(False) Accusations

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrsecond and Junior Weyrwomans' Offices
Office or study? Perhaps this room is a little of both. It is spacious and airy with the big windows opposite the door looking northwards, a perfect aspect when one is this far south. Those windows are framed by dark forest green drapes, soft ribbons and braid in dark, rich gold sewn along the edges to give them a sumptuous look. The back wall is covered by shelves that hold a variety of things - mostly records and reference material as well as writing tools and sheets of hide and paper. Tapestries, including several lovely scenes of the terrain around Xanadu Weyr, cover the rest of the wall-space while a soft, plain off-white rug hides the stone floor. A small, low table sits by the door and usually has some refreshment set out on it.
Several broad desks are arranged around the room, each one set so someone sitting at it doesn't look directly at any of the others. Small screens can be set up on each desk to give a little more privacy and each has one comfortable chair that goes with it. So far, it looks like one desk has a permanent claimant. There are also several other chairs, which can be used by visitors.

After his conversation with Kera the other evening he spent time cleaning up his room. It gave him time to think, and it took a good long while to put all the books, and clothes, and furniture back together. There is still some damage, but he'll have to work on that later. The others in the journeyman hallway have been steering clear of him, which he greatly appreciates, because he has no desire to apologize to anyone right now. Nor will he likely in the future. After sleeping through the night he woke up the next day and realized he didn't have to go into work, which suited him quite well. He isn't in any condition yet to work anyway. He had laid awake most of the night thinking things over and planning his course of action. He might not be much for social skills…but planning he can do quite well. He formed a plan A, B, C and part of a plan D. Kiena figured into a good chunk of those plans and right now he is making a different sort of rounds. He walks into the office with a sense of purpose that only those who feel they have little or nothing to loose can have. He didn't bother to knock. He isn't here to be polite. He is here to deliver a very simple message. He quickly glances around the room to see if /she/ is here.

Kiena is, indeed, here in the office and the one she shares with the other Junior Weyrwomen. At the moment though, it is only the Weyrsecond who sits behind a desk. A desk covered with various hides and rolled maps and other odds and ends. She's been doing planning of her own, but of a very different sort and part of a much larger ordeal and borne of Seryth's unfortunate fate and the unknown one of her rider Thea. Kiena has been kept busy ever since, much of her time spent with the Weyrleader and then there are the personal matters of her life tugging at her. Toss in Moncerath's flight, the aftermath and well… there's been much on the Weyrsecond's mind. Too much, in fact and her sleep has been suffering. The effects aren't too noticeable and at the moment, Kiena is quietly rummaging through a few papers, the image of focused work. Only she isn't focused on the words at all and she's pulled from her thoughts by the sound of approaching footsteps. Frowning, she looks up, expecting a Wingrider or one of the juniors, the Weyrleader perhaps or even Mur'dah. Cyrus is not someone she expects at all and she can only frown, puzzled but her smile, though faint, is welcoming. "May I help you?"

c-rus had planned out several versions of the speech in his mind. Some more extreme than others. All of which depended on the time of day that he thought of them. Though standing here, in from of her now brings back all the feelings he'd had when he first heard the tragic news. Most of the planned speeches drain away as the anger level in him rises. If looks could kill he would have killed her several times over in just the first few seconds, "Almost certainly not." is his near immediate response. He is pleased that others aren't in the office, after all they don't deserve it. So how to begin. He searches his mind for the words and settles on something straightforward and plain, "I love Kera. And you molested her so I'm here to rectify the situation." he states bluntly. There is an edge in his voice would tell anyone paying attention that his mood could only be described as dangerous.

Looks may not kill, but they can be alarming and even before Cyrus' speaks, something in Kiena's exhausted mind is tripping off said alarms. Her brows knit in a deepened look of confusion when he claims she cannot help him and whatever question she was prepared to ask is never voiced. Instead, she can only stare at Cyrus in a look of stunned shock and dumbfounded for a few breaths as her mind scrambles and struggles to absorb what accusations he just thew at her. "I beg your pardon?" she says with a faint scoff and too thrown off her guard to say anything more for the moment. She had had no idea that Kera had a suitor and even if she did, there is little she could do about changing the events that unfolded. Only difference is that'd she'd have been prepared for Cyrus' little visit. She isn't prepared now! Her posture changes in her chair. Before she had been leaning comfortably, now she is sitting up and tense. Her "hackles" are up as, exhausted or not, she can sense that edge in Cyrus' voice and it has her equally uneasy. Rectify? "… I am not sure I understand what there is that can be 'rectified'. For one, I certainly did not molest Kera," Kiena states defensively, her tone becoming a touch stiff and clipped as if simply saying the word sends a shiver of utter disgust through her. "It was a flight." And nothing more.

