Goading a Goldrider

Xanadu Weyr - Main Docks

Jutting out from the land are the platforms that make up the main dock of Xanadu Weyr. The extruded plastic makes an odd sound when footsteps echo across it. From this dock, two others protrude taking opposite directions, each for a special purpose.

It is a bright, clear day at Xanadu with a stiff and steady breeze blowing off shore, ruffling the lake with easy swells. Fleecy clouds scud high overhead, but they do nothing to mar the sunshine as they lend playful shadows to the azure surface of the water. The docks are empty today save for Thea, who sits sideways, leaning against a piling at the end of the dock. One leg is pulled up, an arm rests across her knee, the other swings over the edge as she idly watches the water. Between puffs of wind, the faints sounds of her humming some tune may drift in snatches down the dock. Beside the dock, bobbing at its mooring, a small, sleek sailing skiff bobs yearning for its freedom.

A small bronze firelizard comes winging down the beach, hovers near Thea for a beat or two, then goes to splash in the shallowest of shallows. Enkavir is far slower to appear, ambling lazily down the sand with hands thrust into pockets and sweater shoved up above his elbows. His pants are rolled to the calf, feet bare as they squish through the wave-wetted boundary of the shore. He seems just as aimlessly content as Thea until he draws near enough to spot her - that brings a smile to his formerly neutral expression and he picks up his pace. Without boots to clomp on the dock's wood, he announces himself verbally with a soft, "Hey there," just before he folds himself himself down to sit beside the goldrider.

It is a smug Rhasmir who ambles down the beach to the dock, looking pressed and neat as always. He's whistling to himself, eyes out over the lake, not paying too much attention until his boots chuff faintly on the dock and he has to lest he fall off into the water. Eyes lift, and first catch sight of Enkavir, curiosity sparking — then Thea. They widen a bit, then catch in a wince. The young man seems to pause mid-step, before bringing the foot down firmly and continuing on resolutely. Not going to be afraid of the crazy goldrider, not going to be afraid of the crazy — "Good day, Goldrider." Wary, but not unfriendly, there's a vaguely entreating grin for her. He keeps his distance, flopping against a support post, and offering a bigger grin to the man beside her. "Heyla! Rhasmir." Name supplied, his expression shifts back to a touch nervous and he peers resolutely out over the water. "…lovely day."

Thea turns her head, to Enkavir with a slow smile. The green in her eyes have gone hazy in the way they sometimes do when she is at peace with the world, the light through them pales them to near colorless. "Hey, you." Glad to see him is written all over her face as she sneaks a hand out to reach for his. The other lifts to sweep her hair back from her face as Rhasmir clomps near, her voice and smile easy, "Thea, Rhasmir. And good morning." Her attention remains on him as he sits, a bit of a quirk sets her brow. Dryly, "Shall I bite you now… or later when you really deserve it?" Amusement ripples in her voice, oh yes. She's a habitual needler, and fairly merciless at that.

The sight of clear glass-green eyes and the easy smile relaxes something in Enkavir's own features - some unspoken and maybe even unnoticed tension made obvious only by its absence. His fingers lace through hers without thought, and as she turns he does as well, shifting to watch Rhasmir take his upright lounge againt the post. "Afternoon, Rhasmir, and well met." He inclines his head in a brief half-nod of greeting, then supplies his own introduction. "Enkavir," just name, not title, and his knot is the plan sort. His mouth twists into a smirk then and he shakes his head. "Biting the newcomers again are you? She normally keeps her teeth to herself… mostly." Thea gets a little wink, as she's needled him plenty and gentle turnabout is only fair play.

Rhasmir eyes the water below warily, then his boots, but apparently decides against removing them, instead keeping his feet from hanging anywhere near the water. "If you say so." He quirks a grin at the goldrider, entirely mischievous for a brief moment. "Bite me?" Feigned surprise, and he draws himself up, trying (and failing) to look dignified. "Why! I'd never think something like that. You were the picture of pleasantness last I saw you, but one must consider that you might not have had the best of feelings towards one…" Dignity dissolves to an impish grin for Enkavir. "Oh, only a little. I have no idea what I did wrong, though." A theatrical eyes-rolled-up to the sky. "But you know her? You're not dead or disemboweled. So she can't be that bad." He winks. "Well met, indeed."

