C'mon Baby Light My Fire (Weyrling Lesson)

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Breakfast is over, the morning lecture is finished, lunch has come and gone. The day has dragged on through a timeless grey fog that simply refuses to lift. Summer makes it all the more humid-feeling though of course today is not as hot as it might be were the sun shining. The gloom is perfect for V'dim's plans. High humidity means that fire is less likely to go roaring out of control, things accidentally catching fire take longer to burn and it is more easily put out. By now the Weyrlings know alllllllll about firestone. They've had the lectures, read the lessons and have been taken down in the mines to see where it is comes from. Today they get to experience how it works! With that end in mind, they've been summoned to the Weyrling Beach where V'dim and the prim Isobeth await them with a pile of dusty firestone sacks - and one flamethrower.

Mur'dah and Kalsuoth are quick to hobble down to the beach, the eagerness in both of them unmistakable. Stopping once they get to the beach, the brownling salutes while Kalsuoth rumbles a greeting, fanning his wings out before they settle along his spine neatly. "Sir," Mur'dah says, shifting his weight and eying those firestone sacks. "Is it time?" He can't help but ask, like that kid that races into class and asks 'what're we doing today?' without taking a moment to look at the board.

After all, that's what dragons do. They chew firestone and make flames. It's an iconic part of the species; soaring through the sky and breathing fire. A dragon that doesn't flame is, well, strange… unless it's a gold. After all, queens don't chew stone. They don't breathe fire. That's just not how it works. Soriana's been a part of those lessons, but it's in that abstracted way where it'll be important for her to know how it works in other dragons, not because it'll be directly relevant. Not for Luraoth. Golds don't chew firestone. And yet, as Soriana and Luraoth arrive on the beach, the gold's attention is on the sacks of firestone as she chirps greetings to the others, even as Soriana glances to the flamethrower and then back to her dragon with a slight quirk of her lips before giving a salute to V'dim.

Ok so even with the gloom, and the humidity and the work and the chores of the day … this lesson is one Ka'el is excited for. Super excited. But he does his best to keep himself contained. FIrestone. Fire. Flaming! He's wanted to do this since he got Alloy, and that was tuuurns ago! And firelizard flaming probably doesn't even light a candle (ha!) to dragon flaming! His eagerness is intoxicating and it's seen within Kanekith's swirling eyes, the hue of excitement. Both arrive on the beach from the barracks area, eyes seeking the weyrlingmaster and his telltale green and finding the quite easily. Ka'el breaks out into a grin. He can't help it! "Let's go." He and Kanekith approach, nodding to Mur'dah, grinning to Soriana, and saluting to V'dim.

Idrissa has followed after the others, Tahryth is eager like the rest of the young dragons to get things started it seems. The green follows along, wings fluttering, tail flicking and her form quivering, oh she will so go first, she MUST! « Hello! » Is offered out towards all her clutchsiblings while she pauses next to Luraoth. Idrissa offers a quick salute, she offers a wave towards the rest along with a slight smile. Time to learn how to make fire! Well for some of them at least, Soriana gets the fancy flamethrower.

V'dim returns each salute, his face impassive. There is, if one looks closely, a telltale twinkle to those aged blue eyes as he notes their interest. His lined cheek twitches, which might suffice for a smile as he nods in answer to Mur'dah. It is indeed time. He waits until they have all gathered and settled somewhat before he clears his throat and begins, "Today you will teach your lifemate to chew firestone and make flame." Yes, probably a given seeing the pile of sacks, but if there's another stir of excitement, he waits until that dies down before saying, "You all know that golds do not and why that is so." His eyes go to Soriana and he take the one step to the flamethrower, lifts it and walks over to her. "This is yours, Soriana. Keep it in working order, for you never know when you will need it." He retains it for the time being, lifting his voice to carry to all of them, "There may be times when for some reason or other your lifemate cannot chew firestone. In those cases, you will use a flamethrower, so you will also need to learn the use of it. Who can tell me what can prevent your lifemate from chewing 'stone?" And while the answers are given, he's showing Soriana the basics of how to check the fuel tank, adjust the nozzle for flame width, and safety on the trigger before handing it over to her. She may be the daughter of a goldrider, she may have handled a flamethrower before, but he's not assuming. Safety is his responsibility.

Mur'dah shifts his weight from foot to foot, eager as he looks around at his clutchmates and grins. FIRE TIME. He especially grins at Ka'el, reaching out to rub a hand against Kalsuoth's dark hide. "Stomach ache?" he calls when the question is given.

