Something Bothering Thea

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow


A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the northern edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the east.

It is a fine, clear evening at Xanadu and activities are winding down for the day, many of the folk have already retired for the night. A thunderstorm has swept across Xanadu earlier and the drenching rains have stopped, the cloud bank, still flickering with distant lightning has pushed off to the south, leaving the air with a clarity rarely seen these days. No seed-poufs mar the view of the heavens, stars shine and there's a bare sliver of a moon hanging low on the horizon. A cool, sweet-scented breeze stirs the meadow. Across the center of the meadow walks a rarely-seen outside Seryth and beside her, Thea. The two seen to be enjoying the evening and a moment of peace.

Not even the memory of nearly being saddled with a 16-month old can keep Enkavir out of the meadow. A few afternoons spent sketching have made this another place he likes to take his slow strolls. And so as the smell of fresh hay and damp grass fills the air he ambles along through the meadow, keeping some distance from the stables and smithy, with hands in his pockets. Seryth is hard to miss at any time, but bathed in star and moonlight she almost dominates the landscape. One brow arches and Enkavir frees a hand to wave in Thea's direction.

In the wake of the thunderstorm's passing, movement can be seen outside of the stables. A few outer lights flicker to life with a whine of a nearby generator, chugging along with a rough, clunking sound. The shape of a person is visible in the light, and then the stable door swings open, three runners being let out for an evening airing. With this particular chore done, Rogawani hangs up a pair of thick gloves, crouching to lace up a pair of boots as he looks out towards the weyr. That, of course, is when he spots the gold dragon moving across the landscape. Getting to his feet, the boy straitens a little and starts walking the path into the meadow.

Thea seems to be having a quiet conversation with Seryth, one hand lightly touches the young queen's foreleg as it moves within her reach with each stride of the great creature's movement. Instead of star-gazing and watching the storm as she would usually be doing, she is walking with her head down. She doesn't see Enkavir or his wave, but the chugging generator does get her attention and she looks towards the stables with a quick grimace. Seryth croons comfortingly, but it doesn't seem to help. Rogawani is spotted as she draws near and her irritation is easily noticeable in her tone, "Shards, Rogawani! what -are- they doing in the stables to make all that racket this time of night?" It's not his fault, not really directed at him, though the boy may not know it. It's just… yeah. Grouchy weyrwoman. Enkavir is drawing near on his walk and she flicks a glance at him with a deepening frown, then looks pointedly away.

Enkavir's brow creases as Thea either doesn't see him or pointedly ignores him. He picks up his pace, long legs eating the ground between them. When the generator begins it's cycling noise it slows him down again and he casts a quizzical look that way. His path will still merge with Thea's if he heads that direction, so he does, blinking as the vague shape resolves itself into Rogawani. He opens his mouth to speak but Thea beats him to it, then looks away so pointedly he can only blink. "Ah, nice night isn't it Rogawani? I love it just after the rain." He clears his throat, tipping his head while trying to catch Thea's eye. "Are you alright?" Clearly not.

The irritation in Thea's voice is watch draws Rogawani's attention. The boyish smile he usually carries falters, looking between the gold rider and dragon. "Oh." Biting at his lip slightly, the boy shifts his feet in the muddy ground, and then looks apologetically towards the weyrwoman. "Lightning ma-" He cuts himself off before saying 'ma'am'. "Um, lightning hit the lines from the main generator at the weyr. We had to switch to the backup." He gives a sideways glance as Enkavir comes into view, thankful that he's not alone to bare the brunt of whatever is bothering Thea. "Very nice night. Any night without those floating seeds is good for me." For the first time in quite a while, there isn't a nasal sound in his voice.

Thea isn't one to give people the silent treatment, likely anyone in the Weyr knows this, especially X'hil and the Infirmary staff. But give it to Enkavir she does with a short, cool look. She turns towards the boy, her irritation still evident, but she makes an effort to curb it, at least a little. Her face softens along with her voice as she speaks, "It's not your fault Rogawani." She breathes an exasperated sigh, a short glare directed at the stables, "It's just… late. And no longer quiet. And it -was- a nice evening." Grump.

Enkavir sidles over to join the pair, eyeing Rogawani and dipping a nod. "That's right. They don't bother me quite the same way, but you do sound better than you have lately." He glances down at his dark overcoat, flicking one stray clinging bit of seed off and onto the ground. It would take a complete idiot not to notice the silent treatment, especially if said person was expecting a substantially warmer reception. One brow arches and Enkavir tries one more time. "We could walk away from the generator?" Clearly that's not really all that's bothering her though, and Enkavir clears his throat roughly. "What's wrong with her Seryth?" Maybe appealing to the gold will work better, or at least draw some response from the rider.

"It shouldn't last long, I promise." Rogawani says, clapping his hands together. In the darkness, another shape moves near the stables. One loud bang follows, and then the generator seems to quiet into a hum. The messenger's face slips into a small, wry smerk. "Sometimes it just needs a little love?" Taking a half-step closer to Enkavir, Ro' looks up at him. "Maybe it's the end of the season for them. Cenlia was telling me she didn't think they'd last more than a few seven-days more." And he's been holding on to that hope ever since. "Is everything alright, Thea?" Since Enkavir is trying the dragon route, he might as well try the direct route.

