Balmaith Rises

Xanadu Weyr - Hot Springs

The warmth that flows from this cavern is almost overwhelming for some, the steam rising from the shimmering pools as thick as the morning fog that rolls in off the ocean. Numerous pools are scattered here and there with ribboned walls that are natural in their construction. The water has a somewhat green cast to it, but it is merely a reflection from the ethereal light which is the glow down here that was so noticeable from the Lower Cavern Tunnel. People can often be found down here washing themselves or just relaxing.

Situated along the walls are various racks covered in fresh towels ready for those who step out of the warm waters. A set of shelves have been installed towards the back wall, allowing people a place to put their belongings while they rest in the pools, and despite the white color that these have been painted, they are cast with that eerie green glow. Then, it's obvious. The ceiling of this cavern is covered in the fluorescent phosphorous matter that glows are made off. The mossy substance almost glitters and appears quite lovely.

It couldn't be a more beautiful day in Xanadu if it tried. The skies are clear. A subtle breeze dances through the weyr, offering relief from the heat. Yes its a beautiful day. Such a pretty day in fact, that most of the wings out getting a few late drills in. What this doesn't explain is why Eiriana, wingsecond and greenrider, isn't with her wing. What does explain it is that a) the sun is shining and b) so is her dragon. For the safety of many, the redhead has retreated to more pleasant climates. Like inside at the hot spring where nobody else is. "Ball! Quit it! No you cannot have a blue and a brown and a bronze at the same time. No. No. NNNN OOOO. Try again. Lalalalala!" So wrapped up is she with her dragon, that the greenrider floating in a spring doesn't take much note of anything or anyone around her.

A beautiful day at Xanadu is as good an excuse as any to linger after meetings are said and done. However, having been headed outside, L'ton's path his diverted by an echo from the direction of the Springs, and he's curiously meandering in that direction. A smirk at her words, L'ton's shaking his head and moving to join her, waiting until he's sneaking up behind the distracted greenrider to say anything. "Hey, lil'bit.."

"No you listen up you flyiing stomach, if you try that one more time I'm going to…" For once, bubbly cheery Eiriana is anything but. Her threat (most likely aimed at the dragon sunning herself outside) is mumbled low, her blue eyes narrow, her body tense. It has all the effect of a fluffed up kitten and little more. So distracted is she that she doesn't take note of her visitor until after he's gotten behind her. She swings around at the sound of a voice. "Tonny? TONNY!" The soaked greenrider, her strawberry blonde locks pulled up on top of her head, goes to all but tackle the familiar bronzerider. Squishy the bronzee!

L'ton continues to smirk as he listens to Eiriana's threats and mumblings, shaking his head a bit, gaze dropping to watch her. "Man, what's that green of yers trying ta do now?" He smirks, catching the greenie as she practically throws himself at him, greeting her with a kiss. "Hey ya, Eiri.." He chuckles after giving her a little twirl, and a shake of his head. "Ah have ta say, Ah thought my arguments with Dhon were bad.."

Eiriana doesn't answer until she's hugged the bronzerider and returned his kiss. "She wants a blue, a brown, a bronze and.. a purple? There isn't even any such thing as a purple dragon! What do you mean make you one? Stupid little…" It might be a touch disconcerning for L'ton at this moment as Eiri's anger happens to be occuring while she's slowly but surely tightening her grip on him. "It's not that bad. She's just being a stupid green. Hear that Ball, sttttuuupiiiiddd." And somewhere outside a slim green dragon perks up from her sunning just long enough to snap her teeth threatening. Not at anyone, just snapping.

L'ton chuckles as Eiriana carries on, before he's slowly reaching for her hands, attempting to dislodge their tightening hold on his shoulders, wincing at the still tender scratches that cover his bad. Damned goldrider. "What, Dhon ain't nuff fer her?" L'ton teases the red-head with a wide grin, shaking his head, as there's a distant trumpet from Dhonzayth, vocalizing it for himself.

