Racing into Summer

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach
With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

The turning of seasons is always gradual, but the subtle hints are there if one looks for them. The somewhat longer days. A vague rise in temperature. Flowers blooming that hadn't yet shown themselves during the warmish days of spring. Summer is creeping towards Xanadu, and somehow, that makes this 'spring fever' thing even worse! Study study study. That's all Ka'el has been doing for the past some days. And some days, when he's not within the weyrling classes, the bronzer has been difficult to find altogether! How does one hide himself and a twenty two foot long dragon? Well that's for him to know and others to find out! But for now, both he and Kanekith are not difficult to find. At all, actually. The bronze and weyrling pair have just completed another practice of strap sewing, tutored by the unlikely Jnelle who is curiously pretty good at it, and are making their way down to the beach. Ka'el has a towel over his shoulders and is dressed in a tshirt and long shorts. Shoes are nowhere to be seen, and his eyes are set determinedly on the water.

Idrissa has been doing her own studying, and more studying, and yes well one can get the picture after all. Though for now Tahryth and Rissa are wandering along the shore, the pair seems to have went for a swim at some point, there both wet and the beastcrafter has a towel pulled around her. The towel covers enough, though her scars are somewhat seen. Tahryth soon catches sight of the bronze, there is a rumble and then a bugle to greet him while they all seem to be heading in a general direction to meet somewhere in the middle.

Kanekith doesn't have to wonder what his rider is up to. With that look on his face, it's obvious that Ka'el is up to something, and having a mindlink helps to keep secrets nonexistent between the two. It's unfortunate sometimes. But right now, Ka'el doesn't mind Kanekith's prodding, and he grins as the two get closer to the water. And closer to Tahryth and Idrissa, which has that grin shifting a little to something a bit more hesitant. Kanekith rumbles a low greeting to his clutchmate, and Ka'el speaks one to Idrissa. "Hey Idrissa.." He pauses there, words failing. Will it always be awkward? Ah, shard it. He gestures to the water. "Wanna ride with us?" he asks, unable to keep the mischievous grin from showing itself again.

Idrissa watches both Ka'el and Kanekith a few moments, a curious glance sent towards Tahryth, the green is already moving towards the waves once more. Darn dragon would much rather stay in the water lately. "Ride?" Rissa questions with a glance back towards Ka'el, she doesn't seem to follow what he means by a 'ride'. As for that awkward bird, oh yeah it isn't going away anytime soon.

"Right. Ride," confirms Ka'el with a single nod of his head, that troublesome grin remaining. "Y'know, some of us call ourselves 'riders'. Some people call us riders as well. But … I dunno about you, but I don't haven't been 'riding' anything. So, I figure, why make liars out've ourselves and the people of Xanadu? They want to cal us riders, then we'd better start ridin'." At this point, he allows his towel to slip to the ground to free his hands to pull his tshirt of over his head. *cue catcalls and whistling!* "I'm going to ride Kanekith." To this, the bronze expresses his approval of this plan with flapped wings and a screeched call as his clawed feet splash into the shallows. "So. Do you wanna ride with me?"

Idrissa tilts her head while Ka'el as she ponders this idea it seems, a soft ah escapes her and she glances over to Kanekith whom is off eager to go into the water it seems. As for the catcalls and whistling because Ka'el takes the shirt off, good luck, not from this one. "I don't think so." Is said with a soft tone even though Tahryth doesn't seem to be taking no for an answer. The green makes her way out from the waves and pushes her head against her rider's form and is actually pushing her towards the waves. "Tahryth.." Is half hisses out.

Wait. .. No? Ka'el cocks a brow at her, as if not understanding her answer. "You don't…think so?" Does not compute! But, ah maybe she's worried about hurting her dragon. That's reasonable …. he supposes. The faltering grin regains strength at Tahryth's antics. See? She has the right attitude! "It's alright. I've thought it over. See, they're big enough now to hold us. I heard we're gonna start mountin' them soon," a beaming grin is given to Kanekith at that, apparently looking forward to that. Being on a dragon's back is essential to flying with one! "So we're goin' to be doing this anyway. Might as well get a feel for it, right? An' being in the water makes it safer. There's no fallin' on for us, and for them, we're going to feel lighter than we really are. So no strain or anything." He tries to persuade as Tahryth nudges her, and he takes bare-foot steps towards the water. "It'll be fun."

