Friend or Animal, Us Or Them.

Xanadu Weyr - Kera's Sanitarium

A narrow but wide two story stone cabin is nestled at the end of a long, winding dirt road through the woods. Though at one point most of the greenery had been cleared around the cottage, it has been abandoned for a few turns and now weeds and small plants are creeping up towards the doors. Rounded stones make up the walls, while tiles slope steeply downward across the peaked roof. If asked, some will whisper that this cabin used to belong to Fraille, the crazy Healer lady.

Inside, the cottage is almost entirely empty. It's been swept out and cleaned, and all the damaged furniture removed. What remains is a set of bookshelves in the living room, and after climbing the stairs, a wardrobe and a bed frame in the master bedroom. There is a small unfurnished kitchen, a work room, and another bedroom to complete the cottage's floorplan. One thing is missing - a shelter for a dragon. Since this used to be a Healer's cottage, there isn't one built just yet, but there is plenty of room if the new owner wishes to add one.

One more oddity graces this abandoned little home. In the kitchen there is a door set into the floor. Opening it leads down a creaking set of wooden stairs to the stone-walled basement. This is clearly where Fraille did most of her work, and it's also neglected to be cleaned out by whoever was preparing this cottage for the new resident. Tables are littered with jars and bits of paper, odds and ends of rusted Healer tools, shelves lined with jar after jar after jar of herbs and plants, dried and soaking, hanging from the rafters, and decaying. What a delightfully creepy little room. It's almost as if the walls are whispering, 'Why, yes, actually, Fraille /was/ crazy.'

The peak of summer at Xanadu and the heat is rather oppressive. This morning a muggy fog clings to the ground, making the trees appear like dark fingers through the mist. Off the main path the old rundown cottage comes into view. Now though, some repairs have been made. Many of the tiles have been replaces, as well as a few new windows set into place where simply replacing a few panes of glass wouldn't do. A huge tent is set up among the trees, a temp home for Moncerath til her shelter is finished. And speaking of shelter… Signs of construction are evident along the back portion of the cottage. A large section of ground has been cleared and leveled, and foundation stones have been placed at key structural locations. The beginnings of a stone barn added to the two story cottage. Kera is puttering around inside today, the green dragon lounging just outside her tent. A breeze blows in the windows as Kera finishes nudging a heavy, yet almost rickety bookcase into place.

c-rus did not attend graduation. He'd been to the previous one and didn't think this one would be sufficiently different to warrant him showing up and taking a gander around. Besides it would be depressing. The other time he didn't really know anyone, this time around he would. It's depressing for a number of reasons. The first being it means that he has been here for yet another near turn longer than he wanted to be. Secondly it means that Kera's training is complete. He'd rather she never got involved with those unsavory sort of people, especially when she had such potential, but now the die is cast and her fate is sealed. She's stuck with the lizard. Yay. Still that doesn't mean that Cyrus has to sit idly by and do absolutely nothing. He had heard where her place was and figured a visit would be in order. He knocks on the door of the old cottage, thinking to himself that if all the weyrs look like this one he is lucky to have just stayed in the dorms.

Kera moves about the room, pausing to give the little lizard perched on an upper shelf a gentle head scratch before diving into the open box and pulling out the heavy books within. Catching the knock, she tucks the books under her arm and shuffles to the door "Coming." The sounds of something dragging across the floor a few seconds is followed by the door swinging open. Spotting the Journeyman, a bright grin is offered. "Journeyman Cyrus! G'morning sir." Stepping back, gesturing with a flicking of her fingers "Come in." The room may look a bit dreary still, and run down. There hasn't been much of an attempt to make it very 'homey' yet. Few personal touches, since most of her efforts have been spent making repairs, and additions. But the cottage is structurally sound, all three levels of it. And there a couple of overstuffed, if very worn, chairs near the cold fireplace, and a few ladderback kitchen chairs with padded seats. A trapdoor in the back of the kitchen is lifted and braced open. "Pick a seat. I've some fruit, dried meat and rolls to offer if you'd like something."

Cyrus makes his way into the cottage with a nod of his head as he take a gander around the room. Yeah. It's definitely a fixer upper. Not that there is anything wrong with that. He gives his head a little shake, "You can just call me Cyrus. We aren't at work." he points out. Besides he isn't even really sure how she fits in at the infirmary anymore. He has paid as little attention as possible to the structure of the weyr, "I'm doing ok at the moment, but thank you for the offer." he says, moving over to one of the chairs and taking a seat. He isn't sure that he would call this a step up from the dorms where she was before, but at least its her own place, "How have you been?"

