Damn Knot

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Over on the platform at the far side of the hatching cavern, Thea sits at a small upright wooden frame of some sort upon which a rough cloth has been stretched. She's humming to herself as she works on it, pulling small tufts of multi-colored wool through it with a sharp hook. Seryth is stretched out upon the Sands beside her clutch asleep.

"Stupid sharding werywoman. &*#^#!@#*$ explicit explicit explicit." Enter D'had, cussing up a storm that any true sailor would be proud of. Its all muttered half under his breath of course, but that doesn't keep it from echoing around the large space to be heard by anyone else who might be listening. A puff of sand flies up from the edge of the space as a foot is scuffed through it, the blue rider's dark eyes scanning across the space in search of something, or perhaps someone by the sound of it.

Thea's hand pauses midway to the tapestry she's working on and her head swivels 'round to see who's cussing who. Of course the words 'stupid' and 'weyrwoman' being in there help focus her attention. She frowns slightly, but mildly calls, "Not lookin' for me, are ya?" Seryth's eyes blink open, but droop almost immediately. She's not possessive of the Sands nor does she seem fretful that others visit it.

"No good crazy old bat," the blue rider grumbles before finally spotting the woman on the stand. "No," D'had almost snaps at her while a sheepish grin makes its way to his face. "The other one," which only stands to say he's looking for one of the other gold riders, no which one in particular. Have run across Thea seems to have brightened his mood however, "Don't suppose you'd want some company?" he offers.

Thea ducks her head, turning it slightly away to cough suddenly in one hand, then lifts it again. A smile lingers, tugging at her lips, for all the proper expression she's trying to master and her eyes twinkle just a bit, likely giving her away. "I see. And what's she done this time?" She doesn't ask exactly which one he's looking for, either, simply adding, "I'd love some company." A hand gestures towards the platform. "Plenty of room up here." And she pokes the hook into the material.

D'had skirts the edge of the space to avoid the eggs on the sands least one of the golds be offended by his close proximity to them. "You'd think that woman," he spits out the words, "would ask a body first." he grumbles, stepping up onto the platform and dropping roughly to a seat an easy arm's length away from the young woman already there. "Wingleader," he snorts, muttering a few more choice words.

Thea pulls the hook out, leaving behind a blue-dyed tuft and reaches for another bit of blue fluff from the basket beside her, playing with it instead of just inserting it into her hook. She quirks a brow at the word, 'Wingleader'. Her pale-green eyes flicker towards D'had's shoulder knot, then back to his face, and she asks lightly, "That's new isn't it? Should I congratulate you, then?"

"Go ahead and say it," D'had grumbles, "I ain't keepin' it." That's what he says. "Too much responsibility if you ask me." Which of course no one did or there wouldn't be this issue of his stalking about the weyr in search of Niva. "But no, that woman just throws it out and walks off. I swear she don't like me."

Thea's lips twitch as she presses the wool into the hook's eye. It follows its predecessor into the fabric with a swift punch and pull. Silent for a moment, as though pondering the man's predicament, she suggests mildly, "Could always trade with X'hil?" She glances at him before reaching for another tuft. "Niva does that, dunno why." She shrugs, her tone neither condemning nor approving of the Senior's methods.

D'had sends a glance towards Thea and her wool work. Okay, so it's more of a glare than a glance, "He can keep that one," he replies with a snort. As for the Senior's ways he's not commenting further. "Sure you'd not wantin' ta hear me rantin' anyway. So, what you doin'?" he asks, nodding towards the project in her hands - not that his glance at it is particularly interested.

Thea laughs softly at this, "I thought you might say that." Of X'hil keeping the knot, that is. "He didn't want his either. Two of you might have a give-the-knot-back-to-Niva party." She snickers, adding, "Might want to offer her a few glasses of her favorite wine first, though." A hand waves to the frame as she answers his question, "Oh, just a little something to pass the time while keeping Seryth company." A small, satisfied smile plays about her lips, "And put to good use what's left of those shardin' Weyr-wrecking ovines. Makin' a rug for R'sul's office to replace the one they ruined."

