Weyrling Graduation

Xanadu Weyr – Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Its a perfect spring day at Xanadu - the sky is clear, the wind is gentle, and its neither too warm nor too cool. As Rukbat has been drifting across the sky, evening is approaching, and a bonfire has been built up on the beach, various games set here and there, as the Weyrfolk begin to filter down to the sandy stretch. A large banner, one which declares 'Congratulations Weyrlings' has been hung, and the Weyrlingstaff and other members of the Weyr leadership are gathered around in conversation. Its a perfect day for graduation.

Ninkasith charges for the water, bugling her joy at the prospect of a swim—proceedings on the beach notwithstanding. Let the humans have their little ceremonies, now it's time for fun!

Jessa saunters down to the beach with her bonded, clad in her favored white cotton blouse, crimson linen skirt, and sandals. Instead of its usual runnertail, though, she's fixed her hair up in a sort of half up-do, with part pulled up and away from her face in a bun, and the rest left to hang loosely down her back. She can't help smiling as she looks at those gathering on the beach, and then to Ninkasith. Her azure eyes twinkle like a starry night, clouding over for a moment with a silent interchange between dragon and rider. She murmurs softly, "Where does the time go… seems like just yesterday you were hatched, Ninka."

Ninkasith halts her charge to the water, sand spraying up from her where her claws dig into the shore. For a moment, it is reminiscent of her Hatching, as she teeters forward before righting herself. Her large, wedge-shaped head swivels to look back over her shoulder at her rider, eyes whirling with happy shades of turquoise and chiffon.

Niva is there, as she should be, with her youngest child and her Weyrmate at her side, Cavin looking quite ansty to go play some of those games while the adults talk amongst themselves. After a soft chuckle, and a kiss to each of them, C'ian and Cavin are sent on their way to go test out some of the games, while Niva starts taking note of the arrivals, nodding to the various riders as they pass nearby.

Arm in arm do Moria and K'ael arrive, dressed up even if the event is supposed to be informal. Moria was promised an excuse to wear dressy clothes, and this is it! The crafter looks about excitedly, murmuring to K'ael, "I'm so glad they are finally graduating! I know my family is looking forward to R'shed being able to visit them again." Scanning the crowd, she seeks out her brother, trying to see where he is.

Thea is there off to one side conversing with the Werysecond, waiting for things to get started. The nursery is closed for the event, so she's got Marella, having given the wriggly Muir over to D'had's care. She notes the arrival of the Weyrlings with a nod and a smile through the crowd for the ones that are her friends. Spotting Jessa, she gives the girl a little wave and then Phylicia gets a thumbs up, while she raises up on tiptoes to espy N'shen. "I don't see him yet, do you?" This in a muttered aside to her weyrmate.

It's a trail of Weyrlings to be sure, as one by one the pairs straggle out from the direction of the Weyrling quarters. One of the next pair to come is Phylicia, trailed after by Fauikith. The small young woman is dressed in what used to be her Weyr-Bound outfit prior impression and all the intense work. But today, both of them freshly bathed and oiled or otherwise groomed to an acceptable feminine point she looks around the crowd for the people that she knows. Thea gets a quiet laugh at the thumbs up, while she looks at Moria and blinks for a moment, noting whom the glasscrafter seems to have come with.

It may be casual, but that didn't mean K'ael should come to the graduation in his work clothes either. Especially since he was a wingleader and all and should be setting a good example. The bronzer is letting Moria lead him through the crowd as she looks for her brother. They happen to pass by a buffet table in the meantime, and K'ael scoops up a handful of cheeses to munch on. He nods to the craft. "Mm. I bet they are."

D'had shakes his head as dark eyes scan the gathering crowd. "Not yet," is his muttered reply to Thea as he tries to shift the boy in his arms to get a better hold on him and his wiggling self.

G'len watches from the shoulders of his dragon for a moment till he gets a good view of Jessa and Ninkasith. Dylanth has already made mental contact with the young green. Now G'len is all excited. When he sees Jessa finally emerge he waves wildly then drops down to find a place for the ceremony.

The young greenriders are the first to catch Niva's attention, and after a backwards glance at C'ian and Cavin to make sure the pair are well and truly engaged in a game of beanbag toss, the Weyrwoman is passing by Jessa, a hand resting briefly on her shoulder. "Congratulations on making it this far, rider. Enjoy yourself.. you've earned it." A wink and she nods, before passing through the crowd, offering similar words to one of the new blueriders.

Moria catches sight of Phylicia and waves with her free hand, grinning widely at the soon-to-graduate weyrling. Since Phy's all the way over there, and Ria's still in the crowd, talking with her will have to wait until they can get closer, but in the meantime she tries to let her pride and support for her friend show on her face. To K'ael she muses, "I wonder what that must be like. All the training and work toward graduation, and then standing up there, knowing you're finally done." She glances to him, tilting her head slightly. "What was it like for you?" She's still searching for R'shed, but hasn't spotted him or Lonarith yet.

Jessa grins wide as she spots Thea, waving to her, calling out. "Thea! Who would've thought, hmm? We made it!" For a moment, it is as if she is a kidlet turned loose on a plate of bubblies when she espies G'len. She turns and races through the sand, to give him a great big hug. "Shards, G'len… I've missed you! So glad you made it here!" Niva's hand upon her shoulder stops her, though, from a more overt display of affection, and she turns to regard Xanadu's senior Weyrwoman. "Thank you, Weyrwoman. And, like it or not…" Flashing an impish grin at her, she snaps a smart salute. "…I'll still salute you."

"I wish he would hurry," Thea frets just a bit in reply to D'had. She is fortunate that Marella is a calm baby for all that she and her brother are 15 months old and able to toddle about, the girl doesn't squirm for her freedom. Muir for once doesn't either, but he's making a grab for his favorite handhold, as usual - his daddy's ear. The boy's other hand waves animatedly towards the action as if by doing so, he could become a part of it. Really - he's not trying to disconnect D'had's ear from his head. Thea grins at Jessa, trying to make her voice heard above the crowd, "You sure did! Congrat-" But the girl is off to greet G'len and she just murmurs, "I'll catch her later," as she continues scanning the crowd for N'shen.

K'ael blinks a bit at Moria, a piece of cheese hanging out of the bronzer's mouth. "Hm?" He finishes what he's eating and then shrugs. "Uh. I guess I was relieved. It was exciting, and sad all at the same time. It means you're not going to be sleeping in the same room as your friends anymore. And you have to grow up, get a position. But no more tedious lessons… I would imagine walking the tables is a similar experience?" The bronzer pokes at the journeywoman a bit.

G'len hugs Jessa tightly. "We're so proud of you!" he says, speaking for both himself and his dragon. "You and Ninkasith have worked hard for this. He even sneaks in a little kiss on her cheek.

Oh, Lonarith and R'shed are there … they're just a /touch/ late from making a peculiar detour. The dark, celestial blue descends some distance away to amble the rest of the way to join the others, with a riding-leather-clad R'shed fumbling to pull off his helmet and goggles all the while. With that done, tousled hair and all, he half-turns to his passenger with a look of faint concern, "You alright? He didn't land too hard, did he?" He continues babbling apologies and concerns, even while the blue just lifts his head in the best approximation of an eyeroll that dragons can manage. Poor, poor Norela.

