No Pixie Dust Here (Weyrling Lesson)

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds

Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

The summer day is hazy and hot with towering white clouds drifting slowly through a pale blue sky. Rukbat's glare seems to drain the color from the landscape. The shade under the deep green leaves of the trees would be a welcome relief from the hot glare of the sun, except that the Weyrlings have been assembled out in the open field with their lifemates. All of the AWLMs are here with V'dim and of course the rumor is that the time has come for the dragons to finally do what dragons are meant to do and take to the skies. They've been doing the wing stretching and strengthening exercises since their lifemates hatched, so they ought to be ready. The aged Weyrlingmaster waits until they've all arrived before he speaks, his cheek twitching as it does when he is super-serious (like when isn't he?). "Today your dragons will fly," he says simply. "Warm them up." They know what this means. It begins with wing stretches.

Mur'dah is nervous. Very nervous, as he walks out with Kalsuoth. The brown still wobbles, though it's not as bad as it was when he was young. So maybe the stretches have helped. But Mur'dah's nervousness isn't all for his own brown, as his eyes flick over and around to his friends and clutchmates. He's nervous for them too. Stopping where directed, Mur'dah salutes V'dim and turns to Kalsuoth, watching as the brown extends his sun baked wings and begins to stretch them as he's practiced so often before. « I am excited for this, » Kalsuoth says to his clutchmates, mind alert and happy, breezes over the old growth forest of his thoughts.

Fly, someone said the word fly. This is what Tahryth has caught onto, the green is rather eager while she makes her way along heading towards where they are going and following after Kalsuoth with soft warbles and eager croons escaping her. Her mind is filled with a forest, water trickling through a little brook, a soft blue sky caught between the trees. Idrissa is there after her dragon, looking a bit nervous but she is there. She offers a salute to V'dim, a soft smile seen and she nods a moment before glancing to her dragon. A few slight points seen which makes Tahryth moves apart to give her some space and she is soon stretching her wings, up and down, up and down, and so forth.

As Weyrlinghood treks along, so does M'kal and his growth. Having grown several more inches as well as bulked up a bit in the upper body he now looks a bit more than a gangly teenager. The heat of the day has his shirt off and wrapped around his waist for safe keeping. At the simply description of what today's lesson is for Xeosoth warbles cheerfully and nudges his rider once. Stumbling a bit from the nudge M'kal turns to peer towards the blue before simply nodding at something he says. Tobgether the pair moves out to somewhere that Xeo can start his wing stretches. He sends warm thoughts towards Kalsuoth. « You will do quite well I am sure. It will be easy since we have been stretching our wings. »

This is the day that dragons really become dragons, isn't it? They can hunt from themselves and are growing larger and larger every day. They sure look the part, from towering gold to demure greens. And now … are they truly ready? There's no doubt in Kanekith's mind that he at least is! The bronze's confidence is tangible, a spark of electricity in the air. Or is that just his eagerness? Or Ka'el's for that matter, who is just as confident as his lifemate. Ready? He was hatched ready for this. Just look at those wings! Kanekith isn't spreading them just for show now (although he's very prone to do so) and instead is stretching. Easy warmups. Gentle and superslow wingbeats. Angling juuust right so that the sun hits his translucent wingskin to make bronze shimmer. Ka'el grins to the others. Thumbs up!

Admittedly, the rumor has been that for a while… and yet. Surely this time will be the one! …or maybe it'll be another day of firestone toss and running in circles. Soriana arrives with Luraoth walking beside her, one hand resting against the gold's neck. She's on the shadow side of her dragon, for all the good it does, but at least Luraoth's enjoying the heat. Besides, the rumors have done a fair job of distracting Soriana, and after she salutes V'dim and the AWLMs, she glances briefly to her fellow weyrlings before staring out across the field, looking at nothing in particular as she attempts to not look worried. Luraoth's thoughts are calm, taking in the sun-warmed landscape around them and making it her own. And then… the rumor is true. Soriana's eyes widen, and she looks back to Luraoth as the dragon's calm mental interior dances with a spiral of color and wind swirling out and up. « So am I, » she agrees to Kalsuoth, with a laugh of ringing bells as she begins to stretch her wings. « We will all soar. » Her thoughts brush to each of the others, eager and happy - though Soriana, as she watches her dragon stretch and occasionally comments to her in a soft tone, looks more worried. She can't even really hide it anymore. Luraoth's wings are doing better. They don't look different anymore… that she can see, but what if she's still missing something? What if all those extra wing stretches and exercises weren't enough, and Luraoth won't soar?

