Rescuing Puppies

Xanadu Weyr - Clock Tower
Deep in the foliage at the side of the landing field, a small path gives way to a rather large clearing. Within the center of this patch of bareness amongst the trees and other plants of the jungle stands a square clocktower, rising up through the canopy of trees. The structure is made of a dark gray stone, and each corner is framed by a thick wooden beam. Beside the clocktower, a large lake has been dug. It's obviously an artificial lake, as it's shaped too perfectly oblong-shaped.

The tall, towering structure rises up easily past the leafy growth of the forest, three sections of bare gray stone walls stacked atop each other, each one slightly smaller than the one it's built on top of. Each one of these "sections" is joined with more of the same dark wood that frames the corners of the tower. The wood forms a framing around the top and bottom of each section. Near the top of the structure, right under one of the clock's faces, there's a ledge with railings. This ledge is big enough for a dragon to land upon.

There are no windows in the tower, merely one slit in the middle of each one of the four walls that make up each section. They look like they could be used to mount an attack from the inside. There's only one door in the place, it seems—a dark wooden door that matches the beams that frame the clocktower. It seems to be the only entrance to the tower.

A loud ticking sound permeates the air from above, not so loud that it's painful, but enough that it's heard well. It's not overly loud, but it's loud enough to be heard. The clock at the top of the structure keeps near-perfect time; it strikes the hour, every hour…one strike at one, two strikes at two, etc. But at noon and midnight, it strikes eight times, a melody from old Earth, before striking the hour.

Another afternoon spent on the sands communing with the eggs, and another round with the Plethora of Pliable Puttees egg, has Iforian retreating somewhere moderately private to reflect. The tall man is freshly bathed, his blond hair still damp-dark from the short soak in the hot springs. Dressed casually in a sleeveless shirt and work pants, the miner-candidate makes his way up to the clock tower to tilt his head back and look up towards the top with a bland expression on his face, "Huh…"

Jeniosa has retreated towards the forest to check out the clock tower as well, she's not following the miner type person really, but she did hear that this was a good place to unwind, so to speak. And since she hasn't done much exploring, after spending an hour with her daughter this afternoon, she has ventured forth to explore, she finds it's good to distract herself with things other than missing her little girl. The large tower not being difficult to spot, she moves through the foliage towards it, to cast silver-blue eyes upwards at the great strutcure curiously.

The sound of someone moving through the brush has Iforian turning to see who is sneaking up on him, hair curling around his ears a little as it dries showing that he is in need of a trim soon. When he sees Jen looking up at the tower, a familiar leering smirk pulls at a corner of his mouth and he saunters over, hands still in his pockets, to attempt to come up behind her. If she doesn't hear him and turn around, he leans in to whisper in her ear, "Bet thar's a nice view from th' top." He chuckles low in his throat, "Be a romantic place t' spend some time 'lone."

Jeniosa keeps her head tilted upwards towards the great tall structure, that is until she feels a warm breath and a quiet whisper in her ear, then she gives a startled squeak as she whirls around to see just who managed to sneak up on her. When she spots the leering fellow candidate, she sticks her tongue out a little, real maturelike. "Don't you know you shouldn't sneak up on a girl in the jungle?" And arms cross over her chest a little before she turns back towards the tower. A brief flash of consideration at the thought of the view from up there, but she cringes inwardly a bit at the mention of it being romantic and shifts where she stands. "It's a long ways up there." Hey, she's not saying she'll go, but she's not quite saying she won't either.

Iforian just shrugs, still looking smug, when she whirls on him, "Ya're safe. I ain't gonna let nothin' happen t' my girl." Even though she isn't, technically, his girl. When she turns her back on him again, he reaches up to try to run a hand lightly down her arm, "C'm on, doll… It'll be fun." Of course it will… It also has the potential to get them both in trouble.

