Xaliyan is Searched and Finds a Father

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

X'hil is up here, near the front, with his fourteen turn old brother, snickering at the boy. "You know, you'd see a lot better if you took that ridiculous helmet off." He can talk, he's actually wearing his patched old jacket, here, warmed by the sands. Xaliyan shakes his head at the man, helmet wobbling as he does so. "I can see just /fine/." he points out, though he does raise a hand to shift it back on his head a little.

Re're is retreating from the heat of the Sands, the brownrider most definitely not used to the demands of clutchsire. While Saenkarith might have been a bad egg-daddy, and missed the clutching, he's been spending what time he can, guarding the eggs. And so, Re're is left in the galleries, folding his arms a bit grumpily as he lingers at the rail, giving X'hil and the younger boy a curious look.

Rogawani for all purposes probably should not be lurking around in the hatching caverns, but sometimes curiosity overrules common sense. The boy can be seen walking the highest parts of the obvservation level, a shadow moving in unlighted places. Then, the boy seems to just shrug and give up, walking down one of the staircases towards the lower seats. Pulling his usual shoulder bag up a bit, he heads down step by step, keeping fairly quiet for the time being.

X'hil and Kinseth have really only been in the position of clutch sire twice, this being the second time, despite the bronze having caught three golds. And Kinseth is /considerably/ more alert and watchful this time. The bronze keeps peering into the shadows of the grounds. X'hil /seems/ to be taking it rather more relaxed than the dragon, but he does keep glancing to the shadows, with a frown. "Good-sized clutch." he mentions conversationally to Re're, though he's keeping fairly quiet, really. Xaliyan, friendly boy that he is, gives a wave to Rogawani, trotting over there cheerfully, helmet bobbling on his head.

Saenkarith seems almost as antsy about the whole thing as Re're does, the brown moving around the Sands almost constantly, careful of the eggs of course, snorting up at those in the galleries. Watching the young boy go meet Rogawani, Re're offers a nod, though his gaze rests on the bobbing helmet. A shake of his head, and then he's turning to grin back at X'hil. "Well, my Saenkarith *did* do a good job. Almost as good as that bronze of yours."

With the riders of the two clutch-fathers here, Rogawani certainly has to be on his best behavior. Even so, the moment that Xaliyan comes over, his more serious expression vanishes and the messenger is just back to being a carefree boy. "Hey Xali. Your brother showing you the eggs?" He gives a small, boyish wave to the riders before leaning in closer. "I was looking to see where those weird sounds from the clutching came from. You heard anything while you were here?"

Xaliyan has a nice bobbling helmet, yes. It's a bit worn, and clearly too large for the boy, as well as probably /older/ than the boy, but he loves it, yes he does. X'hil shakes his head at the sands. "Not a bad pair of clutches. Kinseth's first was twelve," the bronze's ego compelling him to share, "but eight is a good number. Seryth'd kill him if there were more!" he notes. There's a smirk at the helmeted boy, and then the man waves him and Rogawani over. "C'mere, the view's great." Yep, they can clearly see Kinseth and Seryth's eggs. Cough. Xali grins at Rogawani, ignoring his brother. "Yeah. Kinseth has /eight/. That's great!" Isn't it? "Haven't heard anything…" he frowns just momentarily, absently pushing the helmet back up on his head, and glancing to his brother, before whispering, "I hear he found a secret tunnel." 'Found', right. Didn't already know about it at /all/. "But it was empty." Aww.

"Saenkarith's first had nine, but that was turns ago. Still great for a brown." Re're puffs a bit, folding his arms over his pudgy chest, humphing a little bit, narrowing his gaze at the eight lumps being watched by Kinseth as opposed to Saenkarith's own seven. Re're's watching the boys meander over, waving for them to stand at the rail. "And Saen's got 7, too, they look really good." Saenkarith decides that its an open invitation to peer at them, now that they're nearer the railing, and so the brown is stretching his nose out to them.

For the moment, Rogawani's attention is consumed by the slightly younger boy, chuckling a little as the boy pushes up the oversized helmet. "Yeah." Enthusiastically, Ro' nods his head. "It's a good set of eggs. I still need to take some notes on em' to report to the holders." The whisper, however, catches his attention more-so than the riders inviting them over. "He found a secret tunnel?" Unfortunately, his voice is a bit louder than he intended and probably can carries quite a ways in the high cavern. "Come on, let's go look at the eggs before they think we're up to something." He suggests.

