Mr. Clean

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Rukbat's hanging low in the sky by the time Esiae drags herself back from dinner into the candidate dormitories… almost literally, if dragging feet count. There's still post-puppy cleaning to do, namely floor scrubbing and polishing, and while the girl has chosen to forgive Iforian and Jeniosa for their kind gesture, it's still not something she's looking forwards to. Entering the barracks, the supplies are easily spied, set in a place of prominence lest the candidates forget. "As if we could," the girl mutters, glancing about to see who has already made it back from dinner, or perhaps who is on their way. "Right. Let's do this." Sleeves are shoved up, shoes chucked, resign game face replacing her physical reluctance.

Denil is just skipping in when Esiae makes her announcement. The lad is still munching a redfruit that he's snagged before escaping the cavern aunties making the rounds with platters of green veggies to pile on plates lacking them. He's forgotten all about the floor-scrubbing/waxing detail, apparently or he'd have hightailed it in another direction but here he is, conspicously present. Oops! It doesn't stop him from skidding to a halt within reaching distance from Esiae, pivoting about and heading right back around towards that door and freedom though. Must. Escape.

Just finished her serving duties for dinner, or at least most of them before the aunties shoved her off back towards the barracks for getting in the way, Kinzie walks through the door to the barracks and with a half stifled yawn she looks about her to see if anyone else is finished for the evening. Seeing Esiae she guesses that her jobs aren't quite done for the day and she half smiles, half sighs and heads to help her fellow candidate, noticing Denil's attempt at escaping she scowls at him "If we all pitch in we could get it done quicker" she says changing her face to her most persuasive smile.

Inuelle enters the dormitory soon after the others, yawning and stretching her arms. Her hair is no longer stained red, rather its looking a little orangey. "I still don't know who did it," she's saying to another girl. "I just hope my hair will be its normal color in time for when the eggs hatch," she notes the candidates working away at cleaning and resolutely goes to join them, though she's giving little yawns here and there. "Full days duties and now this…I suppose this is the sort of thing that riders can be expected to do when their own weyr needs it…"

Denil is twelve turns old. What does he care about getting the floor washed quickly? He just wants to avoid the whole thing! The scamp sticks his tongue out at Kinzie while giving her an impudent little grin and scuttles for the door regardless of leaving them with all the work. An older, bossy girl shoots an arm out, snags him by the collar, yanking him back into the room and shoves a mop in his hands. Great, now she's barring the door! Thwarted, the boy grumbles at Inuelle as he passes her, "If it weren't for those stupid puppies poopin', peein' an' urping gruel all over th' place, wouldn't have ta do this." Yeah, complain, complain. He was all petting and playing with them the others day though. Go figure.

Kinzie looks over to the grumbling Denil and shrugs "You're gonna have to learn to clean up sooner or later" she says with a shrug, masking a slight chuckle before she turns round to Inuelle as she starts to help "Hey how are you?" she says attempting to not mention the hair as from the earlier conversation she can guess it's still a tough subject, something she can understand as she's still carrying the smell of stables from the stablehands prank.

"ACH!" Esiae misses not the Denil, hand whipping out to attempt to grab the boy as he goes to make his great escape. She obviously misses, but luckily another candidate is there to make up for the lack. "Not a chance, kid. We're in this together, peein' and urpin' and all." Her voice has gone all no-nonsense commanding, but there's a crooked grin on her face as she gestures with her chin towards the buckets. "I mean uh… yeah, what Kinzie said!," she amends with a laugh, scrunching her eyes over at the other girl. "I mean, it wouldn't take long anyways, all things considered, but in full force this'll be a cinch… Ah well." Dropping her shucked shoes on her trunk, she lifts the object up on to her cot and laboriously shoves it off to one side in order to open up the room. "Still colored, Inu?," she calls when the girl enters, flashing a grin over one shoulder. "I'm sure it'll be all gone by then." The comment about a full day's work and riders earns an eyeroll and a grudging nod. "Probably. Sounds like an exhausting lifestyle." Cot moved, she claps her hands together and takes up one of the buckets, eyeing the room before deciding on a nearby corner to scrub away at.

