Considered (egg touch 4)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

It's just after lunch on a cool rainy spring day in Xanadu, the caverns are still full with late-arrivals and slowpokes dawdling over their meal, perhaps reluctant to head back outside, those that have outside tasks. Here on the sands though, it's desert-hot and bone dry, quite the contrast to the cold, wet drizzle out there. With those shells getting harder by the day, the time Candidates are given to them increases and thus there are several in here on the sands under the supervision of an AWLM, two dragons and a Weyrwoman, who sits this time over on the raised wooden platform while doing some of that ever-present paperwork.

Having finished lunch early, and already seen to it that his little open secret in the barracks have been fed and are sleeping peacefully, Iforian comes in with the others, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his pants and his hair slightly damp from the rain. He gives a quick salute to the Weyrwoman and the clutch parents before beginning his customary stride through the eggs to let one catch his attention. He stops after a few moments, looking down at the Elemental Building Blocks egg for a long minute. Slowly, he reaches out with one hand, wary after his experience with some of the other eggs and fairly well ignoring the other Candidates for the time being.

< Iforian touches egg 4 - Elemental Building Blocks Egg >

A small half smirk tugs up one corner of Iforian's mouth at whatever it is that greets him when he first touches the egg, though it fades into a faint frown and he winces slightly at something unheard by anyone else, "Don' let me stop ya. I's just wantin' t' say hi." He squats down on his heels, "I'm Iforian. Sounds like ya're a busy li'l fella, huh?" Not like it would be doing any actual work, but it sure sounds like a very industrious baby dragon, anyway.

Inuelle comes onto the hatching sands with the others, wearing a rather long stocking style hat, which covers head and does a good job of hiding most of her trouble from the Weyrwoman and dragons…All except her long ponytail sticking out from underneath. The entirety of which is coated in a sticky red substance that is quickly drying her hair into an interesting crinkly shape. A blush is on her face and she respectfully bows to the dam and sire and to the Weyrwoman, hoping the sticky substance in her hair is ignored, its not dripping. Not the way the tears most have been, her eyes are puffy. At least she's managed to change into clean clothes, though the smell of soap and…something that smells a bit like a bubbly pie…follows her as she approaches the eggs quickly. She looks over the eggs, trying to remember which ones she's touched and hasn't, then reaches out to smoothly place her hands on the Tumbled Smooth Mosaic Egg.

< Inuelle touches egg 7 - Tumbled Smooth Mosaic Egg >

Inuelle blushes a little, pulling her hand away from the egg in annoyance. "I'm NOT angry," and then she blushes again remembering that you have to be touching the egg to communicate and puts her hand back. "Sorry, sorry I didn't mean to yell at you. Somebody just played a mean trick on me. And I'm just a little embarassed," she puts both hands on the egg and frowns. "So…um hi."

Inuelle says nothing, just smiles in response to whatever the unborn dragon's reply was to her, and pulls her hands back for a moment to pull out a napkin and rub her eyes and blow her nose a little before she puts one hand back on the egg. "I never saw my life in quie that way. It does sometimes feel like I'm in a sailboat floating from one experience to another…Thank you."

Closing his eyes and moving to rest his other hand on the warm shell, Iforian makes a non-commental sort of noise and shrugs, "Can't rightly say as I know." He keeps his voice low, simply talking to the egg, "Sounds kinda like ya got a buildin' project a goin' on." He smirks faintly, "If'n ya do, then we gots somethin' in common."

The Weyrwoman's eyes lift from her paperwork to rove the sands, perhaps alerted to something by a silent communication from Seryth. Maybe it's the stocking hat worn in here where the heat is blistering, maybe it's the flushed face and the puffy eyes but Inuelle is eyed rather closely. Then with a tsk and a sigh, the woman sets aside her papers, hops down off the platform and strides over to the Candidate. That the girl is visibly upset is obvious when she blows her nose. She waits quietly off to one side until the girl finishes with the egg she's on then says softly, "Excuse me." Her hand waves in a gesture of concern at the hat. "You're going to overheat with that on." A rather perplexed look is awarded that reddish ponytail, one dark brow rises. It could be a… hair treatment for all she knows. "You need to compose yourself, hon. Go take a moment?”

