Picky About Stitches

Xanadu Weyr - Forest

This broad path that leads from the Main Clearing into the forest has been designed in such a manner so as to be not only wide enough for wagons to travel through, but also providing ample space for dragons. The path appears only worn in the center though, as the main traffic which finds itself moving through this area is that of the two-legged kind. Grass lines the path and creeps all the way up to the bases of the trees that rise upward in their aged magnificence, gargantuan limbs casting often welcome shade that frequently envelopes the entire path.

The path winds its way leisurely through the trees and a number of less traveled paths branch away. One to the west leads to the Weyrling Field while one headed further northwards leads to the river and numerous popular spots. (see +view) Northeastwards, the path straightens out to join the coastal road that leads out of Xanadu while east leads down towards the beach and the Caspian Lake. A few flowers sprout up and speckle the brown and green area with their little faces of bright saffron and cheeky rose, and the general atmosphere and scent of the path is one of freshness and wild abandon.

It's mid-morning, or so Rukbat seems to imply by hanging in that awkward place just before noon. White, whispy cirrus clouds streak the rest of the sky, their abundance hinting at rain to come, but for now it is a vaguely warm and pleasant start to the day. Taking advantage of it, Esiae has moved her work outside - a basket of clothing has been nestled in next to the giant root she's claimed as a bench. Reclined against the trunk, the girl is making her way through the day's mending in the lazy fashion of one that's done this too many times to count. Stitch, stitch, stitch, tie off, inspect, fold, repeat. She's already gotten through many a garment, but if the load in her basket is anything to judge by, the candidate still has a long way to go before she's done, and could probably do with a good distraction.

There is a rustling in the trees as if something large were moving nearby, followed by the thud-thud of dragon feet. It isn't an unusual sound around the weyr, and not the sort of thing that would normally alarm anyone. When it comes to stealthy, Yumeth simply … is not. Still, she freezes in place in the shadows of the woods, reaching her head out as she twitches nostrils at the basket of garments. The burnished caramel head edges forward - closer - closer, and then like an impish child snatches up a pair of trousers that the candidate had previously mended, hefting them up into the air.

This is about the time that Sorrin notices her lifemate isn't walking anymore. "Hey, come on, I thought you were hungry. Let's get going." The voice of xanadu's most recent Weyrwoman comes easily, along with a grunt from the gold dragon who had probably just been prodded for her stillness. Looking more like someone you'd expect out in the stables with runners than a goldrider, Sorrin steps forward a bit, shielding her eyes from a ray of sunlight as she looks up. It takes her a moment to make the connection between her trouser-snatching dragon and the candidate sitting nearby. "Seriously?" Sorrin runs a hand through her hair.

The big head dangles the trousers just out of reach of any of the humans, "Hey, you." Not knowing the names of all the candidates, this will have to do. "Yumeth wants me to tell you that these stitches are crooked." She points upwards, as if either of of them could actually /see/ the repair from here. Then, she shrugs, as if silently saying: 'Dragons, what can you do?'

Coming down the paths is a green who is neither being stealthy, nor is she walking heavily. Instead, she moves with what could almost be considered a dancers grace. But in dragons form. Following behind her is Keziah who is back in her normal garb and is currently sans any children, even her eldest. Course, the antics of the gold have drawn the riders attention and she shifts over that away, coming to stand near Sorrin and she looks up "Well, you can teach them how to attach clothing to the gather pole? But that usually just ends up being draped, not like actually flying say someone's pair of boxers." she notes thoughfully. She then glances over at Essi "How's the song writing coming by the way?" she then eyes the basket "That's a lot of clothes piled up for mending."

The sound of draconic footsteps nearby goes by and large ignored by Esiae - dragons and their riders have been passing by for hours, some stopping to sniff much in the way Yumeth does, others paying her little to no mind. It's for certain, however, that none of them have stolen the pants right off of her pile before! "Heyyy!" Esi leaps to her feet, making a leaping reach for those pants, but they're well out of her range by the time her brain gets her into motion. There's a huff, dragon and pants stared at, and then a somewhat frazzled look aimed towards Sorrin when the weyrwoman appears around her dragon's side. "Ma'am," she greets, bending her knees in what might have been a curtsey, had she not been balancing on a root. The notion that her stitches are crooked earns a most unladylike snort and a small smile, hands settling on her hips. "With all due respect, ma'ams, my mother was a seamstress, so my stitches are a sight better than what most of the others can do." There's a hint of laughter there, perhaps for previous candidate attempts at sewing, or for Sorrin's shrug. "I'll take a look and fix 'em though, if you give them back." Her grin up at Yumeth is hopeful, even more so when Kezi appears and offers the gather pole comment. No! Not her pants! "Oh shards, boxers. Now that… that would be amusing." She gleefully entertains the thought for a moment, and then shrugs. "It's coming along with painful slowness. Note by note, almost. As for the clothes, well… it's better than washing dishes," she says evasively, having likely traded chores with at least one candidate.