Jeniosa furrows her brow a little. "I'm not your girl." Hrmph. "I'm no one's girl." Just a friendly reminder, or something of the sorts. And when he touches her arm, she pulls it away in favour of making her way towards the stairs and peering upwards. She's not too sure about the fun part, but she does admit it might be a spectacular view. And then she's stepping away fromt he entrance. "You go first." Because, you know, if there're some sort of monsters or ghosts or something up there, it's better they get him than her, isn't she sweet?

"Sure ya are." Iforian is going to insist on that until it's true, or so it seems. He frowns a little when she pulls away sighing, "It ain't like I'm gonna hurt ya, darlin'." Innocent-ish touching isn't hurting, after all. He smirks in satisfaction when he moves towards the door, however, starting for the door to make sure that there's nothing up there that will jump out at them and hurt her. He stops short, however, when something rustles softly in the bushes near them, frowning as he turns to look in the direction the noise came from, "Stay back… I think thar's somethin' here." Slowly, he starts to creep towards the source of the noise: A thick bush that could conceal just about anything.

Jeniosa wrinkles her freckled nose a little as he insists she is his girl. She opens her mouth to say something else, but whatever it was she was going to say is stopped short by the rustling narby. So the monsters aren't in the dark tower but in the bushes nearby? Jeniosa turns silver-blues towards the bush to eye it a bit warily. "Be careful." She cautions quietly(aww, she does care?) as she steps behind her fellow candidate, peeking around him at the concealing bush. Hey, she's at home in Eastern's jungles, but this is definately not Eastern's jungle and she'd rather play it safe.

Iforian looks over his shoulder at at the other candidate and offers an overly confidant smirk, "Gimme a kiss f'r luck? Ya never know if'n it'll be somethin' tha' wants t' eat me, after all…" The rustling sound comes again, this time accompanied by the faint chiruping cry of a young creature calling for its mother. That sound has the tall man frowning and forgetting about the requested kiss to gesture for her to stay back and stay quiet as he slowly approaches where the… whatever it is… is hiding, kneeling down to half crawl through a gap that's barely large enough for him to look though

Well, he probably wouldn't've gotten that kiss anyway, cause Jen's mean like that. She does take another step backwards at the rustle and the little sound. "It sounds like something really young." And now she's frowning a little thoughtfully and kneeling down, half to hide half to make herself look smaller so she hopefully won't startle whatever it is hiding in the bush. Again, she gives a quiet, "Be careful. If you get hurt, Miss Thea will be angry."

There's a sudden jerk from the big man as he finds whatever it is that's in the bushes and he shouts in surprise (and pain from getting a sharp branch to the ribs when he startled), "C'mere!" There's another little sound from whatever it is that he's found and he backs out of the bush with a scrawny, undernourished, scruffy looking puppy in each hand, "Thar's three more under there an' no sign a' th' dam." The pups do look like they haven't been cared for in a few days.

Jeniosa gives another one of her signature little startled squeaks as the larger candidate jerks and shouts. "What? What, did it bite ya?" And she moves over a bit hurriedly, only to be presented with the little pups and then her silver-blues blink and Beastcraft training takes over. "Are you sure? Sometimes mother canines leave their little ones alone to search for food." But her eyes are regarding the little critters with a softness most of the time resevred for her felines and her daughter as she reaches for one. "They look half starved to death." She frowns, then, studying the little pup carefully, turning it around in her hand gently. "They're not very old..I don't think." Of course, canines aren't her specialty, but there are basic things every beastcrafter worth her weight knows.