Eiriana isn't one to be pryed off but she releases him in favor of other things. "No don't mention…" She's not quite enough to get a hand over his mouth. "Great. Just great. See what you did?" Actually, no not really since the hissing and spitting like a feline dragon is outside. Eiri puts one hand to her forehead with a sigh. "Better keep Dhon at some distance if he wants to keep his male dragonhood in place. She's been muttering about him since she started getting glowy." There's an answering trumpet from the green, daring the bronze closer to just see what she'll do to him…

L'ton gets her hands loose, but then his carefully pulling her back into a hug, though her hand is covering his mouth and he's chuckling, nipping at her palm for a moment. "What Ah do? Why she complaining 'bout him?" He grins still, shaking his head, even as Dhonzayth is slowly creeping closer. It seems that Eiri's lack of self-preservation has rubbed off on dragon and rider alike.

Eiriana allows herself to be collected in a hug, even as she reprimands her dragon. "Don't even think about it, Ball." Eiri's lack of self-preservation is indeed catching. She should be isolated for the safety of Pern! But she's too cute for that. "You? Nothing. Your dragon? Well he's male. And while she might want a large group of them, apparently Dhon is not on the list. Don't ask me to explain it any better. You know how she is." Eiri leans up against Tonny as Balmaith snorts. Come closer said the spider to the fly… Large teeth are bared in a symbol not quite dragon in origin. "You should talk to him. She wants to do something extremely messy to him."

"Now what's she carrying on about?" Despite the threats facing his lifemate, he's still grinning, and shaking his head, slowly steering her towards the edge of the pool and the benches there. "He says he dun wanna talk, anyway. He's watching, whether she like it or not." L'ton smirks a bit, squeezing the greenie as she leans closer. "But, if'n ya say so. Fussy green."

"She… wants to catch herself a bronze?" Blink. Blink. Eiri cocks her head and looks up at Tonny with a very confused look. "My dragon is female, correct? And yours is the male, right?" Steering a suddenly confused Eiri is easy enough. She goes along with him without any fuss at all. "He's watching? Well she wants him to fly. And she wants to know why he isn't glowing. I think my dragon may need a dragon mindhealer." Or a lot less glowing herself. Either one really. "She is always fussy. She's just worse when she glows."

"She wants ta catch herself a bronze?" L'ton repeats again, slowly, blinking a few times, slowly nodding at Eiri's words. "Ah thought.." Ah, see that's the problem right there: thinking. Listening to the rest of Eiriana's works, he's just left to shake his head, blinking, even as Dhon's crouching slow, slowly stalking a Bal.

"She does. She wants him to fly and she'll catch him for once. Somebody about it being more fun that way." Rule number one about being around Eiri. Thinking, trying to process what she's saying is dangerous to your mental health. Not to mention confusing! L'ton should know this by now. Outside, the green rolls herself to her feet and starts to sneak up on the bronze instead. This could be the beginning of a new fun game.

"Ah.." And then L'ton just thinks better about the whole thing, shaking his head, and sighing softly. "Ah ain't even gonna try and figure that out." He decides after a moment, instead just grinning, and shaking his head with a sigh, settling down quite willingly, rolling his eyes as outside Dhonzayth begins to creep away from the green, shuffling backwards, wings open for balance.

"Its probably better that you don't." Eiri just shakes her head and levers herself on the bank of the hot spring without giving Tonny any warning at all. She settles on the edge, looking a tiny bit lost. Basically typical Eiri. "You should drop by more often, you know. Our children would like to see more of you." She splashes at him. Meanwhile outdoors, Balmaith picks up speed after Dhon, her own wings open half way for balance. Here bronzee, bronzee….

"Ah, guess that's true." And then as Eiri's settling on the edge, L'ton is left to blink a few times, shaking his head. "Hey, Ah tried! Ain't my fault Dhon got sick, figured Bal wouldn't want it ta." He splashes water back at her with a little bit of a face. "Maybe ya should come visit me, hm?" He teases the greenrider back, even as Dhon continues to scoot away, eventually turning around to flee in the right direction, tail trailing behind him.

"If it kept her from being glowy, I can't say that I would have minded half as much." Eiri points out with a giggle. hands go to shield her face from the water as even more mirth escapes the greenrider. "I could. I bet the kids would love Ista. I don't know how I'd ever get them to come home." Balmaith gives chase to the big bronze and what a sight the pair must be! But the game wears since she's got him running and the green veers off for the feeding grounds, causing her rider to pause. "Oh dear."