Kera leaves the door open since it allows more breeze to fight off the stifling humidity. Brow lifting when told to call him Cyrus, she grunts something noncommittal and sidles over to place the books she unpacked on the shelf. Eyeing it a moment when the things sways a little, the books are put on a lower section til she can fix the bookcase. Settling in a chair herself, she grins, flashing a slightly bemused expression and eyes roll in amusement towards the ceiling. "Things got hectic for a while. But they decided I learned everything I needed to learn…and Moncerath as well, so we're no longer weyrlings. I've heard the term 'wingless riders' til tapped into a wing. "If things go well, I'll be able to return to hall duties on a split rotation with Wing duties." Kera flashes a grin and kicks her shoes off, tucking her feet under her in the chair. It's /her/ chair now, she can do that if she wants. "So I'll be back to helping Perri keep the files back in order. Will be good to get back into action. Even dealing with the grumpy irritable patients."

Cyrus sighs and nods his head as he takes a gander about the place. It is a fixer upper. There are so many things in life that seem to be a fixer uppers right now. He is pleased to hear that she will be back in the infirmary but it won't be the same. Nothing is the same anymore, "Are you really sure that you want to come back?" he asks. Her life is going to change dramatically and its a fair enough question. He leans forward in his chair as he ponders how to address this but figures the time is right to just spit it out, "Kera I'm going to be really honest with you and I'm not talking to you as your journeyman, I'm just talking to you as a friend. I don't want you to take any of this the wrong way, but are you sure you have made the right choice?"

Kera spends a few seconds getting comfortable in the chair, leaning her elbow on the armrest, her gaze flipping occasionally around to cottage as shifting shadows draw her eye. The cottage is /not/ haunted. Just a trick of the mind. Nodding to Cyrus as he speaks more candidly, "Why wouldn't I want to come back. I've still a lot to learn." She pauses briefly "It's true that I didn't anticipate Moncerath. That doesn't mean I'm suddenly quitting my craft. And it doesn't mean that I'm suddenly a bad healer. I've every plan to continue with my studies. I will just have additional duties in addition to Hall." Considering a bit more she nods again "I think I've made the right choice for me. I think I'll be in Asteroid Wing, which will allow me to continue in the Hall. I've every plan to show up for infirmary shifts when I'm added to it again."

No it doesn't mean that she will be a bad healer, but that isn't the question that really bothers Cyrus. It is much deeper than that. There was a time when he would have shielded her from some of this, but he no longer has the option of waiting any longer, "I'm glad to hear that you are coming back Kera. I really am, but that isn't what I meant. I meant are you sure that you made the right choice in getting involved with a dragon?" There is no getting around it. Cyrus is sickened by this whole situation and he can't hold it in, "Kera they do nothing but hurt people. You've been around here long enough to see that. They make people act like animals and if anything were to happen to Moncerath you'd go mad and you'd kill yourself." he says with a exasperated sigh, "I know she seems like a friend…I know she does. And I'm not saying she's a bad dragon, but she is what she is and that can't change. But a real friend would not ask those things of you. They wouldn't. I know its probably too late but if you are going back and forth on this even a little just tell me and I'll try to help you all I can. I wouldn't give up…."

Kera isn't surprised by Cyrus's dislike of dragons, but his determination today is a bit confusing, at first, but gives a gentle nod "Yes, I've been posted here a few turns now. I've seen many sides of Weyrfolk, and the dragons." Reaching down to adjust the pillow behind her, she resettles in the chair. "Flights do have they're effect. I won't deny that. But I've seen worst behavior after patrons leave a tavern." A little smile offered to Cyrus "And the better healer I learn to be, the healthier Moncerath and I both will stay." A little smile cracks as she works to lighten the mood. "It's not like I got a runner from a beastcrafter Cyrus. I can't take her back and get my marks back."

