Housekeeping 101

Abandoned Weyrbarn

Large and roomy, this weyrbarn was built with a bronze or brown in mind, for the stone couch inside this structure is certainly big enough for one. The place, situated next door to Siebith's Weyrbarn on the Coastal Road, is vacant and has obviously seen better days. It's been flooded in the recent past, the grimy ring of a waterline can be seen around the inner whitewashed walls. The floors are thick with scummy silt and the furniture obviously ruined by the flooding. There's a fallen tree across the roof - part of the trunk and branches sticking through the ceiling overhead. It's dirty and dusty and frankly unfit for human habitation.

This is the place N'shen has asked for so it is into this place that Thea steps with D'had to have a look-see and maybe start setting things to rights. She's armed with cleaning supplies - bucket, brooms and mops - and a long length of thick rope looped over one shoulder. Her boots echo off the stone floors as she steps to one side just inside the door, the sound disturbing the only residents here as the sound of avian wings give hint to their departure from the beams overhead and out through the gaps in the roof.

D'had follows only a few steps behind his weyrmate entering into the weyr adjacent to theirs. He carries a few other things, the largest of which is a ladder to reach those out of reach places in their effort to fix up and clean prior to the boy moving in. "So… you're sure he wants it?"

Thea looks doubtful, green eyes taking in the dust beams dancing in the light from the windows. The boy may want it, but she clearly thinks he's made a poor choice. "Yeah," she answers absently as her gaze travels from the holes in the ceiling to the rafters thick with spinner's webs to the floor where she scuffs in the dried muck with one toe of her boot. "He wants to be nearby, but-" she lifts her head to meet his eyes, "he turned down my offer to stay with us." There's apology in her voice for not asking him first, for she adds, "He's just so young…"

D'had hmms, taking a moment to turn around in the center of the space after setting the ladder down to lean against the wall. "Well it's something," he replies surveying the room. "It'll be good after a bit of work. And…" he pauses looking back to her. "He's not gonna be forever, he'll do good on his own. Ain't like its that far."

"It's… lonely. I remember-" Thea closes her lips firmly on those thoughts, pulling her eyes from the empty spaces of the dwelling, tuning to place her bucket on the floor, she leans the armful of mops and brooms against the wall. When she turns back, her face is pensive, even though she nods agreement that he'll grow up. "I just wish he could be with a… warm, accepting family. He's never had anything but indifference from Anatasha." She tries to sound matter-of-fact about that, but she can't quite hide her indignant expression at the woman's lack of mothering skills. Some holder habits die hard, apparently.

D'had chuckles, stepping over to close the short distance between them. Standing behind Thea, he wraps his arms loosely around her waist, leaning to rest his chin on her shoulder. "He'll be alright. He's a smart boy. Besides, we're right next door."

Thea leans back into him, arms lift to rest atop his and she presses her cheek to his while she considers this. Finally, reluctantly, "I suppose." Her lips twist in a wry smile, "He's so conditioned not to bother anyone. I do hope he will call when he needs someone." That someone including D'had! She allows her head to fall back to his shoulder as she idly inspects the room. Some of the tension in the muscles of her back eases after a few more moments and she slides him a sidelong look - easier not to turn her head this close, "Is the… thought of having another one resting easier with you yet? You've not said much…" Not that -that's- anything new.

D'had hmms and nods a bit in reply. "Yeah, well I'm sure Sie and Seryth will check in with his too." He won't be completely alone over here. As for her question, that takes a bit more thought before he actually gives answer to it. "Shouldn't really be a surprise that I got some out there.." Not that she'd really want to hear that. "Wasn't expectin' it though. Specially not how she came out with it. So…" It was a shock at the time. "Gettin' used ta it I guess. Yeah."