"Well, Ah guess Ah'll just have ta do better, 'bout being here when she's glowy, huh?" He says as she complains a bit, shaking his head as she giggles. "Well, ya could leave 'em, but Ah dunno how the nannies would take ta it." A wink, and he's moving to face her, still enjoying the warm water. Dhonzayth is enjoying this game, until suddenly the green is off in another direction and he's whirling around to catch back up.

"Yes you will. It's all your fault she goes glowy anyway." Mood change anyone? She humphs, crosses her arms and looks away from the bronzerider. "Are you saying that our children are a handful, /L'ton/?" Umm. Trouble. Run Tonny! "Great. She's heading for the feeding grounds, Tonny!" The urgency suddenly apparent in the greenrider adds to her speed as she stands and tucks a towel around herself.

Feeding Grounds> Balmaith hurries into the feeding grounds at a low grounded lope. Her brilliant hide, alive with internal green fire, glows a little more brightly as she spots the herdbeasts. Her head cranes around to peer behind her, pausing only for a moment. And then, in a rush of livly green, she hops the fence and takes after a herdbeast. Let it begin.

"Well, maybe she should wait til Ah'm around next time, and then it won't matter, hm?" He says with a grin, even as she humphs and crosses her arms, he's shaking his head, attempting to soothe her. "Nah, not at all love. Just that they have enough lil'Z's ta try and keep straight." And then, as Eiriana's rushing, L'ton's hurriedly following, grabbing a towel to loop around his waist. "What's the rush?"

Feeding Grounds> Dhonzayth is hot on Balmaith's tail, the game of chase Dhonzayth suddenly a game of chase Balmaith, the brassy bronze only now catched up back up to the green as she crosses the fence. A trumpet, and Dhonzayth's giving a little hop of his own, clearing the fence and bringing down a beast of his own to blood, though his attention is ever on the green.

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth comes flying in low, leaving his pale-faced rider behind in the clearing holding his straps. He hasn't been out in /ever/ so long, but he hangs back at the edge of the grounds at first, waiting, watching to see what Balmaith is going to do.

Feeding Grounds> Circling above is Siebith. While it might have been snacktime, things have just taken a turn towards the interesting when first Balmaith and then Dhonzayth are found entering the feeding pens below. The blue circles lower, whirling eyes intent on the green - is it just him or is she brighter than usual.

Eiriana tucks the towel tightly around herself as she hurries. She gets as far as the entrance to the hot springs when she sags slightly and gives up the idea of exiting. "Oh nevermind. She's already at it. You might want to inform Dhonzayth that she still plans to chase him. And the others. I don't know how this is going to work, Ball…" The sudden switch from talking to Tonny to talking to her dragon is smooth for as confusing as it might be.

L'ton grabs at his pile of clothes as they sit, to cart with them, but then she's giving up, and he's shaking his head, moving to pull her gently into a hug. "Hey.." he murmurs with a grin, trying to meet her gaze. "This is old news, right?" He tries to cheer her up, even as she's distracted with her lifemate, passing her words onto Dhon.

Feeding Grounds> Balmaith reaches out and with a single flick picks off a small herdbeast for herself. One eye is ever on the males, the brown and bronze she's aware of at least, as she bloods her fill from her kill. But the tiny beast was barely enough to be called a snack, let alone a meal. She flings the beast away (and right at the brown hanging out near the edge of the grounds) before picking off a second beast. Her tail flicks wildly out behind her as she takes what she needs. In picking out this beast, she's placed herself closer to the big bronze.

Feeding Grounds> Dhonzayth is flicking his tail back and forth as he shifts, moving in circles, always keeping his animal between himself and the green, always keeping her infront of him, watching, watching. A second beast is selected by the bronze as well, finished hurriedly as he snakes his head under his wing to peer at Balmaith, crooning gently, wings slowly spreading.

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth seems to have made his choice, as he leaps over the fence, flapping his wings to segue into flight, circling the beasts in the pen below. He swoops down and grabs a beast, though there's a moment of hesitation as he carries the beast a short distance away, the thing bleating desperately, unable to escape the brown's grasp. He makes the kill, but there was a resistance there, and he howls in defiance, before lowering his muzzle to drink. He pays no attention to the green's location just yet, it's taking all of his willpower just to blood. And then the beast is dry, and there's a snap, a release. He launches again and takes down a second, getting nearer to Balmaith, but not so near that he can be hit by a flicking tail. Cautious.

