Cove Investigation

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing


A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

Its not so terribly early in the morning for it to be a ridiculous time, but its early enough when a small group of dragons and their riders meet in the clearing. Notable among them the recently appointed Galaxy Wingleader, D'had, rechecking straps on Siebith while he awaits those who have been assigned to assist in searching the cove that was found not so very long ago.

Vrizanais not a rider, and definitely not dressed for flight. She's dressed more or less for diving, and the knot on her shoulder speaks of being the DolphinCraft Second. She came by runnerbeast the day previously and stayed overnight for this, and will be helping with the explorations. Better safe than sorry - they may not need a diver, but given the Master has oceanic recovery as part of her expertise… She has her gear with her just in case as well, and a pack for her clothing (which she's wearing presently in a nod to some decency, given her diving gear might be considered a touch too tight fitting for some). She waits at ease in the clearing, black hair braided and tied up to keep it well out of her way.

Xvetaoth comes flying into the clearing, her rider jogging along some distance behind. When she finally catches up, she glances around the clearing, then spots D'had and his wingleader's knot. "Xylaihl and Xvetaoth reporting for duty, sir!" she calls, though her wing badges actually show her to be in Comet. "Weyrsecond sent me." she adds. Isn't he avoiding her? Eh, as long as she's here to help, it doesn't really matter how she got here.

T'maz comes in with Dementh at his side much like a weyrling, though loaded down with a sack or two of food, a tent and some other cooking utensils."Can't have an expedition without food…" Is his explanation."Master Denna thinks I should tag along."

D'had gives the blue a pat as he pulls away. Satisfied with the fitting, the wingleader casts a glance about the clearing, taking mental count of who is, and isn't there. He makes a face at the greenrider's 'sir', stepping towards her he stretches out a hand, "D'had," he notes, "And you are?" A nod is given as he shoots a glance beyond the woman towards the brownrider, "Right then, we should be about set." Dark eyes turn then towards craftsecond, "Dolphineer, you have everything you need?" He's not one very good at remembering names.

"Vrizana," she reiterates with what seems to be infinite patience. "Or Master Vrizana. Unless you would like me to simply call you… rider, Wingleader?" She lifts her slim shoulders. "I'm ready to go. If I need anything else, rest assured I'll let you and yours know. If you need me to dive, and I run out of air, then I'll simply require someone to *between* with me to the Hall in Rubicon for another. I don't think it will happen, however." Her voice is cool and smooth, like silk in fall. "Icthyis awaits us at the cove." She smiles faintly.

Xylaihl frowns a little at D'had's introduction, with a "Yes, sir. D'had. Sir." Oh dear, she's one of those people who'll call higher-ups 'sir' no matter what, is she? Amazing that someone like X'hil could be the son of someone like her, it really is. She moves over to Xvetaoth, checking the compact green's straps over, before mounting. She's ready and raring to go, whatever D'had orders. It's going to be a long day.

T'maz says "I'm T'maz…" is said simply. He's quickly fixed the sacks of food to his brown's straps. "Dementh and I are ready to go when you are…and who is going to give Master Vrizana a ride?""

"Right," D'had mutters, a roll of his eyes for both of the women. "I've got her," he notes, waving a hand towards Vrizana even as he makes his way back to Siebith, "That is if you're not afraid of flying," he adds towards the craftsecond, raising a brow awaiting her response. The signal is given to mount up, Siebith sending out a visualization to the other dragons of the group.

Xylaihl gives a nod as D'had gives them the signal to mount up, and tilts her head as Xvetaoth shares the image. "Good to go here, sir!" she calls to D'had, with a firm nod. Xvetaoth flexes her wings and crouches, just /waiting/ for the signal to fly.

T'maz watches the other riders and waits for the sign as well. Dementh rumbles low in his throat, announcing his eagerness as well.

Riders up, passengers aboard means one thing left. Dragons up. Siebith launches into the air, D'had giving the signal to fly. The second signal comes in the form of a young man's shout with the rumble of ocean waves in the background though the mental channels of dragonkind, this one being to between along with one final call on the location before blinking out himself. Seconds later they appear above the crescent shaped cove.