Idrissa smirks at Ka'el about to say something before she is looking at the water and ponders. "Well I guess you sorta have a point there." She looks to Tahryth and shakes her head before pointing at the water. "Get on into the water then." With this said Rissa pulls off that towel, she has a bikini top, and swim shorts on, those scars of hers rather easy to see across her shoulder, back and arms. Not to mention well, curves which yes she has, muscling still seen and the whole bit but she is getting more of a fgure for sure. Tahryth is thrilled at this, soft bugles escaping the green and she is splashing back into the water.

"Of course I have a point," says Ka'el who begins wandering towards the water, apparently willing to do this with or without her. 'With' would just be more fun. Or at least, it ought to be and would been months prior. By now, Kanekith has waded til the water is at his belly, and there he has stopped to watch and impatiently wait for his rider to join. Ka'el offers a grin to Idrissa as she agrees to come along, his eyes not lingering on her long before he's in the water, splashing in the shallows and heading for the deeper portion of the lake. "Tahryth can swim, right?" he asks even though he's seen her splashing about plenty. Splashing doesn't equal swimming!

"Yeah she can swim. Why couldn't she?" Idrissa questions with a glance over to Ka'el pondering this for a few moments it seems. With this said she is moving on into the water once more. "So what is your mast plan this time?" There talking, somewhat it seems. Tahryth is bobbing along in the waves, waiting for both riders to catch up it would seem.

Ka'el gives a gentle shrug. "Just askin'. I don't pretend to know what any other dragon can do but Kanekith. Shards, I didn't even know dragons could swim til I saw him an' Kalsuoth do it," he has no problem admitting, smirking gently at the memory. Kanekith's wings lift, spread, and flap against he water's surface, kicking up sprays of water, remembering that day along with Ka'el. « No one will doubt my swimming. The first day, I swam the deepest! » is projected to all (other than Idrissa), making sure no one forgets. Ka'el laughs and gestures for Idrissa to follow. "The plan," he says as he wades further out, heading to Kanekith, "is to get out there deep enough, get on his back,…and ride." Such a master plan he has! As the sandy, rocky bottom drops lower, he begins to swim.

Luraoth comes along the water's edge from the main beach, scampering from one bit of disturbed sand to the next. She inspects them carefully, sometimes lifting a paw to dig into the wet sand. Nope… nope… aha! There's one. This time, as she digs, a spiderclaw emerges from its disturbed burrow. The gold dragon's jaw swoop in to snatch it up. Crack! Crunch! Gnawr. Further back, Soriana walks with T'bor, talking with her fellow weyrling as they come back from the feeding grounds and blue Cayceth trails behind. "Nah, you don't usually have to worry about scrapes like that," Soriana's just saying. "I mean, y'can put some numbweed one, but that sorta thing happens sometimes when you're hunting." T'bor nods, but he's distracted from saying more by the echo in Cayceth's head of Luraoth's crunchings and munchings. Instead, he just glances toward the gold dragon on the shore.

Idrissa shrugs a bit as she recalls that first day when the much smaller dragons where off in the water that first time. "Well yeah there was that time." She tilts her head while moving further into the water, heading on over to where Tahryth is and lets a arm curl around her dragon's neck for a moment. "So have you done this before then?" The question sent to Ka'el as she peers over to him and Kanekith now. Tahryth warbles out towards her bronze sibling. « You was not to smart that day. You worried yours, what would have happened if something went wrong? » There is a slight tibbhit sent out even. Once the green catches sight of Luraoth in the water a bugle is sent towards the gold.

"Nope," comes Ka'el's reply, though talking ceases as he concentrates on getting out to Kanekith, who isn't making things easier by coming any closer. No, he has faith in his rider! You can do it, Ka'el! And he does, making it out to his bronze and hooking an arm around the base of his neck to hold on to. He grins triumphantly. "But how hard can it be?" he calls out to Idrissa. "Dolphincrafters ride dolphins all the time, and they're loads smaller!" Well .. sort of ride. More like, 'are dragged about by' but hey, details are not important here. Kanekith passes a mental shadow over Tahryth at her comment. « My intelligence was not in question. I knew then what I was capable of. He only had to learn it himself. » His legs begin to move, pulling himself out further into the lake, dragging a gleeful Ka'el along with him. The weyrling waves an arm up to those on shore, spotting the gold and blue riders. "Heeey! Come ridin' with us!"

