Is it a Berry or the Sea?

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It's a bright sunny morning, the light sharp and sparkling like mad on wind swept water as the wind blow in from the west. It's still a little cool for the morning and there is a touch of dampness in the air from the storm that passed through late in the night. Some new pieces of driftwood have washed upon the shoreline and some new stones seem to have been upturned.

Walking along the beach is one small rider walking along with one tall little two turn old. The child is spending more time stopping and picking up stones or pieces of wood than really walking, but judging by the contended look on Keziah's face, she doesn't seem to mind waiting for Micaela. Further up ahead along the beach is Alosynth who is lounging in the sunlight, her head stretched out in front of her and nestled on a mound of sand. There's a basket nearby with a folded blanket on top of it.

The presence of Alosynth has probably been long-marked, but Esiae is initially too concentrated to note the approach of Keziah and little Micaela. Decked out in working wear, worn trousers decked with a borrowed belt under a simple green tunic, the girl is tapping a pencil repeatedly on her lower lip. Taptaptaptaptaptap, siiigh. Looking down from the skybroom tree, where ample construction is taking place even this early on a bright and sunny morning, Esiae considers the pinned stack of scratch paper in her hands. On the topmost sheet is an unskilled but very obvious drawing of the tree, both inside and out, though no embellishments have been made. If she has any premature ideas for what should happen with the decor, they definitely aren't working their way to paper, which elicits another frustrated, long-suffering sigh and a shift of her gaze about for inspiration. Or, you know, dragonriders and their charges, as it were. "Hello, Miss Keziah!"

Inuelle wanders down the beach path from the direction of the weyr, her hair done tightly into a brain that barely conceals the red stains on her head. Washing may have gotten out the substance, but she'll have to live with the raspberry red splotches on her hair for a few day, maybe a week. So she's decked out in decidedly unfeminine work clothes, gloves and boots, her own notebooks under her arms, ready to help make the new cafe into something artistic. Since she is no longer as concerned with her appearance as she once one, she has also brought along her little brown flit, Seaweed, who is curled up on her shoulder, tail around her neck peeking his head out under her ear to observe whats going on.

Out in the water, Sola has her skirt tied between her legs and she is walking around in the shallows, staring into the clear water. She She is working her way back towards civilization, with a satchel of goodies slung across her torso. A sharpened stick serves as both walking stick and spear for the various things she's hunting for today. When she finally looks up after a futile stab into the water she looks surprised at seeing other people, then she smiles and waves the stick wielding hand. "It's a beautiful morning isn't it?"

Keziah glances up and then smiles as she see's Essi. "Good morning." She gives a wave and Micaela being Micaela squeals out brightly and then goes running for Esiae "I's found pretties!" the little one exclaims as she goes to show them off. Course, there's a sudden squeal as little one goes flying as she trips over her own feet. She's her mother's daughter. Blue eyes blink and then she pouts "Nows they's all scattered." Hmmph. Little gets up and doesn't even brush herself of completely, just her hands before she goes to pick back up the fallen stones. Keziah startles and starts to run for Micaela, but seeing as the girl is all right she takes a breath. She smiles in agreement and nods to Sola "Aye, that is. Should be a nice one later, most likely the beach will be full of people." There's a clance for the tree. "Hmm, coming along nicely. As for Inuelle? There's a wave for the girl as well. "You look ready to work hard."

After having to clean the barracks top to bottom yesterday, and being the main reason that all of the candidates had to help, Iforain is doing his best to stay out of sight. Or at least to not ruffle anymore feathers than he has to, anyway… The tall miner-candidate makes his way down to the beach with his hands shoved into the pockets of the lightweight jacket he's wearing, coming to let the other Candidates put him to work on the new cafe to try to make up for the puppy fiasco. He remains silent for the time being. At least until he sees his small friend trip over her own feet and go flying… He takes a couple of jogging steps towards Keziah and her small daughter, but slows back to a leasurely walk when the little girl doesn't appear to be hurt, "She a'right?" Of course she is. That's why her mother isn't freaking out.

Almost relieved to give up brainstorming for now, Esiae turns the whole way around, giving Keziah a respectful little nod before flashing a bright grin. "Nice day for a walk, yeah?" Stating the obvious, that's our Esi. "Oooh, pretties?" Crouching down as Micaela comes running, the candidate has no chance of catching the toddler as she takes a spill, but she's gracious enough not to laugh at the remembered clumsiness. "Aw, brush it off, it'll all be okay. Here, I'll help you pick them up." Papers set aside, she crawls around, helping Micaela retrieve her stones. "These are /so/ pretty," she enthuses, looking up for Inuelle's approach. "Don't you agree?" The toddler's finds are held aloft for Inu to see for a second before Esiae offers them back to Micaela. And then from out in the water comes a call, causing Esi to look up in surprise at Sola out in the water. "Why hello there! Beautiful indeed!," she replies with a laugh, waving back. Indeed, Keziah's comment about the beach filling is becoming prophetic, for here comes Iforian. Determined not to be upset over the puppy fiasco, Esi offers the miner-candidate a wave and a nod of greeting.

