Turnday Booze-Out in the Tavern, Some Yelling, a Weyrsecond's Punch, & a Pitchfork

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern

It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

The tavern is bustling this evening, the late afternoon crowd unusually large. This is likely due to the impromptu (and a day early) turnday party that greenrider B'miel has decided to throw for Cenlia. B'miel is a short, round-faced man with cheery sea green eyes and bright blonde hair, and is at the moment well on his way to getting drunk. The greenrider's cheerful voice carries over the tavern, "Try this one Cen!" as he pours Cenlia a shot of something from a tiny bottle. Beside him, browrider S'tan is keeping an eye on things, and carefully not getting drunk, despite the numerous mugs and bottles of ale, brandy, wine, and spiked juice on the table. Cenlia is perched on a chair opposite B'miel, grinning broadly with a huge brandycake in front of her and several empty shot glasses pushed to one side of her. Her four flits are in the rafters, chittering happily and watching the spectacle below. Oddly enough, the little mini-dragon figure that Rogawani gave her and the plushie ovine are both decorating the brandycake, facing off much the same way Cenlia seems to be facing off the latest shot glass full of mystery liquid.

X'hil generally avoids the tavern - it's a favourite place of Nosken's, for one thing - but desperate times call for desperate alcohol. He stops dead in his tracks when he spots Cenlia at the bar, and scowls at the rescued marks pouch. He really /should/ give it to her. He'll just have a talk with B'miel first. Yes. He heads purposefully towards the group, and frowns. It occurs to him that he has no idea who B'miel /is/. If he had to guess, he'd pick the one with the alcohol over the one not drinking, but, really… So he just sort of stands there, and clears his throat obviously. Ahem.

With the tavern a bit more bustling than usual, it's tough for the smaller form of Rogawani to find a place in it. Even the path made by X'hil is closed up quickly behind the rider, facing the shorter boy with a bunch of rider backs talking quite loudly. "Excuse me." He says, and then has to repeat it two more times before finally giving up and nudging his way past a blue rider who seems a bit tipsy as he leans over on to his weyrmate. Taking the long way around, he stands up on tiptoes and is just able to catch sight of the brandycake, and then Cenlia and B'miel before his way is blocked again. "Oh shard it." He curses, and silently wishes for just a few more inches of height for Faranths sake. It may take a while, but slow and steady the messenger is weaving his way through weyrfolk and rider alike.

Kire had heard there was a party going on in the tavern and he didn't want to miss a party. Not knowing if he's old enough to be in the tavern he tries to look inconspicuous as he moves into the tavern. Apparently he was half right and there was a party going on, but a turnday party. He heads over to the group using his thin statue to slip in between people and he spots the girl who was in the kitchen with him the other day. "Oh hello there. Who's turnday is it? I heard there was party going on at the tavern. I didn't realize it was turnday party. I just hope nothing explodes."

Cenlia eyes the shot glass B'miel offered, and grins before gulping the liquid down in one quick swig. The girl gags but manages to swallow the liquid, setting the glass down on the table and coughing. But she's still grinning as she exclaims, "Shards! That stuff's worsen' Igen firewater!" At the approach of X'hil, S'tan sits up straighter and manages a quick salute when he catches sight of the man's knot, saying in greeting, "Weyrsecond." The brownrider nudges B'miel with his elbow, but the greenrider is far too tipsy for formality, and instead grins broadly, "Hey there! Come have a drink!" B'miel immediately pours more glasses, and waves the newcomers over. Cenlia blinks, and then waves at X'hil, "Hey! Yer just in time!" and she motions towards the brandycake, "Got a knife on ya?" Apparently, the bartender was smart enough to keep anything sharp out of sight of the partygoers, but it has left them with nothing to cut the cake with. Woe. So of course, they've been boozing instead. Cenlia hasn't spotted Rogawani yet, but it's surely only a metter of time. She grins as Kire arrives, though, and laughs, "Not unless B'miel manages to blow up the cake!" B'miel grins and says loudly, "It's Cenlia's turnday!" as he hoists his mug in her direction, pausing a moment before adding, "Tomorrow!" Cenlia grins back at him, and then says, "This's B'miel, and that's S'tan," and she introduces half a dozen other people, riders and cavernfolk. She doesn't introduce X'hil, since she assumes they already know each other from the kitchen.

X'hil nods briefly at S'tan, he has no quarrel with the man really, but he scowls a little at B'miel, then turns to Cenlia. "If I /had/ a knife," Hypothetically of course. "Would you let someone /sober/ cut the cake?" Cranky cranky. He's not had a good day, he just wanted a quiet drink, but now he feels too responsible to indulge. Unfortunately, the crowd has closed in behind him. He can't see Rogawani from here, but Kire seems to have made his way through, and the bronzerider nods to him absently. "Oh… Before my blasted /firelizard/ pinches it again…" He tosses her the marks pouch. /Smart/. Give her lots of money, so she can buy lots of booze.