Taozyuth should be hard to miss, as large as he is, but the bronze is so adept at staying stock still, and his rider so adept at hiding that the pair of them have managed to go nearly unnoticed at the fringes of the gathering. Tucked in the crook of his bronze's forearm, for all the world like a little rider-doll, N'shen watches the goings on with a carefully blank face, leaving his congratulations to his fellow Weyrlings for later, when things aren't so hectic. Clearly, someone believes in the adage that children should be neither seen nor heard.

Norela tries not to look too uneasy in the wake of betweening, which is much easier now that Lonarith is on the ground and stable. "Y… yeah. I'm fine. Just fine." Norela assures with a smile as she unbuckles herself and dismounts from the blue. Clearly, she still isn't quite used to traveling by dragon. She gets onto the ground and pats Lonarith with a grateful grin before looking back to R'shed. "We aren't late, are we?"

Moria shrugs at K'ael's response, and edges away from that poke with a laugh. "Well, not similar for me, since I 'walked the tables' here instead of at the crafthall. And I just kept doing the same things I was doing before I was promoted. I still have to take lessons sometimes," she answers. And then, finally, she catches sight of R'shed as Lonarith lands further down the beach. "Oh! There's R'shed! I'm going to go congratulate him. You can come if you want, but you don't have to," she adds, glancing to the wingleader once again.

Phylicia looks a little lost for a moment before a dark green head appears over her shoulder and she laughs softly, shaking her head. Unlike Jessa, she makes her way a bit more calmly into the crowd, letting the tiny - yet fully grown - green settle herself somewhere a bit more out of the way. Right. Well, at least the pair aren't immediately taking to the skies. That's something, right? Even if she's not.. really.. mingling.

"Don't worry so much," D'had replies, tilting his head in a futile effort to rid his ear of little fingers. One would think he'd be used to it by now, but no. A nod of greeting goes around to those who happen to be near.

"Oh, hey, wait-" but, by then, Norela's on the ground and R'shed's hastening after, landing a bit heavily. Some chastisement from Lonarith earns the blue a rather sour look, but the dragon look as serene as ever. His head dips to Norela and R'shed mutters something under his breath as he moves along to stand a bit awkwardly near the Trader lass. "I- oh. Uh. I don't think we're too late," he says, attempting to sound nonchalant. He fails miserably.

Jessa turns as red as her skirt at the kiss upon her cheek, though her eyes still sparkle. "We have, haven't we? And a perfect day for a celebration, too. Might even have a little bit of wine." D'had's situation has her chortling softly, her blush deepening as she murmurs something to G'len.

G'len looks over and smiles back to Jessa, a blush on his face. Then he whispers something back.

K'ael grins to Moria. "So being here makes it not similar? Well, I guess you didn't have to up and leave friends or anything. You probably stayed just where you were. I guess we all need lessons sometimes. I didn't know much about search and rescue when I started up." The bronzer offers his hand to Moria. "Lead the way. Er, unless you'd prefer I stayed behind? You know. Guard the uh… buffet table?"

Norela is definitely looking more composed now that she's back on solid ground, smiling happily at R'shed. "Well, good. I would feel terribly guilty if picking me up made you late for your own graduation." She spots Moria's approach, waving a little to the woman. "Looks like you have more well wishers."

Niva's path brings her past R'shed and Norela, offering a congratulations to the bluerider with a smile. "Enjoy yourself, Rider R'shed - though do make sure to return Western's candidate in one piece.. I'd hate to have to explain that to Weyrwoman Rea." A pleasant nod, and an offer of good luck to Norela, and then the Weyrwoman is moving past them, lifting her voice, "Do feel free to enjoy the food and games - the Weyrlings have earned this treat, and so have the rest of us." At least in her mind.

Moria shakes her head at K'ael with a smile. "Exactly. I stayed with Tresha in the dorms until a room freed up in the journeyman's quarters, and then we shared a room again. Really, going to Landing was probably a closer experience, so far as being separated from my friends goes." And she takes his hand, tugging him along after herself as she approached R'shed and… Norela? "Oh, hi," Moria says, pulling up in surprise when the candidate waves to her. "Uhm, Norela, right?" she asks, glancing between the young woman and her brother before focusing on the latter. "Hey, congratulations Rishy! And you, Lonarith! The family sends their best wishes."

R'shed laughs a little, shaking his head. "No, you, uh, shouldn't feel guilty at all if we did; my fault for not getting there earlier and all." Moria's approach is noted with a grin but, as he's lifting his hand to wave, the Weyrwoman makes her approach. That grin turns into a thing of utter and wide-eyed solemnity as he replies, "Of course, Weyrwoman. I, uh, I'll do my best." And, of course, he's all but holding his breath until she passes and- "Mo! Hey, this is- oh." Introductions not necessary, it would seem. So, instead, he offers a hug to Moria with a laughed, "Thanks! He says thank you, too."

Norela shoots Niva a grin at the weyrwoman's well-wishing. "Thank you, Weyrwoman. Don't worry, weyrleader A'ven gave me permission to visit for this special occassion. Though it is costing me a free day." She grins brightly at Moria. "That's right. And you're R'shed's sister, right? So, he's been talking about me?" She asks with a little laugh, stepping back for a moment to let the two have their family moment.

"Yeah, well…" Thea slides a sheepish look sidelong at the Weyrsecond before her gaze slips away to scan the crowd, "He'll be embarrassed if he's late." She's back on tiptoes then and spots him, a frown for his reticence. "There he is. But why's he…?" She doesn't finish, merely points to where the youngest Weyrling is over by the crowd's edge. Dropping back to her feet, "Let's go to him." She's off wending her way through gaps with Marella peering back at her daddy and brother over her shoulder, she babe's green eyes wide as the distance between them grows. Uh oh! Tears begin to form in the girl's eyes. They don't get all that far away, however. She spots her best friend and stops with a smile for her. "Phylicia! Congratulations. Did you, ah…" she seeks out the girl's shoulder, but it's likely too early for any change in rank knots. "ever get things settled with Healer Hall?"

K'ael nods to Moria. "Ah, I suppose that's true. No wonder you're in such a rush to come back." He chuckles a bit to her as they head over to the recently graduated R'shed, and Norela. And Niva! K'ael gives the weyrwoman a patronizing wiggly-fingered wave. "Hiiii Niva." Then he waves to the candidate. "Hey Norela. Long time no see. They tied you down at Western, hm?" There's a nods to R'shed, then. "Congrats and surviving weyrlinghood. It's smooth sailing from here on out!"

Jessa 's blush somehow deepens further, her lips curling upwards into a brilliant smile. "Well… I guess the only thing left to figure out is which Wing I should consider. So many ways to really make a difference… I don't know, what do you think? Oh fardles… that can come after the party." With an impish grin, she heads on over towards the buffet table, as much to make sure her faire isn't causing trouble as to sample any delicacies from the feast. Sure enough, a brassy-looking brown seems to have landed on the table, prompting a groan and a rush for the feast from Jessamin. "Coffee! Come on now, you just ate, behave yourself!"