X'hil knows his brother, so he already suspects they're up to something. "Seven's a good number." he agrees with Re're. It's one less than eight. It's a battle with his ego, also known as Kinseth, to not brag about the bronze's clutches, though there is one the man would much rather not talk about. Xaliyan looks a little guilty, and hastily shushes Rogawani, but makes his way over to the railing, curiously. "Nice eggs." Yep. He wasn't planning anything, honest!

"Sounds like you've been busy." Re're comments idly, watching the boys with an arched eyebrow, his own adopted children being about that same age. As Xaliyan moves over to the railing, Re're's nodding his head at him. "Boy.. where'd ya get the helmet? You're going to lose it to the Sands, if you aren't careful, bobbing it around like that." Saenkarith snorts in Kinseth's direction, going back to staring at the group in the galleries.

Clamping a hand over his mouth, Rogawani does his best to look innocent as he follows the younger boy over to the railing to get a look at the eggs. Soon enough, the hand covering his mouth is set to root around inside his bag. Finding a small, often re-used piece of hide, the boy starts to jot little notes about the eggs he can actually see. "Did you see Donakan this morning? He kept walking back and forth through the clearing infront of this blue dragon as if he could get himself asked to stand." With a few more notes taken, the boy does look more curiously at Xaliyan, "You've stood before, right? Gonna try again with your brother's eggs?"

Xaliyan clutches at his helmet with wide eyes, and takes a step /back/, away from the railing. "My mother gave it to me, said my father left it, after the flight. 'S all I /have/." He takes it off and holds it close to his chest. He has horrible helmet-hair, it's obvious he rarely takes the thing off. His brown eyes turn up towards Re're then, with a frown. "Sorry, sir. I'll … be more careful." he murmurs, meekly. The helmet apparently means the world to him. X'hil is tugging on his jacket absently, and looking away, over at Kinseth. Nothing to see here. Cough. Xaliyan nods at Rogawani. "Yeah, once, when I was twelve. Got carried away after, thought I'd try a craft. And then another. And another." he looks a little sheepish. He'll find his craft… One day. "If a dragon /asks/, sure. But… Haven't been asked." he shrugs. It's no big deal, really. Easy come, easy go.

Saenkarith's nose is drifting closer and closer to the group in the Stands, slowly turning his head so one large faceted eye watches them, before he's settling back down on the Sands again, still staring up at the quartet. "Looks familiar, is all.." Re're mutters to himself, shaking his head, and then giving Xaliyan a longer look as he explains why he has it. Jaw drops for only a moment, before he's staring at Rogawani in shock as well. "Sounds like a little brat."

Leaning back a little, it's obvious that Rogawani isn't used to having the head of a brown dragon so close to him. "Just taking notes, I promise." He says quickly to the dragon, showing the piece of hide as if that explains everything. However, Xaliyan's voice catches his attention and his smile falters a little. "Well, at least you have something to remember him by. My da's a crafter up North, never even sent me a letter. Mum always said he was a jerk." Shrugging a little, Ro' gives a sheepush sort of look towards Re're. "Well, he's only my half-brother. His da', D'oran keeps filling his head with dreams of impressing so he's a bit off." The boy circles his ear with one finger, to show his opinion of his younger sibling.

X'hil frowns absently at the brown, blinking, then peering at Xaliyan and Rogawani. "If you're going to be searched, you're going to be searched, there's nothing you can do to influence that." His glaze flicks very briefly to one shadowed edge of the sands, and then he shakes his head. "Silly to wander around in front of dragons. If his /father/ is so set on him impressing, why doesn't /his/ dragon search the boy?" Good question. "My mother's green yanked me out of my turnday party to be fitted for a robe, I'd only just come of age to be searched and I was shoved out onto the sands next day." he rolls his eyes. Xali looks up at his brother, pointing out, "You impressed, though." with a slight frown, turning the helmet over in his hands idly, and peering up at Re're again, blinking at the brownrider's shock.

