Ice Cream, Hats and "Snakes" Oh My!

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

If anybody thought they could possibly forget about Inasyth's Latest Greatest Idea, the young gold has made sure to announce the count down to Ice Cream Party-dom to the Weyr as a whole on an hourly countdown. And now… now… « FINALLY! LADIES AND GENTLE-DRAGONS! THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! LET THERE BE CAKE! CAKE AND ICE CREAM! For the humans at least. But we got sheep too! » Cause apparently the fluffy ovines where the closest thing Ina could pick for a draconic sweet treat. « Remember the costumes! » The beach has been undergoing preparations all day, and they're finally ready. There's several large tents set up and lots of ice brought down from High Reaches to give the ice cream a hope and a prayer of not melting immediately. Whatever sugary concocotions you can imagine to combine with ice cream have been lined up on the tables. Cookies, cakes, ice cream, pie… it's all there. Rhody's used some of her organizer priveleges to already snag a ridiculously large banana split with klah-cake bites and snagged a seat near the side of the largest tent that probably counts as an entrance, keeping an eye out for anybody that might not be in costume. She's got a large bucket of odds and ends right beside her just in case they're needed. And for her own costume? The goldrider has somehow managed to find a dress shaped like a bottle of wine complete with a cork head-dress.

Did Rhody need some bouncers for this? She should’ve let him know! Ru’ien kept up to his end of this ‘bargain’ and now it’s time for the FUN to begin! There was no ‘theme’ set (maybe that was on purpose) and so, he let chaos reign — probably literally (Kihatsuth is going to play innocent while she eyes a few of those sheep)! He is dressed… well, in a dress. Not just a skirt repurposed to a kilt this time, oh no. No, he’s gone full out summer dress and tasteful accessories that just complete the look with a little dazzle and bling. His hair? Done up (thank you, M’ti)! Face? Full makeup (that was Risali). The dress? ALSO former Weyrwoman’s, undone, redone because hello… size and frame? That’s besides the point! Not only is he well coordinated, but he syncs with another in-bound guest and JERRY of course! Who is promptly set as a centrepiece in an open spot. “Rhody!” he crows, delighted. “Love the costume! And this,” Hand sweeps to the goody bounty GALORE! “Looks fantastic~”

From the direction of the meadow comes M'ti, dressed in a medium brown leotard that's been very artistically painted to resemble tree bark. Silk ivy has been sewn onto it in a flowy fashion up his legs and torso to wrap around his arm and drap over his hands a bit tastefully. A few leaves have been woven into braids he's set into his hair, a few tiny paper butterflies here and there, as well as a light makeup applied to enhance his features and give him an almost ethereal quality; as if he were some forest spirit come to investigate the festivities. Cheeks are naturally flushed a rosy hue though, seeming a little awkward as he makes his way down to where Rhodeila awaits, fidgeting a bit along the way but he does his best to smile and look around as Ru'ien meets and greets.

Costumes? Costumes? Oops. Vallen had no time for such things between patrol duty and..other things. Like eating. And sleeping. …And whatnot. Maybe he can pass as a fleshy firelizard perch, for how there's a young brown one draped in his hair. The lack doesn't seem to bother him though, striding down from the main Weyr clearing with purpose. It was promised there would be /ice cream/ out here, after all, and he's not one to skip out on such a thing. His path is derailed however by the familiar form of M'ti..TreeM'ti, really. Brows raise, and a grin slowly quirks across his lips as he makes his way in /that/ direction instead. The guard has enough restraint not to accidentally mess any costume bits up with a wayward arm, but he does lift a hand, fingers spread to wave for the greenrider's attention. "M'ti, hey! Been a while since I saw you about the place here. Startin' up a new project with all this?" Fingers wave a bit, indicating the rider from head to toe in amusement. "We could hollow you out and make a home inside, pretty as can be..but..meh, this way works better, I think. Yeah? Solid and whole and everythin'."

As soon as her name is being called, Rhody's head pivots and she sets down both ice cream and spoon onto the table. "Ru'ien! And you brought guests!" There's a massive grin for both M'ti's costume and the bright pink wherry that Ru has dropped as a table center-piece. "So… the line for milkshakes is over there… one table is for the kids and another is for the adult milkshakes. And then sundaes over there and cones over there…" There was some serious planning gone into ice cream logistics but she gets derailed as the guard comes over costume-less and she gasps. "No costume???" Not on her watch! The junior rummages into her bucket of props. A couple feathered boas are discarded, along with some headbands, and a mask. Finally she comes up with a cape and a top hat. Don't ask where they had originally came from, but she's tossing them in Vallen's direction as if she has no doubt he'll catch them. "Those will make you much more festive."

“Well, yeah I brought guests! It’s a PARTY!” Ru’ien scoffs at Rhody, adopting a proper feigned look of ‘duh?’. There’s a laugh that follows, along with an impressed whistle when the various desserts are listed. “Mhm, where to start? Any recommendations?” he muses, lifting a hand up to delicately push back some of his coiffed hair. Bangles on his wrist clack faintly and he’s holding up a finger. “One sec!” Off he goes, to briefly breeze up by Tree!M’ti, placing a hand carefully on the younger man’s shoulder. “Relax, eh? There’s booze or…” Or Vallen! Ru’ien’s never had the pleasure, but dressed as he currently is it’d make weird first introductions (or the BEST ONES)! “Have funnnn~” he teases M’ti, with a little shoo-shoo shove to the Guard, just before Rhody spots him. Did he maybe mouth ‘run’? MAYBE. But it’s too laaaate~ Laughing, he’s going to take him and his sweet repurposed summer dressed (Risaaaa) —ass— self over there, some where — there’s food to pursue, after all!

Who knows if anyone would recognize M'ti as the thirteen turn old Mathis they knew a few candidacies back but that Rhodelia seems pleased by his costume brings a darker hue to his cheeks and darker still with the bold greeting that Vallen bestows. Well, in regards to the latter, several more than that straight up to his ear tips as he stands there and stares at him speechlessly while blinking a few times. A drumbeat or two later, "W-what?" he murmurs. Had he heard that right? It's Ru'ien coming over that snaps him free of it though, looking up at the tall greenrider as that hand is placed on his shoulder, "O-okay…" is all he can manage to squeeze out, owlishly blinking again. He stands there and watching the sundressed man wander off and then turns big hazel eyes onto Vallen, "Drink?" Cause sure seems like he needed on right now.

Listen, if you're bringing ice cream to a beach and don't expect a literal flock of children, a mistake has been made. R'hyn's entire brood seems to be in the process of arriving, grey eyes and dark hair dominating the horde, the occasional blonde crown sticks out like sore thumbs, but not nearly as sorely as the bright, bright purple dyeing of the eldest's hair. The leggy young wisp of a preteen breezes up next to M'ti as her siblings flock past, eyes a-dazzle at the butterflies woven into his hair as she reaches back to finger the paper-mache wings on her back. "We match," she breathes, nose wrinkling with an impishly-added, "sort of. I like your costume," added before a younger kid's hand slides into hers and she's drug away. "Sorry," R'hyn breathes as he passes the greenrider, "hope she didn't bother you," seeming like a rote statement as he makes to follow his chain of costumed kiddos. What exactly he's supposed to be is not immediately apparent - yellow facepaint has little in the way of rhyme or reason, floppy hair stood up almost on end, clothing a patchwork of gold and white and interesting in a word, but there can be no mistaking the identity of the tiny cute bundled up in his arms: she is a sheep. An itty, bitty sheep. "Rhody, Ru," the weyrleader greets as he draws near, eyes twinkling as he says, "I brought my own dessert." Ah. So he's a dragon. Or maybe one of the kid's ideas of what a dragon should be, with terrible wings rendered in marker on the back of his shirt. "I'm impressed by your collection." Of costumes? Of humans? Of milkshakes that are bringing all the boys to the yard beach? Take your pick.

Vallen is being gifted costume pieces /and/ a M'ti? Wonders never cease. He does catch the hat tossed his way, although the cape part ends up more or less draped over him in the mix. One brief flailing motion later has everything under control though. The hat is promptly tapped down to cover the firelizard on his head, and he makes a production of whirling the cape around to attach about his shoulders. Viola! His head tilts a little bit though at Ru's brief arrival at M'ti's shoulder, throwing a grin at the rider and a mock little salute. Why comment about the dress? It looks fabulous! He tips his had just a little though for M'ti's drink suggestion, nodding. "Drink for you, ice cream for me. That's the whole appeal of this business!"

