Confuzzled (egg touch 2)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Evening brings quiet to the Weyr for some. Dinner is well over and the little ones are in bed. While the Candidates are, for the most part, on free time a few of them have been sought out to join the Weyrwoman on the sands. Perhaps it's a busy few who weren't there last time or perhaps (Iforian - feel your ears burn) it's that a few seem to need a little more time settling into the idea of eggs getting inside your head. Whichever the case is, Thea meets the group as calmly as she did the last time, reminds them to go slowly and quietly, then gestures that they may approach the eggs.

Seryth crouches just beyond the clutch at the back, not looking quite so peeved as she did last time - perhaps she's getting some extra support tonight. Her tail still twitches, but at least she's not growling?

For Matrin this is a first. Though he has had ample time in the stands, between sleeping in his own quarters still and his late acceptance of Xe'ter's offer to stand, he might not be as familiar to the other candidates either. He looks uncustomarily somber, dressed crisp and classy as ever even with a simple white knot on his shoulder. He returns Thea's greeting in kind, then gives Seryth a hesitant lopsided smile and a bow that may or may not be strictly necessary. He hesitates for one moment only, flexing his hands at his sides, but his bright eyes are already focused on the Paint Your Palette Blue and Grey Egg. So that's the way he heads, slow and smooth, and with a sidelong glance at Seryth he slowly lifts his palm to brush against the shell's pale clouds.

< Matrin touches egg 2 - Paint Your Palette Blue and Grey Egg >

Jeniosa was one of those that missed the last time, so she's been rounded up this time to step onto the sands to check out the eggs. She offers the parent(s) a brief bow as she wipes a sticky hand on her trousers. She listens to the weyrwoman and moves slowly towards the eggs. "Good evening, Ma'am." She offers the great big guarding gold as she wanders through the clutch, just looking, not daring to touch just yet.

Extra time on the sands, and a chance for another round with the egg that knocked him on his arse the first time he touched it, has Iforian willingly enough walking onto the sands with the others. His initial goal is the Plethora of Pliable Puttees egg, once again, but another canidate makes it there before he does and he mutters under his breath when he's cut off. Instead, he moves to the Forms in Celestial Darkness egg, circling it slowly before brushing his fingertips against the shell.

< Iforian touches egg 8 - Forms in Celestial Darkness Egg >

It is not the shock it could be, since Romth is a very loud dragon that broadcast loudly enough for Matrin to feel the touch of another mind against his own. Even so, and even though Matrin knew it was coming, this is a bit of a shock. Not a pair of words, but something far more complex and intrusive. His eyes slide closed as if it might help the things in head come into better focus, and a faint frown touches his brow. Then it… he? she? slips away, and the frown deepens. Trying to reconnect, Matrin lifts his hand and slides it further down the shell, fingers slipping over sliver-touched leaves.

Jeniosa isn't sure which egg to approach first, she's been on sands before, of course, but each time it's different. Finally she just picks the one nearest her, approaching the Color Outside The Lines Egg, regarding it briefly before reaching a tentative hand towards its surface, pressing her palm flat against the shell.

< Jeniosa touches egg 6 - Color Outside the Lines Egg >

Iforian hmms softly, "I'm a miner." First and foremost that's what he thinks of himself as, "Gotta be strong t' dig coal outta th' mines back home. Made me strong as a lad." Not that he typically works underground anymore. His eyes narrow and he settles his hand more firmly against the shell, "Who says i's fate tha' brings me here?" The faintest of smirks pulls at the corners of his mouth and he nods, "S'why I'm here…"

Matrin's face changes as he experiences what the egg has to offer, and the intensity in the lines of his expression give way to a vague sadness. Iforian's voice, soft as it may be, seems to jerk him out of the reverie and his eyes flicker open. Absently the hand that was on the shell lifts to rub lightly at his cheek and he takes a slow steadying breath as he looks over the shell. "Are they all so… curious?" It's asked to no one in particular and subdued enough that he doesn't seem to really expect an answer. One more time though, he lays his fingertips against the painted shell.