Cyrus had gone over potential responses in his head and that had come out on the top of the list of excuses that she would likely use, "There is no pardon for you, you shard'in waste of skin." Is the response that rolls of his tongue, as he takes a step closer to the desk closing the distance so that he is standing right next to the edge of the desk leaning in just a bit, "Your right…my politeness got the better of me. Would you prefer violated? Raped?" He pauses for a moment not really giving her time to answer though because it was a rehetorical question, "She told me she didn't want it. It's as simple as that. You can tell yourself whatever you want later so you can look at yourself in the mirror, but right now we are going to call things as they are, you shard'in pervert." he says as he thumbs his forefinger down on the desk, "And yes. We going to rectify this right now."

Kiena leans back as Cyrus steps forwards, startled both by his continued harsh words and because she is tensing now in a defensive posture. Preparing, if need be, to dart from her chair and put further distance between herself and him. For now though, she remains seated and her eyes narrow. Sharding waste of skin? She had heard of flights bringing out jealous lovers but nothing quite like this. This is bordering on madness! Again, she does not have time to speak up before Cyrus is on the attack again and Kiena bristles, edging away when he leans forwards and one of her hands creeps unseen to her side. Only the gesture is abandoned and her hand will fall away as she's floored and shocked by what follows. Each term seems to strike her and she flinches, inwardly and visibly. Rehetorical question or not, Kiena feels the need to speak up then in her defence, which honestly is more of an offence as her temper flares. Already exhausted and drained emotionally from grief and stress and Faranth knows what else, the Weyrsecond is at her limits. To have Cyrus accusing her of such heinous acts is almost too much. "I would NEVER! How.. how dare you! How dare you even think…" she begins in a voice that is cold and yet heated with anger, pitched low but she may as well be yelling. Another wince and this time Kiena looks guilty, her eyes darting away for the briefest of moments before pinning Cyrus under her gaze again. "Neither of us did." she states flatly and then Cyrus steps too far. Pervert? Kiena's eyes flash, flickering with something almost like hurt and… fear? Suddenly, the Weyrsecond is on her feet, the sound of her chair grating across the floor from her abrupt movement. "No, we are not! I want you out of my office. I've nothing to say to you, if you're only here to disrespect me and attack me! I don't even know who you are!" And she IS trying to get a glimpse of his shoulder, to see if he's wearing a knot and if so, which colors. How is it braided? Something to identify him with.

Cyrus is suspended and is not presently wearing his knot. Why would he? Though he certainly is making rounds of a different kind right now. He's simply wearing his black jacket, black pants and black shoes. Black is a good color right now, though his jacket has an inner lining of bright red. Madness has no part in this. This is all very calculated. Fear would most certainly be an appropriate emotion to have in this sitaution, "Sit down girl." he roars in response. This isn't a debate He doesn't back down in the least he just continues, "Let me explain to you how this is going to work. You are going to stay away from Kera. You aren't going near her again. And certainly there isn't going to be a repeat of this…ever again. You are going to effectively cease to exist. And Faranth help you if you don't…"

Kiena's eyes widen again and she scoffs. Girl? GIRL? Did Cyrus seriously just call her that? Her head begins to shake even before he's finished his newest rant against her and by the end she is laughing low in her throat. Cold, bitter and sarcastic laughter but laughter all the same. "No, you listen to me, boy…" she says in a voice suddenly devoid of any mirth and now edged with anger. She's had enough of this and while part of her mind is saying she should just walk away and insist that this discussion is at an end, the other part of her does not want to show weakness. Kiena's hands rest on the edge of her desk as she leans forwards a bit, lowering just enough to be on level with him, her lips drawn back in a grim and tense line. "You forget that I am Weyrsecond. You cannot and WILL NOT command me. Kera is, as Weyr protocol stands, one of the Wingriders under my care and supervision. I will continue to work with her and I am certainly not going to avoid her. As for a repeat? Are we back to the issue of the flight? I'm afraid that is also out of both our hands." she drawls the last, only to level him with a look as her temper flares again. Her jaw sets and her whole posture screams tension and unease. "Did you just threaten me?" Kiena can't help but ask and she straightens again, standing to her full height as she glares at Cyrus with nothing but the desk between them. Her next words are spoken slow and evenly, but there is anger there too under the surface. "For your sake, I hope it's an empty one. Or would you like it if I summoned Weyrleader Ka'el and weyrwoman Sorrin and Soriana right now so you could repeat your grievances and accusations to them? And who are you anyways? Holder? Crafter? Is there a Master or Hall I must inform as well? I'm sure they'd like to hear of this too."