Finally, the fuzzy head of Rogawani comes into view, nudging past the nearest and probably most drunk of the riders to get to the bar. In the prcess he nearly collides with one of the stools and the rider sitting there. The impact is enough to jar a mug of ale out of the rider's hand, and he turns around to try and get a look at who had bumped him. This particular moment is one of the few times Rogawani's height comes in handy, because he's able to duck back behind and edge closer to Cenlia. "Wow, you're sure popular, everyone's come out to celebrate, or at least to drink themselves stupid." He laughs a little, standing on tip toes to look over Kire's shoulder. "Hey there." He offers, giving one of his usual lopsided smiles.

Kire ohs and smiles, "Well have a happy turnday Cenlia. It's nice to meet you without the bubbles and hot pudding covering everything." He nods to those he is introduced to, "I'm Kire it's nice to meet you all." He turns back to Cenlia. "I'm sorry I don't have a turnday present for you…um…right now, but you know what…I'll name a star after you. The starcrafters are trying to identify all the stars in the sky I'm sure I can get my master to send a not to the Crafthall and put your name in."

Cenlia giggles at X'hil, saying, "Sure!" and pushes the cake towards him, causing the little stuffed ovine to topple off onto the table. The girl's eyes go wide at the marks pouch he sends her way, and she blinks for a moment before giving X'hil a huge grin and saying, "Thanks!" She immediately orders more ale. Woo, moneys! Spying Rogawani, Cenlia laughs, "Nah, B'miel and his ale are popular." B'miel grins and winks, offering both Kire and Rogawani some of the ale. Cenlia blinks in surprise at Kire and his offer to name a star after her, "Er, thanks?" She giggles and says, "Pull up some chairs, there's brandycakes!"

A pansy blue firelizard pops into the tavern during the party and makes straight for Cenlia. Apparently he's here to deliver something…a small box made of wood, covered in cobalt blue velvet. Once he gets rid of his payload, he squawks once and *pops* Between again, disappearing.

X'hil mutters something under his breath at Cenlia, blinking a little at Rogawani. "Hey. Is a bit packed, isn't it?" he frowns, fingers brushing against his knot, absently. It's so tempting to bark some orders, get the place cleared out. He just wanted to drink himself stupid in peace, shardit! "I'll cut the cake." he scowls, stepping forward, and pulling a knife from a sheath at his belt, nuuudging the sheep off of it with the blade first. Not touching. Not touching. Horrible woolly /thing/.

"Oh, hey Kire. I'm Rogawani. I'm the one usually bringing booze from that one to that one." Rogawani points first at B'miel and then to Cenlia before finally rocking back onto his heels and pushing his way to the starcrafter's side instead of trying to look over him. While he accepts the mug of ale offered out by the green rider, he does give a little sheepish look at X'hil. "Yeah, bit crowded, but I plan on sticking around for cake." He looks up at the rider hopefully. The firelizard arriving and dropping something off just causes him to take a half-step back, bumping into someone again. "Eh, sorry. Lizard." He explains, but then has his ale stolen from him by a tall brownrider. "Hey!" He protests, but just gives up hoping at least for a chance at cake.

Kire takes the mug from B'miel and nods to him, "Thank you." He knows the apprentice rules about getting drunk, but one drink isn't gonna kill him. He looks it over and smells it a little bit before he gives it a taste. He starts to cough a little bit as it burns his throat going down. He puts the mug down so he doesn't spill it as he covers his mouth, "Sorry about that." He gasps for breath.

Cenlia blinks in surprise as a blue flit that is not hers swoops down and brings her something, and then disappears. A box? Wait, aren't blue flits always /stealing/ things from her? She seems utterly baffled at this reversal of the usual order of things, and stares blankly at the box for a moment before B'miel is urging, "Well open it, Cen!" The gardener girl boggles at the silver pocketwatch inside the box, and reads the note beside it, mumbling, "Oh wow! I really gotta thank A'dar." And then the girl laughs and pockets it, grinning like a fool. But at seeing X'hil's reaction to the stuffed ovine on the cake, Cenlia is overtaken by a fit of giggles. B'miel also is chuckling, and he's not drunk enough yet to miss Rogawani's ale being snatched, and promptly pours the boy another mug. The man's worse than Cenlia! The greenrider also spares a good-natured grin for Kire when the boy starts coughing, saying, "Alright there?"

Inside the velvet box are two things - a note… and a pocketwatch. The note reads simply as follows: Cenlia, Congratulations on your turnday. May you mark the passing of many turns with a smile of happiness on your face and a glass of good drink in your hand. A'dar and Zeituth.