Thea’s gaze swings back Enkavir's way, playing briefly over his brows and lips, then flicker to his eyes, a tiny frown wrinkling her brow indicates she's noticed…something. Her fingers tighten a tiny bit as his fingers slide between hers, then she is once again smiling, her voice light as she tilts her head, addressing the both of them, "I only bite the ones that need it. Ask Rogawani. Haven't had to bite him yet." A laugh bubbles out, "What you really don't want is for Seryth to have a nibble - I send the worst ones her way." Her eyes do a bit of a shift, sharpening just a touch at his comment regarding not knowing what he could have possibly done wrong. "No? They must not have taught manners at your home, then." Then she is all affability, lips curve serenely as her eyes scan the horizon idly, "Nice day to be alive."

Enkavir lifts his free hand to shield his eyes a bit as he tips his head toward Rhasmir. "She hasn't mentioned you to me so it can't be /that/ bad." He pauses for a beat, then tsks softly. "Though threatening you with Seryth is never a good sign. Trust me." Hazel eyes are pale today, and they flick back to Thea, catching that noticing, assessing light to her gaze and his brows lift quizzically. Then there's just a slight deepening to his grin, a squeeze of her hand, and it's back to Rhasmir. "I have survived thus far, yes, but you would do well not to get on Thea's bad side. Interesting that she didn't threaten you with /me/ though. Your lack of manners must not have included calling her 'cupcake'."

Rhasmir laughs, flicking flecks of wood out into the lake. "Hmmm, yes, I think I'd rather not have the big one take a bite out of me." He agrees pleasantly, then winks. "I can imagine it wouldn't be." To Enkavir with a smirky grin for the young man. "Oh, I try!" The lament is seemingly heartfelt, but given with another grin as he leans once more on the post, yawning. "Cupcake? Certainly not." An owlish blink as he cants his head them-ways, eyes narrowing a bit, speculative and amused. "Don't look like a cupcake to me. Looks to me like I'm not far enough away to try cupcake. Couldn't run fast enough, I bet. From either of you." Grin! And a wink; he's kidding! Maybe? "I like my life, on days like this, agreed."

Thea turns at Enakvir 's words, her face assumes an expression of innocence, "I… have a bad side?" Half-giggle, "Well, D'had might call me cupcake, but he wouldn't leave a runner-tossed lady on the sand and walk away, either." Shot across the bow of the ship named Rhasmir, if he's astute enough to catch it. Bantering the tone, smiling the lips, but her eyes flash briefly as she parries, "You try. What? Every other day, hmm?" Fingers flick, dismissing this as the sails of the moored skiff flap idly in a puff of sudden wind, drawing her eyes. She seems to find them quite interesting as she idly observes in an offhand way, "Yesterday must have been your off day then."

Enkavir watches the bits of wood drift down to the water for a moment, then just grins at Rhasmir. "No, no she does not look like a cupcake. Certain Wingleaders seem to find it difficult to remember her name or title though, that's all." Pale hazel eyes slide over the other man, who has a similar build but a few inches of height on Enkavir. "Hmm, I don't know. You look like you could make pretty good time if you wanted to." He shifts then, leaning his weight onto his free hand and causing a bit of space between himself and Thea. "You must have a bad side, everyone does. But I have yet to see it." It's deadpanned, his eyes sparking amusement even as his face maintains careful neutrality. He blinks then, brow creasing in a faint frown as his gaze darts from her to Rhasmir and back. "Runner-tossed? When did this happen?" Whatever 'this' is. "Are you alright?"

Rhasmir's mouth is shut, shut! But he does flash a mischievous grin at Thea — before wincing. "Uh," Brightly. "Hey, you don't look breakable." Here he pulls on a big, overdramatic grin. "Plus, it wasn't exactly that you were tossed! More…kind of…flopped. Sand's nice and soft, too." Eyes sparkle as the grin turns more mischievous for a moment, before he turns a twisty-wincy look to Enkavir. "She got back on the runner, too." Idly noted, perhaps in entreaty, if the quick grin for the goldrider says anything. "Of course, it did take off after that. Will you be riding any more any time soon?" Smiiile! Then a snort, and roll of his eyes, one eyebrow lifted. "Can they not? Seems to me like a Weyr could be careful about having Wingleaders whose memories aren't off. I dunno, I could maybe outrun /you/ two, but I dunno if I could run far enough that Seryth couldn't find me. She hunting that one down yet?"