Cyrus did call her many things and he isn't the least bit sorry, "Am I supposed to be impressed?" he asks in a deadpan tone, "How /dare/ you! You have absolutely no shame. You are the one who abused someone who considered you a friend and your upset at me for calling you out on it? Your upset that I swore a little bit? Do you not see the massive hypocrasy of that. I knew things were messed up here but I didn't realize things were that dense. If I wanted you dead or injured you would be. We wouldn't be having this conversation. Justice truly is dead here. No rest assured I don't want to kill you. I want you to live with the knowledge of what you did. I want it to haunt you until you die of old age after having lived a long and miserable life. If there is even enough human left in you to die that is." He has no intention of telling her anything and there is nothing she can do to compel him. Though when she mentions that she is willing to have this happen again the tone shifts, "I'm offering you a way out. An easy way out. I suggest you take it and be thankful that you are protected here. Back in the old days they would have simply slit you up the middle like a pastie and hung your steaming entrails in the square as a warning. I'm being nice in comparison." he points out, "If you are soooooo powerful assign Kera to someone else's supervision. I'm not even asking you an apology for shells sake. Take the offer.."

Kiena snorts. "No, you're not supposed to be impressed but you're to respect it and heed to my simple request!" Which was to leave! Only he hasn't and the Weyrsecond is beginning to feel cornered. Which is very bad. Her head jerks up and back at bit as he lets fly with the accusations, her cheeks flaring red and her eyes glinting a steely cold blue as her mouth sets into a tight, grim line and her hands clench into fists at her side. "You're insane," she states and now her voice is rising too. "Absolutely stark ravin' mad as I've ever seen them! I will NOT stand by here and have you threaten me for your delusions!" She had begun to speak over Cyrus at this point, but what he says next stuns her again. Her mind reels with how much hatred Cyrus is spouting at her and she is unable to comprehend why, stubborn in her innocence in this. It was a mating flight! Yet here he is, making it seem like she had a CHOICE in the matter. If she could, she'd have likely spit on Cyrus' offer. Literally. She won't lower herself to such levels however, but Kiena's becoming further enraged by Cyrus but the last bit of her rational self is deeply disturbed and troubled by this man. "I take no offer from you and I refuse to acknowledge your threats. Get out of my office! Last warning. Leave!" Kiena takes a small step forwards, edging a bit to the side, her eyes never leaving Cyrus as she does but the movement is meant to be a hint and a threat all in one. Either HE goes or she will try to bypass him… and likely sic the Guards on him to start and then bring the Weyrleader and whoever else of authoritative rank down on his head.

The feeling of talking to a crazy person is felt just as much felt on his side of the table as it is hers, "If you would have seen the look on Kera's face you would have said the same things I did. The revulsion I saw, and the pain. You have absolutely no soul if you can't feel for that. I'm protecting someone I love from someone who has no regard for the feelings of others. I thought when I came here that I was just dealing with a molestor straight and simple, but you are a sociopath. You hurt someone I love and you just expect me to walk away? What? Is there anything you wouldn't do for someone you loved? Tell you what. Answer me that and if you can honestly say yes. I'll walk out of here right now and not come back. I promise. Because if thats the case you are punishing yourself far worse than anything I could do. But if you answer no. That there isn't anything you wouldn't do for someone you loved then we can sit down and attempt to have a civil conversation. I promise to cut down on the swearing if it offends you so much."

