You REALLY Shouldn't Have

Xanadu Weyr - Thea's Weyr

This clearing is sheltered by a thick canopy of trees, which seems supported at its centre by an immense, wild-growing fellis tree. Hanging from one of its high branches is a swing, made up of two ropes and a seat of softwood and leather. The grass is tall here and interrupted in places by clusters of white and blue alyssum. Alyssum covers the indentation of the wallow, remaining hardy despite being continually crushed. The constant sound of herdbeast in their pens can be heard close-by, though its source is invisible through the foliage.

The cottage itself is made of white softwood, like birch, though creeping vines cover all four of its walls from the outside and even encircle the brown-shuttered windows and matching door. The interior floor and walls are raw wood that has been sanded and lacquered to make them smooth and, for the most part, the inside is quite spacious. The bedroom area is plain, an ornately carved wardrobe providing the only real decoration, and at the rear of the cottage a brown lattice has been built into the doorway to a makeshift kitchen, where a breakfast nook has been carved into the wall, along with short counters. On one counter, a circle has been cut out and fixed with a clay-fired bowl with a nearby matching pitcher.

Evening has come to Xanadu, the offices are emptying, folks flooding into the dining cavern fill the place with the babble of laughter and conversation. Thea's desk has been empty for the better part of the afternoon, but while the Weyrsecond was there a messenger arrived with an envelope delivered with a flourish and a smirk before said messenger departed. When opened, the missive inside bears an invitation in familiar handwriting with instructions to head not for the weyrbarn, but to Thea's old weyr. There's no indication what is in store, nor why the invitation was given - indeed, the man may have forgotten the significance of the day - maybe or maybe not. When he does finally make it to Seryth's old clearing he finds the path lined on either side with glass globes, the opaque gold allows the glows inside to light the way to the cottage.

Really its just another day for D'had. Of course he knows what it is, but that doesn't have to mean anything more. When Thea's gone for the afternoon her desk receives a few looks, not quite certain where she's gotten off to. When that message is delivered there's a thanks for the messenger, a quirk of a brow as the words are read and another glance towards his weyrmate's desk. When the day comes to and end though he follows those directions, heading out to the forest's edge and Thea's old weyr. The lights cause some hint of confusion, but he walks up to the door all the same, knocking.

The aroma of something delicious greets the man when the door is opened - meat, garlic, herbs, fresh bread and something sweet. Behind Thea the inside of the cottage is dimly lit, a small fire burns in the fireplace, lit candles are grouped here and there, adding soft light to silhouette her form. The weyrwoman is dressed up for this occasion with her heavy dark hair twisted up, tendrils hanging down about temples and the back of her neck, a shimmering dress the color of a tropical midnight sky, simply made with spaghetti straps that leave shoulders bare, the rest form-fitting to fall in a ruffle about her knees. She's barefoot and breathless with the haste of her preparations. She smells of jasmine… and cake! And there's a smudge of flour on her forehead, a bit of icing on one cheek that she's unaware of as she welcomes her weyrmate with a sweet smile and a "Heya, got my note I see." She steps back to allow him in.

D'had gives a low whistle as he steps through the door. Well this was certainly unexpected, and taking it all in takes a moment. There's a smirk of a smile on his lips to greet her when dark eyes finally settle more fully on her. "I did," he replies, glancing back over her shoulder again. Then back. "Got a little something right here," he comments, amused as he reaches out a hand to swipe that icing from her cheek with a finger.

Thea's eyes dance at the whistle, her smile widens, pleased that she was able to surprise him. She blinks, surprised at that bit of frosting on his fingertip for a moment, then eyes glimmer a laugh up at him and quips, "It's an appetizer on a unique serving tray?" She adds slyly, "Ma always said I could attract more flies with sugar than vinegar. Was she right, flyboy?" Of course her mother was likely thinking holder's son rather than bluerider when she said that, but who cares? She leans past him, grasps the doorknob and pulls the door shut. "Are you hungry?"

D'had chuckles again, around the finger that's already in his mouth. Icing. Yum. Brows raise in a teasing fashion in reply to that first question. The answer to the second coming as he drapes arms around her waist, hands clasping behind the goldrider's lower back. "Starving," said before he leans in to steal a quick kiss. "And you are gorgeous."

