Craftriding (Kera is Tapped)

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office

Office and retreat, this is the domain of Xanadu's Weyrleaders. The door is in the eastern wall, quite close to the southern end while the northern wall is dominated by big, expansive windows, framed by sumptuous deep blue drapes edged with a brilliant gold braid and tied back with a thick rope of braided gold and blue cord. In between, the eastern wall is covered floor to ceiling with shelves that house all sorts of records, manuals and supplies that are used on a day-to-day basis. The southern wall has the Weyrleader's desk — plain fellis wood, well polished and masculine. From behind his desk, the Weyrleader can look straight through the windows and out onto the main airspace of Xanadu. The western wall is where the Weyrwoman's desk resides: a lovely piece of furniture made of warm cherry wood. From her seat, a glance sideways gives her an equally good prospect out the window. There are a few other seats, some comfortably arranged around a low round table for small, informal meetings while there also some that can be drawn up to one of the desks.
On the south side of the door, the space is occupied by a low oblong table where refreshments can be set without someone needing to intrude. There is also an 'incoming' tray where incoming correspondence or similar items can be left.

The day is hot, the air, humid. It's an uncomfortable sort of heat that's settled upon Xanadu, which makes Ka'el all the more glad that the air conditioning unit has been fixed in the admin wing. It makes the day far more pleasant! The Weyrleader's been busy. Graduation has come and gone and a few handfuls at a time, the Weyrlings have been placed in their perspective wings. Tapping has begun! And that has made Ka'el a very busy Weyrleader indeed. Having met with most of the Wingleaders and Seconds, he's been flagging down and summoning the graduates left and right. And next in line is Kera, who he has sent word through Kanekith to Moncerath that he wishes her in his office after lunch. He's just finished his and stands near the wide expanse of windows to observe the airspace of Xanadu with his hands behind his back and a contemplative look on his face. Alloy lingers on his desk with Nugget on the floor, still as rolly-polly as ever and larger now that time has passed. The younger bronze has made a game of rolling from one side to the other, and the older merely watches. Hatchlings. Puh.

Who can eat when it's so hot and muggy? Someone hiding in the air conditioned caverns, that's who. Kera is among the midday masses, picking half heartedly at a fishroll and following along with the 'unlikely' tale her tablemate is spinning. Rolling her eyes in amusement, it's then that Moncerath relays Kanekith's messege. Quickly wrapping her halfroll, and excusing herself from the table, she hurries up the stairs and along the hallway towards Ka'el's office. Brushing her hands clean, then smoothing or tugging at a wrinkle or two on her shirt. Knocking briskly on the door. "Moncerath said you wanted me see me sir?" is called out, as if he didn't already know who has come knocking.

Ka'el's eyes sweep towards the door upon hearing the knock upon it. He smiles slightly as he turns, inhaling and exhaling a slightly sighed breath. Nugget ceases his rolling and chirps questioningly towards the door, but he doesn't get up to investigate. That'd require too much energy and he's far too lazy for that. Chuckling, Ka'el heads towards the small table in the room and pours two glasses of water as he calls, "Come in!" to the former Weyrling that stands outside of it. He grins at her, picking up both glasses and offering her one once the door is opened. "Yes, that's right. I wished to see you. Come in, and close the door behind you, will you? You can have a seat at my desk," he says nodding to one of the two chairs that reside in front of his office desk.

Kera steps into the office after the invite, imediately noticing the differance from the warmer hallway. Closing the door behind her, and accepting the glass of water after a quick salute to the Weyrleader. "G'afternoon sir." Eyes scan around the office before settling on the two lizards, grinning as she watches the rolly polly one a moment. "Sorry little guy, cute tricks won't work this time, I didn't bring any treats." Taking the offered seat and a drink of the cool water, her attention slips to Alloy then to Ka'el.

What, no treats? Awwww. Nugget chirps again, then goes back to rolling because he finds it to be quite the entertaining thing to do. Alloy has the decency to hop off of the desk that'll soon be occupied by his human partner, and settles on the floor to just .. stare at Nugget. What a weirdo. Ka'el chuckles as he hands off the water to Kera. "The last thing he needs is more treats anyway," he retorts, sounding humored. "I think Soriana's sneaking him some. I can't blame the local weyrbrats because he won't even go near them." Not that he can blame him for that. Ka'el moves behind his desk and sinks into his chair with a slow sigh,setting his glass aside without having taken a drink from it. "Thank you for coming so promptly," he says with a smile. "I'm curious, Kera. Did you enjoy your Weyrlinghood?"

