A Double Explosion

Xanadu Weyr - Kitchens

It seems that with the fire that destroyed much of the kitchen, care has been taken to restore it to a condition well beyond what it was orignally. And thus state of the art equipment has been brought in from the various crafts to be used - stoves and large ovens replacing the hearths, while thin metal sheets have been installed over each countertop, for both ease of use and ease of cleanup. A large pantry remains generally open, containing a all the nonperishable goods, while a similarly large icechest contains the perishable goods.

Kire headed into the kitchen with an empty klah pot as he was always taught if you use the last of it you should at least replace it or bring the empty pot in to be washed. He looks around for a place to put the empty klah pot. He spots a huge dish washing tub and he moves over to wash the pot out. He looks at the big jar of dishwashing liquid and he pours quite a generous amount into the klah pot. He turns on the water full blast and he starts to wash the klah pot. All is going well until there is a cry from one of the cutting tables. One of the drudges had cut themself with a knife and always wanting to help Kire hurries over with some dish towels to help the bleeding drudge. He forgot about the huge sink and the klah pot. It doesn't take long for the bubbles to start to accumulate and overflow. Soon a huge mass of bubbles is heading all over the kitchen. Unfortunately no one notices as the drudge had cut herself pretty badly.

X'hil saunters into the caverns, cheerful as can be, waving a marks pouch about… And then he catches sight of Kire and the injured drudge, and rushes over to help. "Shards… You," he barks at a random kitchen worker, "Go get Isabet!" Isabet isn't a healer, she's just a more senior kitchen worker. The nervous young man nods at X'hil's order, and tears off at top speed. The bubbling mess isn't even noticed by the rider … yet.

Cenlia pokes her head into the kitchen, having escaped the garden for the moment. The girl looks as if she's been having to fight the shrubbery again, with leaves and twings in her hair and smears of dirt on the knees of her pants. She seems to be looking for someone, as she scans the various faces. The gardener girl stays well out of the way, having heard tales of Master Denna's swiftness with a spoon. But when she spies X'hil, she starts to wave, with a, "Hey," but then spies the injured drudge and and hesitates. She hasn't noticed the bubbles yet, either.

The bubbles continue to grow and grow as the water pours into the sink. The mass of suds overtakes the table tops on either side of the sink. The bubbles that had first escaped the sink slide along the floor creeping towards the other cabinets. The more minutes that the bubbles go unnoticed they multiply exponentially. Soon the sudsy mess is headed towards the kitchen door. Kire helped to put a towel around the drudge's hand and he helps her hold it up. He paid attention in first aid class and he knows the basics of stopping the bleeding. He elevates the hand above the young woman's head and has put pressure on it. Kire's hand is holding her arm along the artery in her upper arm. "It will be okay. What's your name? My name is Kire." The drudge looks white and about ready to faint, "Reania." The drudge manages to get out.

M'iri arrives from the Cavern

X'hil's voice has a woman coming from the other end of the kitchen, with a puzzled look on her face. Oh, hey, it's Griselda, also known as Izzy. X'hil also hasn't noticed her yet. "Reania…" There's a curse word muttered under his breath as he sees how pale the drudge is, but Kire seems to be doing alright, so he also feels a little useless. "It's going to be okay." he tries to be reassuring, but he doesn't /like/ feeling useless. Griselda blinks a little at the man, and steps up the pace a little, until she steps on the sudsy mess on the floor, desperately reaching for anything near by that could break her fall, but still landing on her rear on the floor. And still X'hil doesn't notice. Harrumph! She just sits there, with her arms folded across her chest, /glaring/ at the man.

Enkavir saunters into the kitchen, ready to request a fresh pot of klah since the hearth is conspicuously missing this staple item. He's looking over his shoulder as he ducks around the doorframe, jabbing a thumb backwards in the direction of the sadly empty hearth. "Hey, I hate to be a pain but there's no-" As his pale hazel eyes come around to the situation in front of him his words break off, replaced at the last minute by a low-spoken curse. "What is /happening/ in here?" He gestures vaguely at the quickly expanding bubbly mess, then frowns at the knot of people doing who knows what instead of cleaning it up. "I think whatever it is can be tasted later, there's a bit of a situation here." He can't see the drudge, hasn't figured out that everyone is gathered around the bleeding girl, not some new dish.