Thea turns within D'had's arms to face him; her eyes seek his - she'll dip her head if need be to catch his eyes, hands cup his face so he can't avoid her- well, he -can- but it makes it that much more difficult for him to do it. Maybe she's catching the nuances of his tone when he says that, maybe it's remembering snatches of something he said about Hali and her introduction of her to his former weyrmate. In any case, she seeks to reassure him and the statement is not made lightly: "Donn. It's okay, really! I accept all this-" one hand flips to encompass all that being a rider entails. "I just had some sort of-" How to put it? "-mistaken? thought that if I gave you your first son…" She shrugs and laughs weakly, "It would be special…" Rueful her voice trails off. Yeah, that sounds illogical even to her own ears. Firmly, she assures, hoping to get her sincerity across, "You could have a thousand of them (poor Donn - he well might!) but what happened will not be repeated." Meaning her emotional reaction and bad choice to try alcohol to handle the shock. She smiles warmly, "I think between three dragons and the two of us, he'll be looked after." He's getting used to it he says and she nods, "He's really a great kid, Donn. He adores you."

D'had chuckles, lips curving upward on one side into that smirk of his as his dark eyes meet her pale green ones. "He is special babe. He's -our- son." And that means something to him at least. Not to mention he's the only one he's known as a baby. So there's something right there. "As for the boy," meaning N'shen in this case, "he is a good kid." With that he'll agree. "Kinda got the short end of the stick as a kid, but turned out just fine."

"I know," Thea's lips curve in response. "Sometimes it just takes me some time to sort through things." She rises on tiptoes to leave a quick kiss where that beloved smirk is, drops back to her feet and steps away, "He's still a kid," she half-growls, not arguing that he turned out fine, "who has an empty spot that's not too late to fill. You-" She eyes him significantly, then gives him a radiant smile, "will do fine." She has confidence in him! The floor gets her attention again and she mutters to herself, "Maybe I should have brought a shovel for that flood silt." But she's here now and without one, so the floors will have to wait. She heads off in a general inspection, tapping with her booted toe here and there at the walls, the resounding thunks assuring her that the timbers are sound and haven't rotted.

D'had returns that kiss with a quick one before she drops away and moves off. Her commentary has him narrowing his gaze in her direction however. "… Thanks," he replies, not quite so confident of all that as she seems to be. But he'll get better about it eventually. "Can still get plenty done," he adds as to the cleaning of the place.

Thea throws D'had a grin over her shoulder - she knows that tone! She'll be giving the two of them plenty of opportunities to practice, if she has her way. She nods agreement; getting stuff done is why they are here with all this equipment, after all. He gets a curious look for still standing there, but she doesn't say anything to that. Her steps take her to that circular stair that leads to the loft and she pauses to have a look at it before starting up. Wide planks fitted into a central post have no support at the ends and are fitted together without visible nails. "Nice work, whoever made this," she observes. Hopefully the thing is sound, for she starts up. She's still has that thick rope looped over her shoulder, too. "Wonder what's up here…"

D'had chuckles, "Probably the loft. Would guess its bout the same as ours." Nothing terribly special, just extra space for living or storage. That's what he'd guess. "What you want me ta start on down here anyway." This is her project. In the planning anyway. He's willing and ready to help, thus he's here, but what she wants to see done .. that's another question.

Thea is halfway up those spiral stairs when he asks that. She peers over the edge down at him, a considering look back up at those beams overhead, the main one that runs the length of the weyrbarn getting a long look. "Mmm… probably we need to clean all the dust off the rafters." Back to him, she tilts her head, "but come up and check out the loft with me first?" Now that she's had time to think, she'll wait for him. There are holes in the roof - who knows what's up there?

There's chance for any number of things with the damage that the place took in that storm and since. "Probably," D'had agrees with a glance up towards those very same rafters. A nod mostly to himself before he turns around to head for the stairs and follow her up. "Looks okay from below, but be careful up here. Right." Probably nothing to worry about, but rather safe than sorry.

