Beachy Keen

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It's been a few hours from the hunting exercise and Tahryth is making her way along the beach with Idrissa not to far off. There searching for a certain gold dragon and her rider is seems. The green is a bit stiff, her shoulder sore but she is walking thanks to numbweed from the smell of it. "Find a spot and settle down, let your shoulder rest." Which is promptly ignored by Tahryth from the looks of it. « I will when we find them. » Someone is being stubborn!

Gentle waves lap up against the shore - and against the side of a golden dragon stretched out on warm sands. Luraoth's half on her side, her right wing draped out over the white sand and soaking up the heat. It's not hurt, it just hurts… but the warmth helps with that. Her tail curls out into the water, the tip floating in the shallows, and her neck curls back up shore to keep an eye on her wing and make sure nobody steps on it… and to watch Soriana, who sits beside her with an open book across her lap.

A soft warble escapes Tahryth once she catches sight of Luraoth and Soriana and she moves along towards them, soon settling down there next to her golden sibling in the warm sands. Ahh much better now! Idrissa smirks and shakes her head before she follows along. "Hey Soriana." This offered with a wave to her friend while she wanders on over and finds a spot to settle down.

Luraoth lifts her head from the sands at the sound of Tahryth's voice, and her thoughts drift out like one of those ripples on the lake. « Hello, Tahryth. » The gold shifts her position, lifting up her wing to make a space for Tahryth and waiting until the green gets comfortable before carefully settling herself again, wing draping back along her side to catch the sunlight. « How are you feeling? » she asks, and the gentle ripples brush against the surface of Tahryth's mind, testing for the rough terrains of pain. Soriana lifts her head, too, and then she lifts a hand to wave. "Heya." As Idrissa sits, she looks down again, digging around in her pocket until she finds a bit of paper she can use as a bookmark.

Tahryth settles down there against the warm sands next to Luraoth, her sore shoulder and chest is pressed into that sand while her eyes close. « Sore Hurt to move some, mine put numbweed on though so it does help. How are you? » Her eye opens slightly to peer out at the other dragon. « How are you then? » Idrissa glances to what book that Soriana has hold of. "So what you reading?" This is a strange moment, they haven't really had a chance to actually sit around and talk to one another without others being near by.

« Numbweed is good, » Luraoth agrees, « But not to eat. » There's a flutter of amusement, and those gentle waves pour into the rough spots made by Tahryth's pain, when they find them; an extension of the water that makes the illusion of a smooth and untroubled surface, keeping the pain at bay. « My wing feels like I have stretched it too far, but it will feel better. Mine says it is good the beast did not trample it. » Soriana looks down along Luraoth, checking on her briefly, then turns her gaze back to Idrissa. She hehs, and tilts the book up a bit to show the cover. "Firestone and Folly. It's… history. Sorta."

Tahryth was enjoying the warm sand, it was clearly helping with the soreness she was feeling, a soft croon escaping her as that wave rushes forward and makes the green feel more relaxed. « Yes yes.. I agree. I'm never going to live that down am I? » The question is amused; there is a soft trickle of water across some smooth stones. « I'm glad that it did not trample your wing. You did well, you fly beautifully. I knew you would. » Idrissa ohs and nods while catches sight of the title. "History, fun and so forth." She smirks a bit at the thought.

« Do you want to? » Luraoth asks, still amused in tone as sunlight plays against the surface of the water, sparkling along the ripples. Her thoughts grow more serious for a moment, the waters getting still. « So am I. » She only just got into the air! Oh, but that makes her spirits lift again, like a warm thermal or a fish splashing up through the water. « You are wise, little sister. » She laughs, the affectionate patter of water droplets falling back to the sparkling surface, and Soriana also laughs, though for a somewhat different reason. "Well, sorta history." She grins. "It's about things going wrong. Like… historical disasters, but made into stories instead of just… history lessons."

A few moments pass, Tahryth seeming to be thinking his over for a few moments while her tail just lowly sways and wiggles at the lapping waves that are reaching her. « No I suppose not.. It was rather amusing. Mine remembers it fondly. » There is a soft croon escaping her as she is glad for that uplift within her sibling is felt, she sends warm thoughts and sounds back. « I do have my moments do I not? » Idrissa chuckles and nods. "A little better than just reading history." She has to wonder if Tahryth will be added into that book with her little issues so to speak. "So, how have you been?"

« If you want to forget, I will not remind you. » But, is the implied counterpoint to Luraoth's words, so long as it's amusing and a fond memory… she will! « So many moments. We all have moments… » And Luraoth draws those moments as bubbles of color, gold and green and orange and pink, spreading out and burbling against each other. Soriana grins to Idrissa, and nods. "It's weird how history books can be so dull, when history's just… the stuff that happens that's different enough to be worth remembering." Whether Tahryth makes it into the books or not, she'll definitely be remembered! But they can hope it's with amusement and not as a cautionary tale. Cautionary tales aren't much fun to live through. Soriana leans back a little, tilting her head at the question, then shrugs. "Okay. Busy." She half-smiles. "Y'know, same as usual. How about you?"