Enkavir's question to her dragon certainly surprises Thea. For a moment, her face show it as her brows twitch up. Upon hearing her name, Seryth lowers her head, slowly snaking her neck in a circle to a level closer to Enkavir's. For a long moment she pauses there, but there's apparently not an answer forth-coming for him. Her eyes whirl serenely blue, but that is all. Beside her, Thea grunts, likely in response to something that passes between the two of them. She's busy during the time Rogawani sends his firelizard off, but the sudden return to tranquility - at least to the ears, if not the mood - is noticed along with the return of his firelizard. An appreciative smile, quick, but heartfelt is sent the boy's way, "Thanks." Another glance sent towards Enkavir from cool eyes gives the man no answers yet again. She moves to resume their walk, mouth set. Seryth is slow to move. In face, she doesn't move to leave at all.

Enkavir blinks at the clap and flinches a bit at the bang, but then the generator is quiet and he gives Rogawani a grateful nod. "Much better. I wish the records would right themselves with that sort of encouragement. Faranth knows I'd like to hit them sometimes." His lips slide into an easy, crooked grin at the thought. "I thought it was unusual for them to be this way in the first place. I'd imagine it's sort of hard to predict, but I really hope Cenlia's right." He takes one tiny shift backwards then as Seryth swings around to eye him. The grin slips just a bit, growing more wan and he reaches a hesitant hand up to give the golden muzzle a little pat if she'll let him. As Thea heads off without a word though the smile dies altogether and he blinks, shooting Rog a confused look. "Did I do something? Thea!"

Circling, Rogawani's bronze firelizard gives a little chirp towards Seryth, seeming quite proud of himself. "Actually decided to listen for once?" The boy asks with an amused chuckle. "Just had him fetch my Da, he's got a gentle hand with with machines if you know what I mean." Raising one arm, the boy gives a small click, trying to call the bronze down, but going back to his usual nature, he simply chitters and tries to settle on Seryth instead. A small green head peeks out from the collar of the boy's shirt and starts chittering at the bronze. "Easy, you know he never listens." Quieting the small green firelizard down, Ro' just tucks his hands into his pockets and looks at the weyrwoman as she starts to walk off. Stroking the green's eyeridge, the boy looks towards Enkavir, "What is going on between you two?" He asks in a low voice.

Seryth does not move on with Thea, instead she stays put, angling her head, tipping it so the man can scratch her eye ridge and so that the boy standing nearby is within reach of her head as well. Thea does not respond to Enkavir's calls but when the queen does not join her in fleeing, she stops a few paces away with her rigid back turned towards the pair. "Are you coming Seryth?" The sharp-toned question is obviously meant to reach the ears of one records keeper in the name of Enkavir. For a moment she pauses, then moves off across the meadow, "Goodnight, Rogawani."

Seryth bespeaks Enkavir with a gentle sound, tiny fine raindrops falling on a still, tranquil pool weaving through out her words, «I think I will stay here with you for awhile.» There's also a hint of stubborn smugness to the tone.

Enkavir watches the play between the two firelizards and Rogawani, and shakes his head. "I worry a little that Spark will end up like that." At his name there's movement in the big pocket of Enkavir's coat and a sleepy little peep. "He's got a mind of his own." Rogawani's question has him looking after Thea and he lifts his shoulders in a rough shrug. "I have no idea what's going on right this minute. I must have said something… done something?" He shakes his head, baffled. But then there's something that makes him blink, eyes widening as his hand stills on Seryth's golden hide. He swallows hard and flicks a glance at Rogawani. "I think- huh." Obediently scratching at that eyeridge he calls to Thea even though she is pointedly ignoring him, "She says she'd like to stay here with me for a while." His tone is purposefully smug but the look he gives Rogawani is puzzled and a bit shocked.

There are simply some times where Rogawani is just too young to understand what goes on with some of the adult members of the weyr. As much as he might try to act adult, some things just don't add up. "He only helps when he thinks it will make him look good. I think he was trying to show off for Seryth." Rogawani explains to the record keeper. Lifting his voice a little, the boy gives a small wave towards Thea. "G'night Weyrwoman." Then, he looks back at Enkavir with his eyebrows lifted. "Wha?" Confusion echos in his own expression. "Seryth talks to you? She must realy like you. The only dragon I've ever heard is that blue of A'di's, but he talks to everyone." As the plot thickens more, the messenger looks between dragon and record keeper, and Thea still a ways off. "Hrm."

Thea stops as Enkavir's words reach her. She swings around, the lines of her body likely communicate her ire as she marches back to the pair, this time she's standing right beside beside Enkavir. She ignores him, but from the look of her she's having a silent go 'round with Seryth the way she's glaring at her. Seryth for her part merely hums quietly, letting out a cheerful chuff from her nostrils, blowing a short blast of warm air over the group and inches her head closer to Rogawani. A dragon-sized hint. Thea grits her teeth, looks up at Enkavir and speaks in a low-voice growl, "I do not need you to tell me what my dragon says!" Whether she heard, or if she wasn't included in the communication, she does't say. Rogawani gets a glance, but the weyrwoman's attention is totally upon Enkavir at the moment.