When he's right behind her, Thea continues up, slowing down as her head clears the top, for once caution winning out over her normal impulse to jump headlong into things. It's well she does for when her head peeks over the rise, there's an explosion of sound and movement - a scrambling, scratching, hissing followed by a yowl that has the junior recoiling backwards. If it were not for the Weyrsecond behind her, she'd have made a quick trip to the first floor without the benefit of stairs. That would have been bad, considering the stone floors below.

"Hey there, watch it," D'had all but shouts even if he is right behind her. There's an arm quickly there to catch her, but he stumbles some as well not having expected to have to move like that on those narrow stairs. "You okay?" he asks once they're both stable, and then peering over towards where the first sound came from. "What was that?"

Thea steadies herself on that arm, blinking up at D'had with a wide-eyed look and a shake of her head, "I have… no idea!" She shifts so they're not teetering on the edge and in danger of going over together. She takes a deep breath, stands on tiptoe, stretches her neck to peer back over the last step and when she does, there's a hissing noise from up on one of the thick branches sticking through the roof. It's a small feline, spitting and lashing it's tail and none too pleased at being disturbed. "Ah, someone's… pet?" Size-wise, yes, but it's acting too wild to be.

D'had peers over her shoulder at the noise and thus the creature. "Maybe you should head back downstairs…" he suggests, aiming to move around her. A process that isn't so easy given the confined space they have to work with on the stairs. "Let me see if I can't chase it out."

Thea willingly inches over on those stairs what little bit she can, one arm hugging that wide center pole and allows him to go first, but yes, it's a good thing neither of them are claustrophobic, now isn't it? She doesn't head back down though. Her weyrmate is facing teeth and claws - and they're not hers! Can't miss this. When D'had is moving, the growling feline inches back on that limb, apparently as reluctant to leave as it is to stay. Thea is right behind D'had when he moves into the loft - no way is she facing that thing alone if it heads for the stairs on its way out.

D'had sneaks back Thea and up onto the landing. Here kitty, kitty! Okay, so not really. He is however going to try not to be a scaredycat (no pun intended). Shoo! Not that that particular word is used. No, his choice is more like "Get!" and a loud clap of his hands in the direction of the feline. He's bigger and scarier. Right?

Bigger, scarier… hairier before his morning shave without a doubt! The handclap might just be the deciding factor though, for the feline voices its displeasure with a harsh snarl, whirls around and vanishes though the hole in the roof, claws scrabbling on the bark of that still-leaning tree heard clearly inside as it makes its way down to the ground loudly telling the world it has been displaced. Silence is broken by a snicker from Thea, "You… win?" Because now that it's quiet enough? The reason for the beast's reluctance to vacate is obvious: D'had's just become surrogate mama to a litter of kittens. Awww.

D'had wants nothing to do with kittens. He wouldn't know what to do with them to start with. He snorts at the retreating feline however. "Well, that was… interesting." Neither one of them were likely expecting that to be one of the problems they'd face when coming in to cleanup. "What?" he asks, an almost glare turned her way for that snickering.

That glare and question is enough to get Thea laughing even more. When she can get her voice back, her answer is given sweetly, "Oh nothing." She pats his shoulder on her way over to that pile of leaves where the kittens are cuddled - her maternal instincts being what they are. "You saved me from certain death." Now she can call him her hero? And those kittens are sweet! She's oohing and awwwing over them. Their eyes aren't open yet and it's clear that if their mama doesn't return they won't survive without care. "Um… maybe we should…" a cautious glance sent his way to test his mood, "take these home with us."

D'had stares after Thea from the top of that spiral staircase. She's not visible from downstairs being fully in the loft and ducked down. "Oh yes," he replies in mild sarcasm. "The cat was going to kill you." Hurt, maybe. Maim, maybe. Kill, unlikely. As for taking them with them… "If YOU're going ta take care of 'em…." He's no interest in that from the sound of it.