Mur'dah mutters to Soriana, "… luck…. sure… just… though…. will."

V'dim has, of course, saluted each arriving pair back and is now ambling casually through the field watching those wing stretches with a hawk's eye. So far he's satisfied with the movements of each young dragon. Isobeth is sitting primly off to one side, tailtip flicking languidly, but her eyes are blue whirls of anticipation. When V'dim deems he's allowed enough time to go by, he claps his hands to get their attention, calling out so his voice will carry across the field and those spaced-apart dragons. "Next warm up exercise: you are to have your lifemates flap their wings and hop - just hop, not fly yet - across the field up and back. Watch how Isobeth does it and have them imitate her please." His dainty green has been waiting for this! She spreads her lily-green wings and hop-hop-hop-hop-hops across the field each time dipping her wings up and down in a slow-motion imitation of flight. Peter Cottontail? Ya got nothin' on her!

Mur'dah shifts his weight a bit, glancing at the others with a smile. Returning Ka'el's thumbs up, the teen then breaks rank to dart over to Soriana, dropping his voice to murmur something to her before he darts back to the brown's side. Kalsuoth's thoughts lift, the black bird in his mind soaring, dancing on imagined drafts of wind over the forest. « We will, » he agrees with his siblings, his eagerness almost tangible. At the next order, Mur'dah thumps Kalsuoth's shoulder and steps back. The brown watches Isobeth go hopping across the bowl, and he warbles with dragonic laughter. Hop? Hop?! He has /totally/ got this. When it's clear for them to do so, he hops forward eagerly. He's a bit wobbly still, one foot always hitting the ground before the other, but with his wings spread and fanning the air, he hop wobbles across the bowl and even Mur'dah can't help but laugh.

Mur'dah mutters to Soriana, "… luck. I'm… fine…"

Tahryth goes about getting her wings all nice and stretched out, muscles limbered up and she warbles a few more times before Idrissa manages to get her to calm down. Silly young dragons. Idrissa glances towards the others, a soft smile and wave offered to the others before she is looking back to take in the directions that are being given. Rissa nods as she listens and soon looks over to her green watching and point towards what Isobeth does. « Yes.. We will /all/ do well! » Tahryth is quick to offer back to her clutch siblings before getting the information on what she is to do. With a shift and wiggle of her wings the green is moving forward, hopping across the bowl and flapping her wings as she goes. Little Dragonfoofoo hopping through the bowl.

"Hop!" M'kal reinforces the words of V'dim to Xeosoth just to ensure. No worries though because once Xeosoth is done stretching he makes no move yet to open his wings up fully. Instead his attention is on the others first as he watches them. They've nearly all gone before he finally simply starts…hopping. M'kal moves to stand next to J'myn and the pair of healer blue riding weyrlings watch their life mates hop with open stretches wings across the bowl. Xeosoth warbles brightly with cheer as he manages to copy the older green of V'dims.

Kanekith continues to stretch until he's instructed he needn't do so anymore. His wings then fold, looking to his rider expectantly. Is it time now? Time to take to the skies and test himself? Not yet. There are still preparations to do! It isn't too often that Ka'el is self-absorbed, but he is with this, having eyes only for Kanekith after his initial grin and thumbs-upping to his weyrlingmates. Kanekith hasn't much to say to his clutchmates either despite their merry announcements and voices of encouragement. The only voice he needs is his rider's, and he receives instructions now, which turn his attention to Isobeth. Hop, hop, hop along dragon! It looks silly. It reminds him of his dear brown brother. But, hey, if it gets him off the ground… His wings spread and he gets to it, mimicking the green just as Ka'el begins to laugh. What? IS HE GETTING LAUGHED AT?! He stops with an indignant SNORT! "No, not you. Keep goin'!" he urges his bronze with a handwave before grinning to Mur'dah. "Obviously this whole time Kalsuoth was just ahead've the game, Mur'dah. He knew what was comin'!"