"Didn' get bit. Got jabbed." Iforian heads back into the bush once the first two pups are delivered, coming back out with two more. One of the second pair doesn't look very good at all… the little female, much smaller than the others, is limp and panting hard. She doesn't look like she's going to make it without a lot of care very soon, "Take a look at 'em an' tell me the dam's been comin' round lately." His voice is challenging, daring her to contradict him as he heads back in to fetch the last of the litter, "They's big f'r not bein' very old…" With very large paws. Looks like he's got some canines that are going to be rather large when they're grown…

Jeniosa ohs, "Well, jabbed is better than bitten." She finds her hands full with pups, then, and eyes them with a Beastcrafter's careful eye. "Doesn't look like it." She frowns more as the little female is brought out. "They need a good meal, that's fer sure. And…I wonder if Xanadu's local beastcrafter knows anything about small animals." Well, smallish anyway, they're definitely gonna get bigger that's for sure. Jen settles crosslegged on the ground, settling the pups onto her lap so she can look over the tiny female. "I dunno if this one's gonna make it." She touches and brushes and examines the little. "What're you gonna do with them?" Yes, she said you, not us, though what animal lover would turn away five little babycritters?

"Dunno…" Iforian's voice is distracted as he pulls the last pup and sits back to gently stroke the little male's fur. He looks over at the woman holding the rest of the litter, the pup in his hands suddenly throwing it's head back and whining again. This one is apparently the one that got the miner-candidate's attention in the first place, "Gotta try t' fix 'em up. Ain't like they's big 'nough t' make it on they're own." He moves to sit close to where she's sitting with the puppies, frowning at the limp puppy, "Don't mean I ain't gonna try with it." At least he's not just going to abandon them, anyway. He found them; he's going to take care of them! As well as he knows how, anyway…

Jeniosa nods, annd she has taken to rubbing the little female lightly, trying to warm her limp body. "Well, first thing we need to do is get the warm and fed." And she moves to take off her jacket, settling the little pups on it before wrapping her four(limp female included) a bit, though it's difficult to wrap 4 largish pups in her small jacket. "I think they might be old enough to eat something soft, like some ground meat or something maybe. Do you think the kitchen'd give us some?" She continues to rub over the pups through her jacket.

Iforian nods at the need to get them warmed up and fed, stripping out of his shirt and holding out his hand for the little female, "Here; I'll trade ya two a' those f'r this 'un." The one he's still got is a lot more lively than the others, "Lemme have th' li'l girl thar." That way she won't be accidentally injured by one of the others. Though his shirt isn't as warm as a jacket, and now he's left sitting on the ground showing off his well muscled torso. It is possible, however, that showing off just what it is on offer if she does admit to being his girl…

Is there really a reason for [[[player:fl-ynn|Fl'ynn]] in this part of Xanadu? Not really. But then again, this is Fl'ynn and most of his life has something to do with lack of reason most of the time. A whistle precedes his presence, rising and falling in a lazy tune that holds as much whim as his path this day. Booted footfalls are fairly irregular as the teen wanders into the scene… backwards, and whistling.

Jeniosa nods and trades the little female and one of the smaller males from her jacket to the big…blink..shirtless miner-candidate. Hey, there's another one of those little squeaks that she's so fond of making. Okay, so she hands over the pups without looking at the deshirted man. Not..gonna..see..muscled..torso. "Gonna have to watch her close, she's really weak, might need some help eating." She goes about tucking the wiggly one in with the other two already in her jacket. "This one seems healthy though, he's active." And noisy! As the little guy makes all manners of racket at the whistle from the bluerider. Jeniosa can look at Fl'ynn, cause he's not shirtless..or calling her his girl. He's safe-ish?

Then the rider that started Iforian's little adventure as a candidate, and, in a round about fashion, was responsible for introducing the tall miner to the woman that's now helping him rescue half starved canines, arrives, whistling, and the blond man looks over at the young man who's dragon found him so interesting. He makes a small appreciative noise in the back of his throat at the sight of the teenage rider's back and cradles the two puppies in his shirt, wraping them up to try to lend them borrowed body heat, "I'll be watchin' 'er." He rubs both puppies through the white fabric, hoping to warm them up quicker, "I'll bottle feed 'er, if I gotta." He offers a crooked little smile and nods at the lively male, "Sure think he'll make it even if th' others don't." It's only then that he calls over to Fl'ynn, "Hey." Hmm… Did he ever even learn the smaller man's name?