Cenlia winces sympathetically as she eyes the drudge, muttering softly, "Hope she's alright." The gardener girl doesn't know any first aide, so she goes back to looking for whoever it was she came here to find. As it so happens, the gardener girl catches sight of Izzy… and the mess of bubbles behind her. Cenlia blinks and starts to call a warning to Izzy, but the woman is aready on her butt as Cenlia blurts, "Watch out for tha-" and then Cenlia can't help grinning a bit. Cenlia's still grinning when Enkavir enters the kitchen, and the gardener hastily tries not to be grinning. She fails, somewhat, but seeing as X'hil is there, Cenlia calls over him and Kire, "Watch out for the bubbles!" Just in case they didn't notice. Cenlia herself stays well out of thew way. She's already gotten in trouble once for making a mess in here.

Kire blinks as he hears the voice asking what's happening hear. "Oh shards! The klah pot! I forgot!" He looks towards X'hil and his eyes get as wide as dish plates. He swallows hard, "Weyrsecond do you want to take care of Reania here and I'll go shut off the water?" He asks as he sees the woman all ready on the floor cause of the mess he made. "There is a klah pot in the sink and I left it in there with I guess a lot of dishwashing liquid." The bubbles continue to overflow and the mass of suds continue to grow. A fresh wave moves through the kitchen and wash over the woman that has all ready fallen on the floor. "I hope you aren't hurt." He direct towards the woman who fell.

X'hil blinks at Cenlia, distracted from Kire and the drudge briefly. Griselda fumes. /Her/ he notices? "Bubbles?" he asks, clearly confused. He spots Enkavir just beyond the gardener girl, and Isabet entering just beyond him, but then Kire is moving away, and the man steps in to take care of Reania, at least until Isabet pushes him out of the way with a muttered '/boys/.' But, but, X'hil is a man! Really! Griselda scowls, and struggles to her feet, though it's tricky, as the floor is wet and sudsy. She finally manages, grabbing on to a counter top and pulling herself up. "I'm /fine/. But /X'hil/ won't be." Weyrsecond or /no/. The man finally perks up at his name, and then looks around for a quick escape. Griselda on one side, Isabet on the other… He's stuck!

The sounds of static announce the arrival of the Nebula Wingleader long before she actually enters, M'iri looking down at the radio at her hip and adjusting it slightly to turn down the static— unfortionately this means she's not looking up, and in the process walks past Enkavir at the door. In doing so, she catches the mess a little too late, and catches one of her feet on the edge of the building bubbles on the floor. With a bit of a yelp, the bluerider skids, backpedalling her feet in an attempt to catch herself, and nearly hits the floor herself, before she gets a good grip on one of the counters. Half crouched in her position, a blush blossoms across Miir's cheeks, looking a bit bewildered as she holds tightly onto her radio. "Wh-what happened here?" She hasn't tried moving yet, avoiding direct eye contact with anyone as she tries to cover her own embaressment on walking right in on the suds. Pushing herself up slowly, she notes X'hil and raises a brow to him in question, assuming the Weyrsecond would atleast know… but given those around him, she doesn't say anything. "Eh, looks like trouble all around…" She mumbles quietly, turning quick glances to the faces she doesn't know, "Everyone alright?" With all the bubbles, she certainly can't tell…

Watching Izzy and X'hil, and then M'iri's bubble encounter, has Cenlia snerking just a tiny bit, which probably isn't the greatest thing to be doing right now, especially as her flits, who she left back in the gardens, have gotten bored and are now winging their way into the kitchen to find out what Cenlia's up to. Two blues - midnight-dark Rogue and sky-bright Mizzle, - goldeny-bronze Charmer and booze-brown Trouble swoop in from the cavern and try to land on Cenlia all at the same time. The gardener girl acks, first at being made a perch, and then as she backs away in an attempt to wave the firelizards off, she inadvertantly moves into the bubbles, and suddenly finds her footing quite slippery. There's a, "Yawp!" in answer to M'iri's question as Cenlia disappears under some suds, while her flits shriek with what sounds suspiciously like delight and land on a counter justbefore the wall of suds. It's brown Trouble who dives in first, and as Cenlia gets back up, she's greeted by a faceful of soapy firelizard.