WHO DAT, WHO DIS? It's Risali. It's Risali in a mask, and a cape with feather filigree on the shoulders; it's Risali in her usual leathers with a corset on top and nothing that could be considered a REAL costume despite the fact that she's applied make up and STUFFED A BUNCH OF CLOTHES BENEATH HER OWN CLOTHES. Why? So she looks LUMPILY PREGNANT, OF COURSE. You can't mess with her SMUG SWAGGER, either. She's a cataclysmic natural disaster on — heels? Yes, on heels, and she's stumbled twice in them already, which has earned a couple of unintentional leanings on supportive-things that she totally pretends wasn't an accident. "Ru, Rhody!" she calls from afar, probably because it's safer than attempting to get from HERE to THERE without a broken ankle. "Where is the food?" Because that's what she came for. OH LOOK. A WILD R'HYN PASSING BY. Risali sees an opportunity and SHE TAKES IT, latching onto the too-big man's arm with a gleeful cackle turned up to him and then onto M'ti as she breezes past with a lift of one hand. "Gorgeous!" she calls out, a-stumble to keep up with R'hyn whether he wants her there OR NOT. FIGHT HER. FIGHT ME. FIGHT THIS TERRIBLE POSE. "Your kids," she tells R'hyn on the side, "Look amazing. And that's because they're my siblings." IS THAT FAIR? IS THAT TRUE? IS IT REASONABLE? Shup. STAGGER SHE GOES, pushing away from the weyrleader (though a hand keeps a-hover) so that she can attempt to pull Ru and Rhody or BOTH into a hug. TAKE HER AFFECTION? "You both look amazing." So giddy. So ridiculous. So very, very Risali. And then? "What is that?" GASP. There Risali goes, stumbling away, PATTING VALLEN AS SHE GOES ON THE ARM (or abusing him to keep herself standing) as she goes to inspect that RANDOM MAJESTY.

Someone is touching him, sort of, and M'ti doesn't so much stiffen as he remains utterly still until that contact ceases and he turns his attention to the girl responsible, "Thank you…" he says to her and still blushing madly. His head is shaken a soft smile is offered to child and R'hyn alike, giving his head a little shake with a gentle rustling sound, "Not a bother…" quietly added but with enough force behind it to carry to the bronzerider. Risali's breeze by earn a darker hue to his skin, "Thank you…" Then, turning back to Vallen, "A lot of people showed up…" Not that this was to be unexpected. He doesn't make for a grab for the guard, but he does lead the way towards ice cream and booze, procuring a glass of Benden red for himself in the process. It's sipped very gingerly and he wrinkles his nose a bit at first for the taste, as if he's never had booze before or something, eying the contents suspiciously.

Rhodelia was smart enough to multi-task with her food order and there's plenty of rum sauce poured over that banana split which she goes back to as soon as Vallen takes the accessories. "Dazzle them!" And look, a Risa and a hug which Rhody returns with way more enthusiasm than usual. "You look great! And uhhh… if you want to ditch the shoes, I don't think anybody will blame you." Sand and heels are practically a recipe for a broken ankle. And as for R'hyn, she cackles when she gets a sight of his dragon costume and moves a few steps closer to actually coo at the little bundle of dessert he's holding. "Did they try to dress you as Ilyscaeth?"

“It was her idea,” Ru’ien’s quick to foist most, okay ALL, of this on Rhody. He only HELPED! And encouraged. There’s a broad lopsided grin, lazy like even under all that tasteful makeup. Oh, and what is THIS? “Aww, but if that isn’t adorable!” He gushes to R’hyn, hands clasped together as the joke strikes home (probably from Rhody’s hint). Hoard of kids? That was probably observed for one amused moment! MAYBE some sympathy to go in too! “Hey, Risa!” he crows back in greeting, hand lifted in a little wave. “Looking good!” There’s a wink to follow and a snickered laugh — which ends in a bit of a wheeze (feigned) as he’s suddenly group hugged by Risa. He flicks fingers playfully at some feathers and scoffs, “Couldn’t have pulled it off without some help,” Wink wink, nudge nudge. “If’ya know what I mean?” Now, about those GOODIES! Ru’ien turns back to the displays of sweets, still undecided.

Traipsing down the beach path at a skip, hop, bounce walk she's never one to tone down her wardrobe and today brought an occasion for ultra-violet eye sore outfits that are only for special events. The base color of the top is glittery white, long-sleeved and high necked as typical, and covered in different shaped purple, pink, and blue spots. The skirt and shirt flow together, all the way to the floor, though in the back is a purple cat tail, and on her head is a set of fuschia cat ears. She's her own version of a cloudy spotted feline, turned up in hue and with a smashing of glitter to add to the effect. Passing children get tiny head nods, "Oooh, you look so pretty, look at your WINGS, and your hair." Distractable today, it takes her a few moments to move towards Rhodelia, "Rhodelia, has it um- started? May we eat?" Glancing from face to face, there's a squeak at M'ti's outfit, giving a thumbs up before spotting Ru'ien in the sundress, "I always //knew you'd be perfect in a dress." Overwhelmed by suddenly living in one of her dragon's weird dreams, Risali's get-up gets a delighted handclap along with both hands fully covering her face. Someone has to be EMBARRASSED around here, and she's taking on that job today, even if she looks like a child's toy.

Vallen has contact with a wild Risali! That brief moment on his arm has the guard blinking after her, trying..rather hard not to burst out laughing. Ah well. She'll be back! He follows after M'ti then, not at all in a hurry as the rider finds the booze. Those expressions do get his attention though, peering a bit closer at the glass before tipping his head minutely at M'ti again. "Alright?" It's a quieter question, really, with an added finger motioning in a spiral to indicate..well../everything/. Perhaps not just the wine.

The correct answer is HE DOES NOT WANT IT but R'hyn bears Risali's presence with as much grace and humility as can be managed with a baby lumped in one arm, which is to say he crashes right back into her and somehow Xanadu's leadership manages to keep themselves upright through sheer coincidence. Hot mess express choo choo. Droll eyes fix on Ru'ien in his Risali-inspired (read: borrowed) costume, a jokingly healthy dose of fear entering his eyes as he says, "I hope you don't need to lean on me, too." Because he might just go down in a heap! Luckily by the time the goldrider has whisked off to observe whatever, he's recovered enough to feel confident in turning a thumb-sucking Kitahny towards Rhodelia and Ru'ien, eyes twinkling as spit covered hands reach out to flail their way. Watch out for any stray hairs, lest they get baby-spitted! "Thank you. It was Cita's idea. Naturally she isn't here to reap the bounty of her work," is sarcastic as heck, eyes sparking with humor as they flick to meet Rhodelia's. "Inasyth, actually, and tried is the optimal word. I am pretty sure these tights are Risa's." He'll leave the implications of that statement up to the imagination as he pivots to observe the spread (and maybe Vallen's gifted cape) while Ibsyglei offers Evi a polite, "Thanks!," and then a half-awed, "I want your ears." Maybe Evi should guard them well lest they vanish!

A smile is offered to Evi in passing, tucking in his chin a bit before turning back to Vallen again and nodding his head, again with the quiet rustling of silk leaves and crepe-paper butterflies, "I don't know, I've never drank before…is it…" he wonders, offering the glass to the guard, "…is it supposed to taste like this?" As for the rest of that everything, the greenrider can only smile faintly and shrug his shoulders. There is, however, a check to see where it is that Ru'ien has made off to. Not that he's difficult to spot even in a crowd and then he looks back to Vallen again, "Didn't you want some ice cream?" He peeks over to the rapidly thickening crowd that direction.

« HE'S ME??? WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME WE COULD DRESS AS OTHER DRAGONS??? I'M GONNA BE LEIRITH!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! » Inasyth adds a clash of drums and cymbals into her over-enthusiastic stream of champagne bubbles. "She thinks it's perfect." Rhody is beaming in approval as well. "And while this little cutie might be too young for any snacks, can I get you something? Maybe an ice cream cone? Or I could hold her!" Probably the first time she's not run away in terror from childrens. As for Evi's question, she nods and makes a bit of a shooing gesture towards the abundant food tables. "Go! Eat, drink, be merry! Sometimes all at the same time. I made sure they had some drink-milkshakes. My favorite is the pina-colada-shake!" Pro advice right there.