Where else would Nash be but the edges? He was, after all, never really one for mingling. Anyway, he's busy staring, while clearly trying not to do so. But his dark green eyes don't appear to be fixed on his father, nor are they locked on his… step-mother?… but instead upon another of the many celebratees on the beach. He seems quite content to be enjoying Taozyuth's company.

Moria shakes her head slightly at Norela, still smiling. "Uhm, no, actually we haven't talked a lot lately. I've been at Landing. But I remember you. You Impressed one of the firelizard from my green's clutch, and you stood with R'shed," she explains as she happily hugs her brother. "Oh, right. I don't know if you've met. R'shed, Norela, this is K'ael. He's the wingleader for Galaxy wing." She takes the bronzerider's hand again as she steps back from her brother, smiling. "So, you're at Western now, Norela?"

G'len walks along with Jessa, his fingers laced with hers. He hardly sees where he's going. "Just come fly with me and Dylanth if you want. For starters at least." Then he looks up at a familiar firelizard. "Hey, you!" he calls up softly. "I've missed you /and/ all your little winged friends."

"Yeah, we've all been … just busy," R'shed replies, a hand coming up to rub at the back of his neck after the hug breaks and he steps back a little toward Norela. There's a nod to K'ael with a lopsided, nigh goofy, smile on his face. "I hope so. It, uh. It's … going to be interesting, if Lonarith has anything to say about it." Speaking of the blue, he's just /there/, though his head comes to rest near Norela — convenient, that. Back to Moria, then, with, "How've you been, anyway? It's, uh. It's been a while." There's a pause, a sharp look back at Lonarith, and a muttered, "/Stop/ already." For what? Who knows; the blue's not even moving.

Phylicia pauses for a moment as she hears her name called out amongst the throng of people, and she turns to see Thea. There's no active change in knot yet, but that would be because Phy forgot to put it on when she came out. Maybe on purpose, maybe not. "Thanks, Thea." She responds warmly, with a smile. At the question she doesn't appear to cringe or even wilt, so something must be right, and indeed something of a joyous smile does come over her face. "Mmm! I got a letter this morning. Saying that I'm not suspended anymore! I can pick up my studies again." There's a small pause now as the just-graduated greenling rubs the back of her neck. "At the Hall."

Norela gives Moria a friendly smile. "Well, it's nice to meet you again… oh! And yes, I remember you now. Little Lucre is all grown up, he's a very energetic little guy. Your green should be a proud mother." She looks up and grins at K'ael. "We've met, but it's very nice to see you again, K'ael. We haven't really hung out in forever, have we? I guess with me stuck at Western, that is a little tricky." Taking her cue from Moria, she takes hold of R'shed's hand when the bluerider comes near. She glances at the food set out, confused for a moment. "So is there going to be some kind of actual ceremony or something, or is this just a party?"

Ceremony or not, Jessa isn't waiting for the feast. Not when she finds herself in the position of defending it from bellies on the wing! Diving in towards the table, she scoops up the recalcitrant brown, who just warbles up at her with a distinct 'who, me?' sort of expression. "Oh, don't you play Mr. Innocent with me, Coffee. If it's not sandwiches in a weyr picnic in a rainstorm, it's food at a party! You and me are going to go right back into training, starting this minute!" She flashes an apologetic smile at G'len, shaking her head. "Think he picked up the bad habit from Turquoise."

K'ael grins a bit. "I think I've met everyone before. Though I appreciate the introduction, Moria." There's a chuckle to R'shed. "Well, I can't say I'm surprised really. Blues are always the tricksters. Azaeth was always too grumpy to get into trouble." Where the gigantic bronze is is anyone's guess. Likely out for a swim. The bronzer shakes his head to Norela. "Nope, we haven't." He tilts his head a bit, then. "You two an item, or…?" Then he looks around. "Niva doesn't usually stand on ceremony too much. Not sure…"

Thea responds to that smile of Phylicia's with a radiant one of her own; apparently a huge burden of concern has lifted from her shoulders at that news. She shifts Marella to one side to offer her friend a one-armed hug, a nod accepting the news of her relocation without apparent surprise. "Mmhm, yeah, Healers are under the Hall's authority first." She tilts her head, giving the other girl a keen look, "I'll miss you. But I'll bet someone else won't be." One lid lowers in a brief wink as she moves on towards the edge of the crowd. Likely D'had has beaten her to where N'shen is. If not, he can see in crowds better than she can and he'll catch up with her when he's inclined to.

G'len chuckles and shakes his head. He waits for Jessa to call her little winged ones into line. "You know, I'm sure there are plenty of scraps somewhere for them. Could I maybe help you feed them so they all feel like they've at least gotten something? Maybe they just need that sense of having been victorious over the feasting table.:

Moria nods to R'shed, eyes twinkling as she notices his step closer to Norela, and the young woman's grasp on her brother's hand. Seems both the siblings have found someone. "It's been alright, though I miss everyone here a great deal. I've never been particularly fond of Landing, you know," she responds to R'shed before she smiles at Norela. "I'm pretty sure most of them aren't Trina's, honestly," she admits. "But I'm glad you're happy with him. I was relieved that they all founds homes, other than me." And hey, K'ael asked the question she wouldn't have, so now she's listening raptly for the answer.

R'shed wrinkles his nose a little and remarks, "Landing was … okay. I don't envy you being, uh, there, though." He cants a dubious look at his hand when it's taken up by Norela's, only for dubiousness to make way for a lopsidedly boyish grin. The young woman's hand is given a light squeeze, and then he's offering up, "Ah, he's not … uh. Not a trickster, exactly, but he /is/, uh. Trouble." Not to look at him, though; Lonarith is all innocence. "Loud trouble." Cough. "Oh, we- uh. We're-" ah, yes, and there it is — a moment of utter confusion. He just looks helplessly at Norela to fill in the blank there.

Phylicia returns Thea's one-armed hug with more of a grin instead of a smile, gently reaching out to tap Marella on the tip of her little nose. "Thea, as many ridiculous chores and whatnot I'm sure Fraille will /still/ have me running-" Maybe a different set now, since she can act as transport now… "-I'm sure I'll make it back for visits now and again." Even as Thea starts to move towards the edge of the crowd, Phylicia follows for at least a little bit, having found something to do besides aimlessly wander the crowd. Even as a small blush overtakes her cheek at the jibe. "Ah. Well. Some things go without saying, don't they?"

Jessa nods to G'len, though she still gently pinches the maw of her winged charge shut. "Maybe so. But not from the table itself. And flying with you on your runs for Seamount… well, that's something I've already done. So sure, I guess until I make up my mind and talk to the wingleaders of each, it couldn't hurt. Better than sitting on the ground or wandering aimlessly." She catches the light cough from R'shed's direction, spotting him and Norela there. She waves to the other girl, smiling wide. "Norela! So they sprung you from Western for the occasion, eh?"

Norela continues to look around for signs of an impending ceremony for a moment. Not finding any, she simply shrugs. "Eh, ceremony is overrated anyways. A good party is better… even if I'm barred from enjoying the wine at the moment." Norela waits on answering K'ael's question for a moment, unable to hide an amused smile at R'shed's embarassed stammering. Finally, she comes to the rescue. "I am a lady, not an 'item'." She says with a little laugh. "But I'm afraid that once again I am a candidate, so I'm not truly on the market in the first place. At least, not now." With that ambiguous reply given, she grins and waves to Jessa with her free hand. "Yep! The weyrleader gave me special permission to pay a visit."