Enkavir is frozen, stock still just to the right of the doorway. He'd lend a hand but the chaos has him a bit at a loss. Finally Kire's words seem to snap him out of his shock mingled with amusement, and he skirts the mess, holding a counter here, clambering over a chair there, to turn the water off. "There, that should at least keep it from getting worse." His brow furrows and his mouth twists with displeasure as he plucks his boot up out of the sudsy mess, the hems of his pants dark with water. "I'm alright, if a bit worse for the wear," he offers to M'iri as he makes his careful way back around to her. "How about you, all in one piece?"

Kire smiles at the Weyrsecond, "Thank you Weyrsecond. I'm really sorry." He hurries towards the sink, but as he tries to pick his way through the bubbles he goes a little too fast combine with the clumsiness that seems to natural to almost all teens. He slips and slides across the floor and bumps into the sink just as Enkavir turns it off. He's soaked and he pulls himself up as he's now covered in suds. "Oh shards. I'm glad that is over." He blushes as he just wants to sink down into the bubbles, "I'm really sorry. Is Reania okay?" He looks towards Enkavir, "The girl over there named Reania cut her hand on a knife. I went over to help her and I forgot I was washing a klah pot." The bubbly knot on his shoulder shows he's an apprentice starcrafter. "Shards I'm really sorry."

X'hil /doesn't/ know, anyway. He's not at his most observant right now. But, he /tries/ to answer M'iri's raised eyebrow, anyway. It's a distraction from his current situation. "Near as I can tell, she had a slip with a knife," he nods at the drudge, Reania, "and someone left a sudsy pot under water." Yep. Pretty much what Kire just said. Well, maybe some of that was new information? No? He'd try again, but, now … he's being glared at by Griselda, who is clinging to a counter, much like M'iri is. The bronzerider is /trying/ to stay perfectly still, though he reaches for the counter, just in case. Isabet frowns a little at the drudge that she's tending to, then nods to Kire. "She'll be fine." The woman's seen her fair share of knife mishaps in her turns, though, sudsplosion? That's a new one.

M'iri looks down to her radio for a moment, twisting her hand in order to turn the object to make sure there are no suds or damage to it. "Seems everything's in one piece. Glad I didn't have my laptop case with me, or the Techcraft might've flayed my hide for breaking it." A wince crosses over the bluerider's face, a look of relief, and pain at the same time at the sheer thought of it. Reaching out to make sure Enkavir makes it safe enough to her side, and gripping onto the counter, she ignores the rest of the room until she's sure he's not going to slide anywhere, and then she turns to the affirmative noise Cenlia makes. That is, until she's under the suds again, and a telltale twitch of Miir's lips suggests she's also holding back a bit of laughter, the blush renewing acrossed her cheeks. Looking to X'hil and then the drudge in question, the Wingleader nods her head in affirmative, "Well, things could be much worse, I suppose… not that this poor kitchen hasn't endured enough…" She's taking note of the care of the drudge's hand, concentrating on that for a moment, before her feet slip again and she's forced to grab onto the table. "Oh, shut up, Kieranth…" She mumbles under her breath, before smiling sympathetically at Kire. "Happens to the best of us."

Enkavir does manage to reach M'iri's side without incident - unless grabbing a counter now and again counts as an incident. He takes her fingertips for just a beat, but its more of a grateful gesture than a necessity, especially combined with the grin that flits across his mouth. "My thanks, wingleader." The title comes with a flick of his eyes to her knot, and then he looks over the room, one hand raking through his haphazard hair. "This is truly a disaster. Good thing there are candidates about. Right?" He arches a brow, looks askance first at X'hil then at M'iri. "Eggs equal free help?" For all that this idea would keep /him/ out of the work, the thought doesn't seem to sit terribly well with him, and the tone is drily on the verge of sarcastic.

There's a bit of giggling from Cenlia's direction, as the gardener girl unsuccessfully tries to shoo her flits back out of the kitchen. She's got a lovely bubble-hat as one of the firelizards scrambles onto her head and then slides off, leaving sids behind. The three other flits have started bubble-diving. Cenlia grins and says, "'Least it's just bubbles?"

Kire nods a little bit to Isabet, "I'm glad she'll be okay. Is there towels or anything to clean up this mess?" He asks as he really doesn't want to go looking through the cupboards for towels, who know what will happen. The silverware and dishware could grow arms and legs and start doing a musical number about wanting to be great hosts. With all the attention on the bubbles and the hurt dredge someone left a large pot of pudding on the oven. The lid begins to shakes and the hot pudding starts to splatters all over the place. It's tonight's dessert redfruit pudding. Hot globs start to streak across the kitchen and hiss as they meet bubbles.

