Attack on Hannista

[Dragon/Xanadu] Kilaueth rumbles, a lava flow of angry reds and oranges coursing through her mind as she touches the dragons of the Weyr. « We must take action against Hannista. We must go there. Mine will have us meet in the Clearing. You must come, and bring those who can help. »


Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

Its a very agitated Kilaueth that is settled in the Xanadu clearing, the gold's wings spread wide, swinging her head back and forth as she is standing guard in front of the infirmary. From the looks of it, however, Niva is not much happier as she comes storming out of the infirmary, letting Kilaueth pass the word mentally, though the news is echoed with a loud trumpet. And so, the Weyrwoman takes to pacing, constantly looking to the skies.

There's a loud warble as a blue wings down from the sky, bugling loudly in excitement. «We're going to make new friends, isn't it /fantastic/! I can't wait to go, I'm sure they'll be positively thrilled to meet us.» There's a quiet groan as Dalasith lands in the bowl long enough to let his rider off, "Dal…we're not going to make friends…" «But why not? Surely they'll love to make new friends.» Silly blue.

Shellie comes running from the forest, followed by a very agitated Rieselth. She's wearing her riding gear, but has obviously been putting it on at a run.

X'hil comes from the meadow as fast as he can with Kinseth's straps, looking rather annoyed. He stops and stands outside of the hatching arena, hands on hips, until Kinseth emerges. "You /can't/ pass on a message like that and /not/ come!" he mutters at the reluctant bronze, throwing the straps over the dragon's neck as soon as he's able.

Midnight wings shadow over the clearing, as the blue known as Kieranth moves from the meadows and to where the calling gold has situated herself. Backwinging deftly for one so small, it's only then that the form of M'iri can be seen from her dragon's back. To counterpoint Kilaueth's aggitation, Kieranth brims with a morbid excitement, crooning a greeting to the gold that skims just below mocking. Sliding from Kieranth's back, M'iri looks a bit more tense, raising a brow to Niva even as she gives a respectful salute. "So… we end this now?" She mumbles as she walks closer, just loud enough for those nearby to hear her.

Shellie is grumbling as she pulls on her jacket. "Shard it. I just get settled down to a pleasant night at home with Mari, and then this." She goes over, and salutes to Niva and X'hil, still unhappy. "So, we're moving on them then?

There's another loud trumpet as the dragons begin to settle in the clearing, a loud rumble at Kinseth that practically orders the bronze from the hatching Sands, wings still wide as her head swings back and forth. As the riders draw near, Niva's moving to climb up on the gold's forearm, to give herself a perch, lifting her voice, the volume barely hiding the anger that is present. "You may or may not be aware, but we have Rubicon refugees amongst us, after an unprovoked attack by the Hannistans. The eldest of the young men has passed away, and I will not stand for murders. Lord Hannista has refused to attend Conclave, and I will also not stand for that." She looks at each of the gathered riders in turn, judging their reaction.

Kinseth lumbers out, clearly reluctant to leave his eggs, but he can't ignore the combined efforts of his rider and Kilaueth. "It's not like they won't be guarded, Kinseth." X'hil mutters, as he makes quick work of the bronze's straps. And then Niva's talking, and the man lifts his head to listen, /scowling/ at the mention of the attack, his expression only darkening as he hears of the young man's passing. Kinseth seems much less reluctant after the Weyrwoman's speech, even nudging X'hil to buckle /faster/.

Shellie clenches her jaw, as Rieselth bugles in response, the green's eyes red with anger. "I swore an oath to do no harm. But I cannot stand by and watch as a petty holder styles himself the next Fax. I fly with Xanadu, against Hannistan."

After a moment or so of A'di trying to imply just how serious the situation was, Dalasith finally settles down, if even grudgingly. Contented that Dalasith wouldn't make them look silly in front of the gathered dragons, A'di turns his own gaze towards the weyrwoman, a hand idly reaching up to scritch at the blue's eyeridge as an added precaution. "We'll help as well, Weyrwoman. This is my home, it's the least I can do." If even his dragon is a little on the naive side.

