Death From Above! (Weyrling Lesson)

Xanadu Weyr - Feeding Grounds
A large portion of the eastern edge of the meadow has been fenced off, the corralling on three sides is located on the rolling meadow, while the fourth is located a short way up on the eastern hills. Within the large corral are a variety of beasts - ovines, bovines, and wherries - milling around, though the appearance of a dragon may send them one way or the other to try and escape. A small pond is set near one corner of the enclosure, and at times it reflects the low, bordering mountains.

What better time to learn to hunt from the skies than a beautiful clear summer day? Never mind the heat, but at least there are no winds! Early afternoon has the feeding grounds clear and the herds mill lazily far down in the paddocks. No tricks or gimmicks this time, just the fields and grass and full sized herdbeasts. Rysith summons the Weyrlings, her usual gruff voice tinged with eagerness bordering on impatience. Now that they have had time to practice unmounted flight, it's high time they put some of their 'skill' to the test and learn to feed themselves and the green is already stretching her wings and limbs in preparation to lead the hunt. Anoryn has perched herself one of the paddock fences, hands clasped between her knees as she rests her elbows on her thighs, leaning forwards and waiting with more patience than her lifemate.

Mur'dah jogs along the path to the feeding grounds, with Kalsuoth hopping along behind him. The whole way (when he had the room), the darkly hued brown had his wings open and fanning the air, stretching even as he hastens to get to this most anticipated test. Hunting! Hooray! "Ma'am," Mur'dah says, snapping off a salute once they reach the feeding grounds, smiling up at her.

Excitement colors Xeosoth eyes as he skip glides towards the feeding grounds with M'kal close enough behind. His grin reflects his excitement for this particular lesson as well. A snappy salute is remembered as Mur'dah does his. "M'kal and Xeosoth are ready!" reports the blue weyrling eagerly with a boyish smile!

Didn't Luraoth just go hunting (ground-style) last night? …yes, yes she did, but she's still eager for another round of it, this time making use of those wings of hers instead of having to keep them carefully folded. She's leading the way for Soriana, the weyrling not far behind but not inclined to jog in this heat unless she has to. When they arrive, Luraoth chirps a cheerful greeting and a brush of thoughts to the other dragons, then begins to copy Rysith and stretch out for the hunt as Soriana steps up beside and gives Anoryn a salute before looking at the pens, then back to Luraoth, and grinning.

Hunting lessons away! Tahryth is here after some pushing and prodding from Idrissa to get her to come join in it seems. The green wasn't too eager after the last group lesson. Though here the pair are moving on after the others and a soft croon escapes Tahryth as she lets her wings flutter a few times. Idrissa offers a salute to Anoryn while she and her dragon pause next to Mur'dah and Kalsuoth.

Anoryn returns the salutes as she straightens and carefully lowers herself off the fence with as much grace as one her age can afford. Pushing back a few strands of her grayed hair, she flashes all the Weyrlings a crooked grin. "Good that you are all ready!" she says, gaze flicking briefly to M'kal before it sweeps over to Mur'dah, Idrissa and Soriana. Then their lifemates respectfully are given long looks as she studies them, but her nod is one of satisfaction. "Have them finish stretching and then take to the skies. Slowly and careful. This won't be no race. Rysith will show them how high to go. This is more her lesson than mine. All I've to offer is the same as before: this is going to be messy, likely end in failure on first attempts and it's shardin' dangerous even if simple in context. Understood?" Anoryn will pin them all under a level gaze then, her previous grin gone for a sobered mood. "They'll be hunting big prey today. One's that can pack a serious punch if they're not careful." Maybe… not so yay? Rysith flares her wings then and snorts. « Do not be afraid! » she croons to them. « Not every hunt is successful or painless, but that is part of learning. Follow me, young ones. It is time! » And she launches from her perch, catching an updraft to help speed her climb high up into the skies, away from where the herds will see them and she begins to circle at a sedate pace to wait.

Mur'dah grins at his clutchmates, while Kalsuoth rumbles affectionately, his excitement easily felt through their mind link. Eagerly, Mur'dah nods and turns to give Kalsuoth's narrow muzzle a little shake. "Behave," he murmurs. Rumbling, the brown nudges his lifemate before he steps back and finishes lumbering up. And once he's properly limber, he kicks off the ground to soar high after the green, effortless in the sky. Payback, perhaps, for all his difficulties on the ground. As he rises Mur'dah wobbles a bit and then grins stupidly, enoying the shared sensation of flight.