Vintner's Pocketwatch
This is a tiny pocketwatch, small enough to fit in a woman's pocket. The case of the pocketwatch is made of silver metal and engraved with vines and small bunches of grapes along the vines that curve along the outsides. However, at the top where the vines intersect is either an apricot or a peach, it's hard to tell. In the middle of the case is the name "Cenlia". The chain is mostly normal, but there are tiny silver charms worked in the shape of bunches of grapes.
When the watch is opened, it displays a beautiful golden face. Each number is black, an old Terran Roman numeral ("IV" instead of "IIII" for the numeral four) with a single green vine wrapped about it. From each vine hangs an example of a different fruit that can be made into a spirit. The minute and hour hands resemble thin slivers of metal, also with grape vines wrapped about them. The face of the watch bears the words "A toast to your friendship."

X'hil's blue firelizard isn't here! Honest! Cough. The man cuts the cake, carefully, and hands the first slice to Cenlia, followed by one for Rogawani, and then Kire, S'tan, himself… Aww. There's no cake left for B'miel. Poor B'miel. Cough. Well, there is /another/ cake. "Mm. It's the cake. Draws folk out." he grimaces, wiping off his knife very carefully and putting it back in the sheath.

Kire nods a little bit to the greenrider, "Yes I'm okay. Just not used to drinking that's all." He looks over to Rogawani, "Sorry about that. Why can't she get it from him directly?" The teenage crafter asks as he gets a piece of cake, "Mmm this cake looks good. Who made it?" He asks and hmms, "What is it with ovines and this place? Every so often I'll hear something ovine related."

"Ahh thanks B'miel." Rogawani says with a little excitement in his voice at the new mug of ale. He takes one quick slug of it before wiping his mouth off with his arm. It seems that the messenger is at least used to drinking it. Looking sideways over his new mug the starcrafter. "He's not always around. Off at other weyrs and stuff or busy with duties." More than likely it's busy recovering from whatever evening events the green rider was involved in but still. Taking the slice of cake in his other hand, he balances it over the mug before pulling off a piece and popping it into his mouth. "Oo dun wanna ask bout da ovines." With his mouth half-full, Ro's words come out slightly muffled.

Cenlia digs into her slice of brandycake, the 'tender having fished out spoons for everyone, since sticky handprints are likely not something he's fond of cleaning up after. B'miel pouts at not getting a slice, but then steals S'tan's slice. The brownrider gives the greenrider an annoyed look, but there /is/ another cake. Besides, B'miel is sharing the stolen slice. B'miel grins at Kire, waving his spoon in the air and saying, "I made the cake, although Cen helped," and then he laughs, "Some ovines got out of the feeding pens a while back and caused trouble all over the weyr." Cenlia snerks, grinning and casting a glance at X'hil as she adds, "Trouble ain't the half of it. One even caught on fire!" The gardener girl makes a face, "Flamin' ovines!" S'tan, meanwhile lets out a snort at Rogawani's explanation, muttering, "Duties, right," and shooting the greenrider a look. B'miel just grins and takes a swig of ale.

X'hil isn't particularly social today. Nope. Cake. He has it. Om nom nom. "I, ah. Izzy was saying something about a gift… A large gift… Um. She gave me this." He pulls an envelope - still sealed - out of a pocket, and hands it to Cenlia. "She, er, said to open it when you're alone." Nod nod. And then he goes back to eating his slice of cake. Ovines? Where? He seems especially jumpy today, as he actually looks around, suspecting sheep of getting this far without arousing suspicion? That's paranoia, that is. "Oh. I thought I heard someone calling me." /Suuure/ he did.

Kire eats his cake as he listens and he ohs a little bit. "One caught on fire?" His eyes are wide as he eats, "Ouch I bet that caused a lot of problems. No wonder no one around these parts likes ovines. Well after last night's little adventure in the kitchen. I don't want to be anywhere near bubbles or pudding." He continues to eat his cake and reaches to take a slow sip of the ale he was offered. He only coughs a couple of times.

Spoons? Spoons are for wimps. Swallowing the piece of cake in his mouth, Rogawani coughs a little and thumps on his chest with the hand not balancing mug and plate. "There was an ovine living in the Weyrwoman's office, too, but it mysteriously disappeared." He puts a little emphasis on the 'mysteriously' part as if not really believing that Niva had nothing to do with it. He leans a little closer to Kire and offers in a lower voice, "I heard one even caused a crossbow to misfire and a certain bronzerider to get shot in the butt." Of course, this part is just hear-say, or is it? Taking another piece of his cake, the boy tucks it into the side of his mouth before wiping his hands on his pants.

Cenlia raises a brow at X'hil as she recieves the envelope, but pockets it, along with the marks pouch. The girl grins at the bronzer, saying, "Betcha Izzy got me booze." B'miel butts in, saying, "Can't be better than Benden White!" and then waves a bottle of that very stuff in the air, nearly klonking S'tan, who has to duck his head suddenly. "Would you stop that?" S'tan mutters, reaching for the bottle. He and B'miel wrestle briefly before S'tan has managed to get the wine away from the greenrider. Setting it carefully on the table, S'tan calls for more glasses, and promptly pours some for everyone. /This/ stuff he'll drink, especially as he's noticed a certain weyrsecond seems to be remaining sober. And speaking of said weyrsecond, Cenlia overhears Rogawani's words and starts giggling, manageing to get out, "M' brother Eledri shot X'hil in the butt!" She's considerably louder than the messenger, which is rather unfortunate, as said brother has just entered the tavern, scowling when he hears his name. Cenlia hasn't spotted him yet, lucky her.

