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Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

// Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.//

Settled in the dimmest portion of the cavern, Kera sits well away from the couple of fire pits that are going even in the middle of summer. Today she's wearing a very wide brimmed hat, as if trying to hide her face, a half eaten meal is nudged to the side of the table to make room for a heavy book and her notepad. She makes little scribbles, with a very unique pen that looks like an old style syringe. Minimur is trying to curl up in front of her, on the small space between her and the books, extending his little muzzle to rub against Kera's cheek. "Owe, quit it." is muttered as she absentmindedly scratches his knubby head.

Kiena is coming in from the outdoors today, rather than from within where the administration hallway rests and her office therein. Did she escape? Not really. Just that luck would have it that whatever duties that called the Weyrsecond away meant to actually go out in the sun and warmth! Never mind she didn't enjoy any of it, but that's besides the point, right? She's up and moving and it's change from the usual dull, monotony of paperwork. Now she plans to celebrate with a quick bite of food and some drinks and Kiena would have continued on towards the serving tables if she didn't so happen to cast a quick look to that dim portion of the cavern. What does she spy? A hat. A very wide brimmed one. Strange, that a hat like that is worn indoors. Curious, the Weyrsecond deviates and approaches slowly, head tilted down a bit in an attempt to figure out who is possibly wearing it. "G'day to you! …" Pause and she peers a little closer. "… Kera?" Is she right?

Kera stops scritching Minimur and flicks to the next page, her gaze following the words ling over the page. Every so often she scribbles more notes for herself and is distracted so Kiena sneaks right up on her, even though the little brown churls a soft little greeting. Kera's head jerks up, and then it becomes apparent why she's hiding her face. Hair pulled into a ponytail, her face, with the exception of where her flight goggles rest, is red…very, very red. She also seem to have a little soothing mixtures spread over the affected skin. Sighing, since there is no use to continue hiding once she's been spotted. The hat is dragged off and tossed to an empty chair. "Yea, Hi Kiena." She flicks her fingers towards the chairs "Join me if ya like."

Kiena's eyes drift briefly to the book Kera is scribbling in and so she isn't prepared to see just how red the green rider's skin has become. She'll start a bit, eyes wide with surprise and then wincing in sympathy. Ow? "Shards 'n shells," she mutters low. She's not about to screech out loud for all to hear! Sinking into a chair (don't mind if she does join!), Kiena will peer at Kera's sunburned skin and then grimace all the more. "What'd you do? Fall asleep in the sun? Y'alright?" Valid question, right? She knows Kera is a Healer, but who heals the Healer? "… that why you had the hat, I guess."

Kera mutters and cuts her eyes around the cavern after Kiena's exclamation then cast a glare down to the hat "Lotta good it does me now, should have had it earlier." A little shake of her head, "Good guess but no. Moncerath and I were flying with Asteroid, learning the area, for several candlemarks of straight flight. Mostly into the sun with not a cloud in sight." Plucking a fried tubor strip from her plate, she chews it with a frown "It'll be fine in a few days. I'm glad the goggles block as much as they do. It was a silly mistake really. I was just sorta scattered brained this morning." Kera shrugs it off, not offering a smile since that would sting a bit even with the soothing mix spread lightly across her burn.

Kiena smirks, "I was just about to point that out…" About the hat and how it is a bit too late for it now. Only she was being nice and trying not to be too snarky with her humour. There's another wince and a muttered curse. "So windburn and sunburn? Jays… Unlucky." Maybe Kiena doesn't feel so bad now about not having had a chance to go flying lately now. "Scatterbrained?" she asks, only to clue in a moment later. "Ahh. Adjusting to your Wing, are you? How're you liking it so far? Asteroid, right?" As Weyrsecond, she'd know but she figures it's still polite of her to inquire. There's a shrug then, "We all make mistakes like that. Glad it'll be cleared up in a few days for ya. See you got some of the cream there. Can't use numbweed too?"