Oh, Soriana will still learn to make fire! It's just, unlike all the other weyrling pairs, it'll actually be her doing it, not her dragon. Because, well… golds don't. Just like V'dim says. She meets his gaze and nods, then lowers it to the flamethrower as he brings it closer. Substitute fire! Luraoth is curious as well, inspecting it both from her own vantage and through Soriana's eyes. As the others give answers, the dragonhealer weyrling lets them, instead paying attention to the demonstration V'dim gives. A goldrider her mother may be, but many of those turns were spent away from a Weyr, and if this isn't Soriana's first time, she certainly acts like it, paying careful attention before accepting the flamethrower and holding it flamey-side away from people and safety on.

"Problems with the mouth?" Ka'el supposes in anwer to V'dim's question. "Injury to his teeth or gums?" He glances to Kanekith who promptly opens up his jaws to show off his teeth. See? No problems here! No worries there, Ka'el. « My teeth are in proper order » he assures, just in case there was any doubting that! A smirk from the bronzeling iso ffered beore his attention returns to V'dim. "Or if he's havin' stomach problems," he continues with a nod to Mur'dah. "If their stomach's a twist, maybe they won't digest it all correctly …?" He doesn't know for sure. He certainly knows how firestone works. They all do! Thanks to the diligent teachings of the weyrlingmaster's assistants, plus Ka'el's own attraction to the subject. And speaking of fire.. He eyes the flamethrower that's been given to Soriana. The prospect of him needing to know how to use one is news!

Idrissa peers over at the flamethrower once Soriana takes hold of it, and yes she even pays attention to the instructions given just for her own knowledge and who knows when there may be a need for such things. Not that Tahryth seems amused, assuring her rider that if there is a need /she/ can handle it of course. To the question on when a rider may need to use a flamethrower a soft ah escapes her. "Of one's dragon has a hurt mouth, or can't chew the firestone?" A glance is sent to her green. "Or if they happen to try and eat numbweed." Tahryth warbles at this and holds her head up with a tilt of her head. « I had to try it. » Seems like the answers are around about the same form the weyrlings.

V'dim's eyes lift from the instrument to Mur'dah first, and then to Ka'el, "Yes, stomachache could curb the ability to digest the chewed firestone, especially if he or she isn't sure which stomach is aching." Next to Ka'el and then Idrissa, again the nod, "Exactly. If there are any issues with teeth, tongue or gums, you don't want your dragon chewing. 'Stone isn't exactly easy on the mouth, so it's best to examine them both beforehand and afterwards too. Their teeth are very hard, so they shouldn't chip or crack with normal firestone." There's a dry chuckle after Idrissa mentions numbweed. "Speaking of, there's a bucket of numbweed and a paddle over there should any of your dragons bite their tongues today. All of you please take a moment and check your lifemates mouths now and then we'll get started."

Does that include Luraoth? The gold tilts her head to the side, lowering it and peering sideways at Soriana with an inquisitive chirp. Sori tilts her head back and looks up at her dragon. "I can check them…" she says in an undertone. "But you'd just get a stomachache." A pause, while human eyes meet draconic ones. "I'll read you why from the records later." Another pause, and then Luraoth opens her jaws. Just because she isn't actually chewing firestone today doesn't mean good dental hygiene isn't important! Also, maybe someone will change their minds. She can but hope. Soriana duly inspects those teeth, adjusting her hold on the flamethrower to prod a little. "They're fine." She gives Luraoth a Look. "But you're still not chewing." The gold nods and closes her muzzle, and then her thoughts reach to her clutchmates. « Are we ready? »

Mur'dah nods his head slightly as he listens, first to the flamethrower instruction and then the additional information. Then he turns to Kalsuoth. "Open wide," he says, and the brown eagerly complies. Mur'dah runs his hands over those teeth, pushing here and there and asking if he feels any pain or anything other than pressure.

Ka'el moves nearer to Kanekith, grazing his fingertips against his bronze hide while his attention stays rooted on V'dim. Mouth problems. He nods, grinning a little while sharing a mental high-five for knowing (or thinking that he knew) an answer. Eyes shift to Idrissa, and there's a small quirk of his lips at the answer she gives with numbweed. Kanekith's head lowers and he opens his jaws wie again. « Did I not show you well enough? » He just did this! Ka'el moves to stand in front of the bronze to peer into his mouth. Wicked teeth! "You did, budy. I didn't check well enough," he explains hwile leaning in to get a better look. Dragon breath! Any cracked teeth? Sore gums? Redness? He's a genuine dragon dentist! A hand is lifted to pat the dragon's copper nose after inspection, allowing him to close his mouth. "Looks good!" is his oh so official report, to which Kanekith sits up proudly. « I have been ready » he says, speaking for himself in answer to Luraoth.

