Mulching in the Gardens

Xanadu Weyr - Garden


An arch woven from the tendrils of a willow tree stretches overhead lightly creeping with ivy as one steps in from the meadow into this sanctuary of green. Cool gray flagstone carefully spaced enables a soft velvety moss to thrive within the cracks, and creates a single wide pathway that fluidly breaks off into two paths of stone once free of the natural arbor. It is a wonder this place, and meticulously tended from the way it seems not a single leaf is out of place. On either side of the main path expansive grassy patches are trimmed short and edged behind with natural tan colored stone selectively chosen to stack just right. Beyond these are a line of fine puffed shrubberies in vibrant green intermingled with flowering bushes of brilliant pinks varying in hue from the very light to the very dark, which causes the occasional snowy white blossoms of other scattered here and there without worry to simply pop out of the scenery.

Directly in the center of the garden is another wall of intricately stacked stone, this of muted grays, creating what from the air would prove to be a perfect circle. It's been set high for safety, but not so much as one would not be able to lean over it to admire what lies beyond, either standing or sitting at the smattering of benches whose backs are set every four feet along it. Flush to the ground inside it's protective stone outcropping, is an enormous twenty foot wide fish pond. Within one can glean the metallic glint of playful goldfish, the unhurried cruise of fat koi, and even a frog or three among pale yellow and white flowering water lilies and their thick green pads.

The trees surrounding the entire garden were planted to give the impression that they had always been here, not only lending to a rustic look, but also eluding to the beauty that can be found among the wilds if only one might just look for it. Species vary from the ordinary Birch and Pine, but the flaming red capsules of the Indian Shot to the robust orange spokes of the Firewheel tree suggest the spice of the exotic. The two paths leading away from the entrance have come full circle, wrapping around to meet each other on the other side, yet still continue on to the far left and right. One path leads off deeper into the surrounding woods, while the other wider; cheerily decorated with brightly colored slabs of painted stones.

After having heard about the tunnelsnake infestation in the garden, Rogawani had held off on his deliveries there until last. Oh, he isn't scared, no never, but there is certainly a little trepidation that causes him to look right and left as he steps through the archway and into the gardens. "Hey Cenlia, you around?" He peeks from behind a few branches, one hand rustling into his delivery bag as he tries to juggle doing two things at once. "Or anyone really? Anyone but tunnelsnakes?" His voice gets kind of quiet and almost meek at the last question, trying to laugh it off with a nervous chuckle.

At the sound of a voice, Cenlia looks up from behind a large pile of empty flower pots and planters near the side of the greenhouse, where she's busy sorting containers. The girl is in her usual garden attire, looking only just slightly dirt-smeared. Upon seeing Rogawani, the gardener girl grins and waves, "Hey! 'M over here." Cenlia's four firelizards poke their heads out of the shrubbery, trilling a simultaneous greeting before they go back to scurrying through the branches. The little goldeny bronze manages to find his way to the ground, and skitters all sneaky-like in the direction of the people, though he's a bit too shiny to be properly inconspicuous.

The gardener's voice draws Rogawani's attention as his head turns in her direction. "Ahh, there you are." Unfortunately, the messenger hadn't been expecting the sudden emergence of four firelizards and nearly jumps out of his skin. "They're just firelizards Ro'." He says quietly to himself, even giving a nervous eye towards the bronze sneaking along the ground. "Just firelizards." Biting at his lower lip, the boy summons up his courage and walks over towards where Cenlia is working, finally managing to pull two packages out of his bag. "One of the riders brought this in, but asked me to deliver it. This one is supposed to be seeds from the north, some sort of hybrids. The rider seemed pretty excited about it, but I'm clueless. And this bigger one is supposed to be some mulch they are working on in landing that they want tried out."

Cenlia giggles a bit at Rogawani's jumpyness, raising an eyebrow and asking, "Y'alright?" She perks up at the mention of packages, looking vaguely disappointed when it turns out to be seeds and mulch. However, the lack of booze doesn't disappoint her for long, as she asks with evident curiousity, "Hybrid seeds? Got a whole bunch of pots ready for planting," and she waves at all the empty containers, adding with a speculative glance around the garden, "Can really use more mulch t' keep the weeds down too." She clears a space nearby, pushing a stack of the pots closer the greenhouse, and indicates the packages, saying, "Didja see any of the candidates on yer way over here? I been meaning to get 'em to mulch the beds." Bronze Charmer, sneakily crawls over the pots, hide gleaming in the sunlight. The firelizard pokes his nose in all the crevices between the containers, prowling steadily towards the people. He is a mighty prowler, yes he is!