"Nothing, tis nothing." Re're stares at the helmet for another minute, running his hands through his hair, before he's listening to X'hil speak, and slowly nodding his head. "What he said, if'n you're going to be Searched, you'll be Searched." A pause, and then he's glancing at Saenkarith, who regards them with a tilt of his head. "And, uh.. I never caught your name, but.. Saenkarith said that you should be on the Sands, not in the Galleries." This is said to Xali, with an apologetic glance at Rogawani.

"Because Don's stupid." Rogawani says simply, shaking his head from side to side. "Claims his da's dragon is biased, so he won't stand unless some other dragon asks him. I'd bet my breakfast that no one will ask him and he'll end up whining to daddy so his blue lets him stand." With a snort, Ro' shows all too clearly that he and his brother do not happen to get along. He opens his mouth as if to say something more, but is cut off by Re're inviting Xali to stand. There isn't any jealousy, just a big smile for the younger boy. "Hey, see, there ya go. That's how it should be done, the dragon picks. You gotta come back with a dragon this time though, okay Xali?"

Xaliyan /blinks/ at Re're, then frowns down at the helmet, before flicking back into the /stare/. He's been asked before, yeah, but still. "Xaliyan, sir. My name's Xaliyan. And I'd be /honoured/." Nod nod nod. If he were wearing the helmet right now, his nodding would be hilarious to behold. "Wow. X'hil, you hear that? I'm gonna get another chance! Have to tell my journeyman… And my mother…" he murmurs, grinning fit to split his face in two. X'hil snickers, and shakes his head. "I'll bet it because not even his da's own dragon sees a spark in him." he murmurs in an aside to Rogawani. "Some just aren't fit for impressing. I mean, take Nosken. I'd shudder to see /him/ on a dragon." He shudders now at the image, in fact.

Saenkarith croons, shuffling on the sands a bit as the boy accepts, leaving Re're to actually smile. "I know he's your brother, but Saenkarith says you'll be better suited for his eggs." A smirk to X'hil, and Re're is nodding at the boy, tossing his head over his shoulder. "Go on, tell everyone.. I know you want to." Leaning back against the railing, Re're sighs softly, making a face at Rogawani. "I hate kids like that."

"Uh oh, you're going to have dragons fighting over you soon, Xali, you just wait and see." Rogawani chuckles to himself, glad to start seeing some folks around the weyr get searched. With his attention distracted from the eggs, Ro' glances at X'hil and just gives a knowing nod of agreement to the rider's statement about his half-brother. "Nosken? I bet if he impressed, it'd be to a blue. One colored like a big bruise." He kids, of course.

Xaliyan /grins/, and jumps up, putting his helmet carefully on the seat, with a glance at X'hil to make sure the man watches it, before tearing off. He'll be back. Yes. He left his helmet here, see. There is a pause at the exit, and he frowns. Searched for Saenkarith's clutch, not Kinseth's? "But what if one of the /other/ dragons wants to impress me?" he asks, before X'hil shooes him on, with a chuckle. Searched is searched, the boy will be /fine/. X'hil chuckles, and leans against the railing, looking over the eggs. "He'd look like a bruise, and he'd be a bruiser too, I bet." There's a pause, and he adds, "Thankfully Nosken hasn't been searched. Nor is he likely to be. Kinseth tells me he doesn't sense the … whatever it is they sense." He's been wrong before though, no doubt. Or he's just lying to make his rider feel better.

"Nosken?" Re're says with a tilt of his head, looking from Rogawani to X'hil, not knowing this troublesome young man like the pair of them do. "Maybe he'd be a good greenrider, you never know. Tough guys, covering stuff up." He grins, before meandering over to settle down next to the helmet, slowly turning it over in his hands, curious.

Taking a look back at the brown's clutch, Rogawani seems to consider each egg before making a notation on his sheet. It seems as if there will be at least one bet in Xaliyan's favor, that's for sure. With as much written down as he can manage, some of the eggs still hidden a bit by sand, Ro' turns back to look at the riders. "You never know with dragons. One of the harpers told us a story of a young trader who kept getting passed up for search, and then one year a green took him to the weyr and he impressed a blue. But…" With a pause, Ro' runs a hand through his hair. "I don't know, though. Do they ever tell you what it is they're looking for?"

