Late Night Lounge Lizards

Xanadu Weyr – Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

It is late evening at Xanadu, most of the Weyr population is asleep in bed. The Kitchen has closed, fires have been banked and the Cavern staff have been released from the day's tasks. The lighting is dim, save for a tiny, crackling fire that throws a flickering orange glow across the ivory walls and ceiling. A solitary person in the form of Xanadu's most junior weyrwoman, is curled up in a chair with her legs tucked under her, chin propped in one hand while she stares into the fire with unseeing eyes. One might think it strange that a Sands-bound weyrwoman would even choose to sit near the fire's warmth, but Thea is there, nonetheless.

Kire comes into the caverns and he looks around. HE sees one person curlced up in the chair. He's starving as it's late evening and he's taking a break from star gazing. He starts to sneak towards the kitchens, forbidden territory for the boy that exploded the kitchens twice in one day. He sneaks towards the door that leads to the kitchen and he listens against the door to hear if anyone is in the kitchen. They served some awesome bubblies for dinner and he hopes there is some left over.

There are footsteps and the murmur of low voices from the general direction of the infirmary. As they grow louder, Alric appears with a journeyman in tow, and the latter hurries off on some nameless task. For his part, the Healer Master sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose, wipes a hand across tired-looking eyes and finally just drops down into a chair across from Thea. In the silence he glances at her knot, inclines his head in greeting. "Ma'am."

There is sound from the kitchens, even if the kitchen staff has quit for the night. There is a tinkle of something falling onto the ground, and then the door shuffles open as Rogawani comes out, pushing at it with his back and carrying a tray of pilfered foodstuffs. Not expecting to run into anyone, he looks honestly surprised when the door stops suddenly, knocking into Kire. "Ahh, oops. Sorry." He mutters, trying to look around the edge of the door and balance the tray. "Didn't know you were out here Kire." He keeps his voice low, just incase there is anyone around that might get him into trouble. "You alright?"

Enkavir ducks out from the baths looking freshly scrubbed, in loose linen pants and a baggy button-up shirt. He leaves the Holder lady-free hot springs behind with a triumphant sort of grin as he towels his hair dry. Then he notices the crowd - party in the caverns much - and a brow arches. "Ah… evening everyone."

There's a stir from the sandbox by the fire. Sand shifts, trickling down from a pile, revealing the barest hint of several curves - shells of firelizard eggs that someone has placed there. A random few of the eggs tremble, then are still.

Kire oofs as his shoulder takes much of the door and his butt hits the floor. He winces as he tries not to make a sound and he looks at at Rogawani. He moves out of the way so Rogawani can get past him and he nods as he slowly gets up, "Yah I'm all right, but you have to share your snacks with me now as compensation." He teases as he reaches to snag a snack and looks over towards Enkavir, "So much for sneaking into the kitchens." He takes a bite out of his twice pilfered treat and mmms, "Nothing like sweets that you aren't supposed to have. Just something about that fact makes them all the more sweetier."

As the healer sits, Thea drags her eyes away from the fire. "Evening Sir." She regards him silently for a moment. "Long day?" She misses Kire's tiptoe to the kitchen, but Rogawani's voice carries and she turns to shush them softly. "Sleeping folks, you know," she adds with a half-grin. As eggs start rocking over in the box, Thea merely grimaces, uninterested. A glace up towards the ceiling of the cavern confirms her suspicions, for every spot that a firelizard may cling to or perch is taken by a joyful creature, silently awaiting the arrival of new lives. She sighs, silently uncurls, rises and pads towards the kitchen, passing Enkavir on the way. "You still up too?" With a blink at his wet hair, and a glance towards the hot springs she heads into the kitchen.

Alric settles back in the chair he has claimed, lacing his fingers together and resting them on his stomach. "Just Alric, please. And indeed it has been a longer day than I anticipated." He still has a smile for the goldrider though, a genuinely warm one that crinkles the edges of his eyes. He follows her glance up to the niches in the ceiling, then back down to the box and his grin deepens. "Well, this ought to be interesting."

The Gobi Desert Egg rolls over several times then stops, shuddering as a large crack forms. Claw tips poke out and desperate scrabbling is heard. The crack widens bit by bit as a muzzle snuffles anxiously along the opening. There's a tiny, frustrated whine, more scrabbling and a tongue flickers out through the crack.

"So that's how it is, huh?" Rogawani comments, shooting the starcrafter a bit of a sly look before just chuckling to himself. "Fine, fair deal. Nicked some sweetrolls, fruit, meat…" The boy trails off a little as he spots others who weren't in the caverns a few minutes ago. Doing his best to look innocent, he waggles some fingers towards Enkavir and then starts walking over towards a table, whispering to Kire. "You didn't tell me this was a party place now." Doing his best to pass off his pilfering as a good deed, the boy walks over towards Thea and Alric, placing the tray down. "Thought you might want a bite to eat, Weyrwoman." Sure, sure.

Kire looks over towards Rogawani and he shushes him, "You heard Thea be quiet. People are sleeping." He says in a hushed voice and then whispers over to Rogawani, "It's not my fault if you got the time for the party wrong." He moves over towards the goldrider, "Hello Thea." His gaze is drawn up as he sees all the firelizards are looking down on them, "Shards and stars. Why are they all here?" He then hears the cracking of the eggs and he blinks, "Shards and stars! Theses are firelizards eggs and they are hatching." He looks to Thea and ums, "What do we do?" He tries hard to keep his voice low, but it's straining.

Enkavir slings his towel over a shoulder, brows drawing down into a frown as he looks from Thea to the eggs, then Kire states what should be obvious, and Enkavir just shakes his head. "Just when I thought my luck was up, finding the baths empty…" his expression ends up being a faint scowl but he doesn't head to the hills, striding over to stand near Alric with arms crossed. Each of the men get a little nod and to Kire he offers a mumbled, "Feed them, impress them all so I don't have to."