Fl'ynn comes about as his noise-making is returned, dark eyes squinting across the sun-lit clearing 'til he lifts a hand to overshadow them. One half naked, one messing with squirmy things. There is a joke in here, Fl'ynn knows it. He also gets a whistle in response as well. Confusion rules upon the bluerider's dark features. One can just see the puzzlement from his quirked lips to the finger that sort of waggles from one to another. "I'm not sure yet if I'm interrupting something or not… or if it is a good thing or not." His progress closer is slow, still in thought.

At least Jeniosa isn't the half naked one messing with squirming things? Iforian's appreciative little sound has the young woman looking over at him, oops, shouldn't've done that! She blushes deeply and turns away again towards the bluerider. "Hi Fl'ynn, Sir." She moves to give a salute, you know like candidates are supposed to do, but the little rambunctious male is still making quite the scene. "Look what Iforian found." Yes, she holds up the squirming little male pup while the others are comfortably tucked away in her jacket. "Wanna help us take them to find something to eat?" Cause, you know, chaperones, even if they are younger cute blueriders, could be good things.

Iforian has an arm full of shirt-wrapped squirmy things, too… "Think somethin' musta happened t' th' dam." The broad shouldered man shrugs, "It'd be cruel t' just let 'em starve." He flashes a small, almost indulgent smile at the wiggly male in Jen's hands. The puppies are fair sized, though still obviously very young. Likely just a sevenday or so since opening their eyes.

Fl'ynn just got a salute. Sweet Faranth on a stick. He got a salute. This actually causes the teen to momentarily startle to a stop, glance behind him to see if there is someone of a more stately stature behind him. Nope. Pleasantly bemused the rest of his progress towards the pair holds almost a liquid quality, smooth. His mouth opens to impart some information or another that is clearly worthy of a respected rider that just got saluted… only to nearly coo. "Ohhhhhhh, puppies?" Dimpled grin makes an appearance. Guilty of puppy fawning. Mindless of the the future cursing of laundresses, he drops to his knees in the dirt or mud or whathaveyou in order to be of a level of the others. "No sign of her at all, hrm?"

Jeniosa is still immune to those dimples, maybe, hopefully. But she does give the bluerider a little grin at his surprise at being saluted. And since, well, she and Iforian are currently the laundresses, Fl'ynn's kneeling in the dirt doesn't get any cursing this time. The young woman offers over the active wiggly pup to the bluerider so she can concentrate her attentions on the less active little ones wrapped in her jacket..and less attention on either shirtless miner-candidate and cute bluey.

Iforian nods and unwraps the two pups in his shirt to display a nearly lifeless female that's noticably smaller than the others, "If she been comin' 'round, she sure ain't been takin' care a' 'em." Even the liveliest puppy's ribs are clearly visible, "We just found 'em under th' bush here." He jerks a thumb over his shoulder at the brush behind him, a few twigs in his hair and a red welt on his ribs from where he got jabbed by the shrubery when extracting the canines from the nest they were hidden in.

Fl'ynn's hands come out to take the offered puppy, cupping it in his hands. Not very big at all -only to nearly drop the pup as it wiggles about. "Oh, the feisty one," he chuckles, glancing back across to Jeniosa with a wink. His head turns to look towards the shirt and the others as Iforian shows him. He gives an almost noncommittal noise in understanding, glancing back down at the one he now holds. "Well, good thing we've got ourselves a herder of sorts right here? Not felines though." His gaze lifts back up, smiling to Jeniosa.

Jeniosa lifts her two jacket wrapped pups, bringing them against her chest lightly. "Aye, they can't be that much different than felines, right?" And she does so miss her little feline babies, so the pups might just make a good replacement while she's here. She chances a glance at the shirtless Iforian, noting the welt, but she doesn't allow siver-blue orbs to focus on the shirtless candidate for very long before she's turning her gaze back to Fl'ynn with a thoughtful look on her face. "Will they let us take them back to the barracks with us? At least until they gain some weight and regain their strength? And we probably should get them inside before the sun goes down, it gets chilly here after dark sometimes." And, besides, the pups seriously need to be fed, the rambuctious one makes another sound, yep, he's hungry!