X'hil hears the words crossbow, and butt, and scowls, muttering under his breath, "/Eledri/." Oh, so he's focusing on the poor more-or-less innocent man now? Good to know. "Yes, /thank/ you /Cenlia/, I think there were a couple of people in Fort that didn't know yet!" he scowls, though he complained loud enough that those people in Fort probably /do/ know about it now. The bronzerider rubs his shot rear absently. It's healed, but it itches now and then, especially when he thinks about it, it's like he can't /not/ scratch. And he /doesn't/ want to hear any cracks about it, /either/. Cough. He stares at the glasses being poured, and frowns, neither objecting nor taking one.

Kire tries not to laugh as he listens to the tales of the ovine and he laughs out loud when he hears the bronzer got shot in the butt. "Double ouch. Well it's a good thing it was in the butt and not someplace else." He laughs as he hears Cenlia tale too. "Wow not safe to be a bronzer around here if everyone is shooting you in the butt. I'll make sure my butt isn't pointing in a direction that might get it shot."

"So that's how it happened, huh?" Rogawani says, definitely grinning now that he has the complete story, regardless of the response from the bronze rider. Snickering to himself, the boy has to take care not to upset his plate, waving off the Benden wine since he already has his hands quite full. "This is a dangerous place, though. Enkavir, the new record keeper was already commenting on how many times he was almost killed." Ro' offers a wink to the starcrafter. "I'm sure you'll fit right in if you don't value your life too much." Smooshing the last piece of his cake into his mouth, the boy chews with his cheeks puffed out, looking quite silly in the process. Unluckily for Cenlia, the boy is too short to notice her brother's arrival, and just continues to eat as if he were saving some in his cheeks for winter.

"Yes, /Eledri/," comes a voice from just over X'hil's shoulder. It is, in fact, Eledri standing there, attempting to loom angrily, though the young man just barey manages to scowl from behind his spectacles. At first glance, it's obvious that Cenlia and the young man are related, their facial features so strikingly similar that the only real difference between them seems to be age and a pair of spectacles. Even their clothing is of a similar style, though the young man's knot shows him to be a computercrafter, rather than a farmer. His hair is in bad need of a trim, and he runs a hand through it as he says stiffly to X'hil, "I see you managed to re-acquire your knot, sir." Eledri's own knot is a bit… well, it's no longer indicating he's an apprentice, for one. For another, Eledri is wearing Xanadu colors. Wait, what?! Cenlia stares. She mouthes the word 'journeyman' and then her mouth falls open and she groans, "Noo…"

X'hil adds, in a mutter, "No-one ever remembers that I was moving the turnday girl here out of the path of a rampaging sheep monster at the time. Why don't they ever remember that part?" Uh, probably because it's not /hilarious/? Also, Cenlia doesn't remember because she was unconscious. "Bent over to pick her up, and, /thwack/. Pain unimaginable." It did send him a bit loopy out there, raving like a madman about the 'evil sheep' for a little bit. There's a pause, as he eyes Eledri, and then he notes, "I see you've managed to upgrade your own." Yep. Knot comparing. /Exciting/.

Kire ohs a little bit as he puts two and two together and gets a bronzer shot in the butt with a crossbow." He chuckles, "Well he was in the kitchen when the bubbles exploded and then the pudding exploded." He finishes off the cake and he takes another drink of his ale. Just one cough this time. He watches as the other man comes over and he wonders why Cenlia's so adamant against him being here. "Those two not get along?" He asks out loud.

"Uh oh." Gulping, Rogawani does his best to wash down the cake still lingering in his mouth with a slug of the ale, half-expecting the party to be over with the arrival of Eledri on the scene. "Eh, I hear Cenlia's cursed, bad things follow her around like firelizards on meat. At least that's what that records keeper was saying." Thus far, Ro' has managed to stay out of all the chaotic, often animal-induced trouble that goes on around the gardener. For the time being the messenger hides behind his mug, "Well, I'm sure she appreciates you saving her, X'hil, even if your butt didn't appreciate it." The boy quips, showing the faintest of a grin before he snaps back to serious, watching the two siblings intently.