Jeniosa smiles softly at the ever so lightly shy touch. "It's okay, I won't hurt you, promise." She murmurs, voice so light that unless one's right next to her, or has super hearing, it merely sound like a whisper of wind. She reaches her free hand to the back of her neck, an involuntary shiver making its way through her spine. Fingers wiggle atop the egg's shell, and she holds back a soft giggle at the tickling feeling. Then something else makes its way through her body and the soft smile on the beastcrafter's lips threatens to break out into a laugh as thoughts of her daughter dance through her mind. She says nothing, but she does lower her head, placing an ear to the egg as she just listens to something unheard by the rest of the group.

Iforian's fingers drum lightly against the warm surface of the egg, almost as though he's keeping time with music, the smirk growing so that the lopsided expression is back in residence full force after an afternoon of being… well, of showing that he's a normal human being and not a lecherous jerk all the time. He rests his other hand against the shell, just feeling whatever it is that's coming from the creature within the shell.

Jeniosa draws her ear back a ways to regard the egg once more with silver-blue orbs, flickering softly and calmly. Another smile tugs at her lips, and she runs her fingers lightly over the surface. "It's pretty, huh? It's called Eastern Weyr, those are jungle flowers." These words are for the egg's, umm, ears? only as Jen loses herself to the egg's touches. And then, too soon, it's withdrawing. "Oh no, don't go, it's okay. I'm not mad, I don't get mad. We all have accidents and make mistakes." Her eyes lower towards the sand briefly, a sad look in them a moment. "But from mistakes sometimes can come good things, like Rysha. She's a good thing that came from a mistake." And then her hand is stroking along the egg, the motion of a loving mother gently stroking through her baby's hair, soft and gentle and warm.

The caution… dare we say trepidation? that has tightened Matrin's features at the prodding thoughts splinters into a smile as the personality within the egg hits on a brighter spot in his mind. There is a hint of chagrin there and his hesitant fingers give the hardening shell a gentle stroke. "Perhaps, little one. Only time will tell though, hmm?" He lingers though the presence has gone quiet, his smile lingering for a beat before he takes another deep breath and looks around. There's a series of quick blinks like someone rousing themselves from a daydream and he's less sure about what egg to touch next. In the end he heads for the dark Colorful Bodies of Matter Egg and lays his hand against it with more confidence.

< Matrin touches egg 3 - Colorful Bodies of Matter Egg >

Jeniosa feels another shiver travelling through her spine despite the warmth of the sands. And as silly as she may look, she places her head lightly against the egg, forhead against the smooth surface. "So pretty. All the colours, wonderful, I bet you'll be quite the little artist." And then..then she feels the fade of the presence within. "Wait, don't go..I could be that one, but we'll have to wait and see." She remains at the egg, her hand and forehead against its surface, for a long moment, just in case the little presence decides to come back. If it doesn't return, then she'll slowly slip away from the egg, taking a moment to regain her composure and glance around at the other candidates briefly.

The tall man narrows his eyes one hand coming up to lightly finger his throat as he frowns, giving his head a little shake. Iforian sighs, the sound almost one of longing. Longing is not an emotion that the minier-candidate is accustomed to feeling and he scowls down at the shell, "I don't b'leave 'n fate…" He doesn't sound entirely convincing, though… Perhaps it's something that he wants, though he would never admit it, even to himself, "I make my own fate." He steps away from the egg frowning at it in silence for a moment before he turns to walk away.

< Iforian leaves egg 8 - Forms in Celestial Darkness Egg >

Matrin is ready this time for the brush of a foreign mind against his, but less prepared it seems, for that mind to be so vastly different than the first. He pulls his fingers away like a low-grade electrical shock hit them, then replaces it with a firmer touch. "To meet you," he murmurs a response to some unheard question, but whether it is because of the characteristics of this egg's inhabitant, or because the sensation is a little less weird, he seems more simply curious and less intense.