X'hil screws up his face. Nosken? On green? "Maybe from the /other/ clutch… Kinseth's hatchlings would have more sense than that." Right. Though there is a bit of a smirk at that. "Ooh, but he'd be so startled to see a green coming at him." Once he impressed, well, he'd never object, not seriously. But the moments before? /Terrifying/. For all concerned. There's a look over at Re're as the brownrider moves over near the helmet, and he frowns, turning to lean backwards against the railing instead, facing the chairs. "It's a ratty old thing, but he loves it." He's one to talk, his jacket is at least ten turns older, and has been patched up at least once. There's a snort, and he shakes his head. "No-one knows what they're looking for. Sometimes I wonder if even dragons do, but, they do well, mostly. If a person doesn't impress, it doesn't mean they /won't/. Dragons saw /something/ there."

"Saenkarith just says that they… feel different when he touches them. He never says how or anything, though." Re're's comment is said, his tone rather distracted, as he leans back in the seat, rolling the helmet around in his hands once, flipping it over to check the inside. And its at that that he's quickly returning it to the seat next to him, the chubby man looking a bit surprised, a look which is quickly hidden as X'hil's jab registers. "From what I've heard, Seryth should have had more sense, too." Teasing the younger man a bit, Re're's looking at Rogawani with a slow nod. "What X'hil said, really, you never know."

Somewhere in Rogawani's head, the mental image of Nosken facing down a pretty frilly looking green dances across his mindscape. That alone is enough to cause an ill-contained giggle. Swallowing it down, the boy tries to put on his most innocent look. Giving a glance towards the brownrider and the helmet, he doesn't comment on that, instead just shrugging his shoulders a little. "I wonder if it's like with lizards. Sometimes I just know if mine is hungry or sleepy. Hm." Thoughtfully, the boy begins to fold up the piece of hide. "If I knew, I bet I could make a fortune wagering on eggs, though."

Xaliyan returns, completely breathless, and eagerly leading a bemused older woman over to where he left his helmet. X'hil is about to make a retort to Re're, surely at the height of wittiness, when he sees the pair, and mutters something about paperwork, leaving, /quickly/. Ah, so that'd be Xylaihl, the mother of these half-brothers, then? "Look, ma, look! Right there! I was searched right there!" the boy is babbling, cheerfully, leading the greenrider over to Re're and Rogawani, with a brief frown at the departing X'hil, but not even that can spoil his mood.

Re're steps back as Xaliyan returns in a hurry, catching the woman as well, shaking his head a bit at the boys enthusiasm, though that shake of his head turns to a smirk as X'hil is quickly disappearing. Eyeing the greenrider for a long minute, Re're humms softly to himself, looking at the helmet, and the greenrider again. "Saenkarith reckons he stands a chance, ma'am.. Congratulations." He replies a bit awkwardly, never actually meeting her gaze. Ro, thus is the recipient of Re're's attention. "I'm sure they'll have the board out to bed. The bigger they are, the more they'll end up on green." He says with a joking wink.

"I run up bets from the hold sometimes." Rogawani explains to Re're, nodding about the more local betting board. "Usually if someone from Black Rock or Rubicon get searched, more holders end up betting on them impressing." With his usual goofy smile, the boy greets the returning Xaliyan and his mother. "Yep, I saw it. He was searched right here." Playing along, Ro' leans a little on the railing, making sure the brown clutch-father isn't too close by as he does so.

Xylaihl chuckles at her son's obvious enthusiasm. "Ah, you must be the rider?" she asks, with a tilt at Re're, glancing to the helmet with a frown. "Have I seen you somewhere before?" she asks, casually. He /seems/ familiar. In a 'talked to him once, several turns ago' sort of way. Xaliyan grins, and leans against the railing, though he's finding it hard to sit still. "Hey, hey, can candidates bet?" he asks, with a twinkle in his eye, and carefully keeping his voice quiet, so the riders - especially his mother - don't overhear.

"It really wasn't me, it was Saenkarith's idea." The brown has settled back down, now that his curiosity has been satisfied, though he does sent spurts of hot breath on those still there every now and then, as if reminding them of his presence. At Xylaihl's question, he glances briefly at the helmet, then back at Xylaihl, trying to keep a lid on his expressions. "Its.. possible." He says plainly, before his gaze darts to the teens, and he slowly nods, with a wink.