Cenlia manages to tear her gaze away from her brother's knot to stare at X'hil as he mentions trying to save her from the ovine, the gardener girl blinking in surprise and blurting out a surprised, "You were?" She blinks again, "Thought you was runnin' away…" and she glances at Eledri suspiciously. Eledri just scowls, and then states flatly, indicating his knot, "I've been posted to Xanadu. And your turnday isn't until tomorrow, Cenli," and he grabs a chair and plops down, grabbing a glass of Benden White and downing it in one gulp. Cenlia looks absolutely horrified, and doesn't even notice he's swiped her wine. B'miel, however, is a bit too drunk to take in the nuances or even the baringly obvious, and raises a mug, "Congratuations, Journeyman Eledri!" The greenrider grins at Kire and Rogawani, happy to gossip even with the two siblings sitting right there, "Cen broke three of his ribs a few sevendays ago, and sent him right back into the infirmary. I should know, I had to carry him! Knocked him out cold, too!" Cenlia sinks in her chair a little, eyeing her brother as Eedri's scowls even more.

X'hil nods slowly. "I was." he seems a little sheepish, rubbing the back of his neck idly, then catching the gesture, and pulling his hand away. Must do something with the hand… Glass. Hold glass. Good. Drink booze. Nice booze. Booze gone. Wait, what? "I was /planning/ to run away. But I would've taken you out of the path of the ovine." So, that makes it all okay? Well, less cowardly, /maybe/. Eledri isn't really congratulated, the man acknowledged the knot already. He's not sure he likes Eledri at the moment, having a suspicion on where Cenlia got the 'running away' idea from. Get a few more drinks in him though, and he'll like /anyone/.

Kire ohs a little bit, "Wow really, I'll make sure not to get on her bad side. I like my ribs unbroken." He rubs his side a little bit as he takes a drink of his ale with his free hand. "I'll make a note of it not to get Cenlia mad at me enough so that she wants to hit me."

Raising his eyebrows, Rogawani certainly looks impressed at just what 'skill' Cenlia seems to have. "I'd have guessed at skill with a shovel, but… wow." It's only after this much comes out of his mouth that he realizes that the person in question is right there. "Uh, congratulations journeyman." He manages to mutter out, looking apologetic just as a hand comes down onto his shoulder. That 'uh oh' look returns to his face as he slowly looks up into the calm face of the stablehand who has been his 'father' for the better part of his young life. "Hi da. Want a drink?" He tries to offer, looking innocent and trying to hold out the nearly drained mug of ale. "Don't you have some work to do?" The man asks of Rogawani before looking over to Cenlia, "Best wishes on your turnday, Cenlia. I'm afraid I'll have to borrow this one for a bit." The stablehand's voice is stern, but not unkind. "Yeah, I guess." Relenting, Rogawani nods and places the mug and plate onto the bar. "Take care Cen. And…" Glancing at the journeyman he offers a hushed, "Good luck." After that, the boy is ushered out of the tavern by the tall stablehand, off to duties unknown which probably now include mucking stables.

B'miel is certainly /attempting/ to get everyone drunk, quicky re-filling any empty glasses he spots. S'tan has wisely retreated behind a glass of Benden wine. Cenlia still appears surprised to hear X'hil hadn't been running away, let alone doing something more or less heroic… To Kire, Cenlia grins a bit, muttering, "Dun worry, I only beat up m' brother." Though Eledri is still glaring at her, and Cenlia mutters at him, "Well, ya hit like a /girl/, Eled." But that scowl actually seems to be unnerving her, and as Rogawani gets dragged off, Cenlia waves weakly, and glances about for some - any - distraction. Eledri isn't saying anything; he's just fixing her with a glare.

Kire chuckles a little bit and smiles at Cenlia, "Oh that's good. I guess I'm safe then." He waves to Rogawani as he leaves as his mug of refilled, "Thanks, B'miel these are going down a lot easier." He says as he as a pleasant smile on his face. "This is the best turnday party I've been to in a while."

X'hil doesn't resist the drink refilling, nor the rapid drink re-emptying, and subsequent re-refill, though he doesn't drink /this/ one just yet. "Secret, is booze! Give 'er booze, friend for life!" he tells Kire, not actually drunk yet, just a little less cranky. Yep. Eledri gets a frown. "What's /your/ problem?" he snaps. He /has/ to listen, X'hil has a bigger knot! Or, something…

B'miel fairly beams at Kire, looking drunkely pleased, "Organized this whole thing in just a couple of hours," he grins, raising his mug and sloshing the contents. Several other boozed-up patrons of the tavern raise their glasses in an impromptu toast to the greenrider. Booze-bringers sure are popular! Eledri is still glaring, even as Cenlia grins a little at X'hil for the 'giver 'er booze' comment. Didn't Cenlia say that exact same thing about him not too long ago? But at X'hil's question, Eledri scowls briefly at the bronzer, muttering, "My /problem/ is that my sister is a sharding, feckless /wherry/," and he turns back to the poor gardener girl, the scowl enough to make her shrink back. "Cenlia…" and it starts out in almost a low growl, as Eledri begins speaking, "is an irresponsible, unreliable /child/ who has no /idea/ how to act and no /sense/ of duty or obligation," and his voice is rising sharply, causing no small number of curious stares from those around the room, "and half the time I don't know whether she even /uses/ her head or if her brain is so full of /brandy/ that all she does is cause trouble! One sharding /disaster/ after a another, she's a walking /catastrophe/! I wouldn't trust her to take care of a seedling let alone a whole greenhouse. And if I were Uncle Cernien, I'd take her knot and make sure she /never/ got near a drink /again/. She doesn't deserve /any/ kind of responsibility until she learns to grow up!" By this time, Eledri is yelling and has half-risen from his chair with balled fists.