His lips are still sweet from that frosting and Thea mmms as she returns his kiss, arms slide 'round to give him a brief hug before she pulls away gently, hands slipping to link with his as she draws him, walking backwards towards the table. Can't have all her work spoiled by letting dinner grow cold, tempting as it might be. Her eyes dance with some secret, but for now all she says is a soft, "Thanks" for his compliment before releasing one of his hands to gesture with a flourish at his seat. The simple little round oak table has been transformed by white linen, candles, the glitter of cutlery and china around which pink rose petals have been strewn. So it's not masculine and a bit fancy, but all Thea says is, "Wine or whiskey?" On the counter there are bottles of each.

D'had mms, drawn along with her those few steps and then eyes are drawn to her handiwork with the table at that flourish. "Looks almost as good as you," he comments, a teasing smirk flashing her way. As for drink, "Normally I'd say whiskey, but for all this.. wine just seems to fit. Speaking of which, what's all this?" Not that he's complaining by any means.

Maybe whiskey later then with dessert. Thea slips away to get the wine, lifting it from the bucket of ice and carefully drying it with a small towel lest it drip on everything. "Would you-?" She nods at the goblets, handing him the corkscrew at the same time. "The kitchen master said this red would go with…" she's uncertain and his question distracts her. He gets an odd look. "For your turnday." She pauses, then heads back to the counter lifting the cover off the platter and carries it back to the table. As she serves grilled steak, rosemary potatoes and lemon asparagus onto the plates, she mentions, "The babes are asleep and I've hired a sitter for the night." If he hasn't noticed the rest of the cottage, it too has been transformed with the bed made up and things for breakfast on the counter.

"'Course," D'had replies, taking over the bottle in one hand and the corkscrew in the other. "I'm sure it's great babe," he replies of the food. "Smells good." Either way that part she succeeded on. Filling each of their glasses a little over halfway he then sets the bottle on the table, taking his seat as dinner is served. "Ya didn't have to." All this… a little much. No?

Not too much for him. Not in Thea's mind, anyway. Platter returned to the counter, she returns to slip into the seat opposite him to regard him quietly for a moment. "I know I didn't have to." She takes in his response to it all, eyes dropping to eye the table critically. "I just…" One slim bare shoulder lifts and falls, her smile a little uncertain now. "…wanted to make it…" pale green eyes are a little sheepish when they lift to his. "…romantic." Which is maybe a foreign concept but she tries to explain. "We used to do this at hold dinners to celebrate special occasions." But maybe she's made him uncomfortable. She leans to make eye contact, "You don't like it?"

D'had stretches a hand across the table, palm up waiting for hers to rest in it. "If I weren't so hungry, and you hadn't worked so hard," because he certainly can tell that she did. "I'd say we could just skip the food," he replies with a wink. "Love it babe," he continues, giving her hand a squeeze if its in his. "Love you. Wasn't expectin' nothin' like this though."

A tremulous smile grows as D'had speaks, Thea's hand finds his, sliding to cover his palm, fingers curling around his. Laughter bubbles up and he's getting a finger playfully shaken at him as she pretends to misunderstand , "Nuh uh, no. You can't have cake until you eat your vegetables first!" Her eyes are merry as she tacks on, "I love you too but…" Impish curiosity, "…what were you expecting?"

D'had grins right back at her, replying to that shaken finger with a wink. "If I have to," he teases back. A shrug follows, that grin still on his face. "Dunno, just not this. Woulda been happy just a night with you and the kids." Just another day. That would have been enough. "This is better though," he assures, pulling his hand back. "Should eat before it gets cold though. Hmm?"

Thea smirks, "You have to." Though truth be told, she can't make him do anything he doesn't really want to do and she knows it. She allows him his hand back, noting of the food, "Cooked all the stuff at home so the cottage wouldn't get too hot and ran it cross-weyr." And an evening with the kids? "They're in terrible moods tonight. Crying. I think they're cutting more teeth." So part of his gift is a peaceful evening? She snaps her fingers suddenly, leaping up, her dress flaring in a swirl about her thighs as she does so. "Forgot the rolls." The basket is fetched and brought to the table, set near him, she leans to brush a kiss on his cheek. Her tone is rich with laughter as she teases, "Try to endure."