Idrissa makes a slight face a the talk of numbweed and soon nods while looking up to her dear green, a smile is seen and she points slightly. "Come here, let me see." Tahryth shifts on her paws and lowers her head eagerly letting her maw open nice and wide and show off those teeth of her, her tongue flicks out to even give her rider a slurp across the face. "Thanks Tahryth.." Is murmured out softly before Rissa is busy checking on the teeth and gums. All looks good to her! « Told you all was well. Yes! I'm ready. » The green soon warbles a few times before looking eagerly at those sacks of firestone.

You know that eerie feeling your being watched? The one where the hairs on the back of your neck lift? The Weyrlings might feel a presence behind them as V'dim wanders around while the weyrlings check their dragon's mouths, peering in over a shoulder here and there to see for himself that they are doing a thorough check. "Have them lift their tongues too," he advises. Passing Mur'dah, he says lowly, "Nice job. You too, Ka'el." Another rusty chuckle escapes him as Idrissa gets licked while checking. "Now then, another other thing that will prevent your lifemate from chewing is something you won't have to worry about for many tuens yet and that is age. When too many teeth have loosened and been lost, then you'll be using a flamethrower - if you're not retired." Way to cheer them up, yeah? "Go ahead to the pile and take two of those sacks for yourselves. One is going to be your new best friend." He'll explain that in a moment. "You too, Soriana, go take one." Is he kidding? Nope. When they have their sacks - which weigh a mere twenty pounds each, they'll see fist-sized chalky chunks of the stuff inside. "You'll be feeding them several pieces before they can produce flame. Place the piece on their tongues and remove your hand before they close their mouths." Duh! But you would not believe how many times he's had to have handbites seen to. "Have them think of their not-food stomach and when they feel the need to belch, be sure you're not standing in front of them." Otherwise, crispy-weyrlings they will be.

Retirement? What's that? V'dim certainly doesn't seem to have considered it an option. After Soriana's checked Luraoth's mouth, she rests her hand against the side of the dragon's neck to wait for what she expects might be a while - though probably not as long as waiting for retirement. It'll just seem that way, especially with the way Luraoth's looking at the other dragons and those sacks of firestone. This part of the training is for the others, and so when V'dim tells them to go get sacks, she doesn't move, not until… her? Blink? She turns to look at him with a surprised expression. "Huh?" While she has, on occasion, suspected V'dim of humor, this doesn't seem like the sort. He doesn't look like he's joking, either. « We are ready. » Luraoth's thoughts to her rider are an echo of what the other dragons have said… and a hopeful nudge. Don't argue! "…yessir," Soriana says, and rechecks the safety on the flamethrower before hanging it over her shoulder by the strap and going to get herself some nice firestone. Luraoth lowers her head hopefully as Soriana returns. « It is only a stomachache. » And maybe it won't even be that! There have been sports before! What if she's the exception to Kitti Ping's plan, somehow? They won't know unless she tries. Please?

Mur'dah asks Kalsuoth to lift his tongue, and the brown sticks his out and licks his muzzle a few times, awkwardly extending it until the inspection is complete. The teen's brows knit as he thinks about retirement and then shakes his head firmly. That'll never happen to him. He'll stay young forever, right? Then he's bounding off eagerly to get two firestone sacks, one over his shoulder while the other one is clutched in his hand. Hastening back to his lifemate he sets them down, glancing curiously at Soriana when she's told to get one as well. Opening a sack, he selects a nicely sized piece and puts it on Kalsuoth's waiting tongue. He is also careful to remove his hand before the brown bites down and closes his eyes, thinking of his not-food stomach. It's an odd process, but he thinks he's got it right if his satisfied rumble is anything to go by.