Kire ohs a little bit at X'hil, "Well I'm good with my second drink. I'm gonna stop after this. I've gotta get some sleep before I head out for the night to make some nighttime observations." He blinks at the outburst and he backs up a step as he doesn't want to get hit by anything, but he's still close enough to see the action, "That's not a very nice thing to stay to someone on their turnday."

X'hil seems to be doing okay, knocking back his third drink, still fairly steady on his feet, and then… Eledri. His mouth sets in a thin line, and he puts the glass down, staring down the man. "You little /tunnelsnake/," he spits it like a curse at the man, apparently having had /enough/. One thing after another after another… No more! He seems about to say something else, then thinks better of it, and balls a hand up into a fist, swinging it /straight/ at the man's face. He's a good hand at it too, he broke Nosken's nose, and that man's been in a fair few brawls!

Cenlia frowns at her brother; neither of them are nearly drunk enough for this sort of thing. Seeing the Eledri's balled fists, the girl glares back at him, fully prepared to break his ribs again. B'miel, S'tan, and a number of others are staring at Eledri. Hey, it's entertainment, at least? Eledri ignore's Kire's comment, though Cenlia glances the boy's way and grins a bit, saying, "He's done worse." If Eledri's done worse than this, no wonder she keeps beating him up. Eledri, however, has other problems right now, like X'hil's fist impacting his jaw. Eledri fairly flies backwards with a startled yell. The man hits the floor hard, looking absolutely stunned. Cenlia, too, looks surprised, blinking at X'hil, though she does glance at her brother and mutter wryly, "Ya deserved that."

Kire nods to Cenlia, "I can see why he keeps getting hit, if you don't learn to keep your mouth shut sometimes someone is gonna shut it for you." He watches as X'hil gets up and lays out Cenlia's brother. "Like that." He is glad he backed up so if a brawl does start he doesn't have to be at the center of it. Kire never seen a bar brawl before and he wouldn't mind what seeing one was like, but he'd rather not participate in one. It's hard to see up into the night sky if you can't see out of an eye piece because you have a black eye. He shakes his head a little bit, "That's why I'm glad I'm an only child."

X'hil stares at Eledri, then at his own fist, then glances to Cenlia, stammering out, "Oh, shards, I'm so so sorry…" He deserved it, yeah, and it's worth noting that he's not apologising to the computer crafter, just now. "I, er… Sharding…" he falls quiet, leans over the bar to grab a bottle of booze, pays, and starts the difficult push through the crowd, heading for the door. He really doesn't want to make things any /worse/. But he's not actually /out/ yet.

Eledri pulls himself back to his feet after a moment. The computercraft journeyman -glares- at X'hil and his sister, jaw clenched and glasses askew on his nose. One side of his lower lip is bleeding, and there's already a nasty bruise forming there along his jaw. Face red as as a sunset, Eledri raises a hand to re-adjust his spectacles and then rub his jaw, the other hand reaching into a pocket and fishing out a now-crumpled paper. Eledri scowls and flings it at Cenlia, and then seems somewhat at a loss, since X'hil is already leaving, and Eledri can't very well go the same way. The computercrafter closes his eyes a moment, and re-takes a seat, though he calls to X'hil, "Sign the sharding thing first. It's the least you could do, weyrsecond." A number of people look disappointed. Aww, no bar brawl? Cenlia warily eyes her brother and then the paper. She reads it quickly, and then lets out a surprised exclamation, "Eled!" Eledri grins humorlessly at Cenlia, "You're lucky I'm not Uncle Cernien."

X'hil blinks as he's called back, by rank, by /Eledri/, and turns around, looking puzzled. "Didn't I just /hit/ you?" he asks, though he does come back, curious about that paper. "What am I supposed to be signing, then?" he asks, bottle of booze in one hand, held down by his hip, with his other hand beckoning for the paper to have a closer read.

Kire puts down his beer as he notices Eledri get up and he readies himself for a bar brawl. He watches instead as the paper flies towards Cenlia, but the brother's words are directed at the weyrsecond. He wonders what is going on but at the same time it's not really any of his business. He picks up the mug of ale and starts to work on drinking it. He looks over to B'miel, "Does this always happen when they are in the same room?"