Kera smirks at Kiena, sorta. She thinks better of it very quickly, and reaches to keep a little brown snout from nuzzling her cheek. A quick nod as the weyrsecond guesses the rest. Leaning back in her chair, her notes seem to be forgotten for the moment, "Asteroid yea, I'm starting to get the hang of the routine. Moncerath and me have been working most of the this sevenday learning more terrain. And next working infirmary shifts." Dropping her gaze from Kiena to her book "So I'm reviewing…or trying to." A little eye roll before grabbing another bite from her plate. "I'ld swear I read this page at least four times already." Marking her place, she closes the book with a loud *twhunk* and drops her notebook on top, then her capped syringe pen. "So I give up for now." Huffing from the reaction someone passing the table has to her odd burn, she turns in the chair to face the wall a bit more. "Hmm, oh yea. I did add a bit of numbweed with the aloe. Wouldn't be able to talk much otherwise." She goes to laugh and winces, quickly changing her mind on the laughing or smiling idea for now. "You glad to be out of the office for a bit?"

"I enjoyed being in Asteroid myself, back when I was just a Smithcrafter and Craftrider. It's a good Wing," Kiena murmurs and then nods her head as she listens, only to laugh with a look of understanding to the book Kera has just closed. "Shells, you do not have to tell me how that feels. I've probably done the same with a few reports and records I've had to read. Sometimes there's just no point…" Clearly the Weyrsecond is not one to go to for support in getting work done! She's such an enabler for break time! When Kera turn shed chair after a look from a passerby, Kiena frowns (and maybe scowls at the one who couldn't keep their staring controlled!). "… it's really not that bad." she says softly, meaning the burn and assuming that the greenrider is a bit sensitive (in more ways than one!) about it. There's another flinch when Kera's laughter causes her discomfort and Kiena exhales as she slumps a bit in her chair. "Am I ever! Been feeling a bit stir crazy of late, what with the additional workload. It's not that much but it's enough, y'know? Been trying to juggle that, the Weyr Games, time with my girls… 'n everything else in between…" It's a lot to have on one's plate!

Kera nods slightly "It won't be as noticeable in a couple of days. And I learned I'll need to add a scarves as a regular part of flight gear." An amused wink is flashed across the table, wince free since her eyes were not burned. Fiddling with her plate, she plucks strips of seasoned meat and nibbles on them, tearing off a strip to share with Minimur. Lifting her gaze to Kiena as she nibbles and listens an agreeable little grunt around her bite of food, before she can speak "Summer being in full swing isn't helping either. So nice out and being stuck in with reports…bah." Glancing around, she rolls her eyes then makes a silly face to someone going by who does a doubletake at her odd sunburn. Then, for good measure, she sticks her tongue out. Okie, not very mature, but she's having an off day. "How well did you do at the games? I saw you with a bow, think you could give me a few lessons? Combat training wasn't my strong point in weyrlinghood."

Kiena chuckles dryly. "As much as the scarves and face masks are annoying to wear, especially in this heat, they serve a purpose!" she muses, not exactly chiding Kera as she is teasing the greenrider. Live and learn! And she's definitely learned from this, so the Weyrsecond isn't going to harass her on it. "Please, don't remind me! I've already missed out on so many of the better days this summer season," she grumbles, but it's all in good fun. Kera's off day behavior to another passerby has Kiena quirking a brow as she peers at her and then brushes it aside as not that unusual. She'd be insecure too! "Probably better if you ignore 'em, y'know?" Because that always works, right? Pfft. "I've only won the Archery competition and I swear that was by fluke. I've competed in mud wrestling and had Ujinath in the fire breathing and aerial races. No such luck there!" She smirks and then blinks. Her? Train with a bow? "Ahh… I dunno, Kera. I'm not that skilled, really and so rarely practice. I could probably teach you the basics but beyond that? Dunno."