Thea returns Just as Rogawani places his snack on the table bearing a tray of her own. It is laden with raw, bloody meat bits and discarded animal innards the Weyr butcher has set aside for such events as this. There appears to be quite a variety of critter-flesh on the tray. She sets it down on the table, calling softly to those in the room, "Grab a bit of meat if you want a flying stomach." Her lips quirk into a tiny grin, aiming a look of sympathy towards those present. Her expression clearly says, 'are you sure you know what you're in for?' She shoos inquisitive firelizards away as folks gather to select tidbits, heads over to the sandbox, gently pours the sands onto the hearth, fingers cradling the eggs, allowing them to slowly roll atop the sands.

The peaceful sleep of The Gobi Desert egg is ruptured as a slender head pierces its way up through the very top of the egg! The hatchling enlarges the hole in the egg just large enough so it can slither out onto the sands.

Sandstorm Clouded Brown Hatchling
Roiling dust settles in a diffuse pattern over the desert hide of this nondescript firelizard. Vague shapes, as though seen through an opaque swirl of smoky-looking sand that churns its way down the head, neck and shoulders to engulf the stone-strewn dirt smudged on his flanks, hindquarters and tail with its gritty cloud. His tent-like wings are the color of turbid sky veiled with a pall of silt-like debris through which the sun penetrates but dimly.

Evidently deciding that the higher food is, the better it is, Sandstorm Clouded Brown Hatchling is selective about his morsels, stretching up on his haunches to grab each bite. Of course, food that's too high is not worth fighting for, as he huffs angrily whenever he can't reach a bit of meat and never gives it a second try.

Alric eyes the handsome little brown that has just made an appearance, and he slips to his feet. "It's been turns now since I lost my little green… I suppose I'll give it a try." He's sheepish about it, like an adult searching for the Easter eggs of old he's partaking in a child's game of sorts. Still, he takes a bit of meat and drops down to crouch near the eggs, dangling it easily between his fingers.

Rogawani glares towards the starcrafter, giving a small well-contained grunt as he's shushed not once but twice. Watching the Weyrwoman leave and return with a plate bloody meats, he blinks a little before even realizing that there are a horde of firelizards above, and the hatchling that emerges below. "Firelizards." Shoving one sweetroll into his mouth, he reaches for some of the meat, only giving one sideways smirk towards Enkavir. "We'll try not to let them get you. Maybe."

Kire finishes his snack quickly so he can have his hands free. He takes a gets a handful of the disgusting bites of bloody flesh and he kneels down with the others. Unsure of what to do he puts his hands down towards the hot sands and he offers all that he has in his hands to the questing brown firelizard. He smiles over at Alric, "Go ahead Sir, no age limit for feeling the special bond that comes with being chosen by a firelizard." He opens his mouth to say more, but quickly shuts it, firelizards now, talk later.

"Alric, then," Thea conceeds to Alric. "Indeed it ought to be. I think I'll just watch," Thea mutters as Alric slips away for some meat. "Ruin keeps me busy enough for a whole clutch, never mind the other two I've got." She returns to her chair, scoots it a bit further away to give the others more room near the hearth and curls her legs under her once more. The snack tray is noticed belatedly, "Oh, hey, thanks Rogawani! Hi Kire. They are indeed and will need homes, I hope you'll try for one?" Enkavir's comment draws a half-grin. "Smart of you!"

The Montana Forest Egg wavers, rocking a bit, then lies still. A sudden roll and it bumps into one of the other eggs, crackling all along one side, but remaining intact. Whenever the hatchling inside moves about, the weakened shell heaves in and out as if it's breathing.

The entire crackled side of the Montana Forest Egg decides to suddenly cave in and out tumbles a hatchling, nicely-proportioned even at this early age. It scrambles to its feet, whirls upon the offending shell, and attacks what is left of its former home with sharp claws and teeth. After the shards are trampled into the ground, ire cools and there's something else it needs to do. But what?

Untamed Wildfire Bronze Hatchling
Flames leap from the conflagration on the underside of belly and neck, lapping up both sides of this bronze's finely-wrought form. Spark showers rise over the blaze of shoulders, back and hindquarters, coppered by a veil of soot. As an ashen landscape denuded of growth, the stark blackness of trees silhouetted in front of fire's glow leave scorched traces along his headknobs, neckridges, spine and tail. Between charred spars wing membranes are lit in an unnatural dawn of sun through the amber haze of a smoke pall.

Sauntering across the sands, avoiding his clutchmates for the time being, the Untamed Wildfire Bronze Hatchling searches for - something. Is it that bit of shell? Pounce! Chomp! *Ptooie!* Nope! He moves on, roaring his frustration in tones that sound more like a feline mewing.

Enkavir just grunts at Thea, not particularly enthusiastic about the whole situation. "Not like I can let them go wild though… need homes…" he's mumbling mostly to himself, ducking around Kire to look over the meat gobbets. "Lovely." He takes a deep breath, then gingerly picks up a stringy piece of meat with forefinger and thumb barely touching it. He just sort of holds it there, and he's a few feet from the lizards, and he looks dubious at best.

Alric smiles up at Thea from where he crouches. "It sounds like you do have your hands full. Best stay back a bit though, I hear they can be pretty persistent in choosing." He gets a better hold on the chunk of meat he holds, leaving room for the younger men but wiggling it to try and coax one of the boys over. To Kire he gives an appreciative nod. "Right you are, lad, right you are."

Abandoning his stolen snacks, Rogawani is a latecomer to the group around the firelizard eggs. Crouching down on one knee, he picks out one slightly drippy piece of meat from the handful he has. "Well, I wouldn't mind another firelizard. My first one spends most of his tie on his own anyways." Lowering his hand towards the hatchlings, holding out the meat on the palm of his hand. "You don't have one yet, do you Kire?" He asks, keeping his voice low so as not to wake anyone up, or frighten the hatchlings.

Kire looks up and smiles at Thea, "Hello Thea. Sure I'll try for one." He looks back to the brown to see where it went and then he looks towards the new arrival. "Wow a bronze." He moves his hands up as the sands get a bit to hot for the back of his hands but he tries to keep his handful of meat bits lower so a firelizard can reach them. He shakes his head to Rogawani, "No not yet." He says softly.