Vallen is quick enough to take the offered glass, sipping at it like he might be a knowledgable force in the wine department. And then he makes a face, offering it right back. "Oh, yeah. That's how it's supposed to be, mmhm." Not exactly high on the guard's drinks of choice. But then..water is a highly ranked beverage for him, so..there's that. He nods though, hands finding his pockets as he studies the Tree'ti. "Fair 'nough." His gaze briefly follows after..then breaks into a grin, turning to head toward the ice cream. "I /did/. Better tasting than that stuff you've got there, too."

Ru’ien’s just going to bat those eyelashes faux-innocently at R’hyn, complete with an impish smirk. “I dunno, I just might? Maybe I’ll “accidentally” help myself to some of the spiked milkshakes?” No accident there, really — he fully intends to start enjoying some of the treats. IF HE CAN MAKE UP HIS MIND! He keeps getting distracted! Woe. Suddenly the baby is being FOISTED and he’s going to nimbly dodge that (he likes the littles at a distance to fawn over) by making sure Rhody gets DIBS! “Thanks Evi! Like the tail and ears!” he calls back to her, miming where said accents are on her costume over his own and his head. With a grin and another laugh, there’s finally a break in the crowd and he makes his move — right for the alcohol fusion milkshakes. “Now, let’s see…” Do they get to taste test first? No? Ah well. He’ll go for a berry-looking concoction, sipping at it delicately (hey, no reason to mess all this work, right?) and eyes widening in surprised delight. “Hey… not bad!” WHAT? Did he have doubts!?

Leaning down to Ibsyglei, Evi pops the ears off her head and settles them onto the 11 turn olds with a bright smile. "Here, they look pretty on you." Turning back to Rhodelia with a nod, still, in awe of the offered food, hands clasped in front of her with several small bounces from heel to toe before her attention zeros in on the baby. "May I?" Hands extended with gimme fingers wiggling at full force, offering to take R'hyn's child, crouching down and fully willing to get drool ALL OVER HERSELF. Ru'ien gets her to sashay in place, curtsying for effect. "Pina colada? Does it have alcohol? I have duty this evening." Not that she'd be the first rider from Xanadu to deliver mail drunk. Bouncing in place, still waiting to see if she can pull off a kidnapping, she's scanning the group of people, while maintaining her assertion she wants this baby.

R'hyn, unrepentant. "I'm you," is confirmed because even if that wasn't projected for his ears, it got telephoned there by the dragon sprawled out down the beach, who adds enthusiastic music beneath champagne wubba-wubbas. The weyrleader chokes on laughter for Ru's eyebatting, shooting him a wry look as he says, "Ah, making it strong enough to make your ankles weak? A man after my bartender heart. Just make sure you fall that way." Did he point in the opposite direction of himself? HE SURE DID. It's a joke though. Mostly. Probably. It doesn't matter as he gives Rhodelia a supremely grateful look, Kit-sheep handed over as he says, "Actually, if you wouldn't mind, the one that just ate it and sucked in a mouthful of sand is mine and…" There he goes, leaving her with one happily-babbling toddler in training, one fisted hand coming up to bump farmboy F'yr's shoulder in a companionable fashion as he goes to help wash sand out of a wailing kid's mouth. Ibsyglei, meanwhile, looks like her day - week - month has been made, ears felt with her fingers before she sprints off to find someone to care that she's a CATTERFLY!

Despite what were surely Inasyth's best efforts, there is at least one dragon who is currently completely unaware of the on going proceedings. But, listen, let's all take a moment to thank Faranth that Glorioth is currently asleep, because it means the big blond responsible for a variety of things that includes keeping the Weyr from suffering an abundance of GLORI-ousness is arriving alone. For those that knew him in the days when he still was called something that sounded like a sound a herdbeast should make under the crushing radiance of his lifemate's paw when turning to paste, F'yr might appear to have no costume at all. Lo, behold the roughed up cargo-pocketed khaki shorts, many-times mended, and there, see his boring undyed tunic in the same obviously well-used state. Both have the stains of old dirt and grime and just the evidence of long hours spent doing physically demanding tasks. On his head sits a very wide-brimmed hat woven of straw and it is rather floppy. The shrewd might understand though: here be Farmy F'yr. Glorioth would be F'yrsomely appalled, so, take one more moment to be grateful to skip that HEROIC (ABSURD) dress-down of a certain someone who's enjoying the… who even knows, some kind of frozen alcohol THING that definitely makes skipping this bit of work and or sleep time worth it. … Right? He looks a little rough around the edges. It's probably fine.

“You’re no fun~” Was probably Ru’ien’s parting words to R’hyn (he can sass the Weyrleader JUST a little okay?), just before he’d breezed on by to claim his drink. Now with that on hand, he’ll leave the baby coo’ing to the girls (shh, he never did, you saw nothing) and scan the crowd. Spotting Tree-M’ti with the now cape-donned Guard, he’ll wave-wriggle a few fingers to the pair, followed by a thumbs up and a questioning quirk of the brow. All good? Good. Maybe HE should’ve been the butterfly, given socializing is like a magnet to him. See? OFF HE GOES again! There’s more costumes to comment upon, people to greet, jokes to make (don’t worry, he’s keeping it PG) and then… “Mhm,” This to the Farmy-F’yr, as he does a quick appraising circle-round, one hand tucked under his chin in thought. “I dig it.” Did he GET it though? There’s a grin, lopsided and an unspoken ‘hello’ somewhere in there, on the cusp of Rhody’s enthusiastic greeting — that probably just has him grinning even MORE.

Handed back his glass, M'ti crinkles his nose again and seems to be contemplating giving the glass back or something before he just sighs at it and gives it another sip, swishing it around his mouth before swallowing, "I guess it's not that bad…" Does he sound convinced? Debatable. Glass in hand, he gives Vallen a nudge and a toss of his softly rustling head the direction of the frozen things, "They may run out with all those kids…" His gaze skips out over the people already present and trickling in, catching on this individual or that longer, with a slight stiffening of shoulders for one in particular before he looks away quickly and takes a deeper go at his half-glass of wine. Ugh, says his face, but not long after he looks marginally more relaxed before his attention is caught by the finger-wiggle of Ru'ien. A softer and certainly full smile is offered to the sundressed greenrider, giving him quiet nod. However, he does pause to watch Farmer F'yr and the Fabulous Ru'ien interact, eyes sliding over one and then the other before he inhales quickly and pulls Vallen along towards the frozen treats. "Come on, or you'll miss out…"

With the baby handed to Rhodelia, there's a wrinkle of nose, FOILED again at her kidnapping plots. F'yr's outfit gets a cant of the head and an approving turn of the lips. "Um- certainly does the trick, doesn't it?" Biting her bottom lip and watching Ru'ien. Turning back to Rhodelia with an excited wiggle, not perturbed by the word unfun at all because it means she won't be embarrassing herself on this evening's deliveries. "That works." Meandering into the gaggle of children and pausing to notice Vallen, "Nice costume." Moving into the gaggle of children with delight, greeting each one with a happy squeak. Greenriding has her missing her calling as a nanny, she's at home in the gaggle of youth and is content to swim through and find the ice cream. Or not, she could see a shiny object and be off.

Well, Evi may not fight Rhody for the baby, but she's not the only possible contender. Oh no, what does a sheep need? A FARMER, NATURALLY. He pauses long enough to let the sundressed greenrider make his round, literally, and his eyes crinkle a little as he returns, "All dressed up with somewhere to go," in turn, before quirking a private sort of smile at him before he's resuming his route. It's with a very determined expression that F'yr makes sure his particular drink vanishes so he has two (COUNT THEM, TWO) large, free hands with which to wrangle a familiar, adorable tot. The other bevy of now known-to-him children are not ignored, and once the various greetings for whichever ones end up in his range are given, he is COMING FOR YOU— no, not you, Rhody, the sheep. SORRYNOTSORRY. It's the wee one that gets F'yr's brightest, most adorable beaming smile and soft voiced, "Well, hello you." Better watch out, Rhody, he's reaching, even as he lets himself be distracted by the person holding her in belated acknowledgment of the junior's greeting. "Rhody," his smile is enigmatic; perhaps he's still choosing his tact. Can he bribe her out of the tot or should he go with brute force? Choices, choices.

