Starcraft Deliveries

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex

The large area has been separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. A few desks for studying are pushed against one wall, while another has a variety of doors spaced along side it, opening into private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. A set of double doors opens to the general apprentice dorms, and a long hallway stretches outwards, providing access to the various workshops.

Kire is sitting at one of the desks and he's reading a book on star crafting. It's a nice day out, but Kire wanted some peace and quiet and not having to worry about seeds getting in the way of what he is reading. Next to him is his black case. He's leaning back in his seat before he puts down the book and stretches out. He rolls his neck out and then sighs before he goes back to reading.

There is a creeking of the door at the far end of the crafter's complex. Footsteps follow, stopping now and again. Finally, a head pops into view through the entryway of the common room. Still red-eyed, Rogawani doesn't seem to be having as much problems with the sniffles at the moment, not having spent the day weeding as he had on his day off. "Hello?" He asks, finally stepping into the doorway, carrying a rather large bag on his shoulder. At first he doesn't spot Kire, his view blocked by some equipment.

Kire looks up as he hears someone opening the door. He gets up, "Hello there, Rogawani isn't it?" He asks as he moves over to him going around some of the equipment, "How can I help you?" He asks as he helps to open the door all the way.

"Oh, hey there, Kire." Rogawani smiles slightly, giving a small nudge at his nose before nodding at the starcrafter. A crafter or not, the boy is close in age to Ro' and it's easier to let his guard down. "Some deliveries from the hold. Not sure what's all here, but there's lots of little boxes and packages." He swings the big bag on his shoulder forward, patting at it lightly. "Got some place I can set this all down? Maybe you can tell me if everything is here or if I'm missing anything."

Kire smiles, "Ah anything in there for the starcraft?" He asks, "Sure. Let me clear a table." He moves over to clear off the books that he was reading and he moves to help Rogawani, "Here let me help you that's quite a big bag that you have there. Where did all this stuff come rom?" He nods, "I can do my best, I didn't know my master had ordered so much."

"Quite a few things for the starcraft, that's why I stopped here first." Rogawani follows over towards the table, lugging the bag up onto it, but being careful not to bump into too man things. "Some of it was ordered, a few other things were leftovers from the starcrafter in Rubicon. He said something about moving back to Irene." Which isn't all that big of a surprise, knowing the political situation revolving around that hold lately. "Let's see…" Reaching in, he takes out a few wrapped packages, setting a few onto the table, while tucking some others under his arm that probably go elsewhere. "I never thought the starcraft needed that much stuff. You guys working on some sort of project?"

Kire nods, "Well I hope that I can help. I'm sure that we'll find use for it, or at least I will." He sits down and sees what Ro has to deliver. He starts to look at the things and he hmms, "Oh good I'm glad these came in, I'll need them for my project. I'm making a model of an observatory. I've used some plans that I found in the archieves." He hmms as he sets aside another package, "That's for my master's project. He's working on making mirrors from Xanadu's sand."

Juggling a few of the non-starcrafter packages, Rogawani puts down a few more that are addressed to the weyr crafthall. Then, he tucks the remaining boxes and rolls into his travel bag. "An observatory?" He asks curiously, peering over at the starcrafter. Even as his eyes go one direction, his fingers quickly lace up the bag. "You mean a building to watch the stars, right?" Curiosity shows on his face as he looks at Kire with raised eyebrows.

Kire nods a little bit as he reaches for his notebook and opens it up, "Yep here is my final sketch of it. Yah it's going to hold a much more powerful telescope. So powerful that we can see distant planets possibly. I just hope my master doesn't insist on using his new mirrors. Not that I don't doubt that they work just I'd rather go with a more traditional mirrors just incase…you know they don't work." He looks at the other boxes and most of them go into his pile for his project, "So how has your day been? Still suffering from allergies?"

Pulling his bag down to set it on the ground, Rogawani peers over at the sketch in the starcrafter's notebook, giving an appreciative whistle between his teeth. "Looks like a piece of work. You could have been a decent smith with these drafting skills." Not that Ro' really knows -that- much about it, but at least his interest is sincere. "So, this is where the telescope goes, right?" He leans over a little, poking a finger at the drawing without touching it. His nose wiggles a little, giving a small sniff as he goes on to ask, "What's the difference in the mirrors?" Mention of his allergies, however, only gets a small wince from the messenger. "That new healer has me drinking this terrible tea. It's helping, but tends to make me sleepy."