She has just finished her shift, and Karashi was tired, she wants nothing more than to return to her cot and sleep til morning. She was distrubed though by something that caught her eye. She follows the masses and what she sees amazes her, never had she thought she would see a fire lizard hatching. Karashi spots a tray of meat and reaches to take some, well she might as well give it a shot whilst she was here.

Finding a piece of meat that has fallen on the sands, the Sandstorm Clouded Brown Hatchling engulfs it, crunching on the grit. Eee-uuw! No more low-lying food for him! He stretches his neck up, head circling in his search for elevated food. Now that's what you call 'higher learning'.

Alaskan Tundra Egg seems frozen to the sands, immobile for the longest time. Then, suddenly, there is movement as the egg unglamorously falls on its side. There it becomes motionless again, as if the hatchling inside were waiting for the shell to melt away.

At the shaking of the Alaskan Tundra egg Karashi takes a step forwards, she watches it with eager intent to see as to what it would hold. She is in awe at the hatchling it beholds, never had she seen such beauty, such elegance in a hatchling. When it moves she gently tosses a piece of meat towards it, in hope that it would come her way..

Apparently not waiting for the Alaskan Tundra Egg to thaw, the hatchling inside starts poking at its shell. A few convulsive shakes run through the shell, then a large chunk tumbles down and plunks onto the ground. A few more pieces of shell follow, in a small avalanche, finally revealing a tiny, wintry-looking firelizard inside.

Fire and Ice Bronze Hatchling
Moonshadow vies with the last kiss of sunset to sparkle across the frozen alpine-russet hide of this petite, gracefully-proportioned bronze firelizard. Glacial fire dances its way down the spine and tail, dimming to a diamond-glittered twilight that traces the rest of his form with icy fingers, shades reminiscent of a winter's eve. A fine etching of coppered frost filigrees celestine wings with a crystalline chill, lending an illusion of twinkling flurries caught by Rukbat's dying rays.

Fire and Ice Bronze Hatchling moves slowly from the confines of his egg, taking time to flex each joint fully, apparently so that a sudden movement won't make anything fall off. He takes a few tentative steps out towards the meat bits, caution dominating his hunger.

There's a piece-way-up-there! Now if he can only reach it, but how? A leap and a Flap-flap-flap of his wings give the Sandstorm Clouded Brown Hatchling enough of a lift to grab the piece Kire is holding. It also brings him to eye-level and he clutches the forgotten piece of meat in his forepaws as he hovers there gazing intently into Kire's eyes.

Sandstorm Clouded Brown Hatchling looks into Kire's eyes. Impression!

Enkavir gets a bit caught up in all the bated breath and hungry little scroungers and he slips closer. Still at the edge of the group he drops down to sit on the floor. The mewling… er… growling of the first tiny bronze makes a smirk tug at the edge of his mouth and he holds his bit of meat out. "If you're hungry this might work better little guy." The words escape his mouth and he blinks, brings his scowl back. "Or some other poor person's meat." Right.

Sticking his tongue out a little bit, Rogawani watches as the poor brown eats a sandy piece of fallen meat. "Ick. That can't be very good to eat. Why don't you pick some meat one of us has, silly lizard." And, a moment later that is exactly what the brown does. His eyes catch movement behind him, shooting a small smile towards Karashi. "Welcome healer. Come on over." He scootches a little to the left to make room, in the process shifting where he's holding the meat, his hand still having a meat-juice covered palm. As his eyes turn back, he spots the second bronze. "Wow, two bronzes. Pretty good clutch you got here, Thea."

Kire nods to Thea's suggestion and he does as he is told. He takes a deep breath and he imagines the calmness of outer space. Apparently that's enough as the little brown firelizard hops into his handful of meat. His eyes lock on the Sandstorm Clouded Brown Hatchling's eyes and he wows softly. He falls back on his butt for the second time tonight. "Wow." He looks around and scoots back so others have a chance at this small miracle of nature.

Karashi grins at Thea, "No just finished my shift" she says with a yawn, as she moves a little closer thanks to Thea, holding out a piece of meat to the fire and ice hatchling. It should be easier being closer right? she grins as Rogawani greets her. "Well I wouldn't be here if I'd been given the night shift I can assure you" once again her attention turns back to the wander hatchlings, dangling the meat almost like one would dangle a toy for a domesticated feline.

From her spot on the perimeter, Thea fends off the compliment Rogawani gives her, "Oh, they're not mine. I just happened by at the wrong time!" She is highly amused at Enkavir's move. "Careful how close you go, unless you intend to-" She leaves the sentence unfinished as she watches Kire. "Congratulations Kire."

Keeping a cool head despite all the confusion surrounding him, Fire and Ice Bronze Hatchling takes his time examining all the available bits of meat before carefully selecting the reddest and bloodiest of them to assuage his hunger, which is then eaten daintily.

Did the Irish Bog Egg move just then? No, but wait, was that a rock just now? If it is moving, only the keenest observer would pick up the slight shifts. Until it suddenly hops - literally! - an inch into the air!

Alric offers Karashi an easy smile from where he crouches with meat cradled in his hand. "Evening, Journeyman." He lifts a bloody hand to wave to her. "It was a bit rough in the infirmary today, wasn't it?" Alric is a MindHealer, but he was in there as well, and looks incredibly tired. His smile turns to Kire as the lad impresses a brown. "Well done!"

Gentle Rain Green Hatchling
The verdant green of a rain-drenched Old Earth Irish spring spreads across the hide of this delicate-as-a-fern firelizard like shamrocks on a grassy meadow. Resembling distant blue ridges, traces of ocean drips from her headknobs, runs down the back of her gracefully-arched neck, cascades along her spine and drizzles down to the tip of her slender tail. Her fragile wings are unfurled and raised above her back, so that translucent emerald membranes, lit mistily, resemble a lush, sunlit and dew-sparkled mountain glen.