At first, Yumeth seems as if she has no intentions of returning the errant pair of pants. She looks right at her rider, as if this were /her/ job to handle such things. After many long years, it's clear that Sorrin has learned to ignore such demands, or at least to only pay attention if they actually matter. With an easy-going, almost lackadaisical manner, Sorrin leans against one of the trees. "You'll have to excuse her, she thinks everything has to be perfect and forgets that the world isn't always sunshine and roses." Her expression is indulgant though, raising a hand towards the dragon. "Come on, give 'em here." The gold eyes her rider momentarily, and eventually hands over the pants, plus a little extra dragon spit that wasn't there before. "Oh, by the way, dear, your tail is in a mud puddle." The gold spins around to deal with this latest disaster.

Sorrin chuckles to herself and steps forward, offering the trousers back out to Esiae. "Sorry about that." She offers an easy smile to Keziah too, tipping her head. "And don't worry about the ma'ams 'n stuff around me. Except if you've got some coordinator or something keeping tabs on you. Haven't had a title in ages, and still don't need one." There is a pause, and then the Weyrwoman cocks her head slightly, "What's this about song writing?"

Keziah tips her head in greeting to Sorrin "Oh, I dunno, titles can be so much fun." the greenrider starts off by saying. "Perhaps we shall call you 'Oh Great Provider of the New Runner Blood.'" She smiles sweetly "It's got a certain ring to it. Or perhaps "Rider of the Dirty-Tailed Mighty Trouser Snatcher.'" She looks over towards Esiae "What do you think? And well, I think note by note is a good way to go about it, at least it's still happening and you're not jsut staring at it wonder what to do next. Which would be me. Not that I know the meaning of one note from another." Alosynth slips on over to examine Yumeth's tail, perhaps offering commentary on the state of the matter. It's hard to tell though from her soft rumbles.

[DTU/Project] Yumeth senses that Alosynth almost seems to purr, her voice like soft silken golden hairs, soft as a kittens fur. « Perhaps you should have her wash it for you? » Comes the suggestion and a mental image of Esiae.

[DTU/Project] Alosynth senses that Yumeth wisps through with faint hints of silver on the breeze and a smell like the sweet smoke of burning leaves, « Must tend to the clothes first. » It comes almost like a chirrup, quick and gone in an instant. « Then perhaps my tail. »

[DTU/Project] Yumeth senses that Alosynth's soft furred mind sways like seaweed in the current « I suppose that should be the way it should be. » Though there's a hint of disappointment in that.

Esiae has to grin for Sorrin's explaination as she steps off her tree root to the ground. "Ah, yes. I know the type well. My brother's dragon operates much in the same vein. It's a useful temperament to have, sometimes," she says, trying hard to agree and not offend the gold at the same time. Emphasis on trying, as another snort is ill-covered by a loud cough when the dragon whirls about to deal with a new travesty. "Don't worry about it, I'll just drop them back in the laundry after I fix those stitches. A little dragon spit's not going to hurt anything in my opinion, but I doubt the owner'd be too pleased," she says with a snicker, accepting the pants and draping them over the side of her basket. Brown eyes flick back to consider Sorrin for a long moment, and then there's a pleased nod, as though the title deferrment has raised the goldrider up a notch in her eyes. "Alright, if you say so." Kezi's experimental titles earn a quick laugh, the girl's head shaking a moment. "They sound suitably epic!" There's a moment of consideration for the greenrider's logic, head nodding as though Kezi may have a point before she explains, "There's… an egg on the sands that sort of… projects music into your head. Lots of songs, some of 'em so crazy and jumbled that you can't keep up. But there was this one in particular… sorta sounded like drums. I'm not sure if it was, but I'm trying to remember and capture it, maybe make it the start of a short song based around the theme, but it's not going well." She sighs the sigh of a blocked artist, head shaking in frustration. "But yeah, note by note is better than nothing at all. It's just weird to have it here-" a point to her head "-but not here." She pantomimes writing what must be notes on a bar scale.

Sorrin cups a hand next to her cheek, stage-whispering, "It's better than it used to be. As a Weyrling she was intolerable." Luckily, Yumeth is too busy addressing the issue of her tail, trying to shake the mud off of it, and leaning her large head over towards Alosynth as if the two were sharing some sort of commentary on the state of mud and tails. Keziah's comment has Sorrin smirking at first, and then laughing outright. "…Trouser Snatcher." Amusement dances in the older rider's eyes as a smile settles more readily there. "Well, better than ma'am, let me tell you. Shards that makes me feel old." Sorrin rubs at the back of her neck slightly. Like most riders, she doesn't look quite as old as her years, and she's quite thankful for that grace.

