Chasing Dreams

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

The light of dawn is just beginning to spread through Xanadu's skies - or maybe that's just a trick. The horizon is certainly turning brighter, and yet so far, there's no actual sun edging over the horizon. Soon… but not yet. Once that sun actually rises, the weyrlings surely won't be far behind. They've a busy day of classes and exercises and… far too many things, if you asked some of them. Not that the weyrlingmasters do. With so much to occupy them, it's no wonder that they're taking advantage of the chance to sleep while they still can. Well… most of them are, anyhow. At least one has risen and left the barracks. Soriana hasn't gone far - she and Luraoth are just outside the door, the gold curled in a half-circle and Sori leaning in against her side, watching the slowly lightening sky.

Ka'el is one of those candidates who is sleeping, because what else is there to do but sleep before the sun rises? And, oh how he cherises sleep now. Blissful hours where his brain can shut down and dissolve into murky nothingness. It is the only time of the day that he can escape from his own thoughts, unless they snake their way back into his subconsciousness in the form of a dream. And he dreams now, vividly and quickly. It is a fast paced thing, with a darkened background of black and blue and grey blurred as he speeds through. Speeds past, cutting through a cold wind as he races towards something. Or is it after something? But for as fast as he's going, the sound of footfalls is absent, but he doesn't care. He's gaining! Somehow, he can tell he's getting closer. Faster. Faster. Higher? He's rising up! Things are getting brighter now, yet no less slow. He can already feel success as he reaches, reeeaches… Then the sensation of rising is countered, and he falls. No! Down, down, towards darkness and doom and.. *thud!* "Owww.." He's fallen off his cot in a tangle of sheets, and Kanekith is so not helpful as all he's doing is watching, roused by the dream.

The pre-dawn barracks are quiet and peaceful. Even the snorers have mostly found positions where they don't rattle the windows. All is calm and still until… thud. Luraoth lifts her head, turning her gaze from the brightness of the sky to peer back inside. Soriana does similarly, half-rising to look back over her dragon's back. What the thud? Luraoth's eyes are better in the dark, and so she's the one who gives the answer. "…oh," Soriana says. She hesitates for a moment, then pushes herself up to her feet, brushing her hand to Luraoth's shoulders softly. "Tell me if it starts to come up," she tells the gold, who croons softly as she returns her gaze to the horizon. Soriana turns her steps to the barracks instead, coming back inside and heading carefully through the gloom toward Ka'el and his recently-abandoned cot.

Falling off one's bed? Never good. Falling off one's bed and onto one's face? No better. The sheets have done nothing to cushion his tumble, and the still half sleep-drunk weyrling fights his constructing foe with his hands and legs, pushing and kicking til the blankets are kicked away, leaving him on the floor unconvered and groggy. Amusement rises from Kanekith as his head twists slightly from one side to the other, and whatever is going on in his mind (likely a good dose of dragon laughter!) is enough to pull Ka'el closer towards conscious thoughts. "Uungh….tol' you…wake m'up before.. *yaaawn* …happens." Let it be noted that he hasn't put forth one ounce of effort into getting up after kicking away those blankets, even now as he hears humanesque footfalls nearing. And soon, a humanesque figure. "..Mornin'… I think."

"…barely," Soriana replies to the suggestion of morning-ness. She takes a look at this humanesque… no… at this blobesque thing on the floor, and smirks as she passes it by and seats herself on the edge of Ka'el's cot. What? He's not using it. Not at the moment, anyhow. "It's almost dawn." Luraoth is watching the skies. She'll let Sori know when almost turns to actual.

Almost dawn. So not yet dawn. Pre-dawn. Ka'el yawns hugely, then reaches out to claim that fought off blanket and bunch it beneath his head. Makeshift pillow. Getting up off of the floor requires far more effort than he's willing to put in, so might as well make it comfortable. "…sowhy'reyouup?" he murmurs, voice heavy with grogginess. His eyes are open (partially) and he glances up at her, but then closes them again and snuggles against his new pillow. "Could be sleep. Too early."

