Connected (egg touch 3)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

It's early, breakfast is yet an hour or so away, but the blue sky brightens as the sun paints the fair weather clouds in the east with pink and pale gold before it slowly spreads across the shadowy earth. A mild breeze blows from the west, rustling the bright green leaves of trees and bushes sweetening the air with the fragrance of wildflowers. With the Weyr slowly stirring, the AWLMs have rustled up a few early-risers for a session with the eggs. It's become enough of a routine that Thea doesn't reiterate the rules and instead allows the AWLMs (who are sure to have gone over them) to escort the group to the sands. The Weyrwoman is watching them carefully however, from where she sits upon Seryth's crossed forelegs just beyond the clutch. The queen herself is alert and watchful but calm.

Keziah follows in along with the candidates and the AWLM's, with being still on light duty she's been helping out with escort duties. To one young candidate she smiles "I suppose in time you may get used to the heat, I imagine it can't be much different than Igen in the heat of summer." Course with a nose wrinkle, it's safe to say she's not to thrilled with that either. "Still the eggs need it and it helps them grow." she adds as she shoo's the girl on and steps aside to watch, her eyes glancing over towards Thea from time to time.

Looking fairly awake considering the Early hour Kinzie walks on to the sands towards the clutch, her eyes flicking from one egg to the other as she remembers previous encounters. A slight look of apprehension crosses her face for only the briefest of moments before a stalwart expression takes hold, she nods politely and respectfully towards the Weyrwoman and her Queen before taking a deep breath and looking at the dimpled surface of the egg in front of her. The seeds of change egg has caught her attention and she looks at it intently, shifting her weight from one foot to the other to escape the hot sands, finally she reaches out a hand to touch it's surface.

< Kinzie touches egg 12 - Seeds of Change Egg >

Well, there's at least one perk for still being an early bird – Esiae is present and accounted for, if not looking a little fluffed drowsy around the edges. Though braided down her back, the girl's hair is strewn with flyaways, sticking out at odd angles with a mind of its own. She's dressed, however, and clean before a day of chores and crafting, so it's more than she can usually say. Half-listening, brown eyes look over at Keziah and one of the younger girls as they converse, head bobbing slowly in agreement. "Yeah, my brother's a Dragonhealer and spouts off about that all the time. He'd bore you with the details, but Miss Keziah's right. It's good for them, even if it's rough on us." A game face slowly replaces any lingering sleepiness as soon as they hit the sands. By now, she knew the rules as well as the routine, but it doesn't keep her from hesitating just inside the cavern to dip in a quick curtsy for Seryth and Weyrwoman Thea. Courtesy achieved, the girl continues towards the eggs, carefully making a mental selection as to which to approach. Finally, she settles on one of the darker shells, crouching beside it and laying both hands on its surface.

< Esiae touches egg 8 - Forms in Celestial Darkness Egg >

Thea will, given glances and curtsies, return them with a smile and a casual wave. She's well-known for her informality and thus does not stand upon it this morning. Green eyes look brightly awake, so someone certainly must have had a good evening the previous night. It does help that Seryth no longer makes her sleep here in the hatching grounds, allowing her time with her weyrmate, who if anyone knows the man, is certainly in better moods now himself. Her wave to Keziah is accompanied by a twinkle of a wink for the yet-again mother of three, but for the moment she is silent as she returns her attention to the eggs and Candidates.

"Don't go" Kinzie whispers softly to the ebbing connection in her mind, she sighs softly as the connection seems to withdraw. She closes her eyes concentrating on that feeling again trying to re-create that moment and she reaches forward smoothing the mottled surface with the palm of her hands. Even though her mind is elsewhere, her feet are still aware of the heat of the hatching sands and she shuffles slightly to relieve some of the heat, there is nothing worse than hot sweaty riding boots!

Keziah watches the candidates, nodding in approval to the courtesy's given by the candidates to the dragons. There's a smile for Essi and a nod for her brothers words. Course, it's always good to know she won't have to drag anyone off. She can't help but smile at Thea, glad to see their Weyrwoman in a good mood. Her attention goes back towards the candidates as they begin to murmur and converse and a nostalgic look comes to her face.

Esiae doesn't react at first, except for a small frown that pulls both eyebrows together. It's the curious, introspective expression of one trying to find familiarity in a strange tune, or come up with a suitable answer to a difficult series of questions… And then she laughs lightly through her nose, face relaxing into a crooked smile as both eyes survey the egg. "And how do /you/ know of things like that, I wonder. Those things are older than the both of us, but especially you." Her gaze flickers up for movement beyond the egg, catching the tail end of Thea's wave (and perhaps that wink for Keziah!) and Kinzie's heat-driven shuffle. That sweet adventuresome pull brings her hands back to the surface of her egg, however, unwilling and unable to stay away for long. Take a chance? Esi? In a heartbeat!