Still, she listens with some interest to the way the girl recounts her experience with one of the eggs, head tilted. "Seems like ages since I was first out there with Yumeth's egg. It was all wisps and indistinct shapes in smoke." Her eyes go unfocused for a moment, and then suddenly seem to snap back to reality. "Still remember it, though." As if picking up on her rider's thoughts, Yumeth turns and warbles a soft sing-songy sort of thing, like an overgrown firelizard humming along to harper song. "It's always hard to hold on to that feeling, though. At least until you find one that's yours, anyways." She looks to Keziah, as if inviting her to tell her own egg-to-dragon story.

"True, it's not like spit is acidic or anything like that. Now that would be a catastrophe." Keziah notes and then hehs at Esiae "Well it'd be werid for me to have music in my head just wanting to get out. Generally any music there is something someone's already written and I just can't get teh blasted tune outta my head and it just drives me crazy and well." There's a shrug and grin. Alosynth settles back and she eyes the clothing ot be mended with a touch of disdain and then snorts at it. KEziah can't help but smirk a little and then she blinks at Sorrin "Oh, well Alosynth's was more like strands of hair shipping at my mind and she sneered at me a couple of times, or well it seemed like it."

It's a little before noon on a nice early summer day, and out in the forest, a small group seems to have formed around a laundry basket. Alosynth and Yumeth seem deep in dragon-discussion about the existential meltdown surrounding mud and puddles, or something of the like. Nearby stand Esiae, Sorrin, and Keziah. Esiae claps one hand over her mouth to keep from giggling aloud, but her shoulders still quiver just that little bit, and there's no hiding the scrunch of her eyes at the imagining of Sorrin going through weyrlinghood with her dragon. "I can only imagine. However did you survive," she jokes when she finally tames her facial features, laughter dimmed down to an innocuous smile. "Anyways, it's just… propriety stuff. It's not until you run around waving a cane telling the weyrbrats to get offa you're ledge that you're actually old," is added, the girl acting out the stick-waving and all. "And shells, could you actually picture what'd happen if dragon spit /was/ acid? Some of them /drool/ on you." Our Esi obviously has an active imagination. Her jesting spirit dims down a bit though, enthusiasm morphing into interest when the riders recount their egg-touching experiences. "Shards, they're all different, aren't they? Smoke and whisps sound like they'd been intriguing, though… sneering…" She trails off, aiming a somewhat amused look at Keziah. "That seems like an interesting basis for a lifemate." There's a shrug though, 'cause after all, what does she know? Only what she's heard second-hand. "But yeah, you're right. I haven't been able to hold on to most of what it sounded like, so I've been making it up for the last sevenday or so with help from the musical composition journeyman here. Sometimes it sounds right. Other times, I end up scrapping a whole day's work. You're lucky, Miss Keziah. Having a catchy tune stuck in there would be so much more preferrable," she says with a scrunch-nosed smile.

Sorrin puts on a look of mock-exasperation, "Dreaming of the day I could go to the pub." The look breaks quickly enough as another smile finds her lips, "She mostly grew out of it, though. Thank the first egg." The gold shifts her wings, turning her attention from her tail back towards the humans. She does seem to keep twitching it, though, as if it were a constant source of annoyance. "She's just in a mood. One of the dragonhealers was rambling on about clutch sizes at breakfast today." The rumors had mostly died down lately, but after this pair's arrival, they had spread through the Weyr - wondering just why Thea had brought in a gold who has a history of tiny clutches.

Yumeth sticks her nose right up next to Sorrin, as if looking for comiseration for having to deal with such frustrating creatures, and the Weyrwoman scratches absently at an eyeridge. "At least music in your head isn't so bad. I've heard of worse things that happen because of eggs. People react really oddly to them, sometimes."

Taking the chance to enjoy the day /and/ enjoy some time without chores, Kinzie is taking a relaxing walk in the forest. Sipping at a cup of fresh juice and munching on a redfruit as she walks, hearing voices she stops tilting her head at the chatter as a few interesting comments catch her attention…… Dragon drool? acid? this seems an intriguing, though weird, conversation and she heads on over towards the group smiling happily. "Hello all" she says nodding her head towards riders, candidates and dragons in turn. Hearing the conversation of egg touchings her face seems to glaze over almost, as if she's trying hard to remember her own experiences, unable to grasp on to anything specific her brows furrow "It's difficult to make sense of it all, it's still all a jumble" Kizzy says eventually chuckling.

