Another Kitchen Explosion

Xanadu Weyr - Kitchens

It seems that with the fire that destroyed much of the kitchen, care has been taken to restore it to a condition well beyond what it was orignally. And thus state of the art equipment has been brought in from the various crafts to be used - stoves and large ovens replacing the hearths, while thin metal sheets have been installed over each countertop, for both ease of use and ease of cleanup. A large pantry remains generally open, containing a all the nonperishable goods, while a similarly large icechest contains the perishable goods.

It's not exactly quiet in here as the Weyr prepares for dinner. People scurry and bustle, spoons are wielded to stir and threaten both, there's flour and knives and vegetables and meat - it's chaos. Into the frenzy comes Enkavir, ducking through the door and hovering at the entrance with hands full of tiny 'lizard. He looks a bit pained to be here at all, not less for the reasons. After a few unsuccessful attempts to draw someone's attention he just weaves his way through and snatches up a small bowl of scraps from the butcher. As explanation he lifts the creeling little guy who promptly tries to dive out of his hands and into the raw meat. "Ah, really, it's better if I just take this. Sorry." Muttered curses are thankfully inaudible as he finds a free patch of counter to sit at with meat and flying stomach in hand.

Kire quietly tries to sneak into the Kitchens as his own flying stomach in a brown wrapping. He looks around for someone that doesn't know him and might help him without getting him thrown out of the kitchens, "Um excuse me." He asks a young looking girl, "But do you have any meat scraps so I can feed my baby firelizard." The girl takes one look at the brown firelizard in Kire's arms and she squeals loudly, "Oh he's so cute! Of course let me get some food for him." Kire smiles as he moves over to a nice corner to hide in. That doesn't last long as the girl comes back with three of her friends, "I hope you don't mind I told my friends about your firelizard and how cute he is." Kire ums and shakes his head as he reaches for the bowl so that he can feed the young brown before he starts to creel. "Oh can we pet him while you feed him?" One of the other girl's asks. "Um…I guess so." The three girls giggle loudly and begin to pet the firelizard in Kire's arms as he tries to feed it before it starts creeling.

Thea enters the kitchens from the Storage Room, a small wooden table under one arm and a rolled up quilt in the other. She's got a thoroughly grouchy look on her face as she weaves past elbows and ducks under bowls and pots being hoisted about. There's a lot of noise, but the screechy hungry firelizard voice pierces all of the racket, drawing the eye and setting the teeth on edge. Enkavir is spotted and it is deemed worthy enough to suffer ear damage to heckle him a bit, so Thea wanders over, sets her small table in a niche, places the rolled up quilt upon it and sits on her brand new self-made chair. "So. Sleep any?" Oh, yes. She's still amused, it's written all over her face.

Worse than firelizard creeling? Giggling girls and firelizard creeling. Enkavir glances up and spots Kire, who gets a faintly sympathetic look, but then it's back to his own charge. No time for giggling girls. /Amused women/ on the other hand… "Yes," Enkavir answers Thea without so much as giving her a look. He's busy shoveling food into Spark's gaping mouth. "I slept just fine, thank you very much. And he's very swee- shells! Spark. Careful." Enkavir sticks a nipped finger in his mouth, only to yank the digit, bloody with Spark's raw meat meal, right back out again. Wiping his mouth with his sleeve he just shakes his head and lets out a sigh. "How are you, other than smug?" Finally he quirks a crooked grin, looking at Thea with an upward through the lashes glance.

Zevida walks into the kitchen, with a careful stride and the baby firelizards quite frankly, ignored. Kire and the group of giggling girls. "If you're going to stand around giggling, get out." Is her simple command before she's rolling up her sleeves. "Do we need more slabs of meat, or can we start prepping for the next meal?" The poor kitchen workers look flustered at the woman's appearance but, messes are being cleaned and counters are being sanitized for the prep of the next morning's breakfast.

Kire winces as he sees Enkavir get bit, "Ouch I had that happen to me last night." He gulps a little bit as he holds up his firelizard as it it would shield him from Zevida's wrath, "I'm just here to feed my firelizard I promise." He picks up a piece of bloody meat and he feeds it to the firelizard who promptly creels at Kire for some more.

Thea raises an eyebrow at Enkavir, though he likely doesn't see it, "Spark?" There's a laugh in her tone, "Well, at least it's one syllable." His question stops her needling, pale eyes darkening a touch as she throws him an apologetic look. "Sorry, it was just too good an opportunity to pass by? I'm…tired. Didn't sleep." Zevida's arrival has her breathing a sigh of relief as Thea darts a glance at the girls, who will hopefully get the hint and depart. "Small miracles," she mutters. "Kire, you can probably feed him from a bowl if the meat is cut small enough."

