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Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road
This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

Rukbat is sinking past the horizon, and the summer-time chorus of insects and small animals is celebrating evening. Soriana is on a rise with a good view of the sunset, leaning against a boulder that didn't used to be there… on account of it's not actually a boulder. It's Luraoth, something that becomes more obvious when the gold dragon shifts, her tail rising and settling back down in a semi-circle as her eyes open to regard Soriana. The dragon chirps softly, a puff of breath… and Soriana sighs. "I know." She shifts, not quite comfortable - is she ever? The swell of her stomach, not to mention the number of months it's been - make it clear she must be in the final stages of her pregnancy. The growing dusk can obscure many things, but outlines are still visible, and Soriana's outline is definitely gravid. If she were a dragon queen, she'd be making for hot sands! As it is, she's… still on the coast.

And out of that growing dusk prowls another form, much smaller and nimble and standing out in the fading light, cerulean hide seeming to absorb the last of the sun as it sinks lower to the horizon. Ujinath flares his wings once, displaying the darker shading that accentuates the bone structure of each finger and along the arm and down his spine and then they're neatly tucked away, as his head swings to peer curiously towards Luraoth. His steps will slow, posture cautious and wary. Does the gold want company? Does he want company? Or should he just go stalk and prowl over there somewhere and leave things be? "You're being ridiculous," A voice chides in a low tone that is caught half between an exasperated sigh and a laugh. "They don't bite." They, presumably, meaning Soriana and her lifemate. Kiena walks right by her balking lifemate, giving him a look as she does. SHE is going to go be social! At the very least, a hello. It'd be rude to just waltz on by, after all. "Evening, Soriana!" she calls out, picking her way carefully over the ground as she approaches that rise. She's dressed comfortably for the summer-time weather and her hair is still tied back with only a few strands escaping. What's different is the necklace she wears about her neck, a snug fitting wide strip of leather fastened with a thinner band of brass over top and a flat disk at the centre that hangs lower. Nothing to flashy, but certainly new.

If Ujinath were smaller yet, he could pass for a dragonfly! But while he's a dragon who flies, he's not a dragonfly. His approach isn't immediately noted by Soriana, though the words of his rider rise above the murmurs of evening to draw her attention. Luraoth's head lifts, a soft chirring noise as her tail rises again, this time swaying outward. An opening gesture; an invitation, vague but still genuinely meant. Does Ujinath want company? Luraoth doesn't know, but she's willing to have it if he is! If not, she'll just remain here with Soriana… and now, Kiena. "Good evening," Soriana says, smiling to the Weyrsecond. She glances past her to Ujinath, and the smile gets a bit crooked. Oh, dragons! Soriana reaches down to brush her fingers absently against Luraoth's side, her gaze returning to Kiena. "How're you doing?" she asks while she… takes a look! The sunset does make metal more obvious, and so her gaze lingers on the brass for the moment before lifting to face once more. Soriana herself's dressed in… well, what's become her usual since having to change out for maternity wear. At least she's got clothes that fit - attractive ones, even, in an understated way that fits her new shape but encourages the eye to continue past belly bulge instead of lingering there.

Ujinath indeed can fly and adores to do so. When it comes to socialization though? Now, that's another matter entirely. He'll cock his head a bit to the side when Luraoth's tail sways outwards and after a moment of hesitation, he will slink forwards and settle down into the still warm sands. Not close to the gold, but close enough to be considered "company". Aloof company. It's a start and he'll whuffle softly to her. Hey. Kiena returns Soriana's smile, "I'm doing well enough. Been busy. Duties, the girls, more duties, Ujinath, the Weyr Games…" So on and so forth? Her eyes will glance curiously to the junior goldrider as well, likely noting the new maternity attire or perhaps the obvious signs of pregnancy. Not that her gaze lingers impolitely. She knows better than that, having had to go through the same thing once and she certainly didn't enjoy being eyed and stared at. "How're you doing? Hanging in there?" she murmurs as she settles down to sit by Soriana's side and at a respectful distance.