Cyrus just shakes his head, yes he is intense about this, but that is the point isn't it. He has to do all that he can. He has already failed her in a major way and he will not allow himself to do so again, "Yes Kera…but this isn't about other people. This is about you. Not some random person. I don't care about the others I do care about you." he points out, "I believe you deserve better." A fact that he truly believes with all his heart, "I'm not saying it would be easy, but I'm saying if you ask for my help I would give it. There are few things in life that are not reversable. I just want to give you the option of trying is all."

Kera looks to Cyrus, unsure what to say for a moment, her gaze cast about the cottage as if ole Fraille herself may whisper a gem of wisdom. "I appreciate you are worried about me Cyrus. But I'm confused why you are so certain I need to be helped. I am not running around raving nonsense, or drooling into my klah cause I've gone to mush up here." She taps her head briefly and leans forward with a hint of a smile "Am I really so different now than when I tried to check you into the infirmary on your first day posted?" Kera flashes an amused grin before nodding with a softer smile "Just be my friend, that's all the help I need Cyrus. But I'm curious. What is it you think you need to do to help me?"

"Kera the simple truth, the inescapable truth is that Moncerath with make you a bad person. You will become one of them. Just like all the others here. Immoral. Animalistic. You haven't changed so much yet…thats I'm I'm trying so hard to reach you. I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror and say that I did everything I could to preserve you as you are. You are in grave need to help. The fact that you don't see it shows how much she has clouded your judgment." He gives a helpless shrug. He feels helpless and sick, "You are a good person Kera. A really good person. Don't let Moncerath make you into something you aren't." As to her question he has no answer, "I don't know what to do Kera. All I know is that I would do everything within my power to make our life what it deserves to be. I would not abandon you."

Kera smiles slips as Cyrus begins foretells what a horrible person she will grow into. A hint of a head shake and she sighs. "We'll have to agree to disagree on what may or may not happen. I realize that a few things have altered my outlook a bit. When I was first posted to Xanadu, I was convinced all Weyrfolk were nuts. But I don't think it's dragons' fault." Tapping her fingers on the armrest haphazardly she goes on "I knew Innes, Bowyn and others before they had dragonmates. They are still the same, though Innes may not be quite as disagreeable as she used to be. And Praela is still the lazy, whiney twit she's always been." Another smile is offered as "If you have faith in me as a healer, then have faith in me as a person Cyrus. "I'm not gonna start living in taverns trying to find the bottom of my ale mug. Nor do I think I'll be so animalistic to start pouncing at herdbeasts cause I'm hungry." Kera grins over the outlandish image her words stir.

Cyrus has a growing level of exasperation and desperation, in fact it is difficult for him to tell which is growing higher by the moment, "You really don't understand what I'm telling you do you?" he asks. He lifts his hand to his face and sighs as he tries to come up with the words that would help her, "Case in point. You saw was Ka'el did to Soriana a little while back. He did that to someone he loved. If a dragon was capable of that they are capable of anything. You are absolutely blinded by that creature sitting outside. You ask asking me to have faith when I know what the reality is. You should have faith in what I'm telling you. This isn't easy for me Kera. I don't want to live in a universe where I have to worry about this stuff, but I do." He sits up in his chair a little bit leaning forward, "Kera you are the only friend I've ever had. Now that I've had that I'm not going to lose it." People don't exactly like Cyrus and never have. He isn't easy to get along with, and his caring for Kera has even caught him by surprise.

Kera nods slowly as Cyrus's pinpoints a specific concern. No longer bothering to hold a cheery manner, she reaches up to poke a couple of fingers into her braid, scratching at a couple of spots the hair is pulled too snugly. "I do understand what you are getting at. I've helped treat some of the less stubborn riders." Cyrus's use of her friends as an example was well played on his part. "You think I don't know what could happen when Moncerath rises?" With a frown, she looks out towards the window briefly. "I'm aware of what could happen. But as a healer I'm also not about to 'walk it off' like most people do. I'm fully capable of medicating as needed." Looking back to Cyrus she nods "I'm glad you are my friend." She gives a rueful little smirk. "Healers probably have the most trouble making friends, at any posting. I certainly had my work cut out for me making the few I managed from around Xanadu. I know you are worried about me. But shells Cyrus, we can't spend every day worry about and dreading what could or will happen. We just have to deal with things and carry on."

