One, Two, Three.. Jump!

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

It's a sizzling hot Summer afternoon at Xanadu, the humidity plus heat taking it's toll on some of the Weyr's population this sevenday. That might explain the very wide brimmed hat that Kera has on today. The awlm is dressed very casually today. A light colored t-shirt, shorts and sandals as she stroll to the beach with Moncerath. The older green doing that awkward ground waddle that dragons do when they are keeping pace with their slow riders. A stuffed satchel is slung over Kera's shoulder and the greenrider has a water bottle clutched in her hand, Moncerath, oddly, is without her straps today. Ahead, a few weyrling pairs are gathered and she observes them at play as she and her dragonmate inch closer to the youngling pairs.

The beach is the perfect sort of place to get at least a bit of a break from the heat and humidity, and Ricki and Iczobyth are amongst those taking advantage of it. Iczy is currently charging headfirst into the waves, crashing through them as they break and spreading her wings out to let nature carry her back to shore. Ricki, for her part, is considerably less wet - currently standing in in the shallows where the waves generally don't get past her knees - generally. « -Relax- Ricki, and come in the water » She croons, even as she is riding another wave in, one which deposits her at Ricki's feet, her muzzle resting hopefully next to her life mate.

Kera tilts her bottle up and takes a few sips as her attention focuses on the young green, drifting across the water happily. She refrains from snorting in amusement as the growing dragon seems to 'beach' herself at her rider's feet. The young woman actually 'standing' in the water is given an approving nod. Baby steps. Gaze drifts over to a young blue pair training a bit further along the beach and frowns after another moment of watching. Taking another drink and caps it and leans against Moncerath's shoulder. "Go ahead and call them over Mon." An acknowledging snort sends a bit of sand stirring before the old green's mental voice reaches to the young dragons « Today is an exciting day young ones! Time to gather and pay attention. »

The call from the older green catches Iczobyth's attention and she is suddenly sitting up straight, apparently trying to keep Tsari's lessons on ~poise~ in mind as she listens to Mon. Tail flicks absently, she will never be -completely- still, and an eye shifts to her lifemate. "Oh, go, go, I'll be right there." And with those words, all poise is lost as Iczy is tearing across the sands, graceful for a dragon on the ground, skidding to a stop near Kera and her lifemate, while Ricki follows at a much more subdued pace. The human half, for her part, nods her head to Kera, "Ma'am.." She offers softly, even as a hand goes to Iczy's shoulder, and the green slowly starts to calm down and focus.

Moncerath shifts her wing to shield her rider from the spray of sand from Iczobyth's enthusiastic arrival. No sand actually reaches the older pair, but that doesn't keep Kera from chuckling at her observations. Righting her wing again, Moncerath extends her muzzle towards Iczobyth « Mine is pleased with how you move. » The old dragon's muzzle canting toward the waves « Are their many fish to chase today? » Kera, having heard her dragonmate's thoughts, barks out a laugh and pushes away from her dragonmate's shoulder "Later sweety." A nod to Ricki when she approaches. "Afternoon Weyrling." The woman shrugs the satchel off her shoulder and starts rummaging around inside, plucking out a fresh water bottle and offering it to the younger greenrider. "Here, drink up. People of all ages have been dropping left and right from the heat." The bottle is passed over and she waves the other lings over for bottles as well. She eyes the other pairs with a critical eye.

Iczobyth doesn't even have the sense to look particularly ashamed as Moncerath is forced to shield Kera from a sand-spray, but she does peer at Kera, one wing lifting between the weyrlingmaster and Ricki as the satchel is lifted. "Iczy, enough.." Ricki murmurs, gently pushing on the leading edge until the wing folds back up, and the weyrling is obediently grabbing and downing a portion of the water bottle. "Thank you.. She doesn't understand why I can't go swimming for -just a second- with my uniform." Eyes roll, and Iczobyth snorts, peering down at her life mate with purple-tinged eyes. « Your uniform is like my hide. It will dry. » Another eyeroll, and Ricki is just patting a green side to get her to turn her attention back to Kera and Mon.