Giving a small nudge to the newly searched-out candidate, Rogawani just shoots him a boyish grin. "I don't know if they can bet, but if not… we'll arrange something." There is a small twinkle of mischief in the boy's eyes. "You've just got to promise to let me know what it's like out there, okay? Fair trade?" Afterall, even though Ro' has never been searched and doesn't really expect to, he's still curious about all the things he's heard.

Xylaihl takes a seat on the other side of the helmet. Must look rather funny, with the helmet getting its own seat. "Ah." she follows the gaze to the teens, then back to Re're, nodding at the wink. "About fifteen turns ago, right?" Right. Though she's not sure as they've ever been properly introduced, so she does the honours, "Xylaihl, rider of the ever bright green Xvetaoth." Meanwhile, Xaliyan is grinning at Rogawani, and nods. "Deal! I'll tell you /everything/, it'll be great!" he grins. Hopefully Rogawani won't come to regret that… "Also, just between you an' me, but I reckon I've got a good chance with Kinseth's eggs." He's been talking quietly, but enthusiasm overcomes him in his next statement, "'M gonna be a bronzerider like my brother!" He idolises the man, for lack of a father figure most likely. Xylaihl gives him an odd look, with a half frown.

"Uh… maybe.." Re're is rather at a loss for words, looking over his shoulder at the brown on the Sands, and then back at Xylaihl with a slow nod. "Re're, and he's Saenkarith." And he is clearly brown. "Nice to.. meet you." Re're says still rather confused by the possible revelation, glance passing over the helmet once more, even as he half listens to the two youngsters, grinning a bit.

The odd conversation between the riders is only half-noticed by Rogawani, but often times he didn't understand a lot of what went on between them. So, he just nods enthusiastically to the candidate. "I bet there's a dragon waiting for you down there. I'm sure of it." Trying to be supportive, the boy just gives a little laugh as his friend claims that he's going to become a bronzerider. "Wow, a bronzerider huh? I don't know." He teases a little, giving a wry smile to Xaliyan. "You sure you don't belong on a green?"

X'hil is about ten turns older than Xaliyan, so he's always sort of been the male role model type. It's not like Xali was ever lacking in anything, but he /did/ have a fondness for that helmet. Xylaihl tilts her head a little, and peers at the helmet, then shrugs a little and asks, "Been a rider long?" with a peer at Saenkarith on the sands. Dragons don't really show the age like people. He could be three turns, or he could be thirty, she has no way of knowing. Presumably though he's younger than the rider at least, which gives an age range. Xaliyan rolls his eyes at Rogawani's teasing, and shakes his head. "Nope. It'll be a bronze, and he'll be bigger even than Kinseth." That's /big/. And, yeah, he knows it's unlikely, but he can dream. "I just /know/, like dragons know who to search." he adds, with a firm nod. Xylaihl is hiding a smirk behind her hand. She did briefly seem to like the suggestion of green, but his bronze dreams amuse her.

"Bigger than Kinseth? Next thing you'll be saying that your dragon will be bigger than a gold." Rogawani says with a tone of disbelief, although his face still shows a smile. Sure, it's excitement by proxy, so he can be happy and hopeful about his friend impressing. "Well we'll just have to see if you're as accurate as a search dragon. Because if you end up on green I'm going to tease you mercilessly." Giving another nudge to Xaliyan's shoulder, the messenger leans in a little closer, "And you've got to let me know what egg you like so I can bet on your dragon hatching from it."

"Saenkarith says browns are just as good as bronzes, you know." Re're teases the younger boy, shaking his head a bit as the two of them chatter away, glancing at Xylaihl and giving a slow nod. "Almost nineteen turns." He supplies a bit tentatively, glancing at Saenkarith as well. "My…. eldest is almost old enough to stand." But, even as he's saying those words, Xali is getting another look, and then he's nodding at Xylaihl. "It, uh, was just a helmet."