Cyrus shakes his head and isn't just going to let that one pass, "Not what could happen Kera….what will happen. You and I both know that. You are better than that and you deserve so much more. I can't just sit here and wait around. I won't do it." He has so much energy flowing through his system right now that there might be some visible shaking in his hands, but he's doing his best to hold it in, "You are right though. No sense in sitting around worrying. Why don't you come with me? Let's leave this festering hole and go somewhere better. You can bring Moncerath we can maybe figure out how to work your bond with her so that you don't have unpleasant side effects and have the best of both worlds. We can't do that here. Come with me…think of what we could do together."

Kera observes the older healer, her brow crinkling at his suggestions as they catch her off guard. Lifting a hand to try and calm her friend, who seems to be growing more upset by the minute. Blinking, she suddenly resembles a herdbeast caught in a dragon's gaze as something seem to occur to her. Nevermind he just called her little cottage a festering, though he probably meant it on a wider scale. "I can drink or drug myself into oblivion, but Moncerath will still be there, and frankly I'm not much of a drinker. Moncerath can talk to dragons anywhere. It doesn't matter where we go, she's with me and I'm with her." A quick shrug given as she leans close, her expression somewhat curious. "I admit to being confused about why you are so upset over what will happen." She concedes his point on the outcome of flights. "So, I'll just ask this bluntly. Are you trying to ask me on a date?" Dun dun duhhhh.

Cyrus did not mean the cottage. The cottage might be a bit run down but he mean the weyr as a whole. It is very true he is upset, and its something that is new to him. To be upset you have to really, actually, truly care about something. And he never really has much before now. It's a new feeling and he isn't sure what is going to happen now. He does recognize the attempt to calm him, but he doesn't feel anymore calm than he did before, "Just because she can doesn't mean that she would. Not if you asked her not too. If she understood that what we were doing was for both your benefit and hers. I'm not asking you to drink or drug yourself…I'm just asking you to come with me. Lets leave here and figure this out." Admittedly its a crazy idea, but he has nothing else and she wanted action so there it is, "I'm upset because you are my friend and you deserve to find a man that you actually love and have a wonderful family and a great life." he responds. Her last question surprises him though it wasn't something that had entered his mind in the least and it does deserve a moment of thought. The thought of Cyrus on a date is too horrible to comprehend. He wouldn't even begin to know how to even ask, but as it is that isn't his goal, "Kera all I'm asking is for you to give yourself a chance. We may crash and burn…we probably will, but staying here where failure is a sure thing is not an option. Explain to Moncerath why…if she loves you as you say she does she'll understand and go along with the plan. But no…I'm not asking for a date." he adds to clarify his thought. He doesn't want to be taken the wrong way.

Kera shifts around, stretching her legs out from where she had them tucked under her. Rolling her foot a couple of time, her ankle pops and she leans back, resettling in the cushy chair. Expressions shift across her face and she grins a bit at the idea of family, head shaking for some reason. "Moncerath isn't 'even' a factor in that regard Cyrus. Even if I had never accepted being a candidate, or did and left standing after the last egg cracked, I've easily another handful of turns study with the Hall." Leaning forward a bit to pivot her weight more onto her elbow as she leans to one side of the chair. Fingers fiddling with the little crinkle of material folded over the padded arm near the stitching. "Finding a guy I love, much less having a family is still many turns off." She shrugs some and a little grin does slip across her features briefly before growing serious again. "I don't think running away will solve any problems though." She frowns a bit "I know you don't like it here Cyrus. But this is home, even if I weren't a rider now." A quick gesture to where she instinctively knows Rubicon to be. "It was only a two day ride by wagon from where I grew up. One with a single fast runner." She gives a little shake of her head "No, I'm afraid I wouldn't want to run off and hide somewhere." Pondering a moment, she lifts a brow to Cyrus. "You mentioned me having family. Did my mother contact you?"

Cyrus 's face falls at her answer. Yes Moncerath is at the center of this. Even if she had not accepted being a candidate she would not be in the position she is in now. She would have all the time in the world and time is exactly what is not present at the moment, "And you have no chance of that happening ever if you stay. Yes I hate it here. I haven't been shy about it, but that isn't the point. This isn't about me. I can continue your training wherever you are. The point is getting time that doesn't exist if you stay." Her mother has most assuredly not contacted him, as a matter of fact he has never met her despite being from Rubicon himself, "No she didn't. But Kera if she did I'm sure she would beg you to run off…if only for a little while. This isn't a forever answer. This is an until we find a way to solve problems answer. You know it is in the infirmary. Sometimes you have to stabilize a patient before you can work on the smaller injuries. Kera right now things are critical. Don't make me beg….please." he asks.