Crunch, munch. Fortunately for the sake of manners, Luraoth can still talk with her mouth full! « Hello! » she sends to Tahryth and Kanekith as she chews, the word backed by assorted popping noises. Mm, dislocating limbs and cracking shells. Everyone's favorite, right? One of the spiderclaw legs tries to escape, and her tongue flicks out to corral it back inside her jaws. Snap. Soriana glances over to her dragon, but it's just to smile for Luraoth's 'dessert' before looking out into the water. Is that? Oh hey. She waves out in that direction, then looks back to T'bor. "You up for a swim?" The bluerider hesitates, but as Sori adds, "It'll be fun," he nods agreement. Still, Soriana's the first one of the new arrivals to hit the waves… well, second. Luraoth, what with already practically being there, is the actual first. Soriana has to stop and kick off her boots, after all. And strip some of those outer layers of clothing, to get down to the ones she doesn't mind having temporarily soaked. Into the waves she wades!

Tahryth doesn't comment back to Kanekith, the green peering at the bronze, head tilting and a slight warble escaping her. Seems she doesn't fully agree with that idea, but at least she is not commenting on it! Idrissa glances over and she smiles to Soriana waving over to her. "Hey Soriana, T'bor." Well this should make it a bit easier to handle then it just being her and Ka'el.

Good, others! This will soon be a party, and Ka'el definitely loves parties. They just need some food and ale and a few more scantily clad girls and Operation Beginning of Summer will be a go! Kanekith loops around and paddles back towards shallower waters, though doesn't go near enough that his claws touch the bottom. A shadow of a greeting is given to both blue and gold before he barks impatiently « Get your riders! We shall see who is the fastest in the water with their rider climbed upon their back. These are the rules, can you hear me? If your rider falls, you lose! » Ah, such confidence! Such command! One would think he's done this before.

T'bor watches for a moment, not yet following… at least not until Kanekith summons him! He blinks as Cayceth tilts his head and nudges him, then nods. "Hey," he replies with a wave, and strips for swim-time. « Are there other rules? » Cayceth asks as he and his rider move together into the water, wading deeper side by side. Luraoth needed no extra encouragement - she's already leading the way for her rider. Partway in, she stops briefly to duck her head down and inspect the lake bottom through filmed eyes. Was that a mollusk she saw? …nope. No such luck. Up her head lifts again, and she sends mental splashings to Kanekith while bounding a step deeper, until the water laps up over her sides with physical splashes. « I hear you. We will swim together! »

Soriana grins, half-wading, half-swimming out to Luraoth's side, and drapes her arm over the gold's shoulder as she waves (again) with the other one.

Idrissa hangs back in the water waiting for the others to join up it seems, she shifts and is soon half sitting upon Tahryth's shoulders which in the water she basicly weighs well nothing so it all works out, right? Sure! The green bugles out once more as she paddles around in a circle, taking her rider for well a ride. « This is easy! Just no falling off? Anyone can do that! » This is offered out to all the dragons here, and to her rider as well.

Ka'el soon clambers upon Kanekith's back. Thanks to the water, and the fact that the bronze can submerge himself to help him out a little, the process isn't as cumbersome as it may be, say, when they do so on land! As for straps and whatever else that keeps a rider secure in air? Not necessary when in water! All Ka'el has to hold onto is Kanekith's neck and strong shoulders, legs squeezing a bit. « Not everything is easy » retorts the bronze to green, carefully spreading his wings, testing them out with Ka'el there. « This is a challenge! We shall swim to the center and back to where the water laps the sand. » His mind projects just whereabout he feels the center of the lake is, using shoreline landmarks as a guide. « And we shall begin where I stand now! » Wings very slowly fold before he moves back, back, til the water is just at his knees. « Those are the rules. Are they fair? » Ka'el surely hangs on now that the water level is a bit lower, but he doesn't fall off! Phew. "Riders, up!"

Soriana glances to Luraoth briefly, and then with a somewhat more lingering gaze at the others - Tahryth and Cayceth, mostly, since they're the smallest. The dragonhealer gears grind in her head, and then she nods to herself and makes no objections to anyone else. Luraoth ducks her head down against the water, enough to let Soriana slide in over and settle back into more or less the right position. "S'okay?" Sori asks with a glance down to her dragon, and the gold chirps happily. « You are good. » That thought is private, but her response to Kanekith's instructions is more widely shared. « It is more lengths for the smaller ones. » What with them being shorter. « But the challenge is fair. We can all try for that. » Soriana leans and shifts position to hold in place as Luraoth moves to the start position. Cayceth and T'bor do the same, though the bluerider doesn't even try to mount until his dragon is in position and Ka'el prompts them. He seems a bit distracted, watching the other weyrlings.