Inuelle removes her hands from the egg, a breathy sigh as the egg bids her farewell. "Thank you," she says, then looks up as the Weyrwoman has joined her now. Oh. "Oh um, yes ma'am," she says, and blushes and pulls her hat from her head reluctantly. She doesn't say a word to the situation of her hair, just says, "I'll just…go sit over there a moment and…" she's not crying anymore, now she's just embarassed to be pulled out of the touching. Oh dear. She gets to her feed and walks over to the side as instructed. Oh…dear.

"Huh… Tha's a busy 'un…" Iforian just shakes his head in bemusement and stands, careful of the egg before him and not to make it wobble any until he's upright and lets his hands fall away. For another moment he just looks down at the egg before wishing it well and turning to walk away and shoving his hands into his pockets once more. Then he spots Inuelle and her sticky red hair just as the younger Candidate moves away from the eggs. He quirks a brow in her direction for a moment before looking back at the eggs with a considering expression on his face. Hs lips get pressed into a thin line and a scowl slowly pulls his brows together into an angry line to see that someone would pull such a mean prank on one of the girls. Instead of moving to a new egg, he offers the smallest of bows to the Weyrwoman before striding after the embarassed girl, "Ya alright, doll?"

< Iforian leaves egg 4 - Elemental Building Blocks Egg >

"No, I'm sorry but you won't," says the Weyrwoman firmly to Inuelle, though she's not without sympathy for her plight. "You'll go wash whatever that is in your hair out and return." She says it quietly so as not to attract attention from others, glancing at Iforian as he walks up, her hand motioning him to move on please to his next egg. "I'm sure she's fine," is the only comment she makes to him before returning her attention to Inuelle. "Go on," she says kindly. "We'll talk later." She gives the girl a reassuring smile, shoos her off and expects her to return.

Inuelle does a double take. But she just told her to GO and compose herself! Now she's telling her to leave? Maybe they have a different definition for composing ones self? "Yes ma'am," she says. "I'll…try again. It wasn't coming out when we were called to the egg touching. I think it might be some…" and she doesn't finish because she's been given an order and Iforian is caling her a doll. NOW she's angry. "Do…not…call…me…doll." She says with a red face, and stalks away from Iforian towards the barracks to wash her hair. How humilating!

The Weyrwoman told her to go and compose herself and she can do that while washing her hair. That's one and the same to her way of thinking. If Inuelle has a problem with that, she can always return her Candidate's knot?

Iforian's frown deepens slightly, but he nods and retreats back towards the eggs with a look back at the girl. The big man's hands get shoved back in his pockets as he walks slowly, muttering darkly to himself and being careful not to brush up against any of the eggs for the time being. Maybe he's not wanting to inflict his dark mood on anyone else? That would be a first… He just catches Inuelle's protest at being called 'doll' and he can't help but smirk, amused at the entire female population of the Weyr's problem with pet names once more. He moves over to the Sweet to the Touch egg and gently rests a hand against the warm shell, still chuckling softly to himself.

< Iforian touches egg 5 - Sweet to the Touch Egg >

< Inuelle leaves egg 7 - Tumbled Smooth Mosaic Egg >

Inuelle returns eventually, with her hair tied up in a tight bun on the back of her head. Her hair still looks a little bit red stained from whatever the substance had bean, but most of it is gone. She's also put her hat back in the barracks so she's hat free now. She approaches the Weyrwoman and bows. "I'm sorry if I disturbed the touching Ma'am." she looks over at the dam and sire and bows to them too. She then slowly goes back over to the eggs so as not to make a fuss, and looks them over. Hm. This one looks looks nice to her. She touches Medley Of Nature Egg.

< Inuelle touches egg 9 - Medley of Nature Egg >

Thea has, by this time gone back to her platform. When Inuelle returns she simply nods with a faint smile to the girl, assuring her with, "You didn't. But you'd have surely been sick with the heat and your safety is my responsibility. Go on now," she says gently, fluttering her hand to indicate the eggs. She re-gathers her papers but instead of working on them just watches the Candidates.