Seryth bespeaks Enkavir with swirls of rain-wrapped wind laughing through the mind, «Ah, but she does. You will tell her that I approve of her… » a pause, the chuckle of distant thunder «…new friend and wish to visit with him.»

Enkavir shakes his head quickly, shoving his hand into his hair and tugging a chunk out of his eyes. "No, she doesn't. I mean, she just did-" he blinks again, looking totally unsettled as he looks at Seryth. "Is," he ammends, "but she never has before." The look he shoots at Rogawani is apologetic to the utmost and he lets out a little sigh. "I don't mean to be arguing, or whatever this is, in front of you. I didn't know she was…" but he trails off because Thea is stomping back, and her growl has him backing up and raising palm-out hands. "Hey, hey, don't snap at me. /What/ is the problem?" He sneaks a look at Seryth sidelong and groans. "She uh… she says…" but he winces, not wanting to finish.

Rogawani simply stares at Enkavir as if he had grown an extra, very confusing head. One hand reaches up and runs through his hair as the boy lets out a small exasperated sigh at trying to understand these two. However, when Seryth's head comes toward him, Ro' reaches up lightly to stroke the golden dragon's nose. "Seems you've got him nearly speechless, huh?" He comments to the dragon, and then just shakes his head. "It's alright, Enkavir, I just wish I knew what wa-." Cutting himself off sharply as Thea returns, Rogawani takes a small step back. Just ignore the messenger with gold dragon, not here at all. Nope. As he tries to blend into the background, Ro' stares at the two, perhaps expecting to see fire flashing between them at any moment.

"I am -not- arguing." Thea denies flatly standing her ground as Enkavir backs up. Oh, but she just did, didn't she? Her grimace is telling that she knows she just contradicted herself. Finally Enkavir gets an answer, "I do not want to talk about it!" It is said without raising her voice, the tone a tinge haughty, a tinge wounded pride. Rogawani gets a silent look of apology, ten the lad is backing up? She says tartly, "I'm not going to bite you, boy!" The look she gives the records keeper, however, says she might bite him. "She said -what- exactly?"

Enkavir looks around Thea to give Rogawani a sympathetic glance. "I wish I did too," he offers softly, then drags his eyes back to Thea. "Obviously you are, and obviously you don't want to talk about it. But really you should. This whole running off every time you get upset thing? It's frustrating." By the end he's frowning but her look makes him shufflestep another bit backwards and irritation turns to alarm. "She says you do need me to tell you what she says, and that she approves of your," cough, "new friend and wishes to visit with him. I'm assuming she means me."

"Better not bite me, it'd probably get infected and the last thing I need is to take up X'hil's bunk in the infirmary. He needs it more than I do." Rogawani tries to make light where he can, but obviously there's something deeper going on here than he knows. Reaching up a bit higher to scratch at the gold dragon's eyeridges, he glances towards her curiously. "Not about to let me in on what's going on, huh? Didn't think so." Putting on a wry smile at the queen, he turns and sticks his nose a little into the business between Enkavir and Thea. "I'm sure I've missed something betwen you two, but… if he doesn't even know why you're upset, how can anything get fixed?" Nervously scratching above one ear, Ro' toes at the ground, not sure if he should be saying anything at all.

Thea listens to Enkavir, her irritation growing. But really it's hard to tell who she's not happy with more Seryth or Enkavir as she's shooting them both glares alternately now. Likely makes her look a bit shifty-eyed, too. Rogawani's mention of X'hil at this moment is just not good timing on his part. His attempt to help is sabotaged by it. She sends him one of those glares too. "He should already know!" Seryth still doesn't budge, but then Enkavir is mentioning running. "Oh really!? Fine then. I won't." Run, that is. Uh oh, two word sentences. Never a good sign. "I'll fly." And with that, she grabs a-hold of Seryth's flight straps and climbs up.

Enkavir flings a hand toward Rogawani. "See, he has the right of it. You've got to tell me what is going on, Thea. Thea!" The second as she goes clambering up Seryth, leaving him to step backwards until he can peer up and up at her. "Oh, that's just great. I can't chase you if you fly away. That's fine. Just fine." Two word sentences from both directions, now. "You go and fly away and don't even tell me what I did or what's wrong or /anything/. I'll just hang out here with Rogawani." He strides around Seryth toward the messenger, leaving room for the gold to take off. Shaking his head and crossing his arms, he grits out, "So Rogawani, how're things?"

As a harsh look is shot his direction as well, Rogawani can't help but wince. Luckily, he at least has some idea of what he said that got him that look. Drawing his hand away from Seryth, the boy takes a step back, shrugging his shoulders at the dragon helplessly. Sympathetic, the boy looks towards Enkavir as he comes around to meet him. "Uh, thanks?" He says, not sure if getting attention drawn to himself right now is the best of ideas. "Confusing." Giving the honest answer and shooting a sheepish half-smile towards the record keeper. "And muddy." Lifting one boot to show the lingering clods of dirt still stuck there. Sticking his foot back down with a squelching sound, Ro' just eyes his feet, as it's better than having to get another glare from Thea.