Thea just grins over her shoulder at D'had, her comment hardly reassuring - they may end up in their bed after all, "I promise!" Does she argue about her life being in jeopardy? Hardly. She rises, leaving the kittens in their nest for the time-being, pauses beside him to rise to her tiptoes and brush her lips across his cheek with a saucy wink, " Now Siebith has to share the Hero Spotlight with you." Teasing, obviously, which may or may not be more dangerous than braving a feline mother protecting her brood. She still has that rope coiled on one shoulder and the purpose might be a -little- clearer as she pivots and heads for that main beam the dust coating it highlighted by the late afternoon sunlight streaming through the windows, eyeing it speculatively before stooping to pry off her boots.

A very loud draconic sneeze can be heard outside of the building, followed by a disapproving chuff. A human-sized grunt preceeds the appearance of Nash gingerly poking his head in, eyeing the place with an expression filled with misgivings. However, aware that this fiasco had been his idea, the boy squares his shoulders and peers into the room, clearing his throat loudly. "Miss Thea? Fa- D'had?" His voice is hushed, as though he's reluctant to call too loudly - and given the state of the weyrbarn, who can blame him?

D'had just shakes his head. Its not worth arguing with her on that. He knows that well enough by now. There's a smirk of a smile as she leaves that kiss, but then she's stepping off and he's watching her path. "Told you, ain't no hero." Either of them. Mutter, mutter. "Upstairs," he calls back once the boy's voice reaches his ears.

A-sparkle in the beams of light from the windows, dust sifts down from the beams overhead, perhaps dislodged by vibrations from outside. Or perhaps its precarious grip on those beams, already loosened by the irate feline leaping about and the passage of two people up that spiral staircase cannot but yield at last with the addition of the sound waves of N'shen's greeting. "Hey, N'shen! Up here." Thea's greeting is cheerful as she steps into his line of sight, beckons him with a wave of her hand and prepares to step out onto the beam. She's ready to walk tight-rope style out onto it, arms outspread for balance. Very seriously, she adds over her shoulder to the Weyrsecond, "To me you are. You saved me twice." But then she needs to watch where she's stepping or she'll end up splattered all over the floor below. She takes her second step, the coiled rope on her left shoulder causing a bit of a wobble by the weight displacement. And she's still not said a word about why she has said rope or why she's courting a broken neck.

N'shen ducks in, biting his lip as he espies Thea and her precarious positioning. However, the boy knows better than to protest - not only the weyrwoman's stubborn nature, but the fact that a misstep could be costly. Instead, he shoves his hands in the pockets of his pants and hovers below her, though he's as yet too unfleshed to provide much cushioning against a fall. Rather than speak and risk the goldrider's perch, he sends a look of mute confusion to his father.

N'shen might not protest, but D'had certainly will. "What are you doing?" more of a demand for an answer than a question really. He's not trying to ignore the boy, he's just trying to figure out what on Pern his weyrmate is up to. "Be careful, would you." She certainly isn't expecting him to raise the twins on his own should something happen to her. "

Ahh, yes, Thea certainly would expect him to raise the twins! She does pause at D'had's question, his tone more than the words causing her to halt - she's still right there at the edge, after all. "I want to tie this-" she waves fingers at that thick rope she has coiled on her shoulder - over there-" She points to a juncture of the beams in the center of the weyrbarn. "-for N'shen to swing on." The boy below gets another 'come on' wave. "Come see. The loft would make a nice bedroom after we fix the roof. And you have roommates!" See, D'had might get a reprieve if the boy likes animals. The Weyrsecond gets another look, "You want to do it?" She just might let him, but she's casual enough with the question that it's clear if he won't, she has no qualms about doing it.

N'shen inches further into the room, then takes to the spiral stairs, gingerly inching up them. "Just… don't fall. I don't think I could live in a place that has Miss Thea splattered all over it. Might make for some bad nights." His attempt at a joke might fall flat, but then again, it's clear he's worried that she might, as well. "Roommates?" Warily, he mounts the last of the stairs and approaches D'had, tilting his head to the side curiously. "What kind?" Surely they wouldn't foist the twins off on him - at least, not so young.