Inuelle organizes some candidates into moving cots as she helps another pass out buckets. "We all were rather enjoying having puppies in here, I think. Its only fair that we take a share of this cleaning," she then looks down at her cot and a lump, under her blanket. Blink. "Seaweed," she says. The brown firelizard pokes only his head out from under the blanket and chirrups in annoyance. "Oh no you don't, we have to clean here, and I have to move my cot. Come on." Said firelizard gives an angry retort and flies up to find a handy window ledge, giving him a wide berth from which to watch the candidates at dutiful work. Inuelle moves her cot and nods in approval. "Nothing under mine at least."

Cleaning! "That's what mother's n' mates 're for," the young scamp Denil parries Kinzie's comment with. Ah the arrogance of youth! And having ducked two hands aimed at him and missed at least one of them (Esiae's) has improved his mood at least a little bit. His dark brown eyes are sparkling with devilment at her grin. Inuelle's mother-preaching draws a grimace, but it's hair that he focuses on. Affecting his most innocent face as he eyes her reddish spots. "Y'ought to try some green dye to tone the red down," is his advice. Likely he had a hand in the prank, but is he going to admit that? Nope! A the bucket is plunked down beside him by the girl guarding the door a finger pointed first to his mop, then the bucket and finally the floor. With a sigh of resignation he splooshes his mop in, then applies it with a sloppy half-hearted swabbing.

Ignoring the young Denil, Kinzie gets stuck in with the cleaning trying to get everything done as quickly as possible, she has had a long day and is still yawning from her previous chores.

Esiae pins Denil with a sharp glance. "And is your mother 'n mate going to come in to wash your dragon for you?," she asks, that smile still lingering, but no longer as playful. There are some things she takes seriously at least. To Inuelle, she shoots a more amused look. "Definitely. They were adorable, alas." The conversation with her firelizard earns a giggle, and then it's back to work, cleaning a tough spot for a long moment before moving on with long methodical strokes of her cleaning brush. "Though, cleaning doesn't always have to be boring. Shipside, we used to sing songs to pass the time while swabbing the deck," she says to no one in particular, just noting it with a certain pirate-like drawl, eyes glittering as she looks about. "I bet we could make a game of this somehow." How that is, she doesn't say, however. Instead, she becomes engrossed in another tough spot, twisting her shoulder at a weird angle to best apply pressure or… something. Who knows with her, really.

"I wouldn't mind trying some green dye in my hair, but I'd need somebody to test it out for me first. Care to volunteer?" Inuelle asks Denil pluckishly, and then pulls on her braid. "A contest might be fun," she says to Esiae. "Whoevers area looks the nicest by curfew wins something?" She's not really good at coming up with contests and games. "Or maybe we could…have a mop dancing contest?" the idea makes her blush immediately.

If Kinzie is going to ignore him, Denil is down with that. He shrugs nonchalantly at Esiae, giving her a roughish grin. "If I get one, some gal will take pity on poor little me." And he is rather shrimpy in size. He demonstrates his best woe-is-me look, quivers a lip pitifully, eyes fill to the brim with crocodile tears that disappear in a flash when he snickers and wriggles much like one of those puppies they'd had. /She/ can take it seriously, but him? Never! Though he may be protesting, he is working, his puddle growing larger by the second as his mop goes into the bucket repeatedly. "My hair ain't red," he snorts at Inuelle with a roll of his eyes.

"hmmmm" is Kinzie's only response to Denil's comment about someone taking pity on him and the crocodile tears don't appear to work either, instead she just settles quietly to her work, her arms already aching from the serving duties early, and her progress is slow but she seems to be managing and a look of determination settles on her face as she works.

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