Iforian blinks a couple of times, his head tilting curiously to one side for a moment as he sniffs the heated air. A faint smile pulls up one corner of his mouth and he can't resist licking his lips as his stomach grumbles softly, even though he just finished a decent sized lunch not all that long ago. Once again, he squats down to get on level with the egg he's communing with, leaning in so that his nose is almost touching the shell. The miner-candidate gives a boyish laugh of delight that leaves him looking startled, quickly glancing around to make sure that no one else heard him as he pulls his hand away to scrub on the leg of his pants. It's only once that's done that he more cautiously places his hand back on the egg.

Inuelle can't help but put both hands to her face and…giggle? She giggles happily and puts her hand back on the egg. "Oh, I like you," she says, and puts her other hand on too. "I'm Inuelle," says the Baker in answer to the egg. "I'm hoping to make Journeyman Baker soon." She settles down on her knees next to the egg, and relaxes. She's much happier now, certainly.

Frowning slightly, Iforian sniffs the air again and wrinkles his nose, reaching up to rub at it with the back of his free hand as he gives his head a shake, "Ya c'n back off any ol' time now…" He gives the faintest little shiver, rubbing at the back of his neck as wherrybumps break out on his bare arms and he makes a soft grumbling sound in the back of his throat.

Inuelle sigh a little and reaches her fingers up to scratch her nose before chewing on her thumb nail. She observes the egg for a moment with her hands off the egg for awhile. "I would love to fly," she says, a little secretly to the egg. "My mother says its dangerous, but I think it would be amazing! I listen to the riders talk about flying and going places while I'm working in the caverns, and I wonder what its like…It must be wonderful." She sighs again, lost for a moment in the idea of flying.

Iforian gives a quiet sigh and breathes deeply, once more almost touching his nose to the egg's shell. His wherrybumps don't go away, but at least he's not irritated anymore… He offers a faint smile, "'S okay. Ya'd think I'd a' got used t' havin' y'all pokin' 'round in my head by now." He stands once again when the presence is gone, moving among the eggs again. For a moment, he pauses when he passes where Inuelle is talking to one of the other eggs, not interrupting, but making sure that the younger Candidate is okay. He moves on quickly enough, however, coming to stand in front of the Tumbled Smooth Mosaic egg. He reaches out to brush his fingertips over the egg, just getting rid of where some other Candidate had somehow managed to get a light dusting of sand on the top of the egg.

< Iforian leaves egg 5 - Sweet to the Touch Egg >

< Iforian touches egg 7 - Tumbled Smooth Mosaic Egg >

Inuelle giggles in response to the egg's behaviour and actually laughs out loud. "Oh my!" She says to the egg, then pulls away sadly. "Oh, well goodbye," she says, and gets to her feet. But where will she go now? She wanders around the eggs on the sand and heads towards the very colorful Just One More Piece Egg.

< Inuelle leaves egg 9 - Medley of Nature Egg >

< Inuelle touches egg 1 - Just One More Piece Egg >

"Shells…" The curse is breathed quietly as Iforian sways on his feet and almost falls over, but instead flattens his hands on the egg to anchor himself. There's a faint growl of irritation from the tall man and he shakes his head, once more almost falling on his arse. His lip curls in a silent snarl, his voice a low growl through clenched teeth, "Wha' is it with ya tha' ya all wanna know what makes me angry?" His expression is tight, "How d' ya think it'd feel t' have ya'r da up an' leave ya t' take care a ya'r mum when ya just be bein' a kid?" Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to accept the knot of a Candidate, after all? What's done is done, though, and there's no way that he's going to give up now!

Inuelle giggles again. She's been doing a lot of that. "Calm down, slow down, I'm Inuelle," she says. "I'm a human, and you're a baby dragon. But you haven't hatched from your egg yet. You will soon though," she removes her hand in order to bite her thumbnail distractedly. Hmmm. What else can she say that won't be upsetting. Ah! She has it, she puts her hand back on the egg. "I'm a baker. Thats somebody who makes food. You'll know all about food and bakers when you hatch. Everything will be so new." More giggles. She's the giggling girl.