Serenely waiting, as if certain that all things will come to those who wait, the Gentle Rain Green Hatchling sits primly on her haunches and surveys the encircling crowd. Her polite requests for something to eat seem to be ignored, however or is it that her sweet, breathy, flute-like calls just cannot be heard over all the commotion?

Kire gets up to head towards the platter of meat and he starts to feed the little brown firelizard that is all ready creeling orders at him. He looks up at Thea and smiles as others congratulate him, "Thanks." A loud creel cuts him short and it's back to feeding.

She had seen Alric in the infirmary and she offers him her own tired smile, "Yes indeed, busiest day I've seen in a while" with her free hand she rubs her eyes, but she grins broadly when Kire impresses "Well done indeed" she congratulates just at the Gentle Rain Green hatchling hatches, well now she was pretty too, she muses to herself. However again her attention turns back to attempting to lure the bronze that had caught her eye closer too her.

Flapping his wings, the Untamed Wildfire Bronze Hatchling rears up towards something wriggling high overhead that look and smell - interesting. He uses his tail for balance, gives a little hop, fluttering his wings harder and reaches up trying to snag one in his talons, but only manages to lose his balance and fall flat on his back. This won't do! With a miniature roar of anger, he scramble back to his feet and glares up, craning his neck to see where that -thing- went.

Enkavir cants his head, smirking up at Thea where's she watches at a safe distance. "I don't know, Shep has been pretty helpful lately." He's watching her so he doesn't even notice the little bronze fall flat on his back until the miniature roar draws his eyes. "Oops, here, I'm moving this out of the way you go find someone else's meat. Look, Rogawani has some, Karashi has some… Healer Guy over there has some." He shoos the little flit with a wave of the non-meat-bearing hand.

"Not yours?" Rogawani asks, drawing his eyes away from the hatchlings. "Wonder who's eggs they are, then. I don't know many people with golds around here." He comments to himself, eyes shifting upward as he tries to remember if he knows any gold lizards. Then, with a shrug, the messenger gives up trying to figure it out. One of the eggs nearly jumping right off the sands and hatching a green is enough to draw his eyes back. Surrounded by so many people an hatching lizards, it's hard to keep up with all the action. "That was quite a leap, little one."

Untamed Wildfire Bronze Hatchling tries it again, leaping up and reaching with both front claws. This time, he attempts to snag some dangling meat - and gets Enkavir's finger instead with his tiny forepaws. The claws continues to clutch at that finger - he's not about to let it get away! He sniffs the finger, his tongue flicks out and gives it a tiny lick. Meat! Now! He glares up at Enkavir, squealing in his urgency - and keeps at him looking intently.

Untamed Wildfire Bronze Hatchling looks into Enkavir's eyes. Impression!

A grin spreads across Karashi's face at Enkavir's impression, smothering a laugh as the little bronze grabs his finger. "Congratulations" she says to Enkavir, well if only it were that easy for her, she wonders as she flicks around the meat in her hand with her fingertips, still trying to lure the other one over "Come on..come over here" she encourages gently.

Alric lifts a brow at Rogawani. "Do you know all the firelizards owned by everyone? You must be quite a fount of knowledge if that's the case. I can hardly keep up with my own apprentices let alone…" he waves one hand expansively to fill in the sentence. Then Enkavir, for all his reluctance, seems to have snared a firelizard. It makes him chuckle and he adds his well wishes to Karashi's. "Congratulations?" To Karashi herself he says, "A bit of patience is all, one will come to you I'm sure. They're all hungry."

"Ah, but Ruin compensates quite effectively negating Shep's benefits", she answers the man. Then the fiery bronze claims Enkavir. Now that's a sight that has Thea snicker-snorting away. Another something the pair of them will have in common - demanding bronze masters. Dare she needle him? Oh yes, she does! "Might be a little harder to arrive places unannounced Enkavir," soft mockery in her quiet call, but a tease twinkling in her eyes. "Don't give up, Karashi," she encourages the girl.

Fire and Ice Bronze Hatchling disdains to lunge and gobble as his brothers and sisters are doing. But he's hungry and the few gobbets he's managed to get, have only whetted his appetite. A particularly juicy piece of meat attracts his attention and he takes it carefully. This time he doesn't move on, but remains staring at the one who held the meat. The baby firelizard's intentions seem to crystallize as he continues to gaze even more intently up at Karashi.

Fire and Ice Bronze Hatchling looks into Karashi's eyes. Impression!

Enkavir lets out a little yelp as tiny claws dig into his finger. It's all he can do not to try and shake it off, but as soon as he looks down there's that moment and he just sighs. "Wonderful. Be a Shep not a Ruin, you here me?" He's trying to be stern as he firmly disentangles forepaws from his flesh and dumps the little thing into his lap. "Here, meat, eat some." Into the hungry maw go bits of meat and in spite of himself Enkavir's scowl is starting to melt into a soft little smile.

Whatching the first of the bronzes go over to Enkavir, Rogawani can't help but grin. "Uh oh, looks like one's got a hold on you, now." Letting out a little chuckle, he's nearly distracted by Alric, blinking a little. "Never said I knew all the firelizards. I know some of Cenlia's, Thea's, and X'hil's, but I don't know anyone with a gold lizard." Lifting his free hand from his knee to scratch above one ear, a thing the messenger does often when nervous or confused, he just shrugs. Offering a smile towards Karashi, the boy edges a little closer to her, intending on helping to lure the lizards, but he seems a moment too late as the little bronze bonds to her. "Congratulations, healer."

Thea smiles in accord with Karashi as the icy bronze seeks her out."That's great, Karashi" Thea softly tells the girl, "You have a friend for life. Take him over to the meat platter on the table so he can have his fill. Keep stuffing his face." She laughs under her breath, "You're gonna be doing it for a long, long time."

The Arctic Circle Egg lies unmoving and serene, unaware of the activity nearby. It gets jostled by another rocking egg, but remains unfazed - for a long moment, anyway. As if awakened from a deep dream, the egg begins to rock, slowly and gently, perhaps trying to lull itself back to sleep?