Age. Ka'el is having a hard time picturing an old Kanekith. So young and proud and full of himself! Er .. I mean, full of energy! And harder still? An old Ka'el! A V'dim-like version of himself standing aged and wrinkled beside a stooped dragon. He shudders away the though, assisted by a snort from Kanekith. Their future is filled with fast adventure! Not … whatever that was. "I know, I know…" he murmurs to his lifemate just before the instruction of getting their sacks is given. Like, right now? Strangling down the surge of glee, he moves to claim two sacks for himself, lifting them both in his hands to carry them back. How about both of them be his new best friends? He has no clue what the cryptic V'dim means by that, but he's too excited to give it much thought as both bags are set down. He digs into one of them, pulling out the firestone to examine before glancing to Kanekith. « I would not bite you » he says, offended! « .. Purposefully » he adds, causing a vague narrowing of his rider's eyes. "You'd better not, or all've this would be for naught. C'mon, open up." Finally finally finally! A piece o stone is placed carefully on the dragon's tongue and, none too slowly, he pulls his hand out of his mouth. "Eat." Kanekith chews, and Ka'el readies another piece, stealing a glance to Soriana and her bag of stone. Now why would she need any of this?

Idrissa is curious, two bags, why two? She'll find out at some point it seems. With the two bags in hand she is back in front of Tahryth, one is opened and she fishes two of the firestones out eyeing them a few moments. She's read up on it, seen it, and everything else but this is a new task actually feeding it to her dear dragon. Tahryth shifts and wiggles, her head lowers eyes swirling while she eyes the rock and she soon croons before taking hold of the stone she is given as her tongue curls around it and she settles it into her maw tilting her head a moment at the feeling of it within her maw. « Better tasting then numbweed for sure. » During the chewing stage Idrissa is working on getting the green to think of her 'not food stomach'. This goes on for a few moments before the green goes about needing to belch which makes her eyes widen a moment and she wiggles about feeling strange. During this 'getting to know you' stage with the stone Tahryth promptly bites down onto her tongue, which causes her head to lift and a slight puffing bit of flame escapes her as a result. At least the green didn't flame someone, like her rider, or you know V'dim as a result of her biting down onto her tongue. The rest of the evening is dealt with a sore dragon tongue and what to deal with the firestone that Tahryth ate now, though Idrissa is listening to the lesson through out it all.

V'dim will go *Between* like all good cowboys - in the saddle and with his boots on. Just hope it's not during one of Isobeth's flights (oh yes, she still rises!) His pale blue eyes flick to Soriana when she's slow to respond, satisfied when she does move to get herself a sack. "Now then, you'll only allow your dragons to chew the amount in one of the sacks. The other is to accompany you everywhere for the next few sevens. For meals, chores, exercises. To bed. To the john. You'll be adding firestone to it daily until the sack weighs fifty pounds. You'll be tossing it to one another from increasing distances. When you are flying, you'll toss it to one another in flight." A glance is directed towards Soriana with a silvery brow lofted to see if she has guessed yet why she too will do this. He, meanwhile stands well away from where any flaming will happen, but he watches all of the closely. "Have them face the lake please and of course," another of his chuckles (the man is amused by thoughts most dark), "they should open their mouths to flame." Yeah, cos through the nose HURTS.

Minus side: Luraoth can't chew firestone. Plus side: there is absolutely no chance she will ever chase Isobeth. Good. Deal. Soriana glances down to that sack of firestone as V'dim explains the purpose of it, and sighs. Oh, she gets it now. Her gaze lifts again to find the weyrlingmaster looking at her, and she nods to him before glancing aside to Luraoth. "You can watch the others." The sack's settled more securely and not offered to the gold. More quietly, she adds, "And help them refuel." Because, well, if Soriana's going to haul this thing around and learn to toss it back and forth, she's at least going to get that much good out of it. She's not going to do this just for the virtuous self improvement.

Mur'dah reaches up to physically push at Kalsuoth's muzzle, moving the brown's face until he's pointed at the lake. And then the teen stands back. And then takes another /tiny/ step back. He spares a moment to look around at the others, eager and bright-eyed, waiting to see what's going to happen next. And what happens next is predictable. Kalsuoth shifts his body, tilts his head a bit and gives a little burp, remembering at the last moment to open his mouth. A tiny tendril of flame pokes out from his maw and Mur'dah's reaction is to jump up and down and pump his fists into the air, flailing around in his exuberant joy and shout "YES! Again!" Hello, my name is Mur'dah, and I'm a pyromaniac.

