention to them. Luckily she's a candidate now so doesn't have time for it anyways." Running a hand through his hair, the boy looks from the baker to Thea, perhaps also curious about the same question. Of course, that's when Karashi bgins to wobble. "Hey, you okay?" He says quickly, reaching for her shoulders just in time to end up with an arm-full of passed-out healer.

A pair of Healers arrive in the garden, a chittering brown firelizard circling them, "There she is." They kneel down beside Karashi, check for a pulse. "She's breathing, let's get her to the Infirmary. Probably just needs water and some rest." They lift her easily between them and cart her off to join the rest of folks recovering from assorted maladies.

Jeffin blinks at Karashi goes down and he goes to catch her, "Karashi!" He cries out as he tries to help Rogawani with Karashi. He hands her over to the healers and bites his lower lip, "Take good care of her please." He watches them take her away and he signs softly, "Do you think she'll be okay?"

Thea's smile grows amused. "Yes, well Jeffin it's a rare occurance Impression from the stands. The Search should be kept to dragon preference though, because it's easier for the hatchlings to find their lifemates more quickly on Sands that are not overcrowded. Less injuries that way, too." As Shep accompanies the Healers back, she lifts a hand and he lands on her arm. He gets a grateful scritch and returns to the spot behind her neck, crawling under her hair. The girl is watched as she is carted off. "I'd better go see if she will be all right." And she's pushing herself off the ground to head off after them.

Grunting a bit under the weight of Karashi, Ro' seems more than thankful when Jeffin comes to help. "Times like this, I wish that growth spurt would come sooner rather than later." He jokes, trying to take the edge off a somewhat tense situation. Luckily, the healers are fast to respond. Leaving Karashi in their hands, Ro rolls his shoulders and then looks to Jeffin. "She said she'd had a double shift, probably just exhausted." At least, that's the best he can hope for. A chirp from near his ear causes his attention to snap back suddenly. "Oh, right, we haven't finished our deliveries have we?" He asks of the firelizard, as if it understood him. "It was nice meeting you Jeffin, but we've still got a few packages that need to find their way. Good luck with dinner tonight. I'll be looking forward to it." Rubbing his stomach, Ro' gives a small nod, and then pulls his carry bag up further on his shoulder, heading deeper into the gardens in search of one of the caretakers.

Jeffin nods a little bit, "She's gotta be careful with those double shifts. If you see her and she just got off of one make sure she gets something to eat and drink." He nods to Ro, "I'll see you around Have a good day. Thanks. I hope you enjoy it."

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