"They'll do that," D'had says of the children, a shrug lifting a shoulder as he reaches across to fill his plate with a little bit of everything. "You're gonna spoil me," he teases, grabbing a roll as she sets the basket beside him. That smirking smile of his touches his lips at that kiss. "Now just sit down and eat. Will you?"

Hands on hips, "Bossy tonight, aren't you?" Thea grins down at her weyrmate, lingering beside him, if only to bait him a little. "In a hurry or are you afraid I'll starve to death before your eyes?" And since when does he shrug off escaping squalling babes? She's a mite perplexed if her expression is anything to go by. "I can send Shep for them if you'd like." Shep, curled up on the mantel pops his head up at the mention of his name. It's no idle threat. If he'd prefer something else for his turnday…

D'had chuckles, "No," he replies, leaving his fork on the edge of his plate as he turns to face her. Hands reach out for hers. "Just figure since you went through the trouble of it all we should eat together." Beat. "Before it goes cold. And no," another slight shake of his head, "Don't need ta do that, but woulda been fine with nothin' so fancy."

His hands manage to snag hers from her hips - Thea's not going to let her carefully-cooked dinner get cold playing, however. Both of his are squeezed gently while her eyes dance at him, but with false reluctance she 'gives in', "Okay, okay, I'll be good." He is released and she's back to her chair. "Go back to sleep," she tells Shep while reaching for her own fork. "Nothing so fancy?" To her credit, she doesn't pout, but there's a hint of deflation about her person. Well. So much for her afternoon of detailed preparation! As she begins to eat, she ponders, then asks, "Well, tell me how you celebrated turndays growing up on the Vega Run?"

"Ma'd find some sweets or some special fruit, maybe both at one of the stops a couple days before. Maybe swing by one of the taverns." D'had replies with a shrug. "Depended where we were, weather." Celebrated, yes, but it was still just another day and there was still work to be done. But there's still food in front of them, eaten between conversation.

Thea's head nods slowly, listening to D'had's account. Between bites, Thea questions, "But as a kid you didn't go to taverns, surely? Didn't you have something special planned when you were little? It was your special day!" One finger reaches out to flick a pink rose petal off the table. So much for her ideas!

D'had shakes his head, swallowing before he answers. "No, not when we were little." Of course their definitions of 'little' might well differ. "Were little treasures and things, but like I said. Weather made a difference, where we were. Was still work ta do."

Thea eats, she does, at the same time noting when he's ready for more or seems finished with his meal. "Of course. Weather and work." She seems stumped, defeated until, "There must have been one time when you were in port and did something for a turnday besides work if only for a few hours? Tell me about that." He worked all day today and yet… here they are celebrating.

D'had seems to be finished, setting his fork aside on his plate and leaning back into his chair. "Told you. We'd go ta the tavern sometimes, but you don't wanna hear about that." She knows how he is with women, was, before her. She really doesn't want the details. Does she? "Mostly, just time for family though. Little somethin' special, but it wasn't a hold babe. Didn't have nothin' like this." Not that he isn't pleased with it, but it’s certainly not what he was expecting.

Thea’s wine glass has been lifted and sipped from while D'had talks. Her head shake affirms that, no, she doesn't want him to give her the details about the tavern-going. "I just thought.. Traders. You might have some… interesting customs." Her glass is cradled as she meets his eyes in the flickering candlelight and apologizes in a small voice, "I would love to experience new ways of doing things, so I thought you might too." Yes, it's fancy, but these are her customs she's sharing. Glass is set down and she's up heading for the counter, having noticed his empty plate. "I'm sorry, but there's more." And she turns towards him with a cake, frosted and decorated with edible sugar-spun flowers atop. It's not manly, no. But it is pretty! And points in favor? The top is not covered with 39 candles, either.