Idrissa smiles and nods while glancing off towards the wave. "I've been alright. All been busy with stuff though huh?" Maybe that is a good reason why they haven't talked? They have all be busy! Tahryth rumbles softly. « I suppose I'll let you remind me then.. As I don't really mind it. » For now at least.

Not only have they all been busy, they've all been busy with the same stuff! Well… mostly the same stuff. "So much stuff." Soriana grins. "At least it's summer now, so we don't freeze when they get us up early or we've got night patrols." Luraoth lets those bubble-moments drift, bobbing on the gentle waves. « And if I bite my tongue, then you can remind me. »

Idrissa grins and nods while she leans back letting her hands rest upon the ground while she looks out to the sea, smiling a bit and seeming relaxed. Tahryth is happy; the aching pain isn't affecting her so why shouldn't she? "Totally. I'm glad it's summer. Get to spend what little bit of free time swimming. Which Tahryth is thrilled with, mostly because she is looking for shells and sea glass anymore." Tahryth rumbles softly. « Oh no worries there. I shall remind you indeed. »

Soriana laughs. "I'm surprised you've still got room for your clothes with all the shells she's found for you." In Luraoth's thoughts, some of those bubbles turn into floating shells and baubles as she sends amused agreement to Tahryth. "Washing Luraoth sorta counts as swimming, right?"

Idrissa lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a moment. "Yes well Half the time I don't take any back to the barracks with me. Unless she can't let it go." Which is a lot of the time. "So I've just been collecting them and putting them in bottles, bags, what have you. Made some necklaces and the like with them. Then she found sea glass and well You can just imagine that had an effect on her." « The sea glass is ever so pretty. I don't get to find much unless I go swimming deep for it. Which I rather not do. The salt makes me hide itch so. » Rissa glances to Soriana and she chuckles. "Ah..Sure that'll work."

Maybe Idrissa can make new clothing out of pretty pretty shells? And maybe Soriana won't say that out loud, just in case it gives Tahryth an Idea. Speaking of ideas… "Maybe that's what you'll do after graduation. You can make necklaces and sell 'em at gathers." Soriana grins, leaning back and getting comfy. "If you ever need some help-" finding shells? Nah, Tahryth's got that covered "-figuring out what you've got, I saw Natalya the other day. She's studying that stuff now." « But if you itch, then it is time for oil. » Mmm, oil. Everyone loves oil! "More or less, anyway." That grin gets crooked. "I've just barely had time for anything. I keep running into people and finding out it's been months since I talked to them."

Idrissa is quiet at that idea, pondering perhaps at the thought. "Eh, I don't think that would work very well. Though I'm sure Tahryth would love the thought.." « I could search for shells and glass all day then. » This from the half dozing green, she likes the idea! "No, I don't think so Tahryth." Rissa shakes her head a glance sent over to Soriana at the part on talking to people, funny thought there! She doesn't talk too many anymore, imagine that. "Well, we've all be sort of busy. In our own little worlds so to speak." Tahryth rumbles softly. « Yes yes that is true. I get mine to oil me after a swim in the sea. »

Yes, okay, so maybe there are a few practical problems with this plan, but… deeeetaaaaails. Soriana just grins and makes Idrissa handle the part of the discussion. But, oh, yeah. Idrissa… is not so much with the social, except for with a few people. (Fewer now.) That part's not as grin-worthy. "Yeah," she says to those little worlds. (Little bubbles, floating along.) "It's getting better, though. I mean, we're still busy, but there's more chances to do our own thing lately." A pause for consideration, and then she can't help but laugh as she adds, "Or maybe I'm just getting used to it."

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments as she watches the water, a few things running through her mind before she closes her eyes. "I feel like I'm out of the loop at times. Like I try to get into things and it just doesn't seem right." She's doing well in her lessons at least, and Tahryth is turning into a rather good looking dragon so she is doing something right there. "Maybe that is part of it? Maybe we're just getting so use to the routine that it is taking up more time then we think?" Possible!

"Hah. Probably," Soriana says, changing her assessment of their busy schedule. She smirks, because that's just the sort of trick V'dim would play on them for their own good. Because it's totally his fault, right? Right. Her expression turns more somber as tilts her head to the side, watching Idrissa as Idrissa watches the water. For a moment, she's quiet to the other's concerns, her first response - and half of her second one - put aside for further consideration. "Not right how?" is what she comes up with, after all that thought. "What's wrong?"