"Heard from Kire that you've been having a problem with tunnelsnakes. Hate those things." Rogawani comments with a slight shiver, his eyes catching that glint of light off of Charmer's hide once more, but this time he doesn't seem as unsettled. "At least you have your lizards on guard, though. Did you hear they found a whole nest of them down in the stores?" Setting the packages down, the boy perks a little, "Oh, and there's a note to go with the seeds." Suddenly, he's back to rooting around his bag, giving a small shake of his head. "Haven't seen many. I think they're keeping them busy with those weeds." Giving a small sniffle of his nose, Ro' finally digs out the note, which is a little crumped up and hands that over as well. "Any idea when those things will finally be gone? They're playing havoc with my nose and I'm not the only one." The boy reaches up and rubs at one eye.

Cenlia makes a face, nodding, her eyes glancing with some amusement at Charmer, "Yea, heard about the stores. 'S where I got the pots from. Found seven of the shardin' things in the greenhouse." Her pained expression accompanies a questioning squeak from Charmer as he looks up when Cenlia says, "Dunno why I keep runnin' into all these sharding /animals/," and she snorts, briefly tilting her head in the direction of the flits, "Them, they're useless. This one here," and she points at Charmer, "he weren't no help at all." Charmer lets out a chirp in protest, double-timing his inspection of the pots. Cenlia grins though, turning back to Rogawani and saying, "Shoulda seen the one that bit Kire. Good thing a healer showed up." Cenlia peers at the note, reading it while saying, "Dunno when seeding season's over this side of Pern. Shouldn't more than a couple sevendays, though. When the seeds came in the first time, I swept the whole garden. 'S why it ain't as bad as the meadow. Think somebody had the smart idea to try t' compost the stuff. 'Cept composting'll only bring the seeds up. Need to burn the tubs they been sending me."

"I heard they're going to send some folks down there to root out the nest." With an inward shiver, Rogawani's face takes on a drawn expression. "I have a feeling I'll get dragged into that. Ugh." His shoulders tense upward a little, but all too quickly the boy forces himself to calm. Afterall, he can't seem like a coward infront of a girl, right? "Maybe you just have a way with animals?" He suggests, lifting his eyebrows in a teasing manner. "I don't think you've run afoul of wherries or felines or canines yet, have you?" See, there's more trouble out there waiting! Turning his eyes towards the bronze firelizard and then back at Cenlia, Ro' manages a small chuckle. "Well, maybe at least they can alert you that something's here." Snuffling and rubbing his nose against one sleeve, the messenger sighs a little, having hoped for something shorter than 'a few sevendays'. "I just need em' gone soon. I don't know what's worse, the nose running and watery eyes or the stuff the healers are giving me to keep my head from exploding." Talk of compost causes him to perk a little bit though, "Oh no… compost. Re're had us dumping a bunch into bins and said they planned on using it for compost."

"Root out the nest? Am sure Eled's already volunteered me for /that/," Cenlia makes another face and shakes her head, her eyes darting momentarily to the shovel leaning up against the side of the greenhouse. The girl then cringes slightly, saying, "I dun get along with anything 'sides plants. Or I'd've been a beastcrafter like my da. Sharding animals…" She does glance around, though, just in case. Never know when an ovine might jump out or something. "Had a wherry chase me up a tree in South Boll," she mumbles, and then frowns, saying, "Gotta round up all the stuff they been pulling up and burn it." She ponders a moment, adding, "Am sure some dragon could do it, right? Get a whole pile of the stuff on the beach or somewhere, and let some dragon roast it."

"Well at least you can bring your shovel, that solves most everything, right?" Rogawani tries to make light of the tunnelsnake situation, even if he's not looking forward to dealing with them either. "Heh, I'm only really good with runners. Ovines, bovines, wherries, they're just trouble. Tasty trouble, but trouble." The thought of food seems to start a rumble in Ro's stomach, which he quickly pats and gives a sheepish look, "Excuse me. Haven't eaten yet, thinking about food wakes the monster." Finally giving up on rubbing at his eye, which is already quite red, he gives a more certain nod. "I'm sure the dragons could, but someone should mention it before it -does- get turned into compost. The last thing any of us need are more of these sharding things turning us into snot-machines next turn." As if to proove his point, the boy takes a long, strained snuffle, nearly going cross-eyed as air refuses to move through his nose.