Keziah eyes Alosynth thoughfully who has settled back down "I suppose it works for her. She's not the most cuddly of dragons or anything." she notes thoughfully. Course, Kezi's not the most cuddly either? "Ahh well, just let her eat some of the critters here and she'll be popping them out like eggs through a hen and rising twice a Turn." Tongue in cheek? Mostly. She then eyes Esiae "No. Music stuck in your head is a pain in the butt when it's one song, over and over and over and over and well some days you just wish sound could disappear just as much as feeling while in Between." Kezi gives a nod to Kinzie "Well, when you think of it, they're still developing so it's not surprising it's such a jumble. Course, did ya know that even unborn babies dream? I was reading up on it through some of the Aivas files. So stands to reason we may touch upon a dragons dreams."

Esiae chuckles for Sorrin's falsely put-upon comment, expression impish. "Well, that's good news, at least. Rumor tells some of them become even more incorrigible with age. Makes me paranoid." That's almost an admittance there, the girl likely having recently hit the stage where candidacy is less a surprise and honor, and more of a reality. There is a head-tilt at the goldrider for the dragonhealer comment, however, clearly confused and out of the gossip chain. Keziah's response sheds a little light on the subject, but not much. "Pardon my asking, but is there something wrong, or…?" She trails off awkwardly, not sure if she should pry or not, and settles for letting the subject change instead. "Hah, yeah. My sister said her egg about froze her out. Left her teeth chattering for hours, even when they were on the sands. So there's worse, but yanno." Kezi's look is returned with an agreeing shrug. "Okay, that's true. Especially when you know like… the chorus of the song, and then that's it, and it just plays and plays in your head." There may have been more to say, but Kinzie's greeting is marked, and returned with a wave. "Hi, there!" The other candidate's remark about the eggs earns a little nod, Keziah's follow-up bringing some insight to the situation. "That… would actually be amazing. I had wondered if dragons had dreams, and if so, what they were like."

The arrival of a second candidate draws Yumeth's attention first, and by some passed-along comment, Sorrin's a moment later. The gold dragon lifts her head, regarding the juice-drinking arrival with a rumble that might be a greeting, or a threat. Alas, it's Keziah who ends up with the worst of the dragon-stares. The queen could be shooting lightning bolts at the greenrider for all the intensity of the glare she's getting. "Shh, love." Sorrin murmurs, reaching up to scratch just below the dragon's chin. Apparently the other rider hit a sore-spot for the gold.

At the very least, Esiae is polite about asking, which spares her getting part of the 'I'm imaginging you exploding' look from the irritated gold. "Bad storm blew up when Yumeth was young. Didn't judge the between well enough and she got knocked around pretty bad." Sorrin winces at the memory, and the guilt is clear in her voice. "She's never had big clutches. Dragonhealers have checked her out over and over again and nothing. No one's really sure why." With a rueful sort of smile, Sorrin shrugs her shoulders, "Think it's part of why Thea brought us in to Xanadu. Maybe figured the healers here would be able to help."

At least the discussion of dragon dreams and eggs isn't a sore subject for rider or dragon, and she latches onto that instead. "Well, the dragons are telepathic, so maybe some of the images and sounds come from being around their mother, or the other candidates who touch the eggs." It's a guess, and it does make some ense with all the random things that come out of the little unborn dragons. "Strangest one I saw made the entire sands smell as if someone ripped one. Hatched a brown. You can just imagine what his coloration looked like." She leaves it to the imagination.

With a look to Sorrin, Kinzie isn't sure what to make of the small egg clutch comment and decides after the mixed reaction from rider and dragon that it's one she is going to avoid, sipping her juice and watching the conversation intently for a moment… avoiding uncomfortable situations, Kizzy sepciality. Keziah's mention of dragon dreams makes Kinzie chuckle and she smiles thoughtfully at Keziah's statement "Dragon dreams huh?" she nods and looks over towards the dragons as if trying to make a decision "It makes sense, some of what I remember is jumbled and crazy… my dreams also tend to be jumbled and crazy" Kizzy chuckles and shrugs "They're still developing and learning even in the egg, it's amazing when you think about it" and then Sorrin's comment also makes her think and her nose shrivels at the image and the smell "Eesh that sounds… stomach turning" she says laughing softly.

Speaking of small clutches, here comes an only child! Or something. At any rate, Soriana is making her way through the forest. Inkfoot's tucked in his pouch - napping the day away, as only a tunnelcat can - but that doesn't mean Soriana can't go exploring and look for good opportunities for later. The first thing she sees of the crowd is a golden bulk through the trees, and she picks up her pace to head toward what turns out to be rather a group of dragons, riders, and candidates. There's a moments' pause as she takes it in, but hey. She's at least met most of these, and there's nobody under the age of ten. It's fine. She darts in and slips up along Yumeth's side to join her mother, waving to the others with a smile.