Soriana looks from Luraoth to Mur'dah, tilting her head closer to him for a moment before smiling (if not looking entirely untroubled) and nodding. "Course," she says before he runs off again to supervise more of Kalsuoth's stretches and her gaze returns to her gold as Luraoth moves. She does look good. One final stretch, and then… time for the next thing! The gold tilts her head with interest at the demonstration, then spreads her wings as her turn comes. Hop? Hop. Hop! Her wings flap with each one, leaping like a dancer on her toes and covering the ground quickly. Soriana smiles again as she watches it. It's not flying yet, but it's almost close enough to pretend.

V'dim watches each dragon, nodding as something only he knows is confirmed. He clears his throat. "Now then. You are to take turns doing this next exercise. You'll have your dragon leap upwards as hard as possible, beat their wings hard - but only three beats, glide to the far side of the field and move aside to clear the way for the next short flight." It is FINALLY time! The Weyrlingmaster's gnarled hand gestures to his lifemate-assistant, "Isobeth?" The green knows what to do! « Do as I do and taste of the air, Little Ones! » her breathy voice is music through grass as she moves to a clear spot, waits for the breeze rising from the beach to quicken, then LEAPS up, flaps once-twice-three times and glides using the wind to prolong her airtime, landing lightly at the far end, flips her wings closed and chirrups to the dragonets. She slips to stand beside V'dim with a pleased purr. She did good?

Mur'dah laughs as well at the sight of all the dragons hopping across the bowl like Kalsuoth. Especially, let's be honest, when Kanekith does it. Hands on his knees, Mur'dah barely contains his laughter, flashing Ka'el a wide, wide grin. "/Obviously!/" he agrees, and maybe there's a part of him that wonders if this really is a real exercise, or if V'dim is being sneaky. Of course to look at the man you could never tell, but Mur'dah has his suspicions now. Kalsuoth pauses, fanning his wings against the air, and then swings his head around to Tahryth. « Would you like to go first? » he offers.

Xeosoth lifts his head up to stare intently towards Isobeth as she demonstrates. His head swings around quickly to look towards Tahryth. He gives her an encouraging rumble for her to go first.

Idrissa glances over to Mur'dah, a smile seen as she catches sight of him actually laughing, which to her is a good thing. Her attention is back to Tahryth whom is back before her, wings wiggling and she shifts to look over to Isobeth. The new instructions are given, and at the offer to go first from Kalsuoth she croons out. « If you are sure? » There is a moment to make sure of this before the green is turning about and moving forward into the field a few steps, her wings tuck close while she goes through the pattern in her mind before she leaps up into the air. Tahryth's wings flap once-twice-three times before she is gliding towards the open area of the bowl thanks to a nice gust of warm air. Thoughts of a happy stream are flowing through her mind, moving through forest down a crooked path while she bugles out until her feet touch solid ground again.

Kanekith finishes the hop-flap exercise, though only after making positively sure that Ka'el's laughter wasn't directed at him! He lumbers back to his rider, head lowering to give him a rough but affectionate headbump to the chest before awaiting futher instructions. And … yes! These are the instructions he's been waiting for! Eager dragon eyes watch Isobeth, his clawed feet dancing excitely on the ground as he shifts his weight. Up! Up! He wants to go up with her! Wooooah, look at that! His own wings spread and give a beat. He wants to go! What are they all waiting for? Passing up the opportunity, for what? Tahryth is lucky she went for he was one second away from barging past them all to give it a go! But, as it is, he still shows little patience after the green agrees to take her turn, and he steps forward too, watching her first flight. You know what this calls for? A little bit of Kanekith in the air! The large bronze seems to crouch a bit then launches himself up heavily, wings beating hard. Miraculously, he only does so three times as instructed, all paws off the ground and higher! Look, ma, I'm flyin'! I'm flyin'! Well, gliding now as he catches the summer's breeze with a triumphant call. "Yeah! Go Kanekith!" Now please don't crash into Tahryth.. -.-;;