"Spark." Enkariv repeats it flatly, lifting his eyes to eye Thea levelly. "His coloring reminds me of fire, or something burnt. And he has a short fuse… spark. Ruin is much better, you're right." He stops, takes a deep breath, and his features take on an apologetic cast. "Hey, I'm sorry, I'm cranky today myself." He reaches out the non-bloody hand to lightly brush her arm, then leans over to see who or what Zevida is barking at. He lifts his bowl of meat, Spark now sitting in it with his face buried, as his excuse for being here. No giggling.

Zevida glances towards Thea and Enkavir as if she's just noticed them, a look over then she's turning away. The woman moves a slab of meat to a free counter and is taking a butcher knife to it with hard thwacks as she chops the meat to bits. The meat is put into a bowl and put aside, towards
Kire she speaks. "It's like being a weyrling, you'll cut meat for your lifemate. Make them small so they don't choke. That bowl will do you, but the next time. You're doing it yourself." Then, she's moving to wash her hands once more, clean of the blood. The pair, Enkavir and Thea are eyed carefully. "When'd you two get together?" Then, she's moving along with the other workers to begin the dough used for meatrolls.

Thea remains steady as she meets Enkavir's eyes, hers silently acknowledge her fault in irritating the man further. She stifles the quick retort that rises to her lips, "No need to be. My fault." She starts to rise, when Zevida speaks. She pauses, her face still, eyes unreadable, that slide a look towards Enkavir then back to Zevida. She doesn't answer. If anything, a wee spark in her eye says, let the grouchy man handle it. Kire is momentarily forgotten along with the firelizards.

Kire watches Zevida wielding that large butcher knife and cute up a large slab of bloody meat. He nods a little bit as he holds the brown firelizard to him as he takes the bowl from her, "Thank you Weyrwoman. I'll be sure that if I need some meat for Temujin I'll get it for him. I'm sorry I didn't mean to be a bother. I just would rather not get kicked out of the kitchen." He tries to sit up a little bit straighter then just cower behind his firelizard. "Thank you again for chopping up this meat for Temujin." He goes back to feeding the creeling firelizard.

Enkavir offers a smile, the faint sort that's still a bit sheepish. "I actually didn't sleep much," he confesses, wiggling the bowl as explanation which of course sends Spark tumbling over. He grumps in his high-pitched little way but quickly enough goes back to scarfing raw meat. It might be enough to get Enkavir grumpy again, but before he has a chance Zevida asks the question. He blinks, looks up to Thea, and she isn't answering at all. "We've been… sitting together for about one minute?" He clears his throat. "Did he let you sleep last night, Kire? I ended up crashing on the beach so he wouldn't keep up the entire cavern."

Zevida notes Thea's silence with an amused quirk of her brow as she works the dough along with a few others. It's spread out on the counter and made into flat circles for the rolls, each one is prepped for the oven carefully. "Sit out of the way and you won't be kicked out." There's a wink at the boy before she's turning her gaze on Enkavir alone, keen, sharp and perhaps.. Stabbing like daggers if he looks her in the eyes. "Oh, by the way you were touching her arm says you've been doing more than sitting. Isn't that right? A little kissing, maybe? Somewhere not so public, perhaps? I don't think Thea's the type to get so friendly with someone she's just met. 'specially not with that flustered look she's got there."

"Yes, you had mentioned that. Try staying up all night with a dragon, sometime if you think a firelizard is bad," Thea murmurs aside to the man beside her tightly. Unfazed by the shrieks of Spark, she begins gathering the rolled quilt in her arms, shooting Zevida a -look-. "I an not flustered." And she isn't for her features are carefully blank, but there is ice in her eyes. Eyes that avoid Enkavir as she bends to lift the table.

Kire looks to Enkavir, "I don't sleep at night so no I didn't, but that's normal for me. I did get a couple hours of sleep in the morning before I had to take care of him, clean him up, feed him, bath him and then oil him til he went back to sleep." He nods to Zevida as he moves back to his seat out of the way, "I'll remember that." He looks towards the other two and he snickers a little bit as he feed Temujin.

