Everything You Need

Following V'ro's casual announcement that he's thinking about a transfer...

Even if it takes F'yr time to catch up with V'ro, one had better believe that this is a man on a mission, so even he has to run him down eventually, he bloody well will. And honestly, F'yr'll be damned wherever that happens to be - on the beach, in the meadow, in front of a damned audience, if that's where it happens to happen, but he's going to grab that greenrider and pull him into a crushing embrace and very thorough kiss (even if there end up being wolf whistles).

V'ro doesn't exactly go out of his way to run away from the bronzerider, but he's not going to stop for him, either. So when F'yr gets the greenrider into his arms, there's a moment of resistance before the more familiar melting against all that muscle takes over his better judgment. At least until he realizes it all over again and is trying to free himself from the bigger man's embrace. "Let go. I need a bath." Whatever excuse it might be, it's at least a believable one from the greenrider who likes being clean as much as he likes to run. It's a constant struggle.

"No," F'yr actually sounds grumpy. Distraught? Actually a little distraught. Also notice the lack of give a shits for an audience or not. In fact, there's not much of one since they've ended up on that path that runs between the weyrling beach and the weyrling complex and it's currently deserted. Ironically, they're not far from where F'yr first kissed V'ro, actually, that once long ago when they were Stefyr and Khavro, no less confused than now. "Don't leave," his voice sounds pained, actually, at the thought. "I don't want you to leave." He doesn't, by the way, mean to leave to go get clean. If there were no weyrlings, they might do that in the weyrling pool together, but. "Please," is heartbreakingly soft as blue eyes desperately search for green.

The emotion in F'yr's voice does make V'ro stop trying to get away from him, at least, but right now it's more like a cat who's temporarily given up the struggle to get away than true submission. "Why? What does it matter where I go? Dragons can go anywhere. Besides, you have Rhody. And Ru. And whoever else you're fucking besides them. You already have everything you need." And there he's squirming for his release again.

"I love you." There. It's out. Big, wide blue eyes stare at V'ro even as big arms release him. He can go if he wants. But there are those words and they will go with him.

Okay, that's not what V'ro expected F'yr to say, and it stuns him into stillness even after the bronzerider releases him. But then, then, after he's had a moment to process, the greenrider is going tense again. He has the audacity to look hurt, even. "Fuck you, F'yr. How many of them have you told that, too, huh?" He's assuming all of them, obviously.

Well, this is unexpected. It's a slap, really. More than a slap. It's more wounding than V'ro can imagine. Unfortunately for everyone, F'yr's face visibly crumples as he suddenly draws back. How many has he said it to? None. How many is he now likely to ever reveal the depths of his feelings to? Also none. He steps back further, lip actually wobbling as he draws a suddenly ragged breath (and not from the running), and then be just turns to go, muted by what's just transpired, staggering a little as he heads back for the beach.

The right thing to do would be to stop F'yr, wouldn't it? V'ro looks, for a moment, like he might even try to do that, might call out for the man he loves who just, finally, told him he loves him back. But he doesn't. Instead V'ro hisses under his breath and watches the bronzerider leave. It's probably best that there are no walls within reach to punch, but he clenches his fists all the same. « I think you have a problem with your brain being missing, » Koth chastises her lifemate, full of disapproval for how she knows V'ro feels versus how he's currently behaving. "Shut up. We both know I'm not what he needs."

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