Cenlia grins, "Yeah, dun need nothin' but a shovel." She giggles at Rogawani's stomach rumbling, and then nods, saying, "Should tell X'hil if I see him. Been busy here though; planting season. Half the stuff in the greenhouse needs re-potting too." The girl makes a face, muttering, "And I still need to talk to weyrwoman Niva about signin' a letter for my uncle." The girl rubs the back of her neck, frowning absently. Little bronze Charmer, meanwhile, has his head between two pots, and gives an excited squeak as something moves. Rawr! He goes after it with enthusiasm, trying to squeeze between the containers.

Seeming thoughtful, Rogawani murmurs to himself, "Wonder if Da would let me borrow a shovel." The image of squishing a tunnelsnake flitters through his mind, and brings a small smile to his face, but is all too soon shook off as he tilts his head. "You mean that letter your brother had, right? The one about staying here at Xanadu?" His expression falters a little, looking worried as his eyebrows knit together slightly. "I can try to help out here if you want? Maybe help you get finished so you have more time to talk to the Weyrwoman? I'm at least a better hand at it than Re're." Dropping his voice a little, he whispers, "He dug up an entire flower box because he couldn't tell which ones were weeds." The bronze's squeek brings a quick movement of Ro's eyes, but this time he doesn't jump, waiting to see what the lizard might be going after.

Cenlia giggles about Re're and the flower box, just shaking her head and muttering, "Think I feel sorry fer the flowers." When Charmer continues to squeak and chirp, the girl sighs and grabs her shovel, using it to nudge the pots aside as her bronze firelizard growls and goes after something small and round and… somewhat stinky. As Charmer heroically slays a trundlebug, Cenlia rolls her eyes, muttering, "Sharding flits." Charmer chirps proudly, great defender of the gradens that he is, and goes back to poking around the stacks of containers. Cenlia sets the shovel aside and nods to Rogawani, saying, "Yeah, I gotta get it signed by somebody else besides X'hil." She makes a face as she grumbles, "Dunno why Thea wouldn't sign it. Told me to go find the senior weyrwoman. Like she'd even know who I was." At least Cenlia /hopes/ Niva doesn't recognize her, what with the gardener girl always being in the presence of a certain troublesome weyrsecond whenever she runs into the woman. But then Cenlia seems thoughtful, saying, "Could use a hand with the mulch, if ya got time?" She opens the newly-delivered package of mulch, peering inside curiously and sniffing at it.

"Luckily that new healer Karashi showed him which were wich before more flowers perished needlessly." Rogawani places a hand over his heart, as if mock-mourning the loss of the flowers. He takes a step back as Cenlia separates the pots, and then raises the arm of his jacket to cover his nose. "Wonderful, the mighty hunter killed a trundlebug. Ptth." Giving a twitch of his nose, the boy soon realizes that at least his stuffed up nose offers him safety from the smell of dead trundlebug. "That is weird, I would have thought Thea'd sign it. You guys seem close 'n all." Scratching at the side of his head, Ro' just seems puzzled. "Shards, I've only met the Weyrwoman once myself, and I doubt she'd know me from any other weyrbrat." Kicking a toe at the trundlebug, trying to knock it a bit away from them, the messenger gives a nod of his head. "I have time. This was my last delivery for today. The head messenger has been taking the longer routes to Rubicon since…" He trails off, obviously not wanting to talk about the issues going on in the holds.

"Guess healer Karashi's been savin' the flowers and fighting off tunnelsnakes. Hope she dun have to save anyone else from anything awful," Cenlia grins at Rogawani and gets up to grab some thick canvas gloves from a shelf in the greenhouse. The girl pulls on a pair, and then holds another pair out to Rogawani, saying, "We could mulch under the shrubs, since I already went through and weeded over there. The girl then frowns absently, shrugging as she grumbles, "Dunno why Thea wouldn't sign the letter." The girl's sour expression likely mirrors her current opinion of the weyrwoman as she continues, "Ain't like any of the ovines gettin' out was /my/ fault." Grump grump. "Weyrwoman Niva is kinda scary when she's mad. Hope she ain't mad at anybody when I go see her. Kire said I should bring her some booze," and the girl grins, "and maybe brandycakes. Dunno how well that'd go, though. She's kinda scary when she's drunk, too."