Xaliyan smirks, and says, "Maybe he /will/ be. Biggest dragon in all of Pern!" Okay, now it's obviously ridiculous, and he snickers. "Nah, but really, I've got no idea. Hope, sure, but, you know. Sister's been standing nonstop five turns." he shrugs a little. She's still not impressed, he'd surely boast if she had. But the hope, the /hope/ is real, it's plain as the nose on his face. Xylaihl flicks a glance at the helmet, and picks it up, turning it over in her hands, and glancing sideways at Re're. "Looks about your size." Well, yeah, it's a helmet, they don't really come in too many sizes. She shakes her head, and lowers the helmet, settling it on her lap for the time being. "You're not from around here, are you?" she asks, meaning Xanadu. "I mean, you've transferred, recently?"

"With the biggest headed rider in all of Pern." Rogawani jokes, sticking his tongue out at Xaliyan. "Hey, it's a good thing just to be searched, and whatever color you're meant to be on will be waiting out there. And I'll be sitting up here cheering you on." Well, he has to try to be supportive of the only person he actually knows that's a candidate right now. "Maybe your sister will get searched out, too? I mean, what X'hil and Re're said. Not impressing once doesn't mean she'll never impress. This might be a lucky clutch for both of you?"

Re're just shakes his head at Rogawani and Xaliyan, smirking a bit at their exchange, letting them both carry on as they will, his attention mostly on Xylaihl and that darn'd helmet now. "It does.." He agrees slowly, before a shake of his head, and he remains leaning against the railing. "My.. weyrmate and I just came from Western. Though, we were at Igen, before that." A pause, and he glances at Saen, and then back at Xyl. "Though, we, uh.. had been to Xanadu before."

Xylaihl nods a little at Re're, frowning at the helmet, before shifting it back to the empty seat, back towards the brownrider. "Mmm, I thought as much… Good place. Xanadu. Impressed here, raised a few children." Sort of. In a fostered sense. "Had so many flights, I can barely remember the winners…" She glances at Re're, though. "Your brown looks talented in flight, to have caught a gold." It's a compliment. Xali is shaking his head. "I'm not ever going to be the biggest headed rider! X'hil is! Cause of Kinseth." He frowns a little at the bronze. He really doesn't remember X'hil /without/ Kinseth, he was just two at the time, but he never was fond of how much of his brother's time the bronze ate up. "Nah, I'm going to impress myself something little, low maintenance. Maybe a tiny green. I'd put her in my pocket and take her everywhere." What he wants is a /firelizard/, apparently. But smaller.

"Better not let Kinseth hear that." Rogawani says with a smirk, glancing over at the sands. "He's got pride that one, said he'd have eleven eggs in this clutch." It's a figure he's had fun reporting, to almost everyone except for Cenlia, who seemed offended that people doubted the number. "I think you'd need a very big pocket to carry around a green, though. And you'd never be able to feed her firestone because then she might accidentally singe off some parts that are kinda important to you." However, his eyes catch the glances towards the helmet that both riders seem to be making, so he leans in and asks of Xali, "Why do they keep looking at your helmet?"

"I think the green would be carrying you around in her pockets, boy.." Re're teases the younger of the two, before waggling his finger at Rogawani. "Don't encourage him." But the question about the helmet is unaddressed, a look to Xylaihl letting her be the one to explain, if she will. "He.. He's done well for himself. He may not chase all the time, but he performs well when he does." Now who has the big head? "I.. I should go.." He stutters a bit, staring at the helmet, and then at Xali once more. "Good luck, kiddo.." He murmurs as he excuses himself, giving Ro a bit of a smile even. "Keep good care of those bets.."

Xaliyan winces at the thought of parts being singed off, and frowns. "Well, my /shirt/ pocket, maybe." he concedes as a better location. "If Kinseth said eleven… Well, it's /possible/. He had twelve once!" Pride! "There was even a gold!" More pride! And then his attention is brought to the adults, and he blinks, running in to snatch up his helmet. /His/. He puts it on his head, and frowns. So he's there when Xylaihl coughs, and murmurs, "I … Re're, I think … we met once, for a flight, about fifteen turns ago. This is my son, he's fourteen turns of age." "And a half!" the boy pipes up. Every little bit counts. The math is rather telling. "Your son." the woman adds, quietly. Well, that's one way to deliver the news. 'Hi, that kid you searched? Yeah, he's your kid.'

