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Monaco Bay Weyr - Lunar Shoals Pier

The Lunar Shoal Pier stretches past the docks as a long structure with two stories. Rather than a traditional door, the building boasts two sliding panels that are pulled upwards when the establishment is open for business. Sturdy panels of dark redwood soar upwards, forming the walls from which paper lanterns hang. The first floor seems to be divided into several areas, each for slightly different sort of entertainment. Immediately to the left of the entrance are two pool tables, several dart boards, and a handful of designated areas for drinking and card games. To the right is a wide expanse housing only the flash of multi-colored lights and the dancing feet of patrons.

The lighting dims as one ventures farther inwards, lending a more relaxing atmosphere to this area of the building. A spiral staircase is settled in far left corner, leading to a terrace that overlooks the first story. Tables and chairs are set up here, as well as a small snack kitchen from which workers constantly seem to be rushing back and forth. Lest safety become an issue, black railings keep the more inebriated patrons from a long tumble downwards. Taking up the remaining length of the back wall, is the establishment's most important feature - the bar. Multiple shelves are lined with bottles upon bottles of alcohol, leaving no question as to how well Lunar Shoal is stocked. Several stools are available for those who prefer to be closer to their drinks, however couches and low slung tables are also littered around the area for those seeking a more comfortable seat.

And now, perhaps the most remarkable feature….instead of the drab wooden planks that line the dock, the floor of the Lunar Shoal Pier is made of pure glass. The thick panes provide a clear view of the churning waters below, allowing customers an unimpeded view of frothy waves and the occasional dolphin. The bright blue of the ocean is reflected upwards, casting a shimmering glow onto the ceiling from which the establishment's second eccentricity hangs.

The skeleton of a massive fish is suspended in mid-air, it's form reaching at least half the length of Pern's largest green. It's maw hangs open to display a fearsome set of sharp teeth, some several feet tall. Another bony frame, a smaller fish with one deformed fin, hovers in the air. It's positioned as if it were attempting to flee the predatory creature…but perhaps not fast enough.


With the queens on the sands, it's fair to say that Monaco has been positively buzzing with activity, from the candidates coming in from other weyrs to visitors making use of the new resort. The bar is already in full swing tonight, just past sunset when the air is cool and the place is still lively. At one end of the bar a young woman holds a tankard, belting out a verse of a bawdy drinking song with a few other wingriders formerly of Half Moon Bay. In the end glasses are raised and jokes are made about weyrs being made from wood, but as most depart the green eyed woman makes for the bar and another round.

Wandering around Monaco is a favorite past time of Evi's, nearing the end of her vacation she's spent the day the spa and look positively well-rested and polished. At least for a young woman who is wearing a full length pink pleated skirt that nearly touches the floor, and a shirt of bright yellow plaid that buttons at the throat and wrists. With how warm it is in Monaco, there's no conceivable reason for her to be this overdressed, but she is, and she enters the bar in a bouncing puppy fashion, hair decorated with flowers. Pausing at the door, there's a scan of the room, the greenriding Wingrider from Xanadu unsure of where to go next. After a brief stint of searching, as if maybe someone would be waiting, she bounds forward and slides into a barstool. "Ummm, alright, so uh, well. I don't like to taste the alcohol, but it needs to be there. Please and thank you and so forth and such." Speaking impossibly fast, and with tenseness in the shoulders that hints that she's not been in many bars. But she's wearing her knot, she's absolutely allowed to be here. For sure.

Tanit laughs hearing the drink order, and leans over to the bartender that takes the order, "Make her a Xanadu Weyrleader. Hold the glitter." Eyes sparkling with mischief as she turns to smile at Eve, "Do you like lime? This is kind of like lemonade but made with limes and coconut rum. Granted, not quite as good as the drinks the man himself makes." She squints a moment at the woman's face, "I know you - I think."

"Lime works, thank you. I will have what she suggested." Going with the order and extending her head to squeak with playful humor. "I'd honestly not put any part of the Xanadu Weyrleader in my mouth. I've seen where he's been." That slight twist of the lips falls quickly, "That was rude, and also, if you know me and it's because my dragon said anything, please know she's not sorry but I totally am." Scrutinizing Tanit Evi reaches into her skirt pocket, pulling out a light pink dyed notebook made of fluffy bovine hide. "I think maybe… if we go to Z, z is long, but this is Monaco." Sticking her tongue out to the side in thought. "Maybe.. alright, we might be here a minute. If it's not because of Nei, of course. We covered that." Wayy too much energy, it's impressive she's sitting still given how quickly she speaks.

Tanit laughs, "But possibly accurate given how many children and cats reside in the man's weyr, but R'hyn is good people all the same. The drink is something of an old joke from before I ever impressed." The goldrider admits from around the rim of her own glass. As for the dragon, the woman shrugs, "She's not bespoke me and I think Chauth is off with Zychaelth, trying to talk someone into bringing her properly sparkly sand." Brows knit at mentioning going to Z, and then there's a burst of bright laughter. "A relation of Z'tan's sounds about right. The man has so many, his father always did think I was daft for weyrmating him.