Rubicon River Hold - Secluded Cove
An almost idyllic cove stretches out, two arms curving around, the white sands hugging the pure blue waters of the ocean. In the distance, two sandbars stretch out, causing danger for ships passing in the shallows, while waves gently lap ashore.
Sand gives way to shrubs and forest soon enough, the tropical flora flourishing, fruit trees bountiful, and a small fresh water stream trickles its way to the coast. All together a perfect, undisturbed place aside from the single set of footprints that seems to meander in the Sand, a portion of them above the hightide line.

Xvetaoth emerges from between above the cove, her rider gripping her straps tightly after the ever-glowing green's sharp launch - Xylaihl will /never/ get used to those - but otherwise fine. Xvetaoth relays a message to the other dragons, curiously. « What're we looking for? » she asks in that husky voice of hers, with a hint of curiousity.

Dementh spreads his wings silently taking in the scene as well.

« Mine is not certain. » Siebith replies to Xvetaoth's question. « He says this place isn't easy to get to without us. Footprints are strange. » the blue explains as he circles lower to finally land on the beach being careful of his passenger in his decent.

Away from Siebith, Xvetaoth rumbles lightly, and swings her head around to regard the footprints, before tucking in to land beside the blue. « Xylaihl agrees, very strange. » the green responds, simply. « It is puzzling. » Yep. She's not really much of a talker, she'll only do so when needed, and in short sentences.

Dementh also lands slowly fanning his wings out farther away from the footprints, and the blue. ((My rider thinks he will do some fishing for the main course of your riders' meals, with tubers and other vegetables we brought with us.))

Once Siebith has landed, D'had puts short work to unclips the straps that secure both himself and Vrizana. Dropping to the ground he waits, offering a hand up to help the woman down. "Right," he starts, "Don't know if we'll find anything, but just seems an awful strange place for footprints." he repeats the blue's comment primarily for the dolphineer's benefit.

Xylaihl nods, waiting until Xvetaoth has settled in the sand before dismounting, and frowning at the footprints. "Hrm. It is a little … secluded." There's a frown, and she notes, "Quiet. Very quiet." There's the sound of the ocean, but the waves are small and quiet this side of the sandbars.

Vrizana nods, not having feared the flight. She takes D'had's hand and his aid as he helps her down, looking around curiously. "Footprints in a cove?" she asks curiously. "They can't be too new. The ship sank too long ago for a survivor… but I could be wrong." She nods towards the cove waters. "Want me to ask what Icthyis might see along the bottom?" she asks D'had curiously. "Or are we more interested in the shoreline for the moment?"

T'maz is away from the group fishing for the main course of their supper. Dementh watches the humans and settles down not disturbing the footsteps either. After a while T'maz's got a bucket full of fish that he'll prep quickly when the others say they're hungry. He puts it down by Dementh to keep the wherries away and then goes to see what the others are doing.

D'had hmms and nods flashing a grin towards Vrizana, releasing her hand once she's on the ground. "My thoughts exactly," he agrees, casting a glance across the shore. "Go ahead and have her look." he adds, "Isn't going to hurt anything." Especially since he's not even really sure what they're going to find.

Xylaihl frowns a little, and starts walking along the shrub end of the beach, peering into the tropical forest, just keeping an eye out for anything unusual. She really isn't any more sure of what there is to find than D'had. "Anything out of the ordinary…" she murmurs, as she glances to the footprints, then goes back to peering into the forest.

Vrizana smirks a little and says quietly, "He. Icky is a he. He's been my partner for the last eleven Turns." She does, however, stride towards the water's edge. On the beach itself, she shucks her shoes and the garments over her dive suit purely so that she can enter the water without them getting wet. Wading out to approximately her waist, she whistles out towards the surf in a curious fashion, a lilting, song-like sound. It's nearly a warble. After a few minutes, a sleek, large shape spouts next to the woman and she rubs the exposed, shining grey back. "We're here, fish-breath," she teases the mammal. "And it's time to work. See anything down there that looks new or out of place?"

And Icthyis, who laughs a dolphin laugh, tells her, "Will look! Wait here!" And off he shoots.