The night is somewhat bright before the dawn, aphorisms aside. Soriana puts her hands behind her on Ka'el's cot, and leans back a bit, looking down at him as he speaks in Sleep-ese. Lucky for him, she's awake (uh, why?) and has enough brain to more or less parse what he's saying. More or less. The 'less' part of it is probably why she's quiet for a moment, then lifts one shoulder in a shrug. "Woke up." So informative! She's up because she woke up. "Luraoth wanted to watch the sunrise." Soriana looks away, down along the barracks, and frowns as she adds, "and I didn't really want to sleep more."

Go back to sleeeeep, pleads Ka'el's brain which is being nudged further and further into a wakeful state with each word that it uttered. Why talk when he could be snoring? Hard as the floor may be, it won't make a difference in a few moments when his mind goes blank again and that dream resumes or doesn't. The likelihood of that continues to lessen, and he opens his mouth to speak again. "But it rises…daily," he says, snuggling up to his blanketpillow. "Seen one, seen'm all." Or something like that. Gradually, he pries an eye open and turns his head to face her, looking at her up in his cot. His cot! But he doesn't have the energy to even pretend to protest, so she lets her be. "Didn' want to sleep? Pffff..ff….ft. Why wouldn'tya want to sleep? Sleep is … shardin' amazing."

"Yep," Soriana agrees. "Sure does." This is true! It does not diminish the fact that Luraoth wanted to see it. Still does, which is why the gold dragon is out there watching as a pink glow adorns some of the clouds nearest the horizon. Of course, it's not like Luraoth couldn't watch this sunrise on her own. Soriana could be back in her own cot and sleeping… or, as now, sitting in Ka'el's cot. It's comfier than the floor, even if he doesn't seem to quite realize that… or at least doesn't seem to care. "'cause I was having stupid dreams," she says in answer to his question, still looking away across the barracks, then shrugs and looks back to him. "So I figured, why wait for today's creative wakeup call? Might as well beat the rush." She smirks.

Dreams. They couldn't be worse than dreams about falling from unknown places and unknown heights, chasing some unknown thing. Was it chasing? Or was it following… or seeking? Or perhaps fleeing… It's getting fuzzier and fuzzier now as he becomes more wakeful, as if someone or thing is slowly erasing the details until Ka'el isn't quite sure if he even had a dream at all. With one last mutter, he heaves himself up into a sitting position, eyes halflidded and disheveled hair sticking up here, there, and everywhere. "Tell me." Yaaawn. Don't mind the yawning or the sleepy, haggard appearance, you have his undivided attention, Soriana!

Ooh. He's sitting up and everything. That's how Soriana knows she's really and truly got Ka'el's attention. So she gives him her own in exchange, regarding him with a slight tilt of her head and a steady gaze… oh, and a faint smile, though at the question, it wavers as she shrugs again. "I was…" her eyes drift away. "…lost or something. And late, for something important, and everyone just told me that but nobody was helping." She glances back to Ka'el. "Stupid dreams. Like I said."

If someone could please bring him a mug of juice, toast, eggs, and sausage … that'd be amazing! And that'd make this dream interpretation session even more amazing. But all that will happen .. ha, in his dreams. But despite the no food and no drink factor, the sound of heavy breathing and dragon snores and Sori's voice is kind of nice. The sounds of home and family, and so crazy-hair Ka'el is content to listen without complaint, slumping forward a bit with his chin pressed against the palms of his hands. "Dreams are stupid," he agrees. "I dreamt I was a canine once when I was younger." A smirk follows. "But, that's the dream you're hidin' from? I bet you were late for V'dim's history exam. If that's it … that wasn't a dream. That's a nightmare."

And if someone does want to bring Ka'el breakfast, could they bring a plate for Soriana too? kthx! In the meantime, she chuckles at his canine dreams, though her expression sobers again to nod agreement about the dream. So stupid. But… "Heh. It probably was." Her brow wrinkles. The dream's gone fading away since she awoke, leaving just a vague sense and the troubling emotions that go with it. "I just figured there wasn't any point trying to sleep more. Not when I was getting that. So…" She trails off, and her eyes linger on Ka'el. "Why're you up?" Er. "Down?"