Kire smiles as he continues to feed his as yet unnamed brown firelizard, "Congratulations Karashi. You have a real handsome fellow there." He gets nipped at and looks down at his brown, "Not that you aren't handsome too. You are very handsome." He feeds the firelizard before he gets nipped again.

A circular crack forms around the tip of the Arctic Circle Egg, a spherical shard pops out and the rhythmic, gentle rocking stops abruptly. A delicately-shaped muzzle appears through the round opening, followed by two jeweled eyes that blink in surprise. Two sets of front talons grip the edge of the shell, but the occupant seems reluctant to vacate the premises. Seconds later, the rest of the shell just disintegrates, showers down around it and the hatchling has entered the world. Ready or not.

Aurora Borealis Gold Hatchling
Golden splendor shimmers in gossamer veils of silken topaz from muzzle to tail tip, giving this regal queen firelizard a dreamlike quality and a radiant iridescence to her frosted citrine hide. Shifting streaks, dancing columns of roseate light, flare over her lithe form as she moves. Celadon flame scintillates with illusive abandon down her flanks, its incandescence drawing the eye only to fade, fickle hues receding then just as quickly rippling into a curtain of luminous amber dawn that blossom in pulsating waves and dancing arcs across her haunches. Her delicate wings, primed for flight, quiver revealing ethereal tendrils of gilded mist a-glimmer in filmy whorls across screens of nebulous pearl.

The Aurora Borealis Gold Hatchling stands amidst the shell fragments with her head raised regally like a finely sculpted statuette. The sudden demise of her home has not seemed to have affected her poise one iota. With a dainty shake, she dislodges the shard bits still sprinkled on her back and head, but doesn't move from her spot. She quietly and with great wonderment continues to take in the scene.

Alric leans over to give Karashi a congratulatory pat on her arm. "Congratulations, Journeyman. Train him well and he'll be a good help to you in your job too. Carry messages, fetch back a tube of numbweed, you never know." He says this as though he's managed to train one to that level, but his shoulders are conspicuously bare. He eyes the dainty little green, then the newly hatched gold. "Beauties, both of them. Whoever this clutch /does/ belong to is missing out by missing this." He lifts a meat-filled hand in a sort of glassless toast to Rogawani. "A lass for each of us then, mmm?"

A laugh emits from Karashi, but stops ubruptly when she feels something touch her hand. Looking down to her amazement, is the bronze who takes the meat gently from her finger ad stares at her. She grins at everyones congratulations as she lifts the bronze from where he sat and carries him over to the table to begin feeding him, ever amazed at his politeness and patience. At Kire's comment she grins broadly "He is indeed, and so is yours" giving her bronze a reasurring pat should he feel unloved. To Alric she grins "Oh I will.. and good luck" noticing the arrival of the gold.

Thea isn't saying much, from her place of refuge, but she is looking highly entertained for some reason. "Might need some of that numbweed right about now," she quips to Alric, eyes on Kire there, getting nipped fingers and all. Her eyes wander over the hearth and she's a bit surprised as well.

Gentle Rain Green Hatchling grows too hungry to wait politely any longer, so she's off, creeling her need. Surely there's some one, somewhere who needs her as much as she needs them! She passes several offerings up, led by the aroma of a different kindnope, not that wherryherdbeast? Not today. Ah! There it is!

Enkavir gathers up his little bronze who seems to be a handful both literally and figuratively, and takes him over to the platter of meat. "Healer, are you going to stitch me up if he keeps gnawing on my fingers?" Not that the firelizard is anymore, now that he's got meat to gulp down. Enkavir obligingly grabs a new bit as soon as the old bit is gone, shaking his head. "I don't know whose fault this is, but you better turn out alright." He leans a bit to look at Kire and Karashi's new acquisitions. "Hmm. Handsome little devils, aren't they?"

Biting at the bottom of his lip and giving a pleased smile, Rogawani watches as his fellows make off with thier first lizards. He nearly misses the hatching of the little gold, turning back to see her standing amongst shell fragments. With a sideways glance at Alric, the boy gives a nod of his head. "It's a shame the owner couldn't be here to see the hatchlings." Easy-going, the boy raises up his own piece of meat to meet the toast of the older healer. "Seems like it." Giving a glance around to see if anyone else has arrived to take a chance, he then tries to focus on the two small lizards, twitching the piece of meat in his fingers.

Kire watches somewhat envious of the two men left with meat that now have to via for the affections of the gold firelizard. He takes a deep breath as he continues to feed the brown firelizard as right now it demands his attention and for Kire to feed him. "All right…all right." He shakes his head and tries to rid himself of the envy that he feels as he picks up some more meat and feeds it to the brown.

Gentle Rain Green Hatchling gently accepts a bit of meat, swallowing hurriedly as the juices trickle down her throat and then Wonder! Awe! Joy! (Apparently she got a sliver of ovine). She wriggles with pleasure and gazes directly into Rogawani's eyes with such devotion and adoration that there can be no doubt that Rogawani has impressed her.

Gentle Rain Green Hatchling looks into Rogawani's eyes. Impression!

Alric lifts his head to see who Thea might be referring to. "I have some with me, but I'm sure Karashi has it all well in hand over there. She knows the way to the infirmary if anyone loses any digits." His bright blue eyes echo Rogawani's, glancing around for any other takers, and when none present themselves he inches a bit closer. And just as quickly as that the green has made her choice. "Congratulations lad. Whatever that was I think she'd like another piece. Look at her wiggle." He's caught up in the messenger's moment for a beat, slow to look back down but then with brows lifted he stretches his hand out toward the gold.

Thea's smile deepens as the little green chooses Rogawani. "She's a sweet-looking thing. Now you've a messenger to help you." Seeing he's been the one helping everyone else, her expression seems to be saying she thinks that entirely fitting. She nods at Alric, moving back to sit in her vacated seat as the others move off to the table.

Karashi laughs as she pulls out a tube of numbweed, always keeping one in her pocket, she couldn't help it being somewhat accident prone. Waving the tube around so they knew she had it, she pockets it again, lest some curious hatchling decide to check it out. "Sure thing.." she grins at Enkavir and at his comment her grin broadens "They are indeed." She looks back with a grin to see Rogawani impress the green, and as she fed her bronze she grins. "Congratulations Rogawani. She's certainly beautiful" and then still grinning looks at Alric, "Good luck".