"He is, mostly." Evi still not over this one comment R'hyn made nearly two turns ago, but that's her prerogative. As the drink arrives, it's scooped up, a dainty sip is taken with a giddy wrinkle of crooked nose. An oddly familiar nose, really. At the mention of Z'tan, her eyes light up, "Oh! You're! That helps it." Quickly turning pages, she arrives at Z'tan's name and peers down, "Ok, so you're Tanit, and you have.. Triplets. I attended there turn day party back when I was a candidate! I missed the fourth one due to impressing, but If I'm right, they should be having another one soon enough. Right? Or am I wrong? I'm pretty good at this." That's because it's suddenly clear she's 17 going on middle-aged, writing down every detail of life. "I… wouldn't say that I kind of think he's nice. I mean. My gramma said she only has all of us because she got drunk with grandad. Makes aunt Zoniya blush, which I'm sure is why." Evi blushes at the admittance, "And.. sparkly sand? Tell her Nei will totally help with that, she's a fan of sparkly."

Tanit laughs, "Aye, we do, though he's as much to blame for them as I am. Multiple births run in the family but I wasn't quite expecting it to be so - well. I suppose it's good that big families are an islander thing." As for L'ton's thoughts on his son, this earns another wicked smile. "Oh I'm quite fond of him, but I also understand what L'ton meant." She laughs, "Also sounds about right." For women blushing. There's a sigh. "Chauth's the one that wants it, I think it's karma from when the candidate's glittered the sands, now I'm forced to deal with a dragon who thinks that sand must be sufficiently sparkly for her progeny." She tilts her head thoughtfully, "Honestly there are times where I wish she were a green, but then I'd have to deal with her going proddy a lot more often."

"I've only met him once, came to Nei's hatching. I don't remember much from it; was distracted." Evi shakes her head, placing the notebook on the bar and relaxing into the alcohol. "Is Z'tan a good father? ." Evi giggles a bit, a cheap drunk it seems. "You can make it happen, there has to be a beach with rare sand that will work." Leaning forward, a page is turned, "It's a good thing to have so many at once. Means they have each other, I've always wanted a big family. You got yours in one shot." Obvious envy in her young face, eyes bright as she smiles warmly at the thought. "Mmm, it's something. Proddiness. Um, I am not myself. I lose weight and food tastes terrible; my dragons always complaining about how everything tastes, which never made sense until she went up." Sipping the drink with a grimace at the memory, shutting her eyes, and then reaching out a hand as if they were old friends. "Tell me, what do the little ones want for their turn day?"

"It's one of the reasons I adore him." Tanit admits, grinning over the rim of her glass. "As much as I respect L'ton, I understand why Zel works so hard to spend time with each of his kids. He never wants to be the man with a child in every port who doesn't know him." Her head tilts, and a laugh bubbles out softly, "You are welcome to come play auntie any time, but three at once - honestly if it weren't for the creche and a lot of help I don't know how we'd manage." At the mention of gifts she chuckles, "I've been begged for firelizard eggs or more kittens, but they are all far too young for such things. Maybe a plushie?" She shrugs. "Sounds an awful lot like being pregnant. Chauth - it's unpredictable."

"I'm not entirely sure how da felt about L'ton; he doesn't talk about him much." Evi shrugging and staring down into her drink in momentary thought. "I think he was there when they were little, da and Aunt Zoniya, he was around more, but less as they got older. I'm glad Z'tan's good with them. Children need love and involved parents." The offer gets the biggest smile, you'd think she just got a great gift by the bounce that it invokes. "Really? I would love that, and three is fine. I vacation here at least every six months and, I get one day off every three on." Exceedingly pleased at the idea of playing auntie to the babies, "Firelizards are work, would they um… Share a kitten?" She lives in Xanadu, the cat capital of pern. "My cat Curtains is due to have very special kittens here soon." Tucking her chin into her shoulder with a secretive flash of teeth before shaking her head again. "I hope not, I'll starve to death. I don't understand how my dragon eats, I used to get mad at her for insisting that wherries tasted different depending on the season, now I see her point."

Tanit sighs, "It's hard as a rider, it was a lot harder as Half Moon's Weyrwoman." She admits thoughtfully, lifting her hand for another round. "Weyrs are nice that way though, it doesn't all fall to the parents alone, the whole place is responsible for raising them. Tanit laughs, "We have Shadow, lime and mini lime already, but I'm sure they'd welcome whatever and leave me and Zel to deal with actually caring for it." There's a small chuckle as she takes another sip from the new glass. "She sounds like a handful, your lifemate. Did you impress at Xanadu then?"