"You should've tried," Ka'el suggests. "Might've been a totally different dream the second time. Migh've been a dream where you're somewhere cool. Like Ista or somewhere. An' you're there with this really hot guy who's amazing and strong an' has the strongest lookin' body you've ever seen. And his name's…I dunno …Ka'el or somethin'." Just throwing that out there! He grins, and now that he trusts his motor skills, he scoots himself closer to where she sits on his cot, though still remains floorbound. "I'm down here because…" huh. Why is he down there? "Something pushed me. It was sabotage. Y've heard the stories of the barracks being haunted, haven't you?"

Ohhh, wouldn't that be a dream! Soriana smirks. "If only," she says, and grins back before reaching over to brush her fingers against the top of Ka'el's head when he comes near enough. "We should go back there." She leans back again, smiling. "Y'know, once we can." The smile gets crooked, and she's glad enough to change topics, chuckling at Ka'el's answer. "Oh, sure. Who hasn't heard those stories?" …that'd be everybody, just for the record, because there aren't any stories like that. At least, not yet there aren't. "I heard it's from the weyrlings who died before they graduated. V'dim's got a wrinkle for each one."

The soft touch earns a grin and a secret want for more, but he doesn't pursue. Hell, Ka'el's amazed he's gone this long keeping himself on the floor instead of jumping in the cot with her! He does lean against the cot though, turning sideways to face her as well as he can from this particular vantage point. "Not jus' died, but died in tragic accidents." Is there any other way to go when one is a weyrling? "You know what I'm thinkin' though? I think we're safe. I mean .. c'mon, you've seen V'dim." His voice shushes before he continues on. "He hasn't any space left for even one more new wrinkle. Where would it fit? His wrinkles already have wrinkles." And now he'll have dreams about being overly wrinkle! "Ista's the first place on my list've Places to Go When Graduated. … That list looks almost exactly like my list've Places to Go With Soriana When Graduated. It's the top've that one, too."

That want is supposed to be secret? Soriana thought that's what the grin translated to… pretty much verbatim. Er, not that it's words, exactly, but… anyways. "Oh, yeah. Totally tragic. Went between and never came out. Burnt to a crisp with firestone. Crashed on their first flight. That sort of thing." Her mouth twitches, caught between grin and actual concern. All of those horrible fates are things that could actually happen, to them or to other weyrlings in their class, and it's not like V'dim's face is actually the gatekeeper of tragedy. …just the concept that decides Soriana in favor of grin. "He'd be like one of those canines. The ones with the huge droopy faces." How about dreams of being an overly wrinkled canine? Or maybe just dreams of graduation. "It seems so far away. I mean… another turn." For-e-ver.

"Weyrlinghood: Where death is never boring. That should be the line they tell Candidates when they Impress. Why sugarcoat anything? The first dreams they should have should be of fallin' off their dragon to certain death, or comin' out of between in the middle've a mountain or something." Sooo maybe it's a little morbid to make light of what could be real tragic situations, but a little death joking never really hurt anyone, right? … Right? … And his bottom is starting to complain about the lack of a mattress beneath it, so he soon pulls himself up to stand, giving his poor backside a rub before he plants himself upon his cot beside her. And about a foot of space between. He makes a face at the span of time he's reminded of. "Yeah…a turn. .. But. Just think've all the things you're going to do when you're done. That keeps me goin', you know? Places I want to visit. People I want to see. .. Gettin' my own weyr." His grin grows at the thought of that. "I've never had a room to myself."

Soriana laughs, because sometimes morbid humor is, well, funny. "Nah, see, they should tell them that in front of all the ones that didn't impress. Give 'em something to be grateful for, that at least if they die it won't be as part of a story that'll get passed down as a warning." Pause. "Or at least, it probably won't be. Some people, I just can't imagine them dying in bed." Not that she names any names. Nope. Her gaze follows Ka'el as he rises to join her on his cot - hey, it's big enough to share, right? At least so long as they're both just sitting here, so very demurely. She keeps her eyes on him over that foot of distance, and nods. "Yeah. Lots of places to go. Some of them… I feel like I could give the coordinates already, you know? I can picture them so well…" Or at least she thinks she can. Not like she'll get to try it out for months yet. "Hah. Still won't, you'll have to share it with Kanekith." And we all know how well Kanekith shares.