M'iri steps back a little as more riders arrive to the call, keeping herself to the sidelines, to where she feels more comfortable. This, though, doesn't stop her from hearing Niva's declaration against Hannista, causing the bluerider to look grim. She nods in unconcious agreement to Niva's words, looking about herself, to note others who are reacting, to see the over all concensus of Xanadu… Kieranth rumbles his own agreement, but any that know him know it isn't for Rubicon's benefit.

Kilaueth's mind touches each of those gathered, before the gold finally settles, the contact of her lifemate slowly calming her, albeit not completely. Faceted eyes still contain the dangerous tones of red and orange, wings still poised for a hurried downsweep. "We will do no harm, Healer.." Niva lifts her voice in Shellie's direction, shaking her head. "We will, however, ensure that he will attend Conclave. I want his wife. His daughters. His mistresses, his cooks. I want them here. We'll lodge them in the old Weyrs, if we have to, so they can't be taken back. If he needs them, I want them." The Weyrwoman's voice is stern, gaze sweeping to ensure that her directions are clear.

Shellie nods, as she mounts Rieselth, pulling on her helmet, and tucking her hair up beneath it. "Then let's go. We bring them here, force the murdering cur out to face justice for his actions.

X'hil glances up at Kinseth briefly, then grimaces. Do no harm. "Understood!" he calls out in response, albeit reluctantly, before ducking under Kinseth's neck to make sure everything's all nice and tightly fastened. He's eager to /do/ something, but checking over the straps at least keeps his hands busy. He can't do just a /little/ harm? Not to the women, but what if a hold guard gets in his way? Kinseth rumbles, and X'hil looks a little sheepish, then mounts up. "Do no harm." he repeats to himself, in a firm tone. Because violence would make him no better than /them/.

M'iri hrms softly at Niva's words, even as Kieranth reflects a little disappointment. "As long as those who we take don't suffer… it's not by their choice that their Lord is.." The first is started loudly, to be heard, though she mumbles off to the end of it, "… intent on dictatorship." She folds her arms tighter, waiting for the Weyrwoman's response before she makes any move to Kieranth, even as the midnight blue shuffles closer to her, ready to move, himself. "Let's hope he cares enough to make face for those stolen from him." She moves then, grabbing onto the straps of Kieranth, looking back over her should to Niva, waiting on her.

"We will hurt no one, Wingleader. Nor will we punish them for their Lord's deeds." Niva says firmly, hoping her words will settle the Nebula wingleader's fears, even as with a sweeping motion of her arm, and a barked 'Mount up!' she following her own directions, settling amongst Kilaueth's ridges. With merely a glance to ensure that the others are following suit, the gold is pushing off the ground, trumpeting loudly as she clears the trees, hovering a safe distance up for the rest of the makeshift wing.

Rieselth follows closely after Kil, Shellie still buckling her straps even as the green rises. Quickly, she moves into formation, hovering quietly

Kinseth rumbles deeply as Kilaueth gives the order to mount up, his impatient rider already buckled in snugly. He takes a moment to make sure the space immediately above is clear before launching up and falling into formation automatically, behind Kilaueth.

"Just remember, we're not there to make friends, and listen for once. Dalasith rumbles quietly to his bonded as A'di launches himself on the blue's back, his eyes watching the others take off. Soon Dalasith is launching himself into the air, following the others to their destination

At Niva's command, M'iri grabs onto Kieranth's straps, swinging herself onto the tiny blue with little effort, Turns of experience showing in her movement. As she straps herself in, Kieranth gives a roar of challange, crunching his back muscles together in the push upwards to join the other riders, midnight wings making the vital down stroke as he lifts to the sky.

Kilaueth waits for the last of the wing to join her in the air, before she's turning on her wingtip and setting a hurried pace to the east, and Hannista Hold.

Hannista Hold - Courtyard

A sprawling courtyard stretches out, each black stone perfectly cut, each black stone perfectly laid, to ensure that no growth is appearing between them, threatening to uproot the smooth pavement. A low rock wall surrounds the courtyard, and against it, large flower boxes sit, holding everything from small blossoming plants to large fruit trees - carefully maintained. The hold sits rather impressive - white stone against the dark flagstones of the courtyard.