There's no return two word sentences coming back from the weyrwoman up there, no mocking, no answers at all but the distinct clicking of buckles ringing softly in the still night air. Then a long silence then, "You have got to be -joking! Let's go!" Thea's voice floats down, frustration rife in her voice. Seryth crouches, but not in preparation for launching, no. She eases down until her belly is just touching the ground. She isn't going anywhere. In fact, she inches forward to be within range of the two men on the ground. Her muzzle pushes forward. Hey. Hello. Still here.

Seryth bespeaks Enkavir with rainbeats on a tin roof, a light and happy sound lacing the words, «Come for a ride?» and then a distant muted rumble of thunder, «Now.»

Enkavir looks down at the muddy boots as if they are indeed the most interesting thing in the world. "Oh yeah, you are. I guess rain does have some down sides." He prattles along as lightly as he can, trying to ignore Thea. The nudging gold muzzle is less easy to ignore, and he glances up with a hint of a smile, giving her a scratch along the jawline. "I haven't ever really met her before," he offers to Rogawani. "That day with the tunnel is the closest I've ever been to a gold drag-" And then he just blinks. "I don't think Thea would appreciate me coming for a ride, no, Seryth. She'll /kill/ me, and I'd really rather stay alive if you don't mind." He gives Rogawani an incredulous look. "I'm almost getting used to the dragon talking to me, if you can believe it. But she wants me to go up there." He jerks a thumb toward the goldrider on high.

"I'll trade the sneezing and sniffling for mud any day." Rogawani nods his head, his expression and gaze lifting just a bit once he begins to hear the locking of riding harnesses atop the gold dragon. Bracing himself for the rush of wind, and perhaps mud that would follow a dragon taking off, he ends up a bit surprised to instead find a golden muzzle down between himself and Enkavir. "Don't want to go, huh Seryth?" He asks, reaching out to lightly stroke the dragon once more, still not quite familiar with all the 'right' places. Glacing across to the record keeper, Ro' chuckles. "I've heard that sometimes dragons just like certain people. Seems like bad luck in your case. Most people I know wouldn't argue if a dragon invited them on a flight, but… in your case it seems like a choice betwen life and death." With a joking tone and a slight tilt of his head, Rogawani just shrugs. "Don't know what to tell you."

A growl of frustration floats down from Seryth's back. "Come -on- Seryth! Please?? Oh for all the-!" The frustrated pleading stops for a brief few moments. Then, "Seryth! Get your golden butt up in the air or..or… Or I won't pick any more fuzzies off your wherry-skin of a hide!!" Silence. Seryth doesn't move. Thea doesn't move. The only sound, in fact is a sudden rumbling from the queen with a rather insistent note to it. Invitation turned command. There's a sudden enlightenment going on up there on Seryth's back. "Seryth, NOOO. Don't you -dare-!" But she did dare.

Enkavir shakes his head toward Rogawani. "Life and death is right. There is no way-" but then there's that rumble and his brows draw down in a frown. He quietly evaluates Seryth's head - nearly as big as his entire body, and he swallows hard. "I saw her eat a runner in one gulp you know. I think it's down to which sort of death I prefer." He sighs, claps a hand on Rogawani's arm. "If I don't make it, tell someone, will you?" He's mostly joking. Mostly. The frown is back though as he hesitantly and without his customary grace, tries to find hand and foothold to climb up Seryth's neck. "She made me. You know how weird it is for me to have a dragon in my head," he offers ahead of his arrival.

"Well, at least death by being eaten would be quicker." Rogawani chuckles, although he doesn't really believe a dragon would eat a person, would they? He does shoot a look at the gold dragon, but seems to lean towards believing better of dragons. With Enkavir's hand comes down on his arm, the boy gets serious, or at least mock serious. "I'll make sure your remains get delivered back to your family." With a wink, the boy steps back once more, off the track a bit and into the mud so as to be a out of the way of the dragon should she take flight. "Good luck!" Cupping a hand around his mouth, he gives this much to cheer on the record keeper. To Seryth, however, the boy waggles a finger playfully. "You make sure he's alive next time I see him, got it?" As if he could really boss around a queen dragon.

There's no answer from Thea - at least directly as Enkavir comes climbing up the queen's shoulder. He does recieve a bit of a glare as his head arrives in view though. But it's the dragon she addresses, "Fine, Seryth, you want to talk to him, tell him to get off! Wha-?" That's all she gets out, as the queen shifts suddenly, but with as much smoothness as she possibly can, for one of her passengers is not buckled in as her belly lifts from the ground and her hindquarters tense. "NO Seryth!" The golden wings lift. "Seryyyyyth! Fine! Take him for a ride! I'm getting off!" Thea's fuming in vain, she reaches to unclip her flight straps. The dragon crouches, this time not so gently, readying herself to spring. A low-voiced growl pushes out the message to Enkavir, "Seryth says you'd better buckle in." Sullen, resigned. Apparently she's just along for the ride as well.

Enkavir smirks down at Rogawani. "Thanks, mate. I'll hold you to that." The look he gives Thea is bland in the face of her irritation, but as Seryth begins to move he scrambles to get seated. "Shells, she's serious isn't she?" He fumbles with the unfamiliar buckles, gets two straps crossed but he's locked down sufficiently if not correctly. "At least this way there's no where for you to run and you'll have to talk to me."