"Mmm…s'an idea," agrees Ka'el, thinking of the line of disappointed faces at the hatching. "Though…if that hapens too much, we mightnbe left with no one wantin' to stand anymore. Too afraid've death. Xanadu would be known as the dragonless Weyr. We don't need that kind've rumor floatin' around." He comments not on the handfuls of inches that separates himself from her, though a moment of sitting there is all it takes for him to realize that it isn't enough, for his hand has already shortened 'twelve inches' of space to about nine between them. "Kanekith and my weyr." He shakes his head in disbelief. "Doesn't even sound real, y'know? Our weyr." Yes, it still sounds odd! "He'll make a grand weyrmate. You…will never get any sleep with Luraoth. We'll be lucky to ever see you again after graduation." He smirks, eyes drawing to the door. "Gonna be sunup soon, I think. Since I think you were the one that pushed me off my cot an' woke me up in the first place, can I watch it with you?"

"S'pose you've got a point there," Soriana says consideringly. Death and gore are not exactly an attraction for… wait. Adolescent males are one of the primary groups from which candidates are drawn. Thrillseeking, immortality-claiming adolescent males. Maybe it wouldn't be that much of a problem after all. She grins, and those nine inches are probably closer to seven right now. "Your weyr," she agrees. "And if you bring home any alarm clocks, watch out." Though surely Kanekith will learn not to try disassembling them with his jaws sooner or later, right? He'll move on to bigger and better things! "Luraoth'll just keep me out dancing until dawn." She grins over to Ka'el. Four inches. "I'll sleep the day away, it'll be fine." But, if she's going to be doing all that dancing, she's going to need a partner, won't she? Two inches. "You've found me out. I just can't stay away from your cot." Or maybe it's something else she can't stay away from, because once her hand's made that distance zero inches, she's quick enough to leave the cot part behind. "Yeah. C'mon."

"My weyr will be a clock free zone. I'll never know the time, which'll make me late for everything … or early. No one'll know which, but never expect me to be on time on purpose." A grin follows as he glances to the bronze. So innocent looking when he's quiet. Even moreso when he's asleep. But, alas, he doesn't fool anyone around here anymore! "Dancin' til dawn.." He turns his head to peer at the exit and the gold that rests beyond that. "Probably right. So you'll be a woman of the night?" His lips quirk as his eyes shift back to her, a single brow raising. "And I knew it was you that shoved me off. Was probably hoping I'd knock myself out so you could go through my things and take my valuables." Because he has so many. The diminishing distance between his hand and hers does not go unnoticed, nor is it discouraged..especially since he initiated it. When their hands eventually meet he does not pull away, and his wrist twists a little so that he can hold hers while standing. His mess of fallen sheets is left behind in favor of sharing the sunrise with her and Luraoth. Kanekith has no interest in this part of the day, personally favoring dusk, but if Ka'el is going off somewhere, especially with her, he's not going to be left behind. The bronze follows, eyes on those holding hands, to which Ka'el only smiles.

A woman of the night? Soriana laughs. "Night, day. I'm the one with the dragon." She shakes her head, still grinning. "Former valuables, I think you mean." Her head tilts toward the bronze. "They're all Kanekith's, now." Such valuable valuables! So suitable to an innocent looking dragon. There are some things that even clever Kanekith can't take, though. Like… Soriana's hand in Ka'el's. Those hands stay together as they head out to join Luraoth and watch as the pink shading the clouds turns orange with the sun's rise above the horizon, but there's nothing more than that. Just held hands as the first sunlight of the day brings a gleam to gold and bronze hides, their eyes mostly lingering on the sky instead of each other until it's time to start another weyrling day, bright and early.

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