K'ael moves behind Moria to rub at her shoulders a bit. "Not that we're going to let her stay away much longer, right Moria? At least hopefully we can get her transferred back home soon enough." K'ael chuckles a bit at R'shed. "I see. Not too much I hope?" The bronzer raises a brow at Lonarith. There was one thing about K'ael, he was very direct. Mostly because whenever something was indirect it just flies right over his head. He tilts his head at the replies… or lack thereof and then blinks. "I… uh. Okay then!"

D'had weaves his way through the crowd once the bronze weyrling pair he was looking for, or was that helping Thea look for?, is spotted. While it takes a bit to get out of the people and off to the edge where N'shen and Taozyuth rest at least the toddler held in one arm is mostly behaving himself. That helps matters greatly. Of course once he reaches the pair they're greeted with a "Congratulations."

Moria leans into K'ael's touch with a grateful smile for him before agreeing with R'shed. "There are definetly better places to be than Landing." She glances between the pair and nods. "Well, however it works out, I hope it works for you both," she says by way of blessing, or whatever it is that sisters are supposed to do in that situation. "Oh, yeah. I should be getting posted out from Landing some time soon, and jopefully will be coming back here," she confirms with a bright smile. "So, what are your plans from here, Rishy?" she asks her brother. "What will you and Lonarith be doing?"

N'shen straightens suddenly on Taozyuth's arm as Thea approaches, followed by Phylicia. His dark gaze focuses on the latter for a moment longer, then skips to the goldrider, and he grins lopsidedly at her, before turning his attention on D'had as the bluerider approaches. "Thank you… father," he says, somewhat shyly, and he offers him a sitting bow. "I'm glad you're here to see this." His eyes skitter away, towards the approaching women, and his cheeky grin returns. "Mama Thea," he calls, gesturing to indicate he's seen her and welcomes her approach. New title for the weyrwoman?

R'shed nods, looking simultaneously baffled and relieved for the answer. "Whatever she said," is all he can lamely echo. Jessa's call draws his attention as well and he lifts a hand in greeting to the greenrider. Distraction! And then K'ael's speaking and he nods a bit in reply. "He, uh. Yeah. Sometimes, he can be a bit much, like right now, but-" he trails, a shoulder rising and falling in a mute 'what can you do?' … and then his free hand lifts to rub behind an ear with a slight grimace. "Huh? Oh. Uh, we're off to Ierne after everything's taken care of here," he explains with another sheepish rub at the back of his neck. "Going to study there for a while."

Jessa grins, with a wink to Norela and R'shed. "The bit about giving up a free day was likely just the Weyrleader joshing. I couldn't see him keeping anybody away from an occasion like this." Coffee, bless his little heart, climbs up her right sleeve to perch on her shoulder, cheeping and ruffling his wings as he looks back at the table. "Oh no you don't… behave now!" The talk of plans made and where her friends will be going draws her attention then, and she plucks a bit of cheese from a tray, nibbling idly as she listens.

Norela seems satisfied to see that her response has left K'ael and R'shed both sufficiently confused. "Well, I'll be right out to visit Ierne as soon as the hatching at Western is over, then. It's a good place for me to stop by anyways, there's a lot of people there who like to buy expensive candy." She turns her grin on Jessa. "I sure hope you're right. We get precious little free time as it is… well, you remember candidacy, I'm sure."

G'len gives a friendly nod to Norela and R'shed. "Hello," he says, smiling. Then he sees Jessawith Coffee to watch. "Want me to get aplate for you, Jessa? And I can get a bit extra on my plate for Coffee…and Turquoise…and…" He looks around to see which of Jessa's others are in attendance.

K'ael nods a bit to Moria. Then he grins at R'shed and Norela. "Candidate and rider relationships are always hard. Believe me, I know. They're usually worth it though, in the end." There's a blink about R'shed dragon. "Ierne, hm? It's not a back place. It can get lonely for a rider though. Listen to me carrying on when there's food and drink to be had! If you'll excuse me for a moment." There's a squeeze for Moria's shoulders, then the bronzer heads off to examine the food selection.

Marella's ice-green eyes flutter in a storm of blinking as that finger hover near them, then she gives her sweet smile. Thea pauses her steps to wait for Phylicia when she hears her friend's last comment, grins wickedly over her shoulder at the Healer-rider. "Well, congratulations on both accounts… or all three, even." Continuing towards that bronze parked at the perimeter, she nears just in time to hear his new title for her, manages not to choke and sputter. Instead she grins. "Um, hi N'shen." Or is that Imp? "Congratulations, boy!" She pauses beside D'had whereupon Marella makes a grab for her brother. She missed him!

Moria listens curiously as her brother and his friend outline their plans. "That sounds like a good idea," she says approvingly. "I think there's a lot fo potential at Ierne for just about anything. I hope you like it there. I visisted recently and found it a lot of fun." Moria turns her smile toward Jessa then. "Hello, I don't think we've ever formally met. I'm Moria, glasscraft journeywoman and R'shed's sister." K'ael departure gets a nod from her, but she's wrapped up in talking and doesn't do anything further on that front.

Jessa nearly goes cross-eyed as a rather delicate-looking gold 'lizard settles upon her head, still shaking off the cold of *between*. "Gaah… hello to you too, Empress!" For now, only three of her faire seem to be in attendance, with one perched on each shoulder, and one using her as a hat stand. "Does that answer you, love?" She grins impishly at G'len, then at Moria. "I think we have met before. Immediately after Impression, as I recall. Ninka had just settled down in the barracks and I was in the hot springs. Never did see you again, though. I'm glad you're well!"

R'shed ohs and gives Norela's hand a squeeze, "Hey, speaking of … do they still let you sell, uh, candy while you're a candidate?" He /should/ know, having been a candidate with her, but … well. He's a bit addled. Clearly. "But, you'll have to visit, definitely." There's a puzzled look at K'ael, but he eventually just nods, his cheeks picking up some faint color. "It seems alright. Lonarith and I stopped by there to look around and it … well. We're used to being lonely." A one-shouldered shrug leads into him grinning at Moria. "You'll have to come by and visit, too, once things are all set up there. It'll be great."

D'had snorts at the return he receives from N'shen. He's really going to have to work on that whole 'formal' thing with him one of these days. The Weyrsecond does nod however. "Ya did good," he adds, casting a glance back towards Thea and Phylicia as his attention is drawn to them by the boy's greeting of the goldrider.

Norela squeezes R'shed's hand in return, giving the bluerider a grin. "Sure do. Would you like some? I could get you a box of your favorites as a graduation present, no charge." She smirks and shrugs her shoulders. "Of course, they won't let me sell wine and liquor while I'm a candidate. Some silly old fashioned rule. I tried telling them I wouldn't have to drink it to sell it, but something about a candidate with a trunk full of liquor didn't sit right with the weyr leadership."

G'len just grins and reaches up to scritch Empress, so conveniently placed! Then he chuckles. "Ill get some food for you, Jessa."