« I have no fear of failing for it means I can learn from it. » Xeosoth trills pleasantly into everyone's thoughts. His stretching done if a bit quickly, he's up in the air rapidly when he feels he's ready. M'kal winces at an overly loud remark in his head, a hand coming up to his temple briefly until Xeosoth can mute his enthusiasm. Shoving a hand in his pockets he simply lifts his green eyes skywards to watch his blue soaring easily behind Rysith.

Soriana meets Anoryn's gaze, her grin (mostly) fading to a more sober expression as she nods. She's seen hunting injuries! …but that's still not enough to keep her from being excited about this. Just, enough to make her keep the excitement under control in favor of focus. She looks back to Luraoth, brushing her fingers over the gold's neck and spending a few moments in silent conversation with her as Luraoth finishes her stretches. And the wings this way, and the back arched that way, and the other way… she takes her time about it, even if that means she may be the last to leave the ground. Leave it she does, when she's ready, wings beating a path to the sky and then spreading to soar there. « And there is so much to learn! » she adds on to Xeosoth's words, with a chime of bells that softens into quiet, a focused waiting intent on seeing what Rysith does. On the ground, Soriana steps closer to her fellow weyrlings, offering Mur'dah a brief grin and then wiggling her fingers to Idrissa before looking up again to the sky and the circling dragons.

Idrissa frowns just a bit as she listens to what the dragons will be doing today, a glance is sent towards the others and she looks to her green. Tahryth shifts and croons out at the talk of hunting big prey? Oh this should be good. Danger? She laughs in the face of danger don't you know! The green shifts and stretches, wings flapping a few times while her tail lashes and flicks about in the air. Once the stretches are done, her wings tuck in close and she'll after for the others to head skywards before she is following with a great leap into the air. « We shall do well! We will! » Her voice is filled with a happy trickle of a stream rolling downwards towards a lake that is just out of reach. She smiles to Soriana and waves back to her. "Hey." This said while she inches on closer to the other as she peers up at the group once they are in the air.

Rysith would beam with pride if she could as the weyrling dragons join her one by one but the emotion can certainly be felt over the link she keeps open with all of them. This is her element as well, flight and a more nurturing approach to her youthful charges. That and the green just lives for the thrill of the hunt, even if it's only in the pens. « You have all mastered hunting by ground and this is no different. Swiftness does not always guarantee a kill, just as running headlong for your target often fails. Do not expect to discover all the tricks and timing. You will fumble, it is only natural. When you do kill today, remember how and improve upon that. And always remember that they can hurt you. Have respect for what you kill. » Or wind up gored or kicked. Fun times! Or not. « I will demonstrate and you will observe. Keep circling here and we will call the order. If you fail, either move aside or soar back up to try again. If you tire or begin to ache, you land. Are we understood? » Below, Anoryn has gone silent though her blue eyes do not drift far, keenly darting from Weyrling to Weyrling before gazing up into the skies just as Rysith folds her wings and swoops down in a controlled dive. Her first pass scatters the herds as she angles back around to make a second run. « Scatter and target… » she instructs, just as she zeros in on a faltering bull before extending her talons. Then it is over, neat and quick and probably far cleaner then their attempts will be. « And kill. Now you will try! Kalsuoth, Xeosoth, Luraoth and Tahryth. In that order, please. »

Mur'dah grins at the others, moving closer towards them. "This is so exciting," he says, unnecessarily. Above, Kalsuoth flies strongly, his wings fanning the air as he finds currents to keep him aloft with less effort required. He listens closely to Rysith's instructions, sending his agreement and understanding once she's finished her lecture. And then, gulp, he's up first? With a low rumble he shifts his wings, turning to circle before he glides down towards them. Slow and steady. The herd scatters and he picks his target, a galloping cow, but before he strikes he changes target and tries to go for another one - they all look the same! - and ends up with neither. With a rumble of amusement, he soars upwards again. Next?