Keziah eyes the gold staring at her, there's a glance at Alosynth and then Kezi snorts "What? I just meant that something hear seems to be doing wonders, just look at Eastern. Their gold hadn't risen in Turns and then twice so soon after each other and even Seryth popped out a clutch quick in succession to each other. I know they were looking into the critters and such, we've some experimental herds after all. Dunno if anything ever came of it." she then eye narrows at the gold "Course, if you get touchy, it'll be harder for the dragonhealers to work with you." THen Sorrin mentions the brown egg and she wrinkles her nose. "Lovely" She nods a little to Kinz "Well if I remember right, I think they said the head develops quicker, much like other embryo's so you would certainly have activity going on and they'd likely not have a chance to learn yet on how to shield it, but also they wouldn't have the projection capabilities yet. At least not for most. A glance for Essi, though no more mention of evil tunes in the head, "I dunno, perhaps much of what we experience with a touching." ANd then there's a Soriana and Kezi smiles brightly at the girl "And how is our resident mustelid caretaker?" she asks with a smile.

Esiae grows a little uneasy when that look is aimed at Keziah, but she focuses her attention on Sorrin when she speaks. The girl's face softens a bit with concern, looking up at Yumeth for a quick moment before returning her gaze to the weyrwoman. "That's awful, I'm so sorry. If there's something that can be done, I certainly hope they discover it." That's sincere at least, even if Esi isn't quite sure how to follow it up. Anything else seems like it would be rude, or perhaps unwelcome, so she too follows the flow of subject into dragon babies and their dreams. "So many possibilities. You're right, Kinzie, it really is amazing. I don't— can't even imagine what it'd be like to have so many different minds pressed upon mine so early." The idea of the brown egg elicits a laugh though, sharp and amused. "Oh shards, I don't even want to picture that dragon. He's surely, uh, very popular…" She trails off with a nasal snicker, eyes glancing off to the side when Soriana arrives. "Hey there! How'd the little fellow deal with all those kidlets a while back?" She hadn't seen Soriana since then, so hopefully it makes sense to ask!

Luckily for everyone involved, there is one person who Yumeth has a soft spot for, and that happens to be her rider's daughter. The moment the girl appears on the scene, the gold calms and lowers her head, tucking in close and crooning softly as if Soriana were one of her own hatchlings and she's greeting them warmly. The flip in attitude is like night and day, and Sorrin can't keep from rolling her eyes at her dragon, even as she throws one arm around her daughter and draws her into a hug. "Hey sweetheart." She offers affectionately, "What's got you out here? Thought you'd be off causing trouble for the aunties or something." She muses. Strict mother - Sorrin is not. There is a somewhat pleased look on her face that so many seem to be on friendly terms with her daughter. It sets her mind at ease about the move.

With her dragon calmer now, the Weyrwoman just shakes her head. "Nothing to be sorry about. Just a word to the wise for you candidates. If you impress, make sure you heed the betweening lessons and practice. Have a safespot to go to if you get paniced." Her eyes find Esiae, and then Kinzie, and after that she's done with her 'words of wisdom' for the moment. "I wouldn't worry too much about the eggs, though. The mother dragon usually keeps a good watch on them, and you guys don't get to harass them all the time. It helps, though. The old records say hatchings used to be dangerous before they let candidates out with the eggs."

Realising the talk of dragon eggs has distracted her from the new arrival, Kinzie turns to look apologetically at Soriana "Hi there, I hope Inkfoots recovered from all the attention from the little un's? I hope they're not still pestering you both?" though Kizzy's look is also checking Soriana's recovered from the overwhelming weyrbrat experience "Every service I seem to be surrounded by them playing their new favourite, tunnelcat and tunnelsnake, game" she rolls her eyes and sighs jokingly. Her attention returns back to Keziah for a moment and she nods "They say baby's can here voices and recognize sounds while in the womb, it's not suprising that dragon's are the same but they must feel bombarded by all those candidates" she now actually seems worried that her previously mentioned jumbled dreams may have caused the little dragonets to be confused "I suppose it gives them an early chance to get used to human interaction" she says looking somewhat better after Sorrin's reply.

Eggs, huh? A rather unsurprising topic of conversation, what with a clutch on the sands. Soriana grins brightly to her mother's dragon, and then leans in to Sorrin's hug and puts her own arm around her mother to give a warm squeeze. "Hi, mom! Hi, Yumeth." She stretches out her fingers to brush against the gold-dragon, and listens in curiously. At Kezi's greeting to her, she laughs somewhat abashedly and tucks her head down a moment against her mother's side. Resident mustelid caretaker, huh? Well… she supposes she is, at that. Hey… maybe she'll even become a mustelid beastcrafter. If Jeniosa can have her felines, why not? So she grins, lifting her head back up again. "'m good," she says, and then looks over to Esiae and Kinzie… yeah, that. Speaking of being the resident mustelid caretaker… "He's their new best friend," she declares in a somewhat put-upon tone. Tunnelcat girl, indeed! More of those kids know Inkfoot's name than hers! "But… he did seem to have fun. Hadta give him a bath, though. So sticky!" How do kids manage to get so sticky - okay, yes, in this case, she knows how. She saw how. Inkfoot ran around in how. She shakes her head to Kinzie, and sighs. "Been avoidin' them, mostly." As, for instance, being out in the woods!