Evening finds Hannista Hold a bit quieter than it might be earlier in the day. The open courtyard is relatively empty though there are more than a few of the hold's residents lingering in the pleasant weather be they in clustered into small groups to chat or simply passing through. Everything is just as it should be.

[Dragon] Kilaueth has manages to contain the lava flow of her mind to a certain extent, however the magma still burns brightly as they near the outlying areas of Hannista. « We will land, and we will begin to gather them up. If they run, let them run, mine says. »

Kilaueth has set a tough pace, and still continues to fly quickly, Niva taking note of those outlying holdings on their way, be as they may be well inside of Hannista's own borders. And so, as they approach the hold, Kilaueth backwings to hover, allowing the smaller dragons to land first, Niva motioning them on, even as Kilaueth passes the message silently.

Rieselth is the first to backwing and land in the courtyard, the green bellowing excitedly. Shellie quickly releases her straps, and slides down the side of the green, pulling off her riding cap.

Crossing the courtyard at the moment the dragons appear in the sky, Aeryn pauses to shade her eyes and scan the sky. "Who could be…?" She doesn't finish her self-addressed question becasue at that moment a green dragon heads for the courtyard's center. And she's in the way. Lifting her skirt, she scurries to press her back to the wall and watch with a bit of mystification. She finds herself among a gaggle of excited folk, a-buzz with questions. She just shakes her head in answer, "No, not expecting visitors."

Kieranth follows diligently after Xanadu's lead gold, straining himself just a bit to keep pace with the larger beast as she pushes them at her own speed. As the news of how things will be handled is passed from Kilaueth, Kieranth passes it on to his rider, causing Kieranth to clip his wings together for a second in a semi-dive to the courtyard, before he opens his wings and lands near Rieselth, but unlike the green, he remains quiet… possibly at M'iri's request. The Wingleader remains in her straps for the moment, observing the courtyards reaction, Kieranth's wings still spread wide to look intimidating.

Kinseth isn't nearly so considerate as Kilaueth, practically barging on down in his haste to be /first/, or near enough to it. X'hil is being very quiet, eyes half glazed over as he communes with his bronze, and the dragon hesitates just briefly, overshooting the courtyard just a little on his first pass and turning on a wing to come back in and land properly. The man dismounts as quickly as he can, sliding down to the ground and looking around to get his bearings.

The only thing possibly from keeping Dalasith from slacking off is the stern look he gets from his rider, the teen's eyes serious as they consider the blue under his body. Dalasith does warble a greeting at all the people, of course he's at least going to say hi! The blue dragon backwings to the ground easily landing near the others. At least he is in a good mood.

Kilaueth waits, spiraling and circling, the gold and her rider taking the extra time aloft to locate those on the outskirts, only moving once the others have settled. And then, rather than backwinging in the main courtyard, Kilaueth settling herself in the kitchen courtyard, dropping her muzzle to block the door, even as Niva's rising in her straps to regard those, lifting her voice, and allowing her lifemate to carry her words to the other riders, to allow them to repeat them in turn. "Hannista's Lord Holder has allowed one of the most serious of crimes to occur. To ensure his cooperation, you *will* be returning to Xanadu with us." She says firmly, gaze lingering on a pair of young women hiding near the courtyard wall. "We will not hurt you, but Xanadu Weyr will not support murderers."

As dragons make themselves know and come in to land people scatter making room and getting out of the way. But still nothing seems to be amiss. Some give a scowl, some wave, each man, woman and child in the area giving their own variation on reaction to the presence of the riders. As the Weyrwoman speaks and the message is repeated however, heads turn.

A young woman with two toddlers at her side remains frozen near the entrance to the hall, the woman hiding the pigtailed girls faces in her skirts, holding them close. Its a frightened look that she gives the riders, looking to those closest, pulling her children closer as the words are passed amongst those Holders there.

Shellie sighs, and goes over to the young woman with the children, and kneels before them. "It's all right. We're not hear to hurt anyone." Turning to Niva, she raises an eyebrow questioningly, as though asking whether to take the small family.