Kera sighs, a resigned expression settling over her features. "It's not as easy as you make it sound Cyrus. You're right that what affect Moncerath affect myself as well. You may think of her as a mindless beast…" She pauses and looks him in the eye "…what upsets her upsets me as well. So I hope you'll not voice such things when she's around." Thankfully her dragonmate is curled up snoozing through the summer afternoon. "Anyway, you may think of her as a unthinking beast. But she isn't. She's very gentle, and curious about everything. She hasn't risen yet, but she will soon." Kera sighs, nibbling her lip a moment before going on reluctantly. "My eyes aren't blind to the results of flights. Or the results that follow. Be it the next day, or some months later. And I'm not as naive and innocent as I was when posted here turns ago. I've talked to quite few people about it, not just riders. I've gotten all the information I can, and taken steps to help me be more prepared and 'stabilized' when she does rise." Dragging her gaze around the room she looks back to the Journeyhealer. "Me taking her off somewhere right now isn't an option Cyrus. She's gonna rise when she good and well wants to. It won't matter where she is, she will be chased." A little smile offered and headshake "I'm not tryin to make you do anything Cyrus, except to understand that trying to hide her away like that, would turn me into the horrible person you predict I am going to be."

Cyrus is still obviously very upset, his hands having stopped their minor tremors in some minutes now. He listens silently to what she says and takes a few silent moments to digest it. He feels like he has lost a part of himself and he absolutely hates the feeling. It makes him feel out of control, dizzy and sick, "I understand completely." he says rising unsteadily to his feet, "I understand you are unwilling to try and you want to be one of them. Unlike Moncerath I will not force you into anything. Real friends don't do that…they don't…" he says as his voice catches in his throat. Many emotions play across his face; sadness, disgust, anxiety, and rage. In his mind many questions swirl and shift. The first and most urgent is 'What is the point of having friends when it hurts this badly?' followed closely by a wish to have never come here and never known how complete a loss can be. It is worse to have had a friend and lost her than to have never had one at all. He does his best to gain some control over himself and largely fails miserably. He just hangs his head and moves off toward the door.

Kera frowns, sighing once more. She starts to say something a couple of times, but doesn't seem to know exactly what to say. Taking a couple of slow breaths, it wouldn't serve any good purpose to have Moncerath wake from her sleep due to Kera being upset, then having to explain why she is upset to her dragonmate. Nope, calm and steady wins the…oh whatever, stupid race. Watching the range of emotions flicker across over her friend's stressed features as he rises. She does as well since it the tension in the room as her friend ready to flee. "Cyrus "I'm not trying to be like anyone. I'm just puttering through each day like everyone else. Most days, I have a plan, some days, not. I'm not trying to be like anyone. Shells, most days I hope my manners rub off on people." She reaches out as if to offer a friendly squeeze to the Journeyman's shoulder if he will allow it. "I know you are concerned about me Cyrus. And I'm glad for it." She gives a conspiratory wink "But no matter what does or doesn't happen when Mon rises, it won't be the end of me. I'm tougher than that. Went through combat training afterall." She'll just glaze right over that it was a weak point in her weyrling training. "Please don't look so sad. I'm not gonna waste away. And I'm not going to turn into a horrible person. But I'll prove that to you, you'll see." She follows Cyrus towards the door "How about, another day, you can get to know Moncerath some. Try to look past dragon to see that she has her own way of thinking through things, and her own personality." She gives a small, uncertain shrug at the suggestion.

Cyrus does allow her to give his shoulder a squeeze, and it really only makes things all the harder. His expression remains unchanged. He tries to get some saliva in his mouth so that he can speak and swallows a few times, "You won't waste away and physically you will be fine, but you won't be the same person I knew. You'll be the person that made the choice to go along with immoral behavior. Simply because an animal wanted too. The young lady I knew will be gone…and someone new will be in her place. Someone who is committed to doing this over and over again." And there you have it, "Kera remember you have a choice. You can hide yourself away Marel did…so can you." With that he walks out the door.