Soriana glances back to her mother again. "I figured I'd see about some hunting for Inkfoot, or… Sola said she was gonna show me about herbs, so I wanted to see what I could find." Or something. Really, it's all about being out and about… not an unusual thing for the girl by any means, and there's plenty new to explore in this new place.

Esiae marks that change in Yumeth's attitude when Soriana arrives, and smiles, a genuine little facial expression before serious eyes shift over to Sorrin. "Perhaps not, but I am just the same. And… I will definitely endeavor to keep that in mind, if it happens." She looks rather doubtful, however, about the whole ordeal, eyes going distant while she chews on her lower lip. It's only Kinzie's mention of the new tunnelsnake vs. tunnelcat game that brings her back to the surface with a little laugh. "Yeah, the twins fight over who gets to be Inkfoot. It's really kind of cute." Her head shakes fondly. "Ah well. They'll release you from the spotlight soon enough, and then you'll be free to come and go as you please without being swarmed," Esi adds with a giggle. She can only imagine how sticky the ferret had ended up after the fruit fiasco. There is a nod towards Sorrin though, recognition flickering in the candidate's eyes. "I remember hearing that in one of our lessons. Fascinating." A nod is aimed at Kinzie - she had just been worrying about the same thing - but the good that comes from the touchings obviously equals out with the potential bad, and that's a relief to her too.

Yumeth rumbles warmly as her eyes half-lid, seeming to find contentment even after her previous raging. Even the mud on her tail is all but forgotten for the time being, surely to be remembered later with a vengence. Keziah's earlier mistake of words is forgotten, though. Dragons don't tend to dwell on things much - well, at least not this dragon anyways.

Sorrin listens in, raising her brows slightly as a smirk plays on her lips, hearing all about her daughter's exploits. "Glad you're making friends." She murmurs in a quieter voice. "If nothing else, maybe it'll raise some interest and knowledge about tunnelcats somewhere other than the beastcraft." That's the journeyman in her speaking, not the rider or mother. "Just don't wander into the ruins, okay?" There's the maternal part - Sorrin has heard some worrying stories about the ruins, and she's bound to be at least a little protective.

Relaxing against the nearby tree again, Sorrin draws one leg up slightly, observing the two candidates. "It's kind of two-fold. It gets you candidates used to the eggs and the creatures within them while they're getting used to you. I mean, I've seen impressions in a matter of a minute or two, where that didn't happen in the old days."

Toying with a loose strand of string at the arm of her riding jacket, the Weyrwoman thinks back to her own days bearing a white knot. "There was this story they used to tell, too. About how if a hatchling didn't find someone they would just blink between and be lost. That's why we bring in so many of you. Usually by the time the eggs hatch, they already know who they're looking for. They just need to find you." She smiles warmly at the thought, although it's really just a guess. She's no dragonhealer.

Kinzie turns back to Soriana and nods at the talk of stickyness "Yeh took me ages to persuade them to get washed too, but telling them Inkfoot loves to bathe really worked and they just took to swimming round in circles making *dook* noises" she chuckles at the thought, looks like her ordeal with the weyrbrats hasn't scarred her from children for life at least "If anything they seem to be focused enough to not be pestering the Aunties anymore so it was a win win" she grins and shrugs "Speaking of which I'd better be making my way back to the caverns it'll be service time soon so I'll need to be there before i'm missed" and by missed she means moaned about continuously until she gets there. Sorrins comment gains a smile but she is saddened by the idea of the young dragons going between "I think it's worth a few candidates left standing than hatchlings ending up between" she says thoughtfully before she heads to leave with a wave to candidates, riders and dragons she smiles happily, finishing off what remains of her juice and redfruit as she walks out towards the clearing.

Soriana nods hopefully to Esiae at the prospect of being forgotten. "Soon's something new comes along, I guess?" This girl is no spotlight-seeker, that's for sure! She hehs as Kinzie recounts the bath. "Well, it's true enough… but I'm glad it worked." As for making friends… "Suppose I am." That does bring a smile to her face, and she nods to the next part. "I've been reading some of the files on tunnelcats, lately. They're neat." Around the computers is /also/ a place to hide from the youngsters, so long as she avoids the times they come in for lessons. The mention of ruins has… maybe the opposite reaction from what's intended. That sounds all interesting-like, and she perks up visibly. Still, she's not outright rebellious, and so what she says is, "I won't go in the ruins unless I'm with someone more experienced." That should hopefully be enough to placate maternal worry while still giving her a chance to explore! She grins, and then waves to the departing Kinzie before looking back to her mother.