Vallen is observing. Oh yes, there is much to observe. A brow lifts, taking in what he can all before he's promptly being /led/ towards the ice cream. That's new. A hand sweeps in though to steal M'ti's glass again though, downing what remains of it with a pointed look at the rider. Yup. He stole that. "Won't miss out on anything important, don't you worry." And once over there amongst all the chaos of people needing frozen treats, the guard actually manages to get some! Two of them, even. Just in case M'ti actually does want some ice cream. And if not, more for Vallen. There's a grin given as he waves a bowl at the rider, offering it to him. "C'mon, better to sit down to have this than risk dropping it all down your front."

WHERE ONE FORCE OF NATURE GOES, ANOTHER COMES IN ITS PLACE. « WAHEYYYYY. YOU ARE THE FINEST LOOKING LEIRITH I HAVE EVER SEEN. AHAHAHAHA. I WOULD PRETEND THAT I AM INASYTH, BUT MY FEARSOME BADASSERY CANNOT ASPIRE TO SUCH WICKEDLY BADASS HEIGHTS. I WILL BE ZEKATH. Ahem. I believe we need to check some calibrations. » BADUM. BADUM. BADOOM. BA-TSH. Look. Listen. Nobody accused Leirith of being punctual, but Risali does seem to have heeded Rhodelia's advice because — JUST KIDDING. SHE'S STILL IN HER HEELS. Did she just catcall the weyrleader as he went walking by? … Maybe. And she looks completely unrepentant, nose scrunched up in dark and entirely Risali humor as she stumble, stagger, totally meant to fall in against F'yr's side and hook one small arm through his UNREASONABLY BIG ONE. "Kitttt," is crooned for her baby sister, a spark of a smile flashed to Rhody before fingers wiggle at the tiny sheep. THEN. "F'yr," comes with breathless delight, one finger extending between the weyrwoman's mask and F'yr's hat. "I will trade you." Because it is now her mission, in case you were wondering, to acquire pieces of EVERYBODY ELSE'S COSTUME before the night is through. Or she's too drunk to remember that she had goals. Listen, SHUP. She's pointing towards Evi, bringing up her hand in a WAVVVEEEE, and then turning grey eyes back up and onto F'yr — giddy, excitable, totally expecting to rob him, totally waving at Evi, and Vallen, and M'ti with the kind of disposition that says maybe you're all next. BETTER RUN.

Rhodelia is immune to nose wrinkling since she is victorious in the current baby distribution. She's got one, but it's not one she has to take home at the end of the day. Surely it's a win-win although all those parents and the nannies are gonna LOVE her for hyping all the kids up on this much sugar so close to dinner and probably bedtime for some of the smaller ones. F'yr can wiggle those fingers all he wants, but Rhody's not giving up the sheep-baby willingly. "I think there might be some tubers somewhere in all the food. In case someone didn't want ice cream." Like where would anyone like that be in Xanadu of all places? Inasyth is very pleased with Leirith's comments on her own pretending and the younger gold preens. « MY LEI-ZEKATH!!! WHAT A FINE TAIL YOU HAVE!!! » Look at that appreciative mental wolf-whistle and cackling of an entire precussion section going off at once.

There’s probably a metallic thrum and a crackle of electricity from somewhere. ZEKATH —dis—APPROVES! Carry on. Where is he and his rider, anyhow? Kihatsuth is practically humming in delight with all the draconic chatter, seeding her little comments here and there. « OOH! Who should I be? » she intones, pinging both Leirith and Inaysth for ADVICE. Ru’ien will give another grin in passing to F’yr as the bronzerider moves on, though promptly laughs as Risali ‘falls’ into him. He’s probably arrogant enough to assume he’s safe, given his stuff is borrowed. Drink in hand, he’s back into the thick of it, tossing back yet another quip to some semi-familiar face based on costumed tastes.

What exactly is it that Risali is up to? Stealing pieces of other people's costumes? M'ti is wholly unaware, a backwards glance catching on the wave and hesitantly waving back, so maybe he does indeed catch that something is going on after all. Either way, he's quickly distracted by the fact that Vallen steals his wine and DRINKS IT ALL right there in front of him and he stares at him in one moment just to "Heeeeeey…" in the next. Is that an ever so slightly tipsy pout that paints itself onto his expression? Yes, indeed it is. "Whatta do that for?" He needed that by gum! He was awkward on his best day, dressed ridiculously, and surrounded by a whole lot more people then he's used to. What with the majority of his days spend out in the middle of the woods house building or trying to smooth out the latest supply or labor hiccup. "It was starting to taste okay…" His thieved drinky-poo aside, the procurement of ice cream soothes him somewhat, giving a rustly nod and a smile to the guard who'd made his offering to sit and enjoy it, "Okay but…." Matty peers down at the contents of his cup, "…is this the boozy kind, cause…" Who knows whether or not that is a good idea.

Vallen smirks ever so slightly to himself when Risali starts waving. He plucks the top hat off his head though and lets it /fly/ at the Weyrwoman. Is he awesome enough to have it float on over to her? Possibly. Or it goes careening off into the sand somewhere. Either way, he's paid his tribute! There's a soft 'tsk' for M'ti's complaints though, laughing. "If it's starting to taste good, it's probably /plenty/." At least that's his view on the matter. His laughter rises though the more M'ti pouts, and he simply ushers the rider on over to take a seat. Boozy ice cream? The guard gives a dumb look at the bowl in his hand, brows raised. "Uh. Don't /think/ so?" Great.

CAN'T YOU SEE HE WAS BUSY HERE, RISALI? How dare. F'yr was just about to be victorious in his bid for an armful of tiny adorab—OH WAIT, he's kind of getting that anyway, but with a whole other non-baby-ness to it. And, okay, so Risali is technically hanging on his arm not in his arm, but only people like K'vir would be apt to make sure the difference was noted, and neither he nor Zekath are in evidence to defend themselves, so why not contribute to the trend. "If you can get me Kit, I will trade you my hat. I made it myself, you know," THAT'S SUPPOSED TO SWEETEN THE DEAL, or possibly just explain why it looks so floppy. (Actually, it's nicely made, but intentionally with ADDED FLOP for the occasion. Farmer F'yr knows his Farm Stuff.) He casts a glance back toward Rhody and Kit-sheep. "You know you want to let me hold her anyway, at least while you get another drink." Cue that smile, that smile that he uses on the cooks to get a fresh biscuit off the tray. Ru'ien, his kitchen partner in crime, will recognize this persuasion technique. Blue eyes do cast toward Ru'ien again briefly before re-zeroing in on the real prize here.

« MY DELICIOUSLY FIERCE INA-RITH, WHAT BETTER TO MAKE BABIES WITH YOU AND THAT BODACIOUS BOOTY-TAIL? » Are they… are they flirting? MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, HOWBOUDAH. Though perhaps Leirith remembers halfway through parading as herself that she's supposed to be being Zekath. And so, she affects that kind of cucumber-cool Zekath never seems to shake and thrums, « We could practice my reach and your ah… flexibility. » Is that the draconic equivalent of brow-waggles? SURE ENOUGH. DISAPPROVE OF THAT, ZEKATH. All of which is RUINED when she booms with laughter. It's probably fine. Or not, because KIHA, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? « BE YOU, MY KIHA. UNLESS YOU CAN BE GLORIOTH, OF COURSE. THEN ALWAYS BE GLORIOTH. WE ALL KNOW IT WILL BE A MERE SHADOW OF HIS GLORY, BUT — VALIANT MURDER! » TAKE OUT THE TABLES. THE FOOD. THE — « OR YOU COULD BE XERMILTOTH. » Probably because Risali sent a mental SMACK down a MENTAL LINE. But Risali's eyes are on that wayward hat, watching its sad descent into sand and dirt with the kind of horrified expression that says not the HAT. Still, she's blinking up to F'yr, and then towards Rhodelia and — "Rhodelia," comes her very best authoritative Weyrwoman voice, like she is going to ORDER her tiny sister from one set of arms into another, "Do it. For the greater good." Is she trying not to laugh? … Yes. "Think of the children," comes in a whisper, even as Risa gives F'yr FREEDOOOOOM! so that she can sidle up to Rhody and bump a hip into hers. And rest her head on her shoulder. AND GIVE HER EYES FROM BENEATH THE MASK. "I'll do your paperwork for the next two days." EH? EHHHHH?