All about the watching, even Xeosoth is excited to try quickly on this one. He hovers where he is, his large blue wings slowly sweeping up and down to maintain a good distance where he can watch. As the green dives to send the animals scattering he's watching several in particular as if already picking out who he wants to go for. The instructions ( and M'kal's voice) ring in his head though and when it is his turn to go after his brown brother he sweeps low above the backs of the herd to send this scattering. Crooning loudly with glee as he pulls up he nearly forgets to pick out a target. Belatedly he twists in the air and dives down but his concentration is broken and all he does is succeed in swooping past a running beast with no chance to try to snag it down.

It's all fun and games until someone gets kicked in the head. Then it's concussions! « I understand, » Luraoth replies to Rysith, and her tones are soft blues and silvers, marked with ripples that sometimes brighten into gold before fading again. Her excitement for the hunt is tempered by concern, the thoughts of her rider full of examples of how these things could go wrong. She watches the attempts - Rysith, first, with the only successful attempt thus far, and her gaze is intent… though it remains so as her siblings try, watching how they swoop and dive. Soriana looks to Mur'dah as Kalsuoth tries (and fails, but), "He flies well," she tells the brownrider with a smile, then returns her gaze to the sky to watch Xeosoth's attempt. Hurm. "The beasts're getting skittish…" she murmurs, with a glance for Idrissa before looking up to Luraoth again. Her turn… and for a half-sweep of the sky, the gold remains in the air. Did she forget her turn? Nope. She was just waiting for an angle of the currents she likes, and when she finds it, she dives, sweeping across a cluster of herdbeasts that had just started to gather again, then swooping up and around and… dive! There, the bull with one horn! He's her target! Soriana's breath is held as Luraoth swoops, and her talons extend - and strike! The bull squeals, and Luraoth's wings flap as she fights the beast, larger than any she's tried before. It topples, and she goes with it, wings hurriedly tucking as she rolls around with the bull. Soriana's halfway up the fence by the time they stop, Luraoth wrapped halfway around a blood-specked - but unmoving! - bull. Neat? Not so much, but… « I have it. » Bright red and happy, those thoughts!

Idrissa nods as she hears Soriana, a smile seen while she watches the brown as he flies. "She's right Mur'dah." She is clearly glad that this has worked out! As for the others, each try is watched closely to see what happened while Tahryth watches from her high post up in the air. A soft bugle escaping her as she sees that Luraoth makes a kill, good for her! Then her thoughts wandering over what could happen, which one to pick, how to go about doing it! Once it is her turn her wings tuck close and she is diving downwards in a sweeping moving around a small group of four scattering them while she heads back up into the air to watch how the little group moves. The beasts do scatter, and soon catches the green's attention enough to make her turn sharply and sweep downwards once more. Taloned paws reach out to snatch and grab but she only catches air. A low warble escapes her but she does not give up as she heads back into the sky for another turn it seems.

Rysith stays to the sides with her kill, alternating between eating (waste not, want not!) and keeping a constant and keen eye on her charges. As Kalsuoth, Xeosoth and Tahryth make their attempts and fail, she only extends her encouragement. « Good attempt! Now soar up, gather yourselves and focus. Try again! The herds are growing antsy and know they are being hunted. Keep this in mind. » In other words: it will only become harder from here on in. As Luraoth makes her first kill, the green whuffles and her tone is pleased. « Nicely done, young one! Not too clean and a bit rough, but you have hunted and killed. Enjoy your feast and if time permits, you may try again. » Yay, rewards? Anoryn shifts her weight from where she stands, half turned towards the pens and wiping the back of her hand against her forehead. Could be the AWLM was a little nervous, but as the lesson progresses well, her good humor seems to return. "They are all flying well! Keep them motivated and encouraged!" she instructs.

Mur'dah flashes Soriana a wide grin, and unless she moves away he'll reach out to grasp her arm in his silent exuberance and excitement, with thanks for her compliment. "So does she," he manages to say, before he's gasping as the gold tumbles. Right on Soriana's heels, he stops when things seem to be okay, looking at the gold's rider to make sure things /are/ okay. Then he exhales with a shaky, nervous laugh. "Faranth's bal-" he says, stopping himself mid-curse. "Faranth," he amends. "Way to go!" He watches the others too, nodding in understanding when they fail. And when the pens are clear again, Kalsuoth swoops down for another try. This time he keeps his focus, watching a beast while he seems to chase after another. False sense of security? At the last moment he veers, wobbles, but manages to keep his intended trajectory and catches the beast with his good hind leg, pinching hard with his talons. By the fence, Mur'dah's body jerks and he shudders, shaking his head firmly and looking slightly green from the emotions that suddenly surge through his strong bond with his lifemate. He has to look hard at the fence post and focus, as Kalsuoth fumbles into an awkward landing, wings spread wide as he tucks his head down to bite at the creature. Head first, he rumbles in discomfort when a horn pokes into the roof of his mouth. Not deep, thankfully, but there will be a bruise there and his next bite is to the soft underbelly, groaning and tail lashing in absolute pleasure when the innards gush into his mouth. And then Mur'dah turns and is sick.