Idrissa lets her hands rest upon her dragon's neck while they move on through the water getting in position near the others. Once the rules are sent to her she blinks and peers out towards the lake, about the center area. "Really?" This is murmured out softly. Tahryth shifts and wiggles in the water. « It is far, but Cayceth and I shall prove that we can do it. Right Cayceth? » The gree sends over towards the blue, a glance also sent towards him. They can do this, right? Sure they can! Rissa frowns slightly and glances to her dragon curiously. "Don't push yourself, go until you need to rest." Is murmured softly.

Excellent! The challenge has been set. Is it a race? Well .. sort of, yes and sort of no. The bigger goal is to see who succeeds and who wimps out, and Kanekith is glad for no objections. Ka'el himself is happy too. See? Kanekith can communicate with other dragons without being argumentative! It's turning out to be a good day, and he encourages this compliant streak with a pat to his bronze's neck before resituating himself. Not comfortable..not comfortable…. there! That feels better. Blue eyes drift to the other challengers. One of every color besides brown. "Alright everyone. No drowning!" That's his one and only addition to the rules set by the bronze. He flashes a grin to everybody before leaning forward a bit, readying himself. Kanekith considers the smaller dragons, but be does not amend the challenge. They can do it .. or they won't! « If they fail they will try again until they succeed. » The same goes for himself and the larger gold but he doesn't bother speaking that bit aloud. Ka'el waits until everyone is lined up. "On your marks…get set…" «GO!» Ka'el clings as Kanekith lunges forward!

« I do not know, » Cayceth replies to Tahryth, his thoughts a pool of water, calm on the surface. « I will try. » T'bor pats his dragon's neck, his posture graceful…. for now. It's not like they've tried actually moving yet. He stays mostly quiet, though he smiles faintly at Ka'el's addition to the rules. Soriana, on the other hand, outright laughs! "Definitely not." Luraoth sends her agreement to Kanekith, but… « No matter how many days it takes, the right one will come! » Trying again? Yes. Trying again right now and pushing to exhaustion? Not necessarily. « Today, the first try! » Soriana leans down against her dragon's neck. It's sorta like riding someone else's green! Except there's no straps to hold onto, and it's kinda different, and… go! She lets out a whoop - half surprise, half excitement - as Luraoth leaps forward, starting the sort-of-race.

Truth of the matter Tahryth isn't sure herself, what she is sure of is what Kanekith told her that once and it's been a sore spot for the green. If this is what she must do to prove herself to the likes of the bronze well so be it. Idrissa glances over to T'bor, a soft smile offered to him before her attention is back before her. Once the 'go' is given Tahryth is moving forward quickly, her smaller form darting into the waves with a few bounces while she tucks her wings in close to her sides, she'll show that bronze!

Woah! Riding a dragon is definitely not like riding a runner! Not exactly. But really, when has Ka'el ever ridden a runner this deeply in water? So … yeah, no comparison. But it is turning out to be exceeding, ridiculously, horrendously fun! The start is a bit rough, what with the water being shallow. But once the bottom falls out from beneath them and Kanekith begins swimming as opposed to splash-bounding, things get a lot smoother. He glances to one side of him, watching Idrissa's progress, then to the other to spy Soriana and T'bor. Beneath him he can feel the movements of Kanekith's muscles as his legs stroke heavily beneath him, pushing through the water on strong legs that take him further away from shore. "Go, Kankieth, go!" he verbally urges with a broad grin.

For all the enthusiasm of their starts, the larger gold and bronze have more bulk to get moving. This is a chance for the smaller, more agile dragons to get out ahead - though the benefit of increased muscle and inertia will come into play soon enough. Unlike Tahryth, Cayceth doesn't take full advantage of his agility - the blue comes slow out of the gate, pushing off from the sand under his feet and beginning to swim for the deeps at a measured pace. If this is a race, he's already made his peace with last place - but he's swimming nevertheless, T'bor sitting on his shoulders with his legs curled in against the blue to help hold on. T'bor's more or less upright, but Soriana's hunched in over Luraoth's neck in what's almost a jockey position. Lower center of gravity means less risk of falling off! When Ka'el glances to her, she spares him a quick grin before returning her attention to watching Luraoth and feeling how the dragon moves - the better to stay atop that swaying, undulating back. "Here we go!" Swimming! Soaring through the waves!

Idrissa keeps her attention on what is before her, which is well water, but more the swimming bit from her dragon and the fact that she can and will not fall off. She is use to riding runners, so this is sort of like it, in a sense. Rissa has even ridden runner in water before, good for building up muscle, and helping with injured runners to get them back in shape. She is low upon Tahryth's neck, hugging the green as she keeps close. Tahryth is quick to move through the water, her form slipping through the waves as she continues to push forward. She's getting closer towards that 'middle' of the lake area and she isn't getting tired yet.