Throwing a thumbs-up at Enkavir, Rogawani steps back even further as he spots the queen dragon crouching to take off. He's far enough back that his voice wouldn't carry without less than a shout, so he just gives a small wave, his bronze firelizard circling around above the two. Creeling the bronze swoops down to give his own comments to Seryth, and then poofs off between. Reaching up to lightly scratch his green lizard under the chin, Ro' speaks softly to her, "Come on, let's head inside. I'm sure we'll hear about it if someone falls to their doom off a dragon."


You are mounted upon Seryth's back, feeling the powerful muscles across her back rippling beneath your legs. Under your hands her soft, warm hide shimmers - a pale sunrise curtained in golden mist; rain suspended in time and caught by Rukbat's dawnlight. A faint scent of jasmine reaches you from her oiled hide as wide wings lift, enclosing you in cloudy aureate light and trembling in anticipation of that first mighty downsweep that will carry you aloft.


Xanadu Weyr - Lake Sky

Looking out across the Caspian Lake, this is indeed a prime location. A sheer cliff to the southwest meets the deep water of the lake and following that cliff north a little leads you to the main beach and docks. The air here tends to be a little cooler than inside the sheltered valley but the northeast aspect of the weyrs scattered over the cliff face makes up for it.

Below you, the water of the lake shimmers blue or grey, depending on the weather and one can usually see the fishing fleet of Xanadu out on the lake or traders ships are often visible on their way across.

The ground of the Weyr recedes, but not as rapidly as one might expect as the Seryth does not rise to a lofty altitude just yet. Instead, she rises high enough get herself enough altitude to dip her wings in a shallow dive, gaining speed enough to glide. She flares her wings as the treetops of the forest rush up under them, then levels out to glide south over the Caspian Lake. The night sky overhead has deepened to dark indigo, the moon having set. Afar off to the south a spectacular view of tall cloud banks flicker with intermittent lightning.

Enkavir clears his throat, the sound harsh compared to the whisper of wind caused by their easy glide, and his mouth is near enough to Thea's ear for it to be loud. "All irritation and humor aside, won't you please talk to me? I honestly have no idea what I did, I'm not being obstinate." His hands move toward her waist, partly to touch her and partly to keep him steady, but the memory of her words stalls them. Instead he reaches to hold onto the straps that are buckled around him, letting out a sigh that ruffles the hair at the back of her neck.

As Seryth takes off from the meadow, Thea leans forward just a bit to compensate, then back to adjust in readiness for the swoop the queen is about to do. She offers a terse, "Hang on!" to Enkavir, then falls silent. As the wind rushes by her ears, she doesn't attempt to speak, her hair whips across her face and streams behind her. The headlong rush eases as the queen glides and for a time it may seem Thea may not answer. Finally, she heaves a sigh and relaxes back against him, her voice calm at last, "Earlier today when you spoke about the Hannistans? In front of the others?" She pauses, adding with a mutter, "I felt stupid." Sorta like she's feeling now, likely.

Seryth glides a few dragon's length above the silent lake, her form a distorted golden shimmer on the waters below with an occasional wing-flap to keep her at the same height. But flying low altitude, bores her and - she wants to stretch her wings! Mighty downsweeps beat the night air, but the ride remains smooth.

Enkavir is stiff at first when Thea melts back against him, tense with trying to keep his balance against the utterly unfamiliar motions of a flying dragon. Even if they are smooth, each downbeat of wide golden wings has him nervous, worrying his lower lip between his teeth. Bu then her hair is streaming past and her softness is against him and he lets out a breath he didn't even know he was holding. One white-knuckled hand is pried from the strap looped around him, and he slides it loose around her waist instead. Her words draw up a chuckle but her tone silences it. Instead he just leans forward to drop a kiss on her cheek. "Next time just say so. I didn't mean to make you feel that way, but you've paid me back tenfold by shutting me out."

Thea turns her head - at least as far as she can anyway, to look back and up at the man behind her. Something about his face prompts her to suggest, "You can hold onto the bar on the front of the harness. You'd likely feel more secure." She reaches back a hand to find his, gently tugs, "Leggo the strap." There's a bit of giggle in her voice. Gently guiding his hand to find the crossbar imbedded in the thickest part of Seryth's hide neckband. She watches him for a moment, "Better? It doesn't move like the straps." She leans her head back fitting it into the hollow of Enkavir's shoulder. For a moment she is silent, "I'm sorry. I just couldn't… I was hurt and…" She tenses for a moment, then words spill, thought perhaps bottled for a turn or more, "I couldn't talk to you in front of the others, Enkavir! Niva and Ysa used to have horrible arguments and not in private. I hated that!"

Seryth levels out again and from here the panoramic view is stunning. The lake far below is but a puddle, the sea of Azov can be seen in the distance. There are no sounds save the wind and the occasional beat of wings, for the queen is once more gliding.