D'had nods, "Don't blame you for that, not a bad thing," he agrees to experiencing new ways of doing things. "Like I said, just wasn't expecting it." He turns, following her with his eyes as she moves. No, certainly not manly, but he can tell she put effort into it. The lack of candles helps too. "Hope ya don't expect ta eat the whole thing in one sitting.." Teasing of course.

He wasn't expecting this? Well then, "Surprise?" Thea's got a little grin that has become secretive, but she'll give him fair warning, "We celebrated turndays in many ways." She places the cake in front of him along with the knife to cut it. His comment about eating the whole thing is considered carefully, with mock-seriousness while eyes glitter with silent laughter, "Nope. Hadn't planned on it. Unless… would you rather have just frosting? There's extra…" Her brows do a dance up and down before she turns to snag the dessert plates and forks.

D'had is amused, very amused. A brow raising suggestively at the mention of frosting. "Tempting. Very tempting," he chuckles. "Figure if you made it, should at least try it." Wink. He turns again, taking up the knife and cutting out a thin slice while she collects the plates.

Thea blinks at the thinness of the slice. "Not big on sweets? You, who use sugar and cupcake as your pet names?" Or used to. She hasn't heard them in awhile. She's not objecting, mind, she's eaten enough to be too full for much anyway. And while he's cutting and serving she's away, with a light laugh, pulling something from under the counter, returning to stand beside him once more. In her arms she has a few small-ish packages.

D'had chuckles. "Not so big, no, now where are you going?" he questions, peering after her. Seems she keeps walking off on him tonight only to surprise him with something more. "Dinner and cake -and- gifts?" he's teasing her with that smirking grin. "Any more surprises hidden over there?"

Well, Thea's batting 1000 here tonight isn't she? With all too fancy this and too sweet that. Hooray for accuracy! "Nope this is it, promise." She assures him, waiting beside him for him to be finished with serving the cake. "Whiskey?" She's got that too. The bottle is plunked onto the table just in case, the presents she places on the corner of the table. If she can, she'll snag his lap while they have desert.

D'had reaches one arm around behind her once she's in his lap, that hand holding the plate which holds that slice of cake. The other picks up a fork and spears a bite. Yes, he's going to try and feed it to her and if it happens to make a mess on her face… Well he certainly wasn't planning on that happening.

He's feeding her!? But it's his turnday cake! Thea's too dressed up for a mess, thankyouverymuch, and so she opens her mouth obediently, but not before she manages to get out, "You have to have some too." But if he's feeding her… she's at least going to give him something she knows he likes. Yes, it's the good stuff and no, she won't want any, the wine was quite enough and she's relaxed enough as it is. The bottle is opened and snap! No whiskey glasses. Aww.

D'had chuckles. "I will," and indeed the next bite goes to his mouth. Aww, no glasses? He'll just have to drink straight from the bottle then, won't he. A few more bites shared between then and he sets the fork down and reaches to take a swig. "So now," he asks and the bottle is set back in place and a motion is made towards those little gifts. "What's all this?"

Thea already knows how the cake tastes, the chef gets to sample her wares, but now it's D'had's turn. The cake and frosting is lemon with a raspberry filling, sweetness tempered by tart. "You like?" What man doesn't like sweets? She's still learning about him, apparently. His question has her smiling mysteriously, "Something I found while shopping in Ierne." The first package is lifted and offered to him in trade for the plate. He's going to need both hands. "Open it and find out."

A long, slim but heavily weighted box is wrapped in a textured creamy-colored paper meant to mimic sailcloth. Holding it around the box, a tough cord is looped through tiny metal grommets along two 'seams'. Fancy packaging to be sure, for a fancy gift. Might need to use your belt-knife to open this.

Once open, and the long narrow lid removed, a spyglass made and stamped by a master lies nestled in tissue paper. Comprised of solid brass with a leather handgrip about the center portion, the instrument is about 8 inches long.

"Its good," D'had replies as to the cake. "And not just cause you made it," he adds. He just doesn't care for overly sweet, or a lot of it. But this. This is good. The plate and fork are left to the table as he switches to the box she hands over. A few tugs at the cord around it and he does pull out his knife to cut it rather than fight with it. Paper torn away and the box is finally opened. "…" Speechless for once? "You didn't.." he starts, dark eyes meeting her green ones. Clearly he's pleased, if a bit baffled.