Feeding Grounds> Siebith swoops in as the green picks off her second beast, plummeting in true daredevil fashion to crush his own catch between himself and the ground before setting about to blood. While he's touched the ground the blue never quite tucks his wings away, ready should Balmaith take to the sky.

Eiriana leans her head onto Tonny's shoulder, sniffling lightly. "But its no fair at all. It never has been. She get glowy. I get moody. They kick me out of my wing for a couple of days. It's not like I really snapped that much. Well, maybe just that one time but he deserves it!" Eiri laments her tale of woo and whiny greenrider-ness into Tonny's shoulder. Admittedly most of it comes out muffled and barely understandable, but she tells it anyway. "And she's always coming up with something new to try around her flights!" Cause that is the worse crime of all!

L'ton gently rubs Eiriana's back as she leans into him, petting her hair and kissing her forehead as she sulks and whimpers, shaking his head. "Yer right, sweets, that ain't fair. Ain't fair at all. Ah mean, Ah'm sure Senkyou's way scarier than ya are, and that's every day." The bronzerider continues to suck up to the greenrider, even as he's leading her to a bench so they can sit down. "Poor Eiri.." He offers.

Feeding Grounds> Balmaith raises her mawl from the beast below her, well before she is done. She gives the beast a lazy kick, sending it right at Dhonzayth. With one male properly scolded for keeping away from her, she stalks the feeding grounds for another beast. In her wondering, she's brought up short by how close the brown is and she displays a bit of playfulness by snapping her teeth at him. Not close enough to bite, but a warning. Siebath's arrival causes the green's tail to flick back and forth once more. Suddenly she's ignoring the beasts and charging at Dhonzayth, wings flared and head down.

Feeding Grounds> Dhonzayth spreads his wings as the beast is tossed at him, snorting at the half-drained beast in disdain, pushing it out of his way with a rather digusted look, letting his attention wander to the other males, rumbling a challenge to Lakareth and Siebith as they invade "his" game. But, while paying attention to them, he was ignoring Balmaith, and its with a startled trumpet that he's hastily sending himself skywards in an attempt to avoid the charging green.

Eiriana sniffles, rubbing her face into Tonny's shoulder. "I'm not scary at all. I'm sweet and cute and I have sweet and cute children who wouldn't hurt a fly." She's lead to a bench but instead of going to sit on it, she goes to sit on him. "I'm not scary, am I Tonny?" She questions, big blue eyes turned to meet his. And her hands are tightening their grips on his arms. Answer this one wrong and you might lose a limb, Tonny…

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth flinches at Balmaith's teeth snapping, rearing briefly up on his hind legs and flaring his wings out momentarily, beast still caught in his jaw. He shuffles backwards and growls as he drains the beast, then frees it from his jaw with the help of his stronger front paw. Dhonzayth's trumpet is answered with an amused bugle from the brown, though he's being far more watchful of the green. And, really, a little more interested. He likes this one, she's feisty!

L'ton finds himself with an Eiri in his lap, instead of next to him, and he's chuckling, shaking his head. "They're absolutely adorable.." Though, how could they not be with those genes? Slowly wrapping his arms around her, he winces as her hands tighten, and he's shaking. "Not at all, Eiri. Ah mean, look at ya? Yer pretty and cute, and innocent as can be."

Feeding Grounds> Siebith lifts his head to check where the game is at when that snap is heard. His reply to Dhonzayth's rumblings is of oceanic laughter as he dips his muzzle back to the beast before him, tail flicking this way and at in his amusement though all the while there's the certain effort to keep a careful eye on as many other parties as he's able.

Feeding Grounds> Balmaith stops as soon as the bronze is in the air but the rumbles of a certain blue sets her off again. Laugh at her will he… She dodges around the brown and charges Siebith instead, mouth open for teeth to show as she gains ground on him. Her wings flare out behind her as she gets close and the glittering green catches the sunlight and snarls at the blue. The brown is not forgotten and neither is the bronze as she trumpets loudly her challenge. Get into the sky and try to out run her for once or be chased there…

Feeding Grounds> Dhonzayth manages to get free of the green, but once he's airborne, he's spiraling back on the grounds, coming back in at Balmaith. And then, as she attempts to chase the others skywards as well, he's hurriedly fighting for altitude, fighting to get his brassy body out of the way, spiraling quickly upwards. And yet, as Balmaith trumpets, he calls back in return, daring her to join him aloft, and then they'll see who unruns who.