[Dragon] Kilaueth rumbles, touching the minds of each dragon, passing messages for her rider, as to not further frighten the holders. « We take the women and children. Those men who wish to come may. We must find *his* family though. »

"Just who do they think they are," a dark haired girl in her early teens mutters to the girl beside her as she rises to her feet from her place near the wall. Its a rhetorical question really. No, no visitors expected and those who go unannounced are frowned upon indeed. At least by this one who shoots a hard stare back at the goldrider for her words. "Hannista's Lord Holder has done no such thing," the girl states firmly, of course be it true or not might be another question all together.

Aeryn, turns her head as Kilaueth lands. One can't help but do so - it's a treat rarely enjoyed. As Niva speaks and the crowd hushes, her expression of awe and joy turn tone of shock as the blood drains from her face. Through white lips, she whispers to the woman standing next to her, "We'll just see about this!" And she edges around the corner she's standing by, grasps her skirt, lifting it high and begins to run as fast as she can for the guards hut. Though just what she thinks they can do is uncertain. She is running fast and she has a look of determination on her face.

X'hil repeats Niva's message boldly, then heads for the entrance to the hall, frowning a little as he notices how /frightened/ the woman looks, and hesitating, glancing back to his dragon for reassurance. Kinseth just /sits/ there. X'hil turns away from the bronze, and takes a deep breath, heading for one of the girls around the edge, that dark-haired teen. "I'm not going to hurt you, but you'll have to come with me." he orders, trying to be as commanding as he possibly can.

M'iri waits a few minutes longer as Kilaueth lands, and Niva announces to the courtyard their intentions before she unstraps herself from Kieranth, slipping down his shoulder and placing her feet on the bricked courtyard. The voice of the dark haired girl is heard by M'iri, and she snorts softly at the statement she makes. "Just because you turn a blind eye to what your Lord Holder has done, doesn't mean the rest of us shall continue to do so." As X'hil handles the girl in question, M'iri turns to another woman with a small child, repeating the Weyrsecond's reassuring words even as she tries to calm them. "You'll be fine, we won't harm you…" Kieranth on the other hand growls at the woman making for the guard tower, flairing his wings higher in an attempt to scare her back from doing any such thing.

The young woman continues to hold the children close, nervously watching the greenrider as she approaches, the littler of the girls starting to cry, until she's scooped up in her mother's arms. Trying to shush her and not draw more attention to them, its only when Shellie's healer knot is spotted that she beings to relax. "We… We ain't done nothing.." She whispers.

M'iri slides gracefully down the side and forearm of Kieranth, landing on the ground below as they dismount.

Niva hesitates upon Kilaueth's back, watching the progress, before she's slipping down to the ground, and the gold's tail is moving to keep the two young women near the wall right where they are. However, between the large eye of the gold and the nasty glare from Niva, it can be assumed that they aren't likely to go far. Finally getting the golden muzzle out of the way, the Weyrwoman disappears into the kitchen, the result a short while later being a great deal of shouting and yelling - by a variety of voices.

A'di slips from Dalasith's side, fixing the blue with one last look as he moves to walk towards the courtyard, stuffing his hands into his pockets. Dalasith warbles happily to all the children, his tail twitching behind him as he watches the happenings. "The sooner you come with us, the sooner it'll be over. We're not going to hurt you, but we're also not going to stand for what's been done." He pauses a moment, canting his head towards Dalasith. "Right…women and children." his eyes turn forward, seeking out a few people before starting forward towards a small group. "Right, you're lucky, Dalasith wants to be friends with you. Don't you want to be friends with a dragon? See, it won't be so bad, just a quick flight and it'll be over with." A'di smiles warmly, nodding over towards the blue dragon.

Shellie shakes her head to the young mother. "No, you haven't done anything. But you need to come with us to the weyr. We're not going to hurt you, and you're going to be treated well."

Aeryn already looks frightened, and Kieranth's movement deepens her terrified expression but she continues running full-tilt, swerving around the green, wing-flapping dragon. "Harpers say they -don't- hurt folks, harpers say-" She's reassuring herself breathlessly. She's not paying heed to any voices calling her back or trying to argue innocence. The hut is in sight…

X'hil raises an eyebrow at Kieranth's growl, and blinks at the young woman making a break for the guard tower. "Oy! You there, stop!" he shouts at Aeryn, then glances to the girl he was heading towards. Noting Kilaueth's tail pinning the other girl by the wall, he takes off at a run for Aeryn, at full pelt. Kinseth helps, flicking his tail in the girl's path, either tripping her up or adding precious time for his rider to catch up.

