Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Kire has a little free time to himself so he has come up to the Observation Level so that he can look at the sands. He sits right down front but off towards the side so that other people can come and go as they please. He seems deep in thought or deep in admiration as he looks at the eggs. His hands are under his chin and his elbows are on his knees. In the seat next to him is his black carrying case that has a stylized falling star on the front.

Enkavir hovers in the shadows of the entrance, eyes on the sands and a pensively thoughtful expression on his face. White teeth brush the flesh of his lower lip as he looks out across the red and white grains and who knows what exactly. A random, xanadu-banded green firelizard abruptly soars in overhead and swoops around him, enough chaos to have him swatting at it in irritation and grumbling something about flying menaces with brows furrowed. If he was trying to be unobtrusive that just ruined that, so he takes a few steps out into the light, leans folded arms on the railing between seats and sand and settles his weight into his forearms.

Thea is down on the sands with Seryth. She's actually -on- Seryth, who is lying crouched on the sand while Thea crawls over her picking off little…things…off of her hide. "Think I got them all…" she mutters. Not talking to her dragon, likely talking to herself. She's in the process of climbing down when she hears footsteps up in the gallery, turns quickly. Not jumpy, nooo. A quick look brings a sigh of relief and she waves to Kire. She heads that way, only to stop short when, heralded by the little green, Enkavir emerges from the shadows. Her eyes note the furrowed brows and she swallows, then resolutely moves towards the stairs, one hand is clenched in a fist by her side. A bit of pink flushes her cheeks but it is hot in here. "Something…wrong?"

Kire hears the flapping of wings and he looks over towards the noise. He sees someone else and after a moment of thought he offers a polite wave to the other man. He thinks for a moment to see if he remembers Enkavir from the kitchen incident. He waits to see if the other man will come over before he turns his attention back to the sand. He gulps a little bit, "It seems that a firelizard is going a little wild. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with it. Just an overactive little green. I'm sure she means no harm."

Enkavir hasn't noticed Kire until the motion of the youth's wave catches his attention from the corner of his eye. His gaze darts that way, shielded by a stray lock of dark hair and lashes cast over his downcast eyes. They narrow a bit, then he eventually lifts a hand off of the railing to echo the polite gesture, though without a smile. Thea's clambering and talking draw his attention back to the sands and when she approaches he pulls the smile that's been missing onto his lips, a faint curve to their fullness as he shakes his head. "I'm fine," he replies, then flicks dismissive fingers at the mention of the firelizard. "She was begging for meatrolls on the beach a bit ago and I ignored her. I think I hurt its feelings or something."

Thea glances up when Kire speaks, then up to where the little green is circling the arena. "Wild ones aren't banded." A wary glance flickers over that pulled smile of Enkavir's and she shakes her head, dubious as she starts around him and up the stairs. "If you say so." She doesn't sound convinced. She points to the little green, "Begging? Didja feed it then?" She shrugs out of her leather jacket as she begins climbing stairs- he can follow or not, she doesn't look round to see. "Ah, cooler up here. What do you think of the eggs, Kire?" Her hand is still clenched, but now it's draped under her jacket.

Kire stands up to move closer and he takes his case with him. He ahs a little bit, "I see that now that I'm closer." He stands on the other side of Enkavir and he smiles politely, "They are truly a sight to behold. The wonder of life never ceases to amaze me that one day all those eggs will be dragons big enough to carry their riders all across Pern. Truly one of nature's greatest beauties is when new life is brought into the world. That is why I came up here to marvel and admire the little wonders that sit on the sands."

Enkavir clears his throat softly as Thea moves past him to start up the stairs. Her back is turned, and he rakes a hand through his hair, blindly creating new messy waves as he straightens and follows her. "I didn't feed it, no. Maybe it's trying to… tell me something?" The very thought brings a short laugh out of him and he shakes his head. "I don't think they're often use to being denied. Or maybe I look like a friend of its-" beat "owner? Person?" His feet pause then as Kire comes up and he slowly turns to eye the younger man, a glance down then back up, and he grunts. "I couldn't have said it better myself." If there's a hint of amusement in his hazel eyes it doesn't reach his voice which is nothing but dry.

Thea's eyes dart sideways towards Kire and widen just a tiny bit, "Are you being serious?" Her voice mildly incredulous, "Sounds like you just got that out of a poetry book!" Her tone is more amused than unkind. "They are something, at that." She turns to lean on the rail herself for a moment to look at the sands, but with unseeing eyes. She turns around to lean her backside on the railing, glances at the still-circling firelizard, then back to give Enkavir a short study, tilting her head ever so slightly while she does. "I don't think so." She dismisses the idea flatly.