M'kal is leaning agasint the fence around the coral, trying not to look too worried at the first fail. He also winces as the gold tumbles but appears fine. "Whew." he murmurs. Now that XEosoth has seen it done a couple times he is ready to make another attempt. From aboce he's been studying the herd so now that they are all running around and panicked a bit….he dives and instead of doing the two dive technique he already has a beast picked out. Swooping in low and fast he snags it and while he doesn't tumble he doesn't land perfect either but eventually he's down and he's got the beast gored quickly with all of his talons. This done he starts to eat!

Soriana grins and nods to Mur'dah's reply, not minding the hand on her arm. From PT buddies to watching their dragons soar! What a trip. From worry to glee - to worry again, at that tumble where Soriana can imagine wings snapping and hooves striking - but those things stay merely imagined. Soriana's hands let go of the fence she was five seconds from vaulting over, staring at Luraoth as her thoughts reach out and find reassurance. "She's fine," Sori murmurs, half for the others… and half for herself, as she pushes back from the fence and resumes a more casual watching position as her dragon settles in to eat. « I landed too fast, » Luraoth tells Rysith, though her tone holds far more pleasure than self-censure. She'll do it again better, if there's time! For now, she spreads her wings widely once, for the sake of a rider who just wants to see them once to make sure, then, as Sori nods, lowers them and applies herself to her feast, tearing in at the stomach and crunching at ribs and squelchy organs with glee. If these beasts are at all sensitive to dragon-thoughts, they're going to be extra-squeamish soon! …not that the smell of blood probably isn't doing that already, especially as Kalsuoth and Xeosoth make their kills. Luraoth looks up from her prey to trill approval for each one before burying her muzzle in the beast once again. Soriana looks to Mur'dah as Kalsuoth succeeds, "Hey he-" uh. Okay, so, uh… she's just going to turn back and pretend she's not seeing any of that being sick. She'll wait until later to congratulate him. M'kal, though… him she grins to. "Knew his practice with flying food'd come in handy."

Idrissa takes in a soft breath as she watches as the others make a kill, with some time given it would seem. She looks back to the sky as she watches Tahryth sweep across the sky, working on looking for a new target it seems. "There all doing great guys." Rissa offers with a smile, she is about to say more before her green finally makes a move one more. With wings tucking in close Tahryth is diving downwards towards the herd, she buzzes across a set of three and sends them scattering while she works on picking out the right one. Once back in the air she picks a target and turns to sharply to head back towards the ground and right on the tail of a young cow. The cow she is chasing is running, and running, and soon makes an exit, stage left, leaving the green instead about to latch onto a rather large and rather surprised bull. Talons rip into flesh, there is a harsh warble as the green takes the bull down, where the animal is struggling and making a good amount of noise in the process. A dust cloud forms and soon clears once the bull is indeed dead thanks to a set of strong green jaws chomped down upon its throat. Rissa just blinks as she watches looking rather surprised at her dragon once she is able to see what has happened with her own eyes. Woah..

« And you will learn from your tumble not to land too fast again, » Rysith replies to Luraoth, not at all concerned by the gold's rough landing. As Kalsuoth and Xeosoth are next in being successful with Tahryth last among them, the aged green adds her gruff voice in a congratulatory warble. « Good, good! You have all caught on so fast. We are proud, we expected more fumbling. Now I am suspicious. None of you young ones snuck some "extra" training behind our backs, did you? » The latter of her words become increasingly more mellow and drawled and in the end Rysith is all but laughing gruffly over the bond. Anoryn has turn to also congratulate the Weyrlings on their lifemate's success, offering a few observations and suggestions to each and then she starts, frowning as Mur'dah is sick. Motioning for the others to go about uh… other things (like watching their dragons), she'll quietly step to where she's kept her riding jacket draped over the fence. Lifting it, she slips free a small skin of water and approaching Mur'dah, she offers it. "Won't be overly cool, but a few small sips should do." If to just rinse his mouth. At least the AWLM doesn't seem fazed? Maybe this is expected too.