"Just.. awkwardness mostly." Idrissa offers after a moment. How does she bring this up to Soriana, she is in a sense part of the problem, yet they are still friends. "I guess I just need to figure out a way to deal with it.." Not that she hasn't had time to do such things. "Every time I think Ka'el and I have reached some understanding.. Some sense of being normal and something goes wrong."

Awkwardness. Soriana kinda sorta has a guess what that means, and she lets out a slow sigh as she listens to Idrissa. Oh, look. Her guess was right. But… "Why do you have to deal with it?" she asks, her head tilted in question. "I mean… ah, shards." She trails off into making a face, then tries again. "Sure, stuff goes wrong. That's… kinda normal." She smiles faintly. "Didn't you hear Anoryn? It's okay to fail."

Idrissa shrugs slowly while she leans forward brushing her hands off. "That no matter when I do, what I say, how I feel Ka'el and I aren't going to fix things, aren't going to be friends." There is a pause and she glances over to Soriana and smirks a moment. "Don't you notice that I seem to fail a lot? The only thing I managed to do right was impress Tahryth."

Soriana is quiet for a moment, her gaze drifting away, and then… "He wants to, you know." She looks back to Idrissa. "Ka'el wants to be friends with you." The gaze of her brown eyes holds steady, and then she shrugs one shoulder. Failure? "Nah." Her eyes sweep down over Idrissa, then rise again. "I notice someone who was brave enough to leave home to follow a dream. Who stuck around even when things were tough. Who always has a soft spot for poor dumb critters, and who can't hold a grudge even when she has actual scars from it. That's what I notice."

Idrissa sends a glance over to Soriana at that bit on Ka'el. "He does?" Well she sort of thought that, or maybe hoped that, who knows really. It is Ka'el after all, things are hard to pull out of him just like they are hard to pull out of her. At the part of silly critters and scars she cringes slightly. "Yeah well.. I don't wish them harm but I'd rather never see any felines again." Though she is quiet for a few moments and looks over to Soriana. "Though.. yeah.. That makes sense."

He does. Soriana nods in confirmation, though she divulges Ka'el's secrets no further than that. Let them stay safely buried! Just like Idrissa's. And then, she raises a brow and one corner of her mouth at that awful condemnation of felines that Idrissa manages to muster. Really, it's so scathing. Honestly. It just… vicious, really vicious, Idrissa. … yeah, Dubious Soriana is Dubious. Also, amused, though she stays quiet to let the thoughts percolate in Idrissa's head. In the end, she nods, and the smirk eases to just a smile. "You're better than you think. Tahryth'll say the same, I bet." She tilts her head toward the green. "So… listen to her."

Idrissa would really rather not see another feline everever again, but seeing how she has met them face to face twice it is bound to happen again knowing her darn luck. "I try to. She's really interesting at times. I use to get lost in her mind before I learned what could happen." Like walking into the wall, stumbling over things, tripping over holes and so forth. "I do listen to her, and she listens to me most of the time."

But what's a few bruises and scrapes between dragon and rider? Only to be expected, that's what! "And she's sure got a lot to listen to, doesn't she?" Soriana grins, a little teasing. She's caught the edges of some of Tahryth's long conversations with Luraoth! …and can only imagine how the green must be with Idrissa. "But, she picked you for a reason." Shards if Sori knows what, exactly, but there's bound to be one!

Idrissa chuckles now. "Yes.. Well Tahryth has a lot to talk about." That is putting it lightly for sure. The green even in her half dozing state has been doing on and on to Luraoth about things ranging from shells, to sea glass, to something called paddle boarding that someone was trying to teach her rider not that long ago it seems. "Yes she did.. I've asked her why a few times, and she told me because I was the right one for her and she for me." Which she finds amusing as Rissa is not a talker, does not like to dive into things and so forth. "I suppose. She has a point; we do sort of complete one another."

A conversation that Luraoth has been listening to with amiable curiosity, asking questions and making observations of her own as Tahryth rambles. Soriana's got it mostly tuned out, though she'll probably get the digest form later. "Well, can't argue with that," she says to Idrissa, and grins. "I mean, you could try, but…" It is because it is because it's how it should be! Simple. Don't some people say that opposites attract? "You just remind her to look before she leaps… and she can remind you to leap sometimes." Remind, shove… same diff, right?

Idrissa nods, a soft smile seen. "That's true." This said with a soft tone, a slight laugh escaping her at the idea of Tahryth reminding her to leap, jump, fall, roll, something along those lines right? She smiles and glances over towards Soriana. "So, how about your dragonhealer classes?" Time to start talking about other things!

I don't know but it's been said-
Jump leap roll now duck your head.