Kire smiles at Rogawani, "Congratulations Rogawani, that's a beautiful green that you have." He says as his brown gives a look to the green and chirrups at it before he creels loudly at Kire. "Here you go more meat."

Enkavir looks up from the bottomless stomach that he impressed, nodding to Rogawani. "Let's see her. You've got a brown already right? Maybe he can help you get her all trained up." He casts an assessing eye down at the tiny green, but rather than frown he just retains that little grin. "Even if she does end up fluff-brained she's pretty cute."

The Aurora Borealis Gold Hatchling stops and stands before Alric, looking up with a steady and certain air. One tiny forepaw lifts to rest on a hand as she continues to gaze intently up. Her manner seems to say, 'Won't you please feed her now?' She's patient, but - please, don't wear it out!

Aurora Borealis Gold Hatchling looks into Alric's eyes. Impression!

Somewhere in his mind, a glimer of the green's pleasure trickles in. "Good stuff, huh?" Rogawani says affectionately, lightly placing his fingers beneath the small lizard, picking her up into his hand. "That's a good girl." With his other hand still holding a bit more meat, the boy gives a proud grin towards Alric. "She'll get plenty, I'll make sure of that much." Easing up onto his feet slowly, he leaves the little gold to the healer, quite content with his green. As he offers another piece to the green, the boy nods towards Thea. "I think I'll enjoy training this one." From somewhere nearby, among the swarm perching above, a bronze chirps a bit of jealousy over this new lizard sharing -his- owner. Enkavir's comment makes him point upward. "That one up there is mine, too. But even after getting rider help, I can only get him to do simple things. He's really stubborn." Wiggling his nose at the green lizard affectionately, the boy laughs. "You won't be a stubborn butt, right?"

Karashi grins broadly as Alric impresses the Gold hatchling, even her bronze seemed to give an interest towards her, but not much more.. "Congratulations Alric" another chirp from her bronze and she's feeding him again. She looks up at Rogawani's bronze and then grins at the young man "You certainly have a bit of a fair don't you. I hope this guy won't be stubborn either" she was glad for once she hadn't just decided to go to sleep, and had instead come over here.

Thea waits until some of the noise and flurry fade before addressing the Master Healer. "I hope she not only serves you well, Sir. I hope she loves you well too." Her eyes are on the tired eyes of the man as she offers a gentle, "Congratulations." Then she's padding to the table in bare feet to have a look at the rest of the hatchlings.

Alric lets out a breath he didn't even know he was holding, and delicately places the meat he holds into the gold hatchling's mouth. "Come here m'dear." He's careful as can be, lifting her and then standning to walk to the meat platter like he's carrying something made of glass. Stroking her tiny head with his free hand he smiles over at Rogawani. "That one looks ready to please, I'm sure she'll train up more easily." He yawns, both hands too busy to smother it, and winks at Thea. "My thanks, weyrwoman. If these few moments are any indication think we'll do just fine."

Kire smiles at the Master Healer, "Congratulations on your impression of the gold firelizard." He smiles as he continues to feed the ravenous maw of the brown firelizard that is always demanding more and more from Kire. He gives a smile to Karashi, "So how was your day in the infirmary?"

Enkavir glances up long enough to nod a silent congratulations to Alric as well. It's all a lot of warm fuzzies, and he's already starting to back away from the table a bit. Now that the bronze he holds is starting to slow he's not so concerned with popping bits of meat in from a distance, and he strokes a tiny near black headknob. "How did you manage to stay out of this whole situation, Thea?"

As Karashi rubs the sleep from her eyes she smiles somewhat tiredly, "Busy.. very busy. Right Alric?" glad that someone else was here who had gone through that day. It had been the busiest day since she had arrived, she had never been so worked, she couldn't even think it was that busy. Content with his fill the bronze moves closer, to rest against her arm and doze, her hand unconsciously moves to stroke him gently, knowing now she would never be alone, and that life was about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Chuckling towards Karashi, Rogawani just shakes his head. "Just the two, really. Certainly not as many as Cenlia, she has four." Which is more than the boy can ever imagine having. Reaching a finger out, he lightly scratches the green above one eyeridge, bringing out a happy croon. "Let me get you some more food." He says in a soft voice, walking over towards the plate of meat. "Well, at least something good came out of nicking snacks from the kitchens." He chuckles to himself, giving his best innocent look. Can't get mad at the boy with the baby firelizard, right?

Kire hmms a little bit as he feeds the hungry brown until it's stomach gets heavy and it chirrups at boy to stop feeding him, "All right I guess you are done. I suppose I should look up a book on the proper feeding and I'll have to name him. How about Temujin?" The brown chirrups his agreement to that.

"That it was, Karashi," Alric agrees with the other healer. "And speaking of that I think I might take a bowl of meat to the guest weyr and turn in. I thought about heading home tonight but now I think I'll take Xanadu up on the offer of hospitality." He suits actions to words, offering bites in between whenever the gold opens her mouth. Bowl gathered, he nods to all the new firelizard parents and Thea. "Good night to each of you, and sweet dreams if any of you get any rest."

Thea offers Enkavir a slow smile mingled with amusement, "Oh, just lucky, I guess." She tips her head sideways a bit, "What are you going to call him? Anything come to mind?" She turns quickly as Alric take his leave. "Rest well, Alric."

Enkavir's brows draw down in a mock scowl, but there's too much amusement in his eyes for it to be real. "Lucky. If he's a pain I'm sending him out to the sands to keep Seryth company." The firelizard butts his head against Enkavir's arm and squeaks an indignant little sound, leaving the record keeper to roll his eyes and offer more food. "He looks sort of fiery, I was thinking Spark." A peep sounds like approval and so Enkavir shrugs. "Spark it is I guess."