< Jeniosa leaves egg 6 - Color Outside the Lines Egg >

Jeniosa steps away from the egg with a soft little sigh as the presence seems to drift off and away, on to the next available mind for probing. And now she finds herself wandering again, just looking at each egg and the candidates with a quiet little sigh. Her wandering brings her to the One More Piece Egg, and she dares to reach a hand towards it, tracing the various colours and shapes along its surface.

< Jeniosa touches egg 1 - Just One More Piece Egg >

Once more wandering among the eggs, Iforian's hand brushes against the Best Medicine egg and he stops, frowning for a moment and finally just giving a little shrug. It's as good a place to stop as any while he waits for the boy at the egg he wants a rematch with to pick himself back up, or get tired of trying to fight with it.

< Iforian touches egg 11 - The Best Medicine Egg >

Matrin leans forward, like more pressure on his palm might help him catch the retreating voice, but then once again he jerks back as if something unpleasant has happened. It's enough to make him take in a breath through his teeth and give his head a quick shake. "I'm not quite sure that's any of your business, frankly," he mutters. Disconcerted, he rubs his fingertips at his temple, then takes a backwards step through the sand. There's a glance sent toward Seryth like he's checking how much time they might have, or even asking some bit of forgiveness, but he doesn't wait any longer at this dark egg. Instead he looks for something brighter in hue, as if the shell might reflect the inside, and ends up heading for Seeds of Change Egg. To give him credit, he plants his palms easily and without nervousness this time, closing his eyes and readying himself for whatever may come.

« Matrin leaves egg 3 - Colorful Bodies of Matter Egg >

« Matrin touches egg 12 - Seeds of Change Egg >

Blink blink. "Uh…" Iforian is struck speachless for a moment as he looks at the other candidates for a moment before turning his attention back to the egg and seems to put a mask on, "'Course I do." He's irresistable, after all! Then he's frowning for a moment and giving the egg a slightly suspicious look before rolling his eyes and smirking, "S'pose some folks are. I ain't one a' 'em, though."

Jeniosa gives that soft surprised squeak sound that's normally reserved for men as she touches this puzzling egg. The surprised squeak that iforian has heard a few times today, turns to a giggle as Jen wiggles her foot, then swipes free hand across the back of her neck with a shiver, then that hand moves to her nose. "Hey! That tickles.." She's giggling, though, like some maniac that done lost their mind. And then she nearly reels backwards as her mind is bombarded. "Slow down..slow down. I'm Jen..I'm a Beastcrafter and I work with felines and other small animals." A brief furrow of brow as the hand traces over that dark spot on the egg that looks like it needs something there. "All the time, it's my job. This is your egg on the hatching sands. I'm a candidate..and you, well you'll be a wonderful dragon." She tries to keep up with the questions bombarding her, her head spinning with the attack on its contents.

There was some lingering tension in the line of Matrin's neck and shoulders, but it slips away at the hesitant touch of the little being inside this egg. "Hey," he coaxes, heedless now of the presence of others around him, of the soft murmur of candidates whispering to their eggs. He drops down into an easy crouch and adds a second hand to the first, leaning gently in deference to the not completely hard shell. "Come back little one," is offered in an almost singsong manner, the sort of tone he'd use to draw a shy girl out of the back of one of his classes.

Iforian can't resist smirking, shaking his head at the consciousness. He gives a light smack to the warm shell, nothing nearly hard enough to cause damage, but enough to show it that impudence isn't going to be acceptable, "An' ya just make sure ya don't say tha' t' th' wrong person." He chuckles softly, clearly amused by the creature within, "I like th' way ya think, though…" That's murmered secretively as the big man leans in close to the egg.

Seryth is intent on the Candidates amongst her eggs, eyes honing in on Iforian at that hand smack given the shell. The queen utters a low growl deep in her throat and something unspoken passes between dragon and Weyrwoman, causing the dark-haired woman to spin about and give the young man a narrow-eyed study. She wasn't looking but the gold was and although she's gotten the view secondhand, she did witness it. Icy is the look he's getting and her warning is low-voiced but rock-firm. "Touch them, but do not smack them, Candidate." That's all she says as she moves to stand between him and Seryth, a precaution he may not appreciate until he comes to know dragons better.