Thea resists the impulse to stick her tongue out at Enakvir, but only just, as the tip of it actually peeks out between her lips. Not seen it yet indeed! Mirth sparkles in her eyes though she doesn't rejoin that comment. Instead she answers his question airily, "Yesterday. Took a runner for a walk." His concern is brushed off casually, although her eyes flash at Rhasmir briefly. She heard that! Answering Enkavir,"I broke every bone in my body, but you know what? Our Healers were fantastic in knitting them back together. Good as new." Careless hand-flip to Rhasmir's question, "Yeah, sure I'll be riding again! Anytime you want to - just hop on that draft mare of yours saddle-less and accompany me. We'll go gallumping cross country, then try a footrace, shall we?" Wicked smiiiile right back.

Enkavir arches a brow, eyes slowly sliding from Rhasmir to Thea. "You… flopped." The two words are flat as his expression, and he seems to be quite seriously expecting a response. "Normally when a person takes a runner for a walk that doesn't happen. I suppose I should just be grateful that you didn't end up half-drowned, and that it wasn't bad enough for Seryth to /eat/ the poor thing." He arches a brow, daring her to contradict /that/ particular rumor, then he smirks over at Rhasmir. "Oh, this particular Wingleader's deficits lie in his personality, not his mental faculties. Although I am a little worried he might have an eye issue, he seems to wink it alot." A little mirthless bark of a laugh escapes, but it's cut off by the mention of saddle-less draft horses. "I really shouldn't have spent so much time in the records room yesterday. Apparently."

Rhasmir's expression is serene — for a moment. Then it flashes to impish again. "Excellent plan!" He laughs, then wrinkles his nose delicately. "Though I'll pass the offer of a footrace. Perhaps, instead, we can see if your dismount has improved." Innocence, oh, innocence! He could be the very picture of it, smiling serenely again. But then he's grinning at Enkavir again, eyes dancing. "You know, you'd think so." Announced thoughtfully and again with some vague hint of innocence; lies, all lies! But then there's a brief wince, and nod. "I see." Snort. But it only takes a moment for the impish grin to return. "It was a lovely evening, certainly." Beam!

Thea's fingers tighten briefly around Enkavir's, letting him know she noted the tone and a fleeting look says 'tell you later'. Her eyes crinkle at him once again, "Oh, she wanted to eat the one I took out yesterday too." Smug little grin, "She's protective of me." This last bit to Rhasmir. "D'had's eyes are fine-" She isn't able to finish as she dissolves a fit of laughter. It takes her a moment before she can speak, so she just nods helplessly until she manages, "Records room isn't nearly as entertaining as the beach, I imagine." What? A first! She's agreeing with Rhasmir. "No," pause, "Footrace?" Exaggerated disappointment, then a smug, "Oh, it has! There was no belly flop the second time." See? Improvement already. She parleys with, "So how bout this? Instead we see how well you stay on that mare of yours with Seryth gallomping straight down the beach at you, instead?" There's just a hint of acidity in her sweet tone, though she's smiling and a bit of flash to those green eyes now.

"Sounds perfectly enchanting," Enkavir quips drily. Then he just snorts amusement, eyes sparkling at Thea. "She's protective of you, and stubborn as a rock too." The giggling just leaves him shaking his head to himself, but then he can't resist. "Belly flop and galomping? I really might need a re-enactment of this whole situation."

Rhasmir's snickering softly, eyeing the horizon with intense scrutiny. "Sounds like a good dragon. Stubborn, too? Oh my." He laughs, then eyes the golrider for her fit of laughter with amusement. "Mhmmm." He drawls, lifting an eyebrow and grinning — women! But then the grin goes decidedly smirkish. "Safer, though." Is said placidly, with no hint of the mischief that the smirk suggests. "No footrace, I'm afraid. Was there not? Excellent!" An injured expression is pulled on after a moment, with a dramatic lift of one long-fingered hand to his chest. "Now what would I do to deserve that?" Anguish, o', anguish! Clearly heartbroken, the lad pouts, the very picture of dejection — until re-enactment is suggested. Then he first winces, then flashes a grin so quick that if you weren't paying attention you'd miss it. "I'm no so sure that's a good idea."

Thea's easy banter fades, "Stubborn's good, sometimes," Thea doesn't disagree with Enkavir there, but growls a soft, "Oh, I don't think there's going to be a reenactment, no. Not unless Rhasmir wants to feed his mare to Seryth for dinner, because I'll have her standing by to do it just in case!" Back to Rhasmir, cool eyes sweep him, her smiling lips sobering, "No, it wouldn't be would it Rhasmir? And I would give you the courtesy of not doing it." She gives him a rather frank look, "Know how to handle nervous runners? Think charging yours towards mine was a good idea?" With a person mounted on it who has never ridden before?" She's not yelling or screaming, but making a point. "I'm fortunate Rogawani caught the runner before it crashed into something. He stopped it just shy of the woods."