As Sorrin relaxes back against the tree, and Kinzie returns to the weyr, Esiae seems to remember her earlier purpose. Scrambling back onto her root, the girl takes up her needle again, picking up the skirt whose hem she had been fixing. Her ears are still perked for conversation, though, and occasionally her eyes leave the relatively neat row of stitches to flick up to the others. "Mm, I suppose that /is/ true. I've never had to… share my mind like that before. Have something else in there besides just me," she says, the realization more or less dawning on her. "How does it feel when that's… constant?" Again her gaze flickers, this time between Sorrin and Yumeth. "Is it easy to tune in and out, or are you just… meshed, always?" Innate curiosity has finally won out over politeness, but she remembers herself eventually, and closes her mouth against further questions. "Er, sorry." Clearing her throat, Esi flashes a grin over at Soriana. "Yeah, probably. The eggs'll hatch and they'll be dragons and riders, if nothing else earthshattering happens before that," she says with a laugh. "One time at Ista, we had traders visit, and the children all tried to imitate their tricks and stunts afterwards. That didn't go well." Esi perks for the mention of ruins as well, though Sorrin's tone of voice is a little deflating. "My foster mom said to stay away from there, too…" Sigh. Parents, so not fun! Ahem. "Anyways, yeah. Gotta agree that if it keeps the hatchlings from going between, something must be going right." There's a shudder for the idea.

Unlike many parents on Pern who somewhat expect their children to follow in their footsteps somehow, Sorrin has no such expectations when it comes to her daughter. She smiles softly, nodding her head, "Lots of good information about all sorts of things in the computers. Wish I had more time to read into it, myself. A Weyrwoman's job is never done. Kinda forgot that before I came here." She smirks slightly, and shrugs her shoulders, likely avoiding whatever her currently assigned daily duties are. She has the luxury of passing off a moment of laziness as 'checking on the candidates' or some other nonsense.

She does pause to consider Esiae's question, though, brown eyes looking to her dragon, who has most of her lids closed and seems to be ignoring the humans for some other, probably draconic, conversation. "She's always there in the background, but it's a comforting feeling. You know you'll never be alone and someone will always be there that cares." Breaking from that reverie, the Weyrwoman glances first at her daughter, and then at Esiae. "It has it's ups and downs, though. Hardest times for a rider on a female is just before they go proddy. It starts seeping into you and it's like someone took PMS and turned it up a few notches." She winces inwardly, knowing that she's no saint during those times. "Sometimes makes me wish she was just a really big brown." Yumeth huffs, sending a burst of dragonbreath at the three of them in response.

With a smile, Sorrin just shrugs. "If there's a lifemate out there for you, you'll see. It's not scary, really, not like it sounds. It'll… be a moment that changes your life." And that is about as much as she can manage in explination for the poor candidate's question.

That's when Soriana gets her mother's eye again, and the older woman raises her eyebrow, obviously picking her battles. "As long as someone goes with you and they have a firelizard." She bargains back. "Just incase something happens."

Oh, yes. Start with one thing on the computers, and before you know it, you're off on something else having been through ten fascinating topics along the way! Soriana has flitted around subjects like that, and for all she's of an age to apprentice - really, getting on toward a bit late according to some - she still hasn't settled herself down. "Yeah, there is," she agrees with a smile, before tilting her head at the mention of Weyrwoman tasks. "There's always a lot going on, here. Even more than Ierne." And, well, guess who's supposed to keep an eye on all of it? That's right, Sorrin and the other weyrwomen! At least she's "only" a junior. Soriana nods to Esiae, and then gets a look of terror as a thought strikes her. "They're not going to start demanding I be a dragon and give them rides, are they?" she asks the candidate. Brr! She's grateful to try and avoid that thought and listen in to the discussion of draconic presence instead, smiling at her mother's glance to her, and then giggling at the mention of Yumeth as a brown. "You'd still be pretty," she tells the gold. "But you're prettiest like this." She reaches out to scratch behind one of Yumeth's eyeridges. At her mother's response about the ruins, she nods. Seems reasonable enough, though she does add, "Or a dragon. Okay." …hmm. Maybe she should try and find a fire lizard for herself. It would make some things simpler! Though it might also mean her mother could get Yumeth to spy on her expeditions, whiiiiich might not always be ideal. Mothers do worry so, and over the silliest things!