Luraoth spreads her wings halfway as she watches Isobeth demonstrate, curved up over her sides like the lifted arms of a ballerina resting over her head - but they remain there for a while, because at Kalsuoth's suggestion, she nods her head. « Fly, sister! » she sends to the green, and watches eagerly as Tahryth does so - and then as Kanekith just can't wait. Soriana frowns at that, glancing to Ka'el before returning her attention to the landing zone. Will Tahryth move in time, or are they gonna need a whooole lot of numbweed in another moment?

V'dim's watching those first flights closely, but at the same time affectionately petting the sinuous green neck half-curled around him. Ahem! No one saw the gruff Weyrlingmaster being all soft did they? The warm approval for Tahryth in his eyes turns to sharp wariness as Kanekith launches. His arm swings, motioning the green off the landing zone, but it is Isobeth's warble of warning that rings out rather than the 'master's shout. A hiss of spring snow - ice pellets that rattle against Tahryth’s forested paths - warn the green to « RUN!!! »

Mur'dah stiffens in worry when Kanekith decides to leap after, before Tahryth has cleared the area. But he's seen the green move /pretty/ quickly, so he's confident she'll get out of the way in time. Still, he shoots a glance at Idrissa and then at Ka'el. "Just couldn't wait," he mutters under his breath.

Being one of the last to try the move, Xeosoth finally copies the moves of the older green and his clutch sibs. It's not the best first attempt but he finally does as instructed. The large blue leaps upwards as hard as he can, the effort nearly making his eye cross as he does and he leaps with the three flaps and then gliiiiiiides to land near the others.
M'kal holds his breath until he sees Xeosoth land and then it is let out with a whoosh.

Idrissa grins as she watches Tahryth take to the air. "Look at her." Is said with a happy tone, clearly thrilled at her dragon's work. Her attention is pulled to the side and she blinks while sending a glance towards Kanekith, a slight yell escaping her, she is a wee bit upset over such a move. Tahryth twists about, feet kicking up dirt once she lands and she turns to look back towards her rider and the others very happy with herself. Though now there is a rather large bronze flying /rock/ heading her way. There is a sharp warble of worry and she is scrambling backwards, stumbling in her steps and falling backwards as a results, though at least she is out of stomping range so to speak, well most of her at least, perhaps that tail of hers would get in the way depending on where about Kanekith truly lands.

Kanekith is a flying…graceful…uh, thing, thank you very much. Not a rock! See how well he can fly? (ok, glide but let's not get technical here!) Even the sun shines a spotlight on him, if only in his own mind! The only thing marring this glorious moment is the sudden onslaught of a prickly feeling from his rider. And a yell from someone. And a loudness by Isobeth! What di he do? He has plenty of time be-.. oh wait. He's going faster than he realized. And there's Tahryth, in the way! Ok, how does he turn? His wings flap once and he wobbles in his descent, trying to veer but not quite knowing exactly how to do so. Luckily, Tahryth is a quick little thing and gets out of the way before the big brute can squish her! As for that tail? Also unsquished, though his landing is less than graceful and he stumbles against her in the process. Not quite crashing, though not quite clearing either. Ka'el winces, celebration gone upon realization of how early Kanekith was in taking off and how catastrophic a true crash might have been. "Sorry! Are you alright?" -.-;;;

Luraoth's wings fold back against her body as Kanekith glides closer to Tahryth, and she leans forward on her paws. Flying may be the dream, but at the moment, running is still the practical thing for this dragon. Soriana takes a step forward, giving Ka'el another look and a frown that fades somewhat when she sees his wince before looking back to the dragons. She doesn't come any closer, but Luraoth's thoughts are there, light as a breeze and checking to make sure they're okay. Which… they are. Soriana sighs. "Coulda been bad," she says to nobody in particular.