Kire smiles at Enkavir, "Where did you get the little green? Do you mind if I ask what her name is and how old she is." He looks at Thea and nods, "Of course I am. I wouldn't have said it otherwise." He says in a serious tone of voice, well as serious as a 15 year old can be, which is pretty serious. "From the tiniest wheat seed to the largest dragon egg, all these things have life in them. Life is an amazing thing, it's so ethereal, but at the same time so very real. To see life that is being created before our very eyes, life forming right in front of us. It is humbling." He lowers his eyes a bit.

Enkavir scrubs his fingers through his hair again, just looking dubiously at Kire. "You need to lighten up a bit, mate. Even I am not that serious." He shoots a wide-eyed 'can you believe this guy' sort of look at Thea, then takes on a pale shadow of his crooked grin. "Not to insult the eggs of course. Seryth and Solarith's clutches are the first I've seen but I can't imagine finer. Still-" he tips his head to eye Kire's knot. "Sure you're not a harper underneath that StarCraft knot?" He blinks then, flicking an eye up at the green who has finally settled. "No idea. She's not mine, that's what I was saying, think she's assuming I'll feed her or something which I'm not." Thea's flat tone has him glancing back at her, forehead tipped down so he's eyeing her with an upward glance. "Hmm, you don't think so?" His amusement is trickling back, then he straightens, reaching out to flip a finger through the ends of her hair. "You cut your hair. It looks nice." And he's watching her again, somehow intense behind an intermittent veil of tangle waves and dark lashes.

"They're all over around here-" Thea begins to explain to Kire, when he waxes eloquent about the eggs, she just stares openmouthed at him for a moment. She tries. She really does, but her eyes begin twitching first, then her mouth and her shoulder join in. She snorts trying to hold it all in and that is her undoing. She just collapses into the chair in front of her and has a giggle fit. Thank Faranth she doesn't fall backwards over the railing. When she gets control of herself she wipes at her eyes and takes a deep breath before looking up with them still glittering and manages to gasp, "…humbling…" and she's off again dissolved in mirth, while waving a hand helplessly. This goldie has been wound too tight for certain. Finally sober once more, "I'm sorry, Kire. That was beautiful." A pause, slight frown, "And did you call me a star earlier?" She doesn't dare look at the teen, so she focuses on Enkavir, "Nope. I don't think any of them would dare." Speaking of the firelizards. Then he flips at her hair and she looks down to blink at his finger with a bit of surprise before meeting his eyes. She lowers them after a beat, bending her head to look at her hand, which is still balled up.

Kire looks at Enkavir and smiles as he is not insulted at all, "I hear that a lot, but something just move me and I have learned to speak from the heart on matters that move me. It might seem silly or like I come out of a harper's tale or that I'm just being strange, but I am who I am." He laughs, "Yes I don't think I could do what a harper does. I know something of them write stories and poems, but that is there passion. My passion is the stars, although they might be far away, some stars are closer then others, but each one holds a special beauty for it. I know the two things that I would like to see the most are a star's birth and a star's death. I know it will probably never happen. Stars live for such a long long time and new stars are almost never born, but it's happened before and it might happen again. One is a moment of the most profound joy and affirmation of life and the other although solemn makes one take stock in their own fleeting existence." He looks up and ohs a little bit, "Well I guess she's a wild one then, although that's strange that she should look to you for food, usually firelizard's don't do that, but there are exceptions to every rule…well most rules. The laws of science are pretty much set in stone. Although it makes you wonder which laws of science get broken when dragons go between. Which brings up an interesting thing. If a dragon didn't believe it could go between could it still go between. The old mind over matter argument. I don't think they could. Which brings up the question. Can anyone really go between and we have just accepted that we can't. Or does the base ability have to be there and you just have to believe in yourself to make it work. Like talking. If no one spoke how would we know we could speak or not." He stops as Thea starts to laugh and he smiles as he as he waits politely for her to stop. "It's all right Weyrwoman. I am glad that my words touched you even if they caused you to laugh. It's a reaction. Better you to laugh at my words then to ignore them or not be touched by them at all." Obviously he's been laughed at before and he's learned to cope with it." He pauses to think about what she is asking. He doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but he doesn't want to lie to her either. "I…" The boy starts out and blushes as he's never been in a situation like this before, "I…um….well you see…" He takes a deep breath, "When I spoke about the star before I was speaking about our sun. But in a way I was speaking about you as well. The weyrwomen of a Weyr are like the sun, they give life to a weyr and are sometimes taken for granted, but a Weyr would be a dark cold place without them."