"Sleep well Alric, and safe journey tomorrow" Karashi grins, glad she too would head to sleep soon. Though not quite yet, she wanted to talk more with everyone else, after a few more left maybe then she'd head off, but not just yet. As the bronze moves closer into her arms she smiles softly at the baby bronze that lay in her arms. "Well now you need a name." A chirup came from the bronze as he lay half sleeping in her arms "Katsu.." she whispers and with the soft croon that came from him she grins "Katsu it is then."

Kire waves to Alric as he leaves, "Have a good night Master Healer." He looks back down to his sleeping brown and he strokes his fingers across the top of the firelizard's head, "I sure hope I can train you Temujin. I heard firelizards can be very useful if trained properly." He smiles at Karashi, "That's a great name. I named mine Temujin. I know I've heard that name somewhere before, but I can't place it."

With the smallest of the newborns on his hand, it doesn't take long for Rogawani's green to gorge herself enough on the meat to give a small yawn. "So, nap time already." Shifting the lizard into the crook of his arm, keeping her close to him. "Sleep little Kialio, we've got a big journey tomorrow and you'll be coming with." Giving a sleepy chirrup, the green closes her eyes, and Rogawani just shakes his head, bemused. Reaching over to the snack tray, he scoops up a few more sweetrolls with less-than stealthy fingers, throwing one into his mouth while trying to hold on to two more. With his mouth half-full, the boy nods his excuses. "I'm going to head out. Promised Ma I wouldn't stay out too late tonight." With that, Rogawani heads out towards the residential area of the weyr, not the stables it seems.

Enkavir finally sates Spark's appetite, and when Rogawani leaves he seems inclined to head that way himself. "I somehow doubt I'm going to get much acutal rest, but I think I'm going to make the attempt. Congratulations again," his tone is at least a bit ironic. "I'll see you later."

Thea yawns, gives Enakvir a bit of a wave. "Sleep while ya can." She doesn't explain, but eyes the meat platter significantly. She pauses by the table, "Enjoy them, teach them to behave," she rolls her eyes a bit, "Hopefully these ones will." She pads over to her abandoned chair, sits and pulls on her boots. "Need to get back to Seryhth, And some sleep myself. G'night all." And she heads out into the dawnlight of the clearing.

Karashi had to agree, she needed sleep too and so did Katsu, getting up from her seat she waves a good night to everyone. "I'm taking my leave as well. I would love to stay but duty calls tomorrow morning and I need my rest." cradling Katsu in her arms she grins tiredly at everyone, well she best be off, and not dally much longer. "Well again congratulations and Good night.. pleasant dreams"

Hours later…

It's nearly dawn in Xanadu Weyr as the inhabitants begin to stir. Around a table there are a few people feeding newly-hatched firelizards. By the hearth and the embers of a dying fire lies one solitary egg, unhatched.

Jeffin comes into the cavern as he has the morning shift and he blinks as he's curious as to what's going on. He moves closer to the action and hmms, "Hatching going on?"

There's a sleepy kitchen gal slowly wiping up spilled meat juices by the table and a quiet Karachi with her tiny bronze sitting near the now-depleated meat platter. "Was a hatchin'." She doesn't sound too pleased about it. She points to the egg on the hearth. "That 'un didn't hatch. Was a dud, I guess."

The Texas Panhandle Egg moves, rocking that intensifies until it is actually spinning on one end. The movement dies away, only to resume spinning even more wildly than before, tracing a furrow in the sand as it moves.

Jeffin blinks as it starts to spin, "Really well maybe not, maybe it just needs a little bit of time. Like all great recipes it just takes time." He moves to kneel down and spots a meat platter, "Oh I heard they like this better get some." He kneels down with some meat in one hand.

In the middle of one of its gyrations, the shards come off of the Texas Panhandle Egg, flying in all directions, leaving behind a rather dizzy firelizard that staggers a few drunken steps before plunking down onto its rear end.

Tornado Whirled Brown Hatchling
Clouded taupe spins in a funnel-pattern about the muzzle and head of this stocky brown firelizard, shadowed earth rotates down his neck as though drawn in a loose spiral of adobe. The colors intensify gradually into clay, marking his shoulders and darkening to dirt across his flanks. Muddy soil swirls around his hind legs as the whirlwind markings appear to tighten into a narrow column. A debris-choked vortex of loam seizes his tail, while his wings mimic the overall pattern, lighter beige at his shoulders and deepening to a rich soil at the spar's tips.

The Tornado Whirled Brown Hatchling regains his bearings, only to find something else amiss: there's a sound from his stomach, causing him to cock his head in a comical fashion and look down at his belly in wonderment. Ouch! What is that strange pinch down there? This won't do-this won't do at all! And he's off to do something about it.

Jeffin watches as the egg cracks and the brown firelizard hatches before him, "See I told you that it wasn't a dud." He picks up a juicy piece of meat and smiles, "Come on over here brown fellow. I've got plenty more where this came from. I work in the kitchen."

As the egg rocks and then shatters, the kitchen gal just mutters, "Shards, there goes a quiet morning-before-work time." She moves closer to watch, "Hold it out so he can see it. Wriggle it or somethin'." She's a bossy little gal, ain't she? "S'more than plenty on that platter," she growls. Guess who probably chopped it all?

Twisting and turning, the Tornado Whirled Brown Hatchling careens about the sands nosing every piece of shell in his search. A piece of charcoal stick is chomped on and hurriedly spat out, leaving a gooey black glob behind. What's that thing jiggling about in the air in front of his face? The Tornado Whirled Brown Hatchling snaps at it irritably and inhales it. Oh! That's gooooood! More, he must have more!

Jeffin grins as he feeds the brown firelizard a piece of meat and he quickly replaces it, "That's right there is more where that came from right here."

Lazy kitchen girl, nods in approval like she's a professional nanny. "Don't let 'im bite yer fingers like that Kire did!" She moves just a bit to the side since all that wriggling and dancing the brown is doing is tossing sand on her. The messy floor is glared at, then given a shrug.