Wrapping the weaker pair back up in his shirt, Iforian turns an appraising look towards Jeniosa, "Ya be a herder?" Huh… He didn't know that. He flashes a quick, genuine grin at her, "Good thing I found 'em with ya 'round, then, eh?" He frowns down at the far too still bundle in his arms, rubbing a big hand over the bony little backs, "Prob'ly be a be'er idea t' get 'em fed sooner rather 'n later." With that, he cradles her puppies in the crook of one arm and uses the other to push himself to his feet, "Ya can bet I'm gonna be takin' care a' these li'l un's 'til they's strong 'nough t' make it."

Fl'ynn's lips thin in consideration once more as he considers Jeniosa's question, "I'm really not sure… although someone once told me that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission." He slants a sideways glance to the candidate pair. "Or we could play it off as an project… to prove that you candidates can take care of a creature." His chin comes back up, dark eyes focusing now upon shirtless Iforian as the young man moves to stand. He watches the movement from start to finish before continuing, "Some warm milk I imagine?"

Jeniosa cuddles her own bundle of two against her and pushes to her feet, the small woman uses one free hand to brush the dirt off her behind before looking back to Fl'ynn. "Ooh, project, I like that idea, then we can keep them until we can find homes for them." Or, well, whatever they're gonna do with them. They'll be like parents..wait, does that mean she'll be spending more time with the shirtless candidate over yonder? Hmm. "Warm milk and maybe some ground meat…or some of that cereal stuff they give to babies when they first start eating..maybe a gruel of all three."

Iforian grins and nods, eyes dancing at the tact permission to have the little creatures in the barracks, whether it's against the rules or not, "Tha's a good idea." Claiming the pups as a project as a way to keep them. He shoots a grin over at the other candidate and juggles his armful of puppies for a moment before getting them settled so that they're not just flopped across his arm like ragdolls. He nods thoughtfully at the list of things that are potential food items, "I'll see t' gettin' th' food f'r 'em. An' get a basket t' keep 'em in."

Fl'ynn draws to his feet as well, squirmy puppy in his hands. His gaze moves from the pup to the candidates, nodding in understanding to Jeniosa, "Sounds about right." The farm-boy background makes an appearance. "Unless there is a bitch about that might not mind nursing them as well. Can get tricky though. But if you guys think you can handle it, and make a case to the powers that be, I don't see why not. You've got your chores 'n such… but yeah, I can see you all managing it." His smile softens some, dark eyes moving to Iforian, "You can throw my name around, or I can go with you, for whatever worth that may be." His shoulders shrug negligently as a stray breeze filters through his fly-away dark hair.

"I'll get some of the unused blankets from the storage caverns to put in the basket, that way they'll be warm and cozy..I haven't seen any females about lately." Of course, Jeniosa hasn't exactly been looking for canines. "I've taken care of plenty of felines along with an infant daughter, I think I can handle helping with them.." A peek from bluerider to candidate. "..If you want of course."

"Sounds good, darlin'." Iforian offers a crooked grin at the other candidate, "We c'n put 'em on my cot f'r now, an' I'll bring th' basket 'n food back." Fl'ynn gets another of those genuine smiles that are so rare from the big miner, "Comp'ny'd be 'preciated." At least then he wouldn't be as likely to get in trouble for taking such odd items, anyway. The stronger pup in his arms gives a quiet peep and he shifts them again, his brows drawing together since the weak little female still hasn't made a sound, "Think I'm gonna keep some straight milk t' try t' feed th' girl here…" He flashes a pleased grin over at Jeniosa, "I'd be grateful! I got younger sibs, but ain't never cared f'r nothin' small's these li'l un's are."