"You have two stomachs. One's for food. The other is for other things, like this stone," says Ka'el to Kanekith, who is chewing like a good dragon should, attention riveted on his rider. « I wondered what the other's purpose was, » he admits, continuing to chew gamely, filling not his 'hunger stomach' but the other one that has remained empty for so long but is now filling with the crunched up, munched up firestone. More and more Ka'el gives, feeding slowly. No need to rush this, right? No need, but Ka'el is watching and feeling his dragon for changes. Is he focused on the right stomach? Is he feeding too slowly? Too quickly? And … what's going on with Tahryth over there. The green is spared a look, but not an overly long one as he soon returns his attention to Kanekith. Not even the news of having to lug around an eventual fifty pound bag everywhere is enough to dampen this gloomy day. Don't worry. That will hit him later. Right now, Kanekith continues to feed. Bigger dragon. Bigger stomach! And apparently more time needed to let chemical reactions do their thing, for there's little to be seen emitting from his mouth. :/ A glance is given to Kalsuoth and Mur'dah's celebration, and another stone is given to his bronze.

V'dim moves among them - risky! He pauses by Idrissa, catching something between the pair, perhaps passed on by Isobeth. They're finished chewing for today, directed to that numbweed bucket where Tahryth gets to taste more of it. He does take some time to check how deep the bitten tongue is - hopefully not in need of a visit to the dragonhealers and stitching! "Let them take the time to get those acids reacting with the 'stone and for the gasses to build up," he says mildly after Kalsuoth's candle is lit. He paces back to Soriana, "You may practice with the flamethrower if you'd like. I'll be having them all try it later." And then to everyone, "After they've exhausted all of their gasses and flame, they'll need to regurgitate the ash." So… this lesson will make them throw up? Yeaaah.

There's the draconic equivalent of a sigh, and then Luraoth watches. « Well done, » she says to Kalsuoth's teeny flame, though her thoughts hold a wistful edge to them; there's a shadow like the gloomy fog of their surroundings passing over the sunlit field of her mind while Soriana grins briefly at Mur'dah's reaction and gives a thumbs-up. Tahryth's bitten tongue draws Luraoth's attention next, and the shadow in her thoughts becomes a spring raincloud that helps wash away the green's pain for long enough that the numbweed can take effect. When Luraoth's thoughts withdraw from Tahryth's, they leave the rain behind and shine sun-bright once more. Soriana nods to V'dim. "All right," she says, and shifts it off her shoulder again to aim out over the lake. Luraoth lowers her head to watch curiously as her rider adjusts nozzle and… fwoosh! It's only a small fwoosh, but it's definitely a fwoosh. Soriana grins. "Nice." Next up, a bigger fwoosh? She reaches for the controls, then glances sideways at V'dim and restrains herself. Bigger fwoosh, yes, but only slightly bigger. Lookit her, she's full of self-control and restraint!

Kalsuoth is fast? Mur'dah blushes though at the correction from V'dim, looking around - at Ka'el, really. Those two usually get things right, and Mur'dah has learned to watch them if he and Kalsuoth are struggling. "Yes sir," he says quietly, offering his brown another piece of firestone. And another. Going about it the right way this time. « Thank you, » Kalsuoth says proudly to Luraoth. Then brown and rider are watching, impressed, as Soriana unleashes that flame. "Remind me to never steal your breakfast roll again," Mur'dah says with a grin, giving Kalsuoth another bit of stone.

Anything? … Anything? Ka'el is watching Kanekith like a child waiting for the jack-in-the-box to pop up…though after it's missed its cue. He knows it's coming…it must be coming, right? But just…when? "C'mon bud.." he urges the bronze to turn towards the lake. Most of the firestone has been devoured by now, but yet still not a flame. Not a flicker! Kanekith himself is quiet, his eyes gone placid as he looks at his eager and watchful weyrling. Ka'el is … heh, he's not worried. Nope. -.-; All dragons can do this, right? Except golds of course, and Kane is definitely no gold! But neither is he producing any fire. He glances over to Kalsuoth, though the brown seems to be recharging. And Soriana … flaming? Flamethrower powers, activate! Kanekith's eyes are drawn towards the fire produced by the contraption, swirling with obvious interest. He shifts his weight a little, restless on his paws as he turns back to the water, and Ka'el stands back to watch…!!!.. Er. To watch Kanekith breathe. Ho hum. "Does it…how long does it usually..take?" he dares to ask.

Yeah, Mur'dah, that's V'dim, a right party-pooper. When he does give praise, though rare, it's well-earned. "You want to make a longer, wider flame," he tells Soriana encouraging her to let go of her caution somewhat. "If you're atop Luraoth and need to set a backfire, it needs to hit the target." So… bigger fwoosh is a go? "Not too much longer," Vdim assures Ka'el, and he too stands, hands behind his back to watch. Hmm.