Inuelle shivers and withdraws her hand for a moment to rub her arms. Now that was an unexpected sensation. But she smiles a bit and touches the egg again. "No I've…never licked a feline," she tells the egg with a chuckle. Say what?

Iforian just mutters softly to himself, not even bothering to speak to the fetal dragon at this point. For a moment, he pulls his hands away from the egg and runs his hands through his hair, leaving darker streaks from sweaty palms as dark blond hair curls around his fingers. His hands return to the shell after a moment and he half leans on the egg, not really putting any real pressure on it, but still using it for support, the warm, hardening surface benieth his hands an anchor to the world. "'S 'cause I wanna be in charge a' my own life." If he's got to be in charge of others to do so… Well, then, that's just what he's going to do.

"Oh, well, all right, I'll leave you alone now. I'm glad you enjoyed it…" Inuelle has a puzzled and vaguely dissappionted look on her face as she withdraws her hands. Great, yes. Well. She still has more eggs to touch, brushing off that weird experience for what it was, an experience in something new. But now she bends down to touch another egg and then loses her balance a bit and reaches out to another egg to hold on and steady herself. It would have been a disaster to fall on an egg and possibly damage it! But the egg she chooses to touch to steady herself is Tumbled Smooth Mosaic egg. Again. Whoops!

< Inuelle leaves egg 1 - Just One More Piece Egg >

There's more muttering from the large miner-candidate and he steps back for a moment, apparently not liking the insistant curiosity of this egg, but Iforian isn't able to get away quite that easy… Maybe it's stubbornness that drives him back to the egg, or maybe it's something else, but he again rests a hand on the warm shell, frowning, "'S cause it didn' happ'n tha' long ago an' it got me closer t' some'un tha's special t' me."

A late arrival, Matrin is hurrying when he crosses onto the sands, but abruptly slows his pace to something more sedate as his eyes flick to Seryth. A hint of a sheepish tilt touches his lips and he gives her his usual little bow of greeting. Still catching his breath from a quick trip from wherever he was, he slips over to where Thea is working. "Sorry to bother you, Weyrwoman. Do you think Seryth would mind one more?" He tips his head toward the eggs. "Oh, and a good afternoon to you as well, of course."

< Iforian leaves egg 7 - Tumbled Smooth Mosaic Egg >

Jeniosa is late, isn't she? The Beastcrafter Candidate seems to be late a lot these days, and even as she's arriving on the sands, her puppy-gruel covered hands are being wiped on her pants. She pauses, slowing down once feet hit hot sand, and gives a bow to dam and sire, and a salute to riders. "Sorry I'm late. My pup decided he wanted to eat some more." Yes, her pup, the smallest of the males in the rescued litter. Apology and salutes and stuff done, she turns her eyes towards the eggs, looking over them as she tries to recall which ones she may or may have not touched just yet.

Inuelle blinks at the egg she just touched and pulls her hand away. "Oh, hello again, sorry," she says to the egg, and moves away. She already touched that one. "Pay attention to what you're doing Inu!" she says to herself, and goes pointedly over to touch The Best Medicine Egg.

Thea's head lifts from her paperwork and she offers an easy smile for Matrin. "Not at all. They've been coming and going-" a surreptitious glance sent out across the sands towards Inuelle that flickers away and back to the harper. "Please, feel free to wander at your leisure." Wanting to set him at ease after what happened earlier, though he can't know that, some might.