« THIS IS GOING INTO MY FRIEND-FICTION!!! » Inasyth's what? Don't worry about it. But then her sister is needing advice and of course Ina is just the dragon to give it. « Or… hear this out: YOU COULD BE EVERYONE! AT ONCE! » If any dragon could manage the feat, it'd probably be Kiha. Rhodelia pouts as Risa siddles up with the commanding voice as she gives the tiny-sheep a little bounce which gets a happy giggle. "But I waaaaaas thinking of the babies." Mostly her holding them. Or at least one. "And if you're doing my paperwork and I'm usually helping with your paperwork, isn't that a never-ending paperwork loop?" As for F'yr's attempt at persuasion, she laughs. "Do you know how many drinks I had while setting up???" The pick of the booze for the human-wine-bottle!

“Come on Rhody,” Speak of the devil and he shall come? Ru’ien’s glided (or sashayed a little, who can tell?) his way on back. “He’s got a good point? You’re gonna want to get back to your snack eventually too!” Didn’t she have a ice-cream split at some point? And just in case there’s funny business at play, he’s making sure the milkshake he has in hand is NOT in reach — or so he assumes. There’s a passing look to F’yr, a slight tip of his head and a smirk that says all. HE TRIED, BRO! Don’t hold it against him if he fails — wait, is that a top hat? “Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me!” he adds, slightly drawled, to Rhody on Risa’s sweetening the pot. As for the hat, he’s going to collect it, dust it off and then promptly lift it up for Vallen to see. THIS YOURS? Cue with a pointed finger! There may be more pointing involved too… what’s he up to? As for Not-There-Zekath, he’s probably laughing his cool-cucumber ass off somewhere… MAYBE HE IS HERE! Disapproval!? Where? He’s mellowed out, honest! Kihatsuth on the other hand, is in uproarious laughter. « MERE SHADOW, indeed! Tempting, tempting…» she purrs and if anyone could SEE her, they’d note she’s actually looking at the tables and — « I do not think I could do our lovely Xermiltoth justice. » She muses dryly in feigned uncertainty. ENLIGHTEN HER, dear sister-mothers-uh… SISTERS.

My, my, my, there was a lot of going on and much boisterousness, but for the most part it doesn't seem to be bothering M'ti, looking over towards where people have gathered in a cluster around a single baby. Awww, babies. Sadly unlikely to be in the cards for this particular rider outside a flight but he can look on with a measure of longing for those chubby arms and cheeks before ice cream draws his gaze back to Vallen just in time to follow it back towards Risali's way via tophat just to end up in the sandy dirty ground. Blink. "Vallent effort…" he quips purposefully, a hint of a smirk tugging on one corner of his mouth in an relatively uncharacteristic fashion. Gee, where'd he pick that up from? Ice cream in hand and making his way with the guard towards a seat, M'tiu crosses his legs at the knee without crumpling his outfit in the process and lifts the cup up to his nose. "Uh…." Yeah, says the look he flicks towards his companion, it be boozy this. Matty might not know what rum smells like but alcohol? Yep, once a whiff of that, always aware. A casting look towards the hordes clambering for the creamy goodness of melty deliciousness and he shrugs, taking a bite. An appraising sort of look passes over his features and the greenrider's face breaks out into a toothy smile, "It's good!" No. Not that is not good. M'ti digs in and appears to be happier than clam about it, letting the chaos unfolding all around them fade away. "You should try it…." he says to the guard seated beside him, giving him another nudge.

Evi finally managed to reach the front of the ice cream line, ordering herself something BORING, it's two scoops ice cream covered in fruit sauce and bathed in sugary goo topped with whipped cream piled FOUR times higher than the whipped cream. Face now hidden behind her ginormous whipped cream tower, shes nipping away at it oblivious to Risali's stealing efforts. Settling down in a chair on the edge of the festivities, she places the ice cream beside her only to have it disappear. Neifeth has slid into the action, and without a word of warning, the entire pile of ice cream has been sucked into the dark green abyss of the fae one. «Who can I be? Wait. I'll be me. » The perfect costume after all! Words dance on bright green vines, and she slithers around the outskirts of the party, watching for any ice cream left. Now dessertless Evi back in a line, this one alcoholic because her dragon is currently involved and is encouraging her to be less boring. Making her way towards Risali and company, she's already swallowed the entirety of an extremely alcoholic beverage, her inexperience in drinking evident by how quickly she drinks. "Rhody, I'll give you… five marks for the baby." She works constantly, she probably has it, and she grins with overwhelming, dripping, sarcastic sweetness to F'yr. Because competition among 'siblings' is a good thing.

Listen. Fret not. There's plenty of the horde to go around. "UNKA F'YRRRRRR," is all the warning the poor bronzer will get before Zyriden tries to take him out at the knees. Or maybe he's trying to consolidate his kneecaps by way of full-bodied hugsqueezing. Either way, he's trying as though his life depends on it, fierce in his delivery of adoration before something Risali says not-even-to-him distracts him just enough that F'yr can probably escape the Zyri-constrictor hold. "Mommy! Mommy, I'mma 'SNAKE." Replete with rawrs. R'hyn meanwhile pauses near Vallen and M'ti, looking down at their bowls, and then the one he's made for himself, piled high with bubbly and at least three flavors of dubiously virgin icecream and says, "I think I took too much." Squint. Wavering pause. "Think I can con someone into sharing with me?" Is it an offer to the icecream-less? Or just him saying that as though the intent to share justifies the melting miasma? Probably the latter judging by that shrug as he digs in, faintly amused eyes watching Kitahny bat-bat-bat at any hands or faces that get too close with her sticky fists, and squeak in tiny imitation of her refusals. Yeah, that's right! Back off bozos, she knows where she belongs!

So Vallen isn't going to be winning any awards in Hat-Tossing or Frisbee. He watches the hat simply land on the ground with a mild look of /betrayal/, then simply sighs. The fact that Ru picks it up? Well the guard innocently shrugs? Who? His? Nahhhh. Though for all the pointing he /does/ point right at Risali a few times? Maybe she'll enjoy the thing! But there are /puns/ being made of his name, and Vallen's gaze /slides/ back to M'ti in a bit of wonderous amusement. "Oh ha…ha." Laughter barks out then, and he falls into a seat with the grace that his hat /certainly/ didn't posess. The fact that M'ti's ice cream seems to have booze in it gets a bit of a look from the guard, who rather /suspiciously/ inspects his own. Nope, it doesn't smell funny in there. "Well of /course/ it's good, it's ice cream." Though that in itself gets a start from the guard, staring at his companion. "You have /had/ ice cream before. Right?" He'll wait for an answer, sure, with a spoon in his mouth, happily partaking of his own treat.

He assumes WRONG. Those are F'yr's lips on the straw of Ru'ien's milkshake. The one that was not, as it turns out, SAFELY OUT OF RANGE (or, if so, not from all the poachers who might've wanted it). He won't hold it against Ru'ien, attempt failure or no, but he will tax him for the attempt, in sweet things he definitely could have gotten for himself but apparently can just appropriate more easily this way. Besides, having some of the greenrider's keeps his hands free. He's had his fill, complete with self-satisfied smile for his bro by the time Ru'ien has a hat to attend to. The smile fades as he gives a perplexed look toward Evi. Perhaps in F'yr's evidently limited world, one does not pay for babies with things so crass as markpieces. The timing of children is impeccable, however, because that's just the moment that he staggers sideways and looks down to find Zyriden. There's a moment, only one, before he lets out a shriek pitched an octave higher than his usual voice. "That's the most terrifying tunnelsnake I've ever seen! Oh no! Oh woe! Help me! Help me! Someone, please, have mercy!" F'yr will cast his poor-acting over-done piteous look about to anyone who will meet his eye (THAT MIGHT MEAN VALLEN, WHO'S JOB THIS PROBABLY IS, RIGHT? OR M'TI WHO MIGHT BE A BETTER COSTUME COMBO THAN A FARMER AND SNAKE. Or it could be some parent, but that's less fun, of course).