Fl'ynn looks to the full hands of the candidates, and then down to the puppy that has settled somewhat against his gut. Alas, he cannot hand it back off to one of them quite yet. After Jeniosa speaks, his grin returns once more, "And there speaks the words of a young woman who knows what she is about." He flashes her a wink and then takes a long step back and to the side, bowing his head, "I bow to your expertise." Dark eyes return to Iforian, smile twitching at his lips just enough to bring back the dimples, if only briefly and possibly secretive.

Yep, bluerider's stuck with that pup, at least until they can get the pups settled nto the barracks. "Your cot, okay." Not that she's really comfortable with spending a lot of time at a guy's cot, but just look at the cute little pups, how can she resist? She glances over Iforian's pair, mostly the still little girl. "She's so lethargic." The girl frowns, she doesn't like that. "Better hurry, then." And she starts to usher the pair of boys off, but she stops short at Fl'ynn's compliment about her experise, blushing brightly. "Well, it's just all part of the job." Right? Riiiight.

"I ain't likin' how still she's bein', tha's f'r sure." Iforian gives the smaller female a firm rub, earning a weak wave of a paw in protest. At least that's something, right? He nods once and heads off in the direction of the barracks to deposit his armful of puppy before going to get supplies to try to save the lot of them.

"Rub her," Fl'ynn suggests, a touch more authority in his tone. "If you mess with them and rub them, it'll get their blood riled up. All the sensations will keep them paying attention. Don't worry about being so gentle." He nods though as apparently Iforian starts to do just that. The teen quiets though, looking from one candidate to another in speculation. Yep, feeling a mite proud of Kagenaith's candidate-sniffing abilities right about now. He'll trail after the other two, hands lifting up to bring the puppy's head to his lips, murmuring, "Partners for candidates. Now you need one too."

Jeniosa nods to Iforian's comment about her being still. "At least she moved a little there." Yep, she caught the movement, so much for not looking at the shirtless candidate, oh my, this is gonna be a long candidacy at this rate. Her two little wriggling pups all bundled up, she moves to follow after her fellow candidate, ready to head to the barracks to settle the lil ones. At Fl'ynn's words, she nods in agreement. "The body heat and friction should keep her blood flowing to keep her warm." Yes, she does know some stuff, yay for beasthealing training?

Iforian nods, looking encouraged by the movement, not to mention by the fact that it confirms that both the other candidate and the rider are looking at him in all of his shirtless glory. He keeps rubbing vigorously at the lathargic pups, finally getting a squeek of protest from the female, though it's the only sound she makes. Arriving at the barracks, he offers to take the wiggly puppy Fl'ynn has, if the rider doesn't want to have to go into the barracks with them, "I'll take 'im, iffn ya want." And he'll be back in just a moment to go to the kitchens and stores to get the food and supplies they'll need for the pups.

Fl'ynn trails after, rather like a puppy. He imparts a few more words of wisdom for the puppy's ears only, so that he'll grow up into a loyal friend to whoever ends up with the critter. All because of Fl'ynn's wise words. Or something. He waits patiently near the doorway of the barracks, then hands over the pup to Iforian with a faint smile that ghosts about the edges of his lips. "Prove to them that you can do this. I'm sure you all can, so you don't need me saying 'good luck'." Mahogany-dark eyes sweep the room rather slowly, quit upon Iforian, and then the bluerider is ducking his head and departing. It is after a few steps when the whistling resumes, once more an aimless tune by an aimless bluerider.

Jeniosa moves towards iforian's cot, depositing her two charges on the cot, they wiggle a little, but not too muchm they won't start being trouble until they get more strength, except maybe Fl'ynn's pup, he might be a troublemaker. "here, lemme have the lil girl." And she reaches for the runt carefully. "I'll keep her warm until you get back." And as soon as she's handed over, Jen will sit on the cot, crosslegged with a pile of soft little puppies in her lap, awww.

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