Apparently that worked, because Matrin's smile breaks wide across his mouth and there's a hint of triumph in his eyes as they flicker open, then closed again. He repositions his hands, fingertips stroking the detailed hues of the little shell. "Yes, lots of things, but you don't have to go so fast." There's amusement there for sure, and patience as well as his thoughts are rifled through like so many files in the hands of a snoop. "How about this one? Or… this one?" He offers up a memory or two for the awareness, tipping his head as he waits to see what else it might come up with. He's distracted by the low growl emitted by the queen and he straightens a bit, fingers leaving the shell. Thea's icy look is not directed his way and he missed whatever caused it so after a bare flicker of a glance toward the miner, he turns his attention back to the egg.

< Matrin leaves egg 12 - Seeds of Change Egg >

< Matrin touches egg 7 - Tumbled Smooth Mosaic Egg >

Maybe it was that moment of distraction, but after another unfurling moment, the little being inside the egg withdraws. Matrin waits an extra moment or two, tipping his head like he would to try and catch uncertain eyes, sliding his palm and splayed fingers down the egg's surface. He's a man, maybe he likes the playing hard to get? But this is more - what was once aware has slipped back into quiet, so he slowly straightens and bends knees that have started to go stiff from crouching. He wanders for a moment, slipping among the eggs with an artist's eyes, noting texture and color combining. That might be what brings him to a halt beside the Tumbled Smooth Mosaic Egg, as his steps pause and he drags fingertips across the shell's apex.

Iforian shoots a glance over at the Weyrwoman and clutch mother, muttering low under his breath, "Didn't smack it hard, 'r nuthin'…" It was more like an affectionate cuff between friends. He sighs and presses his hand back to the surface. He frowns, rolling his eyes, "Well, your dam an' her rider just told me off…" It might not be the worst, but it is the most recent. He smirks, "Oh yeah… There's things tha'r so worth gettin' in trouble f'r." Then he's laughing outloud, head tilted back as pure amusement rolls off of him, "I like ya, li'l un." He gives the egg an affectionate little pat, eyeing Seryth and Thea to make sure that he's not fussed at for that, and slips away from the egg.

The casual, almost thoughtless touch must result in a much more pointed reaction, because Matrin almost stumbles when putting down his second foot. His second hand quickly joins his first, though there's a struggle between using the egg to keep his bearings and taking care not to topple it into the sand. It occurs to him to open his eyes (duh) and that seems to help some, at least long enough for him to get steady again before letting them slide closed. Now that he's a tiny bit more prepared, he lets himself be swept away as a slow breath escapes pursed lips. "You all seem to really like that particular memory," he mumbles through gritted teeth. "Loss is something you haven't experienced yet, and hopefully you won't have to for a long time. Look for something more pleasant to poke at?"

Matrin slowly loses the look of a drunk man, straightening the cushioning bend of his knees and going from practically hanging on to the egg in front of him to stroking it instead. The inner entity's goals must be less overwhelming as well, because the set of his jaw relaxes as well and he takes on a faint smile as once again his memories are sifted through. "That's hard to put into words…" he begins, but then the waves are washing through again, examining on its own, and he quiets to allow it to do as it will. It is only when the touch begins to seep away that he takes on a faint frown and slides his fingers down the mosaic surface. "Don't go just yet," he encourages softly.

Jeniosa wrinkles her nose, peering at the egg. "I don't think licking a feline would be very good. You'd get fur all over your tongue." And then there's something else there, something that gives her a chill, a shiver that travels once again through her spine, leaving her skin cool and speckled with wherrybumps all up and down any exposed skin. The young woman tries to shake it off. "Well, no wonder feines get all riled up when you stroke them like that." She giggles softly. "It feels..odd."