S'tan has the presence of mind to hand Eledri a cloth for that bloody lip. B'miel, meanwhile, is trying to peer over Cenlia's shoulder at the paper, but gives Kire a wink and says, "Yup, always!" Eledri glances briefly at Kire, muttering belatedly, "Only child? You're lucky you don't have a bratty younger sister," although there's no longer any vehemence in Eledri's voice. Instead, he just sounds tired. Or exasperated. But then, when is Eledri /not/ exasperated at Cenlia? The gardener girl, for her part, is eyeing her brother suspiciously. Wasn't he chewing her out just now? And then he hands her this… well, no wonder he was angry. Cenlia hands over the paper, glancing sidelong at Eledri. Eledri snorts in X'hil's direction, muttering, "We're even. I shot you in the ass." Cenlia can't help it, she snerks. The paper is a letter from Cenlia's Uncle, Orchardmaster Cernien, who requests the signatures of two ranking weyrfolk to verify that Cenlia has been granted permission to remain at Xanadu Weyr for the remainder of her apprenticeship, under the guardianship of her brother. Looks like Ysa's idea about the letter worked, after all.

X'hil /stares/ at the letter, then turns rather pink. But, he was just giving Cenlia a talking to just now? And… The man is so confused, and maybe /slightly/ tipsy, so he has to sit down. "That's… Man. Sorry." He apologises to Eledri, waving the paper, and plonking the bottle down on the bar. "On me." he says, with a confused expression, but at least it's a /smiling/ confused expression? "ANYONE HAVE A PEN?" he calls out, smirking as at least a half-dozen different arms thrust forward with pens. He plucks one, and signs with a flourish, big X, little hil, curly '. Signed.

Kire ahs a little bit, "I see, you'd think both of them would be smart enough to stay away from each other." He looks at Eledri and shrugs a little bit, "I guess so, but there has to be something about your sister you like otherwise you won't care so much about her well being. You may shout and call her names, but all it means is that you are worried about her and you want her to be happy." He takes a drink of his ale, "At least that's what it seems to me."

"Because of /you/ I'm stuck in this sharding place," Eledri scowls at Cenlia before deflating and reaching across the table to grab the bottle X'hil set down, and taking a good long swig. After all that, Eledri really needs it, especially since he's going to have to put up with Cenlia (and her disasters) for another few /turns/. Shards, Cenlia needs a drink too, and the girl grabs a mug, grins as she sees X'hil signing the paper, and then downs the entire mug in two gulps, letting out a small belch as she sets the emptied mug back down. B'miel promptly refills the mug. At Kire's words, both Eledri and Cenlia blush as the siblings exchange glances and then quicky look away, Eledri coughing as he finally sets the wine bottle down and Cenlia looking embarassed and raising her re-filled mug again to hide behind.

X'hil seems to feel better having signed the paper. He did something! Something good! He's just been so frustrated lately, because there hasn't seemed like much he could do about things. Crazy animals being just /one/ of his worries. He flexes his fingers idly, then shakes out his hand, with a frown. "/Shards/… I have to stop /doing/ that." he mutters, holding up a glass to B'miel for a refill, then knocking back the drink.

Kire chuckles a little bit at the blush that he gets from both of the siblings. He looks over to X'hil, "I hope you didn't break it." He finishes his mug but waves B'miel away if he tries to refill it. He stretches out a little bit, "So do you have any other presents to open Cenlia?"

B'miel is ready to re-fill any and all emptied mugs, which means most of the people in the immediate vicinity of the table are roaringly drunk already. B'miel pouts a bit when Kire doesn't want his mug refilled, but there's more people to get drunk, so it's all good. Even S'tan is well on his way to tipsy, and Cenlia starts giggling from behind her mug as she eyes X'hil, saying, "'Least ya didn't hit 'im in the ribs." Eledri says nothing, taking another swig from the bottle and still looking embarrassed from Kire's explanation of him. It hit a little too close to the truth for Eled's tastes. Who knew Eledri was so transparent. Cenlia, though, is finding the whole situation amusing, especially after yet another mug of ale. The gardener girl grins at Kire, saying, "Dunno, maybe," and she turns to B'miel with a, "Hey, I got any more gifts?" B'miel is about to answer when S'tan reaches under the table and grabs something large, plonking it down on the tabletop with a, "Happy turnday, Cen." Cenlia blinks at the poorly-wrapped object and unwraps it, revealing… a pitchfork? He got her a pitchfork. For her turnday. Because she's a gardener, obviously? Cenlia grins at S'tan and raises her mug, "Thanksh!" And she downs that one too. S'tan nods his head and goes back to the wine.

X'hil glances to Kire, and grimaces. "My hand'll be fine…" Eledri's face, however… The rider grimaces, and turns to the recently promoted journeyman. "You, you know I'm sorry, right?" He's not going to say he didn't mean it, because he did, but he's sorry that he did. Really, he was just looking out for Cenlia, in his own misguided way. "Er, you okay? Infirmary's just across the way…" Yeah, he's pretty sure Eledri knows where it is. It wouldn't be the first time he's taken in a man he's hit, but he always hopes it'll be the last.