Just because it's… very… low key doesn't mean it's not still socialization. Luraoth croons softly. Hello. She's willing to leave it at that, given Ujinath's apparent unease at the prospect. She'll just be here, and he can be there, and they can both be on the same ground and see the same sunset. It still counts! Soriana nods to Kiena, smile tugging sideways in a wry expression at the mention of being busy. "Aren't we all?" But sometimes with different things than others. "How have the Games been? I'd meant to go, but…" she lets that trail off into a shrug. The reason why she hasn't been between - to Ista or anywhere else - is a pretty obvious one. So how about that. "I'm doing okay." She laughs briefly. "Even if I feel like I'm back doing firestone carry, some days." Soriana gives her head a bit of a shake. "Beyond that… paperwork, mostly. I'm not even doing much dragonhealing right now." There's a small wrinkle of her nose for that. "That and trying to get everything ready."

Ujinath doesn't seem to mind the lack of any further conversation and even seems to visibly relax when Luraoth does not press for more from him. He's content to rest there, tail now coiled around himself and his head turning to watch the setting sun when it's not tilted subtly towards their riders. Kiena chuckles dryly, "Mhm. Seems to be the case, huh?" she murmurs about 'being busy'. Definitely in different ways, but do the details matter? There's a nod of understanding when Soriana mentions wanting to go. No, she has a very good excuse for being absent! "The Games have been going well. It's been fun. Mur'dah and I have entered a few of the competitions. Neither of us won the flaming contest or mud wrestling, but I somehow managed to place first for archery." She shrugs her shoulders. Who knew? Her smile returns, gentle but genuine and a touch crooked. "Yeah, that's the… downside to the final months. The extra weight and the paperwork." Always paperwork. "No? Not even your studies for Dragonhealing?" she asks softly, only to lift her brows curiously. "Ahh. You've begun that preparation too? If I had anything… I'd offer but most of the girl's baby stuff is — gone." No explanation as to why or where, but it can be easily assumed.

Soriana's heard rumors of this thing called 'free time', but she's not sure she believes it. She listens to Kiena's report about the games, the various competitions, then grins. "Congratulations!" she says. "I didn't even know you were an archer." Now she does! Also that apparently Kiena's good at it. Those final months… Soriana sighs. "At least it'll be over soon?" The pregnancy part, at least! The baby part will just be beginning. About dragonhealing, she sighs. "I'm still reading some things, but… most of what I have to work on is skills, not theory." Soriana shrugs. "There's lectures I could attend at Ierne… if I could go to Ierne." Which, well, see previous restriction. "And actually working with the dragons, there's too much chance of getting knocked around." Not that most dragons don't at least try to be well-behaved, but all it takes is a twitching tail or spasming leg to send a dragonhealer tumbling. It's unlikely, but… the senior dragonhealers don't want to let a pregnant junior weyrwoman risk it. Thus… paperwork! That, and preparations. "Yeah, we're… getting it together. Found some stuff in the stores, got some on order from Ierne…" Soriana smiles crookedly. "Probably missing something or other, but we can always do midnight raids on the nursery."

Kiena doesn't believe in the rumours of free time either. It's an elusive thing, a topic of legend! She'll duck her head a bit, sheepish and yet proud. "Thanks! And… yeah, I am. Kind of. I don't practice much but luck just favoured me. I won out over my brother's weyrmate and she was my teacher… Think that was a tough thing for her to swallow." Seeing as the Fortian bluerider stormed off. Kiena coughs. Oops? But there's a faint smile there and her fingers lift to briefly toy with the disc hanging from her necklace. A fidgeting gesture but idle at the same time. At Soriana's sigh, Kiena's smile is a touch sympathetic. "It will be. Just wait until you get to the 'nesting' stage. If you haven't already… I didn't mind that part. Felt good, oddly energized and actually got things done. Cleaning, tidying, setting everything to rights… I think it was one of the few times I was okay with the whole pregnancy stuff." And not long after that came the very not-so-fun part! Labor. (not) Joy! "Mhm, I see what you mean. That's a shame…" And something Kiena can also relate to, concerning her Smithing. Only so far you can go in theory! "Ierne, eh? The place to go?" Who knew! Kiena didn't. She chuckles, "You'd be surprised on how much you'll discover you need and never thought about. Have you thought of making a list?" And checking it twice?