Enkavir's grin begins to fade as well and he straightens a bit from his easy lounge, eyeing Rhasmir. "You attacked her with a runner? But wait… was this before or after the belly flop? The cause of the belly flop?" He's both concerned and confused and maybe a bit dubious as well by the way he looks from the goldrider to the newcomer. "You know…" he trails off, clearing his throat a bit and lifting his chin to indicate the little skiff. "Maybe instead of all this talk of runners we should change the subject. The breeze is right and the day is nice. Anyone fancy a bit of a boat outing?"

Rhasmir's left properly blinking, mouth hanging open. It snaps closed after a moment and his face goes from blank to wicked, but just as he opens it to respond, Enkavir's speaking again. Rhas's eyes narrow a touch, pondering for a moment before deciding on the side of caution. Poking at the potentially crazy dragonrider type can only be taken so far, then she either sets her dragon on you or drowns you in a convenient lake. "Uh," Eyes narrow further, then he grins easily. "That sounds like fun. Been a while since I've been on a boat. I don't get seasick." The last is announced proudly, before he's eyeing the pair of them warily. "You do know how to steer it, though?"

Kire comes walking down the docks in bare feet and a pair of shorts. He has on a t-shirt and a large floppy hat on to protect him from the sun. Slung over his shoulder is a fishing pole and in the other hand is a tackle box. He looks around for a clear spot and he walks along towards the end of the dock. Kire is humming softly to himself as he sits down at the end of the docks and he opens up the tackle box. He puts the fishing rod down so that he can put on a white and red plastic bobber and a fishhook. He opens up a small round metal container and he takes out a fat wiggling trundlebug. He puts it on the fishhook and looking behind him he casts off into the water and watches the bobber as the water laps at his feet that are hanging over the edge of the dock.

"An apology might be-" Thea gets that look in her eye, but then Enkavir is talking and she's… confused? "You know how to sail? Oh, you would, wouldn't you, living at Ressac?" She eyes the skiff, "I've never been on anything but a large sloop. My trip down South." Another considering look to Enkavir before flatly stating to Rhasmir, "Runners are to be ridden at a walk in areas where people are likely to be. That includes you and your runner when on the beach. You want to run? Take it to the track! Clear?" Her tone, it's not nasty just firm. She means business. She gives Kire a brief wave, calling "Hey there.' Green eyes back to Enkavir and one eyebrow lifts, "I think I'd love to go sailing."

Enkavir watches Rhasmir's face go through it's many shifts, hazel eyes a level weight of assessment on the trader's expressions. When finally he just agrees to Enkavir's wise suggestion, the recordkeeper gives Rhasmir a slow nod. Good choice. A slow smile tugs at the edges of his mouth and he nods. "I wouldn't have offered if I didn't know how to steer it. Something that small I can do by myself, but with an available hand to hold a rope or two it will be downright simple." He shrugs at Thea, one shoulder rolling. "My da's a Seacrafter. He made me help him out when I was younger so I know a thing or two. I couldn't sail a big sloop, but the skiff I can do." He is quiet for Thea's scolding, choosing instead to wave a hand at Kire. "Hey there. We're going for a little sail on the skiff, I think. If you want to come?"

Kire waves the call and he looks over to spot Thea and Enkavir both waving at him. He gives them a wave back and he thinks for a moment. If anything he might have better luck catching a fish if he's out on a boat and he's never been out on a boat before. Kire reels in the bobber and fishhook. Nothing caught yet so he unhooks the tundlebug and tosses it into the water. He hooks the fishing hook onto one of the small loops of the pole and he closes up his tackle box. He gets up with his fishing gear and he heads over towards the others. He nods politely to Rhasmir, "Hello there Rhasmir. It's good to see you." He smiles at Thea and Enkavir, "Sure. I'd be happy to go out for a sail. I've never been on a boat before although I've heard stories. Mostly pirate adventure stories, but I'm more then willing to help if you need me to trim the sails or batten down the hatches.