Kire smiles, 'Thanks, but it's really not that hard you just have to be slow and patient about it." He nods, "Yep that's where it will go, but it will be able to move all around. I just hope that I can get the model to do that too, but I've been reading up on models. There is a surprising amount of information on models." He ohs softly, "Well the better the mirror the farther and more clearer you'd be able to see. Although the atmosphere of Pern does get in the way which is why you get really shape pictures from the ship. I can't wait to go up there." He ahs, "You should tell A'di about that or I will next time I see him. He's suffering from allergies too. I suggested her wear one of those surgical masks, but he thought he'd look silly."

"I tried the masks, but it kept falling off and didn't help with the eyes." Rogawani explains, with a bit of a nod. "But I'd definitely suggest talking to that new healer… what was ner name again?" He scratches at his chin thoughtfully, as if searching through some distant part of his brain for the matching name. "Karashi? Yeah, that's it." Rubbing at his nose one more time the messenger looks closer at the sketch, offering a small smile to Kire. "I could never draw like this. I'm lucky I can write legibly. Some of the holder kids can't even manage that, so don't put yourself down. It's quite a skill." He tries to follow as the other boy talks about making a model, but just looks a little puzzled before nodding. "Pictures from the ship?" He blinks, and then stands up a little straiter. "You guys get to go -up- there?"

Kire nods a little bit, "Karashi, she's the one that helped me out in the garden." He shows his right forearm with the bandage on it. I got bitten by a tunnelsnake in the garden. Cenlia and I found like 7 of them in there." He smiles, "Well I'm sure you have your own talents. Myself I can't sing worth anything, although that doesn't stop me. I know music is supposed to be about pitch and sounding good, but if you put your heart into it it can be just as fun. I'll never get a solo, but I can help with the chorus." He nods, "Yep, when you are a journeyman you even get to spend a stint up there running the ship. I can't wait to go in the ship."

"A tunnelsnake?" Rogawani had heard about X'hil being bitten by one, but that had been due to one of Nosken's pranks. "Seven of them?" His eyebrows go up with shocked amazement as he rubs the back of his neck a little nervously. "I hate those things. Probably means there's more lurking around, too." He looks right and left, as if somehow expecting a snake to pop out of nowhere. Luckily, there's nothing too snake-like in the starcrafter's alcove, so he lets out a relieved sigh. The small, boyish smile returns to his face as he nods. "I'm trying to learn hidecraft from one of the riders. Weyrwoman Thea suggested it to me, so I can make new tack for my runners without having to spend all my marks on it." Still, the idea of going up onto one of the near-mythical space ships orbiting Pern. "If you do get up there, you've got to promise to tell me what it's like, okay? For the rest of us, they're just blinking lights in the sky."

Kire nods, "Yep a tunnelsnake. Yep seven of them. Nope don't worry I've been over the alcove and looked over all the stuff. There aren't any snakes here I checked, but I've heard there has been a nest discovered in store cavern and they are going to clean it all out in a couple of days." He sighs, "I'm sorry that there has to be a killing, but I've heard that some of them can be poisonous." He ohs, "Really? That's cool. I love going to a gather and see all the leather and hide products that are being made. You have runners? How many of them? Do they have names? Do you let anyone ride them?" He smiles, "Well a rider is going to take me up the next time I get a free day, maybe if we could get out free days together we could both go up."

Even with the crafter's re-assurances about the tunnelsnakes, the news about there being a nest in the storeroom causes the messenger to pale slightly. "Oh boy. I hope I don't get dragged into that mess, but I probably will with my luck." Apparently, he's not that fond of tunnelsnakes, not that many people are. All too glad for a change of subject, Ro' chuckles just a little at the questions about runners. "Just one, my foster-father got it for me when I came of age. He's an old gelding, but he's good for carrying messages and packages. His name is 'Road of the Rider', and I'm sure that I could let you ride him if you want? He's really calm." He goes quiet when going up to the ship is mentioned again, jaw nearly dropping. "I… don't think they'd want a dirty messenger up there mussing things up. I'd probably end up pressing something on accident and screwing something up." As excited as he is at the prospect, it's obvious from the pale look on his face that it frightens Ro' as well. "I'll just trust you to tell me how it is."