Now the Tornado Whirled Brown Hatchling is peering up at the surrounding people to see where that morsel came from. There it is- someone has got just what the hatchling seems to be after. The piece he's eaten has done little to satisfy his hunger, and the hatchling is eagerly sniffing about for more, climbing up Jeffin'S arm in his frenzied search. He sucks in the next piece, there's a pause and now his gaze is fixed intently on Jeffin's eyes.

Tornado Whirled Brown Hatchling looks into Jeffin's eyes. Impression!

Jeffin smiles as he feeds the brown little firelizard and he picks it up, "Well hello there little spinning one." He gets up to go get more meat for the hatchling.

The kitchen girl half-smiles. How can she not? This new critter can help finish the scraps left on the platter. And she she won't have to dispose of them. "Take 'im over to the platter. I gotta clean this mess and you two are right where I need to sweep." She slowly moves off to get a broom. She might even be back before lunch.

Jeffin smiles at the kitchen girl, "All right sorry I didn't mean to be in the way." He moves over to continue to feed the firelizard while he thinks up a name.

There's a quiet suffling of his feet as A'di makes his way into the caverns, carrying a few thing in his arms. He pauses, however, as a few firelizards speed past his face, causing his head to turn slightly. "Shards, what's with all the firelizards." He grumbles quietly but quickly finds the source, a firelizard hatching that just seems to be getting over. "Huh."

Jeffin spots A'di and he waves to him, "Hey A'di! Look what I got." He holds up a brown firelizard, "I haven't named him yet." He hmmms as he tries to think up a good name, "Anyway how are you doing? Do you wanna help me train him?"

As his name is called, A'di turns towards the voice to offer a little wave in greeting, "Oh…hey, Jeffin. A firelizard?" There's a quiet pause as he considers the firelizard for a moment, "Well, I'm sure you'll think of something? You could always pick a name from your favorite book or something, or something to match his personality? I'm all right, as for training, I'm not sure I'd be a good person?"

Jeffin nods, "Yep a firelizard. I'm sure I will to. Well you have two firelizards all ready don't you? They seem pretty well trained, come on A'di please."

A'di lifts his shoulders, his eyes flickering outside for a moment. "I have two firelizards, yes, but really only Convict is trained, and only to help me with washing Dalasith, delivering messages to my family, and getting things. And he's a bronze, he was pretty easy to train because he was so willing to learn." A hand idly rubs at the back of his head, "So I'm not sure if I could train yours."

Jeffin smiles at A'di, "Well I don't want you to train it, I want you to teach me so that I can train him." He looks down at the firelizard cradled in his arms, "I gotta figure out his name first."

A'di rubs the back of his head, "Well, when it does something that you want, you reward it with food. They learn pretty quickly that way if you reward them with food. Other than that, I can't really offer up a whole lot of information. I've only trained my bronze, Lumsi mostly ignores me. And even if she did listen to me, she tends to be a little clumsy, I don't think I'd trust her with a job." He shakes his head slowly, "You don't have to name him now."

Jeffin smiles a little bit, "I see well that sounds easy enough. Are dragons that easy to train?" He asks with a chuckle and he looks down at the brown, "How about Cinnamon? I think that's a good name."

A'di shakes his head slowly, "You don't train dragons…you teach them, there's a difference. They're very intelligent, they learn pretty quickly, even if some are more stubborn than others." A look outside, "Cinnamon? That is a good name, I think."

Jeffin nods a little bit, "I see, well you are right dragons are more intelligent." He looks down, "Then your name is Cinnamon."

A'di offers a faint smile, "I named convict that because he looks like a burgler with how dark his eyes are. And Lumsi is short for clumsy. So what are you going to train him to do?"

Jeffin hmms, "I don't know, fetch stuff, act as a messenger for me, maybe find spices I need in the kitchen, although I don't think Master Denna will like that."

"So usual firelizard duties." A'di murmurs half to himself, nodding his head, "I impressed my first firelizard so I could keep in contact with my family. I don't get to see them too often anymore, especially my mom and dad, so it's nice to keep in contact with them through letters."

Jeffin nods, "Well what other things can you train them to do? Oh I definitely want to train him how to breath fire." He ahs, "Do you still write them?"

"Well…" A'di pauses in thought, "They're good for finding things, too. They like shiny things so a lot of them come back with shiny stuff, so you'll probably end up with a little collection of stuff. Sometimes they find important stuff, too."

Jeffin ahs, "Well that could be made into a fun game. I'll hide something and they can find it." He nods, "I've heard that some firelizards love shiny stuff."

"They do enjoy playing games, and eating…and sleeping. That's another way you could train them, too, treat it like a game. They learn pretty quickly that way as well."

Jeffin nods a little bit, "I'll remember that. Is there anything else I should know about the basic care of a firelizard?" He asks as he runs his fingers over Cinnamon's hide.

A'di runs a hand through his hair in thought, "Well, as he gets bigger you're going to have to oil him, reguarly. Especially when the skin gets patchy. Other than that, I can't really think of anything."

Jeffin nods a little bit, "But what about when he's young will I have to oil him then to? I've heard that baby dragons grow fast is that the same for baby firelizards?"

A'di nods his head, "especially when he's young as he's going to be growing a lot. If you don't oil him, his skin could become cracked and he could die. And yes, firelizards grow just as fast, if even faster than dragons."

Jeffin ohs and he hugs his firelizard to him, "I'll make sure to take care of him I don't want to be known as a firelizard killer."

A'di shakes his head, "Well, just be sure to feed him when he's hungry but don't overfeed him and oil him regularly and he should be fine." A'di notes, shuffling his books in his arms in a quiet manner.

Jeffin nods, "Well what about when he goes to the bathroom? Do I have to clean that up too?" He asks as he looks down at the sleeping firelizard.

A'di tilts his head towards Jeffin, "Well, at least until he can go between, but yes, you should clean up after him when he goes to the bathroom." A look outside, "After all, I don't feel like stepping in firelizard waste."

Jeffin nods a little bit, "So maybe feed him and then give him a bath after he goes to the bathroom and then wash him and then oil him." He smiles, "Thanks A'di for all the advice."

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