Kire smiles at B'miel, "Sorry B'miel I've gotta be sober to look at the stars." He chuckles, "I'm feeling buzzed all ready." He snickers, "Yah at least you hit him in a new place." He laughs as he sees Cen's next give, "Lucky for your brother you didn't open that first." He nods to X'hil, "Good to know."

Eledri may look like a skinny computercraft geek, especially with those glasses, but he was an orchard brat once, and has taken his fair share of knocks. Eledri brings a few fingers up to feel the now-puffy edge of his lower lip. At least it's stopped bleeding. Wincing just slightly, Eledri mutters, "I'll be fine. I was just let out of there, I'm not going /back/." He pauses a moment, and then adds wryly with the barest hint of a smile, "Cenlia hits harder than you do." Is he joking..? Cenlia snorts into her cup, though it's not clear whether that's a muffled laugh at the absurdity of that statement or agreement with her brother. At any rate, Cenlia's not going to test /that/ out anytime soon. Now who can hold their booze, that one she'll gladly put to the test, as she takes another gulp of… whatever latest type of alcohol B'miel has poured into her cup. Cenlia does laugh out loud at Kire's statement about her gift, grinning wickedy at her brother, "He's just lucky I dun't have m' shovel!" Because getting shovelled is so much worse than getting poked full of holes with a pitchfork? Eledri pauses in his bottle-swigging to give the pitchfork a wary glance, possibly looking just the slightest bit relieved. Of he'd known S'tan had /that/ hiding under the table…

X'hil looks /so/ guilty right now. Yep. Looking at Eledri, he just sees geek, right now. And then, he still says Cenlia hits harder? "Well, of /course/ I went easy on you. Cenlia might be upset if I broke your face too badly." Yep. Drink makes him cocky apparently. More? Please!

Kire nods a little bit to the computer geek brother, "I think the fight was bad enough without weapons being used. I'm sure the infirmary appreciates it being only fists." He looks over to X'hil and he doesn't want to tell the weyrsecond so he agrees, "I'm sure you could have, but you were kind enough to restrain yourself."

Cenlia grins at X'hil, while Eledri just eyes the man. Cenlia then turns to Kire, snickering, "That weren't no fight. Fight's when the other person hits back. That was just X'hil knockin' some sense outta Eled." She's so articulate, isn't she? Eledri gives her a sour look and takes another swig from the booze bottle.

X'hil snickers at Kire, and nods. "Exactly. If I really meant it, I'd've broken something." He did okay on Nosken's nose. He just likes thinking about that, it gives him warm fuzzy feelings. Nosken's nose. Hee! The man starts to chuckle then, just, chuckling. Okay then…

Kire smiles, "Anyway how about some more drinks for everyone." Except for him of course cause he's gotta stay up for some craft work. "So Cenlia you work in the gardens don't you?"

Eledri glances back at X'hil, eyeing the man even more dubiously as the bronzer starts chuckling after mentoning breaking something. Maybe X'hil /did/ go easy on him? Gulp? Cenlia, though, grins and peers over the pitchfork towards B'miel, who has started to drop into happy, incoherent drunkenness. Therefore, Cenlia grabs another bottle from that side of the table and pours more drinks, earning some huzzahs from nearby random people who hold their mugs out. Does she even know them? Does it matter? To Kire, Cenlia says, "Yeah, take care of the greenhouse an' clean up after the dragons and ovines make a mess in there." She makes a bit of a face, glancing over at X'hil and saying, "Got a whole 'nother tree to trim tomorrow." As if she's going to be clear-headed enough tomorrow to climb trees with a handsaw.

X'hil grimaces at Cenlia's mention of another tree, and looks about. "Iii should head back to my weyr…" Sure to wake her /bright/ and early tomorrow morning. Yep. He pauses, and grabs another bottle from behind the bar, forking over even more marks. Man, he's made of them, lately. He raises the bottle in a mock salute to Kire and Cenlia, and even Eledri, before pushing through the crowd. "Excuse me," "Coming through." "Move it!" And then he's gone, beyond the crowd, and out the door. Maybe he /won't/ be up so bright and early after all.

Kire listens as he manages to snag a pitcher of just some fruit juice and pour a mug for himself. "Must be a lot of work to keep it all clean." He looks over to X'hil, "Sleep well weyrsecond. I hope you enjoyed the party."

Seeing X'hil fleeing, Cenlia and Eledri exchange glances, and then both of them start laughing. It's been one crazy day. Cenlia raises her mug, "T' Xanadu!" Eledri raises his bottle, now drunk enough not to care that he likely despises this place by now. Most of the other bar patrons join in the toast. Hey, they live here too.

Kire raises his mug of juice, "T' Xanadu," he says with a grin as he finishes off his juice and stands up, "Well happy turnday Cenlia. The stars await me." He turns to head out.

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