Just when Matrin is all comfortable and stable, he takes a quick breath and goes back to trying to catch his balance. It's not working very well, but rather than open his eyes he just drops back into the easy crouch he adopted with the Seeds egg. This seems to help a little, though after a moment his breathing slows and his face goes lax, like he has sunk deep and deeper beneath the waves and isn't quite as present in the caverns any more. After a few moments which stretch like something viscous and stickily slow moving, his eyelashes flutter. "Mmm, big decisions change your life," he answers, coming back to himself enough to speak. "Leaving home, deciding to become someone… something else. Like agreeing to stand and come meet you," he adds.

Jeniosa has both hands flat against the egg's surface now, but something unheard has her shifting a little, removing one hand to fiddle with the end of her braid out of nervous habit. S many sensations, so many feelings, it's all just a bundle of energy. Hand pauses in movement and nose is wiggled, the young woman giving a sneeze, just then as something seems to tickle her nose. She has to withdraw her hand, then, fumbling in pockets for handkerchief to swipe across nose before another sneeze can escape her tickled nose.

< Jeniosa leaves egg 1 - Just One More Piece Egg >

Jeniosa wanders along the eggs again, she's actually wandering back from whence she came, but before she reaches the exit, another egg catches her attention and she reaches to brush fingers over the Plethora of Pliable Puttees Egg curiously.

< Jeniosa touches egg 10 - Plethora of Pliable Puttees Egg >

Matrin is lucky to be crouching because once again he sways a little, apparently not drawing the line between what is happening in his head and his body very well at all. Practice is clearly in order. For now though he at least seems to be taking it in stride, because his faint smile is back and he gives the egg a little pat. "Thank you for sharing," he murmurs as he slowly straightens. It takes him a moment to gather himself this time, rubbing a fisted hand across his eyes and then sliding his fingers through his hair. He seems to struggle to center himself fully after the varied deluge of unfamiliar thought styles rampaging through his unfamiliar brain. Though it's colors are bright to the point of garishness, the Best Medicine Egg is nearby and since Iforian seemed to get a chuckle out of it, Matrin stops there. Warned by his last experience, he makes sure his feet are settled firmly before he reaches out to touch the bright shell.

< Matrin leaves egg 7 - Tumbled Smooth Mosaic Egg >

< Matrin touches egg 11 - The Best Medicine Egg >

Yet another striking example of how different the beings inside these hardening shells can be. Matrin lifts the hand he has placed on the vibrant shell, pausing to glance down at himself and then to arch a brow as if the dragon-mind within might see his incredulity. "That might be more complimentary if you could see," he murmurs. Then comes the reply in return and he smirks with a shake of his head. "Quite verbal anyway, aren't you?" To say the least.

Jeniosa blinks and gives another one of those signature squeaks. "Ow." She murmurs, shaking her head before looking around briefly. Spooked briefly she removes her hand from the egg, it takes the small young woman awhile before she's daring to place that hand on the egg's surface again. Silver-blue orbs turn from surprised and spooked to flickering with just a hint of anger, something not often seen in this woman. "You do't have to be mean. If you don't want me to touch you then I won't." Hrmph! And yet the hand unconsciously continues to press against the shell. Free hand shoots up to her nose and the hand on the shell curls into a small fist, that is until something seems to knock the petite young woman flat on her butt, with a blink and a frown, she glares at the egg, sitting there on the hot sands, just staring at the egg for a long moment.

Matrin seems rather less amused than Iforian was mere moments ago when his big boots were the ones marring the sand in front of this egg. The harper's smirk fades to something wan and arbitrary, and he offers, "You should punctuate the jokes with 'ba dum ching'." Though there's no malice or even real irritation, the suggestion is weak and without the sort of fraternity conspiratorial nudging this little one seems like it would appreciate. "Also, I might have to suggest we not let you impressionable minds around whatever jokers you pulled those one liners from."

Jeniosa seems shocked, unable to move as she glares at the egg in front of her. She's frowning, that is until she has to draw a hand to her face, rubbing at her chin as if making sure it's not battered and bruised. This egg is strong, and she's not even touching it anymore, she's just there, on her butt, close to the egg as it makes her head hurt, and she gets dizzy. "No!" She says it like a mther scolding an erring child, or perhaps a trainer working with a vicious animal. Jen tries to get to her feet, but she just can't seem to get up, she's dizzy and hot and her mind is painfully aware of what this egg is capable of. So when she's trying to push to her feet, she just so happens to lay her hand on the egg as if she can push it back away from her.