T'maz wanders around and finds where the firepit was. "I found a firepit… he or she had to have cooked some things here…." He calls out the words, of course, knowing his dragon would relay if necessary.

"He, she, close enough," D'had grumbles in response to Vrizana. He was supposed to know the difference how? At T'maz's comment on the firepit the wingleader averts his gaze from the dolphineer, turning is steps in the direction of the brownrider to examine the pit further should there be any pertinent clues.

Xylaihl is frowning into the forest. "This isn't natural, over here. Some kind of shelter." she notes, peering over as D'had heads down to the fire pit. "Someone was here, recently." she adds. "Whoever made it… Well, it wasn't made to last." Her woodcraft knowledge coming out. She's more into furniture than construction, or anything else, but she knows a little on those subjects.

Vrizana waits in the waist-deep waters, one minute, another, and then another passing. She stands there with her hands moving over the surface gently before finally her companion returns. Icthyis surfaces without preamble and says quickly, "Boat piece. At the reef." Vri reaches out to pat her partner and turns to call towards the shore, "Icky says there's a piece of boat in the reef." She looks at him again. "What part?"

"Near sandy-bar," the dolphin says cheerily enough.

Which she also relays loudly. "Want me to retrieve it? I'll likely need my gear if so." She nods towards Icthyis, "I'd let him, but I want to see where it's landed. Might can figure out where the rest of it is if I can find the currents and how fast they are."

D'had ducks down beside the fire pit. Its cold he finds just in time for the others to have found something as well. Their calls bring him back to his feet. "See if you can," he agrees to Vrizana with a nod. "If you need a hand let me know and we'll get Sie on it." But being that he's going to be little help with the inspection of underwater wreckage its towards Xylaihl that goes. Interesting.

Xylaihl is peering into the rough shelter. It's still standing, still habitable, but the woman mutters, "It's not pretty, and it won't last forever. Someone was here, recently. Can't say how long ago, though." she has to admit, with a furrowed brow.

Vrizana grins and pats Icthyis again. "Wait here, luv," she tells him, wading back out and jogging towards her gear. Flippers, mask, and tanks. These she gathers up, placing the mask at her head, the flippers in one hand, and the tank over her shoulder as she heads back towards the water. She whistles as she goes, sounding quite cheerful. Beyond, her delphian partner spots her coming and starts to breach happily. It's easy to please him: just get Vri in the water for a bit, apparently. She dons her stuff on the shoreline, flippers and then tank, gets it all set up, and heads out into the drink again. It's only when she's there that she fixes up her goggles and the covering for her head, all while Icky arcs in jumps around her. "Silly dolphin," she mutters affectionately.

D'had nods, giving the structure a poke as if that might somehow tell him something. "Well I think we've pretty well figure someone was here at least," he comments, if only to himself. Now if only they could find out who. That'd be a nice help. "I'm gonna see what she's found out there," he notes to Xylaihl, nodding towards the water, but just as he turns his back there's a rustle in the foliage.

Xylaihl catches the rustling, and jumps back, blinking. "Er, did you, hear that? See that? The leaves rustled, there." she points, whether anyone's looking or not, and takes another step backwards, frowning at the foliage. "Probably just some … animal." she mutters, moving over towards the shore line to see what Vrizana is up to out there, though she keeps glancing back to the tree line.

Vrizana catches a ride on her companion out to where he said he saw the wreckage bit, and then dives. Icthyis actually leads her all the way down and over to it, head-down and pointing at it from above while twisting and turning in the water, mouth open. If he could tell her things there, he would! Spotting the piece, she has a good look around the area in regards to the current that probably carried it there before attempting to raise it from the bottom of the cove. It's large, yet buoyant enough in the water for her to get it up to the surface. Treading half on her back, she kicks off towards the shore with it in tow.

D'had glances back towards the greenrider, raising a brow at her reaction. "Probably just an animal," he agrees with a shrug, continuing towards the water. "You need a hand?" he calls out to Vrizana, "Or you two got a handle on that out there?" There's another rustle from the vegetation, this one catching Siebith's attention as well, both of the blue pair turning from the water towards the sound.