Kinzie smiles warmly as the images and thoughts swarm her mind though they do not feel invasive "Don't worry" she says after a while "You'll have the chance to make your own experiences" her voice is a soft and gentle croon and when she opens her eyes again they sparkle happily "it won't be long now will it?" she says trying to appease the thoughts, voices, images…she's not really sure what she's talking to but she wants above all else for it not to be or feel frustrated.

Esi is briefly overwhelmed, a Harper's mind clutching at the strings and strands of more songs and voices than she can assimilate at once. Her head shakes, braid flopping over one shoulder as she leans closer, head canting to one side as though that's supposed to help. Apparently it has, because a small smile of triumph lights her face for a moment… and then fades away, one hand raising to press against her chest. "Oh… that's not a drum at all, is it?," she mumbles to herself, realization dawning slowly. Brown eyes shift, surveying the sands and its occupants, and then she hums a few low bars, attempting to join in the egg's song while respecting the overall rules of the sands. Singing wasn't exactly on the list of forbidden horseplay, but she's not going to put it there, either. "Well, I can't get it quite right," she mutters with a soft huff, "but I tried. Don't worry though, you'll find it." Seeking any last thoughts, Esi puts her hand back on the egg's shell and re-tilts her head, ready this time just in case.

With a sigh Kinzie removes her hands from the Seeds of change egg slowly, as the connection dwindles and her mind returns to being hers again she takes the opportunity to look about her and the other candidates, observing their own reactions. Kizzy was never sure what to expect from touching the dragon eggs and now she isn't sure what to make of her experiences and she looks at the egg quizically for a moment trying to make sure she remembered each feeling. After a moment she steps back from the eggs before making a conscious decision to move towards the Colorful Bodies of Matter Egg, reaching out she touches the brightly coloured egg that had caught her eye, smoothing the surface with a fingertip at first as if testing to see how much contact the egg truly needs.

< Kinzie leaves egg 12 - Seeds of Change Egg >

< Kinzie touches egg 3 - Colorful Bodies of Matter Egg >

Dear Esiae has run the gamut of emotions with this one - indeed, to any looking close enough, tears prick the corners of her eyes and are hastily wiped away before anyone can see them. Her hands don't return to the egg's surface, instead coming to rest on her clavicle, just above the level of her heart. "Well. You are something, aren't you," the girl nearly whispers, a veritable mountain of thoughts and desires and hopes seething behind her eyes. She lingers there, crouched next to the dark egg for a long moment, before giving herself a shake and reminding herself to move on. She wasn't the only one that would want the egg's time, though judging by the way her eyes keep filtering back to its speckled surface, she sure wished she could monopolize it, if only for those heroic inspirations… and perhaps to decipher those songs. But she can't, and so she moves along, seeking the egg's polar opposite in the form of a brightly colored egg.

< Esiae leaves egg 8 - Forms in Celestial Darkness Egg >

< Esiae touches egg 6 - Color Outside the Lines Egg >

"Why am I here" Kinzie repeats the question that is growing in her mind "I'm here because I need to be" she says quietly before looking about the cavern at the other faces around her to see if anyone heard her but they seem to be engrossed in their own experiences so she continues on, stroking the colourful bodies of matter egg again.

Esiae definitely twitches, recognizing only too well /that/ subtle itch. Brown eyes tear away from the scribbled shell, skimming suspiciously across the sands, staring down candidates and dragons and riders alike until they finally land on the egg again. "Ah. It's you," she says accusatorily, but with no vehemence. It's just an observation brought about from the touch against her fingers, the light tickle of which makes her snicker again. The airy noise quickly becomes a full-on laugh, unable to hold the sound back, it's so infectuous, eyes flicking in the middle distance as though trying to read something. Still smiling, her head shakes, uttering a quiet, "I don't quite understand."

While Iforian isn't usually an early riser, he got woke up earlier than he really wanted by his little 'project' hidden in a basket under his cot. He's been here with the other early risers, and steps away from the egg that he seems to keep being drawn back to, shaking his head and muttering softly to himself as just glares at the colorful egg for a moment. After nearly a minute of studying the Plethora of Pliable Puttees egg, he finally moves on, looking determined to fare better with the next egg than he did with that first. He comes to a stop before the Medly of Nature egg, giving the very colorful egg an almost wary look before determinedly resting both hands against the shell.