« You can take Leirith's voice and Nei's sass and Glori's ONWARD!!! and Xermiltoth's jokes… » Inasyth can keep going listing a little bit of something for every dragon she can see and even a few she can't. Rhodelia laughs as F'yr gets attacked by a vicious tunnelsnake, even as she gets whacked in the head with a baby-fist and then there's a scrunched up baby face and the crying begins. "If you'll excuse me… I think SOMEBODY needs a diaper change!" And she doesn't hand off the kid to any of those all too eager hands to take the baby, not even Evi with the offer of five marks. Rhody-the-Wine-Bottel swoops of in search of wherever some wild fresh diapers might live.

Boozy ice cream is entirely responsible for Matty missing out on what happened to the hat after it met the ground, though at the time he wasn't privy to the exact content as he was now. It was the gesturing that has him glancing between Ru'ien and Vallen and Risali and he just chuckles at the guard post-tease and wanders off to find a seat. Once that's done and the mystery ingredient turns out to be rum, well there is contented nomming. "I have, but not with…whatever this is…in it…" he explains and offers Vallen a bite, and it is good should the man decide to partake. Past his leafy woven fringe, M'ti then looks up at R'hyn who has suddenly appeared and through his tipsy haze the greenrider grins broadly, "That is a lot…" comes in agreement, laughing softly, apparently possessed of the cure for his social awkwardness in hand. "…I could take some." Offer given, the crying out from not so far away garners his attention and brows lift as indeed Matty meets F'yr's gaze. It comes with few more blinks and a tilt of his head and then he's looking between snake-child and Farmer and back again. With that, the greenrider stands and after setting down his treat plucks one of the bubblies from R'hyn's bowl, making his way over to crouch down gracefully and offer it with a soft smile for the lad, "You want this?" It wasn't his intention to scare the kiddo, so there is a comfortable space between them.

THIEF! THIEVERY FROM HIS MOST TRUSTED BRO! Ru’ien’s going to even feign dismay, hand over his heart and appropriate expression in place. Gasp! “Do you mind?” he exclaims, barely keeping the humor out of his voice — and more telling is that his hand doesn’t move and so really, F’YR CAN HELP HIMSELF! “… hope you get brain freeze…” he mutters in a (friendly-loving) aside to the bronzerider. Hat THUS CLAIMED, he pretends to be confused by Vallen’s gesturing and makes a few more. He’ll even mime throwing it back, aiming first for the Guard and then a happy-looking M’ti. Yeah! NO? There’s a wiggle-finger wave to Rhody as she swoops by with the baby in tow and he does NOT try to put the hat on the kid — though for a second it hovers like he THOUGHT ABOUT IT! Maybe it gets passed to Zyriden or plopped on top of F’yr’s already floppy hat. DOUBLE HAT! That overacting has him almost bursting out with laughter, which he’s quick to smother behind his hand less the effect be RUINED (ha!). Kihatsuth, meanwhile, is taking Inasyth’s words to HEART and trying to paint this LOVELY creature. How else to don the hide if she cannot PICTURE IT? What is birthed is… is some monstrosity of riotous color, abstract and very heavy on artistic license. « Mhm, mhm… do go on, dear? »

"Traitor," Risali whispers to Rhodelia, except HERE COMES RU TO SAVE THE DAY! And Risali is nodding her agreement to all of Ru'ien's good points. "Listen to that gorgeous hunk of human flesh, Rhodelia. Hear those truths." Like Risali's caught off guard by TINY, CUTE ZYRIDEN. There's absolute delight in her expression as, letting Rhodelia go, Risali sinks to her knees in the sand and watches her son be a SNAKE. "You are a snake!" she agrees, one hand pressing to the center of her chest as if she's LIVING THE TERROR of such revelations. She even eeks for good measure at his rawrs, and then rawrs back, forgoing the stealing of him for a crushing hug and TERRIBLE MOM KISSES because CLEARLY F'yr's got this. "Get him, baby! Get Uncle F'yr!" But there goes Rhody, and Risali is standing to wave her off, keeping her attention on F'yr and Zyri just long enough to motion that she's going to head over to R'hyn for .5 seconds before she actually does it. OLAWD, SHE COMIN'. "Hi, Evi!" is thrown on her way by, straight over to R'hyn whom Risali bumps all of her insubstantial weight into sideways. A flick of her fingers beckons the big man COME HITHER, DOWN TO HER HEIGHT. "A snake?" SO CUTE. She mouths that last part though. "Come here, you have something on your…" She's gesturing at his entire existence, but listen. If he DOESN'T lean in, Risali is NOT BENEATH STOMPING ON HIS BOOTED FEET WITH A HEEL TO GET HIM TO DOUBLE OVER. Either way, there's a sweep of thumbs across his cheeks, the application of stolen facepaint in warrior-smears beneath the edges of her mask, and then she's catching R'hyn by one cheek and the back of his head so she can — WAHPOW — SMACK a kiss right onto his other cheek. LIPSTICK: TRANSFERRED. It's definitely equivalent exchange. « ALSO, IT WOULD BE THE MOST BADASS. »

Neifeth's spinning pink trees whirl into and out of view, as her words punctuate demandingly «Yes, Kihatsuth, lets hear you best sass.» A challenge for her chaos sibling, a push of a dare with the inclination that she's never going to do it justice. Evi crosses her arms and sighs towards F'yr, "Everything has a price F'yr, apparently I didn't bring the right item to the table." Watching him get attacked by a Zyriden-constrictor, giggling and encouraging the child. "Get him, you've got him, get him, oh come on he's a wittle bronzerider and you're a GIGANTIC man eating snake" After making sure the child knows that she believes in him, encouraging in her highest pitch, squeakiest encouragement voice she turns to risali. "Good evening Weyr- Risa." Unable to break that habit, watching Risa abuse R'hyn she slides away to go sneak a few drinks and be off to do her job. ANY PAPERWORK CREATED BY MAIL LOST BY A DRUNK EVI, WILL BE BLAMED ON HER HAVING NO BABY TO PREVENT HER FROM DRINKING. So, it's not really her fault.

Well if offers are being /made/.. Vallen eyes M'ti's ice cream for a moment, rather wary of it before he simply takes the rider's own spoon and helps himself. He's not cross-contaminating his /own/ spoon with boozy treats. There's a brief flick of his tongue over his lips though, considering it all, then nods. "Alright, I'll give you that one, it /is/ good." But not something he's about to try and keep getting nibbles of. Ohhh no. He's happy with what he has, and even still gives R'hyn a wide-eyed look for extra noms. "Well that's. I want to but..okay my stomach is just not gonna handle that." Alas, the guard is no good at shoveling food in his mouth. There's an apologetic look though for it all, and then M'ti is /gone/, staring off after him in surprise. "Matty, you're stuff's gonna melt if you /leave/ it!"

R'hyn has exactly one moment in which to offer to take the stinky baby off Rhody's hands before she sidles away in search of diapers and he misses it by a mile. He's far too busy shoveling up an enormous spoonful of mixed ice creams with the clear intent to dump it into M'ti's bowl when, "Hey!", the greenrider makes off with a piece of bubbly instead. RIP BUBBLY, YOU WERE ALWAYS JUST LIKE A BUBBLY TO HIM. He might affect a pining look after the departing treat, his personal dramatics exactly enough to distract him from Risali's incoming collision until it's too late. "Ow- ow," squawked twice for bumps and VERY RUDE FOOT STOMPS ALIKE. Listen. Dragons don't wear SHOES, DADDY, he was very firmly told and so it's an application of heel to bare feet that serves to bring him to her level, face scrunching up hard for the swipes of her thumbs over his cheeks, and harder still for the kiss-smacks to his cheeks. Excuse him while he mimes puking colorfully into his bowl. It's fine. "There's NO HELP UNKA F'YR, I'mma gonna EAT YOU UP," Zyri gleefully crows in the meantime, head throwing back in an overblown windup for the FINAL CHOMP— that never comes. There's an offering of sweets from M'ti, and it's exactly enough to give the five-turn-old pause. Mouth close. Eye squint. IS IT A TRAP? If it is, it's a delicious trap and worth the careen over to M'ti. "Thank you!," he chirps, because apparently he's a polite snake, and then he's OFF, sprinting bodily away from the adults before anyone can question whether he should be allowed a whole-ass piece of bubbly to himself. OPERATION: RESCUE F'YR IS A SUCCESS.