"Thanks again." Phylicia says to Thea, enjoying little Marella's reaction. And then she finds herself pulled into a bit of a family reunion and she shifts feet a little bit, looking at N'shen just after his gaze shifts to Thea. D'had…? D'had gets a bit of a mixed look from her, though she does raise a hand in a sort of silent 'hello' finger waggle.

K'ael eventually wanders back over with a mountain of finger foods. Cheeses, meat rolls, fritters, all sort of fried things, tuber straws… Everything he doesn't need to be eating, and he presents the plate to everyone else. In the other hand he's juggling two glasses of wine. "Help yourself. Eat! Drink! Except you Norela. This is a celebration! Anyways, R'shed. If you need help getting situated at Ierne just let me know. I spent a little while there not too long ago."

Moria ahs and nods to Jessa. "That's right, that was you, wasn't it? With the sandwiches and trying to not fall asleep in the pool. I was transferred to Landing a few days later," she explains. To R'shed: "Of course I'll visit!" Moria says, eyes wide in mock indignation. "And I'll bet you Father and Torged will sail the family out to see you once you get settled in, too. Shadre's girl should be old enough for a trip like that without much trouble." She then blinks curiously at Norela. "Do you make the candy that you sell? And the alcohols? Speaking of which…" and she looks around before spotting K'ael on his way back from the buffet table. "K'ael's family makes wine. It's pretty good." Like she knows what good wine is…

"Oh - hey. Got something for you," Thea tells Phylicia while staggering just a bit as Marella pulls on her brother's arm. Since the boy is firmly anchored in his father's arms, that's the result. Her attention is on a bag she's got looped over her other shoulder, undoing the flap and reaching inside to withdraw something, which she hands over to her friend. It's a hand-knit dress shawl with intricately beaded fringe about the borders made with that silky-soft fine camelid wool from Cold Stone Hold. Thadan would burst a vessel if he knew that the pure white yarn had been dyed a pale lilac.

After some back-of-the-neck rubbing, R'shed nods to Norela with a tip-tilted smile. "Only if it's not, uh, too much of a hassle, Ela. I would like some, though. It, uh, it's been a while." K'ael's return with snacks is met with wide-eyed interest and he reaches for a few things, answering the bronzerider with, "Oh, uh. Sure. I will. Thank you!" Lonarith finally deigns to lift his head, maw briefly gaping. "I, oh. That'd be great, Moria. I haven't yet seen the, uh, the little one at all. Have you?"

Jessa flashes G'len a grateful smile, giving him a hug. "Thank you, love. Maybe we could go somewhere quiet after this… and tend to the faire properly." Yeah, right. Who was she kidding? To Moria, she smiles warmly, and offers, "Well, maybe I could come visit you in Landing sometime. I've always wanted to see it anyways, now there's the perfect reason! And Ninka would love the adventure of it all, for sure!" She turns to G'len again, leaning in to kiss him tenderly on the cheek, Empress lifting her little head to play with a bit of his hair. "Think maybe I'll take a day or two before putting in for the formal transfer back to Western. Everything's happened so fast this past Turn or so, it'll be good to just decompress."

Norela gives K'ael a frown when she is reminded of the restriction on her drinking. "Yeah, yeah, don't remind me…" Moria earns a pleasant smile. "Oh, no, not exactly. I have a partnership with a Bakercraft master who makes exotic gourmet candies. I handle all the sales for her. She's a gifted cook, but salesmanship isn't really her thing, know what I mean?" She eyes K'ael again. "Really? Maybe after the hatching I can look into representing his family's sales. If they're interested." She shoots her grin back at R'shed. "Consider it done. I'll get you a box of the best ones. My treat."

G'len just smiles, tolerates Empress with just a little brush of his hand through his dark hair to sraighten it and gets a plate. A couple of sandwiches, lots of the fancy sides, and even some salad. "Think this will do?" he asks Jessa as he shows her the well stacked plate. How does he do it? Well, doesn't drink so his passion is food.

K'ael shrugs a bit about the family wine. "There are good years and bad years. My family is actually farmers. We grow grapes that are used to make wine." Speaking of wine, a glass is pushed onto Moria for her trouble. "I told Moria I'd take her, though I suppose you two could head back together, now!" K'ael shakes his head to Norela and laughs. "My family doesn't sell the wine, just the grapes. They make enough wine for themselves. Plus a little extra for friends. Not enough to label, or anything."

Late to his own graduation…how shameful! Whatever the reason, R'io and Neroth are finally arriving there! The two of them come jogging up the beach, the brown remaining behind R'io, somehow managing not to run over his lifemate. R'io sends a look back to Neroth, likely with some silent conversation attached, and then they arrive to the beach proper. "Sorry I'm late…Neroth wanted to play in the water when I was bathing him…" he explains sheepishly.

Jessa waves to R'io as he enters, chuckling softly. "Bah, it's a gorgeous day, who wouldn't want to play in the water? Speaking of… think maybe I should get my gear together. Who would've thought, though? We all made it, in one piece. And we're all better off for the experiences here."

What would D'had like N'shen to call him? Papa? Daddy? Perhaps Dada much like the twins are probably starting to? "Thank you," the boy replies again, but his attention is on the ladies, watching to see what Thea is handing to Phylicia. "So. Nice day." Yeah. That's about all he has to say. Nothing exciting going on here - at least, not that the three of them haven't already heard about, or shared in.

G'len sees R'io running up the beach with Neroth right behind. He waves to the young man. "Hey, R'io! Congratulations! Come join us!

D'had just might not have figured that out yet. He will, eventually. A nod is given to Phylicia in greeting as he sidesteps a little close to Thea so that the twins aren't trying to reach so far after each other. Hey, if they're behaving like that he's all for it.

Norela looks a little disappointed when K'ael elaborates, but smiles all the same. "Oh? That's a shame. Well, if they ever want to expand and make a few marks off their hobby, they should talk to me. I know a few things about the business." She catches sight of R'io's approach, and gives her old fellow candidate a wave. "Hey!"

Phylicia leans forward for a moment, as if offering to take Marella from Thea's arms while she fishes for whatever, but it seems Thea has it in hand. And as the junior produces the shawl, Phy blinks a bit in surprise, taking it and looking it over. "First the rug, and now this?" There's a two-armed hug this time, mindful of the kidlet in Thea's arms. "Thank you. For a third time today." She says with a small laugh, carefully folding it back up, and laying it over her arm. Her attention goes back to N'shen then and she chuckles. "It's a wonderful day, Nash." Oh yes. Watch the grand conversationalists go…

And R'shed's about to say something or another when Lonarith abruptly rises and lumbers a few steps away. "I, oh. Hey, Ela, I'll, uh, be back." A wave is tossed to R'io and a hug stolen from Norela; a nod is tossed to K'ael and Moria, and then he's trotting after the blue. He's gesticulating wildly in contrast with the dragon's methodical and efficient movement, but the nature of the conversation is otherwise utterly silent. This is perhaps for the better.