Soriana returns that smile, then sighs. "Okay, so I guess I don't have that much more time." If she has any at all! "I'm still not back in them yet. I've been doing some reading, but… I still feel like I'm forgetting stuff." Maybe she'll only be able to recite the names of half the bones.

Idrissa glances towards the dragons and ponders that. "Could always get them to sit still an we could draw the bones in place with paint or something?" That would be a amusing don't you know? Tahryth warbles out, her head lifting, eyes a swirl. « Oh yes Wouldn't be look good? They can use different colored paints and everything." Rissa just blinks and oys softly. "Well, sort of what I was thinking about."

Soriana laughs at the suggestion, and then… Tahryth takes it seriously, so she has to as well. "Yeah, but it'd be hard to make them fit right. They're all inside and all, and…" Soriana trails off, making vague three-dimension-y shapes with her hands. « I like bones. They crunch, » Luraoth contributes. Snap-crackle-pop. « Do seashells crunch? » And her head swings to look along the beach, seeking a shell to Investigate.

Idrissa ponders that idea and chuckles before grinning. "True, but it would be amusing to do to some degree don't you think?" This questions with an amused tone. She eyes the other curious like, a soft ah escaping her in the process before she nods. « Bones are good, especially to get to the middle. Wherry bones are better to crunch though, not as hard I think. » As for the bit on seashells crunching she looks around pondering and the green catches sight of broken shell and pulls it over for the gold. « They do crunch, which I have found some in the water still closed with a clam inside they don't taste too bad. »

"…okay, yes, but do you know how many there are?" Because Soriana does, and even if she's forgetting a few (dozen), it's, "A lot, that's how. And some of them are tiny." And some are huge! « The ones with clams are very good! They crunch well. So do the ones with the big slippery frills. But I do not crunch the ones without food inside- » Luraoth tilts her head, and flicks out her tongue to draw a piece of that shell closer « -before now, so perhaps they are different. » You never know until you try, right? Luraoth crunches down on the empty shell with an air of consideration, contemplating the texture, the taste, and, yes, the crunching noises. Soriana tilts her head to watch her dragon with a bemused smile as Luraoth ponders, then declares, « It crunches, but it is not as good. The ones with things inside are better. This one tastes like sand. »

Idrissa ponders as she wonders how many bones they have. "Well no I don't know /how/ many but I'm betting bunches and bunches." Well they are really big animals right? "Runner have a bunch, but heck if I know them all." She ponders a few moments. "We could make it a weyrling project?" Oh everyone would surely hate that. Tahryth nods with a soft rumble. « Not a good crunch, but still a crunch. It tastes like sand, and it can get stuck in your mouth, between your teeth even if you're not careful. » Seems the green has tried this before. "Yeah.. Now there talking about clams, and how crunchy shells are." Rissa chuckles softly.

Yay for distractions? "Luraoth loves digging around for those," Soriana says with a chuckle. "Spiderclaws, too. It's a wonder one hasn't pinched her nose off yet." « I am careful. » Luraoth says with a serene expanse of sand… and then it boils into scuttling action. « And I have a very tough nose. » Now that that's clear… « Sometimes you can lick it away. » The healing power of tongue! « But sometimes things between the teeth need help. » Clams, and dental hygiene. Together at last. "So anyway," no, Sori's not dignifying the bit about making the dragon painting a weyrling projct with a response, now is she? "- what about you? Did you decide what to do about the beastcraft stuff?"

Distractions are great! They can be grand! An so many others thing's for sure. Idrissa chuckles and nods at the thought. "I think Tahryth would if she could sit still long enough to get hold of one, which that could be somewhat amusing. She has seen them but they manage to skitter off before she has grabbed one." The green snorts out a moment at the thought, her tail slowly lashes and thumps against the ground. « I have gotten a hold of them before, they taste good and are crunchy I just don't always have the patience to chase after them. Plus it takes a lot to get a full belly. » A gold would need a lot more of course. At the question on beastcraft she is quiet while pondering. "I don't know, I want to continue with it but.." She isn't sure anymore it would seem.

"Yeah, it took Luraoth some practice," Soriana acknowledges with a laugh. "And some pinchings." But, hey, the gold's nose is still attached, so it's all good, even if her belly is full of more bovine than spiderclaw, percentage-wise. « They are fun to chase, even when I do not catch them. They go skitter-skuttle-scatter! » Luraoth's thoughts are a dance and her tail does a ticklish wiggle to match it, veering off into playful thoughts. Soriana nods to Idrissa. "Well, just got to find a way to do it, then." Because, according to her, Idrissas should get what they want! She smiles, and then stretches and rises to her feet. "I should go, got studygroup." Luraoth'll stay and rest a bit more, though, so she stays where she is as Sori waves. "Seeya soon."

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