V'dim should be livid. But he isn't. He is, however, very grim as not one dragon, but three are in the space where one should be. Thankfully Xeosoth has landed short and so the only real danger is a body-slam landing by Kanekith upon Tahryth. These are babies, they're going to be awkward and excited, so the Weyrlingmaster doesn't fault them. Their riders are another story. "Hold up!" he barks of the ones waiting to try their wings. Leveling a crooked finger at first Ka'el and then M'kal he drops his voice so he's ice-cold serious rather than screaming banshee. "You cannot get so caught up in your lifemate's excitement that you allow foolish impulse to endanger them, others - and possibly yourselves." Yeah, he knows they know what almost happened, so that's all he says, his narrow-eyed glare pretty much warning them not to be stupid again. They'd better take flying seriously! Mr. Now Grouchy motions them off the landing zone and looks to the next dragon to fly.

M'kal's eyes widen as he holds up a hand in protest at being pointed at. "Xeosoth is no danger." he says quickly. But he does move quickly away and gestures for Xeosoth to move away so others can land.

Mur'dah nods, "Could've been really bad," he says, glancing at Ka'el again with a little frown. But he bites his tongue and says nothing, looking at M'kal, and then at Soriana. "Mind if we go next?" he asks quietly. And assuming she says yes, he'll nod to Kalsuoth. The small brown rumbles softly to his clutchmates and then steps forward, spreading his wings and looking at each one to make sure he has enough room. Everyone good? Excellent. Crouching, he kicks off into the air and gives one, two, three flaps of his wings. They are powerful downbeats and he achieves a nice height before he glides across the bowl to land. It's a bit wobbly, and a bit lopsided, but overall not too bad and Mur'dah looks like he'll faint from relief as the brown hops clear of the landing space so the next dragon can go.

Idrissa is keeping herself put instead of running towards her dragon seeing how there isn't a smooshed green out there at the moment. Tahryth warbles out as she is back up on her feet, though soon she is hissing at Kanekith, her eyes a swirl of orange as anger is creeping in. No words are sent towards her /rock/ of a sibling while she gives her wings a shake, which from the looks of things are all right even after her stumbling over her own feet to escape the collision. Rissa is quiet while she just watches, a frown seen as she sends a glance towards Ka'el and then Soriana, yeah that could have been really bad. Tahryth is shifting on her paws, moving past Lauroth, tail flicking as she moves back to her rider. « I'm fine. » Is offered to her golden clutchmate. Once at her riders side Tahryth lowers her head and there are a few hugs shared.

Meh. Ka'el is silent under V'dim's reprimand, and though the desire to look at the ground is there, he does not. Maybe it's Kanekith's stubbornness rubbing off on him. Maybe he's just getting too old to shrink beneath reprimand. Or maybe he's merely showing that he is taking this seriously and is listening by looking him in the eye. Whatever the cause, the effect is a stone-faced bronzeling who in the end nods once to the weyrlingmaster. "Yessir." Got it, and he really does. His eyes flit away once his do, finding Mur'dah first and answering his frown with a 'I dare you to say something. Anything' narrowing of his eyes. And oh look! Disapproving looks all around! Thanks, guys. He looks briefly skyward in an eyeroll he doesn't bother veiling before looking to M'kal, then Xeosoth. Kanekith gives his body a shake. He did good, right? What's with the bad vibes? A snorted grunt is offered to the offended Tahryth, words lacking. He clears off the landing area to make room for the next fliers and heads back to his rider. He did good, riiiight? Nudgenudge.