It pleases Thea to hear this and her smile for him is sunny. Yay! She'll make it for him sometime again then. Watching as he opens the package, his response has her eyes sparkling. "I did," she assures him. "I sold a few more of my handmade rugs while I was over there." Which might tell him somewhat the value of her craft. The spyglass is nodded to, "Will come in handy on Search and Rescue missions, won't it? And surely when out on the boat?" He'd know better than she would. "I'm guessing your folks had one on the Vega Run." While waiting for his answer the next package is reached for, held until he is ready for it.

The piece is carefully plucked from the box as she talks. D'had turning it this way and that, inspecting the workmanship. "We did." "It will," he replies. "And this, Thank you." That said he presses a kiss to the cheek that's closest to his lips. But there's "More?" A hint of confusion there, but the spyglass is set back into the box and the box then set aside so he can take the next.

"You're welcome," Thea leans into that kiss just a bit, the arm around his neck tightens to add a hug to it. Teasingly, "You're only thirty-nine once, you know." As to more, she nods, handing him the package. "MmHmm, it goes with." Lips curve at that confusion of his. It's so sweet!

In a separate package similarly wrapped as the first one there is a leather case for the spyglass, obviously commissioned with the tanners especially for the instrument. The top unsnaps for easy accessibility and the case is made so that he can slip on his belt and keep it handy. Tooled in fancy script along one side is the Weyrsecond's name and Weyr he rides for.

D'had chuckles, mild amusment threading his "Mmhmm," of reply. The next package is opened in similar fashion to the first. "You're too good for me," he comments before pulling the top from the box. "Much too good," he repeats, fingers smoothing over the tooling of the leather. " I'm gonna have to think hard on your next. Aren't I."

Thea watches her weyrmate open that next package, as much pleased, maybe more with giving him gifts than getting anything herself. "No I am not too good for you either." She leans in placing her forehead against his to make sure she can see into his eyes when she says this: "You deserve to be happy, Donn." As to her turnday, she just shrugs, "Oh, I don't know. Talk to my mother. She'll give you ideas. I just… sort of… guessed." She studied him, thought hard. But does she tell him that? Nope. Instead a thought occurs to her. "Just don't ask Tharen. I'm sure he's got some winners." And scores yet to settle!

"Noted," D'had replies, amusement in his voice. Of course whether he remembers that when the time comes or not is another story. "And I know, I know," he goes on about too good or not. He'll just agree with a smile and a kiss. "Still, can't believe you got all this."

Thea doesn't mind. She's content just being with him. She doesn't need things anyway. His too-easy agreement with her about whether she's too good or not has her narrowing her eyes slightly, lips part and she inhales to say something about that when he does it again. Sidetracked with that kiss, she returns it and promptly forgets to berate him for what she thinks is getting down on himself. When he draws back, she opens her eyes, the dreamy expression fades when he speaks. "Hmm? Oh!" She turns, unhooking one arm from around his neck, leans to snag something from the table. Looking just a little abashed, she notes, "One more." And she hands it to him, waiting with barely contained suspense for him to open it, watching for his reaction to this.

This package, unlike the others, is flat and lightweight, simply wrapped in brown paper, tied with a simple string. When opened, there is a framed map of a small body of land that appears to be an island north of the southern continent. Quite detailed, it is easy to read in its clarity, obvious that this has not been copied by hand, the text printed too neatly to be made by a human. Latitude and longitude are marked in a grid, while natural features are neatly labeled , marking the reef, cove, creek and falls, the peak and other interesting details that he'll notice when he takes the time to study it.

D'had just shakes his head, "What am I gonna do with you?" Teasing of course, a lopsided grin sent her way as he takes the package from her. Pulling the string free, and then the paper from the box its finally opened. "What?" he starts turning from the map back to Thea, "What's this?"