The rustle is followed by another sound, the sound of a voice. The crackling sound of a voice too long unused or used to much, "Hello?" croaks in question.

Xylaihl stops dead, and whirls around, blinking at the sound of the rustling, and whispering, "I'm /sure/ I heard something…" moving cautiously closer. Xvetaoth lumbers over to back her rider up, though the foliage is really too dense for the green to be of much use if the woman finds herself in there. "Er. Hello?" the greenrider calls out, with a frown.
"Got it!" Vrizana calls back, finally reaching the shallows enough to get her feet under her. She's a bit stronger than she looks, and heaves the piece up and out. Wood, waterlogged wood at that, is heavier even when it's small, and this piece is approximately half her height. She sets it on the sand well away from the water's edge and pants slightly as she looks towards the others. Pulling off her gear to set it aside, she calls towards them, "What've you found?"

D'had nods in response to Vrizana though he's only half paying attention to what she's saying. "Stay there," he shoots towards, holding a hand up behind him to emphasis his words as he takes a step back towards Xylaihl pausing beside her. "Come out where we can see you," he orders the unknown voice. With things the way they've been one can't be too careful.

The bushes at the edge of the beach near where the shelter was found rustle once more as a very tan, very lean man makes his appearance. "You,… you're real?" he half questions in that dry voice of his as he eyes up those on the beach.

Xylaihl blinks at the man, and nods. "Yes, yes, we're real." she says, shaking her head slowly. Poor man. "How… Shards…" she mutters, and shakes her head, too stunned to think of what to say. Xvetaoth backs away a little, so as not to overwhelm the man. The green doesn't seem to think he poses a threat.

Vrizana doesn't move from where she is, frowning towards the two riders. "Just let me know when it's safe to come on over," she calls towards them. She then turns and crouches near the wood she's dragged up, examining it for signs of damage or other tell-tale markings.

D'had just stares at the man for a long while, trying to determine his origins perhaps. "Right.. I'm sure you're hungry or something." he comments, wanting to get on to the questioning, but somehow skipping right to it doesn't seem quite appropriate either.

The man comes tottering out as quickly as he can, looking /very/ pleased to see the riders and the dolphineer. "Rescue?" he asks, in that raspy voice. "Someone came! Someone really came!" he seems a little choked up, can't really say much else, but he does nod when he hears the word 'hungry'.

Xylaihl looks at the man, and smiles a little, but she's clearly at a loss. There's a frown then, and she runs back to Xvetaoth, reaching into one of the saddlebags. She comes back with a couple of meatrolls, grimacing. "It, er… It's not /much/."

"You," D'had starts, but then the green rider is already on it and searching out food for the man. The blue rider simply nods, "Its a big coast," he notes, but it would seem like they finally found the right bit of it. He waits impatiently a bit longer, sending a glance back towards the dolphineer. She'd say if she found anything worth mentioning, wouldn't she? Back to the man, and once he's managed a bit or two of those meatrolls he's on to his questions. The primary one being, "What happened?" A question to which the man has very little insight to share.

Xylaihl frowns a little, and really doesn't know what to say or do now. This isn't normally her job, and she really looks rather sad for the poor man. Xvetaoth croons a little at her rider, and moves closer again, seemingly unable to decide just where to sit.

Vrizana shakes her head and rises again. She watches the trio distant and, curiosity higher than her self-preservation given they haven't said it's safe just yet, she takes her wet-suit clad person over towards them. Barefoot or not, she doesn't seem bothered by the terrain. "Nothing to report on the wood found," she remarks with a sigh. "Other than it's wood that's too new to have been there long. Most likely part of our lost vessel; however, there's nothing on it that shows foul play, or really gives a clue as to what happened to it. It's probably a part that broke off naturally during the sinking." She looks at the survivor in question for a moment and asks him, "What's your name?" Her brows lift slightly. She doesn't, perhaps, like calling people, 'you'.

"Right…," D'had nods, it having been confirmed that there's no one else with the man. "I think we've found enough for one trip," he adds, turning a glance towards Vrizana as she joins them and gives her report. "Pack it up," What little there is to actually pack.

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