Kera offers over another bottle and then tosses the satchel out of the way of coming activities. She's pointedly looking over the young dragons and stops in front of the blue pair, canting her head as the young boy has some of the water. "You'll both need to sit out and observe your clutch siblings for right now. Afterwards, have a dragonhealer look over his back paw." Kera doesn't bother mentioning which one, since it's obvious which one the young blue is favoring. The greenrider's attention goes then to the others "Okay everyone. You'r dragons are growing strong. Soon they'll be hunting their own meals, which means no more cutting meat for you lot." A grin is flashed around the pairs. "I'm going to look over each of your dragonmates. Barring any injuries I find, we'll get your dragons up in the air today." For a few seconds at least. First up, Ricki. "May I?" She gestures to Iczobyth, as if asking permission to invade the dragon's space. "How is she feeling today Weyrling?"

Is that.. a bit of laughter as the blue pair gets turned down? Surely not. Iczobyth is watching the blue pair rather intently, and so she doesn't even notice as Kera is stepping up to her, resulting in a soft mental yelp as she realizes it. The green recovers after a moment, shifting to stretch out her wings and stand still - or as still as she can manage - for Kera's inspection. « Where is Tsari now. I need him to remind me how to do this. » Not that she will ever admit such to her brother. Ricki waves a hand to indicate to Kera she is free to proceed, finishing off her first water bottle before answering. "Aside from incredibly antsy, she hasn't complained about anything. Well, anything sides me not swimming with her."

Talanoath is here! All is well! No one freak out! The brown appears with a slow sway of his tail and waggle of his wings as there is a swirl of amusement crosses his gaze. « I told you we wouldn't miss it! I am here!! » He offers wth a bugle as he bounds along towards the others sending sand flying in all directions in the process. Nailii is following as quickly as she can. "Slow it down!" Not that this will work upon the brown, it never has before after all.

Kera steps closer as Moncerath waddles a short distance away from the young dragons, observing as she seems to stretch out her wings and limbs. Kera steps forward after Iczobyth extends her wings. It's not lost on the older rider that the young dragon seems to have a problem remaining completely motionless. With a practiced hand, Kera runs her hands along the young one's sails, then moves her inspection towards how well developed her chest muscles are and so on. At the brownling pair's approach, Kera peers around Iczobyth's wing and gives an acknowledging salute before finishing her inspection. Moncerath warbles to the newly arrived brown « You almost missed out young one. Mine wants you with the others. And time to stretch. » The old dragons thoughts reaching out to all dragons present. Kera moves back over to Ricki with an approving nod "Looking good Iczobyth." A grin then she goes on "When it's time, she'll go first. Run her through warm up stretches while I look the others over." Then the AWLM is circling around chunky looking blue with long but slightly narrow wings.

It seems that Kera finished her inspection not a moment too soon, for Talanoath's energetic arrival seems to be contagious, as the wiggles proceed to take over Iczobyth from head to to. « I knew I would be cleared! Ricki, Ricki, did you hear, we are going first! » And despite any reluctance Ricki may have had to that role, she seems resigned to it, sighing as she waves a hand at Iczy. "You can't go first if you don't stretch. You heard her.." And the weyrling is moving to try and step the smaller green backwards, to give her room. "Just like we've practiced now.." It takes a bit, but finally Iczy gets into an appropriate rhythm - though she continues to watch her brown brother over Ricki's shoulder.

Talanoath tilts his head as she finally comes to a stop over there at the end of the line? REALLY! A huff escapes the brown but he does as told while shifting and wiggling on his paws, the large brown is all ants in his pants at the moment as he hardly can stay still it seems. « Ok ok! I can stretch with the /best/ of them! » As if to make point those large wngs of his lift upwards, then comes limbs, one front, then a back then the other Rickiside. Just watch him go! Nailii takes n a breath while glancing to her lifemate and looks a bit amused before she looks to Kera. "I'm sorry for being a bit late. It won't happen again."

Kera takes a few moments checking the oddly shaped blue over and speaking with his rider before nodding and heading towards Talanoath. In her wake, blue wings zip out with a snap as pre-flight stretching begins all over the beach. Kera grins at the young brown as he begins to systematically limber up. Pausing out of 'flailing' range, the greenrider simply nods, not very upset at the Dragonhealing brownling's late arrival. "Don't worry Nailii. You're not really late. Moncerath's just eager to see all of your in the air." She gestures to the brown "How's he feeling? Fit to test his wings today?" Some may notice that Kera doesn't really examine the brown as intently as she did the other young dragons. She calls out to Ricki across the beach "She about ready over there?"