X'hil snickers a little at Eskavir, inching his way around the room along the counters, with a frown. Griselda has had the same idea, and she's gaining on him. Isabet frowns a little, then mutters under her breath, before turning to the wounded drudge. "How are you feeling? Can you walk?" If she's too woozy, then it'll be tricky to get her out of here. The woman ducks the pudding explosion, and curses, nodding towards the exit. "Come on, we're out of here." she mutters at the drudge, leading her out. Leave the mess for the youngsters to deal with, she'll be back to scold them when it's safer.

"Aye, atleast it's just—" Miir responds to Cenlia, grinning at her just a bit before the hissing interrupts her words and she looks around to find the offending sound. "Shells, and people think I'm out of my mind playing with electricity. The kitchen is much more dangerous!" Enkavir's thanks earns another blush from the bluerider, her eyes finding her feet as she shrugs a little. "Not a problem…" She's quiet for a moment as some of his attention pulls off of her, and she looks tentively back up to look desperately over at X'hil, and then at the pudding… "I have no idea how we're getting *that*, without someone getting burned…" A glob lands on her boot, and she sneers at it, rubbing the offensive stuff of in the cool water. Kire and Cenlia are looked at then, hoping that they don't end up with hot pudding on them, too. "Watch out!" She calls, wincing one eye as she watches, and debates a trail to where the pot is over-boiling. "Candidates have been used for this type of clean up, yes." And the grimance on her face says that she still remembers, even though her time was turns ago.

Like many of the others, Cenlia is also hanging onto a counter, waving one soap-covered arm at a sudsy flit. The gardener girl glances towards Izzy, mouth open perhaps to ask the woman something, but one look at Izzy's face, and Cenlia seems to decide that now is not the best time to bother her. The gardener girl attempts to sneak back out of the kitchens. While covered in suds. With four bubble-coated firelizards in tow. Yeah, she doesn't get very far. Especially with the puddings explosion over there. She's lucky her firelizards are alert, for as Cenlia is glancing M'iri's way in confusion, all four of the girl's flits shriek as the pudding starts to fly and divebomb Cenlia, forcing the girl to yelp and dive back down into the bubbles, flailing suds everywhere.

Enkavir utters yet another curse, a more colorful one, under his breath as the pudding starts popping and splattering. He's still right beside M'iri and his instinct is to try to shield her from the flying goo. He attempts to take hold of her shoulders to swing her around, putting his back between her at the pot. Whether or not he succeeds this invovles a lot of weight shifting to keep them both from ending up in the soup - er - suds. "Don't worry about it… guy who started all this." He speaks to Kire, having missed the name in all the chaos. "I'm sure we all have days like this." His tone is dubious at best and he looks down at M'iri with eyebrows lifting. "You have messes like this… often around here, do you?" His smirk is amused even while his eyes are a bit dark, brows drawing down into a frown as he glances over his shoulder to check on the rest of the occupants of the room just as Cenlia disappears into bubbles again. He just clucks his tongue, tsk, and murmurs, "I think this might be a good time to get the hell out of here."

Kire dodges a big glob of pudding that heads his way and he slips on the ground again. He looks around to see if anyone is heading towards the stove and he starts to crawl over towards it. It's slow going as he has to avoid the flying globs of pudding as well move across a slippery floor. "I've got the pudding!" He calls out as this is all his fault and he wants to try to make amends. He winces as a hot glob lands on his back and he can feel the heat through his thin shirt. He rolls over on his back to try to shake it off or get some of the bubbles to cool it down. The pot of pudding continues to hiss and sputter as Kire finally makes it to the stove and he reaches up to turn off all of the burners on the stove not knowing which one is which. It takes a couple of minutes as Kire curls up into a ball so he doesn't get hit with any more hot puddling blobs, but the pudding pot finally settles down. The smell of soap and burn pudding hangs heavy in the air.

X'hil just stares at the pudding. He does not understand why everything in this kitchen must inevitably explode! He gets a gob of pudding right in the middle of his forehead, and /that/ snaps him out of it! He yelps, and falls to his knees in shock, then glances up at the stove, with a grimace. He's not /too/ far away? Maybe he can reach it? Then again… Fleeing is his Plan B, always. He /likes/ his Plan B. Yes he does. He starts crawling through the suds, towards the door. He hesitates as Kire calls out that he's got the pudding, then picks up the pace. Bronzerider, /awaaay/! Or, well, that's the plan, anyway. Griselda catches up, and snags his jacket. He /could/ just slip out of it and flee, but it's his /jacket/! He has his reasons.