"Might have to talk that one over with him," D'had agrees, stretching arms out behind him to give something to lean against. A nod follows as the woman explains the project, "Should appreciate that," he notes, "Could do me one when you're done." Question, comment, its hard to say which exactly its supposed to be but whatever it is is followed by a wink and a smirk of a smile which seems to be the norm for him.

Thea smirks a bit herself at the thought of a knot-refusing party, "Love to see if it would actually work." She blinks back at D'had's winking and smirking, looking concerned, "You feelin' alrght?" She silently pokes the hook into the fabric and pulls it out several times, as his comment is mulled over, "Ovines ruin one of your rugs too, then?" She flashes a questioning look at the man, her look clearly saying what she thinks about free-roaming ovines.

D'had chuckles, "I'll be alright," he replies, assuming her question is based on his earlier grumblings about the knot. As for the rug… "Nah, would have ta have a rug for 'em to ruin 'for that can happen sugar."

Thea chuckles, shaking her head, amused at the word 'sugar', "Well, in that case, you'll need to have one commissioned, then. My pro bono rugs are to save the weyr some marks in ordering the replacements from Weaver Hall." She pauses to make her color-choice and reaches for a soft green, then tilts her head to one side, considering D'had thoughtfully, "You don't mind paying for a nice rug, I can make you one, certainly. Have any particular design in mind?"

D'had hrms, "Can't say I ever thought much about it," he admits. In all honesty asking was just a way to make idle conversation and just perhaps get something out of it. "Come to think though, with this new thing," a hand lifting to give the new knot a flick, "Might have a few extra marks for it."

Thea simles broadly at this, "So there's an upside to the misery, then." She works for a few moments, then asks genuinely puzzled, "Why doesn't anyone say no to her?" Meaning Niva and her promotions. "Not that I had that option, but surely you and X'hil did, yes? What's the worst that could happen?"

"Bah!" D'had replies, "People say no, she just don't take no. -I- said no." Point and case, he still has that knot. "She just went walked off and disappeared. Sharding woman. Don't know how you mange to put up with her."

Thea points out, "Well, I don't actually see her all that much. I do my work and, Y'know…She's okay, I guess." She shakes her head, "I don't even know her all that well. Professional. That kind of thing." She points to the knot D'had is wearing, "So what would've happened if you tossed it back at her?" She grins, "Or followed her down the hall whapping her over the head with it?"

D'had sits forward once again, looking at first like he might make a move to stand but rather he shifts to slip off his jacket. Far to hot on the sands to deal with that any longer and the article of clothing is dropped beside him. "Ahh, well can't say I know her that well either." He just knows he's annoyed with her right about now. "I tried that. She got around the corner soon enough that I lost her and I ain't been able to find her again yet."

Thea doesn't let D'had wriggle off the hook so easily, "Where's your creativity?" She asks with a laugh, then suggests slyly, "Wrap it all up nicely in a package and have Rogawani deliver it to her office." She shrugs, "I mean, if you don't really want it… How hard can it be?"

Its not that he doesn't want it. Its just… the principle of it all really. "Cause I wanna make sure she gets it and see her face when she does." D'had replies. That's his story and he's sticking to it. "But if you've any other ideas my dear you send them my way."

Thea laughs back at D'had, "Maybe I will, maybe I won't." Her eyes are dancing as she looks at him for a moment before reaching for more wool tufts. "Rogawani doesn't carry them for free, you know." A few more tufts are added to the emerging picture of blue sky and meadow before she places her hook into one of the baskets and rises stiffly, sliding down off of the platform to the sand. "Think I'll take a walk up to the Kitchen and grab a bite. If I see Niva, I can let her know you're looking for her." And she strides off chucking softly.

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