< Iforian touches egg 9 - Medley of Nature Egg >

Kinzie backs away slightly from the egg she is touching though she never completely looses contact. Her brows furrow slightly and her eyes flash sliver as a wave of anger seems to wash over her before dissapeering in to nothing more than a look of confusion "It is something I wish to forget, something that will not rule me" she says, her face set in a tense frown as she continues the emotional and phisical contact.

With the frown subsiding from her face Kinzie backs away from the Colourful Bodies of Matter Egg, a smile twitches at the corner of her mouth as she remembers a happy memory and what is now a happy memory shared with some unknown presence. Sad once again to loose that connection she steps back from the eggs themselves, her expression soft and thoughtful as she looks over at the other candidates, wondering about their experiences. With that soft thoughtful look on her face Kinzie nods to Weyrwoman and Dragon before heading towards the doors of the hatching cavern and of course her morning chores.

< Kinzie leaves egg 3 - Colorful Bodies of Matter Egg >

Esiae rocks back on her heels patiently when things seem to start anew, keeping her hands still and her eyes distant in order to watch. The more she does, however, the stiller she becomes, breath quickening when she recognizes what the artist is trying to depict. "That's… that's home," she says softly in the face of the egg's curiosity, rushing to explain while trying not to face the confusion of how this egg could possibly have access to said image. "From… from the view of the docks. It meant we were home safe from adventure. How—" Whatever she was going to say or ask is lost, hands flashing up off the egg's shell as if to catch something, or keep something from physically hitting her. Iforian and Kinzie, moving nearby, are eyed warily as she calms down, reminding herself that nothing physical was actually going to happen. Both hands are returned to the egg, but her voice is soft, attempting to soothe despite being shakey. "Don't worry, I'm not mad. It was an accident. Just… scared me, is all."

Iforian winces faintly and gives his head a little shake, but doesn't pull away from the egg, muttering to himself once again, "Iforian, tha's who." He narrows his eyes slightly and squats at the egg's side, his voice a soft rumble, "I want t' be s'mebody, t' be able t' decide my own life." He gives another faint wince and closes his eyes, frowning "I… don't rightly know…" He'd never really thought about it to put his plans for the future into words before, "S'pose it woudn' be wrong t' say tha' I wanna be a leader. I wanna be in charge." Now isn't that a scary thought?

Esiae may be used to having her personal space invaded - she does watch over twin children, after all - but that doesn't keep her from leaning back ever so subtly. Oh, physical manifestations of mental feelings, how comedic you make our dear candidates look. "Of course I stayed, silly," Esi mumbles, chiding and reassuring at the same time. Immediate danger surpassed, it seems, she seems to take in this new scribbled development for a long moment, lips twitched off to one side. "Well, it's… original," she says, giving the shell a comforting pat with one hand. "I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, but it's very pretty." Her head tips left, then tips right, not looking at anything in reality, but definitely trying to make sense of the image in her head. The need, though… that makes her frown, brushing fingers across the eggshell as though smoothing back a child's hair even as the picture fades. "I dunno. I could be. But either way, but I hope you find them." Letting everything fade, Esiae rises to her feet, vision clearing as she returns to herself. Iforian is knee-deep in his own mental explorations, but Kinzie's exit reminds her of the time, and the carving lessons she promised to attend immediately after breakfast. "Shoot," she mumbles under her breath, flashing a smile and another curtsy at Thea and her dragon. "Thank you!," is tossed over her shoulder for the weyrlingmasters and candidate escorts, and then she's out the door and bolting for the caverns.

< Esiae leaves egg 6 - Color Outside the Lines Egg >

"A' course I got dreams!" Iforian seems a little taken aback by that, his voice a little louder than before as he frowns and reaches up with one hand to scrub the heel of one hand against his temple, then there's a soft gasp and a sigh of awe, "Flyin's sure better 'n bein' stuck underground all th' time, tha's f'r sure." The faintest of smiles, his expression almost weary, tugs at the corners of his mouth, only to fade when the presence fades into darkness again. He ignores the other candidates, for the moment, intently focused on his own experience with the egg before him.