« AM I READY?? I WAS BORN READY! » And there goes Iczobyth, mimicking her dam now, and possibly leaving those who weren't expecting it with ringing ears. At least she seems to have abandoned some of Leirith's preferred phrases. Iczy is practically bouncing on her hind limbs, wings spread wide as she wait with exactly no patience at all for Ricki to reply to Kera, "Yes ma'am, I uh, I think she is ready." Ricki, for her part is scrambling to get across the sand and out of the over-eager weyrling's flightpath. You know, just in case.

Nailii eyes Talanoath slightly and shits to steps back out of the way of a wing that is getting stretched out so close to her. A faint shake of her head is seen and she shifts to the side to watch Talanoath. « I am good! I am ready! Let me show ya how it's done! » He is warbling out with a wiggle and a hop in the sands before he pauses seing how close Kera is not wanting to knock the other over. His head lowers and he is crooning out with a bit of eagerness clearly seen swirling in his gaze. "His doing well, no complaints in the least." Nailii glances over to Ricki and Iczobyth and grins. "I think she is ready too."

Kera grins brightly at Talanoath and Iczobyth's enthusiasm, but has to end up being the harsh to their buzz. "Any dragon that leaves the ground before given permission, will be grounded for a sevenday." Attention goes back to the brownling, nodding at the woman's assessment. "Good to hear. Oh, that reminds me, afterwards please check on Binyeth." A gesture towards a young blue crouched with his rider a short distance from the group, simply observing their fellow weyrlings. "He was limping so bad up the beach that I didn't even need to check him over. Seemed like an issue with his back paw." Another look over the brown and she laughs "He really is a rip raring to go huh?" Stepping away, she gestures to where Moncerath has finished up her warmups and crouches. "Alright, pay attention now. Moncerath will demonstrate and short flight for you. She'll leap from that hill, pump her wings a few times, then glide down to touch back down on the beach. Are there any questions?" Her attention slips from one face to another as her dragonmate waddles to the top of the tall mound of sand.

Iczobyth may be antsy, but she knows that breaking some rules result in absolutely no fun at all, whatsoever. And so, as she hears Kera's warning, the green deflates just a little, though the wiggle remain in her tail as she crouches, her attention shifting to watch Moncerath. Faceted eyes whirl a little faster than normal as she waits, ready to watch and memorize, before it is her turn to attempt it. "No ma'am, no questions." Ricki offers, even as she is catching the end of her lifemate's tail, staying mostly out of range of wings, limbs, or whatever else might be moving due to over enthusiasm, but still offer a bit of physical touch.

"Everyday… This is typically how he is." Nailii says with an amused tone and slight shake of her head at the thought as she looks to her dragon once more then over to Binyeth at the comment of something being wrong. "Of course…" She has questions already rolling in her mind but she pulls her attention back to the matter at hand. Talanoath warbles out at the talk of being grounded, so close… SO CLOSE! He shifts and is son resting in a crouch watching ever so closely what it to happen and listening to the commands given. Nailii shakes her head slightly. "No questions from us either."

Kera nods all around when no one wants to voice a question right now, and turns to watch her lifemate flexing her wings a couple of times before setting them loosely at the ready along her sides. "Alright, close attention to how she bunches up her muscles in preparation." Moncerath puts her rider's words to actions, crouching, haunches wiggling as the older dragon shuffles her paws forward just so. Then, with exaggerated movements that sharp dragon facets are sure to catch, Moncerath pushes off with her front legs a split second before her back limbs do most of the work and leap up from the mound. Wings snap out, pumping at the air, once, twice and three times. Each wingbeat pushing Moncerath higher and higher over the beach. After the third wingpump, Moncerath warbles excitedly at showing the young dragons their first 'steps' to flying. Green sails stretch on either of her for a few seconds before Mon backwings to land lightly on the beach. Kera nods and peers around "Alright, she made the landing look easy, but landing injuries are common for young dragons just learning." Thankfully, there is a skilled dragonhealer quite handy for any injuries that may occur. "Well, if there are no questions, then Ricki. Please have Iczobyth take her first turn."