< Inuelle touches egg 11 - The Best Medicine Egg >

Iforian frowns, stepping away and looking slighyly confused to be still on his feet in the middle of the eggs. He hunches his shoulders and just stares at the egg for a moment before turning his scowl, however unintentional the expression is, on Seryth and Thea to offer a shallow bow to both of them as he turns without a word to exit the sands, almost bumping into Matrin as he stalks out to just reflect on the experience. Either that or, more likely, he's off to sulk and check on his puppies…

Thea's response, though it's perfectly appropriate, has Matrin pausing. He arches a brow but although his lips part on a comment, he refrains from putting voice to it. Instead he just dips a nod and keeps his faint smile, murmuring his thanks as he turns to survey the eggs. The shift of attention is just in time to step out of the way of the stalking miner, and Matrin just shakes his head after the man before heading for a near egg. The Elemental Building Blocks Egg is one he hasn't touched yet, so he settles in front of the bright shell and lays a careful hand on the hardening surface.

< Matrin touches egg 4 - Elemental Building Blocks Egg >

Inuelle bursts out into fluttering laughter. "Oh thank you," she says, and flips her hand up in a la-di-da fashion, and then puts her hand back on the egg. "You look maaaaahvelous too!" she says. And promply giggles again. "Oh you're funny. Well," she tosses her red-stained blond hair over her shoulder in suit with the eggs. Oh but then she remembers only she can hear the egg right now and she promptly blushes in an oops, ahem don't mind me fashion.

Jeniosa finally figures out which ones she has touched and starts to weave amongst candidates and eggs. She finally arrives beside the Forms in Celestial darkness egg and pauses a moment before pressing just a single finger to it to start with, a little jumpy after the last time she touched when the mean egg knocked her on her bum.

< Jeniosa touches egg 8 - Forms in Celestial Darkness Egg >

Matrin flicks a glance toward Inuelle at her out loud comment and he grins. "That one's quite a character," he either agrees or warns in a friendly tone. There's no tease to his smile though, and he'll probably end up talking out loud to his egg too. The murmurs of others here and there show that the blushing girl is not alone. But then his focus goes back to his egg and his eyes narrow a bit as if a clearer view of the brilliant shell might help him decipher the mental touch. In the end he decides eyes closed might work better, and with his smile lingering he adds a second hand to the first, hopefully bolstering his presence for the wordless mind within.

Relieved that there's no punch to her face feeling from this egg, Jeniosa switches from just the single finger on the egg to placing her palm flat against it. A soft smile curls her lips just a tad as she closes her eyes, trying to open her mind up to the little hatchling within. "Thank you for not knocking me down." She whispers softly to the egg. The beastiecandidate takes a deep breath through her nose, losing herself momentarily to whatever feeling the young mind sends her way.

Inuelle can't help it. Now she has to cover her face with both hands in order to stifle her giggles of delight and gaping disbelief. It takes her a moment to compose herself enough to touch the egg again. "Now listen here," she says with a chuckle, trying to to keep quiet despite her joy. And then she's actually trying to stop herself from snorting and now she's wiping her eyes again. But this time its tears of laughter. Oh she's trying not to disturb anyone, she really is and she puts her hands on the egg to stabalize herself. "Now then," she says…and starts giggling again. Uh oh. Lets hope its not contagious.

Jeniosa sighs softly as she feels a mixture of sadness and happiness within her heart, she even dares to press her ear against the egg's shell, as if trying to listen to something deep within. "Lovely, I bet you'll find yourself a Harper or someone to sing with you. You've got quite a composition of songs there." She's speaking softly, whispering to the occupant nestled within the egg before her. "I'm afraid I don't sing very well, myself. I'm a Beastcrafter, not a Harper."

A faint frown flickers across Matrin's brow, but if someone who knew him well was watching they would recognize it as concentration rather than irritation. Maybe the soft set of his mouth would be a clue for anyone else though, as he tips his head and runs his palms and splayed fingers across the egg. His voice is a low murmur when he speaks, saying, "It could be anything, but if you are building it I am sure it will be something fantastic." Now the frown slips away in favor of a firmer smile, and he waits to see if there might be any other clues from the egg.

Inuelle nods seriously for the briefest moment, watching the egg intently. Then she bursts out into even more laughter and covers her mouth with her hands again. Oh goodness! She has to stay sitting next to the egg for a moment to compose herself into proper semblence of sanity before she can get reluctantly to her feet, though as she does she's smiling from ear to ear. Yes. Wide grin. So she's in a very positive mood when she goes over to touch Color Outside The lines Egg.