Iforian blinks and gives himself a little shake, swaying slightly where he squats on his heels and ending up leaning a little heavier on the egg. He makes a small humming noise in the back of his throat, hands twitching as though he wants to reach for something, but… He's too slow. There's a dissatisfied mutter from the tall man and he stands, almost falling backwards on his arse, but catching himself with one hand in the hot sand. He quickly regains his feet, frowning and shaking his head as he looks down at the Medly of Nature egg before quietly muttering a single word at the now abandoned egg, "Tease…" He turns to walk away, wandering until he comes to a stop before the Color Outside the Lines egg, reaching out with one hand to place his hand against the egg. His eyes are narrowed as he looks down at the egg, "Ya gonna tease me, too?"

< Iforian leaves egg 9 - Medley of Nature Egg >

< Iforian touches egg 6 - Color Outside the Lines Egg >

Iforian glances around, almost as though daring one of the other candidates to be spying on him, but everyone else is busy with their own egg experience. One hand comes up to rub at the back of his neck, leaving sweat damp hair standing up in messy spikes. He turns his attention back on the egg, his now sweaty hand coming down to be placed against the warm shell on the oposite side of the egg from the other. He can't resist a small smile, the expression making him look younger, as he drums his fingertips against the surface, almost as though teasing a small child, "Hey." It's a soft greeting, his voice a strangely tender murmer, "Those're some purdy colors."

"Oh…" Iforian breathes the word and his indugent smile grows, "Tha's th' Crafthall." He sighs softly, looking as though he's feeling just a little homesick at the moment, "My mum an' youngest sib's thar still." He blinks suddenly and frowns slightly, disappointment flashing across his face for a moment before he shakes his head, "I ain't mad, no. Ya didn' mean t'." He gives the shell an indulgent pat, sliding his hands down a little as he kneels as though putting himself on the same level as a young child, "'S okay. Ya c'n come back."

Iforian chuckles softly and makes a noncommital, appreciative noise very similar to what someone would make in responce to a young child's scribbles that are supposed to be a dragon, but could just as easily be a rock or a tree. After a moment, he makes an encouraging coo, one hand stroking the shell in a comforting manner, "Ya'll find th' person f'r ya. Ya gotta be patient an' grow a li'l more first. Ya can't find who ya're lookin' f'r while ya're still in ya're shell…" He stays like that for a long time, just offering encouragement, murmering as though to a child that's fallen and skinned their knee, before he stands and brushes himself off to move towards the Paint Your Palette Blue and Grey egg. He lets one hand rest against the egg, looking more receptive to the idea that the baby dragons within really do commune with them.

< Iforian leaves egg 6 - Color Outside the Lines Egg >

< Iforian touches egg 2 - Paint Your Palette Blue and Grey Egg >

Swallowing hard past a lump that forms in his throat, Iforian takes a vaguely shuddering breath and shakes his head, "Ain't cryin'." He refuses to cry in front of everyone, no matter what memories or emotions the consciousness within the artist decorated egg, lifting his hand so that just the tips of his fingers remain in contact with the shell, "Just 'memberin' Da leavin'…" That was a hard day for the kids, though less so for his mother. He shakes his head, reaching up to rub at his eyes for a moment, "Still ain't cryin'." No, he's just got a little sand in his eyes, is all.

Iforian can't resist a small smile, settling his hand back against the egg once more and closing his eyes, "Tha's my gal." Even though the other candidate says she isn't, "She's a real doll. Carin', but she sure startles easy." Particularly when he tries to do something to get her to actually let him steal a kiss… Then a slightly confused frown flits across the big man's face and his free hand comes up to touch his own cheek, his expression startled, "Uh… Yeah. Sure."

There's a quiet, bemused little sound from Iforian and he shakes his head at the curiosity prying at his mind, "Yeah, she's special." He shrugs, "She's gorgeous, tha's f'r sure." He maybe wouldn't call it love, though. The big miner shakes his head, "Nah… Th' only reas'n I'm gettin' her t' spend any time 't all with me ri' now is 'cause I'm needin' her help with-" He cuts off and glances at Thea and the AWLMs, his answer turning evasive, "Somethin'…" The puppies are his personal secret still and he doesn't want to lose them yet. Not until they're stronger, anyway. Then the presence is gone and he gives an amused shake of his head, standing once again and looking at the eggs around him before glancing back at the curious egg he just spent time with and shaking his head again as he moves to the Just One More Piece egg to hesitantly place a hand on this next egg.

< Iforian leaves egg 2 - Paint Your Palette Blue and Grey Egg >

< Iforian touches egg 1 - Just One More Piece Egg >

Thea appears to be watching the Candidates out there, but if one looks closely, her eyes have that unfocused glaze to them that dragonriders do when conversing with their lifemates. So for now she doesn't overhear Iforian's comments to the paint-splashed egg. Others are similarly engaged with the eggs their touching, so there is a quiet babble of voices drifting over the sands. It could be peaceful enough to lull them all into a bit of a dreamy state, bronze and gold included, although they continue to keep an eye on things.