Kiena's expression now is one of disbelief and for a moment the Weyrsecond's temper wavers, her eyes lowering under a heavy scowl that betrays the insecurities and fears buried deep beneath her. Revulsion? Kera was hurt? Cyrus' claims do not match at all to the Kera SHE remembers seeing post-flight. Was the greenrider masking then or is this his attempt to warp the truth? "I spoke with Kera afterwards," she tells him bluntly, not caring if it bothers him or disturbs him to think of it. "I asked if she was alright, if I had hurt her or… or if she was upset and she told me she was fine. We talked and she was FINE!" Kiena has come to respect Kera, maybe even consider her a close acquaintance and the implications from Cyrus that she's caused such reactions in the greenrider hurt her. Cyrus' next terms only earn him a cold look as the Weyrsecond absorbs the words and she remains standing where she is, still tense and wary and oh-so exhausted. Why won't he just leave her alone, already? "I would do anything to protect those I love and HAVE done everything to protect them." Kiena states in a firm and honest tone, only to be baffled again and lift her hands up in a frustrated gesture. "Civil? It's not the swearing. I don't shardin' care about swearing! You've come in here and attacked me and accused me of things I've NOT done and are all in your own head, are your twisted delusions on things and you've the nerve to tell me we'll talk civilly?" She laughs, sharp and swift. HA! "If you've ANY common sense in that head of yours, you'll realize exactly what you've done. You've threatened a Weyrsecond," She ticks off a finger on one hand and her voice grows increasingly more agitated with each point she lists. Each finger she bends. Kiena's emotions are swinging back again and her temper is in full control now. She's tired, strained to her limits and she's just had enough. "You've threatened a rider. You've made slanderous accusations with no proof, you've attempted to blackmail me into following your orders… Shall I go on?" Her hand lowers and now it's her turn to rant, the words tumbling from her as she begins to lose control on her composure. She should stop, she should back down but she cannot stop herself. "I don't think you understand love." she states flatly. "Because if you did truly love Kera, you'd respect her for who she is and not demean yourself like this. You're a disgrace and if I was truly the horrible person you make me out to be, I'd summon the Guards this very second and have you locked up. I'd make certain to make it that you never saw Kera again OR step foot in Xanadu Weyr again, as I'm not sure I want a madman like you around her and I speak as her Weyrsecond on that regard. However," And she holds up a finger. "I won't, even though you've given me NO reason not to. I won't, because I am not sure how Kera feels towards you and I am not about to hurt her without hearing her side of things." Kiena takes a slow, steadying breath then and on the exhale, she levels Cyrus with another look. "Do we understand each other?" Back down, is what her tone implies.

Cyrus his head swirls as he hears Kiena make her comments. Several things jump out at him at least momentarily. The first being that no one who is secure in their leadership position mentions the fact that they have the position as many times as Kiena just did. Thats something he files away for later. He is also struck by the utter unjustness of this all. Attacked her? Please. If she can't handle this then she doesn't need to have her job. Blackmail? Hardly. He just told her what he wanted to restore some semblance of balance to the scales of justice that are presently woefully unbalanced. Slander? How can you slander someone that admitted to doing what you are accusing them of doing and is something of an established fact. Can't she understand at all? Can't she see? He has no respect for her. His eyes narrow as she makes her final threat. Maybe he should just kill her. The thought had crossed his mind before. But can he get away with it? Would he want to get away with it? Beating someone up in the bar is one thing…that's something totally different. No. He can't stop her by becoming her. He won't do it. That final threat. It hangs there. If ever she did anything unforgiveable this is that moment. There is no coming back from that. No amount of good can make the scales between them right again. She is threatening to take away the only thing in the world that he gives a damn about. There is part of him that says she is bluffing. He hasn't done anything wrong here. No. She doesn't have the power to do what she does. Others would intervene. But what if? What if she does? His thoughts drift to home and he wonders if Kera's mother was standing here right now and expressed the same disgust if she would be treated the same way. He simply cannot risk it. And the moment the decision is made the injustice of all of it overwhelms him, and he sinks into a nearby chair and puts his face in his hands and weeps, "I'm sorry." he whispers quietly. Kiena can take that for what she wants it, but the apology was not meant for her. It was meant for Kera. He has failed to protect her one more time. He is only a man standing up for Kera's honor and this whole experience is very emasculating on top of everything else. If Kiena was looking for a worse way to hurt him she could not have done better between everything she has done in the past few days.