With a tilted head, Iczobyth watches each and every movement by Moncerath, pondering, moving her wings and body in without leaving the ground. And then, its her turn, and she is bounding towards the hill, quickly moving to the top and positioning herself on the edge, wings spread. « It is my turn! » She declares, before she is crouching and launching herself.. well upwards isn't quite right. Outwards, perhaps. One wing stroke, two wing strokes… The third is cut short as the ground draws near, and Iczobyth is sliding into the sand, though the majority of the landing is on her hind limbs. « I can't wait to tell Tsari! » She declares, even as she is glancing around her proudly, Ricki motioning her out of the way. "Ok, good job Iczy, lets move so the others can go.." She offers, coaxing her life mate out of the landing area.

Nailii watches with a curious look at everything that Moncerath does before glancing back to Talanoath whom is actually quiet for a moment. Surprise for everyone! With Iczobyth up first Nailii looks back with a smile as she goes forth and does well. "Great job!" Is offered with a clap even. Talanoath wiggles on his haunches, tail slowly swaying and his wings flick and flicker at his sides while he waits for his turn. « Our turn?…> Is questioned to his lifemate, and for once ONLY her. "Not yet." The brown is basically pouting at the moment while he waits.

Moncerath watches the young green as she takes to the air briefly and executes a good landing « Well done Iczobyth. Are you hurt? » Kera watches the first flight and claps enthusiastically when the young dragon slides in for a landing. "Nice job!" Once the way is cleared, Kera calls out to the chunky blueling with narrow wings "Next!" The pair young blue waddles to the top of the mound as Kera peers to Ricki. "How does she feel? Any twinges or pains in her wings or from her landing?" Catching Nailii's eye "After his clutchmate clears the way, Talanoath can take his first turn." The Awlm looks back to watch the young blue leap up and billow his wings a couple of times before he lands hard. Kera winces and calls out to Nailii again when the blue is slow to limp out of the way "May need to tend to him as well Weyrling."

Iczobyth lingers for another moment before she is bouncing back to her feet, sand going basically everywhere as she clears the landing spot. « Why would I be hurt? That was exactly what I meant to do! » The green replies cheerfully, even as she is swiveling around to peer at the hill as the other weyrlings begin taking their turns. "I think she is fine.. And cannot wait to do it again." Emphasizing Ricki's words, Iczy is spreading and folding her wings again and again, moving from crouch to stretch to crouch.

Nailii watches Iczobyth as she is up and moving, a glance sent to Ricki to make sure all is well. A smile and nod is soon seen. "She did great." She offers before there is talk of her possibly needing to tend to someone as she may have missed the blue's landing. "Oh dear…" Though before she can even attempt to check on the blue Talanoath is making his way towards the hill in a almost bouncing sort of movement. His head lifts as he is curious to watch his blue clutchmate limp off and a bit of worry is seen for a moment before it's HIS TURN! « Watch me rock it! » Though you know, only when there is the ability for him to do so, he knows how to follow rules honestly. He crouches there upon the top of the hill and is pushing upwards with front limbs before leaping up into the air with a powerful thrust of his hindlegs. Wings flick open, they flap once, and then twice and then a third time getting him a good bit of lift in the air before he is gliding downwards towards the landing area. Talanoath does his best to do a GREAT landing, which almost seems to work before his front half gets to far ahead and he goes rolling forward and nosebombs the sand but at least keeps his wings out of any damage as his frontlimbs took most of the effort of said landing which also sends sand flying all sort of ways. "Oh for…" Nailii mutters and covers her face with a hand slightly even while she is trying to figure out if her dragon is still in one piece. No she is't freaking out, yet anyway.

Kera watches Talanoath as he takes his turn, nodding as he comes in for a landing then wincing again as the big brown takes the shoveling in landing method. "Okay, he'll get better with each flight. As long as he isn't injured, it's a good landing." Her attention swings around to the group with a proud grin. "Great job everyone. Those that are up for it, can take one more turn. Then you all need to gather around again." She gestures for Iczobyth to proceed if she likes.