"Go for it," Soriana says to Mur'dah with a smile that's almost… grateful? Maybe that's just the relief that there wasn't a major crash… or maybe it really is gratitude, because really, she'd kind of rather wait and have Luraoth go last, just in case the gold's attempt is a major crash. The dragonhealers cleared Luraoth for attempting flight, but… well. Things can always go wrong, and Sori'd rather not have everyone watching because they're waiting for their turn. Really, Ka'el shouldn't be surprised at getting a frown from her; it's not so much reprimand as… concern. She's a dragonhealer. She's seen what crashes can do to dragons. It isn't pleasant… no matter the size of the dragons, and M'kal's attempt to say otherwise makes her frown rather more, shaking her head at the bluerider. Luraoth sends a warm glow of gold to Tahryth. « I am glad, » she says, and then her attention drifts to Kanekith to add, « You fly well, but you must be careful of your wings. » With that is a mental image of dragons tangled on landing, plucked from her rider's mind. The gold watches as Kalsuoth leaps and glides, and as he touches down, her thoughts reach out toward him with a bright golden ribbon. « Well done, brother! » Pink twines with the gold as she asks, « Are you clear? » Just making sure that her hopping sibling's not in the way, and once he confirms that, Luraoth glances down to Soriana, who nods. It's go time. Soriana holds her breath as Luraoth steps forward. Ready? Oh, yes! She leaps to the air, and her wings beat it evenly - once. Twice. A third time. She does not veer to the side. She does not drift or corkscrew off into a spiral. The wind supports her under matching sails, and she glides gracefully across the field, landing at the far edge of the landing zone, toes touching the ground and then a step forward to rest easily on her paws as Soriana lets out that breath in a whoosh of relief.

There's a grudging respect from V'dim's grey eyes as Ka'el's gaze remains locked with his, though his flick sharply back to M'kal when the Weyrling argues. His mouth remains a flat line instead of opening to further chide the poor Weyrling. His gaze and attention swing back to the far end of the field where it is fixed intently upon Kalsuoth, the Weyrlingmaster's giving those hind legs of the brown some rather close scrutiny as he kicks off to launch. The pinched brow relaxes as the brown's wings beat strongly and his mouth actually twitches as the glide carries him across the field to land. He nods, satisfied and then his eyes are upon Luraoth. He too, seems to be holding his breath and doesn't exhale until the young gold lands. He's actually smiling - which might actually be a frightening thing to see from a man who rarely does. Pacing to a spot where they can all hear him, there is both relief and approval in his dry-voiced, "Your dragons flew very well today. But they are still not ready for you to mount them. They may however, do this exercise daily - under the supervision of one of the AWLMs - and go a little further and higher each time. Now, they'll need a little oil massage of those shoulder and wing muscles and a once-over of their wings." What? Yeah, they hardly flew anywhere, but it's a good habit to start. He salutes the group and leaves them with the AWLMs and their elation.

Mur'dah just shakes his head a bit, looking away from Ka'el with a sigh and slumped shoulders. Here we go again? But then he has other things to focus on other than the drama and Ka'el's shifting personality. And that's Kalsuoth, and the teen rushes forward to grab that narrow muzzle, hugging it tightly and murmuring all sorts of praises. Perhaps to hide his relief that his dragon /can/ do something right. Turning, the pair both watch Luraoth fly and when she lands Kalsuoth roars his congratulations to his physical therapy partner and Mur'dah exhales the breath he'd been holding for her entire flight. "Well, we all did it," he says with a crooked grin, thumping Kalsuoth's neck as they walk back towards the others. (Hop.) "We're real dragons now." Saluting V'dim as he leaves, he stands on the outskirts of the group and tries to gauge the mood. Especially between Ka'el and Idrissa.

M'kal's expression falls a bit as too soon the lesson is being drawn to a halt. Already regretting his rash words of argument, M'kal is now studiously studying the tip of his boots. He's not saying anything else nope! Instead he and Xeosoth move to the barracks together for some oil massage because Xeosoth is not one to turn /that/ down!