Esiae takes that all in, expression of the open and thoughtful variety as the words are considered. Then she nods, formulating an answer before she replies. "That… makes sense. I still feel like I don't completely understand it, and I guess that people that haven't or don't impress dragons ever will, but… I'll try not to think of it as scary when hatching day comes," she jokes, because in reality, there is comfort to find in the goldrider's words. Indeed, the candidate looks a little more relaxed, even when Sorrin speaks of proddiness. "Though shards, not sure I'd even want to impress a female. I can barely stand myself at that time of the month /now/. Least there's a bigger interval between dragon risings." Though it probably goes by faster than one thinks. "Thanks, though. I have a million questions, and with my dragonriding siblings so busy and so far away, it really narrows the options of who I can ask." She does seem grateful, if not a little shy for saying that, ducking down to focus on her sewing for another minute before peeking up at Soriana. "Hah! I hope not. If they try, shake 'em off and /run/," she teases with a small laugh. "Mostly likely though, they'll just eat rocks and try to breathe fire." Erp! Hopefully she's teasing about that, too. "At any rate, if you end up going, let me know, yeah? Worst comes to worst, I'll have my foster fam send firelizards along." In true Zazu style, most likely. "I keep asking to go, but the rest of them are all adventure'd out. Lame," she adds with a small smile and a roll of her eyes as her needle is finally stowed back into a case that's been hiding in the basket, and the folded and completed clothes carefully lowered in after it, the girl visibly preparing to head back to the weyr even if she hasn't said it yet.

Yumeth seems placated by the idea that even as a brown, she would be pretty. Of course, she isn't a brown, and the gold flexes her wings, lifting herself to her feet and giving a little warble that must have some accompanying thought, because Sorrin sighs to herself as if she's just been given a summons. "Alright." Pushing herself up from her tree, the Weyrwoman gives a smile to her daughter. "Speaking of all that work, I've got to go oversee firestone drills. Think you can keep to a minimal amount of trouble until dinner?" There is a teasing, playful tone to her voice as she reaches out to give her daughter another of those one-armed hugs.

Then, she's looking at Esiae. "Well, save up the questions. Sick them on one of the poor Weyrlingmasters, that's what they're here for. Maybe that cute one with the braid." Sorrin: Cougar. Well, at the very least she isn't actively going after anyone at the moment, but she can look! With a wink, the goldrider tugs her jacket up, and looks towards the sound of crunching footsteps, noting that all that's left of her dragon is a muddy tail disappearing into the trees. "That's my que to get out of here." With one last wave, she's off jogging in the wake of her dragon.

"Yeah, I'll -" starts Soriana, and then she stops. Eating rocks? Okay. That's it. Kids are just plain crazy. She shakes her head, left without retort. Ruins. Yes. Those are a much safer prospect. They have things like collapsing walls, and tunnelsnakes, and maybe rubble-covered floors holding spiky pits and wild felines and rogue wherbeasts and ancient flamethrowers with rusted safeties. Much safer prospects than (shudder!) children. She gives herself a shake and then nods to Esiae. "I'll let you know!" she says with a grin, and then looks over at her mother and hugs her back. "Oh, I suppoooooose I could save all the trouble-making until afterwards," she replies in that same teasing sort of tone, and grins wide before letting her mother go to run off to yet more of those busy-making tasks. Still, her mother does seem to be enjoying this chaotic life at the weyr… and, truth be told… so is she.

Esiae hesitates a moment, and then nods. "Okay, I'll… try. I feel like I'd be bothering them sometimes, considering they have a lot to prepare for in what has to be a short time now, but… Can't hurt to snag one of them during dinner or something," she says with the absent air of one trying to plan it out in her head. Then that 'cute one' comment catches up to her, and she flickers an amused look at Sorrin for her wink. Being young and maybe just starting to hit that phase, it always manages to surprise her when supposed grown-ups make such comments. "Hmm, perhaps. He was awful nice when he searched me. I'll be sure to tell him you send your regards," she says in a jesting tone, clearly not meaning it. Hefting her laundry basket up to rest on one hip, she waves the goldrider off with a, "See you 'round, maybe." For Soriana, there's an amused look for that halted sentence. Sensing the reason, Esi nods. "Yep. Kids is crazy," she says with a dramatic lack of grammar, twirling one finger next to her head in the classic kuckoo gensture. That aside, she seems excited for the idea of an adventure. "Please do! I haven't actually explored somwhere since-" She halts mid-sentence, inhales, and chances what she was saying. "—Well, for a very long time." The mending is then jiggled, and before she can say more, or be questioned, she adds, "Anyways, I'd better be off. I hate the lunchtime crowd, so I'm gonna nip in there early and then turn in the mending for whoever has that as their afternoon chore. Feel free to join me, if you wish," she offers with a shrug of one shoulder. Either way, the candidate's gonna get while the getting's good, determined not to have to fight for the biggest sweetroll or the good pieces of meat today, if her brisk walk weyrwards is anything to judge by.

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