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth really isn't paying very much attention at all to Dhonzayth and Siebith, his eyes are fixed upon the glittering Balmaith. As she launches up, so to does he, discarding his only half-drained third beast with a snort. He may not be as maneouverable as the blue, but his stamina approaches the bronze, so right now his goal is altitude, and lots of it. He can work out how to proceed from there in a moment.

Feeding Grounds> Siebith was hardly intending for that laugh to be at her, but luckily enough he was still watching for any movement that might come from Balmaith. The blue leaps from the ground mere feet before the green is on him, narrowly avoiding the bronze overhead given the close proximity. Disaster averted, but then again all's fair in love and war. This is something of both. No? His own cocky bugle sounds in return to the challenge declared by both green and bronze.

Feeding Grounds> Balmaith eyes the feeding grounds just once before she leaps into the air herself, emerald wings arching beautifully as she gains altitude looking to put herself above the males. Once high enough, she twists midair and swoops down after the males regardless of how close it brings the ground to the underside of her belly or her wingtips to the wingtips of the males. She bugles happily, her focus now on the skies and the males around her. The chase (whoever is chasing who) is on!

L'ton finds himself with a snuggle Eiri on his lap. She cuddles into him, chewing on her bottom lip a bit as Balmaith enjoys her games with the males outside. "The cutest. And my daddy is so happy he finally got another grandson." Can we say soon to be spoiled child? Her hands release when the right answer is give. Good Tonny, you get to keep the blood supply to your arms flowing for now. "See? And they grounded me for the day or until Bal goes up. It was unfair and everything."

Feeding Grounds> Dhonzayth trumpets, flailing a bit as he narrowly avoids a collision with Siebith, snapping at the blue as he continues to climb higher, dropping once more as Balmaith is airborne. A bit of give here, a bit of take there, and he's not entirely sure who is chasing whom, all he knows is that he's keeping the emerald beauty within his sight. And so, as she drops, he drops, as she bugles, he bugles, and as she flies, he flies, enjoying every moment of it. Swooping infront of her, his white-tipped tail tangles tauntingly infront of her before he's swooping off again, looping to try and come up behind her.

L'ton will happily take a snuggly Eiri on his lap, particularly a snuggly Eiri who's not cutting off the blood flow to his hands. And so, as she snuggles against him, he keeps his arms wrapped around her, stealing a kiss, and grinning. "Yep, the cutest. And, Ah'm glad ta make yer daddy happy.." Better that then being flayed by the man, right? "Well, maybe they're just jealous they ain't as cute as ya."

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth is still just trying to gain altitude, though he keeps an eye on Balmaith at all times. This is a most /unusual/ flight, and it intrigues him greatly. He hits a brief wall of wind, and has to struggle to get through it, finally ducking underneath it, losing altitude, but his early launch serves him well, meaning he's still - at present - ahead. How long that'll last is debateable, but probably not very.

Feeding Grounds> Siebith rolls with the punches so to speak, dipping a wing to turn, catching the currents of the air to remove himself from Dhonzayth before Balmaith takes to the sky. Unusual for the emerald one to be chasing them, yes, but all the more fun! The blue swoops in to keep in with the green, gliding ahead, falling behind - showing off - but over all doing his best to keep with the pack.

Feeding Grounds> Balmaith snaps at the bronze's tail as it comes into range but then its gone again, leaving her to tumble upwards and after her suitors again. Or is it they who will have to follow her up? Either way she twists up sharply, coming close to the blue first and the brown second. With the grace fo turns spent on the wing, she flits away from both. But already her strength is waning. She's small and has had little blood to keep up with the larger males, let alone the amount of energy she's extending chasing after one and then another. She continues on for now. She darts after the brown suddenly, flicking at him with her tail as she spins away just as suddenly.