Of course she would, and he'd do it (with help) but that doesn't mean he wants to have to. "Want to, no, but if it'll get you down from there I'll grab the ladder." And tie that rope up in a safer way than edging out on the beam. He shakes his head to himself. Thea's going to be the death of him yet, isn't she. There's a snort for the mention of those 'roommates'. "Felines." No, not his favorite things. Back to the junior, "Why you want that out there again?"

Well, the ladder makes far too much sense and hasn't the excitement of a death-defying walk out on a beam, but Thea does reconsider. "Did this sort of thing back home in my d- Thadan's barns all the time," she assures the both of them where she stands balanced easily. But she can see the look on D'had's face, so she takes a step back and onto the loft floor, offering that rope over and lifting the loop already tied on at the end for him to see. "For N'shen to swing on. See, he'll put his foot in here and," she points to the edge of the loft, "Jump from there." She sees nothing unusual about it. "I'd put one in our place, but I think we'd knock over the lamps." Once her poor weyrmate has the rope, she trots over to that leaf pile, beckoning the boy over, "Kittens!" She kneels down and scoots over so he can see for himself, cheerfully pointing to the tree limb sticking through the hole in the roof, "Their mother is wild and ran off, so someone will have to raise them."

"Kittens?" Nash's eyebrows raise, and he meanders over to the leaf pile, peering down at the felines. "They'll probably go feral once they're old enough," he murmurs, no doubt this bit of sage wisdom coming from the disgruntled bronze outside. "But we can raise them. Tao says they'll be good company for me, so I won't be so lonely." Crouching at Thea's side, he studies the kittens thoughtfully, before switching subjects. "A rope swing. That sounds kinda… fun, actually." His lips twitch slightly.

D'had snorts. "Different." When she was doing that back home she wasn't his weyrmate or the mother of his children. Or, well two of them anyway. "You're," he adds after her explanation of just what she's planning on for that rope, "goin' ta kill me yet aren't ya." Teasing evident in his voice even as she moves off to show those kittens.

See now? D'had won't have a box of mewling kittens in his weyrbarn or hopping up into his bed to cuddle, although with the four of them more often than not lately, what are six more? Thea lifts one up, cradling the tiny thing in both palms and offers it to N'shen. "We can get some bottles from the Beastcraft. They'll be needing milk for a while longer." Yes, she's cheerfully trying to ignore that l-word (lonely). "It is fun!" she assures him with an enthusiastic nod even as she's leaning to see around him and peer at D'had. "Not really. Same width, same height. Well," she has to amend, "No camelid poo down there to break my fall, but." Her grin says she's deliberately misconstruing his meaning of different. And then she twinkles at him, "You have to try it out with us!"

"You're a cheerful soul," N'shen remarks to Thea, staring at her wonderingly. Then again, with parents like his, is it any wonder that he's as reserved as he is, and growing more so with every passing turn? He reaches out and takes the bundle of fluff from Thea, balancing it neatly in one palm as he strokes a finger gently over its head. "We'll take care of them, never you fear. I like animals, and I think it will be nice to have them around. Perhaps set up a nice place for them." Hah, like they'll stay there.

"Well then," D'had interjects, "I'll leave the two of you to take care of them. Get that all setup and I'm gonna go grab the ladder and get this rope up for you." Even if he's not so sure he agrees with the whole swinging rope thing, he'll give into it anyway.

"I am," Thea agrees with the boy, nudging him with her shoulder after he's taken that kitten. The bounce in her voice trails away as she adds, "Most of the time, anyway." They have both seen her when she isn't. But become more reserved? Not if Thea has anything to do with it! She'll drag N'shen and D'had into some fun yet. Cleaning weyrbarns, moving trees, swinging on ropes… well it's a start?

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