Soriana laughs to Mur'dah. "If you want toast, though…" and don't mind extreme overkill and a scorched hand to go with it… "Why couldn't we have gotten one of these before that island trip?" It would have made keeping warm so much easier! And… bigger fwoosh? Grin. "Okay!" She adjusts the settings, aiming out over the lake. This one will go all the way! FWOOSH! Okay, so, it doesn't actually go all the way, but it does definitely go further. Far enough to burn away some of that fog! With more fuel being used, the scent of the chemicals is stronger, and she coughs a little. "Gonna have to get used to that part…"she says, and takes a moment to let the smell fade. While she does, she looks around at the others. Like, say… Kanekith. All eyes on the bronze, now…
Mur'dah grins, letting out an encouraging (and impressed!) "whoop!" when Soriana gets to use Big Fire. Then he's back to feeding Kalsuoth stone, and glancing at Kanekith. He's got to be about ready to pop, right?

Oh yes, yes he is Mur'dah, though Kanekith is keeping cool about it and definitely keeping Ka'el in the dark despite his growing anxiousness. This is what he's been waiting for! A fire-breathing dragon! What if there's something wrong with Kanekith inside? Outwardly, he's flawless. But what if all of that outer beauty is only masking some internal…dysfunction? A faulty second stomach? OR faulty organs! Or a lack of organs! WHAT IF HE'S MISSING HIS SECOND STOMACH?!?! .. Heh. Ka'el is not panicking. Nope. V'dim is waiting. If he were worried, he'd be telling him to go to the annex. Soriana might have picked up on something, maybe, by now. And Ka'el himself? He would've known. Right? Kanekith is a cool as a cucumber, even though it feels as if he's swelling like a balloon reaching its max. But, an audience is what he craves, and impressing his rider? His goal. And so, feeling largely pregnant with gas, he shifts on his paws again, eyes squinting marginally. « Watch me now, Ka'el. » (Ha! As if he ever stopped) A rumble in his belly is a prequel to a mighty belch, which ignites as a roaring fireball from his mouth! Luckily, he is facing the water and the spiraling flame races that way, bright and hot and angry. "Yes!" Fistpump and woot from Ka'el! (and relief. Much relief)

Better out than in? With both the gas and the ash. V'dim is indeed watching and waiting, though he does note Soriana's flame with a satisfied nod and a murmured, "Well done." Kalsuoth and Kanekith? Not so much, but he seems unruffled that it's taking them longer. They are bigger, after all. The workings are… further apart? Or slower. Something. When Kanekith flames he smiles, nods and gives Ka'el another, "Well done!" Now he turns to Mur'dah and his brown. All eyes on Kalsuoth?

The flamethrower and the actual dragonfire act somewhat differently, but Soriana's not studying the differences in dynamics. (Yet. It'll probably include discussion on which is more suited to what sorts of usage, and the benefits and drawbacks of each from a safety perspective.) Instead, she just grins at V'dim's acknowledgment, then grins wider as Kanekith demonstrates draconic flame technique. "Nice." That'd definitely burn down anything that got in its way! …this would be why they're practicing on a secluded beach. Luraoth croons softly. « It is bright. » The edges of her thought crackle with echoes of the flame.

Kalsuoth is up! After rumbling happily to his bronze brother (« Very nice! ») the sound shifts his belly enough that he has his own flame building. It seems to take him a bit more by surprise, turning his head to face the lake just before he parts his jaw and /pushes/, expelling the flame to another delighted whoop by his rider.

Ka'el grins to V'dim, glad that … you know, he's not getting a frowny face. And that same grin is flashed to his friends, especially as Kalsuoth emits something larger than his first sputter. Kanekith is proud of himself. Though .. when is he not? At least this time he has reason to be, and he all but glows beneath the praise that's being given to him now. "That was wicked Kanekith! Did you see how far that went? Did you?" He slapes his hands against the bronze hide in rough patpats and rubs of congratulations. "Can you do it again?" Well of course he can! There's still firethrowin' gas in his belly, and he lifts his head up and exhales a second-belly's breath to the sky. FIre and flames! And again. And again!