Mur'dah trails dust and the scent of between behind him as he walks into the caverns. Pausing at the entrance he sheds his riding jacket and hangs it, before he's meandering between the tables. Spying Kera and Kiena, he heads in their direction with a smile. "Hello, ladies," he greets cheerily, before bending to offer Kiena a kiss. "Either of you want anything?" He tips his head towards the food and drink tables, where he will soon be getting Things!

Kera shrugs with a half hearted snort over the suggestion to ignore the odd looks to her odd sunburn. "Well then I'ld just have to ignore the whole cavern." Pondering the weyrgames Kiena entered, her heads dips forward a couple of times "Moncerath and I competed in one of the aerial games. We had a bit of a slow time, but I didn't want her to scrape a wing along the spires." She makes a couple of gestures with her arms "Hers being a bit on the large side for size." Kera shrugs it off and flashes fingers to Mur'dah when the brownrider approaches to table. "Hi…no thanks, I'm good with this." Having pushed her book aside, she tugs her plate back over. alternating between offering food to her lizard and eating a little herself. Staring at her plate a moment, she finally gives her head a shake "Um.. oh right. We'll have to see when we can work out some freetime at the same time."

Kiena chuckles, "That's the unfortunate draw back." she admits with a grimace. "Folk'll stare. It's just what they do, y'know? And nothing's meant by it really." She's trying to help! There's a grin, "Ahh, was that when you and the rest of the Weyrlings came? I think we all competed in that race, unless you've been signing up for others with Moncerath. Good on you to keep a level head though and not risk her health." Or both of them! The Weyrsecond is pleased and impressed, even if it meant no winning ribbon for Xanadu. Better to have a whole and uninjured rider and dragon pair, after all! "Are Moncerath's wings that much larger?" she asks curiously, only to hear a familiar voice. Grinning, she turns her head up and just in time to return Mur'dah's kiss. "Hello good sir!" she teases him and she'll let Kera accept or decline the offer first before adding in her answer. "Whatever looks good? Not picky, but I should eat and if you're offering…" She'll take advantage of that! "… and an ale! Small pint." Do those exist? "Thanks, Mur'dah. Join us, too?" Glancing back to Kera, Kiena nods and then rubs sheepishly at the back of her neck. "It'll be difficult but I'm sure we'll have some free time line up. Again… I dunno how much I can teach you…"

Mur'dah nods his head when Kera declines, and squeezes Kiena's shoulder. "Small pint?" he teases. "A pint's a pint, Weyrsecond." Amused, he turns to fetch them both plates of food, balancing them on top of pints of ale. He's not gone long, before returning and setting everything down, sliding into a chair beside Kiena and tucking eagerly into his meal. "What else is going on at the Games? You guys know?"

Kera nods agreeably to Kiena "Almost like she needs to grow into them a bit more, but she's fully grown. They've always had that proportion." Shrugging it off since it doesn't slow the green down any. "I personally think she's faster than the blues from her clutch because of it." She won't be so bold as to boast Moncerath can beat all blues though. When Mur'dah returns, her little brown chitters a flitty greeting to the brownrider then proceeds to groom his muzzle from the meaty treat. A negative headshake at his question "Not much really, Kiena was just telling me what events she entered."

Kiena snorts towards Mur'dah before he heads off, "And I'll remind you not to be so smart with your Weyrsecond, Wingrider!" she fires back, but her words are drawled in an almost sing-song, lazy fashion which pegs them as completely in jest. The bluerider is in full swing today with her humour, rank or not. She'll flash a grin to Mur'dah and extend to Kera, followed by a quick wink before she sobers. "Each dragon is different. If it doesn't affect Moncerath's flight, then that's probably how her wings are meant to be. Green's are naturally the quickest. Ujinath's not too big for a blue but he's leaner than most and his tail is whip-cord long." she explains, even holding out her hands to show the measurement differences. "S'what makes him, him, y'know? Right, Mur'dah?" Because she's totally going to toss him into the conversation unprepared as she reaches to take her plate and pint of ale from him with a crooked smile and quick murmured thanks. "Your guess is as good as mine. S'True, I was telling Kera about the events we'd done before. I just… haven't had the time to get back out to Ista. I really hope not to miss the mock Threadfall."