R'io chuckles as Jessa speaks. "Surprising, isn't it?" he inquires. Then he grins. "It's been just one surprise after another." Here he snickers again, and as G'len waves, he moves over towards the man, with a grin. "Hello!" He returns Norela's and R'shed's wave as well, grinning broadly. Though as R'shed starts to 'speak' with his dragon, R'io raises an eyebrow. Neroth goes to 'mingle' with any other dragons in the area.
Ninkasith warbles to neroth, looking between hers and the water, eyes whirling as she prances back and forth.

K'ael grins, then chuckles at Norela. "Sorry. Things might be a little different if more of us boys had stayed home I guess to become holders. But right now it's just two of my brothers left, and my father is getting older." The bronzer blinks a bit as R'shed heads off to… have words with his blue. Or something along those lines. The bronzer just… averts his eyes and focuses on the plate of food, for now.

Spring's a good time for a dress — especially when you don't really wear them all that often. But at the insistance of an odd dragon, who's gamboling along behind her merrily, the bluerider is dressed in a pale yellow sundress with blue dragons embroidered around the skirt. She doesn't look entirely comfortable with this arrangement, but has a plate of food already and has been chatting amiably with Caitlin. They part ways after a while, and Ontali peers around the crowd curiously, smiling a little.

Norela gives R'io an amused smile as he comes over closer. "So, you actually made it to graduation? Well, color me impressed." She says with only a light teasing tone. "But in all seriousness, congratulations. I knew you'd make it… how did weyrlinghood treat you?" She glances back in K'ael's direction, smiling and shrugging. "Hard to rune a proper winery with just three people, I suppose."

Jessa grins at R'io, relieving G'len of the tray of goodies to hold for all three. "No, the surprise was Impressing. Think the only other time I was that surprised was when Empress chose me." She rolls her eyes as she looks at Ninka, groaning lightly. "Can't keep her out of the water… looks like I'll be here till she's had her fun and dries off." She grins ruefully, cheeks turning red as she glances back at G'len. "At least the lagoon will be warmer, and I can join you and her and Dylanth for a swim more often."

R'io shrugs a little bit, still grinning as he answers Norela. "Weyrlinghood? Was hard. Some of it was frightening, some of it was nervewracking…but one thing it wasn't? Was boring!" He chuckles. He winks at Jessa in response to her grin, and Neroth rumbles softly to Ninkasith's silent words, and heads toward the water as well. Seems he likes to swim, too. R'io chuckles, looking to Jessa. "Neroth's just the same. I couldn't get him out of the water for a while before coming here, while I was bathing him, and he's still wanting to swim." He laughs.

Thea returns Phylicia's hug. "You're welcome," she says for who-knows how many times today. "Just… be happy, okay? Both of you." That's all she says about that before she's blinking rapidly and reaching inside her bag once more to draw out an envelope to hand to N'shen. "From your dad and I." Maybe that might be a good hint as to what he can call the Weyrsecond? The stationary is crisp vellum with scripted writing on it that reads, "Best wishes on your Graduation." Inside there is a voucher for a new set of flight leathers and boots from one of Ierne's shops. "I thought you might want to get your dress leathers when you've stopped growing so fast," she explains.

Norela smiles at R'io as she listens to his description of weyrlinghood. "Well, that's reassuring. I might get stuck there myself shortly enough. I'm a candidate over at Western now… you should come visit sometime, now that you're a full fledged rider! It is absolutely lovely this time of year."

Jessa sighs wistfully, overhearing Norela. "It -is- lovely, most any time of year. Don't get me wrong, I love Xanadu… but I'll be glad to return to Western all the same. Someone's got to help you keep the white knot on your shouldernot that you'd think of breaking any rules or anything." The last is spoken with a playful waggle of her eyebrows, and she chortles softly. Turning to R'io, she smiles again, tilting her head to one sidemuch to the vocal approval of the gold flit perched there, who squawks and seems to think it great fun. "What about you? Where will you go after this?"

G'len smiles over at Norela. "I think Western is lovely no matter what time of year….except if we have a monsoon."

K'ael has been sidetracked for a bit talking to one of his wingriders for a bit. When he finally returns, he gives the riders and all a polite nod. "If you'll excuse me, duty calls." There's a moment taken to speak to Moria quiety, then the bronzer heads off to take care of whatever it is he needs to. Not that there's a rush or anything, as he's sauntering off with the plate of goodies and his glass of wine.

R'io grins to Norela. "Congratulations! And I might just take you up on that," he states, chuckling. Which turns to an outright laugh at the comment from Jessa about Norela keeping the knot on her shoulder. He thinks a moment, to consider Jessa's question. "Hmm…really? I don't know yet…maybe Ierne? Since I can make cloth, there's a good chance I can probably sell wares there, if nothing else…."

Norela gives K'ael a wave goodbye when he prepares to go, smiling. "It was good to see you again, K'ael. Don't work too hard." She then returns to her conversation with Jessa and R'io, grinning. "You know me. I'd never dream of breaking even the littlest rule. I'm a stickler, always." She barely suppresses giggles. "But I hope you both visit. It'll be nice to see you… I hope you guys at least make the hatching!"

"I hope it's good for a while," Nash replies wryly as he takes the envelope, then hops down off of Taozyuth's arm to throw his arms around the weyrwoman. "Thank you. I'll put it to good use just as soon as I won't outgrow it the next day." He draws back, grinning shyly at the goldrider, then glances sidelong at Phylicia. "That's a nice, uhm… present." He's not very versed on female clothing - fortunately, perhaps, for Tao.

That hug of N'shen's gets Marella too, since Thea's still holding her. The tot gives a crow of delight and promptly grabs his curly hair with both hands. She's enthralled with the boy's hair, refusing to let go. Thea returns the hug with her free arm, laughingly assuring the boy it's all paid for and good as long as he needs it while prying the babe's fingers from her brother's hair and then she's there, mingling and congratulating folks until the time comes to put the twins to bed.

R'io also waves to K'ael as he leaves the beach, a smile on his face. He snickers to Norela's teasing(?) comment. "I can sure try," he states. "Because I want to see you Impress." He says this with certainty, as if he's completely convinced that it will happen one day. He nods to G'len. "I might just visit there, yes," he says. "I like swimming, so as long as there's water and warm temperatures, I'll eventually find my way there." He grins.

Phylicia smiles at Nash again, before looking over her shoulder, to where Fauikith is lazing in the late afternoon sun like a happily sunning feline. Tail twitch and all. She looks back in time to see Thea untangling the Marella's hands from Nash's hair and she winces. "It'll be good for around the Hall." She says after a few moments, still with a smile as Thea wanders off. "Sometimes it gets a little chilly there." Stone halls and all.

Norela keeps on grinning at R'io, nodding enthusiastically. "Western is currently monsoon-free, so it's a great place for swimming now. Come find me sometime, I can show you the best spots for it. Should be a good time. It's super warm! Have you ever been?"

Eventually, R'shed and Lonarith finish conversing — either that, or R'shed's given up — and the blue's straps wind up being pulled off and set aside in a heap to allow him to wade into the water. The rider tosses his jacket atop the neatly folded pile and returns to join the others with an exasperated sigh and a shake of his head, but no further elaboration.

R'io shakes his head. "No, I can't say I have," he replies to Norela's question. "But I might just take you up on that soon." He chuckles. though R'shed's sigh of exasperation gets his attention. "Everything all right, R'shed?" he inquires. Being already in the water, Neroth swims up to Lonarith as the blue enters, rumbling a greeting.