Despite Enkavir's heroic attempts to protect M'iri from the globs of flying pudding, the quick movement does little to help M'iri's balance, what with her rider boot's already slicked quite well with soap and water. So, with the young mans movement, the bluerider lets out a sharp yelp as her feet slide, instinctively gripping to the man though she never intended to pull her down with her. With a hard thump, the Wingleader hits the floor, twisting about to where it's Enkavir cushioning her fall to the floor. And once realization sets in of this, red brightens across Miir's entire face, wide eyes looking at Enkavir for a moment before she growls in her throat and scampers as much as she can off of him on her attempt to save face. "S-s-sorry…" She studders to him past al lthe bubbles, looking downwards completely now, much like an erring Weyrbrat might. So much for maturity with age, and it's another belated moment before Miir's eyes shoot up to the counter, and then around the room. "Shells! Where did my radio go?" She cries, searching through the suds as she does so, whimpering a little as she notices X'hil trying to escape, and the others, but ignores it for the moment. Technology first, humans later.

A vaguely human-shaped mass of suds rises out from the edge of the bubble-mess, and scoots behind a counter, shielded from the flying pudding until it stops becoming a hazard. Four sudsy flits, seeing the danger pass, go over to join Cenlia behind her counter. The gardener girl is finding it hard not to laugh, especially when she sees Griselda and X'hil over there. She peeks around the counter at Kire, eyeing the pudding pot warily and calling out a, "Y'alright over there?" Very carefully getting to her feet, Cenlia brushes as much of the suds off her face as she can while holding onto the counter. The girl looks around the room with a lopsided grin, saying, "South Boll ain't got /nothin'/ on this place."

Kire uncovers his head and he nods as the explosions in the kitchen has seemed to stop, "Yah I'm okay." He gets up slowly and tries not to touch anything. He looks around the disasters he caused and he wrinkles his nose at the smell. "Oh shards I've gotta lot of mess to clean up." He looks around, "Is everyone okay? No broken bones or bad burns?"

Enkavir lets out a little yelp. It's a perfectly manly sound - really - as is the fact that he goes from shielding to clinging as M'iri takes him down. She's got the momentum of his spin on her side, so as they whirl around he does indeed end up on the floor under her, the air going out of him wish a whoosh and a grunt. He blinks up at M'iri a bit dazedly, then shoves himself up onto his elbows to keep from drowning in wayward bubbles. "It's…it's alright. Don't worry about it." Wincing he rubs at the back of his head where it hit the floor, then shifts his rear end a bit, reaches beneath him, and comes up with a soggy rectangle. "Is this it?" The radio. Holding it out to her he stretches to see over countertops. "Crisis ended?"

X'hil crawls towards the door, but it's very slow going, with Izzy hanging off of his jacket. "Get /off/, you'll rip it." he finally snaps at the woman, /very/ touchy about his jacket. And then there's a blink, and he peers around the kitchen. All is … calm? Huh. And yes, he /did/ crawl over past Cenlia, but seems to have stopped by the gardener's feet.

M'iri looks over in Enkavir's direction, seeing the retangular object in his hands, and tentively she grabs it, fussing with a few of the buttons a bit, with no seeming result as her frown deepens. "Thanks… yeah, this is it. Guess I'll see if it still works, when it dries out…" She takes a moment to rub some of the bubbles off, blowing a wet strand of her hair out of her face, before looking at Enkavir, again. "You-your okay, right? Not too much of a thump?" She winces, and doesn't even attempt to stand out of the water and suds now— she's already a mess, after all. Cenlia and Kire are peered at over what bubbles she can, and she can't help but grin at Cenlia. "Alas, welcome to Xanadu? Though I suspect you've been here a while…" X'hil is given a look, and she just shakes her head at his crawling. Guess she isn't the only adult acting like a child. "I'm still sticking with that atleast this isn't a fire, like last time. Better a few burns and bruises, then burnt to a crisp." Optimistic, ain't she?

Cenlia nods sudsily, bubbles flopping off her head as she grins, "'M fine." The girl glances over towards Enkavir and M'iri, then eyes the suds, but the radio is found, so Cenlia grins and nods to M'iri, saying, "Yea, been here a while." Since there's bubbles everywhere and walking is likey to put her right back in the infirmary - and with Eledri there, Cenlia -very- much would like to avoid that - so the gardener girl simply flops back down. Except there's somebody there now? Whoops! Cenlia blinks in surprise. Oh, well. Izzy was trying to stop X'hil anyway, wasn't she?