Mur'dah looks very embarrassed. Or just ill. As Kalsuoth pauses in his eating, Mur'dah crouches there and shakes his head, a hand to his forehead. Reaching up, he takes the skin from the AWLM with a muttered 'thanks', using it to rinse out his mouth and then taking a few sips. "Sorry," he mutters. "Just…the link was so strong and I felt dizzy at his turn and then…the…inside of it…" He has to stop or else he'll be sick again. He doesn't look at the others, instead staring at the fence post again. And he must tell Kalsuoth to get on with it, because the brown tilts his bloodied muzzle up and roars his (their!) triumph before chowing down again.

Not one to watch a friend being sick or bring attention to it, M'kal is quick to watch his dragon. Which isn't the brightest of moves since he /is/ eagerly devouring a once living beast. "I think…they all did good." he says weakly. Ew, bloody thoughts!

« I will, » Luraoth agrees. Her bruises are just part of the lesson! Her mindscape is bright, red and white dancing together with little mental pops whenever she finds a particularly nice bit of bone to crunch. As for Rysith's suspicions, well. « Only against the exercise ball. » A mental image of the big leather ball rolls across her thoughts, turning red as it goes and then bursting into a crime-scene spatter of laughter. Soriana turns her head to Idrissa. "S'big one," she tells the other girl. "Nice." And Tahryth the smallest of the dragons, too! Once Mur'dah's kinda sorta recovered, she reaches out to him, just a touch of her fingers to his arm and quiet words. "He did well."

Idrissa is feeling sick, and luckily her attention is fully on Tahryth or she may be following along with Mur'dah if she has any idea what happened. At the talk of them getting more practice in, no she isn't commenting on that as who would do such a thing? Tahryth warbles out as she is busy ripping into that bull she pulled down. « No, we only did what we was told to practice and nothing more. » While the bull did get brought down the green took on a few scrapes and kicks in the process, which is seen across her chest and shoulder. "Yeah She didn't plan on it though. I think it was a bit more then she was expecting. She got kicked for sure." Cue in worrisome rider.

Rysith studies that image of the big leather ball from Luraoth and the (often lurking) youthful side of her gives a mental swipe at it, playful and amused. « Smart! » she remarks, impressed. « But this practice is much better. Now that you have all succeeded, you are now old enough and have the understanding to hunt on your own. No more prepared meat. If you are hungry, you feed here. Later, we will show you how to hunt in the wilds. Much more fun. » The green's wings even flick and twitch at the thought, a small tremor of eagerness before she sets to finishing her kill. Anoryn hovers close to Mur'dah, keeping a close eye on him and yet giving him some privacy to overcome his queasiness. "It happens," she replies with a sympathetic smile. "Best to either adapt or put up a small shield," This she adds in a voice that lifts for all to hear.

Mur'dah shakes his head with a wry chuckle. "I'm going to have to adapt. He doesn't let me have shields most of the time…" Glancing at Soriana, he smiles, briefly covering her hand with his own. "Thanks," he says quietly, careful not to face her when he speaks. "She did well too. They all did. Very proud of them and so glad they can hunt on their own now."

"Yeah," Soriana says to Mur'dah with a smile. "They all did." And she keeps her eyes out on the feeding pens, to be very obvious that she's not staring at him. She herself is showing no signs of squeamish - then again, she was studying dragonhealing. She's seen blood and guts when it was her hand on, if not the scalpel, at least the instrument tray. From him, her attention goes to Idrissa, and she nods. "We can get some numbweed on her, if it still hurts after." Sometimes the distraction of eating (and victory!) is enough to make the injury seem so minor as to not be worried about afterward. For everything else, there's numbweed! And, fortunately, none of the young dragons' hunting seems to have gone badly enough that it'll need anything more than numbweed. In fact, it's gone so well that they can hunt on their own now! Luraoth lifts her head from her dinner at that prospect, chirping happily. « Hunting is good! » In the pens, out in the wild… either way, Luraoth's enjoyment is clear. « This food tastes better. »

Tahryth isn't worried about the kicks and scrapes at the moment, maybe later she will be commenting on it but soon enough she is settling down near that kill and she stretches out. Happy full dragon from the looks of it. « So very good Better then getting it cut up and given to us.. » She warbles out at the talk of them being allowed to hunt now, and then there are talks of them getting to hunt in the wild soon? Well this is a great idea to her! Idrissa nods, a soft smile sent to Soriana. "Yeah.. That's true." There is a pause as she sighs a moment before she looks to Mur'dah, smiling once more. "He did great, I knew he would. I'm glad for you both."