Would she like to?! Iczobyth is headed back towards the hill at full speed, though she does pause for a moment to peer at her larger brother as he doesn't -quite- nail the landing. « So close, Talanoath. Maybe lean back a little more. » Yes, because listening to a dragon who has "flown" exactly once in her life is a great idea. Ricki just covers her face with a hand, sighing softly and shaking her head. "Sorry, Nailii.." She calls over, shaking her head again, though her attention snaps to her lifemate as the green reaches the top of the hill, and rather than actually following directions - proceeds to take what could be a running start off the hill - this time the "up" is better, and she gets in three wingstrokes. However, she seems to forget that leaving one's wings open is paramount when attempting to fly, because it is with a dull thud and a puff of sand that she makes impact, having missed the whole.. 'glide' thing. As the sand clears, however, she is crooning loudly. « AGAIN? » But Ricki is already at her side, checking her over just in case, muttering under her breath as she motions it is ok and for the others to go.

Talanoath is up a bit slow at first, but his up and shaking his wings out and then the rest of him. « I'M OK! » Well people may beg to differ on that but Nailii looks a bit at ease once Talanoath is moving back over to her, she is clearly watching him walk and once she is able to put her hands on the brown checking his wings and then even his face. "You could have hurt yourself…" She is heard grumbling out athim and the brown just rumbles a bit while glancing over to Iczobyth and looks a bit amused after the tip he was given to see the ending there. « Try opening your wings a bit more, almost had it! » He offers back with a eager croon before glancing to his rider. Nailii shrugs a give and points to the hill. Talanoath is up and warbling out before bounding over to the hill once more. Seems he isn't hurt from the way he is moving. He'll wait for make sure no one else is going to go, or if they did they move and then he is wiggling about, crouching and leaping into the air once more. « WATCH ME SOAR! » his wings flap once, twice and then a third time while those large sails of his catch a bit of air and sed him gliding a bit further then he planned on. For a moment be panics and Nailii is just watching wide eyed and looking a bi pail. Though… In the end Tala lands and only does a slight stumbling hop in the process. Talanoath bugles out, wings open but he is very much planted on the ground.

Kera chuckles at the young dragon's excited manner as they get their first taste of flight. After several of them have taken another turn, she claps for them all and gestures for them all to drift closer "Great job everyone. Really great job. Okie, no more flights for the rest of the day. Get them fed. They'll be hungry after this. Some of you see Weyrling Nailii after she see to her lifemate. You know who you are." A few glances around to a couple of weyrlings with injured dragons. "Okay. From now on, your dragons should work on flying. Starting with the short hops and working up to longer and longer flights. Make them rest between each flight and if they need more meat, well, at least they'll be catching their own meals soon." Kera grins around "Oh! And the summer days are taking their toll on people. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Don't want to be called into help overwhelmed healers cause the Weyrlings are dropping from heat exhaustion. Any questions about anything?"

Iczobyth is acting much like a child who is perfectly okay and doesn't need to be fussed at by mom, snorting and going in circles to keep Ricki from double checking anything. Giving up the battle, the human half of the pair leaves the green to her own antsy circles, shaking her head at Kera. "No ma'am, no questions." And she glances at Iczy with narrowed eyes. "I know you heard that, though, Iczy, no more flying today." The green stills to stare at her, before it seems the battle is won. « I cannot wait to tell Tsarziath. » And at least the argument will become someone else's problem shortly. "Thank you.." She offers to Kera as an afterthought, even as she is nudging Iczobyth back towards the barracks - and meat and the inevitable bath that will have to occur after that.

Nailii quietly eyes Talanoath as he makes hi way back to her and the others, his movement bounding and his wings tucked close to his side. « It was so epic… I'll have a great tale to bring up later, just you wait. It will be AWESOME! » Nailii smirks slightly and sighs a bit before looking back to Kera and nods. "Yes ma'am, and no questions at the moment at least." As for the two blues in question she is going to go tend to them while Talanoath is all bouncy and like a spring with excitement. « Rosaelyth will want to hear it, just you wait. » "I want to hear it too, just not right this moment." Nailii says baci to her dear dragon with an amused tone.

Kera makes sure everyone has no excuses over the very hot days Xanadu is currently having. "It won't be long before you'll be flying with your lifemates. So we need to make sure you are strong enough as well. So, bright and early in the morning, I'll expect each of you young riders to join me here and we'll do a few laps around Xanadu before breakfast." A jaunty salute to the young riders and she starts towards Moncerath before pausing and calling back "And don't forget your weighted satchels. You'll need them for our brisk hike." Smiling, Kera waves once more to the Weyrlings and heads off the beach with her dragonmate.

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