Evi's words to him get a briefly bemused side-look, but he's more concerned with the IMPENDING GOBBLED UP-NESS about to require more acting skills than he has, for sure. M'ti's bark has just the right ring to get the snake to leaf the tempting trunk that roots F'yr to the earth. The big blond grins down as he watches the exchange between five turn old and noble savior. The grin transfers solely to the greenrider after blue eyes follow the departing snake (WHO IS DOING MUCH MORE RUNNING THAN SLITHERING, OKAY? DON'T THINK HE DIDN'T NOTICE. He's a keen one, this Unka F'y). One hand extends down toward the tree-clad woodcrafter, PERHAPS PINING FOR THE CHANCE TO REPAY THE FAVOR by helping him to his feet out of his couch. "My here, M'ti. Thank you." Gratitude is, of course, elemen-tree to the farm-raised bronzerider.

Is Risali cackling? She is. She is cackling, and as R'hyn mimes throwing up at her UNWANTED ADVANCES, Risali's nose scrunches before she punches him in the arm. "You liked it, bronzerider." THAT TOSS OF HER HAIR SAYS SO, all done as those grey eyes stray to M'ti, and Zyri, and the way the tot makes haste with his newfound treasure. A beat. Five. "He's yours tonight," comes with an upward lilt of amusement, an attempt to stifle laughter before it can break free from that TELLING pull of her lips. "Let me taste that. Is it good?" AND FIGHT HER IF YOU WANT, R'HYN. RISALI IS GOING UP ON TIPTOE AND ATTEMPTING TO DIP A FINGER INTO HIS DELICIOUSNESS SO THAT SHE CAN PUT IT ON HER TONGUE. Of course, R'hyn has the advantage of height, so it's entirely possible she will fail. Then she will be jumping. Probably on R'hyn's unprotected feet. Possibly on purpose. WHO IS TO SAY? But for a long moment, Risali is sizing up F'yr, then R'hyn, then F'yr, then R'hyn again. "He's obnoxious," she says with a flick of her thumb towards the bronzerider RU'IEN BETRAYED HER HAT TO. IT WAS HER HAT, RU, COME ON. "You're obnoxious," a flick of her forefinger backward toward R'hyn, complete with an up and down gesture to show that she definitely means their height is obnoxious, "and he has my hat." One. Two. Eight. "I will take two of your meetings and a sevendays worth of paperwork if you get it back for me." Because she's not mentioning the obvious thing: she can't reach. "I'll even crouch down on all fours behind him so that he goes down if you force him backward, so long as we get that hat." SO R'HYN. ARE YOU IN? OR ARE YOU IN? Don't mind Risali POINTING AT YOU, RU, OR YOU, M'TI. Or smiling at you, Val. SHE EVEN SALUTES THE GUARD AROUND A TOO-BRIGHT SMILE. Probably long-distance thank yous for an attempt to be-hat her. "Then we go for Ru'ien." Sniff. "Then them." It all said around smiles and nods and waves that ARE NOT SUSPICIOUS.

IT IS FOR THE BEST that Ru’ien did not have time to follow up on such lovely (and true, he agrees) compliments from Risali. Why yes, he is gorgeous, thank you very much~ Even while decked in a sun dress (or what passes as one), coiffed hair and make-up. ALAS, they have all failed and there will be no baby to coo over! Not that that is long on his mind and Ru’ien’s quipping to M’ti, “How quick thinking! But I think you just broke his heart a little~” Cue a nod to the pining R’hyn and then a hint of a mischievous edge to the smirk that follows. Then Risali is upon the Weyrleader and there’s a snickered laugh to that exchange! “Someone should get K’vir.” IS THAT A THREAT? No. No, it isn’t. “He’s missing this!” No help from the Ru’ien-peanut gallery, okay? NONE. There’s a broad grin for the exchange between F’yr and M’ti, amusement clear as day in those cunning blue eyes as they narrow. Milkshake finished, he’ll quickly set the empty drink aside before turning back to the group. IF IT’S YOUR HAT, RISA, COME GET IT! Ru’ien has a death wish, because he’ll catch Risali pointing at him and he’ll just beam and WAVE! Like he could even dream of what might be coming this way — or is, in fact, DARING THEM TO. Why? Because he’s going to go on acting like NOTHING IS AMISS~

Sharing is caring? Something like that, anyway. M'ti might very much be enjoying the booze infused wonders of rum ice cream, but he'll offer up a bite for sure if only to prove his case and point: Deliciousness. "See, I told you!" he beams, taking another scoop from the bowl with no concern towards germs or whatnot, and helping himself to another creamy mouthful. Suckling on his spoon one minute, gone with his bowl in his place the next, the greenrider is indeed crouched nearby Zyri and offering sweets. R'hyn's protests earning that bronzerider a grin tossed over his shoulder, "Hey, you were offering!" Yeah! Lucky there is a Risali to distract the poor Weyrleader and so M'ti returns his attention back to the little boy. There's soft gentle laughter for the thanks and a rustling nod of crepe-butterflies and deep green silk leaves, "You're welcome…" he replies, smiling as the boy makes a run for it, shoulders gently shaking. It's the call of his name that has Matty looking back towards where he's abandoned his boozy-ice cream and Vallen alike, hands placed to knees, "Okay, okay….coming…" he calls over seconds before he notes Ru'ien headed that general direction, looking up in time to see the offered hand. There is a drumbeat of a pause before he smiles and takes it to help him get back to his feet, "You're quite welcome, and thank you back?" he says with a tiny smidgen of awkward to be coated nicely with a warm chuckle. "Pfft…" is tossed Ru's way with a passing shrug, "…he's got plenty more and it was a for a good cause!" See, he'll even point to the kiddoless knees of the bronzerider he stands beside, hand sliding then out of his to do so. As for Risali and R'hyn's scheming? Missed!

Vallen just shakes his head at all of the…everything. Parties at Xanadu are a wild, crazy thing! At least he has his ice cream. There's a bit of laughter though as M'ti manages to get up, but doesn't /quite/ seem to make it in returning for his treat. So? Vallen gets up to make a delivery, wandering that-a-way to gently press the bowl into M'ti's hands. "Before it's no different than a drink, yeah?" There's a wink given, flashing a grin at Ru as well before the guard takes a step or two back. He's got his own ice cream that's practically gone, contently licking at his spoon before hefting a long sigh. "/I've/ gotta get changed for rounds though, I think. Gettin' on that time anyway." Fingers wave a bit at Ru to get his attention, brows lifting. "If he wants any more, maybe get him the /sober/ kind of ice cream, yeah?" M'ti needs to be cut off! Or something. There's smiles all around though as he makes his way back off the beach. Toodles!

Uncle F'yr will just have to lecture him on the art of slithering while shoving bubbly into one's face later. As it is, he's a man - er, child - on a mission to high tail it tf out of there, bounty cupped in his hot little hands, vicious facepaint smeared with purplish red. R'hyn can only follow Risali's comment, watching the child melt into the crowd with a heavy sigh. "Fine. But you're trading me for tomorrow." He wisely stays low, so while is playful squint at M'ti is maybe a little awkward, given he's stooped like a crone, Risali is free to steal from his icecream dish. "I think that young man is calling me fat," he teasingly jests as he's accused of having //plenty left over (he does), issuing a prissy little sniff as he allows the goldrider to steal his attention away to F'yr. Or more specifically, F'yr's growing tower of hats. A fey gleam lights the recesses of the bronzerider's eyes, bowl passed to her with a low, "Deal." Except his stalk towards his wingrider in question is much more of a slouch, the arm he slings around his shoulder to lean in much more conspiratorial than wheedling or otherwise, whispered words and flicked glances - towards Risali, towards the waving Ru, towards the oblivious M'ti being left to his devices by Vallen - much less like THIEVERY and much more COY than they have any right to be.