Soriana nods. "I've picked up a bow before, but I never really did much with it." A shrug. "Could probably still hit the broad side of a barn, but anything smaller than that, well… maybe not." She laughs lightly, though there's some sympathy for Kiena's teacher's reaction. "Still, no reason for you not to enjoy the prize." If they even have prizes, beyond glory and honor. The explanation of 'nesting' just makes Soriana look perplexed. "I don't think I've ever enjoyed cleaning." Okay, maybe the bit where she has a clean place afterward, but it's not like that ever lasts for long, so there's not much motivation to be had. "Guess I'll find out when I get there." Hasn't that been the way of it for all this pregnancy stuff? She finds things out when she encounters them… if she's lucky. Otherwise, she finds them weeks later and has to scramble. Maybe not being able to do her dragonhealing has an upside in that it gives her time to work on baby preparations, but… "Yeah." She sighs, then nods. "Ierne's where the main dragonhealing school is. It's where you'll get most of the experts. Xanadu's nearly as good, we've got the Annex - but that's focused on queens and eggs, and we've none on the sands." There's some pride for Xanadu there, a smile to replace her sigh. It even mostly stays there as the conversation goes back to baby stuff! "A list according to who? If I ordered one of everything, it wouldn't even fit in the house!"

Kiena laughs, "If you can hit the broadside of the barn, you're already one step ahead of most. Most beginners can't even get the arrow to fly, let alone hit a mark." she teases with a bit of a wink. As for enjoying her prize, there's a grin and… she's blushing? Yep, she is. That's not the sunlight playing tricks on the Weyrsecond's complexion. "Oh, I did. They give ribbons. I didn't know that and it was a bit… odd to have to walk up and take it." With everyone cheering. So many eyes! Kiena seems to be good at causing perplexed reactions but she only nods her head to Soriana in agreement. "Usually how it works. You learn as you go. Different for everyone. You can listen to all the advice and experience from others and find that… none of it suits. To each their own and you'll figure out what works, what doesn't and… what I consider most important: what makes YOU happy and comfortable." She scoffs then and flicks one of her hands dismissively. "Forget what the rest of 'em think. Your body, your baby, your life… you're dealing with it. So." Do what you want! REBEL. Cough. Kiena will listen curiously to Soriana as she explains the differences between Ierne and Xanadu, noting that pride and likely sharing, to some degree, in it. "I hadn't known of the differences." But now she does! "And I see what you mean now. And well… a list according to what you and Ka'el feel you need?" Kiena says with a little laugh. "Shards, no. Don't get one of everything! Some of the stuff is just… no." Not needed.

"Probably means they're not using a good arrow," Soriana retorts - but it's a good-natured sort of argument, complete with a grin. Picking the right arrow is part of knowing how to shoot it, after all! "Maybe I could have gotten seventh prize, if I'd actually been there." No, Soriana has no idea who people two through six would have been. Okay, so maybe Kiena's teacher would be one of them. Three through six, she's still got no clue. Details! Seven is a good number. She nods about the prize. A ribbon! "And bragging rights, don't forget those. They come with." Receiving the ribbon in front of all those eyes? Well, that's just practice for the bragging to come after. At least… in theory. Some people may not be suited to bragging. Like some people and babies. Which one is Soriana? Well… she's learning as she goes, and she smiles wryly for that, though she nods. Rebellion R her! …sorta. Not really. More like hopeful flailing. "That'd be great if we knew what we needed. But… we're guessing at it. Not like we can't get more if we need it." Sending a Comet rider out at midnight to get more baby supplies is a totally legitimate use of authority, right?

Kiena snickers, "Or they have the wrong bow!" she adds with a grin to Soriana's mention of using the incorrect arrow. "Or maybe you would have got third?" she muses. Who knows? Seven is a good number. Lucky, isn't it? She snorts, "Dunno about bragging rights! Not one to brag…" Not about that, anyways. "Well, start with the obvious basics? Have you two decided on raising the baby yourselves, then?" she asks and though the question is a touch blunt and forwards, she tries to keep her tone gentle. Apparently this is important for the list? "Mhm, no, it's true. Things like cloths are certainly easily enough to attain." Comet will be kept on their toes! Of course it's legitimate use…! Kind of?