V'dim isn't one to grin widely and clap his hands, alas. But his mouth pulls sideways (a smile) and his approval his another (overused but firmly-meant), "Well done!" to Mur'dah and Kalsuoth. Soriana will get some tips on how not to tire holding the nozzle in flight, a demonstration of bracing a foot against hide to bring up her knee so her forearm can rest across it and a "You'll find the position that best works for you." Then V'dim is moving among the dragons as they belch the rest of those gasses into flame. Then he's overseeing the regurgitation (whee-fun). Later they'll all get instruction with the flamethrower as promised and then it's lesson-adjourned so they can get to better know their new Best Friends. Have… fun?

Soriana grins over at Kalsuoth next. "There ya go!" Luraoth watches as the male dragons flame, her thoughts tinged with the fire-colors. « Very bright. » The gold watches them until V'dim comes back over to Soriana, at which point Luraoth watches that instead. Soriana nods to the instructions, and then… what does one do with advice? Why, one puts it into practice! So she does, aiming for a small insect hovering over the lake and making sure she can replicate her successful use of the flamethrower. It's not perfect, but then again, who's to say she wasn't actually aiming for a spot six inches below and a foot past the insect instead of directly at it? Nobody, that's who. Good enough!

Mur'dah is so proud of Kalsuoth, and Kanekith, and all of them. It's a big ol' love fest. With fire. Feel the buuuurn.

Ka'el grows happier and happier with each burst of fire that comes out of Kanekith's mouth. Up to the sky. Over the sand. To the left. To the right. Careful not to aim close to any human body or dragon. And with Kalsuoth's flares and Sori's flamethrower, the beach definitely is the hotspot! Gradually though, Kanekith's flames lose their girth as the gasses in his gut begin to wear out, til finally there is none. The regurgitating process is … well … pretty gross. Possibly like watching a feline cough up a hairball. But the gooey mess is soon out of his gullet and left as a mass on the sand. Uh .. ew. "We don't have to clean that up…do we?" he stagewhispers to his fellow weyrlings.

Soriana and her dragon get to play another round of minus-side plus-side before the lesson's over. The minus side is the same: Luraoth can't chew firestone. Plus side: She doesn't have to regurgitate it afterward! Because that part is about as much fun as… oh, say… hauling around a fifty pound sack of firestone everywhere you go, to take an entirely random example. Soriana glances over to Ka'el, then down to where V'dim's advising someone else. "If we've got to muck out their couches…" See? It's not like this is even the worst thing they've had to clean up after their dragons. Plus side!

"Maybe if we … I, just leave it there, it'll … evaporate or somethin'." It's…sort of a liquid. It has its liquid parts anyway. "Or he can bury it." Like a kitty in a litterbox! Fingers are combed back through his short hair as he thinks that over, glancing to V'dim. Well .. if they need to clean it up, they'll surely be told! He looks to his bag of firestone, laying so forlornly on the sand. "Alright, so what's the point've throwin' around this bag of increasin' weight?" he asks in a low tone and volume. "Some of us don't need any more conditioning." Not to name any names…

Soriana looks to her Sack of Weight +20 (so far!), and sighs. "S'probably traditional." What, making the weyrlings sweat? …okay, yes, but. "It's so we can resupply mid-flight. Like… if you're flying a burn pattern," or, traditionally, a threadfall, "you don't want to have to land just because you've emptied your sack. So somebody," like a weyrling or junior wingrider, "flies up and tosses you over a new one." She shrugs. "Shards, you think they'll make us do the obstacle course with that thing?" The swinging rope jump! The climbing wall!

Ah. Makes sense. If there was threadfall. Which there isn't. So .. possibly just a traditional thing. "Hey, Xanadu's all about breakin' tradition now, isn't it? This might be another one to cut from the books." A smirk and Ka'el saunters on over to his sack to lift and sling over his back with ease. Pft. It's twenty pounds. Not twenty tons. The increasing weight will soon be cumbersome to lug around, but for now … let him have his arrogant moment. "I do think so," he answers with a sage nod. "It's V'dim. He'll at least have us try to see if we can. We'll all need to make a pact to fail if that's what happens." He peers at her flamethrower. "I didn't even know goldriders had those. Your mom?"