Kire smiles, "Well if you do I'll team up with you, Cenlia and I made a good team, maybe we three people would make it easier. I'm sure that there will be plenty of healers that will here just incase." He ahs, "That's cool. Sure I'd like to ride him sometime." Kire laughs, "Well take a bath before hand, I'm sure they wouldn't mind, they are letting me up there after all. No you'd have to come up. We'll even go in the Zero-G shuttle bay. We could float and fly without a dragon."

"Well, as long as Cenlia has a shovel, I'd trust her with my life. She's scary when she wants to be." Rogawani laughs a little, remembering the gardener mentioning that nearly all life's problems can be solved with a shovel. "Tunnelsnakes just bug me. They move too fast." He explains, shivering slightly before tucking his hands into his pockets. Looking sideways at the starcrafter, the boy just shrugs once more about the prospect of being up in the space ship, trying not be non-commital perhaps not to seem a coward. "I like my feet on the ground most of the time. Flying with a dragon is fun now and again, but it would be quite strange to go flying around. I'd probably feel like a bloated wherry." He puffs his cheeks out in a silly display, before letting the air out with a raspberry.

Kire nods, "Yah she is down right scary when she has a shovel in her hands. I'm just glad she didn't try to swing it at me when I had a tunnelsnake on my arm." He nods, "Yah they are lightning quick and really hard to get, but if you surprise them you can really get them good." He goes to put his arm around Ro and he laughs at the wherry comment, "Oh come on Rogawani, it will be fun and you won't look like a bloated wherry. It's a once in a lifetime chance. You can't say no to that."

"You probably wouldn't have an arm left if she did." The mental image of Cenlia brandishing a shovel at a Kire's arm flickers through Rogawani's mind, causing him to give a barely contained laugh. The messenger makes no attempt to avoid the starcrafter's arm, giving the other boy a bit of a sheepish look. "Just promise me if I panic and freak out, that you won't tell anyone, okay?" His voice drops a little, looking at Kire pleadingly. "Last thing I need is to go up there, and then have everyone talking about how I made a mess of myself or something." He scratches at his cheek, still seeming nervous about the prospect, but one thing the starcrafter is right about… it's an opportunity he can't say 'no' to. "You promise me that and I'll go."

Kire laughs a little bit, "Oh I'm sure I'd have an arm, I'd probably be broken, but I'd still have my arm." He nods, "I promise that I won't tell anyone if you freak out. My lips will be zipped, but I'm sure you'll have a great time." He pats Ro's shoulder, "Good, I'll write a note to Cenlia and tell her that another person would like to go. We'll set up a time and then we'll go."

"Let's hope she doesn't bring the shovel to the tunnelsnake round-up." Rogawani offers a small wink to the starcrafter. Giving a more firm nod, he tries to gather up his courage. "I'll have to get her to promise, too. Maybe tell her that I won't bring her any more of B'miel's wine if she doesn't." He smirks a bit, showing that he's just teasing… maybe. "Anyways, let me know if anything you or your master was expecting is missing. The starcrafter in Rubicon seemed a little frazzled so I don't know if he packed up everything he should have." Bending down, the boy picks up his message bag, swinging it up onto his shoulder. "I've got a few more deliveries to make, so I'll check back a little later."

Kire laughs, "Oh you know that she will." He shakes his head, "I'm sorry Cenlia isn't going. I got the name wrong. It's Rider Candia. She's A'di's sister and she's the one that's going to take us up. Although I don't think that she would mind the wine either." He nods a little bit, "I'll let you know if anything is missing, but so far nothing isn't." He stands up and goes to open the door for Ro, "Well have fun with your deliveries. I'll see you later."

"Candia, not sure I know that rider." Rogawani looks thoughtful, adjusting the strap of his bag with a small shrug. "But easy enough mistake. I used to get names mixed up myself when I got here. Especially with some of the riders who have so many kids who all sound alike." Giving one more nod, and a small smirk to the idea if having fun with deliveries. "We'll see. Should be a few interesting ones. Good luck with your model." Ro' offers, and then heads out of the held-open door.

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