The young woman continues to stare at Shellie, taking her words slowly, though Kieranth is the one that gets the most nervous look. The child still clinging to her skirts, however, suddenly becomes unfrozen running and launching herself into the Healer's arms. "Ehryca!" The woman cries out, in a panic, clutching more tightly to the other girl, slowly creeping away from the safety of the wall, to try and lure her other daughter back to her side.

Izellah huffs, letting out a puff of air though her nose in a quiet snort. Rather unlady-like given her attire. "You leave her alone!" she shouts after the bronzerider when he takes off after Aeryn, the goldrider have disappeared indoors leaves him the next logical target for her words. "No one is going anywhere!" As if she should have any say in the matter at all.

M'iri is trying her best to calm the mother and child she's got, furrowing her brows in a bit of distress at the terrified looks they're all giving her. "The Weyr will take care of you, and when the Lord answers for his crimes, you can come back here… or stay at the Weyr, whichever you choose! Just… please, come with us. She steps closer, trying to curl a hand around the womans arm and direct her without scaring her young child too much. Kieranth on the other hand, seeing Kinseth trying to stop the woman headed to the hut, takes matters into his own hands. Being smaller then the bronze, the midnight blue suddenly leaves his rider's side, pacing himself infront of the runner, and planting himself infront of her path. Blood ripples from his mind and touches the woman's, a wicked cackle eminating. « Try me, I dare you… harper's don't know everything. » He flairs his wings again, keeping the hut perfectly blocked just incase Kinseth's tail doesn't trip the woman.

Shellie takes the little girl and holds her, trying to reassure both her and the mother. "It's going to be all right. Just come with me, and you'll be perfectly safe." As she speaks, she's slowly backing towards Rieselth…

The sounds of crashing, banging, and swearing continue to spill out from the kitchen, the racket causing Kilaueth's eye to drop down and peer curiously inside, just in time to snap her head upwards, Niva emerging dragging with her a serving girl half her age and a rather grumpy looking woman wearing chef's attire, the two of them tugged until Kilaueth's tail can turn around them in turn. "You move, she'll let me know.." Niva replies angrily, moving to stand in the archway between the two courtyards. "The cook says the Lord Holder is hunting. His ladies are in their chambers." She says quiet matter of factly.

Aeryn skids to a stop short to avoid running smack into a huge bronze tail-tip. She glances over one shoulder and her eyes darken as she realizes there's a bronzerider chasing her. Making a quick gamble on Harper's tales likely, she places one hand on the tailtip in her way and heaves herself over it, nearly ending up in a pile of mussed skirt on the flagstones. Scrambling on-wards, not quite so gracefully, she is so intent on her mission, that she ducks right under the blue dragon's chin making it, panting to the steps of the guards hut and begins fumbling at the door.

Reluctantly, the young mother nods her head at Shellie, still clinging tightly to her daughter, but never the less, she's moving to Shellie's side, rather resigned to the fate of her and her children, unwilling to face the other riders that are rounding up the holders.

A'di is also talking to his group of people, speaking in soothing voices. It probably doesn't help that obviously Dalasith has forgotten about the threat of behaving. He's trying to poke his muzzle into things, his eyes whirling excitedly as everyone runs about. "Dal." A'di warns the over-excited blue while turning his attention back to the group he's speaking to. "We're not going to hurt you, but you must come with us, you'll be treated well. You might even like it there better than here. It's nice in Xanadu." A'di pauses to look at the others as holders are rounded up.

Shellie carefully helps the young mother up onto Rieselth's back, taking care to secure her and both little girls to the straps, before climbing up herself, with a reassuring smile. "Don't worry. You're going to be all right." And with a loud trumpet, Rieselth takes off

X'hil jumps Kinseth's tail quickly, like a sprinter leaping a hurdle, and tears after Aeryn, near tackling the woman, pinning her to the door. "I /don't/ want to hurt you." he growls at the woman, though it's perhaps a little late for that. "If you'll just come /quietly/, you will /not/ be mistreated." he vows, reaching for the woman to try and turn her around to face him, so she can look into his eyes and /hopefully/ see that he means just what he's saying.