Kera 's widen at Cyrus's next words. Frankly, it looks like he just slapped her face with the shocked expression. She stand frozen to her spot as Cyrus walks out the door. Immoral. /What?/ Animal. /WHAT?/ Like Marel.. "What!?" Finally, her feet thaw and she stomps out the door after Cyrus. "Wait just a minute Cyrus." The always cheery woman is no where near that now. Far from it. An intense frown creases her face as she stop a pace away, staring up expectantly. "You're accusing me of immoral behavior, because of what will happen in the future. Condemning me because I won't mistreat my dragonmate over something that no one has any control over." She snaps her jaw shut and takes a forced calming breath, though it's too late to keep from waking the young green. The greenhealer's sudden anger bringing Moncerath to full alertness. Watching the dragon a moment, Kera works to calm herself and lowers her voice as she peers back to Cyrus, "Why don't I hide away like Marel?" She stares at the Journeyman in disbelief and confusion, her gaze darting around to make sure no ears are around before peering back to Cyrus. "Have you read her file? Completely from beginning to end? Cause a friend wouldn't wish me to be harmed like that. The damage she did to herself..she could lost her.." Kera just sputters off, trying to get a grip on her emotions as she steps over to her dragonmate, reaching out a hand to her muzzle to sooth the green's nerves, or her own. Taking a moment to gather her thoughts and some semblance of calm. "Perhaps we should continue this talk another day. If you can still stand to be around such a horrible person as myself."

Cyrus turns to face her when she speaks up, he can't help what he feels. She's from Rubicon she knows. Though his reaction isn't one of anger but of pain pure and simple. He was wobbly before he left and he collapses first to his knees and then his hands and knees before he simply curls up on his side. He is doing his best to hold in tears but not having a great deal of success. This whole emotionality is new to him and very overwhelming, "You are killing me…" at least that's what he feels like. The only person that mattered to him in the whole world is saying these things. He had only read her file in a very cursory way, "I…can't believe there is no hope…no way…to find a way to make everyone happy…to make it like it was." he says with his eyes closed, not wanting to look at them for due to the feelings that rise up in him when he does.

Kera leans her head against Moncerath's cheek, rubbing lightly across the dragon's jaw. Getting herself under better control, she breathes in deeply, and lets it out slowly. The dragon's sudden movements and sudden warbling draws Kera's attention to Cyrus sinking to his knees, then over to his hands. Stepping over quickly to her fallen friend "Cyrus! What's wrong?" Dropping down next to him curled up on his side, her features show her obvious concern as she scans him over. "You're not old enough to be having heart issues!" She scolds as if he's trying to have a heart attack on her watch, and tries to help him up. "There's always hope Cyrus. I hope I can still call you friend no matter of flights. But everything has to grow and change. Hiding away because of being afraid isn't the answer. Maybe Marel had plenty of time to think about her actions. And the damage they caused to not only herself, but also the worry her family went through."

It might be better for him if he was having heart issues at least it would be quick and he would be done. But as it is there are no heart issues. There is nothing physically wrong with Cyrus, but there is a whole lot of emotional pain. He allows her to help him up to something more akin to a sitting position. He looks to be something of a mess. He hears Kera but isn't in any position to really respond to her. He really only has one option left to him. He looks up at Moncerath and begins to speak, "Moncerath. Kera says that you are gentle so I'm going to speak to you as one who can understand my pain." This is a first. Cyrus is going to have a civil conversation with a dragon. Desperation does funny things to a person, "Kera is my only friend in the whole world. I know you have many friends but I only have one. I know you've never been alone but I have been and it is the worst thing in the world. I know you care about Kera too so we will be on the same page. There are things you need to know. The reason I'm so sad is because I'm so worried about her. I want her to have the best life she can. One where she is in control and can choose for herself in all things. I want a world where you could have a flight and be happy and it wouldn't affect Kera's emotions at all. Where she could stay home and read a good book or come to work as if nothing was happening. Because the alternative…it would hurt her. I know she wouldn't ever admit it. But it would. Trust me I've seen it. And because it hurts her it would hurt me. She's my only friend and I'm very protective of her I can't bear the thought of losing her that way. I don't know if you can understand. But Moncerath please I'm begging you in the name of everything that is good to help….please." He just begged a dragon for something. This has to be the low point of his life. But if there is nothing Kera can do maybe Moncerath knows something. If she is who Kera says she is then she will understand and perhaps be able to offer help where there was none.