"Actually at first I told you I slept just fine, but it was obviously not true." He doesn't look /so/ tired, maybe just a bit drawn around the edges. Zevida's words are not helping. "We've known each other for a bit, actually. And maybe you don't know Thea's type so well. She would certainly be friendly with someone she knows as well as me, but I highly doubt she would be kissing someone she's just met in some hidden corner." He arches a brow, meeting that sharp gaze levelly and with an expression as blank as Thea's. He doesn't break that look, but he does offer to Kire, "Right. One positive to being a StarCrafter I guess."

Zevida looks at Thea with what could be a serene smile. "But, Thea. You've got a blank look when you're normally expressive." The woman chides then glances at Kire. "Dragons are much worse." A pause and the woman laughs, "baby dragons. I mean." Because a certain gold took offense. She continues her pressing of the dough before shooting Enkavir a look. "Now, now. Don't get testy." With a hum, the first batch is placed in the oven and the second begins. "You two can't stop looking at one another."

Kire shrugs a little bit, "Yah I guess but it has it's drawbacks. I sometimes miss stuff that's going on or people because our times are different. It can be very hard." He says as his firelizard demands his attention, "I'm right here Temujin I'm not going anywhere." He strokes the top of the firelizard's head as he feeds him with the other, "I swear I can't wait to train you." He looks towards Zevida, "So I have heard. I am sure it's more difficult because they can talk to you, but I'm sure it's more wonderful too. When I feed Temujin I can feel a wave of happiness and contentment from him, I can only imagine what it would be like with a dragon."

"Pardon me for misunderstanding," Thea quietly answers Enkavir still that wooden tone colors her voice. Shuttered eyes meet his for a fleeting moment, before she adds, "I must've been reading between the lines." Zevida has her attention now. "Yes. I do." That's all she can say, it's the truth. Kire's nodded to but her attention is really focused elsewhere.

It's all a bit much. Enkavir scrubs a hand through his hair, absently tugs a bit out of his eyes which have found their way to Thea once again. Her reaction, her tone leaves his brows drawing down and leaving his normally pale eyes in shadow, and he turns slightly on his stool to better address Kire. "A hundred times more hide to clean and oil, more meat to chop." He shakes his head - the firelizard is bad enough. As for Zevida? He just ignores her, cutting an occasional little glance at Thea out of the corner of his eye. She was gathering her quilt and table… "Are you leaving?"

Zevida smiles at Kire, "it's.. A lot more intense, until you get things under control." A faint smile and she goes back to working that dough with an occasional glance back at Thea and Enkavir with the must curious of smiles forming on her lips. But, she states nothing for a moment before she's leaving the dough to the other workers and goes to work on the meat part of those rolls. But, the couple is just eyed with obvious amusement.

She was tired still, since finishing work that morning she had been sleeping up till now. She had been awoken from her sleep by Katsu, the baby bronze nudging her awake, although he didn't seem like he was in a hurry Karashi knew he must be hungry. Stumbling into the kitchen, the bronze wrapped around her neck and shoulder chirped a greeting to everyone. Looking up she saw that she was not alone, grabbing a bowl of meat she found a seat. Katsu came and hopped down onto her lap where she fed him, each time he waited politely for the next piece. "I guess I'm awake earlier than I thought I would be. I'm sorry if I'm intruding on anything."

Thea turns away from Zevida just enough to shield her face from the other weyrwoman as she bends to grab the leg of the small table. In answer to Enkavir, she just nods, flashing him a glance from eyes that glitter as her head passes near his face while bending to retrieve it. There's a bit of tremble to her lower lip, hardly noticeable unless right beside her. "Yes." It's but a whisper. She turns, passes Karashi on her way out, "Sorry, scuse," and she is gone.

Enkavir winces, and as Thea rushes pushes past him and flees the kitchens he pushes to his feet. It nearly upsets Spark but already he's getting used to balancing the little firelizard inside his bowl. He looks after Thea helplessly for a second, then walks over to where Zevida kneads dough, leaning forward and dipping his head to even out their heights, leaving mere handbreadths from her face. "Real nice. Thanks so much." He grits the words out, a low pitched growl, then turns and strides out after Thea. Karashi and Kire get nods as he brushes past them, mouth set in a hard line.

Zevida blinks at Enkavir, quirking her brows. "Not my fault! That one was all yours!" She calls out, then returns to her cooking with a happy hum. "Young love." Though, she's not much better herself. When it comes the love. But, the amusement shows in her eyes and she's chuckling softly to herself. Karashi gets a nod from the woman and Kire is eyed again.

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