Kera chuckles at the bronzers retorts, her gaze flicking towards the lizards on its own. "Awww, he's still got a little growing to do doesn't he? Treats aren't /that/ bad." Way to spoil the little varmits Kera! Looking back to Ka'el, she takes another sip nodding after a few seconds. "I did, for the most part. I can't say I enjoyed mucking out stalls and paddocks." A little eyeroll over that and she adds in "One of the reasons I left Rubicon, to avoid it." A quick shrugs over that, but she's still grinning and doesn't seem all /that/ put out by the early months of learning to take care of Moncerath. "But I definately learned a few new things. And have enjoyed learning with Mon, yes." Both about Moncerath and herself. "Not to mention, I think I'm starting to understand 'weyrfolk' a bit better." Something about that makes her chuckle for some reason.

Mucking. Ka'el snickers and wrinkles his nose afterwards. "Yes. That's one've those less-talked-about parts of Weyrlinghood, isn't it? Something they conveniently leave out when you're first handed that white Candidate's knot." Dragon poop is no fun! And the bigger the dragon … the larger the … muck. He shudders visibly. "I was overjoyed when that part've it was over. If I never saw a shovel again, it would've been too soon." He snickers, head shaking slightly. "But you're past that. Well past that. And past many other things we hope that Weyrlings master durin' Weyrlinghood. Some do, some don't. You were a good Weyrling, Kera. There were times I wished you were more … open to some of the things that you were uncomfortable or unfamiliar with, like the combat course or etiquette class on dancing, suffered through it." A smirk for that. "…Now that it's over, where do you see yourself going from here?"

Kera grins at some recollections Ka'el stirs, cringing at a couple others. "Yes, I don't recall mention of a rewarding mucking experiance when I moved into the candidate dorms." She seems deep in thought, then gives her head a quick shake, "Nope, not ringing a bell." Flashing a grin and sipping more water, she sets the glass aside. Trying not to wince at her weakpoints during the ordeal she grins a bit selfconciously "Well, all in all, I didn't let Moncerath down…And we were practicing the dance steps in the dorms sometimes, and no damaged toes either." An amused wink flashed and head dips cheerfully over that. A moment's thought is given, she barely even has to think "I'm hoping to continue my Hall studies, and what infirmary duties I can manage." That is if Cyrus will let her back into the infirmary. He's still a bit irked at his apprentice.

"Good to know. Whenever there's another inter-Weyr dance, I'll feel confident in throwing you on the dance floor with the highest of ranking visiting members, knowing that toes will be spared," Ka'el jokes with a crooked grin. But he settles back into semi-business mode easily enough. He genuinely does want to hear what Kera has in mind for herself, and he seems unsurprised by her answer. He nods twice in answer to her, his expression remaining vaguely thoughtful though. "And Moncerath?" he asks. "What are your plans with her if your focus is on your craft and studies?"

Kera's cheery grin slips. Wait, what? Eyeing Ka'el, oh please let him be joking. A halfhearted chuckle "Spared toes, yea." Trying not to dwell over getting tossed into the high ranking pit of doom, um dance, she almost misses his questioning of Moncerath. "She'll be with me of coarse. Unless she's sleeping or otherwise enjoying herself. Maybe she'll help me improve my bedside manner with patients." Couldn't get worse if some past grumbling patients are to be believed.

"Maybe," Ka'el answers to her bedside manner comment. "In my opinion, craftriders have it more difficult than the riders of other wings that work directly with their dragons. Craftriders must remember that their duty to their lifemate is always priority. Their dragon's needs come before the craft, and Journeymen and Masters know this. Some opportunities are given to non-riders over riders because they're less restricted with time and their responsibility is not split between their craft and their lifemate. Craftriders advance a lot slower than non-riders … an apprentice may be an apprentice for turns into their twenties before having a chance to move up. And craftriders must remember that they're still responsible for rider duties, which mostly will be sweeps. Dragons needs to be kept feeling useful and not mistaken for larger versions of firelizard pets." He pauses there, watching her for a quiet moment. "Is all of that something you're willing to do and sacrifice?"