If F'yr were aware of such villainous plotting as is happening between his (LEST ANYONE FORGET) two bosses, (YES, THIS IS JUST A SAMPLING OF WHAT F'YR DEALS WITH EVERY DAY. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.) he would probably wonder why there are no curly mustaches involved in either of their costumes. But, as happens so often the younger bronzerider is blissfully ignorant before the trap is sprung… Or is he? He does flash a smile after M'ti before his attention is claimed by one of the two disappointingly mustach-less fiends who's being less fiendish than anyone anticipated. There's a long moment of consideration, very serious consideration of very serious things, no doubt. The younger mutters something to his partner in crime before they're in motion. Suddenly, F'yr has swept the double-hat from his head, split it in twain (well, at least separated the hats), shoved the straw flop into R'hyn's hands while he tucks the top hat under one arm and makes a break for it, following the excellent example of his non-blood nephew, who apparently has set the good example now, later discussions of alternate retreat styles notwithstanding. BYE BABY, BYE. (Better luck next time, RISALI. Twirl your mustache harder if you want to win.)

RISALI SEES YOUR TORO! TORO! TORO!, RU'IEN. And there's a flash of her teeth, a shift of her hips, something deviant in her expression as she takes the bowl passed her way with lingering attention that promises TERRIBLE THINGS, RU'IEN. TERRIBLE! Except now those grey eyes are moving to R'hyn, to F'yr, to — "Sonofa —" RISALI DOESN'T TRUST YOU OR YOUR FLICKED GLANCES, H E R Y N — IF THAT'S EVEN YOUR REAL NAME. OR YOURS, F'YR. Risali can SCENT THE BETRAYAL coming from a MILE OFF, and maybe she's wrong, but everything inside of her little tiny body is going on RED ALERT. So she's shoveling ice cream into her mouth, and trying to gesture to Ru to FLEE, MAN. FLEE. OR COME HERE SO SHE CAN USE YOU AS A SHIELD. THE TRUST IS GONE. G O N E. UTTERLY GONE — and there they go. Risali watches with a squint of her eyes, ice creamed spoon pulled slow from between her lips before exasperation becomes her. YES, R'HYN. That's a GLARE from the weyrwoman, but is she at all surprised? No. Not even remotely. That's why she's TILTING HER CHIN UP, AND FLICKING HER OWN SOCIALLY-UNACCEPTABLE GESTURES TOWARDS YOU AND YOUR BRONZERIDING BETRAYER. "Always the bronzeriders. Good for nothing, treacherous —" comes under her breath, though humor comes again in that flick of a glance towards Ru. HERE SHE COMES, hooking her arm through the greenrider's, leaning her weight into her cousin-by-marriage and STICKING HER TONGUE OUT AT RYN IF HE'S STILL EVEN AROUND. POSSIBLY AT F'YR'S LONG-RETREATED FIGURE. Listen, she has a long memory, and Risali is just spiteful enough to ensure both men are about to regret their whole entire lives. But first? "You're too gorgeous to be wasted here. Let's go dance?" BECAUSE SHE GOT OFF CHILD DUTY TONIGHT, and what K'vir doesn't (will definitely) know won't hurt him. There's a wave for M'ti and Vallen, and the goldrider is hauling the greenie off.

Maybe Vallen should change vocation to delivery services because, woo! M'ti wraps his hands around his generously (and by that token unfortunately) portioned bowl of rum infused ice cream as it's handed over, which earns the guard a laugh, "It kinda is already, I don't think whether or not it's melted is going to change that, but…thank you." Nor is he complaining because it tastes sooooo gooood. So much better than that glass of wine, in fact! Dangerous territory this and getting more precarious by the second as Matty helps himself to another bit semi-soft bite and lets it melt completely over his tongue before swallowing it down. "Awww," he pouts around the spoon in his mouth before pulling it free in hearing that Vallen had to go, "Come by the jobsite when you can Val, I'm there most days. There's been some good progress since the last time…" He'll spare the man the whining over setbacks and what not though, offering a friendly and good-natured smile in its stead. Had M'ti overheard what R'hyn had suggested, he might have had protests of his own, but he's either too far away or buzzed to notice. A buzz that was very safe from dying off seeing as Vallen had given him his bowl back and the greenrider was more than happy to consume its contents savoringly. "Hey! You're not the boss of me…." he calls after the reteating guard and there is a whole lot of Ru'ien eyeballing because let him just try and take his ice cream! It's his, dang it! Big hazel eyes turn then to look between the newly arrived R'hyn and the conspiracy he shares with F'yr, and really it's like dessert theater as Matty munches away and observes. Oblivious? Yes, indeedy. The slight swim to his head, worsening with each bite, means that there's plenty warmth in the smile for both bronzeriders and content to wander off and park himself off somewhere as hats are exchanged and swiped. Plop, scooooop, yum. Inadvertently, it seems that someone's found their preferred alcoholic beverage. It's only after Risali has whisked Ru'ien off that he realizes that anyone he knows is gone, looking up and blinking a few more times for good measure. What…just…happened?

Clearly Zyriden came by it honest, from blood and adopted family alike, because F'yr has no sooner deposited that hat onto R'hyn's head than the bronzerider was on the move, brightness in his eyes and laughter in his throat as he dashes in the exact opposite direction. "See ya!," he chirps as he passes M'ti by, offering the Fortian rider a tip of his shiny new hat as he guns for Ru'ien, catching the younger man by the arm (if allowed), or juking around him hard (if not) to put the poor greenie between himself and Risali with a breathed, "Sorry, man, better you than me," because she is clearly making her way downtown towards him and R'hyn doesn't dare stay. "Owe ya one!," may or may not be a real thing Ru can cash in on, and the big bronzer has already high-tailed it too far away to ask, probably to hide behind Risali's dad until their brood can be marshalled to flee the goldrider's wrath.

“M’ti, you been in the hard stuff?” Ru’ien chides in mock-scolding (sorry not sorry) to M’ti. He’s barely holding it together, trying to keep that LAUGHTER from slipping through. “You feeling fuzzy headed or you at the numb-face stage, yet?” Either? None? Pfft. HE’S FINE! Or he’s gonna have to —suffer— SURVIVE on his own because as F’yr dodges R’hyn (and thieves that hat after all!), Ru’ien falls —prey— victim to Risali. WHO KNEW? Arm hooked, suddenly blinking as weight shifts and he’s SUDDENLY IN THE THICK OF IT. Oh no (oh yes?)! HE’S NOT EVEN TRYING TO ESCAPE! Maybe he just knows better. Never mind that she’s smol and he’s… not. He can only flick a glance here and a glance there, bewildered but AMUSED by the whole turn of events. By the time her request filters through? He’s not wholly aware of what he AGREED TO. “Let’s go!” he chimes, fighting his arm with hers and preening a little. Gorgeous, right? And it’s not like this’ll be the first time they danced — only this will be tame, won’t it? WON’T IT. Only, it’s R’HYN TO SAVE THE DAY! Caught by the arm again, he’ll give a startled yelp as he’s shuffled out of position. HEY! There’s a fake pout, then a scoff as he gestures with a flick of his hand. “Good luck, then!” He’s going to be enough of an ass to even blow a kiss to them both, wriggling fingers in a farewell. Followed up with a finger-gun point — HE HEARD THAT, R’hyn! And you bet he won’t let you forget it. “M’ti!” he crows, turning at last to rejoin the younger greenrider and maybe heed Vallen’s advice to keep him out of the GOOD good stuff.

For Ru'ien's chiding question? "Apparently?" M'ti replies for having been into the hard liquor and is all too pleased with the results, though he gives waaaaaay too much contemplation to the state of being asked after, "Mhmmmmmm…definitely fuzzy head…and warm all over but…" M'ti goes so far as to poke at his own face with an spoon pinched hand, "Nope, can still feel my face!" Why does he look so proud of himself just then? Either ignoring or overlooking in his tipsy state the fact that the older greenrider is barely holding his laughter in check, the Fortian rider flashes the departing R'hyn an almost sharky grin from where he's dropped himself to sit. "Baaaaaiiiii…" he fingers wiggles at the bronzerider with a mouthful of spoon, quickly devoting his full attention to the bowl in his hands. Upon looking up, no one he knew in sight, there's a knot that threatens between his brows and then, "RU!" Matty calls back, waveing big and wide and smiling just as joyously. "You gutta try this…!" Spoonful offered in tandem. Whether or not Ru'ien manages to keep M'ti out of the good stuff though, is a tale for another time.

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