Eiriana presses a kiss to L'ton's throat with a happy sound now that she's been soothed. "You should meet my daddy. He'd like you." After he removes L'ton's ability to give his daughter any more Shiptons to watch over, that is. But parental units aside for the moment, Eiri preens under Tonny's attentions much like a contented feline. If she could purr, she probably would be. "Very jealous. I'm cute and I have a Tonny."

Feeding Grounds> Dhonzayth croons happily as Balmaith snaps and misses his tail, the Istan teasing her, trumpeting and urging her onwards as he shoots past her once more. Its a sidewise sashay past Lakareth, and a teasing flick of his tail to the brown as well, before he's darting away from him too. And then, as the green is is pursuit of that very brown, the brassy bronze is chasing her, and its an odd loop of sorts, until she spins way. Hey! His trumpet seems to say as he's spinning after her as well, though its hardly as graceful when performed by his larger frame.

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth flinches away from the strange glowing green as she darts towards him, then whips his tail towards hers in an attempt to snag her, though moments too late, as she's already gone. He lets out a frustrated roar, and then it's /on/. The desperate climb for altitude is ignored, and he's flying after Balmaith with little to no regard for her other suitors, well, except for a snarl and a tail whip in the bronze's direction.

"We'll have ta see, sweets, we'll have to see." L'ton continues to placate the greenrider, gently rubbing her back and petting her hair, sighing contently as she cuddles against him. "Ah think Ah'm the lucky one… Ah have the cutest Eiri there is.." Not to mention the only, but. Details.

Feeding Grounds> Siebith pulls up, using the currents to easy the effort of keeping up with Balmith as she soar past him. What effort is saved in rising however is used up in looping around the larger bronze as he comes near. To say no one ever accused him of being a showoff would be a complete and utter lie, but if its games she wants to play its games he'll give them all. His own trumpeting echoes in its mirthful ring as he weaves in and out between the other suitors. Though in the end its all about who will catch the glowing one, who else is tagged in the process matters little when all is said and done.

Feeding Grounds> Balmaith allows all the suitors a moment to give chase after her but it doesn't last. One quick loop and she's coming back at the males but this time the one she's giving chase to is the blue. Large glimmering wings flap as she gains speed, once again nipping at him but the game is cut surprisingly short. An up-draft catches her at the last possible moment and sends her up, with a bugle. And then she's dropping out of the sky, inviting her suitors to catch her if they can.

Feeding Grounds> Dhonzayth trumpets as the green that was so recently infront of him is suddenly behind him, and he's attempting to turn around to sneak a peek. But then, as she's going after the blue, he's realigning his flight, stretching out to nip at her tail. Almost… There… And then at the updraft, Dhonzayth is caught unawares, shooting himself upwards afer her, even as she's dropping. And now, the chaser truly becomes the chasee, and Dhonzayth is dropping after Balmaith, limbs outstretched, neck outstreched, hoping to put an end to this game of tag, as fun as it may have been.

Feeding Grounds> Lakareth is really not impressed by show-offs, but that's okay, because he's not who Siebith is trying to impress, really. He does rumble at the blue though, before swerving to one side as Balmaith loops, just narrowly avoiding the updraft himself. He hesitates for but a moment, glancing to the ground, then lets loose another defiant roar, and just puts all of his remaining energy into the catch, closing his wings for a second, to dive faster, and then unfurling them, reaching to calm Balmaith's tail with his own, and entangle the green, aiming to end the chase.

Feeding Grounds> Aerobatics, that's what Siebith is all about and so when the green turns about to give chase to him he's all for giving her something to chase if only to lead her further away from the others. A twist, a turn, but then that draft is carrying her away and the blue almost pauses mid-flight to push on after her. But then she's diving, something he does best and Siebith turns downward with an errant flip of his tail, pulling wings in to spiral down in hopes of catching up and snare the emerald one before the others.

Feeding Grounds> Balmaith drops swiftly, wings folded against her body to make her drop the much faster. She's flanked on all sides by males reaching for her. This will never do! She twists but in an unplanned moment, one male gets in her way and she tangles her wings and tail with his. The bronze will have to support both of them as she gives over her weight to his larger form with a soft sound against the rushing winds. He's won this round but there will always be another…

Feeding Grounds> Dhonzayth finds himself tangled with the green, and while it was what he was aiming for, he's slightly surprised never the less, and they fall for just another movement before he carries them upwards once more with a rather triumphant trumpet.

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