Enkavir looks vaguely alarmed as Thea collapses, darting a hand out to keep her from taking a real tumble. It's not necessary though and he straightens as casually as he can manage with his mouth pursed a bit, sticking his hands in his pockets. "A star?" He echoes it with one brow arching a question at Kire. But then Thea is speaking to him again and the lines of his face soften a little. "Bloody right, they should all know well enough to keep their distance. Obnoxious little things if you ask me." His lopsided grin blooms slowly across his lips as she drops her eyes and he tips his head to the side, watching her. "Makes you look a bit older I think," the haircut of course, though if there was doubt he leans forward to try and catch a view of her face framed by it, defeating her downward look. It's in this somewhat awkward position that he pauses, turning his head slowly to peer at Kire in frank disbelief. "Right." It's all he can come up with, just eyeing the lad. "Is it always like that in your head? Faranth help the poor dragon to have to share that space if you ever impress. Cramped I'd think."

Thea looks up from her hand that she's so intently studying to find Enkavir is peering at her and she flushes just a bit. As Kire starts to speak and he goes on and on, she looks more and more confused. But she doesn't interrupt him, no. Finally when he's done, she just gives a tiny grin, "Oh Rukbat. How silly of me. Of course it's a star." Her eyes are dancing, though at Enkavir's comments of a cramped mind. "Oh, the things I could say about being a weyrwoman. Where to start. Not a bad day, if I do say so myself. First I get compared to a giant gas ball, then I am told I look old." Her hand opens up and she adds, "And Seryth didn't like being fuzzy." There's a white cottony ball of compressed fluff.

Kire smiles, "I don't know it'd be nice to have a firelizard. I suppose I say that now because I've never had one and don't know what it's like to have one, but still they offer non-riders a small peek at the enormous responsibility, time, care and devotion that riders have to go through." He sighs, "It is amazing what forms life takes and how so many things are interconnected with each other." He laughs and shakes his head, "I guess so. I do a lot of thinking and think about a lot of things when I look up at the sky at night. Most of the time all I see are the stars and their light shining down upon us, but sometimes you get to see the most marvelous of things. When I was just starting out I was lucky enough to get to view a meteor shower through one of the large starviewers. It was as if the universe was putting on a fireworks display just for me to see the a bright flight of light appear almost out of no where and to blaze across the dark night's sky before fading back to nothing. My heart leap each time a new streak started and I mourned each time the shooting star winks out forever. But that is like life is it not?" He chuckles a little bit at Thea's words, "It could be worse, you could be called a nebula, which is a gigantic cloud of dust, gas and plasma." He ohs, "You know what I'd really like to do, is go up on the ship above Pern and see the stars from there. The view must be amazing. Imagine shedding the bonds that holds you to the earth and being able to float out there bathed in just the starlight."

Enkavir tsks, shaking his head and straightening back up to his full height, which leaves him grinning lopsidedly down at Thea. "I didn't say you looked old, and I certainly only meant it as a compliment. It makes you look more adult, more… authoritative." He arches a brow - how was that? Better? The fluff comment has his smile fading in favor of a faint grimace. "Ugh, that stuff is everywhere, I don't blame her one bit. Our gardener should be looking into that instead of lighting unfortunate beasts on fire or getting stone-cold plastered, if you ask me." He pauses then as Kire goes on, lightly wetting his lips. "It is pretty amazing, yeah, one of the best parts of my stint as a StarCrafter I must say. But some things are best written in a journal or just kept to yourself, y'know?" He leans to glance out the entrance, judging the light, and lifts a hand to the pair. "I need to go get back to my paperwork. Nice to meet you more officially though," this to Kire and a simple smile to Thea as he turns to go.

Thea listens with a small, dazed sort of smile as Kire speaks. When he is finished she simply says, "I… see." Her eyes, still glimmering with silent laguhter, turn towards Enkavir. They flicker up to his arched brow, then back down to his eyes, remaining there for a beat. Slowly, as if a scarf is drawn over a face, the expression in them changes, unreadable. "If you say so." She turns her face towards the Sands for a moment, then lifts a hand to wave at his retreating back, "Goodnight," she whispers to the air. She draws a deep breath, turns to Kire with a wistful smile playing over her lips, "It is late. I need to get Seryth settled, but you stay as long as you wish, G'night." And she makes her way back down the stairs to the Sands.

Kire smiles politely as he pieces a seed off his shoulder and he tucks it in his pocket. Later he'll release it outside. "You know perhaps you right." He rubs his throat, "I don't normally do that much talking, but I think a journal would be better to put all my random thoughts in. Thank you Enkavir. Perhaps later we can meet again and talk about the Starcraft if you are willing." He lets the invitation stand open, "It was nice to officially meet you too." He nods and keeps his reply short, "Of course. Good night." He bows to her respectfully and goes over to pick up his case before he too departs.

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