"So I hear. She seems quite multi-talented." Rogawani comments, returning the gardener's grin with one of his own. Taking a half-step away from the trundlebug, he waits patiently for her to return and then accepts the gloves. Rolling up the sleeves of his jacket, he pulls the gloves on underneath, wiggling his fingers. "Well, Thea is kinda new to the Weyrwoman thing, maybe that's why? I mean, she was the last gold impressed here." He throws the guess out there, even though it's probably a far cry from the truth. "I wouldn't try talking to Niva drunk, or when she's too upset. I caught her getting some morning klah and she wasn't too bad. Although she was grumbling about riders 'n stuff." Wiggling his nose, the boy looks towards the shrubs, and then back to the gardener. "So, do I just spread the mulch around?"

Cenlia nods and pulls the package of mulch closer to the shrubs, tipping it on its side and scooping out wood chips with her hands, "Yea, just spread it under here." The girl kneels down and grabs a handful of mulch, spreading it beneath the shrubbery. The flits all chirp and watch the humans, Charmer abandoning his search of the pots to scramble playfully through the mulch pile. "I dunno, she was a whole lot nicer before she got all that paperwork," Cenlia mumbles, "I only seen weyrwoman Niva twice. First time was when X'hil got her drunk and she gave him his knot, an' then when she found out he'd broke the travel ban and she yelled at him an' took his knot back. Wish weyrwoman Ysa was still here. Was her idea t' send the letter. She seemed pretty swell, even brought us booze when we were in the infirmary." She girl just shakes her head, though, "Maybe I shoulda asked X'hil if he could have Sir Kinseth yawn at my uncle. Show him all them big teeth." But Cenlia sighs and adds, "Maybe I should try t' catch her in the morning, before somebody can make her mad about something."

Following Cenlia's example, Rogawani reaches over and picks up a handful of the mulch, taking a closer look at it. His attention, however, ends up back on the gardener, which causes a bit of the mulch to leak out between his fingers and down onto the bronze firelizard playing below. "Well, X'hil doesn't seem to like it much either. Makes you wonder why anyone would want to be a Weyrleader, Weyrwoman, or Weyrsecond." Then, he reaches over and begins to spread it under the shrubs closest to him, his tongue sticking out in concentration. "I only met her just the once, and even then she was irritated because riders weren't letting her be. That was when we were still on lock-down. She got -really- irritated when I said that holders were having firelizards fetch things from infected areas." He gives a small wince, remembering how she had cursed the little lizards at the time. "Ysa seemed to have a good head on her shoulders, but you could always try one of the other Weyrwomen. Maybe Zevida?" He suggests, shrugging his shoulders.

"Maybe that's why that goldrider ran off? 'Cause the job was so awful," Cenlia ponders, but then shakes her head and continues spreading mulch. Little Charmer squawks in surprise as wood chips land on him, and he scurries away into the bushes, bits of mulch still sticking to his neck ridges. The flits peer suspiciously at the mulch from higher in the branches. Cenlia frowns and asks, "Did any flits get sick from the dragon flu? Dunno if anybody could put a ban on firelizards travelling." The gardener girl hrms, then, tilting her head as she says, "Weyrwoman Zevida seems nice; should ask her first. She ain't yelled at me about the runner, an' she tried to grab me when I almost drowned." The girl grimaces, remember the unpleasant encounter with the animal, muttering, "I need to ask X'hil about teaching me to swim sometime. He said he would, so long as I helped him wash Sir Kinseth afterwards. 'S a fair deal; Sir Kinseth is pretty big. Bet it takes him forever to give him a bath."

"Who knows. Weyrwoman Niva and Ysa didn't seem to agree on much, and that only got worse after Kate ran off. I heard she didn't trust her at all, didn't even want her touching Ellamariseth's eggs." On some days, Rogawani has a lot of hear-say to pass along, and this is one area where he excells. He blinks a little at the firelizard squacking, "Oh, sorry there Charmer." He says off-handedly, and then shrugs his shoulders slightly to the question of dragon flu. "No idea, but they could have carried it. Firelizards and dragons aren't that far appart, right?" Lifting his eyebrows, he eyes the gardener questioningly. Perhaps a rider would better answer that question, though. "Probably a good idea to try her first. Avoiding Niva is probably your best bet." Taking another scoop of mulch, he carefully sets it down at the base of the next shrub, peering over his shoulder. "You don't know how to swim? Hrm. Well I guess it's a good trade then. Sometimes I wonder how riders keep up with bathing their dragons all the time. It's hard enough bathing my runner and he's smaller than even the smallest green."