Kire nods a little bit, "Yes I think so. At least I'm all right." He looks around and ums softly, "Again I'm sorry." He probably could just sneak out and no one would now his name, in all the excitement maybe they just wouldn't remember. Kire isn't like that though, "So…um where is the cleaning supplies so we can get the kitchen cleaned up." He looks around the kitchen to see if they are out in the open. He spots a mop and bucket and slowly moves over to them. About half way there he gets to dry ground and picking up the mop he starts to mop up the bubbles and water. "What a first day."

X'hil was only crawling because he's less likely to trip that way, honest! The snap about his jacket though, that has no excuse. "Oof! Hey!" he grunts, when Cenlia flops back down. Izzy smirks at the man, and crawls up just past him, just because she /can/. "Hey, Cenlia, if that's you under those suds?" She's fairly sudsed up herself, as is X'hil, and probably everyone else in here. Despite being free to move around, Izzy seems more like she'd prefer to sit and chat with Cenlia, rather than help Kire clean up. X'hil would probably help, but he might also run away, so keeping him pinned down is probably a good idea.

Enkavir blinks through bubbles at X'hil. The first time he actually sounds upset in the midst of all of this, and it's about his jacket of all things? M'iri distracts him and he smiles back up at her, shoving himself carefully to his feet. "I might have a bump but I think I will survive. Hopefully we can say the same about your radio, eh?" He snags his fingers through his hair, brushing out bubbles but leaving it just as mussed as before. "Last time it was a fire? Well good. Glad to know we're on the positive end of things. Of course, I may have to leave the Weyr at this point but…" He trails off with a crooked grin. "And lad, over there, with the mop? Those are my sentiments exactly."

M'iri smiles sheepishly at Enkavir and nods. "Aye, I hope so, too… well, for the radio's sake, anyways. Guess for the night, the locla holders are on their own, if the zap something into an early death!" She grins a bit at this prospect, reaching up to place the now useless radio on the counter above her, before she's using her hands to move around the bubbles, to get a good look in Kire's direction, raising a brow at their words. "First day? Here… For Faranth's sake, don't we leave a great impression?" And X'hil is looked at, the bluerider grinning innocently. "Xanadu, filled with the dragonriding crazies?" Not that she'll ever admit that is usually applied to her dragon, but that's besides the point. She attempts to get back up herself, now, encouraged by Enkavir's attempts, and with only a bit of a slip, she manages it. Looking like she too ka dip in a foamy Caspian lake, but that's besides the point.

"Hey," Cenlia grins at Izzy and doesn't seem in a hurry to move, especially since she's found who she's been looking for and isn't fond of cleaningother peoples' messes. After all, Cenlia's been cleaning up the mess in the gardens all morning. "Came to find ya," Cenlia says cheerfully thorough her suds, "Was gonna ask about yer still. M' turnday's comin' up, an' my uncle sent a bunch of brandy peaches. Am thinkin' I could make some interesting stuff outta them. Just need a place to set up a still." Yes, she's taking boozery while the kitchen drips from two explosions. That's Cenlia for, alright. Kire gets a bt of a grin as Cenlia glances over her shoulder and calls, "Xanadu ain't so bad, just watch out for them ovines," and there's a pause before she adds, "'Least there's no ovines in here."

Kire starts to mop over to Enkavir and he keeps his head down as he makes his way over, "I'm sorry about this. I'll be more careful in the future I promise." He mops around the pair, "I really hope that your radio isn't broken and I'm sorry if it is. I'll replace it if it's broken." He looks over to Cenlia and he nods to her, "I'll be sure to watch out for ovines." He looks at her like she's crazy, but who's he to say. He just caused to explosions in the kitchen.

X'hil flails his arms and legs a little, as if trying to push himself up, but the floor's too slippery to be able to get a hold to push away from. Izzy ignores the man's flailing, then chuckles at Cenlia. "Oh, I know a place. Can't talk about it /here/, but I know one. I'll show it to you later." she smirks. "No-one'll ever find it… Just don't go blabbing it around." she warns. "/Or/ touching /my/ still." There's a look on X'hil's face, a sort of roll of the eyes kind of look. "Every weyrbrat this side of the red star knows where that still is." Yeah, he's not exactly /asking/ for freedom right away. There's a sudden scowl, and he looks up. "They're /what/?! /Shards/!" a pause, and his tone turns sheepish. "Um. Cenlia. Could you let me up, please? Kinseth's telling me Nosken is up to something. I should go." He clearly didn't want to have to ask.