Idrissa is listening to the lesson while she is looking over Tahryth, checking her wings, paws, sides, tail and the whole bit, which the green doesn't seem to thrilled with but stays put allowing the look over. At the talk of oiling and so forth she nods while giving her dragon a soft pat against the neck. "Come on.." As for Ka'el she watches him a moment, will he say something? Will she give him the chance too? Doesn't seem like at the moment as the pair are moving off to get that oiling in. "Good job everyone. I knew we could do it." Well she did say /everyone/ at least!

"Yeah. Y'did good … but.." There's that 'but'. Ka'el's hands lift a little and press against either side of Kanekith's grand head, guiding it further down to look him in the eyes and continue the conversation privately. But you have to wait. But you must show patience. But you must be careful. But .. oh there are so many buts! One of which was supposed to be 'but you must apologize' … but … it doesn't quite make it out of the depths of his mind. Kanekith listens, aided by the flashes of things sent by Luraoth. Injury. Entanglement. A lack of flying. He doesn't want that. "But you really did do good," Ka'el can't help but to reiterate, his grin returning cookedly, and his hands slide from his dragon's cheeks to instead rub his nose affectionately and consolingly. Attention is given back to the flying, seeing Luraoth successfully glide, which is a likely relief to everyone present. And then .. lesson over? Aww, whaaaat? Just one more time! Instuctions are noted, although a questioning look is given to Kanekith. They were merely off the grounds for seconds! But he's not going to question. Nope! He already got The Look from V'dim. Which is just as intimidating as The Smile. Ka'el watches Idrissa go, and if there was any intention of pumping some life into that apology idea, well, there it went with her!

There were plenty of eyes on Luraoth despite them having waited until last, but as it turns out, once the gold was actually flying (flying!) Soriana didn't notice any of them, because her own were there so intently. She grins wide, Kalsuoth's bellow in one ear, and Luraoth answers it with a full-throated trill as she turns and comes back for Soriana who's headed out to meet her. The gold trills again, softer this time, as she nuzzles her head against Soriana, and the weyrling grins as she trails her fingers out along the leading edge of Luraoth's wing, feeling all those places she so carefully helped to stretch during all that PT. "Well done," she murmurs softly, and turns to listen to V'dim's instructions. Just a little more each time… yeah. Just like in that physical therapy. A little more, and a little more, and before you know it, why, the sky's the limit!

Literally. Mur'dah nods a little bit and glances at the others, exhaling heavily. "I need a drink," he murmurs, patting Kalsuoth's neck. "Let's get them oiled and then I'll buy a round?" They can drink a bit now, right?

They had better be able to drink now, for Ka'el has had a pint or two on occasion! Not enough to have any effect on Kanekith, or even much on himself for that matter, but a drink is a drink and he's definitely wanting (or is that needing?) one now. But the thought of unwinding with Mur'dah… "Have one for me," he says to the population in general, eyes on no one in particular as he touches fingertips to Kanekith's chin in silent gestue. Time to go, buddy. "We've work to do." On quiet things with no details forthcoming on what they may be. "Congratulations." His eyes flit to Soriana, the word likely meant for her and Luraoth, though that's again left to interpetation due to the general way it's tossed to all present. And he and Kaneketh move off.

"First the oiling," Soriana says to Mur'dah, then grins. "But yeah." Celebratory drinking! Sounds like a plan to her. So, uh, today Soriana's up for drinks and Ka'el isn't. What is the world coming to? She looks his way, head tilted slightly to the side, then nods as her eyes meet his. "You too," she says quietly… whether it's meant for her or not. She trails her fingers along the curve of Luraoth's neck, meeting her eyes to those of the gold for a smiling moment, then turns. "C'mon then." The dragons have flown. The oil awaits. Tomorrow they'll fly even further, and someday they'll soar through the clouds, but today, they flew.

Mur'dah's expression falls when he's rebuffed by Ka'el, his hope of getting back to an even keel with his friend (???) over an ale left in tatters at his refusal. Sigh. But at least Soriana took him up on it, and he gives her a little smile. "Deal," he says, before he's following them back to the barracks for the oiling. Then the drinking.

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