Kera helps Cyrus to a sitting position as Moncerath waddles cautiously closer to her rider and the man on the ground. If one were to read the green's actions, the restless shifting of her paws, one may read uncertainty and concern. Her graceful neck stretches forward, muzzle extending towards Kera and Cyrus, her warm breath wafting over both in draconic snuffles. When Cyrus begins speaking directly to her dragonmate, Kera stands and sidles around to her dragonmate. Moncerath's dainty muzzle nudges her shoulder affectionately, drawing a smile from the young healer. Kera rubs and scratches across the well tended hide absentmindedly as both regard Cyrus. Listening to her friend, a little insight comes to her about his concerns. Mon's head eases forward, canting to get a better at Cyrus, her muzzle dipping lower as the man falls quiet. Soft little snorts, rather expression head and body motions, and twitches over her draconic features are a language all their own. Easy to read if you know the signs. Or if you have a little dragon speaking softly somewhere among her thoughts. Dragon facets cant towards Kera briefly then her muzzle swings back to the man sitting on the ground, extending as if to gently nudge against the man's chest, if he will allow it. Kera roughly translates, her mood sounding more relaxed than a moment ago. "She understands about friends. And Protecting." Kera gives a little shrug and goes quiet for a moment, as if explaining something privately to her dragonmate. Something that passes between them causes Kera to blush and roll her eyes, but she looks back to Cyrus and continues. "She doesn't understand some of what you said. I'll work on explaining it to her later. But..she says that maybe Cullenth isn't too annoying." That brings an a little grins and shrug from Kera, "Don't ask….But I think she understands your concern. As best she can." She's not even three turns old. It takes peoples turns and turns longer to learn such concepts.

Cyrus watches the dragons response closely. He put himself out farther than he ever has. This is the Cyrus equivalent of Nixon going to China. And if anything proves the sincerity of his emotions and the good intentions he had behind them that was it. No other proof was needed. He begged a dragon for something. The challenge for poor Moncerath will be delivering on what is essentially a very challenging task. If she were to fail not only would Cyrus deal with all the feelings he was having before but he'd have to deal with the fact that he put his hand out in some form of friendship only to be batted away. And he isn't in the place emotionally where the nuance of the situation would be included in the final analysis. He allows the dragon to touch his chest. Probably the first dragon that Kera has ever seen Cyrus touch. When Moncerath is close he speaks, "I know I'm asking more of you than I should…but it means the world to me. If you could do this…you could bring me hope. And show me that I was wrong. That you have more control than I thought. I want more than anything to be wrong Moncerath. Please show me….please." he says as he reaches up to gently touch the dragons muzzle. He then lets it fall and looks up to Kera, "Kera please try your best. Maybe she has the answer that we cannot find." Because in the end it all seems to come down to Moncerath. No pressure for the young green.

Moncerath wuffles against Cyrus's chest, chin dragging lightly back and forth in a gentle nuzzle before rearing her head up and back. Kera offers a hand to help Cyrus, nodding as she paraphrases further dialog from her dragonmate for Cyrus's benefit "That's right Mon, friends help friends." Giving a thoughtful look to Cyrus as she tries to help him up, maybe swiping away some loose grass or dirt. "You know I always try my best Cyrus, sometimes to a fault." Obsessive study much? "But not all answer or solutions come quickly. I'm going to be alright. Triply so with You and Mon making sure I stay out of trouble. I hope this won't be the last visit. Afterall, you've yet to see what I plan to do to spiff this place back up." She gestures casually back towards the cottage. Pausing a moment "We /are/ still friends. Aren't we?" Resuming her normal good humor, she flashes a little grin "Besides, you have to stick around to make sure I don't grow /too/ unmanageable."

Cyrus wants more than anything in the whole world to be friends with Kera. Otherwise he would not have gone to such great lengths. If he didn't care he wouldn't have done any of it. He'd like to end it on a hopeful note, but reality is something he can't ignore. He meant everything that he said and has taken back nothing. There isn't a person who he has deemed worthy enough to hear what he really felt before, "Kera I want to be friends with you more than anything. But if you become one of them…I don't see a way out. I guess we have to put all our hope in Moncerath and believe that she choose you for a reason. That the impossible can become possible. I have faith…" such as it is. The fate of Cyrus's universe now rests in the claws of a three turn year old green dragon. Oh boy…

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