Norela smiles when R'shed returns. "Lonarith wanted to go swimming, I'm guessing?" She asks with a little laugh. "Can't say I blame him. You guys picked a very lovely day to have your graduation. Perfect weather… I'm lucky to have been searched at two places that are so warm." Her grin goes back to R'io. "Good. It'll be a good time. And if you behave yourself, I might just forgive you for not helping me get a bed with a mattress during candidacy." Turns later, and she hasn't forgotten.

"Ye-eah. All's fine now. He was just-" there are no words for it, so R'shed just throws his hands in the air and makes a face. Whatever Lonarith /was/, he's all sorts of calm as he slips into the water, returning Neroth's greeting with a resonant rumble of his own. To Ela, his smile emerges … and tilts. "Kind of. It doesn't matter now, I guess. He's, uh, swimming now." Obviously.

"The Hall?" N'shen's smile falters, and he peers at the greenrider, a hint of distress in his eyes before it is quickly shunted away. "You're returning to Healer, then? Well… good for you." A somewhat false smile pastes itself on his lips, and he nods firmly to emphasize his statement. "You'll come back and visit… won't you, Phy?"

R'io starts to laugh at Norela's statement. He /had/ forgotten. "Well, you didn't get any less than the rest of us got." He grins. "Besides, why blame me? Why not blame the people that got our cots taken away in the first place — much more productive." He chuckles. Then he nods to R'shed's remark. "Oh, I know how you feel. That's…kind of why I was late," he notes. "Neroth is…very persuasive when he wants to be."

"I guess when you're that big, you have a lot to keep cool. I'd probably be soaking twenty four hours a day if I was a dragon." Norela says with a little laugh. "This beach ceremony was a great idea… well, to the extent there was a ceremony. The point is, it's perfect." She grins and rolls her eyes at R'io. "That's not the point." This long after, she has likely forgotten what the point was.

Phylicia hasn't spent the past two turns around her fellow weyrlings not to recognize a false smile, or that falter when she sees it. The shawl draped over her arm is absent-mindedly stroked, for the soft feeling of it and Phy gives Nash a reassuring smile. "Of course I'll come back and visit. Going back to continue my education doesn't mean I'm not a dragonrider anymore." There's pleanty of good humor to her today. "In fact, it means I'll probably be carting around other Healers more often than a Weyr's own transport wing." But then she's changing the subject slightly. "Have you thought about what you're going to do now?"

"Yeah. Lonarith's … definitely persuasive. He's still loud, too," R'shed admits with a sigh. He shifts his weight a little, then laces his hands behind his head with a faint wrinkling of his nose. "So, uh. R'io, what're you doing now that we're all free? I'm headed to Ierne, but, uh, only to continue my education." To Norela, there's a tilted grin and a nod, "It's nice, yeah. Oh! Uh, did either of you want anything? I haven't really eaten much, but it all looks great out there …" Out in the water, the blue continues out further, until he's naught but a head barely above water. Then he stops, only to float aimlessly.

"No. I'm too young for what I want." N'shen's eyes flicker in her direction, then away, towards the water. "I think they said something about messenger duty until I get older, we'll see though. Right now, I'm just happy to be done with weyrlinghood." He lapses into silence then, fingers drumming on Taozyuth's forearm as he leans back against the bronze, having returned to his dragon's side with Thea's departure.

R'io snickers to Norela. "I'm sorry. I missed the rule of candidacy that were were to do everything in our power to please Trader-girls and make their experience as easy as possible, at the expense of ourselves." There /is/ a hint of a tease in his voice, and that grin doesn't fade. Then to R'shed, "Hmm…I might head for Ierne, too. I mean, I make cloth. Maybe I could find someone who can sew and make clothes, hm?" Neroth seems uncomfortable with Lonarith going out so far, so he swims out there himself, to make sure that the blue is all right.

Norela smiles brightly at R'shed's offer. "I'd love something to eat, thanks! Just make sure it's something light. I'm trying to watch my figure, you know." As she has been for turns. She grins back at R'io, retorting to his sarcasm with her own. "How could you miss that rule? It's one of the most important rules of candidacy!"

"I just, uh, didn't want us all to get in trouble," R'shed seems to remember the incident, though it takes him a while. Always mindful of the rules, he is. "Oh, uh. I'm sure there's someone there that does that kind of thing. I'm leaning toward ornamental woodwork, so …" he's hopeful, even if he trails off. With a bob of his head to Norela, he moves to get a pair of plates of food. Out in the water, Lonarith lurks, though he sends his reassurances to Neroth in the form of a deep mental gong, strange and transcendent in its depth. He's safe. It just feels good to feel weightless!

"Nice evasion." Phylicia comments, looking at N'shen with an impish grin. "What is it that you want, that you're 'too young for'?" Obviously Phylicia has trailed with the young bronzerider back to his dragon, though her question has Fauikith lifting her head for a moment, sending a silent look at her rider. If anything is said between the pair, there's no reaction to show it at all.

R'io laughs heartily at Norela's retort. "I think the whole class missed that one, I'm afraid," he teases. But by the wink, it's clear that he doesn't mean anything by it. That he's just teasing. He moves to the food tables with R'shed, getting some for himself. "Ornamental woodwork, hm?" he muses. "Think buttons would be good practice? Or small toggles for garments, perhaps?" he inquires, as he gets some food for himself. Out in the water, Neroth responds to the deep gong of a reassurance from Lonarith, with the mental brush of soft wings and feathers carried on gentle breezes. He's protective of everyone.

Norela rolls her eyes at both of the graduates, placing her hands on her hips. She tries to look stern, but the glint of amusement in her eye gives away that she isn't the least bit serious. "You two have lots to learn about the proper way to treat a lady!" She manages before breaking into laughter.

The suggestions are given some serious thought, with R'shed popping a meatroll in his mouth to chew on while he mulls them over. "I think I can manage those, yeah. I mean, they're smaller than what I usually work with, but … decorative woodwork is decorative even if it's buttons and toggles," he reasons. "They'll look awful, though." There's a choked squeak for Norela's words and he turns, offering one plate … and an arm for a hug, if she's inclined to take it. "I'm /trying/, Ela." It might be funny if he were joking; his utter seriousness downright hilarious. Lonarith seems to take the mental feathers and weave them together, reshaping them before sacrificing them reverently into the deeper depths of his mind — acceptance and appreciation for Neroth, it would seem.

R'io nods to R'shed. "If nothing else, it would be good practice," he notes. "So all to the better if you can make something from them. And of course you'd definitely get a cut of anything made from garments with your buttons and toggles on 'em." He grins. He elbows R'shed a little at Norela's remark, then winks. "I know how to treat a lady," he states. "But you haven't been giving me much of an opportunity to show you." A grin. He just loves teasing Norela, it seems.

Norela looks just a little regretful to have worked R'shed up, but that is pretty much drowned out by how funny she finds his reaction. "I'm just kidding, Rish. Relax." She says, suppressing another little laugh. R'io's retort just earns a roll of her eyes and a smirk. "Whatever you say."