The rest of the tension in Enkavir's body slips away as one hand is wrapped around Thea and the other has been guided to that far more stable bar. He exhales a sigh that releases anxiety, and slowly nods. "Much better. It's not like I've never ridden on a dragon before. Just not very often, and usually it's a quick jump not a long flight." His eyes slip out to the distance and the view and he lets out a low whistle. "This is really magnificent, you know." As she settles back against him, he lifts the hand that has been at her waist to lightly stroke her hair. He just does that for a moment, mulling over his words. When he does speak it's with a bit of a frown creasing his brow, and his words are low and serious. "I'm beginning to see that. But that means you need to find me and talk to me in private. Or…" he trails off, shrugging helplessly. "I don't know. But if you just shut me out and you're angry or upset and you don't tell me why? If your reaction is always to close down or run? This-" he breaks off, letting go of the bar to wrap her up in a hug to soften his words. "This isn't going to work unless we talk. We won't have horrible arguments at all, but we don't even need to have those conversations in front of others if you don't want to."

"I was too mad to ask you if you if you had flown much," Thea admits, adding "Not that it would've done any good." Seryth rumbles below them, perhaps it's her way of laughing? Thea twists her head back to see Enakavir once more, noting the frown, then his arms come round her and his words are hard to hear. "I don't really know what to say. I think it's become something of a defense mechanism since coming to the Weyr," She muses. "I… can try?" She takes a deep breath, and it is a measure of her deep trust in him that she even says it, "X'hil doesn't give me report. Well, he does, but sometimes late and he leaves out information." She grits out adding, "On purpose!" Her tone softens, "I did not know about the runner incident until you told me about it."

Seryth tips one wing, turning on a wide half-circle and heads back to the north. Her wings stay open this time, imperceptibly losing attitude. The lake gradually nears and the ground before them at its shores as well.

Enkavir tightens his grip on her almost imperceptibly as Seryth tips to make that wide turn. It's only a brief instinctive action, soon calmed by the fact that he's not tumbling to his doom. A sheepish sort of grin touches his lips and he shrugs. "It shouldn't matter. Not much scares me, and I'm not /scared/ it is just very different." Like having a dragon talk in his head. The whole experience just makes him shake his head in disbelief. A deep breath is taken while he nods then and he chafes her arms lightly with his palms, up and down with gentle strokes. "That will work. I will try not to talk to you about important things in front of other people. Deal? And I didn't mean direct reports either. /I/ saw the report on the refugees myself, filed it an fixed a few mistakes. But I didn't mean to make you look… uninformed. I wasn't thinking about it, but now I will."

Thea leans into the turn Seryth is doing, likely swaying Enkavir with her, not speaking until the turn is complete. As the queen straightens, she nods, "Deal. It's easy to misunderstand and I totally did, Enkavir, forgive me?" She doesn't need to hold the riding straps, so daringly (for her), she half-turns sideways and slips one arm back and around his waist. She rests her head back on his shoulder silent for a moment as Seryth draws near to the Weyr once more. "What was it like for you to have her talk to you?"

Enkavir is almost too stiff to be swayed, but he's got her all wrapped up so in the end he follows her motion and finds it far easier to feel comfortable through the turn. "Ah, not all that different from riding a runner, but they don't tip when they turn." He drops a hand to blindly seek a bit of golden hide and gives Seryth a tiny pat. "No forgiveness needed, sweetheart." As she turns he smiles softly down at her, drops his face to nuzzle his nose into her hair for a beat, breathing in the scent of her. "We just need to keep talking. It's not always easy for me either. I talk plenty but not usually about… real things." Her question leaves him chuckling, and one hand moves up to rub at his temple. "Sort of surreal to be honest. Her voice is very pleasant though, soothing I guess? At the moment I was too baffled by you and shocked by her to really experience it I think."

Thea smiles, as Enkavir nuzzle's her hair,although he likely can't see her face, nodding wordlessly. As Seryth nears the clearing, although she's not moving at great speed because of the glide, her wings flare, slowing her enough so that she lightly touches down, at least as lightly as a queen dragon can do it. Thea reaches to unbuckle the harness clips from Enkavir, since her hand is nearer, then her own. Thoughtfully, "She's never spoken to anyone else before." It doesn't seem to bother her, there's just wonder in her voice. "Sometime, if you're interested, ask me and I'll tell you what it was like to first share my mind with her." And then, without waiting for him, she grabs one of the long riding straps, swings one long leg over Seryth's side in front of her, gives him a twinkling look, her eyes glinting with a bit of devilment. She jumps, pushing off Seryth's shoulder to swing in a wide arc out and around, to land with a bit of a spring on the ground.

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing


A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

"For what it's worth, that blue… Dalasith? Is the only other dragon I've heard and he didn't exactly talk to /me/ he just sort of mentally exploded all over the place." The memory has Enkavir frowning slightly, then giving Seryth another little stroke. "This was nothing like that." He smiles down at her then, nodding. "I would really like to hear about it. Sometime. Any time." And then? Then she is simply gone, leaping like a madwoman from this height and swinging with more grace than Enkavir possibly could have imagined. He lets out a little grunt and leans over the side as if he could catch her by this time, only to see her landing with that little hop. "You nearly had to have Seryth transport me to the healer hall for emergency treatment of a heart attack. By the first shell-" he breaks off shaking his head and does his best at swinging his leg over, clinging and carefully inching his long, long way down.