Rhasmir's smile remains, pleasant and bright as he eyes Enkavir. Still, his wait for an affirmative of the man's sailor-abilities is cut short by Thea. There's a wince for her, and a slow nod. "As my uncle's glass." A bland grin for the goldrider, then Enkavir. "Ah," A rueful chuckle then. "I know barge-ropes, at least. Not much to /those/. We steered one down a river to get to a hold near Drake's Lake once." Then he notes Kire, grinning over at the lad and waving. "Hey there!" Rhas laughs, standing with a faint wince and wiggle of one foot. "Nice day for fishing. Though, I think I'm starting to get my fill of fish. Wish I could make Ike run to catch up with the caravan and find me some real meat!"

Thea's brow lifts at the sassy quip of Rhasmir's, but she can't stop her lips from forming a tiny grin at the ruffian of a trader, "Rogue." Barely there, under her breath type of mutter that likely only Enkavir can hear. She lets out a soft snort at the fish fare they've been having, "Could arrange a hunting party." The wheels turn, she tilts her head considering, "Any of you good at hunting?" The skiff is eyed, "So, Seasick isn't a problem for any of us, I hope." Enakvir's reassurance lifts any doubt in her expression and she's back to her easy self. "So, lets go then."

Enkavir's brow creases a bit at te grin and the murmured, 'rogue' from Thea, and his eyes narrow the tiniest bit at the taller man. "He's just a trader, they tend to be like that," he grunts dismissively. Jealous? Never. Clearing his throat, he clings to that change of subject like a drowning man to a rope, shaking his head. "I never have been hunting but I've practiced a crossbow at targets a few times. I'd be willing to learn." To the guys he smiles, waves a dismissive hand. "It's not too difficult, I'll direct you to what I need. Mostly just tug this, tie that down." He stands, offering a hand to Thea with the plan to head down to the skiff when one of the Weyr's younger scribes comes pelting down the beach at a dead run. "There you are Enkavir! A box of files got knocked over and the Harpers want you to come help set it to rights." She shuffles, curtsies to Thea with a little grin. "Um, right now Enkavir." And off she dashes, leaving him to sigh. "Or we could always do it another day."

Kire nods, "Yes it's a beautiful day to go fishing. I have a free day so I thought that I would come and indulge a hobby of mine. I'm just glad nothing got broken or lost bringing my stuff over from the Starcraft Hall. I spent much of the morning catching trunblebugs to use as bait." He shrugs, "Honestly I don't know. I've never been on a boat before. Is there some kind of test to see if you are prone to seasickness or is it just something that you won't know til you get out on the boat?" He shakes his head, "Nope I've never been hunting, what are you going to hunt? I hope not those big felines. I'm willing to learn as well. The only thing that might be considered a weapon that i know how to use is my belt knife." He smiles at Enkavir, "Well I can do that, it doesn't sound too hard." He winces as he hears that Enkavir has a whole bunch of files to now organize. "I'm sorry to hear that Enkavir. Good luck sorting all those files."

"Ok, that's not awful specific with your instructions there, Enkavir, but I'm willing to trust you. It doesn't sound too hard," Thea conceeds. Kire's bubbling about fishing and trundlebugs has her blinking, "Do they… eat those?" Awe mingled with profound sympathy for the fish clearly evident in her voice. "Maybe that's why they taste the way they do." She grimaces. So not a fish fan, apparently. She sighs as well, right about the same time Enkavir does, rubbing her temples for a moment, "Sharding paperwork. Lemme go help you sort and put in order. I'll know where things go, Enkavir." She doesn't even wait for him, but starts off, muttering, "At least nothing… exploded."

Rhasmir's eyes narrow; he sees her say /something/ but doesn't seem to hear it, but shrugs it off quickly, grinning at Enkavir. "The lot of us." He agrees pleasantly. "We hunted with canines in the caravan. I…never learned. Canines." From grin to a scowl, he shakes his head and winces. "I could probably learn though. Was decent at tracking down the caprines when they decided to run off. And hitting my little sisters with pebbles from my sling." He snickers. "Tug, tie —" The girl dashing down the beach is eyed with wariness, then mild amusement. "They made you run like that for that? Aww." She gets a sympathetic smile, which is then turned to Enkavir as she pelts off. "Sorry there, Enkavir. That's bad luck. Hope you get it straightened out quickly!" A sad shake of his head, and he slants grin at Kire. "Good way to spend a day off, yeah. I sold a guitar this morning, figured I'd take off until later in celebration." A snicker, before he's eyeing Thea again. "I doubt you'd hunt the 'cats to eat, but what do you reckon there is to eat out there, round here?"

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