Missive to Healer Hall (Vignette)

OOC: Understand that while Cyrus IC dislikes most of you intensely that I greatly enjoy hanging out and rping with all you crazy Xanadians! You are a creative fun bunch and I like you all very much.

My Dear Masters,

I am writing to you once again emphatically requesting that you put through my reassignment paperwork.

I feel that I have learned everything that I can possibly learn about weyr life. I am strongly inclined to believe that whatever purpose you had in me coming here has most certainly been fulfilled, and I’m ready to move on to other educational opportunities, perhaps in a nice quiet hold somewhere.

I don’t believe that I can help these people anymore. I don’t want to help these people anymore. I’m not sure that I ever really did help them. For a mindhealer to be useful the people have to want help, and the people of Xanadu most certainly do not want help.

You asked me to come here to work on my ‘social skills’ but I have found the locals have less social skills than I do. I fail to see how I can learn to do this here. The people here behave little better than animals and don’t get me started on dragons.

I have made something of a friend while I have been here, if you must know, and it will help me to be transferred out of here.

Her name is Kera, and she is a good apprentice, and a very fine person. She has been very kind to me since I arrived here and I had very high hopes for her future. Unfortunately, she decided to follow a different path. My greatest regret was that was unable to stop her and now it is too late. I blame myself. If I had been a better teacher she would have been able to have more facts and would have made a better choice, but now it’s too late.

I know as healers we should look at the consequences of our mistakes and learn from them, but I am begging you not to make me stay here and watch her become one of them. It’s too painful and I can’t do it. The thought ties my stomach in knots. I’ve felt sick to my stomach since her graduation and every day that passes it gets worse.

I can’t help her. Even though I wish with all my heart I could.

I can’t help them.

I won’t do this anymore.

Please relieve me of my position and assign me elsewhere.

I await your quick reply.

Very Respectfully,

Cyrus, Journeyman Healer assigned to Xanadu Weyr.

Please let this happen soon.

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