Matrin seems less than charmed, but plays along, clearing his throat and parting his lips like he might reply out loud. But he is in a public room with candidates around, and so instead he just offers up his worst day in his mind. He's wincing before he's even done and shakes his head soon after. There's a dry chuckle that's not quite as amused as he wants it to be. "Nice to meet you too," he says, then takes a backward step. "I think I might be too tired for this one," he comments to no one in particular. Then slow steps take him toward the Weyrwoman, winding through the eggs between them. He doesn't try to take her attention from watching her lifemate and the candidates, and instead gives her a little nod and a wide smile before tucking his hands into his pockets and waiting at her side. Looks like that one wraps it up for him.

< Matrin leaves egg 11 - The Best Medicine Egg >

The hour grows late and though Seryth is no less intent than she has always been while the Candidates came out onto the sands, she is looking a little tired. She moves her head, causing the Weyrwoman to step away from where she had been leaning against it and yawns, jaws agape than then snap back shut with a resounding clack of sharp teeth. Really it's not meant to be a threatening move. The Weyrwoman makes eye contact with an AWLM who moves through the eggs, touching a shoulder there, patting a back there and murmuring that it is time to let the dam sleep - and get some themselves. Thea has noticed the harper nearby but only now turns to him with a subtly questioning look and a wry quirk to her lips, "So Matrin, how would you summarize that experience?"

Jeniosa tries to withdraw her hand from the egg again, but it seems stuck there, Jen can't seem to move for a moment, and then all she does is shake her head, trying to clear it. Why is she so exhausted, it's just an egg, right? just a young dragonet inside, but oh is it strong. She stays on her butt in the hot sands next to the egg, her breathing perhaps a tad laboured. It's a long while before she can muster even enough energy to get to her feet. And this is when she chooses to make her escape, stumbling and staggering away from the eggs, she can only hope she makes it back to the barracks before she collapses under her own weight, however slight, and the heaviness she now feels in her head.

< Jeniosa leaves egg 10 - Plethora of Pliable Puttees Egg >

Matrin must have been watching the dam himself, because in typical social yawning style his own jaws stretch. He tries to muffle it behind a curled fist, but he's sheepish as he gives Thea a crooked grin. "Tiring, apparently. It was definitely one of the most surprising, varied and… intrusive experiences of my life to date. But fascinating." He tips his head to peer up at the tired gold. "Your children are amazing already, still in the shell." And if one or two could use a gentle reprimand? Well he's really not in the place to be suggesting it to a huge gold dragon, so he just keeps it to himself. "Do you need anything before we leave you to your rest, Thea? Ah, sorry. Ma'am?" There's a charming sparkle to his eyes, hopefully enough to cover his little slip.

"At least none of them made you cry mantears?" The Weyrwoman quips lightly as a positive to counter that whole unsettling experience. Seryth is already moving to nose some of the furthest egg closer together before flipping fresh, hot sand to cover her clutch for the night, even as the last of those Candidates straggle away. As she lowers herself to the sand and curls 'round them, the queen sends Matrin a whirling, glitteringly look and a low rumbling purr for that compliment before her lids slowly drop closed. "What I need, you can't supply me with, Matrin," is Thea's answer in much the same vein as that smug purr Seryth uttered a moment ago, accompanied my a blatantly suggestive wink. The eggs are harder and thus the gold is less broody and anxious, so she's going to head home for that rest and will walk on out with him.

"There is that," is Matrin's dry murmur for mantears. Thea's suggestive purr and wink makes him pause, brows going up even as his smirk deepens. He opens his mouth to reply but then apparently (wisely?) thinks better of it. Instead he just repeats the shallow bow from his entry and drawls, "Enjoy your evening then, and sweet dreams, ma'am." As she joins him on the way out instead of staying with Seryth, he offers her a bent arm, and refrains from any untoward comment on the way out.

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