N'shen's eyes gaze straight into Phylicia's. "Search and rescue," he replies, deadpan. She may be needling him, but he's not giving up state secrets that easy. Behind him, Taozyuth chuffs softly, his head adjusting so that one great, whirling eye is peering directly at the greenrider, the faintly yellow shade a silent rebuke for her teasing. The boy, however, doesn't seem to notice, or mind if he does.

R'shed looks forlornly at Norela, even after her reassurance. Thankfully, that passes quickly enough when he remembers, hey, he has /food/. So he wedges something or another into his mouth to scarf it down, with a dejected, "I know, I know," for Norela. "Still." Is there a point? Probably not, as he glances askance to R'io with, "Would be, yeah. I'll, uh. I'll see about working on some of those on the side." It does seem to be a thing of genuine interest to him now, though, wisely, he doesn't comment or react much to the elbowing. There's some stuffed-mouth mumbling, but that's it.

Norela takes her plate from R'shed, smiling and reaching out to playfully ruffle his hair. "Don't worry about it, Rish. You do just fine. Just fine." She takes some little chopped veggies and pops them into her mouth. "Yummy… and y'know, I really do like your work. Especially the bracelets. Maybe someday I could represent you, too."

Phylicia isn't needling apurpose. Honest. "Search and Rescue?" She asks, blinking before she ponders that statement a bit, taking him completely seriously, even as she looks up at Tao's eye and blinks. Yellow? The greenrider turns a smile on the dragon as well, merely being herself. "Just be careful with that wing. It's uhm… it's easy to get burnt out on it." She offers as a kind warning. But he's probably had this talk with others. "It can be rewarding, but it can also be harsh."

"Yeah. But they won't take me until I'm older, and bigger." N'shen shifts slightly, but he's long past any time when he might have been uncomfortable about his size. Anyway, a turn as a weyrling has added quite a bit of definition to his frame, turning it from skinny to slender. "I've spoken with a few of the riders. I know it won't be easy, but I don't think I have the patience for the monotony of messenger or delivery, and it will be many turns before we can be V'dim's assistants." And so the real dream comes out.

R'shed endures the hair-ruffling with a goofy smile, eyes briefly half-lidding before he catches himself. A bit of fried-something-or-another is fished out and munched on, with him casting a look about before his eyes settle back on Norela again. "Do you? I- uh, yeah. It took forever to make them, it felt like," he laments. "But, uh. Maybe someday I'll get faster and you'll actually, uh, have something to sell." He can only hope.

Norela continues nibbling on the food R'shed brought to her, giving the bluerider an encoruaging smile to make up for her teasing earlier. "I do. I really think you've got talent… and don't you worry. Quality is more important than quantity. I'm sure I could find buyers, if you want… but we can worry about that later, right?"

R'shed gives Norela a slow nod, even while Lonarith finally ventures back out of the deeper water and heaves himself toward the shore to start drip drying. "I hope so," he offers to the Trader, genuine nervousness manifesting briefly before it's chewed up and swallowed down with some fried bit of something else. "Later, sure. Besides, Lonarith thinks I can work some bone into it," so sue him if he blanches a little at something, "but he's, uh. Yeah." There's a pause, then a startled-sounding, "It's getting late, isn't it? When did it get so late?"

"They might have taken me, dispite my size." Phylicia half-muses for a second before she shakes her head and lifts her shoulders in a shrug. "If I had shown more interest in that wing, that is. But that's because of all the emergency procedures the Hall drills into an apprentice's head." And as the real dream pops out she just blinks. "Oh, please say you mean /replace/ the man, and not help him!" Is half-laughed. Not that she's insulting V'dim but nonetheless, her expression is a little disbelieving.

"He probably has a good ten, twenty turns left in him," Nash replies serenely. "I'm the last person to try and sup- sup- replace him. But assist him? Eventually take over for him? I think Taozyuth and I would excel at that. I like working with others," he adds, with a slight smile. "I really like working with children. There's no call for dragonrider nannies, though, so weyrlingmaster is the next best thing. And Tao loves to teach." The bronze rumbles his agreement, still staring at the greenrider.

Norela looks up at the sky, noting the dimming light. "You're right. It really did sneak up on us, didn't it? Going to be dark before too long… well, at least it was a nice party! And it was nice to see R'io and Jessa again. And finally properly meet your sister." She says with a bright smile. "So, where to now?"

"Yeah." R'shed sounds mournful, tipping a look up and then, finally, leveling that gaze at Norela again. "Well, uh. Yeah, it was nice. Pretty, uh, calm, as parties go, thank goodness." Somehow, he's eaten nearly everything on his plate and once the last bit's gone, he offers to take Norela's if she's done with it. "Yeah. Momo's neat, though we don't, uh, really talk much." Obviously. He clears his throat a little bit, then cants a look to her with a curious, "Did they say when you had to be back to Western?" It's not answering her question exactly, but … it's going to get there.

"Tomorrow. The weyrleader was very nice about that." Norela says with a bright grin at R'shed. "The eggs aren't even close to hatching, so there's no risk to me taking a night away here. You got a place I can stay?" She looks out at the mostly-empty food tables, snickering a little. "Yeah, calm. I suppose that's nice, in certain doses."

N'shen's response gets an honest smile from Phylicia, who is - somewhat effectively - ignoring the large bronze staring at her. "Possibly longer, unless he gets tired of dealing with all of the whiney ones." She chuckles, though a moment later she's nodding in agreement. "I think you and Tao would excel at it. And like it." Without much warning, Fauikith is shifting her small bulk off the beach, wandering back towards where the two still have all their things stored: the barracks. A swivel of the dark green head and a chuff diverts Phy's attention from her conversation partner and she cocks her head to the side for a moment. "Oh, fine." The young woman says before turning her attention back to Nash. "Faui reminds me that Fraille wanted to see me tomorrow morning - Fort time - and that I still have packing to do." There's a small huffed sigh as she starts her trail back towards the barracks. "I will come visit now and again, promise!" She calls out, halfway down the beach.

"Really?" He seems startled at the realization and it seems to take R'shed a moment to catch up. By then, Lonarith's already begun to approach and waits near the pile of straps, leaving the bluerider to go 'oh!' and nod. "Yeah, I think I have somewhere you can stay. Here, I'll get his straps on and, uh- yeah." He motions for Norela to follow him as he goes, after dropping off the emptied dishes somewhere. Time to rig up the blue — who, per usual, is looking inexplicably smug — and prepare to play escort again!

"Perfect!" Norela says with a bright smile, heading back to the blue and giving him a grateful scritch on the snout while he gets strapped up. Once the straps are secure, she climbs back on and buckles herself in, ready to fly. "Let's go!" She says, cheery.

N'shen watches Phylicia leave, waving as he stares forlornly after her, then abruptly the boy turns and vaults up to the neck of his bronze, urging the beast up and away. His family has disappeared into the lessening crowd, and now with the healer gone, he too shall absent himself.

The bluerider doesn't bother with his jacket, helmet, or the rest. Once the blue's ready to go and his things are stowed, he mounts up and leans back to check on Norela's straps. Satisfied, he says only, "Hold tight; we're going up." It's paltry warning, for as soon as both are secured, Lonarith launches heavenwards. Up, up, and away they go … and where they go, nobody knows.

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