Third? Soriana shrugs that off with a laugh, but really, there's not much use speculating. "Maybe we'll have a competition of our own someday, here at Xanadu." And all shall be decided! …at least temporarily. "Oh, you've got the bragging rights," Soriana says with a grin. "Whether or not you use them, that's another question entirely." And - in a completely different direction - there's the question Kiena is asking her about the baby. The… obvious basic one. Shells. Soriana frowns, leaning back against Luraoth. "We're trying it. For…" How long, again? "…the first bit, to see if it can work." Which they'll figure out by… seeing if they go crazy? Oh wait, a bit of insanity is pretty much normal for parents. "I mean, as long as it's warm, dry and fed, things won't be so bad we can't fix them, right?" That's meant to be a confident statement. It comes out as more of a hopeful plea.

"Now there's an idea!" Kiena muses with a grin. "Just archery? Or do you think Xanadu could host the Games? Fort's taking Winter, apparently. Though who hosts the next Summer?" Next? Sweet Faranth, how often do these Games intend to run? Until everyone's had a go? Could be she's joking. Her laughter though is for Soriana's confirmation that she does, indeed, have bragging rights. "Well, suppose I could use them. At some point." Just not right now. Her fingers continue to toy with the discs of her necklace, her eyes gazing thoughtfully for a brief moment out towards the setting sun. Movement from Soriana has her casting a sidelong glance however to the goldrider and there's a nod. Again, more quiet understanding. No judgement, no lofty comments of right or wrong. "First months, through breastfeeding?" she asks softly, speaking those words openly as though such things are just… casually discussed. Maybe they are? Or the Weyrsecond figures there's no point to gloss over the obvious. She's been there! Done it. Soriana… might be too? She laughs, "In a nutshell? That's pretty much it. Little sleep for the first stretch but you… gain a routine. Hopefully. Gradually they feed less, can sleep longer, etc and so on. So no, it won't be so bad. You learn and adapt." Or don't, but that's what nanny's are for?

Wait, the Games? The whole tangle of whatever it is that Soriana hasn't even seen yet? Her eyebrows arch for the prospect. "Uh…" she begins informatively. Think fast? That, or… "Well, I guess that'd depend what was involved with it." Delaying tactics! "You could always put in a proposal to the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman?" …and redirection. The two skills of office-jitsu! She nods to those bragging rights of Kiena's - "You'll figure out a good use for them." Admittedly, it might just be leaving them on the shelf with that ribbon, but who knows? Soriana certainly doesn't. Neither bragging nor babies! …though she's been learning more of that as the prospect looms closer. Things like birthing and blankies and… breastfeeding. "Yeah, I mean… we'll see how long things last…" Because she has an escape plan, you see. Fostering! They can find a wetnurse and a foster family whenever they need to, if they need to. Whatever… needing to… actually turns out to be. If it turns out to be. "But I'm going to try." She nods for Kiena's confirmation that, yep, that's how it works, and there's a measure of relief and actual shreds of confidence returning. "I've raised two firelizards, I know about frequent mealtimes."

The Games! Kiena doesn't seem fazed by the redirection, she only nods and smirks. "Perhaps I will run it by Ka'el and Thea. Couldn't hurt… and it'd be good, I think, for Xanadu to host. Maybe not this Turn but some Turn down the road. To be honest, I don't even know where to shardin' start in organizing something that big. Dunno how Ista or Fort are doin' it and not straining their store resources. Though the Holds and Crafts are in on the whole thing too… so I suppose there's that…" Then she waves a hand, signalling a silent 'enough of that!' sort of gesture. That's starting to drift into the realm of "office talk" and… they're outside, in the nice summer evening. A casual setting, befitting casual talk! Kiena stretches her legs out in front of her, leaning back enough for her hands at her sides to prop her up. See? Relaxing! "Doesn't hurt to try." she agrees with a crooked smile. Fostering is always an option, even if late in the game! There's another dry chuckle, "That's… pretty much how it is, really. Like raising a firelizard or… a young dragon! Only, obviously human, but the start is the same in ways." More or less!