Sola splashes closer to shore, watching little Micaela rush and tumble. She grins the whole way, apparently trusting the general invulnerability of toddlers to protect the tall child. "It will be. I'm sure. Storm washed up lots of goodies though. The beach is mess." Esia gets a special wave just for her, "Hello! Gorgeous sun, just the right amount of wind, and the storm has the water full of fish. Be a good catch coming in I imagine."

Inuelle waves in response to all the other waves. "I FEEL ready to work," she says. And she looks around to the other girls. "No fellas here to help out yet?" And her eye gets a little gleaming look. "Because I have some ideas that they might not approve of," and she goes over to Keziah to offer her the notebooks she brought. "I hope you don't mind that I did some sketches. But since this is a Cafe and being a Baker I thought of some great food theme colors that might work out nicely. And I'm hoping," she bites her fingers a bit, "That I might be assigned to work here when the cafe is completed? Or maybe they'll accept volunteer cooks?" She's all aglow with the idea of running a cafe. "Well, in case I don't have a little one of my own," she fingers her little white knot nervously.

Inuelle turns to look at Esiae and the little girl. "Oooh," she says. "Yes, very pretty."

Micaela grins brightly and she looks over at Inuelle but then as the other girl doesn't respond her gaze shifts back to Esiae and then she picks out a pretty dark bluish one and holds it out to the candidate "For yous" she states brightly and then she's grinning at Iforian and holding out a green one for him "pretty!" she exclaims and then frowns "I's hungry." and thus she wanders on over to Alosynth and the basket. Keziah nods to Iforian "She is, thank you." she watches Micaela and then smiles as the little girl tries to spread out the blanket herself before turning to Sola "Aye, just a bit of a mess." she notes and then she's blinking at Inuelle "What kind of ideas?" she asks curiously "and well, even if you do Impress, after weyrlinghood you can still work on your craft stuff. A glance back at Iforian "I trust the pups are doing good?' she asks.

"Thar's a fella here…" Iforian frowns a little at Inuelle and her splotchy braid, but is quickly distracted by the offering from the little girl. The tall man kneels down so that he's on Micaela's level and gives her an indulgent smile as he holds out his hand to let her drop the rock in it. He makes a show of holding it up to the light and looking it over as he makes appropriately appreciative noices, "Tha' is a right pretty rock. Nice's any fireliz'rd egg." Then she's gone and he chuckles softly, pushing himself back to his feet and nodding over at Keziah, "They's doin' a'right…" He frowns slightly, his expression turning concerned, "I'm still worred 'bout tha' li'l girl, though." Even if she ends up being the strongest out of the whole litter, he's still probably going to worry about her, since she was so lifeless when he found them. He looks at Inuelle and Esiae, sighing, "Sorry 'bout y'all gettin dragged int' havin' t' clean th' barracks, too." At least he apologized? Even though he would have still brought them in, knowing he was going to get caught.

Esiae looks honestly surprised and pleased when Micaela offers her the dark blue stone, accepting it reverently and examining it for a long moment before clutching it to her chest. "Thank you. It's beautiful," she says to the little girl, leaning in as though to share a secret. "I have a treasure box full of pretties - sometime I will bring it out and show it to you." She laughs, then, as Micaela's attention wanders to the green stone and Iforian, the candidate turning to nod heartily at Sola, grin wide and somewhat wistful. "Yeah, I can imagine. I remember some good old Ista storms, where we'd come in for the night alongside the fishing ships chock full of the day's catch. There's always a feast that night," she adds, licking her lips in anticipation, eyes perhaps drifting hopefully towards the weyr's kitchen. "Are you a fisher, then?," she asks Sola, now curious, especially in the presence of the girl's spear. Continuing food talk doesn't quite hide the hungry grumble coming from her tummy, though, as brown eyes drift over to Inuelle and Kezi - someone didn't eat enough breakfast, it seems. "Ooh, you have ideas already, Inu? Let me see." Esiae rises to her feet and all but scampers over, lips hiked up on one side. "Things the boys might not approve of, hm? Bright pink? Flowers everywhere?" She sounds hopeful, if only for the torture of the male candidates in particular. "That would be fantastic, if you could work out here. The fresh sea breeze is so much nicer than the kitchens, no offense." Her glance shifts over to Iforian as he speaks, her gaze long and considering before she smiles and shakes her head. "You don't have to apologize to me. I would've done the same thing, in your shoes." Rrrrrrumble. Sigh. "Anyways, the little one's not the only one hungry I guess. I hope they have some rolls left over from breakfast. I wasn't hungry earlier, but all this talk… well, you know," she says with a self-depricating laugh and a wave to those gathered. "Nice seeing you guys. I'm sure I'll bump into you soon enough." Stooping, she gathers her papers, waves goodbye to Micaela, and darts for the weyr to grab some food before the real chores and crafting set in.