"Take it up with him," Soriana says with a tilt of her head toward V'dim and a smirk. So… yeah. About their New Best Friends. She hoists her own without any particular effort. It's only twenty pounds. She's been doing workouts with all the rest of them. Some people may have have been shirking and will have difficulty *coughJnellecough*, but Sori's doing fine. At least for now. "Hah. You're probably right," she says with a shake of her head for the obstacle course, then lets her own gaze fall on the flamethrower. "Yeah… since golds can't flame…" She looks up to Luraoth, who chirps and nosebumps the firestone sack. She could try? Yeahno. Soriana shakes her head as she looks back to Ka'el. If there was threadfall, it'd be all wings to the air, queens included! Of course, in these modern times, the Weyr needs only a fraction of its riders ready to flame at any given time. There's only so many controlled burns and firebreaks required, so really the only reason for a goldrider to learn flamethrower technique is, well, tradition again.

Take it up with V'dim. "Uh .. yeahno," remarks Kale with a snoted sound of amusement. "I'll suck it up an' watch others struggle with it. One thing he didn't say is where we're getin' this firestone frome to get to fifty pounds. Are we goin' to the mines ourselves? Are they givin' it to us?" He shrugs a little and approaches her, Kanekith not far behind. The bronze is still reveling in his firebreathing prowess, reliving the moment in memory, though in his memory the fire's just a tad bit larger and a smidge hotter. But at least it's keeping him happy, even if it's a bit of an exaggerated thing. "So, we're keepin' this thing for sevens, huh? I hope he's to expectin' us to have it in our cots when we sleep. I'd rather a warm body. Not a lump of rocks." Cool as they are! Pausing near, he grins. "I've got a study session in a few. Then takin' Kanekith to hunt. Oil after. Night patrol this evenin'…" He trails off, brows furrowing with thought. "..Was gonna ask if you wanted to catch dinner with me, but .. I don't even know if I'll be catchin' dinner at all."

"The Weyr's got stores of the stuff," Soriana says with a heft of her bag. "Besides, we're dragonriders, not wherhandlers. We're not miners!" Well, except for that one tour, but that hardly counts. They were just guests, right? Riiiight? "There'll probably be a new pile each morning for us to take." Because isn't that just a great way to start the day? "I dunno, I mean, paint a pretty face on it, maybe add a wig…" She looks over her sack consideringly. "…and one of those lonely nights…" « Is that what rock hard means? » AHEM! Never mind. "Uh." Evening plans! Dinner! Cough. "Late night snack?" she suggests. "I'll bring something back to the barracks. Y'can wake me up."

"Y'know, at this point.." says Ka'el, who looks like he's actually considering making his firestone sack into some … uh, attractive sack with a wig, "I'll take what I can take." He grins and sets his sack down with a little plop and waggles his eyebrows at it. "I'll see you tonight.." But even he can't keep up his act at Kanekith's echoed response. « Rock hard? » His eyes dart to his dragon with raised brows, then shifts to Luraoth, though lingers on her not very long before zeroing in on Soriana. Uh-huh. … "Do I even want to guess?" A smirk, though that's soon followed by a grateful look. "You'd save somethin' for me?" Aww, his stomach greatly appreciates that! "I'm gonna try to snag a meatroll .. but if you could, could you bring back some've those?"

Ever so briefly, there's an abashed look on Soriana's face, but it doesn't take long at all to be replaced by a wry grin. "Y'need to guess?" It's not like this is the first time one of their dragons has picked up stray thoughts and found them inexplicable. « That is not what it means. » So Luraoth duly reports to Kanekith after Soriana informs her of such. « Rock hard in bed is different, but my couch is rock, and it is hard. » Humans make no sense! Soriana reaches up and scritches at the top of Luraoth's head, and the dragon croons softly. Distraction successful, hopefully. "I would," she tells Ka'el, then nods at the request for meatrolls. "I'll see what I can do." Maybe they'll be out! But she'll make the attempt, when dinnertime comes. For now… sigh. "I've got formations practice." Now, with added sack of firestone! She eyes it. "Seeya tonight."

Yes, humans make no sense whatsover. Kanekith will agree with that even though right now he's pretty happy with his. What other meaning could the phrase have? The question is extended to Ka'el, who … does not want or need to go into the details! "I'll tell ya later.." is murmured to the prying dragon whose mental claws are gradually drawn back. « Later never comes…» Crises averted! Ka'el nods to Soriana, knowing all too well just how her day is going to unfold: Busily. "See you tonight," he echoes with a smile. "Though it's the meatroll I'm lookin' forward to seeing really. We had a thing, it and I. A long, lastin' relationship between it and my stomach." He hoists his satchel back up again, hoisting it over his shoulder and giving a smile to the gold and her rider. "Don't eat my rolls," he warns before winking and turning to head off.

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