"Good for what?" Soriana asks. It's a genuine question! There's the resources from the stores being used, there's the traffic stomping on the flowers, there's all the effort of putting on the event… which clearly is something Ista thought was worthwhile, and Fort thinks will be worthwhile come winter, but… why? It's something worth investigating! It can go into a proposal… once they're back in the office for things to be proposed. For now… there's a sunset to be watched, and other things to be talked about. Like… babies. Soriana sighs, and nods to Kiena. "Oh, I'll try." And things may get rather… trying, but that's all part of being a parent. As she'll find out, soon enough! Which is to say, far too soon and not nearly soon enough. The idea of this being like a firelizard or a dragon actually seems reassuring to Soriana. She knows how to deal with those. Humans… seem so different, but maybe that's because of all the mothers acting like their own precious little spawn is. This one will be Soriana's spawn, and she gets to decide what that means. Well, her and Ka'el. "So what's the one thing you wish somebody'd told you?" Only one, because otherwise she might drown in advice.

"Fun?" Kiena says without hesitation to Soriana, grinning and then clearing her throat. On a more serious note? "Trade. Relations. And… well, fun. It brings a lot of folks together, riders and otherwise. From what I've seen…" She shrugs. It was an idea? A suggestion and one she may bring up at a later date. She nods again when Soriana confirms that she'll indeed give it a try. Time will tell! For that question though, Kiena can only exhale heavily and rock back a bit on her hands as she looks skywards. Is the answer there? Nope. But it does help her organize her thoughts as she whistles. "That's a tough one, really…" she admits with a sheepish grin when she finally does look back down to Soriana. "And I'm not sure if I have an answer. Not a happy one, anyways. Guess… it'd be that I wasn't alone in it? If that makes sense." It might not and Kiena runs her hand through her hair, tucking a few of the strands back behind her ear. "Or perhaps that I had the right to stand my ground on certain things." Perhaps there will be no drowning in advice!

Soriana nods to those answers about the Weyr Games. They're sensible ones! Also, it's not her decision, she's just asking questions as they come to her, because sometimes you can take the junior out of the office but not the office out of the junior. It certainly was an idea! And one which wiser heads than Soriana's may decide to give a try. Her? She's about at her limit with giving a try to 'being a mom'! Which is what her other question's all about, and this one seems to be the harder one for Kiena. Soriana takes a moment to look out over the water herself as the bluerider thinks it over, then returns her attention as she begins to speak, offering a wry smile. "Don't think motherhood's easy." In any formulation! Soriana tilts her head to listen to Kiena, and gives a partial nod. "You mean… because other people have done it?" Had babies, raised them… and… "You can give me an unhappy answer if you want." Soriana can learn from the mistakes of the past? Though her tone's not an insistent one, so far as that goes. The other… Soriana half-smiles, but only for a moment, and her expression's serious as she nods. "With the kid? Or with… other people?"

Certainly not either of their final decision! Kiena may propose the idea, but when it comes to the actual planning… she too will defer to wiser minds. For now though, her head is mostly filled with the discussion between her and Soriana, of babies and the changes they bring, the expected and unexpected and… that question that seems to have so puzzled the Weyrsecond. There's a dry chuckle and Kiena smiles crookedly. "No, it's not. But it's not all bad, either. I love my girls." It just took her a Turn or two to warm up to them… But that's better left unsaid. "Kind of? By 'alone', I meant by trying to do it all myself. Not accept help, because I felt that I shouldn't be asking for it. If others can do it, why couldn't I?" Big mistake and very classic Kiena behaviour. Too young, too prideful, to stubborn… it added up! "With other people… concerning the kid. I was — it was a big disagreement between Zi'on and I about how the girls were to be raised. He was incredibly against fostering. At all. I wanted my life back after the first Turn. It… there's just somethings you shouldn't sacrifice, y'know? Nor should anyone force it. If that makes sense?"

Oh good, there's some hope! Soriana's smile as Kiena says it's not all bad is a crooked one, a twitch of her lips… but overall, her expression is thoughtful. Even without the part left unsaid, she gets the distinct impression Kiena was… not the most enthusiastic. It's a point of contrast from other conversations she's had, the reactions she's heard from other mothers. The path of fostering. Soriana tilts her head, listens to Kiena's clarifications about doing things alone. She laughs wryly. "Probably because they had help." It's an observation, not an accusation. Soriana's certainly been guilty of trying to do things all on her own when she really should ask for help - though she's not as bad as she used to be. Or at least, she doesn't think so. Ka'el might have a different story to tell! As he might when it comes to this kid, for that matter. Soriana frowns at the mention of Zi'on, nods about that disagreement as her expression eases toward thoughtful. "Seems like the hard part's figuring what those things are," she says. "I mean… I don't think I can get away without sacrificing something. My sleep for the first few months, if nothing else." She smiles crookedly. "But…" Some things. Important things. "I think it's different for everyone."