< Inuelle leaves egg 11 - The Best Medicine Egg >

Jeniosa draws her ear back from the egg's surface, though a hand remains upon the smooth shell. She smiles softly at the warmth she suddenly feels, pushing her free hand through her bangs briefly. Another sigh from the young woman as she shakes her head a bit. "I'm afraid I'm not that person, I'm just your typical Beastcrafter, nothing too special about me." And then, the warmth in her mind melts away and the heat of the sands is all too noticeable to the beastiecandidate. Still, she keeps her hand on that egg a few moments longer, just to see if there's anything else the little creature within would like to add.

< Inuelle touches egg 6 - Color Outside the Lines Egg >

< Jeniosa leaves egg 8 - Forms in Celestial Darkness Egg >

Matrin takes a tiny step back away from the egg and tucks his hands into his pockets. He lingers there for a moment or two, just watching the egg with a vaguely puzzled but wholy intrigued expression on his face. Then he just shakes his head as if to bring himself back to the moment at hand and slowly ambles over to the Forms in Celestial Darkness egg as Jeniosa leaves it behind. He gives her a faint smile and a lift of his hand before slipping up to the opposite side of the egg and laying a hand against it.

< Matrin leaves egg 4 - Elemental Building Blocks Egg >

< Matrin touches egg 8 - Forms in Celestial Darkness Egg >

Jeniosa finally draws her hand away as she gets nothing more from the egg, that must mean it's time to move on to the next one, right? "Enjoy." She murmurs to Matrin in passing, moving towards the Sweet to the Touch Egg, regarding it a moment before touching it after a moment's hesitation. As she reaches to touch the egg, silver-blue eyes dart around the sands, taking in all the candidates and eggs being touched, and she grins a little.

< Jeniosa touches egg 5 - Sweet to the Touch Egg >

The first stir of music from this egg has Matrin's brows lifting and he quickly closes his eyes. Boots that have lost their shine in the ever present hatching sands dust shift closer to the equally dusty appearing shell. Something about the touch he has received makes his teeth touch his lower lip and he takes on a look of deep concentration, working at communing with the mind in there with his head instead of his mouth.

Inuelle pulls her hand gently a way for a moment to gently push away anymore giggles, and returns to the egg in a much calmer more motherly manner. "Hello little one," she says. "What are you making? Its very colorful," she seems very comfortable with this egg, and sits down in a cross legged position next to the egg so that she can keep her hand steady against its surface.

In contrast to Jeniosa's reaction, Matrin actually flushes - a faint pink rising into his cheeks as he drops his head, and the sheepish tilt to his mouth matches. "Ah little one, if the Masterharper himself had no luck getting me to sing well I doubt I can do much better for you." There is regret in his tone, quiet as his words might be, and his fingertips trail over the egg like his touch might be consoling. "But I have spent many turns walking beside the ones who sing the songs, so maybe that would do." In spite of his regrets, he stays where he is and his smile loses its chagrin.

Jeniosa's nostrils flare a little as she touches the brightly coloured egg, a smile curling her lips once more as she closes her eyes and lets her imagination take her away. "Mmm, smells like the bakery." She wiggles her nose, trying to fight back a sneeze but failing as it comes out in a quiet sort of little choo sound. Dry lips are licked and suddenly she feels miles away from the hot sands and the hardenng eggs, and it's just like a visit to her frind's bakery with a giggle.

Inuelle blinks several times, as if she's trying to clear her vision, but smiles brightly and keeps her hand pressed gently but firmly to the egg. "No, I'm not mad at all! What a lovely picture you've made, you're really talented," she puts her other hand on the egg too and presses her cheek to the egg.

< Matrin leaves egg 8 - Forms in Celestial Darkness Egg >

Matrin takes a deep breath, inhaling slowly and then letting the air out just as gradually. His eyes almost flutter as they open, and his smile is wide and sure now. "It was a pleasure, little one," he murmurs. "I am sure you will find the one you are looking for, whoever it is." A final, lingering pat and an almost wistful sigh, and he takes a step back, letting his arms fall to his sides. Choosing the next egg is never easy, so Matrin simply shuffles to the side and lays a hand on the nearest one. It happens to be a bright and almost tempting looking shell, and after circling it to take in all the haphazard splashes of color, he lays his hand on a vividly bright blue bit of the Medley of Nature Egg's surface.