Thea snickers mercilessly back up at Enkavir as he's climbing down. "What can I say? Had to do something to pass the time during Weyrlinghood." As if classes, practice and conditioning didn't take every spare moment. As he climbs down, she reaches a hand and pat-pats his chest, "You going to live, do you think?" She's smirking, tease in her tone "Or should we send Rogawani to come scoop up your remains and send them to Ressac?"

Enkavir ends up on the ground, both feet planted, arms crossed over his chest. His lips twist and he frowns down at her chipper little patting. "Nice. My parents are actually still at Black Rock, so have him take them there, will you?" He takes a nice big breath and eyes the span he just climbed down - Seryth's towering side. "It's a good thing I'm not afraid of heights, eh? At least you got to get used to it a bit at a time while she grew."

Thea eyes Enkavir, "Uh, no I didn't really get used to her slowly. We didn't mount them at all until they were nearly grown. Where did you get that idea?" She's not really trying to rub it in or anything, she's genuinely puzzled. Seryth gets a loving pat and the queen lowers her head and swings it around to gently nudge her rider. Big dragon, little person, but it's been practiced since she was hatched. "Thank you Seryth, for being as stubborn as I can be."

Enkavir's brows draw down all furrowed and he shrugs, arms still crossed. "I don't know. I didn't figure you were flying around on her the whole time, but don't you have to climb up on her to bathe her?" His eyes go climbing back up the span of golden hide, then flick down to Thea's pale green eyes. "Not when she was first hatched but well before she was full grown? I have no idea, I've never even seen a hatching let alone a weyrlinghood you know." His lack of knowledge has him shifting his weight to the opposite foot, but her last words make him drop his hands to reach up and pat Seryth's jaw. "I agree. Thank you for your persistence."

Thea headtilts at Enkavir, taking note of the lowered brows, "Well, yes, but as they got bigger, we took them out to the beach and swam out to wash their backs and the higher spots. I didnt learn how to dismount until she was full-grown. Got busted by the Weyrlingmaster for doing the swing-thing I just did, too." She steps closer, looking up at him and his furrowed brow, her tone dry, "You… don't like being teased by girls, I guess. Is that it? Hmm. Must put that on my To Not Do list." Her lips quirk just a bit at the corner and her green eyes have a bit of dance to them. So yes, she's doing it again. Then his words sink in, "Never been to a hatching, really?" A look of delight plays over her face. "Then Seryth's will be among the first you'll see."

Seryth leaves the two to talk and moves off towards the Sands and her eggs to relieve Kinseth from egg-sitting.

Enkavir nods slowly, frown fading into neutrality as she explains. "I guess that makes sense. By the time they're the size of a runner I'd figure they could hold you though. And a gold's nearly that big by the time she's…" He trails off. He has no idea. His lips slide into a sheepish sort of smile and he just shakes his head. "I don't much like being teased in general, but I don't mind it so much from you. Mainly it's just odd realizing that for all I've studied and read and learned I've neglected a lot about dragons and weyr-life, the one area that would help me now." He brightens further at the thought of Seryth's eggs and he nods. "Most likely the very first, unless Solarith's happen to hatch first. How much longer, do you think?"

"That so unusual?" D'had questions, coming upon the conversation just in time to catch Thea's last remark. "First hatching I was ever too was when I impress Sie." That smirk of a smile he usually carries is flashed towards the goldrider, even as he chuckles in response to Enkavir. "Dragons ain't for everyone."

Thea shrugs, "I agree with you there, Enkavir, but our Weyrling staff did not allow us to try it. They erred on the side of caution maybe?" A thought occurs, "Might've been partly to keep some of the dumber ones from trying to fly them before their wings were too strong…" She doesn't comment on the teasing, instead his comment about learning, "With all the things there are to study? Honestly! Most people do not know everything, or much about dragons - I didn't either, when I first came here." As D'had walks up, she turns with a warm smile, "How are you D'had?" She nodding to agree with him, then just shrugging about the eggs, "Maybe a few sevendays longer?"

Enkavir glances over at D'had, then dips a nod. "Evening, D'had. I can't imagine standing at your first hatching ever. Just walking across the sands to that tunnel made me nervous, and that was with Seryth, not some unknown gold or newly hatched dragons." He shakes his head in disbelief then smirks at Thea. "I just feel like I should have spent a little time studying weyr life if I was going to end up here. Not that I knew it at the time." He flips dismissive fingers. "Anyway. A few sevendays and then you are free, and we'll have baby dragons running around." A total departure from his time here at Xanadu.

"Doing alright sugar," D'had replies, "See you finally got off the sands for awhile." he goes on to note, sending the woman a wink. The man chuckles, nodding at the record keeper. "It was quite a trip, not something I'll ever forgot anyway. Plenty more adventures after that and with him don't know there'll ever be a time there's not."

"I as well, stood at my first hatching, when I first came here." Thea comments, "Although I didn't Impress. That was Kate's-" She stops that line of conversation abruptly. Instead, "This is as good a place as any to study them, Enkavir. I don't know that any book learning can prepare a person for weyrlife anyway. It is just so different." Both Enkavir and D'had's comments about the upcoming hatching and her being free of the sands has her nodding, "I will be relieved to be off the sands and back in my own weyr." She slides an unreadable look at Enkavir.