Of course there's some hope! Isn't there always hope? Kiena's experience would definitely cast considerable contrast between that of most mothers and she may be quite aware of that (and ashamed of a few things, of decisions made). At Soriana's laughter, the bluerider grins and then laughs as well. "Probably! Would've been NICE if they'd admitted to having more help then they let on." she murmurs and then nods her head slowly, her previous grin now easing back into a faint smile. "That is the hard part, yes. Oh, there will be sacrifices. Sleep, for certain. I meant… larger ones. One's that could, potentially, lead to unhappiness." Those Important Things. "Mhm, it is different for everyone, yes. I… was too young in too many ways. Personally, I think both you and Ka'el are on the right track of it." In short: Kiena seems to have confidence that Soriana will do just fine!

Soriana would certainly hope that there's hope! And while she nods that it would be nice to have people admit to the help they had, "Dunno that I would, necessarily." There's a wry smile for that, and then she exhales slowly. Sacrifices. Small ones, large ones… the trick's telling the difference? Ideally before making them. "I get pretty unhappy when I'm short on sleep." Soriana grins crookedly, then turns more serious again. "But… yeah. It's something to keep in mind. What'm I giving up, and… is it worth it." Which - much as she may look thoughtful - isn't exactly something she can decide until she sees what she gets in return. That's one of the things that'll be different for everyone! Soriana's brows lift for that last part. On the right track? But they're flailing along without a clu- okay, with three-quarters of a clue. Still! "…well. For one thing, we've got people to help us?"

It's all in telling the difference and… how far one can be pushed. Kiena was pushed too far and broke, but there was a factor there that Soriana likely will never have to face that was the final stroke for the Weyrsecond. "Don't we all?" she laughs on the matter concerning the lack of sleep. "I've yet to see someone bright and cheery on lack of sleep. Consistent loss of sleep!" Then it's back to being serious and Kiena sobers again. "Mhm. Something to think over," Oh joy? As if there isn't enough of that already! There's another laugh that swiftly drifts into a chuckle. "See? Right track. That's great that you've got people to help you."

Soriana smiles wryly as she nods about what lack of sleep does to people, then hehs. "Got plenty of those." So much to think about, when it comes to this baby and how life's going to change around it. So few decisions that can be made without seeing for herself… but hopefully Soriana's at least gaining some clarity on the questions she should be asking and what she'll need to decide. Maybe she'll even make some guesses, though those may go out the window once the baby arrives. "Speaking of… I should get some rest." She grins crookedly. "While I still can." Assuming, of course, that the baby doesn't decide this is a night for Squirming Like Crazy. Soriana can hope! She stands up and slow-stretches with just a bit of a wince, then smiles to Kiena. "It was good running into you."

Kiena chuckles and when there's mention of rest to be had, she has to stifle a yawn… which could be taken as agreement. "You and I both," she drawls and then snorts. "Do enjoy it, while you can." she teases gently and pushes to her feet, her eyes settling on Soriana briefly for that bit of a wince. When nothing more comes of it, the Weyrsecond relaxes again and grins. "It was good to run into you too. Hopefully we can again, sometime soon." It's nice to get outside and talk of things, non-office related! Good, wholesome chats. "Take care and hope you can get a good night's sleep. I'll see you around tomorrow, no doubt." Back to work! There is no escape. Ujinath has lifted his head, but is otherwise showing no signs of moving from where he's curled up in the sand. Kiena will grin and offer Soriana a wave of farewell before she's stepping away, pausing to briefly stroke her blue's foreleg and then his muzzle when he lowers it. A fond caress and then the Weyrsecond is disappearing as she walks around him and onward to the path that will take her home to her weyr.

Morning comes early! Or at least it seems early, and there's bound to be plenty to do. The office awaits! …but not until tomorrow. For tonight, Soriana smiles and nods to Kiena. "Yeah, that sounds good. See you!" Luraoth seems similarly content to linger for a while, though she'll likely make for her barn at some point. Then again, she might not; it seems likely be a warm night. Soriana, though, is going home… where food, weyrmate and bed await her in some order.

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