< Matrin touches egg 9 - Medley of Nature Egg >

Jeniosa's giggle fades as the warm scent of Tarrin's bakery slips away, her other hand joins the first on the bright shell as if she could bring the scent back with will alone. A brief shiver as wherrybumps appear lightly on her skin, "He doesn't use much of that." She murmurs to the egg quietly. "I bet you'll be like ojakuth when you grow up, she just loves tarrins pastries, even though I'm pretty sure they're not designed for dragons."
Inuelle smiles brightly. "That thats lovely too," she says. "I like creating things too, I think you'll be a very talented dragon one day," she rubs her hand down the shell of the egg. "I certainly hope I'm the one you're looking for. I'd like that very much," she frowns a little bit and removes her hand. Well, then, thats that. She looks around her, and suddenly realizes how long she's been here. She decides to take a break for a moment and remains sitting for awhile.

< Inuelle leaves egg 6 - Color Outside the Lines Egg >

Matrin flinches back from the egg, just a thin inch between his fingers and the shell, and he's still grinning so it's more likely surprise than distaste. He's quick to resume the contact, shaking his head with that lingering smirk. "All of you ask who we are and what we want, and expect an answer in the few quick minutes we get with you. Demanding younglings." Still there's that amusement lingering, and he offers, "Matrin. I'm a harper but also a candidate, and I guess I want to get to know you all a bit before you chose who to Impress to." But it's too much as well as being too little - hard for the still developing mind to grasp so he just quiets and waits.

Jeniosa mmms softly, breathing in the air and flicking tongue out to moisten dry lips. All too soon, the presence within withdraws and Jen is once again on Xanadu's sands rather than wherever her imagination had taken her with help from the young mind within that sweet egg. "Thanks for that, little one, it was quite nice." And, after making sure the egg's occupant's presence is well and truly gone, she withdraws both hands from the bright surface with a soft smile. "Sleep well, little one." She murmurs to the egg.
"All or nothing, is it?" Matrin's observation is a low murmur as the egg's inhabitant appears and disappears so abruptly. Still he answers with equal quiet, "Of course I have dreams. And I do like to fly though I have no doubt you would be much better at it." A chuckle laces his words, and his breath catches at something the baby dragon offers, then his expression relaxes back to patiently waiting.

< Jeniosa leaves egg 5 - Sweet to the Touch Egg >

Jeniosa remains nearby the brightly coloured sweet looking egg for a long moment, tugging her braid a little as silver-blues seek out the next egg for touching. Lighting on the Paint Your Palette Blue and Grey Egg, those eyes wander over it a moment before she's heading that way. "Wow, this one's really pretty." And then she's placing her hand upon it to see if the mind within might be as lovely.

< Jeniosa touches egg 2 - Paint Your Palette Blue and Grey Egg >

What is it with all the eggs wanting to knock Matrin off his feet? At least this time it is not a first, and though his head spins and his body weaves a bit, he's more prepared to bend his knees to cushion the movement. He tsks as his eyes open, but he gives the egg an indulgent little pat. "Nice to meet you, little one." Pausing, he sends a glance over to Seryth and around at the wandering AWLMs to make sure they weren't guiding people out while he was busy with the egg. Reassured he does another little side-step-shuffle over to the next egg over. Methodically working his way through the eggs he hasn't yet met seems to be the order of the day. So it's Plethora of Pliable Puttees Egg on deck, and since the dirty laundry isn't literal he doesn't hesitate to settle a hand at the egg's apex.