Tired? Ha! Tired is for the weak! For the small! Definitely not for handsome giants like himself! Kanekith's swimming style is, much like many things with Kanekith, hostile. He claws at the water beneath him, shoving it aside to propel himself forward and through while keeping tabs on the others and where they are. Someone is lagging behind! The meticulous blue, but at least he continues to make forward progress. Little Tahryth is fast, but he is too … eventually. Gotta get the momentum built up first, you know! Ka'el's eyes squint as splashes of water bombard his face as Kaneitch zips through the water, head bobbing back and forth a little, spurred on by the encouragement of his rider and by the closeness of the other dragons. This may or may not be a race, officially, but he wants to finish first!

Luraoth swims with an undulating motion, stroking against the water like she's leaning into the touch and the water's just so glad to see her that it invites her along! Her thoughts brush lightly against each of the racing dragons, checking their progress. Nobody's exhausted and drowning yet? Good! Her mental voice is a laugh, sun sparkling against disturbed water, and she races on with the rest, Soriana clinging to her to avoid disqualification and grinning. « We are almost there! » Cayceth's still in back, but starts to gain some speed by picking and choosing his way through the waves… and the wakes left by the larger dragons. He's catching up!

Tahryth makes it to the middle and is quick to turn around heading back the way she came, faint bugles escaping her while she makes a few waves of her own while still swimswiming along! Her tail snakes about through the water much like a rudder to help keep her on track. The green titls her head just a bit to see whom all is with her, or catching up for that matter, Kanekith is caught sight off and this only spurs the green on, she's got to reach the end, she's got to get to the 'finish' line. Idrissa is focused on what is going on, and also trying to making sure her dragon isn't over doing herself for some crazy race.

No drowning, yet! And as for tired? Nope, Kanekith is good. Luraoth's mental check will come back with positive reports from her bronze brother who reaches the halfway point some strokes behind Tahyrth. "Wait…wait what?" Ka'el's eyes widen a little, apparently receiving words from Kanekith that are meant for him and him alone. Tightening his grip, he takes in a deep breath, and none too soon! Kanekith dives beneath the surface to make a quick turnaround, and he does not immediately resurface. In fact, as the seconds tick by, it's obvious that he doesn't have intentions of resurfacing at all. Ka'el's eyes are squeezed closed and head pressed against his bronze's neck as he goes for an underwater ride that's notable faster than his former splashing. Kanekith keeps tabs on Ka'el, making sure he doesn't stay under too long because the rules say No Drowning. Ahead, he can see Tahryth's claws! And too close by, Luraoth's presence. Gotta win, gotta win! Closer, closer, he's going to pass her!

And the midpoint! Luraoth tags… uh… the water. Okay, so it's not exactly a clear line, nor is there anything to push off for the return trip. Soriana grins over to Idrissa, then glances to Ka'el just in time to see him dip underwater. Her eyes widen, but Luraoth's awareness of Kanekith's presence is enough to reassure. The bronze is fine, so his rider is fine, so after a moment, Soriana just grins and shakes her head as Luraoth starts back. The gold doesn't dive, for which Sori is grateful. No trying to cling to a dragon's neck underneath the waves! She does tilt nearly onto her side, though, banking into a wave that crashes up in a spray of foam around Soriana as Luraoth swims back toward shore. Kanekith underwater moves faster than Luraoth on the surface, but Luraoth still doesn't dive. It's as though she can stand the possibility she might not win! Not that she doesn't still put her back into it, swimming hard. She rumbles to Cayceth as she passes him, the blue making his way out to the midpoint and floundering for a moment in the choppy waves from the other dragons, then turning and following once more in Luraoth's wake as the gold dragon makes up the distance Tahryth gained after her quick turnaround. They're flying (swimming) in a stacked sheet formation! Luraoth and Tahryth have leading edge top, Kanekith's leading edge bottom, and Cayceth's holding down the entire trailing edge by himself.

There is a conversation going on between Idrissa and Tahryth, and then there is a glance from rider to dragon as if this is a strange idea perhaps. Rissa looks over to Soriana grinning to her and then catches sight of Ka'el going under water, oh really. Looky who thought of this idea as well! There is a mere pause, a intake of breath from both green and Rissa and then the pair are driving under the water. The green's tail lashing and her front legs pulling her through the water while her back legs kick sending her zipping on through the water. Being smaller does seem to have its perks at the moment and Tahryth is taking any advantage she can possible get. The green is nearly there, the finish line is in sight and her wings flex slightly under the water and flap offering a bit of propulsion forward, she's going to win, she can see it!