Sola splashes all the way out of the water and quickly makes her way over to wear Micaela is struggling with the blanket, "Would it be okay if I help you?" she asks, though she's already helping. It's just help though, she lets the little one do the bulk of the work. Once the toddler has it under control she grins at the little girl, "Great job!" That said she wanders through the sand towards Keziah and the others, "Me? Shards no! Well, I do fish. I gather anything that the healer hall can use for medicine, and pick up tasty things…" she looks back at Micaela and grins, "…and pretty things too." Back to Esiae, "When I can." Finally noting Iforian she rushes forward, "How is the poor girl? Have you seen her today? Who is watching them right now?"

Inuelle looks over at Iforian with a little shrug. "I didn't mind cleaning the barracks, and the waxing was certainly needed. We would have been the ones to do it eventually anyways," she frowns. "I think I know someone who might take one of your puppies though Iforian," she adds and blushes a little. "If they still need a home." She looks over at Keziah. "Its a berry. With you know, strawberry prints, fruit themed artwork and furniture…Oh! Maybe we can have a little play area for younger visitors!" She dances a bit. "Do you think?"

Keziah nods a little to Iforian "Well, glad they're doing good. Did any of my suggestions help?" she asks with a tilt of her head. Course at the words of pink and flowers she's wrinkling her nose "That would give me indigestion to have to see all that while eating. Why not some more sea type colors, blues and greens. Or a jungle theme, greens and browns." she notes and then shudders a little "Pink. Flowes. Ick." Micaela grins at Sola "All wite." she states, not seeming to mind at all. And once the blanket is all set she's getting into the basket and she pulls out a small sandwich and a container of sliced redfruit. Keziah, at the mention of Sola having anything to do with the healers gives the girl a sidelong glance and purses her lips a little.

Sola lifts a foot up to scrub sand that is stuck to her opposing shin like a sock. "Dark colors are best. At least inside. Light colors outside to ward off the sun, but nice cool colors inside. Dark browns and dark greens and dark blues. Nice and comfortable and cozy." She grins a bit at her talking of colors, not normally her subject, and adds "Flowers are nice though. Just not too many." Shifting feet to start scrubbing at the other she watches Iforian wander off to whatever her wanders of to, eyeing him speculatively. "He can't be all bad, taking care of orphan pups like that."

Inuelle blushes pointedly. "He's really a nice guy," she says. "So kind to take care of those puppies…" And she bites her fingernail. "So I guess I can forgive him for calling me a doll," and then steps from foot to foot and offers her notebook to Sola, since Keziah didn't take it when it was offered. "What do you think? I also have some yellow and green flower patterns. Blue would be nice. A sea theme," she looks around. "Maybe we can get the children involved by having them collect seashells. We can display the seashells on the walls." Ideas ideas idea.

Keziah snorts a bit "He's gonna lose that tongue one day." she notes "He calls too many people doll. But yeah, he's not a bad sort, has a soft spot for puppies and kidlets." she notes. She still wrinkles her nose concerning flowers. "Could always get some glass floats as well to hang in a netting along with the shells." she suggests. "I'm thinkin of takin one of the pups, a girl. Be good for watchin Micaela." she notes as she looks over at the girl who is chatting it up with Alosynth and 'pouring' the dragon some tea. "I had one for Mirai when she was that age."

Sola takes the notebook when it is offered, looking rather puzzled, but after srubbing her hands on her dress and stabbing her spear into the ground she'll open it and take a look. After a moment or two she cries out, "Bandages! Oh shards! I'm going to be late!" She hands the book back to Inuelle, "You are really talented!" Then she waves to both of them, "Sorry to run, but I've got to roll bandages today! I so forgot!"

Inuelle accepts the book back and watches Sola leave with a puzzled look. "Are we going with a sea theme then?" she says to Keziah. "I have to go back to the kitchens. But I'll be back out later to help some more." Not that she's done much now, but she does move rather quickly to leave.

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