< Matrin leaves egg 9 - Medley of Nature Egg >

< Matrin touches egg 10 - Plethora of Pliable Puttees Egg >

Jeniosa smiles softly as she first touches, urging the little mind beyond to reach into her mind and memories. But as the presence does so, Jeniosa comes oh so very close to withdrawing her hand from the lovely egg as the other hand proceeds to swipe at her eyes. "That's.." She hears her voice crack even as low as she's keeping it. "That's a stretch of our old route, my family and I used to be traders, we'd travel back and forth across those cliffs many times a turn. Why am I sad? I lost my parents there..when I was just a little girl." She's careful to lower her vice so hopefully no human ears could possibly hear the story, the part of her past she has tried so hard to forget, it figures that would be the part that the little dragon inside this beautiful egg would grasp and drag out. And that hand swipes across damp eyes now. "It''s okay, you didn't know." Hand is flattened against egg's shell, as if trying to urge the young mind within to continue its probing.

Matrin blinks - he hasn't closed his eyes yet and the thrust of contact keeps him from it. He tries to pull his hand away but it's already too late. He casts a quick glance around as if verifying the hot and multi-hued sands still spread around them, that bright and cheery eggs still lay scattered about. Then he lets himself sink into the less than pleasant sensations offered up. Even though it makes his shoulders straighten, even though it makes him set his jaw until the muscles there bulge, even as he flinches away with a wrinkle of his nose, he keeps his hand right where it is and gets through it.

Jeniosa breathes a sigh of relief as the mind exploring her own drifts off to other things, a nod is given. "I've made quite a few friends since then. Perhaps someday you will meet them as well." Eyes close and a soft sigh follows a brief smile filled with a jumble of emotions as the picture in her mind concentrates on one portrait in particular. "His name's Tarrin, he's a very dear friend back at home. He bakes all the delicious treats for Eastern Weyr and he helped me care for Rysha before I was brought here." There is probably more to that story, but Jen leaves the rest untold. She raises a finger to her cheek, realizing she's blushing qute nicely and shifts to hide that fact from any nearby onlookers. "You're welcome." She murmurs to the egg with another brief smile.

Matrin's breath leaves him in a rush and this time he does take a little stumbling step backwards. It's not enough to break contack with his fingers. As soon as his balance is back (brief though it might be) he takes a determined step forward again. "You know, for someone who seeks to fight against bullies, you aren't being particularly generous." It's spoken through clenched teeth and he gives his head a clearing little shake. But he's got that stubborn tilt to his chin and it seems to be more about not giving in than a real desire for any further contact that keeps him right where he is. Even if his free hand rubs absently at his opposite arm and then at his temple.

Jeniosa feels her cheeks burning brighter at the new picture tossed into her mind, something the young mind questions her about gets her all twitchy and fidgety. "He's special, aye, in his own little way. But I'm not sure about your othr questions, I haven't really thought about it, because they keep us pretty busy here, and I've got the pups and my daughter. But someday, maybe.." And she lets her voice trail off, smiling softly, she really has a lot to think about, hmm.

< Matrin leaves egg 10 - Plethora of Pliable Puttees Egg >

< Jeniosa leaves egg 2 - Paint Your Palette Blue and Grey Egg >

Matrin manages to keep his feet under him, but just barely. He half stumbles as he leaves the egg, rubbing his hands across his thighs and then wiping his mouth with the back of a wrist. He peers at the egg, not able to figure out quite what to make of it. Thoughtful he lingers there for a few minutes, keeping a good foot or so between him and the intrusive thing, like he's trying to find a mental box to put it in. The lack of satisfaction hints at failure, but standing there isn't helping any, so he starts wandering through the eggs, looking for one he hasn't 'met' yet. There are a few left, but that last one seems to have taken it out of him, and instead of finding an eggshell his hands find his pockets and he ambles toward the exit.

And so it goes throughout the long, rainy afternoon, Candidates shuttled in and Candidates shuttled out under the watchful eye of those ever-present AWLMs&Company. Thea has more than enough paperwork to keep her occupied and Seryth isn't going anywhere of course. Poor Romth, though. He's certainly not used to all this sand-sitting and it's unlikely he'll go anywhere while there are Candidates around his precious eggs. But time is of the essence and those shells ever-hardening.

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