Poor Ka'el. He has so many needs. Needs like food. Shelter. … Air. Kanekith could stay down there for a while. Heck, he probably could've done this entire race underwater! He definitely doesn't need another gulp of air now, but Ka'el on the other hand … is only human. A human who will push himself to the limits for Kanekith, yet still human. He can feel the tingle in his lungs as he clings to his dragon with all his strength, not wanting to slip off. The tightness in his chest is hard to ignore. He needs to breathe! Kanekith kicks up without having to be told, and he explodes from beneath like a small whale catching air. It is a lovely sight. Not entirely conductive to the race, but still a sight to behold! Ka'el gasps in a breath now that he can and opens his watery eyes moments before they splash back down. « Are you alright? » *coughsputter* "Yeah, go!" Apparently Kanekith isn't the only one who wants to finish first, but he's lost some ground, and lost sight of the submerged Tahryth. His feet touch the bottom now and he works on getting to shore. The finish line. He'll finish second behind Tahryth, if Luraoth doesn't snag the opportunity to come from behind!

Make that Kanekith and Tahryth on leading edge bottom, and Luraoth on top! This formation is very flexible. Soriana glances over as Tahryth dives under the surface, then looks down at the top of Luraoth's head. So uh they're not doing that, right? …right. They're not. Good. On they swim along the surface, with Cayceth chasing in his golden sibling's wake. He's getting close! And they're all getting close to shore now. Kanekith bursts back to the surface, and she greets him with a trill… and an undulating push past him. Kanekith and Luraoth on leading edge top! Tahryth on leading edge bottom, and as they come in to shore, the green turns that leading edge into an entire lead! The smallest is first! The two largest… well, it's arguable which of them comes in first, but though Luraoth's feet bound quickly up the shore, she turns her head to look after Cayceth, waiting until his feet touch ground before trumpeting. « We have done it! »

The finsh line is there, right THERE and Tahryth is leaping out of the water right before it is to shallow for her to swim. There is a loud bulge escaping the green as she jumping towards the beach, bouncing within the surf, she knows that she won, she beat her gold and BRONZE siblings. Idrissa sputters and coughs a few times as she is bounced around in circles as her green is rather happy at the moment. « We won! We won! » Tahryth sends out towards the other dragons.

They all made it! It is a miracle. No drowned deaths, though Ka'el could contest that he came close. Geeze. He's still catching his breath as Kanekith slows with the water at his ankles. And once he's slowed enough that clinging is no longer necessary, he melts forward against the dragon's neck, exhausted just from hanging on! He turns his head, wet hair matted against his forehead, to glance at the bounding Tahryth with a little smirk, then to watch Soriana. "M'pretty sure I won the battle've the metallics," he says, trying to look smug, though succeeding in looking the way Kanekith feels: tired. "Good race, T'bor." That was a grand swim! And Tahryth's showboating? Water against oil. He pointedly says nothing and instead carefully moves further onto shore, mindful of his still mounted rider. « Don't toss your rider » he reminds.

Soriana grins as she watches Tahryth frolic, then glances sideways to Ka'el and smirks. "Maybe, but I know I won in the no-dive division." Y'know, that? The one where riders don't get half-drowned? That one. Cayceth pads his way up onto shore, and pauses to let T'bor slide off before giving himself a shake. T'bor smiles vaguely, and nods to Ka'el. "Well done," he says, then reaches out to touch Cayceth's neck and turn with him to head up along the shore, pausing only to pick up their belongings before heading for the barracks. Soriana looks after him, looking considering for a moment before shrugging and returning her attention to the excitement post-race as Luraoth makes her way up the shore. « It was a good swim. »

Idrissa squeaks as she is bounced around a few times and Tahryth is soon stopped as she hears Kanekith. A glance is sent towards the bronze and she warbles a moment. « I would never toss my rider.. » Great way to kill her happy mood! Rissa is quiet and sends a glance over towards the other while giving her dragon a soft patpat before she is sliding down to the sand. "Good job Tahryth, I knew you could do it." Tahryth turns and trots on over to Luraoth, soft trill escaping her. « That was fun. We should do it again sometime. »

"Uh huh.." retorts Ka'el to Soriana, exaggeratedly rolling his eyes at her. "Whatever makes ya feel better." He's grinning as he says it though. Very carefully does he slide off of Kanekith, failing at grace, but hey he gets off and that's all that matters! Kanekith gives his body a grand shake, snorting in response to Tahryth. Not dignifying it with an answer, he trots off a few yards to find a nice spot in the sun to lay out. Time to sunbathe! "Great idea.." agrees Ka'el who doesn't bother to go retrieve his shirt or the towel he brought. It's warm enough. Let the sun do its job! He sits and falls back on the sand, arms spread wide and face towards the sky. "I can't wait to fly."