Niva glances at M'iri, pointing her finger at the bluerider. "Watch them…" She indicates the group that are currently wrapped up by Kilaueth's tail, even as the Weyrwoman is finding a likely candidate for the next task, gaze falling to the defiant, angry Izellah. "You." She says, reaching to grab the girl by the arm, dragging her towards the Hall. "Where are the ladies' quarters?" And the tone leaves little room for argument, even as she leaves X'hil to deal with the would-be alarm.

Kieranth growls deep in his throat angrily as Aeryn ducks under him, turning his head to watch X'hil persue her. Turning back, he watches as M'iri convinces atleast the child and woman to come with her, before she turns and hear's Niva's command. Giving a nod of affirmative, she brings the two over with her and adds them to the group near Kilaueth's tail, keeping watch as she does so.

There are just too many of them for Izellah to keep her attention focused on any one of the riders for very long. As such she happens to be looking the right way not to notice Niva until the woman already has hold of her. The touch causes the teen to whip around however, dark eyes glaring at the woman. "Let go of me!" she demands, planting her feet in attempt to hold her ground as she tries to twist her arm free of the Weyrwoman's grasp.

Aeryn's body slams into the door and finds herself jerked around. Grey eyes glare at the bronzerider over a mouth set in a firm line, as her chest heaves trying to catch her breath through flared nostrils. Aeryn is beyond terrorized now, she's numb. For a half-breath she seems to wilt, then with sudden force, she lunges forward with her knee aiming for a particular vulnerable spot. There's a hand on her shoulder, pinning her to the door so both hands latch onto it, trying to remove it. Through teeth gritted, she grinds, "I. Will. Not!"

"No." Niva replies, quickly twisting Izellah's arm the other way, leaning to glare at the girl. "Listen, you little brat. Unless you want Kieranth to be the one to hold onto you, I suggest you show me the lady's quarters." Her voice has dropped to a near snarl, the Weyrwoman's anger feeding back to her lifemate, the gold's eyes beginning to whirl faster as she trumpets loudly, the sound reverberating through the courtyards.

After convincing his group to leave, A'di pauses once more to eye the chaos of the hold, shaking his head slowly as Dalisth and himself head back to the weyr.

X'hil's expression seems to soften for just a moment, as Aeryn seems to wilt, and he actually lets his guard down for a second. Though, as she lands a particularly painful kick, he's already regretting it. Unfortunately, it only makes him dig his fingers into the girls shoulders, and lean on her for support as he tries not to give in to the pain. His eye is twitching as he resists, and he spits his next words through gritted teeth. "You. Don't. Have. A. Choice!" he mutters, taking a few deep shuddering breaths, before pushing Aeryn back against the door, and hitting her head against the wood, knocking her out. He throws the woman over one shoulder, and mutters under his breath as he makes his way back to Kinseth, cursing and limping the entire way.

"I said let go!" Izellah screams. A shout which is sure to catch the attention of others if the ruckus of the riders hasn't already. The girl winces when the woman twists her arm, but it doesn't seem that she's going to give in that easy just yet. "Least you could do is show a lady some respect." she hisses, though she could very well take her own advise in that department.

"I've dealt with bigger brats than you, believe me *miss*." The word is dripping with sarcasm, as she gives Izellah a push, Niva thankfully missing the rough treatment of Aeryn, though this also means she misses the assault on X'hil. "Inside." She demands loudly, even as her fingers tighten. "A lady would have known when she was in the wrong, and how to address the Senior Weyrwoman of Xanadu, child." Clearly, she's not happy, and neither is Kilaueth, as the gold shuffles at those in her tail, before M'iri is hurriedly getting them aboard and moving back to the Weyr with this group as well, a few other dragons landing in the courtyard, having taken longer to assemble and arrive.

Aeryn crumples, out cold and is hoisted like a sack of potatoes across the bronzer's shoulder, her long hair hanging limply down the man's back. There's not a stir out of her the whole way across the yard.