Ask a loaded question. Donn is slipping if he has to ask -that-. Vastly amused Thea smirks suggestively, "I'm sure you will think of something." She watches as he opens then examines the map. "This," she tells him with a dramatic little pause, "is your island. Don't you recognize it?" Her finger traces the shoreline of the cove, moving to the route they took to the falls. Lashes lift and she twinkles up at him, "And oh, look! They never named it." Indeed, there's nothing but a number ascribed to the small land mass. Still no mention of where she got it.

D'had did recognize, but wasn't sure if he was right or not. That's where the question came from in the first place. "Where'd you get this?" is the next logical question given she hasn't yet said.

"Landing." Thea is pleased with herself. "Asked them if they had any archives of the Southern continent. The computer tech showed me how to look through the files in the data banks." She makes it sound like it was a snap, but really. He knows about her foray into trying to learn the computer on her desk - he was there. "There are other islands north of Xanadu and it took me quite awhile to find it." Smugly then, "Don't worry. They don't know which of the many I looked through that I finally had the machine print out." She peers at him then, unsure. "You… don't mind that I found it, do you?"

D'had ahs, nodding slowly. Brows raised for the reply. Yes, he does know better than to think it really was that easy for her to come up with. Right… "No," he replies. "I just… No." He'll just leave the answer at that with a slight shake of his head. "You're done with the presents now though. Yes?"

Thea deflates a little bit. Yes, it took her quite a few side-trips after hold visits to accomplish the feat and he seems less than pleased. "You just… what? I shouldn't have? What?" He may be inclined to leave the answer, but his response concerns her. How does he expect her to sleep after he's said that? Nodding her answer to his question, she turns her head away towards the low-burning fire in the hearth. "Yeah, that's all of them."

D'had sighs. That clearly wasn't the reaction she was expecting. "Thank you," he says, moving the package from her lap (being she's sitting on his) and onto the table. "Thank you," he repeats, hands searching out hers as he rests his chin on her shoulder.

Thea doesn't move, doesn't resist him taking her hands, but her face is still turned away. Without enthusiasm, "You're welcome." She stares at the fire, brow furrowed, silent for a time. "You know… I suppose you're not going to tell me, but there's something about you and that island, isn't there?" Turning to look at him then, she pleads, "At least tell me the truth. Something bothers you I did this. You don't have to say why." She draws a breath, "You want me to get rid of it?" She gestures at the fire. She's not angry. Just puzzled and hurt by his reticence.

"It’s special," D'had replies quietly. A hand lifts, pulling hers with it if she'll let him, to rest over her heart, fingers giving a light tap. "In here." Sometimes the mental picture is more important than the actual. "I appreciate it Sugar, really I do."

Thea's eyes steadily regard him for a long time, unwavering save for a quick glance down at that hand he taps over her heart. Without moving her eyes from his, her hand lifts to cover his. Special he said. About some nameless island he found and never told anyone about… It is not lost on her that he's not answering her questions. Not one of them. Not even to acknowledge her plea for confirmation. Nodding slowly, a sort of understanding enters her eyes, a peace mingled with grief. She leaves the map and what he'll do with it in his hands. If he wants to avoid talking, she knows how to help him do that. Her hand leaves his to join her other around his neck as she leans in to press her lips to his. Beneath her lowered lashes tears glitter in the candle light. It is his turnday and she hasn't managed to help him enjoy it in the way he might prefer. But that can be remedied.

"I love you," he says lowly, a quiet reminder as their lips meet and his arms encircle her waist. "Its special," D'had repeats that earlier remark when the kiss breaks. "I don't need a map to remember what it looks like." His forehead remains against hers. "I'll tell you, but now's not the time." He really does appreciate all she's done for this evening.

"I know," Thea breathes, a breath away from his lips after that kiss. She knows he loves her and she knows - perhaps more than he thinks she does - and thus her dichotomy of peace and grief. Acceptance of his timing in talking about it shines in her eyes as she opens hers and rests her forehead against his, meeting his gaze. "Donn… " in her speaking his name there is a wealth of affection and empathy. And perhaps something more. "I love you too."

"I know," D'had replies just as softly. "I know," a repetition of the sentiment as he leaves her with another light kiss. "What'd you say we get some sleep. Hmm?" And really, 'sleep' only means bed.

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