"Yeah, shirt pocket is a better idea." Rogawani can't help but chuckle as the same sort of pride shown by X'hil and by Cenlia gets echoed by Xaliyan as well. "I wonder if maybe there's less because there were two pregnant golds so nearby." It's a thought, but it's only entertained for a moment before the candidate goes to re-claim his helmet. Ro' follows a step behind, but then holds back, blinking a little as he looks between the green rider, the brown rider, and… their son? Blink. "Uh." In an unusual turn of events, Rogawani is speechless.

"I.. I guessed so." Re're pauses, his retreat foiled by Xylaihl's words, turning back to look at the little group. A glance at Xali, and he nods slowly, giving him a smile. "I.." he shakes his head a bit, before offering a rather awkward, "You'll, uh, need to come meet your other brother and sisters.." He says slowly, not sure what else to say, giving Ro a look, as if hoping the messenger will cause some distraction.

Xaliyan simply /stares/ up at Re're. He's not making this any less awkward, nope. And then there's another brother, and sisters? He frowns a little, thinking a moment, then nods. "I… okay, sir." Wow. That's… something. The boy takes off his beloved helmet, and frowns at it, then holds it out to the man. Aww! "I… took good care of it." He did, for the most part. It's looking a little worse for wear, because he really almost never takes it off, but it's amazing that it'd still be wearable at all. Having said her piece, Xylaihl is just about as speechless as Rogawani, and she shrugs helplessly at Re're. She really has no better idea of what to do here than he does.

Clearing his throat a little, Rogawani tries his best at making a subtle escape from the family reunion going on infront of him. "Speaking of those bets… I should get these notes to the hold." Sure, he doesn't actually have a trip down there scheduled until later in the day, but it's a likely enough excuse for the messenger. He mouths a quick 'I'll talk to you later' to Xaliyan, and then gives a polite nod to the two riders. "G'day riders. And uh… good luck?" He offers, and then tries to skeedaddle as fast as he can.

"You can keep it.." Re're says with a soft laugh, gently pushing the helmet back towards the boy, glancing over his shoulder at Rogawani is making an escape, and Re're is looking like he'd quite like to do the same. Alas, he's stuck, and he's looking back from mother to son, shaking his head a bit. "I bet they'll be real excited, to know someone else. YOu can, uh, show them around."

Xaliyan grins as he gets to keep the helmet, hugging it close. He'll treasure it even /more/ now. Xylaihl shakes her head at the boy, and glances at Re're. "I… Xali's… Well…" Nope. No words. The boy shakes his head at his mother, then grins at Re're. Well, at least /someone/ is enjoying this. "Hey, yeah. I know my way around! Not as great as X'hil," there's a glance to the shadowy corner of the sands then, /very/ brief, "But I know all the best places." Almost all. And yes, yes he /is/ enthusiastic. He puts the helmet back on his head, and grins out from under it. "Man, wait'll I tell X'hil, he'll never believe it!"

"I.. I'm sure you do. I'll tell them to come look for you, okay? The whole lot of them." Re're chuckles some, before he's shaking his head, and looking from one to the other. "I should.. go tell Airen.." Before someone else does, and greenrider is spending a few nights at her father's. "I'll.. see you guys later?" Yay, awkwardness.

Xylaihl frowns a little at Xaliyan, and will probably have to have a talk to him later about overwhelming poor Re're. "I, ah, sorry to drop this on you." she does murmur to the man, looking a little sheepish. "I just… Would've let you know sooner, but I didn't know who, er, to let know." Yeah. Xaliyan nods cheerfully at Re're, helmet bobbling around again. "I'll keep an eye out!" he grins.

"Its.. Its okay. I, always sort of wondered what happened to that helmet." He murmurs softly, before shaking his head. "Have a good one.." And then he's hurriedly escaping, though he doesn't look upset, merely overwhelmed.

Xylaihl smirks a little, though it's half-hearted, and nods to the helmetted boy. "Well, there it is." Not that he's ever getting it back. As he escapes, Xylaihl leads Xaliyan off to a quiet corner of the galleries to have a little talk with the excited boy. He'll be calmer next time they meet, hopefully.

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