X'hil isn't taking any chances with Aeryn, and he reaches into Kinseth's saddlebags for some rope, putting the woman on the ground beside Kinseth before tying her hands and feet, adding loops to thread the straps through. He seems a little guilty about knocking her out, but he can only manage to hoist her up on Kinseth and strap her in before the pain becomes too much to ignore, and he slumps down against Kinseth's side for a breather. Thankfully, he's very skilled with a bit of rope, so, even if Aeryn wakes, it's unlikely she's going anywhere.

Izellah nearly stumbles as she's pushed towards the door and inside. She's going, but its clear its not willingly as she shoots a dark glare back towards Niva. "And I should just curtsey and greet the old hag who storms into my home and accuses my father of such things. I think not." she snaps, giving a quick twist of her body in attempt to once again dislodge the hold the woman has on her.

Niva gives Izellah another push as she twists her body, keeping the girl infront of her, giving X'hil one more look as the bronzerider slumps over, blinking for a moment at the tied up woman, before her attention is back on the Holder girl, shaking her head. "I'll make sure you get a good look at the body, then you'll learn." Its a quick pace that Niva sets, keeping the girl infront of her, ready to be out of the Hold and back to the safety of the Weyr.

Izellah straightens in her path, but only momentarily before she once again twists to try and catch a good look at the woman behind her at the comment. "Body?" she starts, blinking in disbelief and nearly tripping up a step as she's trying to keep from going and the weyrwoman continues to push her on. "You sound more a more like a crazy woman every time you open your mouth," the girl remarks, passing through the doors of the hold.

Aeryn, for her part knows not that she has been trussed like a wherry, nor actually managed to kick one. er, a bronze rider, that is. She's still unconscious up there on Kinseth's back and tied quite securely. No change X'hil would drop her between, is there?

"Body." Niva says firmly. "He wasn't more than a handful of turns older than you, I bet. Healers weren't able to do anything." The Weyrwoman's tone is sickeningly sweet, and then there's silence, Izellah's insults simply ignored, until they finally reach the inner chambers, and Niva is pushing the door open without fanfare, forcing Izellah inside. "Tell them to get their things and move, or half the Weyr'll be in here to make them."

Izellah rolls her eyes. Clearly she's not about to believe that so easily, and she's arguing with the woman all the way to those chambers. "Well, you heard her," the girl snaps the order when the woman within aren't so quick to jump. While she may argue, she's not about to push her luck with having more riders on them. "If you think," she continues, turning her piercing gaze back onto Niva, "That my father is going to stand for this you're sadly mistaken."

"Did you never think that perhaps we want your dear daddy to respond?" Niva says with a glare, the Weyrwoman straightening up, attempting to look taller than her rather average height, glare turning to the women within when they don't seem to be moving fast enough for her liking. But, at least Izellah is cooperating, for the moment, and she's soon moving to start herding them back to the Courtyard and the waiting dragons.

"I hardly see what we all have to do with it," Izellah snaps, wrenching away from the Weyrwoman. "No, no. We won't be gone that long." she cuts the comment towards one of the women who's pack what she can carry. That just might turn into a comment she'll regret in the end. The girl's attention is soon enough turned back on the goldrider however, "You couldn't have been sane and sent a message. Could you. Of course not, who's ever heard of a sane rider."

"Stop complaining and move." Niva says with a sigh, even as her glare narrows at the girl. "Move!" She repeats again, this time yelling the direction and pointing towards the courtyard, sending the women scattering. "That includes you, brat." And so the Weyrwoman is once again moving to wrench Izellah by the arm, back out to the waiting dragons. "We have sent messages, little miss know it all."

Izellah ducks away as the woman yells. Not so loud you mean thing! "I can walk myself!" she shouts in return when she's once again grabbed and shoved towards the door. "Well maybe you need a better messenger," she replies sharply. "I've never heard of such an atrocity. And you say my father has something to do with this. Maybe you should get your fact straight before you and your overbearing riders come barging in."

"Maybe you should get your facts straight before you open your obnoxious little mouth!" Yes, Niva is in a yelling match with a teenager other than her own daughters. As they emerge back into the courtyard, Kilaueth is upon the group almost immediately, snarling at Izellah as the other women are met by the riders, split up for the trip back to Xanadu, leaving the Weyrwoman to deal with the bratty Holder's daughter. "I assure you, there are a number of things you haven't heard of."