Kera cants her head a bit, listening and nodding at points Ka'el makes. She begins to frown as he continues though. One may think it's due to his comments about slow going studies, or being passed over for a project. And knowing her obsessive study habits, it would be a good guess. But wrong today. "I've never shirked my duties and I've no intention to do so, sir. But I don't see Moncerath as a duty, or job that needs to be done. If she's bored, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything anyway. So normally, when she wants to do something, we do." A quick nod dips her hea "I know my hall studies will be very slow going now." She shrugs that off "Doesn't mean I can't pick up a book in the spare time my duties allow and catch up a little though. And I can always peek into the infirmary whenever I'm off from which ever Wing we work with." Large firelizard indeed, on the other hand, she's not an oversized cargo wagon either.

Dragons of Comet wing … are definitely oversized cargo wagons, and they're darn proud of it! Someone's gotta deliver those messages and parcels near and far. It's a delicate job! But Ka'el's mind is not on Comet. He's pondering other things, and hard, considering how he's watching Kera, mentally weighing her answers. "I'm glad you understand my point," he says, though a smile doesn't accompany those words. "Your crafting will be slow, sporadic, and sometimes interrupted by Moncerath. It won't be as you left it. Most riders never reach the rank of a Master. You may see people who were ranked below you eventually outrank you… but…for some people, that doesn't matter. Their love for their craft outweighs the disadvantages of seemingly always bein' behind and slow advancement. .. You seem like one of those people." Now his smile returns, though it seems more smirkish as he retrieves a knot from an upper drawer of his desk. One of a handful that still needs to be handed out. The one he retrieves belongs to Asteroid. "As a member of Asteroid, you'll work with your craft under your Crafthall, but you also work for me. As a rider of Xanadu, your duties to the Weyr and Moncerath will always be your first priority, but you're also able to follow your craft." He grins as he rises and moves out from behind his desk and towards her, offering her the knot. "Congratulations."

Kera nods, watching the bronzer with a not quite wary eye, til she realizes he's not accusing her of neglecting her dragonmate. Relaxing her posture a bit, a smile slips over her features. It takes her only a short time to follow Ka'el's line of thought, even if the Asteroid knot is a big clue. Nodding as she understands the points made by the Weyrleader, grinning "Most Masters are grey haired and wrinkled before they earn their knot anyway." Accepting the knot with a respect dip of her head, hmmm, does she get marks from Hall and Weyr now? Those extra marks could help cover Moncerath's shelter. "Thank you, I'll try not to let either of you down then sir." A new knot, she can't resist holding it up to her shoulder to see how it'll look.

Ka'el might be a mind-reader, for as he hands over her knot he says, "You'll receive your allowances from your Craft Hall. The Weyr will pay for any materials you may need for the projects you're assigned, when you're assigned them. As a craft-rider, you'll be given enough to cover your expenses and Moncerath's as well." Those straps she got in Weyrlinghood will definitely need to be replaced at some point! As will her riding leathers. He grins at her, taking a slight step back as she holds her knot up, nodding. "Looks good," he praises with a grin for his newly tapped friend. "And I've no fear of you letting anyone down, Kera. I know you'll do fine. You always have." Another smile is given to her before he gently guides her to move with him towards the door. "Celebrate! You've earned it. And I hate to usher you off, but I've a few more things to mark off on that never-ending list of mine before I can take a break. Do you have any questions for me?"

Kera tries to rear her head back, head tilting so she can look at the knot, but gives it up for the moment. Ka'el's words catch her by surprise, she /has/ been known to speak her thoughts as they pop into her head on occassion. Smiling and nodding "Guess there'll be no getting rid of me now." She brandishes the knot gently. "Healing the Weyr one stubborn rider at a time." Chuckling with an agreeable nod as she turns for the door "Oh yea, I'm gonna try to have a little gathering at the cottage in a few sevendays, once I can get everything arranged. Hope that you and Soriana will be able to make it. I'll have a very comfy couch for her to rest on." Nodding over that, she wiggles her fingers "Enjoy your break when it arrives." Then with a glance to the adorable lizards, Kera steps out into the hallway, already missing the conditioned air of the office.

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