Soriana smirks, shaking her head to Ka'el. "Same to you," she tells him, then slides off Luraoth's back, trailing her fingers along the dragon's neck. Luraoth arches, stretching a little, and croons softly. When Soriana reemerges into view, she heads over and picks up her tunic, draping it around herself to be wetter but minimally modest. Just in case. That done, she glances back to Ka'el. Heh. Up to the sky. "Then you'll get the real race, huh?" she asks, and shakes her head slightly. Luraoth chirps to Tahryth. « You swam well. »

Idrissa is off to pick up her towel from earlier which she wraps back around her while sending a glance back towards Tahryth and Luraoth, a soft smile seen. "I don't think any of us can wait. It'll soon pass by like everything else goes and comes sort of thing." She shrugs a moment at the thought. Tahryth looks back towards Kanekith, a soft bugle escaping her. « No response? » The green seems a bit amused before she turns her attention back to her golden sister. « Thank you! Mine has been teaching me more with swimming now that it is warmer. »

« Do you wish for me to spare your feelings or not? » questions Kanekith, whose head raises fractionally. « Do you yourself not know what it is you want? You are angered by what I say to you. And when I choose to say nothing, you press for me to speak. What it is that you seek? You contradict yourself. » Swirling eyes linger before they close again and his head is rested back down, shifting back towards the relaxation. Ka'el's answer to Soriana is belated, for his eyes have turned to Kanekith, focusing on something other than his human companions. Other than the present world. But the unfocused look passes and his smirk returns. "That," he agrees, eyes on Soriana, "and the feelin' of freedom, you know? To fly an' not just hitch a ride on someone else's dragon." He curls an arm behind his head. "Hope you're right," is spoken to Idrissa. "I hope it comes fast."

Luraoth reaches with a soft rose-dawn light for Kanekith. « It was a good contest. » She sends a feeling of warmth, and then a laugh. « We should race again. » An image flickers - him in the lead - her in the lead - back and forth, and fading out to still waters without giving any clear answer. « But later. » For now, the sunshine is good, and that's the feeling she lets color her thoughts as they drift to Tahryth. « The warm is nice. » Suitable for relaxation! Soriana hehs, and shakes her head to Idrissa. "I dunno, some of it seems to go fast, but some of it just takes forever…" she says, and shrugs. Her gaze goes back to Ka'el, and she smiles. "Yeah. First they've got to fly on their own, though." She glances back, looking to Luraoth's wings briefly, then back to the other humans. "We'll get there."

Idrissa sends a glance over to Tahryth and frowns slightly. A soft breath escaping her. "Don't push it Tahryth.. It's not worth it." Not at the moment, at all. Tahryth is quiet, her mind spinning in thoughts while her eyes swirl light blue and soon close while she tilts her head. « What I seek is for you not to think so down upon the others, upon me. Even when we do well you still find ways to makes us feel that we have accomplished nothing. » A soft warble escapes her as she watches Kanekith a few moments before she lowers her head a touch. « The warm is nice. » Is offered back to Luraoth before the green is moving off down the beach a ways, her wings flicking a few times. She can't 'fix' this with a lick, so she has been a bit unsure how to act around Kanekith. Rissa sighs softly and looks towards Ka'el and then Soriana before a slight nod is seen. "Sure, but it'll get better." Which could go for things taking forever, of the fact that she now has a pouty dragon on her hands. "I'll see you two around." This said while she follows after Tahryth.

It was a good contest, wasn't it? Granted, it wasn't Kanekith's initial idea, but .. he did communicate with his dragon brethren. And there were fair rules. And everyone agreed. And .. it was a good contest, yes. He is content, and Luraoth's projected race continues to soothe his mood. Next time, there will be an undoubted winner. A magnificent bronze! But then the warmth is disrupted by a chill and a rumble in his throat as Tahryth replies to him. But, surprisingly enough, his temper does not flare up as if it's been doused with gasoline. It is there, yes, but it is a smoldering heat as opposed to a fiery one. « You allow yourself to feel unaccomplished. What have I said other than give a reminder that your rider was on your back? If that has bothered you, I have little words of advice to give. » He hasn't bothered opening his eyes, though he needn't see her to communicate. Ka'el's developing a frown now, having heard Idrissa's comment, listening to Kanekith, probing him with questions of what's going on. His eyes flit to Tahryth as she moves off, Idrissa in her wake. Flying, yeah. "Straight away from here," murmured.