Mur'dah nods, "And Kalsuoth's got that weird hop-walk thing he does. So yeah, they're all a little weird. Oh yeah? When's that? I still need to do my nude sand sculpture." Maybe. Someday. If he stops being so lazy about it.
Kera 's gaze drifts from Kiena to Mur'dah as the conversation progresses as they explain the oddities of their own dragonmates. "I don't consider anything wrong with her cause of her wingsize. But I do try to take it into consideration up there, such as rounding those spires and giving them plenty of clearance." A quick flick upwards of some fingers and she fall silent a moment, then arching a brow as she almost misses something "The games are still going on? I thought they wrapped up with the mudwrestling you entered."

Kiena smiles widely and warmly to Kera, "Wasn't saying there's anything wrong with Moncerath. She's a good, strong green and you're well matched to her. Was just pointing out how they're all… unique in their own way. Kind of like us, y'know? Shells, if you wanna see really odd… y'ought to see my brother's bronze." Who got all the short ends of every stick as far as looks go. She waves a hand dismissively and then tucks into the meal Mur'dah brought for her. When he brings up the sand sculpture, she flicks a crumb of food at him. "And what if it's a family competition?" she mutters at him, but her grin says she's amused otherwise. Glancing sidelong to Kera, she shakes her head. "Oh no. The Games are still going! Mudwrestling was just one of the bigger events cause of the popularity. Plenty more still going on, when folks have time to gather! Y'know… I think I am going to aim for mock Threadfall. I'm Weyrsecond. I can lead, right?" Never mind she's a bluerider and in old tradition she wouldn't. Heck, she wouldn't be riding blue! It'd have been scandalous, a woman on a fighting dragon! For shame.

Mur'dah shrugs, grin crooked for Kiena. "Everyone's seen boobs before." Right? "Of course you can lead mock Threadfall. If Ka'el's here with his kid…why wouldn't you? You should." He smiles at Kera too, and then with eyes unfocusing he's sighing, gulping his ale and shoveling the rest of his meal. "Sorry, ladies, but just got another call. See you both later!" A smile for Kera, a kiss for Kiena, and he's gone, leaving the remains of his plate for Minimur.

Kera awws softly, but a quick headshake at something Mur'dah says "I think he mentioned he was taking a short leave of absence..?" Looking to Kiena for confirmation a quick shrug lifts her shoulders briefly. "At least that was the impression I got." Waving to Mur'dah as he excuses himself and murmuring "Thanks…later." to the food offered to Minimur. The brown waste no time considering his luck, before hovering over the still warm eats. Focusing on the Weyrsecond again. "What other events are still scehduled? Besides the Mock Thread?"

Kiena clucks her tongue at Mur'dah and gives him a playful elbow to the side. "Yeah! But doesn't mean you stick 'em on your sculpture." she muses and takes a sip of her ale, only to smirk. "Why wouldn't I? There's reasons, but I'm going to try! Seems only right that Xanadu's got a say in it, eh? Can't let the other Weyrs have all the fun and glory." She looks a little disappointed when Mur'dah sighs and gets to his feet. She'll kiss him back and hastily whisper something to him. "Busy, busy." Kiena muses, "Clear skies, Mur'dah!" Glancing back to Kera, the Weyrsecond nods heir head. "Mhm, you got it right! Leave of absence. Which is why I've been busier than late with work." she muses. Speaking of which… work is calling! Or Ujinath is, at least and now it's Kiena's turn to sigh. "Shards… can't even have a meal in peace! Sorry Kera. I'll talk to you later? Hope your burn heals quick. Take care, alright? Maybe I'll catch you at the Games?" Kiena mumbles around mouthfuls of food, all of which she washes down with the last of her ale as she pushes to her feet. "Clear skies, Wingrider." she says with a crooked grin, tipping off a salute that is also a half wave before she's hurrying out of the caverns.

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