Cenlia nods, "Sure seemed like they didn't like each other. When weyrwoman Niva was yellin' at X'hil, Ysa came in and started yellin' at /her/. Was about that girl Kate. Ysa said she'd told her it was a bad idea to let her stand. Guess maybe Ysa was right." Cenlia grabs more mulch and spreads it beneath the bushes, adding, "I shoulda asked her to sign the letter right when she suggested it." Cenlie shrugs though, glancing at her flit and saying, "They look like little dragons." She smiles a bit, "Cute, too." Charmer and blue Mizzle sneak out from the bush and chirp at her, but Cenlia is still spreading mulch, saying, "I can sorta swim. Underwater. Is stayin' up that's hard. X'hil said he's got to wash Sir Kinseth every week. I dunno how he manages that, with all them piles of paperwork."

Patting down the mulch a little, Rogawani shakes his head. "Not sure I'd have trusted her either. I mean, she was the daughter of that cult leader guy, the one who had all those dead followers." A small shiver runs up the boy's spine as he dusts his hands off a bit. "The most worrying part of all of that is that she's still out there. Maybe with her own clutch." Turning to look at the two firelizard faces, Ro's expression softens as he nods a bit. "Yeah, but there's a lot of difference between these little guys and their big cousins." Taking one more handful, he slowly spreads it out beneath the greenery, wrinkling his nose. "Just gotta relax really. That's the key to floating. I'm sure X'hil finds time, though. Paperwork or no paperwork, I'm sure the dragons don't take it lightly if they don't get a bath. And you don't usually argue with something big enough to squash you flat."

"Dead followers?" Cenlia asks, frowning as she dumps the rest of the mulch into a pile on the ground. Before she can start spreading it out, her flits approach and jump in, sending bits of wood flying, doing a decent enough job of spreading the mulch pile that Cenlia has to grin a bit. But she soon shakes her head, leaning back and saying, "Shards, Ysa said there could be renegade dragonriders." Cenlia shakes wood chips off her gloves and then nods, giving Rogawani a lopsided grin, "'Specially Sir Kinseth. He's pretty big." Pretty big being something of an understatement, there.

"Yeah." Hesitating, Rogawani sits back a little, watching the firelizards with an almost distracted look on his face. Pulling the gloves off, he glances over at Cenlia and gives a worried nod. "They found a bunch of bodies piled up in a cave on the coast. I wasn't a messenger yet then, just still a weyrbrat so I don't know the whole story of it, though." Reaching up, the boy scratches at his chin, sighing at the prospect of rogue dragonriders. Cenlia's grin, however, brings him back around to his usual self, turning on a half-smile. "I swear you're in love with that dragon sometimes." He teases.

Cenlia makes a face at the mention of bodies, muttering, "Shards…" but she shakes her head, also eyeing the playful flits, who chirp cheerily and scatter mulch all over the ground. They're helping, they are! Kind of. Cenlia smirks a bit at them, then laughs and says, "Sir Kinseth's the best getaway dragon on Pern." She giggles, saying, "When X'hil and I snuck into my uncle's orchard to pinch some tuber ale, Sir Kinseth got us outta there. Though, not before he scared the pans off my bratty little brother. Was pretty awesome." Her grin broadens, "Got is out right quick too, with the tuber ale." He helped her get booze? No wonder she likes the dragon. Of course, that same incident is what landed her in so much trouble with her uncle, too.

Leaving more worrying discussions behind, Rogawani watches the firelizards with a small smile, "Wonder where my little one has gotten himself off to." Of course, there's no answer, or appearance of metallic wings. Unlike Cenlia's lizards, it seems that Ro's bronze prefers to be on his own. "So that's it huh? Your rescue dragon, your get-away dragon, your ale-stealing dragon." With a chuckle, the boy just pushes his hands against the ground, pushing himself up into a crouch. "If I had a dragon willing to do all that for me, I guess I'd like him too. I've only ever been up on a dragon for official business. Sniffing out sulpher holes and identifying poop."

Cenlia laughs, "Weyrsecond /X'hil's/ dragon," and she grins even wider, "'Least /he/ ain't gone and gotten all stuffy when he got his knot. You should come with us the next time we go snatch tuber ale." The girl removes her gloves and reaches out a hand to scritch Charmer under the chin, the little creature crooning happily at the attention. Cenlia giggles a bit more, "Bet X'hil'd take you dragonback if you asked." She pauses a moment, adding, "After the eggs hatch."