Bemusement almost radiates from Iforian and he gives his head a shake, "Slow down. I can't answer ever'thin' at once." He sighs, "My name's Iforian an' I'm a miner. Mean's I build stuff and dig rocks outa th' ground when thar ain't other work t' be done." He shakes his head, "I do it when I'm s'posed t'. Usual'y durin' th' day so's I c'n sleep at night." Then he blinks, "Uh… Time's how we measure th' day. It tells us when we're s'posed t' work an' when we c'n do whate'er we want t'." He frowns, "What'm I?" He shrugs, "I'm a person; a miner." How else to explain himself? He makes a face at the wiggly sensations and gives his head another little shake, pulling his hand back for a moment before once again placing it on the surface of the egg.

Iforian frowns, looking startled, "A' course I ain't! I been licked by canines b'fore, but I ain't gonna go 'round lickin' no beasts, m'self." He grumbles softly, a shiver running through him at the invasiveness of this latest egg. The man wrinkles his nose and mutters, "Ya c'n stop just any time now…" He scratches absently at his head, looking like he's probably going to walk away at any moment, if the consciousness doesn't back off and stop poking around so much.

Iforian's hands shake slightly and he clenches his fist at his side, "I ain't some plaything ya c'n just poke an' prod all ya want, ya know." He rumbles low in his throat, "Ya ain't gonna make your chosen too happy if ya gonna keep bein' so nosy." Ha! But he stuck it out. The man looks satisfied to have been able to hold on until the consciousness was finished, but this is one egg he's going to avoid having a second round with. It's just far, far too demanding for his comfort. He moves away, taking a moment to gather his thoughts and stealing himself for his next encounter, pausing for a moment near the Colorful Bodies of Matter egg as a younger boy leaves it. Finally, he shrugs and moves over to brush his fingertips over the dark shell, his expression wary after the last egg he came in contact with.

< Iforian leaves egg 1 - Just One More Piece Egg >

< Iforian touches egg 3 - Colorful Bodies of Matter Egg >

Iforian frowns when nothing much seems to really happen at first, settling his hand more firmly against the shell and blinking when it seems to tingle against his skin. His other hand is placed on the egg, as well, just to make sure that he's not imagining things. He shakes his head and shrugs, "Seemed like th' thing t' do, I s'pose." He shrugs again, "'S 'cause I'm just here, 's all. Don't seem like thar's a real re's'n f'r it. I was asked t' be a Candidate, an' said yes." It's as goot a reason as any, anyway. He makes a face and shivers a little, once more ahaking his head, though this time it's as though to clear it.

When the presence fades, Iforian frowns, his expression wary. He doesn't trust that it's really gone, especially with the lingering sensations it's left behind. Then he growls, his voice angry and rough, "Leave it alone. It ain't none a' your business." His lips curl slightly in a silent snarl, "Course I know. I just ain't wantin' t' talk 'bout it." It's private and not something he wants brought to light. Then he gives himself a shake and blinks as though just realizing that he's still on the sands and in whatever imaginary landscape he's been shown.

Iforian sighs and shrugs a shoulder, "Yeah, yeah…" He's reluctant to offer forgiveness, but does let the presence continue its exploration. He smiles faintly and gives a soft chuckle, "'S 'cause she was just so happy. Li'l girls c'n be so enthusiastic when they's playin'." Of course it was amusing to watch a little girl giggling. At least this egg left the broad shouldered man smiling instead of growling by the time it was done… He lets his hands fall and shoves them into his pockets, smiling faintly and just looking down at the egg for a moment before looking up at the clutch parents and offering a small bow, preparing to head back to the barracks to check on his young charges before going to feed himself. Iforian heads out with the others, long strides carrying him towards the barracks and then breakfast.

< Iforian leaves egg 3 - Colorful Bodies of Matter Egg >

Tummies are rumbling, breakfast is calling and the Candidate population on the sands is dwindling slowly but surely as they trickle out after seeking leave to go. The Weyrwoman has left it to the AWLMs who know the schedule of their charges better than she to give them that permission. She's noting the last of them seem to be heading out and thus, slips down from her perch on Seryth's forelegs, stretches, gives the golden hide a pat, then heads out herself, feet making in the general direction of the Caverns. Someone is certain to note if she doesn't eat, so best avoid the prodding sure to result by doing so.

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