X'hil groans, but stands as Niva emerges, and climbs carefully up to straddle Kinseth's neck, wincing and buckling himself into the straps more to keep himself upright than anything else. He glances back to his passenger, and frowns. Still out? That's both very good and very bad, really. Schroedinger's unconscious woman. Kinseth seems unconcerned, swinging his head around the courtyard, fixing /glares/ upon the few stragglers, terrifying a couple enough to allow other riders to collect them.

Arguing and fighting over who has direction of the path they take. It would seem that Niva is winning however, at least in direction if not in argument. "If -someone- would tell me instead of just ripping me away from my family," she retorts, though the girl quickly quiets when she's brought face to face with a snarling gold. Yes, lets not get eaten.

Aeryn remains unmoving where she has been secured, curled across the neckridges of Kinseth, her hair tumbled over her face, trails down the bronze's hide. What little can be seen of her left cheek is showing a reddish hue to a bit of a raised welt. Possibly happened when she hit her cheek against the door. She doesn't stir when Kilaueth snarles, nor when X'hil climbs up and buckles himself in.

"Don't worry, your family is going with you." Niva comments, smirking at Izellah suddenly quiets, waving the girl to climb up the gold side, Kilaueth's head turning to watch her each and every movement. "I'm sure you'll hear the full story soon enough, from those who experienced it. Get up." A wave of her hand at Kinseth, and she clears the other riders to take off, already moving to get Izellah moving, so they can return to the Weyr.

X'hil squeezes his eyes shut and bites his lip, hard, when Kinseth takes off, glancing absently back to Aeryn, and seeing the red welt. She's almost /sweet/ looking when she's unconscious, and he mutters, "Aw, <swear>." at the sight, suddenly feeling a bit guilty. Not /very/ guilty, mind, she did hit first, and worse in /his/ opinion, but he is feeling just a little bit guilty.

Holder girls aren't exactly what one would call good at mounting dragons, and fancy skirts are hardly helping in clambering onto the back of a green much less a gold. It does happen, though not without grumbling and complaining and much more effort that surely should be necessary.

Aeryn stirs, a soft sound comes from her throat and her eyes open a tiny bit. For a moment she lies quiescent, then as her senses return, her eyes fly wide open and dart around, from her side-ways slanted perspective taking in the last bit of loading ladies onto dragons in the courtyard. She strains to move, but quite swiftly realizes she will not be going anywhere. Her dark gray eyes seek the beast's rider and finds X'hil seated in front of her as her head swivels around, and she hisses in impotent fury through strands of her hair, "You are -so- going to regret this!"

Niva is on Kilaueth's back almost immediately after Izellah, shifting to get her settled quickly, strapping her in even as Kilaueth is taking off, the a handful of riders staying behind to handle the cleanup as it were, while Kilaueth is turning back towards the weyr, a trumpet to Kinseth, urging the bronze and his passengers to join her. Niva, for her part, merely holds onto the back of Izellah's skirt, keeping her steady, and making sure the holder brat doesn't go far.

"Not so hard," Izellah complains as she's strapped in. Her whining now seems to be more to hide her growing uncertainty of the situation than for the sake of complaint. Take off however is accompanied by a shriek from the girl, the sudden movement far more unexpected by her than it should have been.

Kinseth heads back to the Weyr, X'hil muttering all the way. But hey, at least Aeryn is awake? That's good, right? Well, good and bad… "Ow… Ow.. Ow… Could you fly /smoother/? Ow…"

And if those even, white teeth could manage it, Aeryn would be biting the butt in front of her so that the bronzerider's front and back are equally in pain. But he has triumphed, for his knots hold her fast and she must endure her ride to Xanadu with her hair whipping around her face. So she misses the splendid view as they rise to the sky and soar.

Kilaueth is hardly a considerate ride back to the weyr, the gold preferring a number of short, quick wingstrokes to gain a burst of speed, and then a long glide, making the ride most uncomfortable for Izellah, but in time, they return to Xanadu, and then they are Hisolda's problem. All of them.

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