A rogueish look shows on Rogawani's face, chuckling as he pushes himself to his feet. "Sure sure, it may be Weyrsecond X'hil's dragon, but you seem to get to have all the fun with him. All he gets out of it is paperwork and a broody dragon on the sands." Stretching his back out, Ro reaches down and plucks up his delivery bag, now sagging empty. "Well, I'm sure I'll get plenty of chances dragon back if things keep up as they've been. Every now and again we end up out there sniffing at some new strange thing in the wilds. 'Course I wouldn't mind some ale snatching so long as my Da doesn't find out. He doesn't like me drinking much. Had me mucking stables for that ale I had at your turnday party. Ppsh."

Cenlia removes her other glove and gets to her feet, brushing wood chips off her knees, and leaving the flits to play in their mulch pile. Charmer, seeing his scritcher-person walk off, chirps and waggles his tail, posing in front of Rogawani now, trying to charm the messenger for more scritches. Cenlia snickers, stretching a bit and moving back towards the stacks of flower pots, saying, "Hope ya didn't get in too much trouble?" She glances at Rogawani, looking just the slightest bit guilty. There tends to be an awful lot of booze around Cenlia, at times. The gardener girl begins setting out pots, causing trundlebugs to flee as their cover is removed.

"Nah. He don't got kids of his own so he's kinda protective of me, that's all. Da forgets that I'm not a little boy anymore. Maybe not some muscle bound lughead man yet, but certainly not a kid." Rogawani puffs his chest a little bit, showing a bit of boyish pride, which deflates when he spots the firelizard posing infront of him. "Oh you want attention from me now, huh?" He asks the lizard, reaching out to scratch over the bronze's eyeridge. "Seems to me that your brother forgets you aren't a kid sometimes, too. I swear he's going to wear that scowl into his face some day and get stuck like that."

Cenlia giggles at Rogawani as she drags some bags of soil from the greenhouse. The girl points at the happily crooning bronze flit, saying, "Watch out fer that one - just now he'll be followin' ya everywhere. A candidate workin' in the garden fed him once, an' he had Charmer following him all over the place for a sevenday. Beggin' for food every time he saw him." Cenlia shakes her head in amusement, then snickers, "Eled's prolly already got his face stuck like that. I ain't seen him have proper fun in turns. He got a trundlebug up his butt the size of a brandy peach. An' he used to get in more trouble than I ever did. Him and my Uncle Cern, they both're too sharding stuffy. Been tryin' to get Eled drunk, but he ain't touched any booze since my turnday. I'm almost glad we found the tunnelsnakes when he was here; I ain't seen Eled in the garden since then." And she glances around, just to make sure. But there is no sign of the computercrafter.

Gently moving his hand away, Rogawani gives a small nod. "I think Masoka would clear him off sooner or later, especially once it gets to dinner time." Even so, the boy gives an affectionate smile towards the lizard before turning to look at the gardener. "No wonder he smells so bad." This seems to be the most mature thing that Ro' can come up with, a smirk forming on his face. "I should probably go log in my deliveries. Do you want me to swing by the candidate barracks and see if I can scrape up a few workers for you?" He asks, stretching his arms out over his head.

Cenlia snickers as she pulls out more stuff from the greenhouse, nodding in ageement and then grinning at Rogawani, "Yeah, could use some more hands for the potting. Thanks for the help with the mulch. Should keep the weeds down over here, at least." Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the rest of Xanadu. The flits chirp from the mulch and scatter it about, going back to playing. Charmer, seeing the human is no longer giving scritches, scurries over to Cenlia, crawling up onto a stack of pots when she doesn't immediately pay attention to him. Cenlia prods the flit, chuckling and telling Rogawani, "If ya see Eled, too, let him know I'm still waiting for him to come help me look fer tunnelsnakes?"

"Will do. If there's not work for me in the stables, I'll come back down and help later." Rogawani offers, although he knows just how unlikely that might be. Since he began to not have his evening runs to the far holds, his foster-father has made sure there are chores to be done. "You guys keep helping out, okay?" He says towards the firelizards in a teasing tone, and then shrugs his bag on his shoulder again, holding the strap with one hand. "See you later, Cenlia. Don't let any tunnelsnakes get you." And with that, the messenger heads off towards the weyr beyond.

Cenlia waves, getting back to work and letting the flits chase out the trundlebugs from the stacks of flower pots.

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