Enkavir stretches, arching his back with one hand firmly planted on a countertop. "Dragonriding crazies of Xanadu… that sounds almost right but if it's his first day I don't know how much of this can be blamed on the Weyr per se." The word 'his' is accentuated by a tip of the head toward industriously mopping Kire. He pauses then, letting his eyes slide to Cenlia, X'hil, the sitting on each other, the talk of stils, the sudden exclamations brought on by "dragon conversation" (or so X'hil would like us all to believe). His tongue flicks out to wet his lips and he shakes his head. "Then again…" he trails off and shuffle steps backwards. That's right, he's going to escape without cleaning if he can manage it. "Well it's been fun kids, but I was just coming to get klah and I really do need to go… get back to those records. Very important." He lifts his hands, palm out, and backs out the door as quickly as he can manage.

M'iri sighs a bit and shakes her head at Kire, "It's no more your fault that it's broken, then it is my own. /If/ it's broken. Could jsut be watered down… components don't work correctly, when they are, but if it wasn't sending a signal, it might've survived… the casing is certainly sturdy, so that might've not hurt it." She suddenly grins a bit sheepishly, coughing as she shakes off her 'geek'. She turns to look at everyone, then to Enkavir, and back to Kire. A small smug grin comes over her face, and she looks at Kire. "I've got some help for ya… a few in my Wing thinking they're gonna goof off. A little drudge work might put some sense back into them…" She says this as she walk-skids to the door, trying not the run into anything or anyone. "You sure your okay?" She asks Enkavir one more time with a blush, as she passes him towards the door, before turning back to Kire. "I'll be right back." That malicious grin she's wearing, certainly shows Kieranth in her personality, as she skirts out, wet riding gear 'n all.

Cenlia giggles at X'hil's mention of weyrbrats knowing where the still it. The gardener girl then scoots off the weyrsecond, grinning a bit at Izzy and nodding, "Will find ya later." And she giggles, eyeing Izzy almost conspiratorially. But then Cenlia notices Enkavir and M'iri escaping, and she continues scooting towards the caverns, getting to her feet once she's clear of the suds. The gardener girl mutters something about the greenhouse and tries to make a sneaky getaway. Cenlia's already got one mess to cean up, she's not cleaning up this mess too! Her firelizards follow her, and the sight of sudsy flits swooping through the caverns pretty much ruins her attempt at a sneaky exit. So instead, she just scoots, though she does grin a bit at X'hil and reminds him, "There's still a bunch of hauing to do in the gardens, when ya got time."

Kire continues to pop occasionally wringing out the mop so that he can mop up some more water." He waves politely to the ones that are leaving before he goes back to mopping. "No it's my fault that this all happened. If I hadn't left the water on none of the bubbles would have overflowed and your radio wouldn't be broken. I really hope that it's not broken. I just glad that no one got hurt." He ohs a little bit, "Really help?" He winces and shakes his head, "Well that will teach them for goofing off. I just hope there is enough mops for everyone to use. I'll await the helpers." He goes back to mopping as there is tons of water on the floor as the bubbles have begun to pop.

X'hil nods quickly at Cenlia, as he scrabbles to get into a position where he can pull himself up. He does give Izzy a hand up once he's on his feet, at least. "I'll get cleaned up, see what Nosken's up to, then meet you there." he nods. /Must/ get this done. "If you're not off down that storeroom passage that Izzy thinks I don't know about." Seriously. X'hil knows /all/ kinds of secret passages. Apparently. Izzy rolls her eyes. "Shows what /you/ know, it's not down there, it's…" she catches herself, and glances to X'hil. Ooh, he's /good/. Almost got a confession. "Ya got me. It's down that passage. Off you go then." she rolls her eyes at the man, making shooing motions. X'hil snorts, and makes his way out, muttering about exploding puddings. Izzy glances around the kitchens and scowls, picking up a mop at last and silently helping with the cleanup. Afterwards, she'll slip quietly away, keeping to herself. Yes. /Not/ checking on her still at all. Cough.

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