There's a smirk on Enkavir's face at first, but the "sugar" and the wink wipe it clean away. He's not familiar with D'had's refusal to use first names, and for all that he heard the Wingleader refer to Niva as cupcake… well, this is a bit different now isn't it? He frowns at the bluerider and takes a sidestep closer to Thea. "Thea. Her name is Thea." The correction is not a light one and it's followed by him looping his arm loosely around her waist. As soon as the contact happens he sneaks a look down at her to make sure she's not about to dash back to the hatching sands, one brow arching at the unreadable look. "Ah, yes. I'm sure you're right that experience beats reading any day."

D'had narrows a glance to the young man, quirking a brow for his correction. "I know what her name is," he remarks. So he says anyway. "What's it matter to you?" Hmmm? The question obviously for Enkavir, though that smirk of a smile still plays on his lips for the goldrider.

Thea has a hard time stifling a laugh as she coughs in her hand, then Enkavir's arm comes round her waist and she leans against him. Likely he cannot see her face, for all there is no offended look thereupon. All that is there is amusement for D'had's use of the word sugar. She's been here long enough to know his reputation for doing that. But does she tell Enkavir any of this? Not on your life! Instead, she's turning her head to see how Enkavir answers the question because -she- is the one most interested in his answer.

Enkavir tightens his grip on Thea just a bit, arching a brow over at D'had. His jaw clenches for just a moment, then he nearly growls out, "Good. Then use it." Is it the flirtiness or the lack of respect? It must be the latter because he's not just possessive, he's irritated. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised if you don't even treat the Weyrwoman with respect, but she outranks you and if I have anything to say about it, you'll use her name or title." He takes a breath, then glances down to catch Thea's eyes, one brow lifting in a silent question.

D'had chuckles, "Ahh, she don't mind." Apparently this whole thing just amuses him greatly. "Do ya cupcake?" he shoots towards the junior along with a secondary wink. "And by the way 'little man' she may outrank me, but I still outrank you. So you know, I asked a question. Still waiting for that answer."

Thea looks a little disappointed that D'had's question isn't answered, but she is also trying to keep a straight face. As Enkavir looks down at her with that browlift, she blinks. "What?" She didn't start this. D'had's use of the word cupcake (she's heard the weyr buzz about the Weyrwoman's new nickname) just sends her over the edge and she starts shaking trying to hold it all in. The just shakes her head helplessly at D'had giggling her head off. What can she say? she doesn't really dare look at Enkavir at the moment.

Enkavir stiffens at the use of little man, and he straightens, trying to make use of the scant few inches he has on the bluerider. He doesn't correct D'had about his name, but his face slides into a scowl and he shakes his head. "She's-" he breaks off as she starts to shake in the curl of his arm, his frown deepening this time in confusion. "Are you… laughing? You're laughing. Oh that's helpful." But for some reason his scowl is smoothing a bit and there's a hint of amusement in the lines of his mouth. He lets out a slow sigh and just lifts dark hazel eyes back to D'had. "She is my girlfriend, alright and even though she apparently doesn't mind, but could you at least think of nicknames that are a bit less.. flirty? You may 'outrank' me," you can almost hear the quotes around the word. "But when it comes to being men we're equal and I'd hate to have to make my point with my fists."

D'had chuckles, "Ahh, well then that's a different story ain't it." he comments, though that smirk of his is still the prominent expression on the man's face. His attention shifts focus then, in the way that riders sometimes do. A shake of his head follows, "Well Sie's going on about something should go see to that. So I'll see you two around." A nod of his head towards the pair, "weyrwoman."

Thea does try, she really does. "N-no you," she cackles for a few beats, "You don't have to," she has to breathe, "punch D'had, he isn't flirting, it's just his way!" She squeezes Enkavir's waist with a bit of a warning. She's still having a hard time not laughing, "You upset the entire weyr punching a dragonman, y'know." But maybe he doesn't? D'had gets a wave and a wink as he heads off, "Wingleader." She turns back to look at Enkavir with eyes that twinkle merrily and a smirky smile of her own, "I am?" Because, he's never said. And a woman wants to know.

Enkavir blinks, his features shifting quickly back to neutrality. Well that was easier than one would have expected. He just nods though, clearing his throat a bit. "Alright then. Thank you, Wingleader." Another unneccesary nod and he gives the other man an awkward little wave. Then the air goes out of him with a woosh and he just reaches his other hand to muss Thea's hair. "You are in so much trouble, do you know that? We need to get you an anti-giggle pill." But he's grinning a bit now, sheepishly mostly. Her question has him blinking though and he pulls away a bit, turning her to face him. "Aren't you? You're my something anyway. I wasn't sure /what/ word to use. Girlfriend seems sort of juvenile but nothing else seemed to fit either." Though he looks a bit worried at the fact that she's not just agreeing with him, he runs a hand over her mussed hair, straightening the mess he made. "My Thea, how's that?"

Thea wraps her other arm about Enkavir as she is turned to face him, tilting her head up to watch his face, ignoring her messy hair for the moment, "In trouble, am I?" Her lips curve mischievously for a moment, then her eyes grow serious, showing him that she means it, "Your Thea. I like the sound of that better."

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