Soriana looks to Idrissa as the greenrider speaks to her dragon. Not worth… Sori frowns, and glances to Ka'el briefly before sighing. Luraoth's warmth remains despite Kanekith's cold wind. « You both did well. » Her tone is firmer than usual, stating the fact as indisputable. It's as solid as Pern itself beneath the sun-warmed grasses in the wind. She won't be accepting any arguments… but the firmness is momentary, dancing away in that wind and leaving only her affectionate warmth to linger, her thoughts spreading easily to brush against both of them even as Tahryth leaves. Soriana lifts her head and waves to Idrissa. "Seeya," she says, and watches for a moment before looking back to Ka'el. "It was a good race," she says quietly, and after a moment, she adds a crooked smile. "…whoever came in second."

Kanekith has nothing more to say. Hey, he had nothing more to say to begin with. This is all /Tahryth's/ fault! So Luraoth's dominance is unnecessary, at least for him, and he only turns his head away and feigns sleep. Not that he's fooling anyone that can get into his head. Sandy Ka'el sits up fully now, eyes on his dragon through Soriana 's quip, which does succeed in curving a single edge of his mouth just a little, and for a brief moment. He rises after and moves closer to his lifemate, placing his palms against his metallic hide to press. He leans against him, palms rubbing the smooth skin while silent words pass from human mind to draconic. "He tries, you know?" he says, turning his eyes to Soriana. "He's tryin' more than he was before. Then things like this happen and.. it's like it's all for nothin'." He wrinkles his nose, drawing his hands away. "She's takin' out what happened with us on Kanekith, and that's not fair. He and Tahryth didn't have any problems til then."

And Kanekith - according to Luraoth - did well. She has no more words for him, but her presence does linger near his. She's not trying to intrude in his head, just being a mental warmth nearish him. If he wants to claim sleep… she won't chase him, won't go digging around for his secrets. She'll just offer wordless affection. That's all. She won't even look sad if he refuses to accept it! Soriana trails after Ka'el a few paces, though she still keeps some distance, letting him and Kanekith have space and time. When Ka'el speaks to her again, she nods. "Yeah," she says softly, and glances to Luraoth before looking back to the bronzerider. "He is. It's… sorta unfair to him, y'know." She glances up at Kanekith, then back to Ka'el. "People expect him to already know stuff, like… how to deal with people. Because he's big and bronze and smart." And arrogant and unwilling to admit there might be something, anything he's not awesome at. "So when he's trying to learn, everyone just expects him to do it right already and gets mad at him when he messes up. Even though he's just a kid still."

Kanekith does nothing to suggest that his clutchmate's presence is unwelcome, but being the stubborn one he is, he also does not give any indication that he may be grateful for it either. His thoughts go still and expression as pouting as a dragon's can get. Ka'el listens to Soriana without interruption, his brows still vaguely bunched which creates creases on his forehead. Though eventually, he can only exhale and replace one of his hands upon Kanekith to gently rub. "Sometimes I forget he's a kid too," he admits. "I get on to him a lot about how he talks to the others. And he's doin' so much better…y'hear?" He pokes at the hide, which only receives a tailflip of a response. "But I can't talk to Idrissa. I'm tryin' to have patience with her, but she's starting to annoy me, especially when it comes to Kanekith." He draws his chin up a little, mentally squaring his shoulders. "Whatever. It's been a good day, and I'm not gonna let any of that ruin it for him. Let's get oiled up, Kanekith. I know you like it." Ok well .. oiling might make him feel a little better. Kanekith relents to his bad mood and at least opens his eyes and lifts his head. "Does Luraoth need it too?"

"I know you forget. You told me so," Soriana says to Ka'el with a quirk of her lips. "Back when you introduced us, remember?" She glances to Kanekith again, offering the bronze a smile - not that she expects to get any sort of response from him right now. Not when Luraoth's continued warm presence isn't getting more than sulky silence. The gold settles herself more comfortably on the sands, her mental radiance continuing undissuaded, and Soriana looks back to Ka'el. "I dunno about Idrissa. I mean…" She frowns. "I wish she had other friends. People she could talk to about… that." But, uh, this is Idrissa they're talking about. Conversation generally involves a chisel and hammer, or at the very least a crowbar. Soriana's gaze begins to drift aside as she sighs, then comes back to Ka'el. A good day? "Yeah." She looks to Luraoth, head tilting with her silent question. "She says yes." A smile, for who is Soriana to argue with the gold dragon now rising to her feet? Nobody, that's who. It's oiling time!

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