« Hunting is vital! » Rysith agrees and finishes the last of her kill with precise neatness before she steps back to allow the firelizards to swoop in and pick the rest clean. « And of course it tastes better. Anything hunted with your own talons will. Fresh kill is always best over pre-killed. Finish with your beasts. If you are still hungry, you may hunt once more if you are not too tired. If not, you may go. There is no more to teach, but if you have questions I will do my best to answer them. Now it is up to you to hone your skills. » Welcome to being self sufficient and independent! At least as far as catching their own food. Anoryn only nods her head to Mur'dah, "Give it time then. You'll find that it'll become easier each time." Hopefully! Stepping back, she casts a curious look to Idrissa and Soriana and the AWLM then frowns. "Is Luraoth or Tahryth hurting?" she asks, pausing for a moment for their responses before giving them a gesture of dismissal. "From now on, you are cleared to hunt here in the pens. We'll give you all the benefit of the doubt that you'll not allow them to overdo themselves… so you may have to come and be present while they hunt. For now. In time, you won't have to watch them so closely. They're still learning for now, after all." she goes on to explain and then smiles crookedly, glancing back towards the Weyr before holding them all under her gaze again. "Anything you would like to ask? If not, off with you once they've finished."

Mur'dah listens with a little nod, as Kalsuoth does the same while continuing to gnaw on his beast, the creature tucked neatly between nimble paws. « Thank you, » is all the brown says, sated and pleased with his hunting abilities. Mur'dah nods as well, shaking his head at the question of having questions. "Thank you, ma'am," he adds.

"Nothing major," Soriana says in answer to Anoryn's question. Her eyes close for a moment as she reaches out her senses to feel the map of Luraoth's body, then open again. "I think she might have a bit of bruising on her right shoulder, but… that's the worst of it. I'll check her over once she's done eating and be sure." She smiles, not terribly concerned over it - though she certainly will give Luraoth that inspection. As for their freedom to hunt on their own, well, that makes her grin, and then she lifts her hand in a salute. "Thank you!" she echoes after Mur'dah. Questions? Nope, not right now she doesn't have any! Maybe later she'll come up with one or several. For now, her eyes steal once more to watching Luraoth eat, the gold taking her time and enjoying the texture and flavor of tasty fresh-killed beast. « It is good to practice, and this is good practice. » Crunch, chomp.

Idrissa looks to Anoryn, a soft oh escaping her and she glances to her dragon. "I think she is fine. Bruises at most I'm thinking." She'll be checking out her dragon closely that is for sure! A soft smile and she nods. "Thank you for the lesson!" Tahryth warbles out softly, the green is somewhat tired it seems, perhaps that full belly has something to do with it? « It was a good practice.. Well done to /us/ all! »

Mur'dah stifles a yawn and shakes his head a bit to try and clear it, flashing the others a grin. "I think we're going to go take a nap somewhere sunny and warm," he says, lifting a hand in a wave and motioning for the now sated Kalsuoth to follow.

"Good idea," Soriana says to Mur'dah. Dragons may not actually need to bask in the sun to digest their meals, but they still enjoy it! She hangs around to wait for Luraoth to finish her meal, then makes the gold stand next to the pens for an inspection - one with special attention paid to her wings. In the end, though, Soriana is satisfied, and after offering to look Tahryth over if Idrissa wants, she and Luraoth will head off for a bath (that was not a neat hunt), followed by some lazing on the beach while Soriana studies and Luraoth half-listens. It's like a nap, but more industrious.

Idrissa has wandered on over to Tahryth by the time Soriana is there to help give the green a look of, which she would never turn down. Nothing serious from the looks of it, good set of bruises across her chest and shoulder, along with some scrapes into her hide from those darn hooves of the bull. With numbweed the idea Rissa and Tahryth are off to get everything taken care of, along with perhaps joining up with Soriana and Luraoth as the thought of laying out on the beach was a good one.

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