"Well, maybe your kids can visit the kittens? Then they could have all the benefits without actually having to own one. Plus, I might have to fight the Weyrleader for cat custody." Said without a HINT of amusement, totally serious with a daunted bulge to eyes indicating she knows exactly how silly she sounds. "I only went to Half-Moon Weyr twice. I… lived outside it. We lived outside it." Admitting with a half sigh and a stare at anything but Tanit as tears prick her eyes. Exhaling with a practiced blowing motion, the drink is swallowed down. "Xanadu yes, Ilyscaeth and Xermiltoth's last clutch. Nei is brilliant, wondrous in every way imaginable and also.. can be a tiny, little, bitty, bit rude. She's never wrong, but her version of right can be," Raising up her hand, fingers splayed out and shaking it back and forth. "She'd probably interject her ideas into this conversation, but she's busy claiming an arbitrary spot on the beach, whether it's occupied or not and declaring it her spot. This is her new favorite game, having a spot that she can run people off of." Every word drips with affection, even while describing her menace to society.

Tanit laughs, "The trick to that, is to get Ila involved, as he is less inclined to have his weyr overrun by felines, though I imagine if you mentioned sending a few our way R'hyn might just agree for sport. He's how I ended up with Lime in the first place." She shakes her head terribly amused with the entire situation, "I think I can understand that feeling. Chauth is a queen, so technically it's hard for her to be rude per se, but she can be less than tactful. She's also like having a 40 foot feline around, It took forever to get her to stop knocking things off people's ledges when we got here."

"The cats are valuable, they'd have no problem finding them homes. I'm thinking I might have to pay him marks to keep the whole litter if Citayla asked it would be different." The obvious affection for the jr.weyrwoman can't be hidden, a sweet smile on her lips at the thought of her. "I might use your idea, say the kittens are one per triplet." Eyes bright with mischief, both brows up and cheeks rising the teen gets a second drink, "Same thing, thank you." At the mention of her dragon knocking things off ledges, Evi is practically beside herself with glee. "That's brilliant, she sounds lovely. My Neith is harder to describe. She sometimes does that thing where she tells everyone, even the people around her, how she feels. Or what she thinks of their outfit, or.. hide color, anything really. She's a big fan of helping others improve." Against their will. Forced self-improvement. And if you say her name three times fast she's bound to join in on whatever is going on, Neifeth reaches forward with the lightest of floral smells. A strong perfumed fragrance and the growing of purple vines, «It's like they get dressed in the dark Evi, all of them blind as a watch wher stumbling through life smelling of day-old sweat socks. Disgusting.» Mid-tone, sassy, and forward in every way, pushy and extremely vocal for a green. Evi sighs, "That.. she got from Xermiltoth and Ilyscaeth." Her loud mouthedness and willingness to bespeak anyone she pleases.

Tanit grins, "I was fortunate that Chauth did not inherit that particular trait. Cita is a wonderful woman, and Weyrwoman." The smile falters as her gaze goes back to the drink though discussion of her golden lifemate brings it back. If the goldrider hears the dragon, her only response is to smile. "They were amazing weyrleaders." The smile turning sad at the end.

"Do you miss it? Half-moon?" The words come out with glance downwards, shame passing over her features before she looks back up bites her lip waiting for a response. "I know what happened was no one's fault." Folding hands around the glass and holding it far too close to her chest, the perky greenrider moves between staring at Tanit and staring three inches to the left of her, unsure where to look. "Cita is on the list of my top ten favorite people, ever." Is mumbled out, still feeling a bit bad for asking the stupid question.

"Every day." She admits, after a few moments of silence. "It became home the first time I set foot there, but at the assurance that it was no one's fault, Tanit shakes her head. "Ila had to throw me over his shoulder when Cita gave me the knot to get me to stand, and when they retired to Xanadu to be closer to family they left Half Moon Bay in my care." Draining her glass she waives over another. "I made mistakes, even before the sands went cold, Faranth knows I tried but…" She sighs. "I haven't faced any of them, not Cita, nor Ila, Nor R'hyn since the evacuation." She blinks multiple times, shaking her head, and laughing it off. "They probably haven't thought about it over much since taking over at Xanadu."

"They're not… resentful. I am sure you could swing by anytime, plus you have to now. You've promised to bring your children to auntie Evi's and let me fill them full of sweets and run them all around the forest and teach them how to catch minnows." Every word past auntie Evi is said in a ridiculous cutesy child voice as if she already has the babes in her arms and is pinching cheeks. RIDICULOUS. High pitched and absolutely dripping with potential love. "Tanit, we're going to be great friends. I am going to be the best aunt, bring the kids to me and go speak to Citayla and crew." Standing up, there's a small sigh, "Nei needs me, but yours can call us anytime." Reaching forward, if allowed, she'll take both of the goldriders hands in hers and squeeze. "Everyone makes mistakes." Forgoing leaving for a few moments, though, her eyes dart to the door frequently.

Tanit laughs, "Once we get settled into a proper weyr, yes. It's a visit long overdue." Grinning as she squeezes back. "Have a safe trip back, Evi."

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