Kiena can handle a lot more than Cyrus thinks she can and has. Her life has not been an easy one and yet she hasn't let it take her down. She's always pulled through, always pieced herself back together. It will remain to be seen how she pulls through this, coupled on top of the loss of Seryth and Thea and the pressures of her rank and her own lingering grief and sadness. Perhaps if she were weaker, this would have broken her but for now she is still well within her sanity. She cannot understand Cyrus because she does not know who he is. He never gave her his name and for the moment, in her eyes, he is nothing but a raving lunatic, driven mad by his "love" for a rider and his hidebound and distorted, twisted views driving him to insanity. He came here to seek justice and yet may have unknowingly signed his fate and lost everything he came to "protect". She wasn't bluffing. Kiena doesn't bluff or play cryptic games and she meant every word she said to him. The apology has her eyeing him suspiciously and there is no sympathy when Cyrus begins to weep. She allows him to sit, but she does not take up her seat again behind the desk. The Weyrsecond remains were she is, more to the side and her posture still stiff and wary, prepared to move if she has to. Kiena wasn't looking to hurt him but neither is she prepared to allow him to escape from consequences, regardless if he understands them or not. "I'm sorry it has had to come to this as well," Kiena remarks dryly and there's no apology there either. She doesn't feel the least bit sorry for him and if he is paying the least bit of attention he'll notice the way her eyes unfocus. The tale tell sign of a rider conversing with their dragon and it's over in a span of seconds. Blinking, her expression clears and then settles back into a glaring scowl. "I warned you to leave and desist and you refused. Your threats to me and your accusations are also untolerated and completely unacceptable. I don't know WHO you are or how you are involved with Kera, but at this point you've given me no choice." Choice for what? There's the sound of hurried footfalls in the hallway then and Kiena's head turns just enough that she can eye the doorway expectantly. Seconds later, Guards arrive and look at her questioningly. "Arrest him." Kiena states coldly and steps back, jerking her head to where Cyrus now sits and without a word or hesitation, the Guards begin to close in and the doorway effectively blocked.

Cyrus wasn't expecting any mercy from a person who has proven herself to be without it. He wipes the tears away from his face and looks her in the eye. He draws himself up out of the chair and adjusts his coat with some level of dignity. He isn't going to run. He is going to go quietly. He has no beef with the guards coming to arrest him and isn't going to cause them any trouble. He reaches his hand into his pocket and takes out his knot to affix to his shoulder, "I'm Cyrus, Journeyman Mindhealer to this post." For however longer that lasts, "…and I've been Kera's teacher. It has been my honor and privelege to get to know her. She taught me so much about friendship." he explains, "I'll be sitting in a cell tonight, but at least I'll be able to live with myself. Will you?"" he asks, "I fear you are right. Whatever choice you made, you made a long time ago. You won't be making any new ones. It's too late." He turns and faces the guards, "Gentlemen. I will follow you."

Kiena has mercy in her, just not towards Cyrus because he's given her no reason to. The Guards will still reach out to firmly grip Cyrus by his shoulders and arms, likely to seek to bring his hands behind his back where they can tie him. Willing or not, they're not about to risk it and take precautions befitting their duties. When it's finally revealed as to WHO Cyrus is, Kiena's features briefly shift to surprise, only to close off again. It changes nothing. "A mind healer?" she says, disbelieving and snorting softly under her breath. He behaves like no Mindhealer she knows or has heard of or even a Healer. "I'll be able to live with the comfort knowing a man as dangerous and unstable as yourself is locked away and can do no harm." she fires back, mouth set and grim. Was that what he wanted to hear? "Get him out of here and out of my sight. Let the Captain know he'll receive my report shortly and will be hearing from the Weyrleader in time." The Guards nod and begin to firmly guide Cyrus towards the door, preparing to march him out and straight to the barracks, where a cell awaits him. Kiena says nothing further to Cyrus, though her eyes will follow his departure as she remains standing where she is, unmoving and uncaring.

Cyrus keeps all his attention forward. He's done with Kiena. He allows the guards to do whatever they have to do. He is resigned to the path he finds himself on. He doesn't have any hope left, but he does leave the room knowing deep down that for all she hurt him, he gave as good as he got. He lets them march him out of the room to wherever they are taking him.

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